The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 279: FIN

Final Author’s Review

Another story has ended.

The story of Leon Dragonia Lionheart has come to an end like this.

okay. This man’s story has come to an end.

I feel relieved and feel fortunate.

‘The King of Knights Who Returned with the Gods’ is the second web novel challenge that I published in series.

It is the work that became the basis of ‘The King of Knights of the Ruined World’, which was published serially because he had a reckless challenge with ‘Orc Boss Murka’ and then broke down.

Inspired by Cyberpunk 2077, it started with the title of Holy Grail Knight 5077 and ended with exactly 50 shorts.

At the time, the score was 5,800 views based on 50 episodes, but it was a poor result for a paid version, so I wanted to have a complete short story, so I serialized up to 50 episodes and finished it as a short story.

However, I still had regrets and regrets about this work.

At this time, it was not a modern man possessed by the Middle Ages and returned, but a real medieval knight king who fell into the cyberpunk world.

The character is more natural and probable, but I don’t think it was a good main character for readers to relate to.

So, as for the direction of the remake, I added the setting that I was from an earthling that readers could relate to, and that I was completely immersed in a different world while reigning as a king for 300 years.

The background has become a modern hunter water from cyberpunk, and the enemies are not corrupt and dissolute humans, but gates and demons.

In modern hunter water, it is easy to become a simple fantasies of the main character of Munchkin, but the main character, Leon, had a character that perfectly suited it.

So I added an element called ‘concept’ to the gate.

In reality, the setting is a ‘record’ of a world conquered by demons, but thanks to that, I wonder if it showed many stories transcending time and space.

I was able to rescue Beatrice from another world, and I was able to solve the story of the noble Holy Grail knights Geobrick and Zereah.

Vulcanus, the son of fire, who should have died or could not be met originally, was able to be brought into the modern Earth, and I wonder if it was possible to witness the end of Lionheart from the perspective of other characters and readers, not Leon’s memory.

Above all, I was able to naturally introduce Yacht Spinner, a cyberpunk killing machine from the ‘King of Knights of the Ruined World’, whom I cared about and attached the most to in this work.

The King of Knights, who returned with the gods, must have shown most of what I wanted to show and what I could show.

However, the unfortunate thing is that the charm of the character did not become the center because the story was focused on, but I would like you to consider that the character Leon is a character that is very difficult to use in a relationship… haha······.

People who read my work for killing an academy player must have expected ‘So, when do you catch this guy?’

But you saved the harem ending?

Anyway, the story of Leon Dragonia Lionheart, who was such a sore finger, and Murka Ballak, who was a more sore finger, ended like this.

I, who thought of using the main character from the ruined previous work as the final boss, congratulate me…!


Thank you for reading my story to the end.

Park PD in charge, friends who cheered me on, anyway, a dot on my side chest! dot! oh oh oh oh! Author myabit, who accepted and drew Han Hari,

Kyoju writer, who drew the cover and the wonderful illustration of Beatrice, and even drew the stocking version,

Author Choi Woo-jae, who drew Vulcanus, Murka, and black and white illustrations.

Also, the editors of Munpia and the editors of the distributors.

Above all, above all, dear and grateful readers.

I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who helped me to complete the work called King of Knights.

『The King of Knights Returns with God』

Did you enjoy watching it?

Did you have a small smile while reading my article?

Are you excited about the next episode?

May 24, 2022. March 8, 2023 from the first start. I hope you were a little more happy during the journey of 279 flights. I sincerely hope you were happy.

Writer Bulcho announces the end to the readers like this.

To the readers who read the article that might have been disappointing, unpleasant, or too obvious.

I would like to express my gratitude to the readers who were happy, enjoyed, and had fun watching until the end of the article.

Good night, good morning, and have a nice day.


save people Sincerely.

The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 278

epilogue. for Lionheart


[What do you think?]

At the goddess’ jade sound, Leon replied with a smile.

“It reminded me of the old times. The times when I was still lacking in faith.”

[Huh-huh… I was even surprised that my knight had a lot of strange thoughts.]

In his early days as an acolyte knight, Leon was not a devout and honorable knight, even in empty words.

He was a foreigner who was imbued with the culture and civilization of the Earth, and such views and ideas made it difficult to adapt to other worlds.

[However, you were an honorable and good knight. Your goddess has watched you since the days of your disbelief.]

Ariana has been watching Leon for a long time. He had a somewhat different concept from other knights and nobles, but he knew that his actions were based on goodness.

[Whoops, I still remember. When Gildus and Gunlar defended the village from the orcs, my knight ran alone to save them.]

He was willing to see his bravery indeed.

[Leon. my dear knight You were my most shining knight.]

“That is… a glorious word.”

[Now, it is time for the children to wake up. Your goddess respects the privacy of my knight.]

After saying that, Leon noticed that the goddess had averted her gaze. It’s because the gods and Leon are so closely connected that if they don’t intentionally break the connection like this, they’ll end up sharing even the smallest things.

At this point, he wants to become something beyond the demigod, but Leon had no intention of doing that.

“Um… are you awake already?”

The seat next to it is bustling. The thick blanket rustled, and a red-haired woman rose from within, rubbing her eyes.


Hari stretches wide. It wasn’t very dignified for the first empress of the empire, but she thought she would now.

“Uh, can’t you sleep in today?”

“Come with me…!”

It was then. A girl bursts open the door. The cute girl with red braided hair looked at Hari and Leon on the bed and pointed her finger at them.

“Ah! Dad and mom wrestling again?”


Hari covered herself with a blanket and hid at her daughter’s sudden visit, but Leon calmly approached the princess, hiding only his lower body.

“Well, do you think we are good friends?”

Sigh, Leon stroked the top of his head. He embraced the 3rd princess of the empire in the product.

“Did you come alone?”

“No! My eldest mother, my littlest mother, my older sister, my older brother, and my younger siblings come with me!”

3rd Princess Han Ha-yeon shook her head and pointed to the hallway with her hand. At the end of that line of sight was Beatrice, the empress of the Lionheart Empire, and Cheon So-yeon, the second empress, with the prince and princesses.

“I’m here to say hello, Your Majesty.”

Following the grinning Empress Beatrice, Empress Cheon So-yeon, the prince, and the princesses bowed their heads.

They are the children of Leon, who resemble their mothers and have a unique mix of silver, red, and black.

“Where is Karina?”

“The Great Princess is spending time with Gu Dae-seong’s wife.”

Pak on that word! Leon frowned. When I see the crown prince, who is three years younger than the second princess, Reina, I feel both happy and somewhat at a loss.

“Tsk tsk, are you saying they forgot to say hello in the morning and are so busy hanging out with each other? To the point where they don’t even show their grandson’s face?”

“It’s our wedding anniversary soon.”

It was a time when Leon’s frustration did not go away despite Cheon So-yeon’s request to look after the circumstances.


Udang-tang-tang! The red-haired empress falls down with a loud noise. Hari, who got caught in the blanket while hurriedly getting dressed, was surrounded by the prince and princess.


“Is the second mother okay?”

“Okay, it’s okay.”

“But why does the second mother always have her stomach open? Isn’t it cold?”

“D-It’s fashion!”

So-yeon supporting Hari. Harry thanked her.

“Ugh, thank you.”

“Sister, you have a child, so don’t overdo it. Don’t go around with a cold stomach.”

“It’s 3 months, so it’s okay! And since I’m the Flame Chalice Knight, I don’t have to worry about getting cold.”

“Don’t overdo it and get out of the rotation.”

“That was the purpose!”

Leon shook his head and smiled lightly at the two lightly bickering. Still, it wasn’t too bad to look at.

“your majesty.”

Beatrice slipped her arms around the defenseless Leon. With a bright smile, she shared the good news.

“Princess Raina will be returning from her training soon. Would you like to meet her?”

“Hmm? Has it already happened?”

“The Dragonian Empire asked me to stay like that.”

Knights look forward to embarking on a journey to prove themselves to the gods and receive quests.

However, in this era of peace, it was difficult for knights to find a battlefield to prove themselves, so the Lionheart Empire invited knights to find a new battlefield to practice in another dimension.

Numerous knights are on a journey to protect and protect the dimension pioneers, such as Yacht Spinner’s Cyberpunk Dimension and Beatrice’s Sphero Kingdom Dimension, as well as places where people live, such as the Dragonian Empire Dimension, which was conquered by Archduke Carina Dragonia and built an empire. left.

Now, the Lionheart Empire, which is pioneering and conquering multiple dimensions beyond the earth, is the ruler of the seven dimensions, and the Lionheart is their ruler and guardian, so their high reputation is not limited to one dimension.

“Then, let’s go with the children to welcome the second child. I heard that Goddess Ariana cares for that child, so if the gods choose, I can pass on the throne.”

“Oh, you’ve still corrected it. Let me study more under Lord Vulcan or the Old Testament.”

“Abama, are you going to see Raina?”

“I want to go too! I want to go see Raina!”

Despite the noisy shouts of the princes and princesses, Leon just watched them happily.

When he lost his kingdom and family early on, he thought it was a sight he would never see again.

However, the relationships that transcend time and space and dimensions eventually gave me a world that was so undeserved.

How could I not thank the gods for this?

The gods always say thank you to him, but Leon thought that this was also possible thanks to the guidance of the gods.

The Lion Heart King of absolute power, lofty honor, and glory bestowed by the gods.

The chivalry of Leon Dragonia Lionheart, the ruler and guardian of the seven dimensions, is not over yet.

Because one day he must do something.

To end this era of peace and usher in a true era of glory.

The Lion Heart King is the owner of the Holy Sword and Holy Spear, and will claim himself as the Guardian of the Holy Grail.

“By the way, Mama Obama, when will Aunt Yafi become the fourth mother?”

“······ Let’s talk later.”

Sometimes it seems that the world is too eager to give it to you.

* * * *

“Earlier there was an invasion of evil.”

It wasn’t just the story of Earth.

Lionheart was like that, and countless worlds must have had similar experiences.

“Many have faced evil, and in the end lost and triumphed. But too many have perished.”

Leon watched their end.

In the other world where he found a new life, there were friends he had been with since childhood.

There were also honorable knights, respectable priests, and loved ones.

“I saw their end in my hometown. Some despaired and cried, but I also saw those who swore to fight to the end. It will be the same for you.”


Earth is no different. They were more easily corrupted, more easily defeated… but they were not cowards.

“Remember those who fought. No songs or monuments are needed. Remembering them and following their will will suffice.”

I hear the sounds of those who gulp and swallow. Soldiers with fear in the face of a fight are everywhere.

Ordinary people who fear death and do not want to face the end of life are not bad.

It’s not something you can’t understand. You don’t believe in yourself, and your faith in God may be less than your fear.

Most of them are like that.

The things ahead are the darkness that swallowed the light,

It is the beast that brings the end,

It is an incurable disease that spreads.

The one who extinguishes hope and becomes the incarnation of despair.

How can the people of this weak age stand up to the evil malice?

Who will show true courage in this era?

I will face the impossible.

Defeat an invincible foe.

I will light up the brilliance that reaches the stars.

for all who watch their backs.

“I saw dragons in you.”

Nameless soldiers. Stare at each article.

There would have been an easy way.

fight or be silent It would have been a very simple option.

Even those who are here right now may have been dragged by a sense of duty.

There will be those who would like to say that deep down they didn’t want to leave their hometown and come to a place like this.

“Imagine an enemy you can’t defeat.”

“An unlikely, invincible adversary lies ahead.”

“You can’t win. The enemy is too powerful, and it causes chaos that creates heaven and earth.”

You don’t even have to imagine.

right in front of them.

A disaster that I thought I would not be able to counter.

“Can you guys take on the challenge alone? Do you have the will to do so? Can you be confident that you will not give up hope until the end?”

who can answer this question

Who would be willing to step out?

“There were those who thought so. There were those who said it couldn’t be done.”

Leon remembers the last fight. Reminds me of the end of Lionheart.

There were those who howled in despair before a lord so mighty and an army of evil that stretched beyond the horizon.

Even the Lionheart Knights of Glory were like that.

“However, Jim is still here. Jim is the proof! It is clear proof that humanity! The world! has not given up resisting evil!”

Many articles were lost.

The dumb Grail Knight Zereah, whom he respected, has passed away,

The Holy Grail Knight of unbreakable faith, Geobrick, sacrificed himself.

Old friends Antoc and Gildus fought until the end, and there were the noble thunder knight Gillingham, the great saintess Agak, the forest sage Gunlar, and the sun knight Loxley.

And there were unknown soldiers.

There were the remnants of the empire, there were the wise men of the forest, the dwarves of the iron mountain and the elves of the burned world tree.

There was someone to whom they entrusted their last will in fear.

“I am! The knight is here! The Lionheart is in front of you!”

“The example of you dragons is here!”

“I, Leon Dragonia Lionheart, destined to lead you and finally win, will gladly stand in front of you!”

A thunderous voice struck the world, and the Holy Sword emitted a brilliant golden light. Everyone felt the warmth of that brilliant light and felt the divine protection.

“Remember! The knights who fought until the end with the Lion Heart King!”

“Remember! The honorable machine that sealed the seed of evil and protected the city for a thousand years!”

“Remember! The magician queen who never gave up while repeating despair for the sake of the world!”

“As long as the history of heaven and earth continues, honor and glory will not be forgotten, and future generations will use this as an indicator to walk toward the stars.”

“Raise your will to immortality!!”

The holy sword was dazzling.

In the holy light that catches everyone’s attention, he moves with Shinsoo.

-Kirik! Kirik!

Eight legs moved. Slowly, as if matching your steps.

-thud! cooong! thud!

The machines stepped on the floor as one.

– Jerkjeokjeok!

The knights turn their jockeys and move forward, and then the boots move in line with the five.

When the movement was combined, it shook the world.

“A hundred years have passed since the fall of Rakshaar, Lord of Chaos. Now we stand on their land.

The ground they tread on is black. The earth is deprived of the blessings of the gods, and the air is full of stuffiness.

but. They will not despair over this. I will not be afraid.

Because this is not the end of the world, but a place to announce the beginning.

Because it is a land to raise new honor and glory.

“Winter is over. Now it’s time to open spring.”

“Our swords and shields will become staffs to advance towards spring.”

“The embers of winter have been connected and become the current flame! Let the whole world know that they have succeeded in their will to resist even in the harsh winter!”

Leon’s voice can be heard over the horizon under the protection of the gods.

The spears they were holding, the guns they were aiming at, the large claws, and the dragons and Pegasus gliding in the sky listened to the voice of the Lion Heart King.

“Today we fight here!”

“Here, in the far-off land of evil, in the Demon World, we will make their tombs and erect our tombstones!!”

“”For Lionheart! Lord Lionheart!!””

Their valiant shouts shook the ground and shook the sky. Leon shouted as he saw the many evils that cringed at that voice.

“Since six hundred and fifty thousand Man-at-Arms and 130,000 Knights of Lionheart who lead them are gathered here!

Holy Grail Knights Koo Dae-seong, Han Ha-ri, Cheon So-yeon.

Beatrice Alighieri Spero.

Carina Dragonia.

Yakt Spinner.


Besides that, seven Lionheart Holy Grail Knights.

The Guardian of the Holy Grail, Leon Dragonia Lionheart, leads them.

“I, Leon Dragonia Lionheart, will be your sword and shield! I will annihilate them and announce the defeat of evil to the world!”

Leon put on the helmet. He raised his holy sword high and shouted.

“For the sake of the goddess…!”

“”For honor…!!””

“””For Lionheart!!!”””

All troops! Forward to victory…!!





The King of Knights Returns with the Gods


The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 277

Side Story Leon and Pleasant Friends (2)

“Sir Leon. Say it again.”


Gildus and Antoc’s eyes and expressions pouted.

“You want me to say it again?”

“Life and free will are precious…”


Two people laughing. They didn’t stop laughing until they were about to run out of breath.

“Our blood is soooo…! What color is it?!”

“That’s right, it’s red!”

“Stop it.”

“I’m sorry about Hash~”

shit. Many people 10 years older than me persistently tease me for getting one.

“Hehehe, what kind of greenhouse did Prince Leon grow up to be so naive?”

“…Isn’t that the son of Lord Gildus and the count’s family?”

In response to the reply, “If you look at your status, you are a high-ranking nobleman, too,” Gildus said confidently, pounding his chest.

“My family is an honorable battle aristocrat who defended the kingdom’s borders as a Margrave.

It is said that the battle aristocratic family, which is in charge of protecting the frontier from generation to generation, has a lot to fight against the savages. As such, it seems that he knew well about their ferocity from a young age.

“My family has been blacksmiths for generations. It’s close to Cheolsan, so there was a lot of interaction with the dwarves.”

Lord Antok was a commoner. His natural dragon power was so great that the local lord provided the necessary equipment for the journey, and he served as a knight of the kingdom before embarking on a training course.

He was already married with a child, but if he was a savage, he would tremble.

“The Grand Duke of Dragonia is far from barbarians. That’s why I heard there are few serfs. But still, Sir Leon’s innocence seems a bit excessive.”


Did you know that I am Barbarians are not usually chewy.

Who would have known that they would be crazy people who would commit murder and plunder as if they were eating, human sacrifice and even cannibalism?

Furthermore, like the fantasy medieval, they are said to be more vicious because they are the ones who serve the evil god. It’s understandable that adult food eats people.

“Likely. Instead, isn’t Prince Leon’s hometown bordering on the Orcs’ habitat? I bet he didn’t even say mercy to those beasts.”


I tried my best to keep my mouth shut at Lord Randolph’s words.

Actually… I tried. Let’s trade with the thugs next door and get along well with each other.

But I didn’t know that bastard would try to kill me out of nowhere. They’re not warriors, they’re just beasts, beasts.

“By the way, how was Gunlar? Didn’t he live near the World Tree, fighting with elves?”

I try to turn the question to Gunlar. He scratched his head before talking about his hometown in his characteristic slow tone.

“The forest is quiet. It’s peaceful. Except for the occasional elves… who catch breeding males.”

“······The town is still there, though?”

“They are a people of peace where horses harmonize with nature, but there is no tribe as promiscuous as they are. They are very combative.”

I raised my hand and asked Gildus, who was trembling.

“Elf… messed up? Are you saying?”

“Ah, don’t you know? Elves are not easy to conceive by nature, and male elves do not increase in number due to lack of sexual desire. So, if Irmin, the goddess of the forest, bestows blessings, even heterogeneous races can conceive.”

Oh, is that true?

“Besides, they prefer strong men and often kidnap knights. Sometimes, half of the Count’s knights are dragged into the forest of elves? Well, I persuade half of them to take them.”

shit! Why are there no elves in the forest next to my house! Wasn’t the basics of the fantasy of Gogaeng an elf forest next to it, a dwarf mountain in front, and a dragon rare in the back mountain?

“Keuheum… Sir Gildus. I want to visit Sir Gildus’ hometown sometime.”

“Dear Arthur. Do you want to hug an elf like your great-grandfather?”

“Rather good.”

“Sir Antoc?”

“······ Farmers.”

Anyway, we pass the time with small talk, and Gunlar is writing something.

With the wooden board he always carried, whenever he had time, he would engrave records on the wooden board and carry it around with him.

“What did you write down again this time?”

“The words of a dead serf. An interesting thought.”

“What’s interesting about that worm?”

“Majoritarianism by the absolute majority, trade union community idea. Equal distribution of power to the majority. Interesting.”

It would certainly be interesting to a scholar. I killed it, but the serf’s words were the foundational ideas of democracy.

To think that such an idea was extracted from a medieval fantasy serf would lead to a democratic ending.

“Heng…! That’s bullshit!”

Gildus seemed to be full of energy.

“The right to rule is sacred. It is a right granted only to those who have proven themselves through endless self-discipline and refinement. How can the ignorant people share power?”

In response, Baron Randolph also agreed.

“Lord Gildus is right. The people are by nature neither rational nor rational, so they often go wrong. They just have to do their job faithfully.”


Well, it was a story that was hard for me to relate to as a democratic citizen until 18 years ago. The aristocracy here has a great sense of choice, but a strange sense of duty to the people? I mean, that’s faithful.

The people work hard on commerce, agriculture, and urban development, the nobles work hard on management and policies, and the knights become strong fences to protect the kingdom.

It was a very idealistic role theory, but does this really work?

Right now, even Gildus is the son of a Marquis, but he has been a strongman who has been fighting barbarians since childhood, and even though Baron Randolph is treated as a ‘child’ by the citizens, he sends his wife and daughter out to take care of them like their own children.

what? Isn’t this the savage Middle Ages I thought it was?

In any case, the citizens who came to the amazing festival where he put vicious criminals and serfs into the hunting grounds and wondered who killed them better, shouted, It was in the middle of the street.

“Sir Leon! Sir Gildus! Sir Antoc!!”

At that time, Baron Randolph rushed in. He visited us, the participants, on the third day of preparation for the serf hunting contest.

“Baron Randolph. What are you doing?”

“Are you going to participate in the serf hunt again?”

At the question of the two, Baron Randolph shouted as if he couldn’t control his anger.

“These damn serfs have run away!”



Baron Randolph’s words shocked the two of them. That’s right… I want to be like that too. If we continue like this, we will all die anyway, so we will try to escape.

“It’s like these miscellaneous things that don’t even know how to do it! How good I’ve been!”

yes? what do you do While eating a meal with water mixed with sugar and salt?

“I even gave you a chance to wash away your sins, but are you going to end up in the arms of the evil spirit!”

“They don’t even deserve forgiveness! Let’s chase them!”


First of all, it seems that the way to cleanse one’s sins in this world is to rip out the soul and undergo purification in the afterlife managed by the goddess of death after death.

Even if they died as serfs, they were given a chance to cleanse their souls of sins, so Lionheart’s knights thought it was rather mercy to brutally kill serfs.

No matter how many times I think about it, they are fucking crazy.

Anyway, we decided to go out to track down the runaway serfs. It felt like they were doing something for the territory for free, but Gildus and Antok acted like it was natural, so I joined without a second thought.

“What about Gunlar?”

“That fellow is slow and not suitable for a chase. Shouldn’t we hurry after them on horseback and tear them limb from limb?”

Look what Gildus is talking about. It’s brutal, it’s brutal

Anyway, Gildus, who had done a few missions to track down the serfs in his childhood, skillfully tracked down the serfs.

Soon four knights and twenty yeoman riders, including Baron Randolph, pursued the serfs and caught them trying to cross the river.

“Excuse me! We’ll have to dig their heads before they cross the river!”

Baron, can’t you make those words… less bloody? Why did the aristocrat investigate the head…”

Anyway, I opened my hand to the yeoman rider, thinking that they would run away if I continued like this.

“Hey, give me a bow.”


Aren’t I from the people of Jumong? One bow shot terribly.

I tried to shoot them with the Yeoman Rider’s bow, but they stumbled and widened their eyes.

“No, give me a bow. What are you doing now?”

“······Nari. How can an honorable knight try to use a ranged weapon?”


what is this again? What about ranged weapons? What would you do if you were a mounted archer and disrespected ranged weapons?

“What’s the matter with the ranged weapon? Hurry up and give it to me?”

“I’m sorry, sir. I cannot give you my bow even for the sake of your honor.”


No, weren’t these color wheelers crazy about classism? Why are you stretching out? However, it was not only the Yeoman riders who were curious.

“Sir Leon. Why are you trying to use such a lowly ranged weapon?”

“That’s right. If you’re a knight, you should think about defeating the enemy bravely with a sword and spear.”

“······ No, serfs are crossing the river right now. What do you mean by catching them other than ranged weapons?”

At those words, Gildus and Antoc raised their jousting spears. No, you’re doing a jousting spear charge here?

“To Lionheart…! Glory be to you!!”

“Blacksmith’s Guardian! Protection to your rider!”


And with an incredible roar, the spears flew through the air.

The large jousting spears that blew air jumped hundreds of meters and pierced the backs of serfs who had barely crossed the river.



– Hee, hee!

The serfs pierced by the spears slumped. cried Baron Randolph.

“Riders, shoot them with their bows and kill them! Let not one of them be sent alive!”

On the other side of the river, the yeoman riders galloped and shot their bows. Some died, but some survived and fled into the woods.

“Hurry up and chase them! Cross the river and they’ll catch them soon!”

“Lord Leon, throw a spear! This will be good target practice!”

Watching the two men who pierced and killed serfs by throwing spears at a speed that far exceeded the range of a bow, I followed along, dumbfounded.


this is real

Sometimes I wonder what the knights of this world are doing.

* * * *

“Damn it!”

Baron Randolph banged on the tea desk in anger. The sturdy wooden desk is cracked.

“Damn the barbarians! You dare threaten us there!”

The pursuit of the runaway serf was only half successful.

They succeeded in slaughtering more than half of the serfs who had fled across the river into the forest, but on the way barbarians came pouring in.

“It can’t be helped. I can’t believe I met their tribe without luck.”

“It was right to retreat there.”

Although Gildus and Antoc were arrogant, they gave reasonable answers. Yes, it was fortunate that I had the reason not to charge head-on against 5,000 barbarians.

“We can’t end it like this! We have to slaughter them!”

I had no choice but to step in to calm Baron Randolph’s seizures. Gildus and Antoc are saying that they will raise their honor in the midst of this…

“Calm down, baron. There are no knights in the estate except the baron and us. Right after the busy farming season, it is difficult to mobilize soldiers.”

The baron’s forces consisted of 40 yeomen riders and 100 gnostic soldiers. In addition, it is difficult to mobilize soldiers because it is the holiday season, and even off-duty soldiers have to be mobilized to guard the territory.

What kind of warfare was going on with 5,000 barbarians, when all the troops that could be practically mobilized were 40 commoners on horseback?

Now is the time to fortify the walls and thicken the defenses.

“Whoops, don’t worry, Lord Leon. We have 20,000 armed forces.”


* * * *

Kalash, the chief of the barbarian tribe who serves the beast god, mobilized 5,000 tribal warriors to rescue the captured tribesmen and burn the hated Landolph estate.

They knew the strength of the Randolph Manor from the tribesmen who had escaped the manor, and were confident that 5,000 warriors would be able to annihilate those hiding behind the wall.

“Chief! Chieftain!”

At that time, the tribesman who had been sent as a spy approached Kalash and reported.

“Okay, what did you find out?”

“Wow, the kingdom bastards are supplying 6kg daggers!”


Kalash expressed doubt at the sudden supply news.

A 6 kg dagger? Where in the world is there a dagger weighing 6kg?

Among the great swords used by the warriors of the tribe, the largest weighs about 6 kg. A weapon of that level would be a large weapon wielded by great warriors. That kind of weight is called a dagger?

“Are they crazy?”

“Not only that. Rumors abound that Baron Randolph is mobilizing an army approaching 20,000!”

“Ha…! Only 20,000 people in the Baron’s Territory? You’re bluffing.”

“And lastly… It’s a story about annihilating 5,000 of our troops with 300 troops. He even boasted that if the war situation moves as he reads, it would be about 90%.”

“Surrounding and annihilating 5,000 people with 300 people?”

At those words, the inside of the tent started to stir.

While the central unit is engaged in defensive battles, their elite unit surrounds them with both right and left wings. When the absurd tactical plan of annihilation came out, everyone was even wondering.

No matter how crazy the knights of the Lionheart Kingdom are, are they carrying out such a reckless strategy?

After thinking about it, Kalash felt the hairs all over her body stand up.

6kg daggers, 20,000 troops, 300 units and 5,000 siege units.

After putting all this information together, the conclusion came out to be a very realistic nightmare.

“Ji, retreat now!”

“Chief? What do you mean by that!”

“We need to get away right now! Holy shit! Too late!”

Everyone looked at the chief of the Kalash tribe in disbelief, but only he spoke a confident conclusion with fear-filled eyes.

“300 knights are coming.”

* * * *

Fortunately, there was an order of knights who toured the kingdom near Randolph’s estate.

300 Thunder Knights of Wolves, one of the Holy Grail Knights, the strongest armed group in the kingdom.

As the best knights of Ultima, the god of sky and thunder, they willingly responded to Baron Randolph’s request and ran nonstop day and night, and immediately engaged 5,000 barbarians.

“To Lionheart…! Glory be to you!!”

The knights of the Thunder Knights charged and shattered the front of the barbarian army, and used their mobility to break through with the left and right wings. As it was, it caught the left and right sides of the enemy central army and completed the encirclement.

And the most elite knights, including the captain of the knights, dug into them.

And then the unprecedented massacre began.

Thunder and lightning from the sky struck and devastated the area, and it took less than 6 seconds for Kalash, the chief of the barbarian tribe, to turn into a black mass from the lightning strike.

The tactic employed by Baron Randolph in this battle, encirclement and elimination, was highly evaluated and studied until posterity as the most effective tactic for the enemy’s invasion.

A talent that transcends the times was born here.



“No, fuck this, it’s not just that they destroyed everything with strong knights. It’s a tactic and a strategy.”

Article because that’s possible!

Lionheart Kingdom is peaceful even today.

The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 276

Side Story Leon and Pleasant Friends (1)

This is what happened when I was 17 on the path of training in another world.

A journey of asceticism in search of quests.

In order to become a Holy Grail Knight, who is said to be the pinnacle of this world, he must perform a quest in the eyes of the gods.

They say that if you vaguely wander around the entire kingdom and raise your honor diligently, they will come to you on their own.

However, in order to succeed as a knight in this harsh fantasy world, you have to go around alone and raise your honor.

I’ll have to try something!

Now that I’m in the fantasy world, I should take a look at Sword Master!

It’s a body that doesn’t even go to church, but well, I’ll be able to do it somehow.

“Sir Leon, who do you believe in?”

It was a question from Antalk, an attendant I met during my travels. At this, Gildus and Gunlar, the tree man next to him, also pricked up their ears.

“Hehe, how can you say that you serve only one person? All the gods who protect Lionheart are respectful.”

give exemplary answers. Religion in this world is based on polytheism. It’s not like there are tens of thousands of gods in India or Japan.

Anyway, there were quite a lot of gods, and there were many people who believed in all of them and made offerings to them. If you see that there is a holy law that uses divine power, there may be real gods.

Well, since it’s a different fantasy world, there’s nothing strange about it.

“As expected, he is a model of chivalry. I must make an offering not only to my Petos-nim, but to others as well.”

“······As it is.”

Anyway, what are the inhabitants of this world? Too fanatical for invisible gods. In this world, faith is the default, so I am tired of arguing with no religion.

Anyway, I witnessed the slaughter of the barbarian tribes that Gunlar held captive in the car that responded appropriately!

“Ugh, Lord Gunlar! What are you doing!”

“Huh? Why is that, Sir Leon?”

Gildus put on a look of genuine disapproval. Yamma, no matter how long ago, we killed each other, but what if we kill a prisoner just like that?

“Ah…! You forgot me.”


Yeah, you can’t just kill people like that, dude.

“Soon the serf festival invented by the great grail knight Sir Gratas will be held! Every city will not have enough serfs to kill, so it is necessary to provide entertainment!”


Aren’t they crazy?

It’s really hard to enlighten another world…

* * * *

This world was, to say the least, a complex and subtle world.

“Knight! It’s Knight!”

“Knight! Please bless us!”

Knights and nobles, who have vested interests in society, are enthusiastically supported by free people. They sprinkled or offered flowers on the path of the knights, and kissed the ground on which their horses trod.

something is a little too much I knew that the knights were respected even in the Grand Duchy, but… I thought it was just because I was the duke’s deficit.

If you’re in front of a high-ranking person, isn’t it the way even a back alley beggar prostrates himself?

“Kyaaaak! Knight! Look over here!”

However, a knight here… boasted a popularity comparable to that of a superstar.

“You just ran into me! You saw me! The blonde knight saw me!”

Oh, I didn’t see it.


“Hahaha! Sir Leon. How are you so nervous?”

Gildus tapped me on the shoulder. The impact transmitted through the armor is considerable.

“Grunt… it’s nothing.”

“Heh heh heh, this guy seems to be doing this for the first time. Well, since he’s never served as a knight of the kingdom, it’s possible.”

In my case, I skipped the courses leading to the pilgrim knight, the kingdom knight, and the training knight, and went straight to the training knight.

The direct descendants of the great family are taking this kind of consideration in order to reduce the time spent serving as knights of the kingdom and pilgrimage, but that doesn’t mean they suck at it.

If something happens to the kingdom, I have an obligation to serve as a member of the great family.

“Anyway, wave to the free people. You seem to be the most popular of these.”

As Gildus said, he smiled awkwardly and waved his hand, and the reaction of the citizens intensified.


At that time, unlike us on horseback, Gunlar, a tree man who was walking around, scratched the flower in his hair.

“Why is that? Gunlar.”

“Why do humans… why do they welcome flowers? Do you like flowers?”

“Well, isn’t it like that because it’s usually precious?”

Usually, crops are planted in the land where flowers will grow.

It is my own interpretation that it is a luxury to grow flowers that cannot be eaten, so it is not to show sincerity by giving them as a gift.


Gunlar nodded as if he understood, then pulled out a flower from my hair and handed it to me.

“Sincerely, first generation.”

“No, after all, this is your hair.”

Gunlar, who is on a journey to become a forest sage, knew a lot, but sometimes he showed such an erratic appearance.

“Now! Let’s go to the lord’s castle! The baron of this territory has prepared a grand welcome ceremony!”

“Whoa~ I can barely eat normal food other than beef jerky!”

It was a tea that I was tired of beef jerky. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a proper meal.

“Welcome, honorable knights on the path of training. I am Randolph, the lord of this place.”

Baron Randolph, the owner of the estate, welcomed us.

Ordinary wandering knights who have gone on a wandering road are said to be treated roughly even when they enter the lord’s castle, but this is because they haven’t proven themselves.

However, Nana Antok and Gildus are honorable knights on the path of training. Since they were on the journey to become Holy Grail Knights, it seemed that they were treated differently.

“By the way, the barbarians who were brought as prisoners were well received.

“Haha, it’s nothing. It’s just a coincidence that barbarians invaded the kingdom’s borders.”

Gildus trembled with humility as if it was nothing. Well, three knights and one tree man slaughtered hundreds of barbarian warriors and took over a hundred prisoners.

I did it too, but I realize all over again that we are post-humans.

“They’re the ones who recently planted them at the border. They robbed the crops of poor people and burned the wheat fields.”

“That… the people’s grievances must have been unreasonable.”

“That’s right. So I escorted the victims to the temple and exempted them from paying taxes.”

“If you haven’t harvested the crops, you’ll need relief, so please request it from the royal capital. The Argentinian Majesty Lionheart also has a relief knights.”

“How can the knights of the royal capital be tampered with? We have to end it as far as possible. Fortunately, my wife is the priestess of the goddess Demera, so she can take care of the wounded.”

Something… is a bit awkward.

Um, aren’t lords like that in the original fantasy?

Are you the people? Aren’t they all pigs? I mean, pay taxes or something!

All the vested interests should be stabbed to death with bamboo spears! Revolution to those dirty lords!

A wandering protagonist punishes greedy nobles and saves the people… Well, that’s a common cliché.

No, of course there must be a proper lord! However, the lords I encountered while on the path of training were all genuine people.

There’s a chance that one or two bastards will come out, but since they’re all so nice, I wonder if they’re doing something evil with their ear holes that I don’t know about.

Really awkward, this medieval fantasy…

I had a rewarding time with Yeongju, telling stories of martial arts that occurred during the trip and news of the region.

The skill of the chef, who said he had learned to cook in the royal capital, was impressive.

“By the way, Sir Gildus and the wise inhabitants of the forest. If you don’t mind, how about enjoying the festival?”

“You mean the festival?”

My ears perked up. Come to think of it, the Grand Duke held a festival every year to commemorate the subjugation of Dragonia, the progenitor dragon.

Since it was an achievement made by Zeke Dragonia, the founder of the Grand Duchy, the citizens of the entire Grand Duchy enjoyed it.

Besides that, there was another big festival, but I couldn’t participate because only citizens who had come of age could participate. In terms of education, are children under the age of majority not allowed to participate?

I still wonder what it was–

“Oh! You mean the serf festival?”

Oh really.

Antok’s gaze turned to me.

“Come to think of it, Sir Leon started his training as soon as he had his coming-of-age ceremony, right? So, isn’t this the first serf festival?”


“According to the kingdom’s statute, minors are forbidden from participating in the serf festival. Ha ha ha! Is this something Sir Leon must participate in to become a true adult?”

“Leon. The serf festival.

The eyes of the old man and the men are smirking to the point of irritation. What the hell is a serf festival?

“Hmm, it can’t be without the knight experiencing the serf festival! The great Duke of Dragonia, Confucius, is experiencing his first serf festival in our territory! We’ll have to prepare this much bigger than usual!”

No, so what is it?

* * * *


Cultists serving evil spirits… that is, those who enslaved the barbarians.

The cultists and savage aliens scattered around the Lionheart Kingdom have long been a nuisance.

The kingdom has constantly fought against them, and even when the empire has a policy of embracing the aliens, the cultists are annihilated! claimed

Now that I think about it, I think that there is no such thing as this country…

“We have held a serf hunting festival for you. Under the watchful eye of Dina, the goddess of the moon and chastity, the score will be divided according to who hunted more serfs.”


My lips trembled at Baron Randolph’s words.

Doesn’t that mean you’re going to hunt humans now?

I knew it would be like this! savage medieval bastards!!

Freeing serfs in the woods to hunt? Raising the score with the head? Is this really something a human mind can do!!

“Uh, how… how could you do such an outrageous thing?”

“Sir Leon?”

I can’t stand it any longer! I will enlighten my savage medieval bastards! I will shout to them what human rights are!

Even if no one listens in an age when human rights have become a vulgar joke!

I must scream!

“No matter how much prisoners of war they are, they will kill those who have life and free will as their prey! What color is your blood!”

Everyone’s eyes are on me. Not only the knights and nobles who participated in the hunt, but also the serfs who hung their heads in despair.

“All knights are those who defend justice and the law and run as fast as they should! Considering life so carelessly and harming it for amusement, is this really chivalry! You guys are not a dog riding a horse!”

“Yes, that’s right!!”

One of the serfs jumped to his feet. As if awakened by my appeal, he pointed his finger at the knights with a bright face.

“I don’t have the right to persecute people just because I ran a few errands for a dubious self-proclaimed goddess who didn’t know where she came from!”

No, such a logical serf in this age?

“The world’s economic and social inequality continues because of your archaic royal dogma! Society needs self-governing communities by voterism to progress!”

no, this is it? No way… no way?

“Majoritarianism by the absolute majority and trade union community are the most ideal political systems! Supreme executive powers must be granted by the masses!”

Oh, how can this be! I may have witnessed the revolutionaries of our time!

A serf with ideas and beliefs hundreds of years ahead in this savage Middle Ages? Perhaps protecting and preserving the spirit of this era is my role——

“The murder of free people, the abduction of women, the murder of infants and mutilation of corpses. These are sins committed by the author on our estates.”

“Hail Lionheart!!”


It was a savage medieval era, but it was a desirable era in which strict punishment was praised no matter how excessive it was.

“The violence inherent in the system…! I am being oppressed.

Its snout did not stop until its head was blown off.


If you’re not careful, it’ll turn into trash in no time. It’s like the fucking middle ages.

The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 275

Orc Boss Murka


– Die, beasts!!

The great army of beast gods is washed away.

As he watched the dark things that stained the world be erased, Reynald was overcome with fear.

is that human? Are you really a creature like yourself?

When the final decision came, I was stunned. Finally, that fuckin’ racist king of knights won! Fucked!

“Above, great being. What’s your next plan…”

Raynald, who turned his gaze to the Goblin Archdemon of Wisdom, soon knew. The self-talk that flowed from the chattering Gob with his teeth chattering…

“Wow, shit, that’s giginet…”

In the midst of lamentation with many implications, now even the great devil of wisdom has no means.

“Bounce, let’s bounce! Don’t you still have the magic to open the gate! Go back to the Demon Realm——”

“Annit. I’m not going back to the Demon Realm.”


What if I don’t go back to the demon realm? Where else is it simple?

The battle to determine the power of the Earth has already ended. The Earth will now be taken over by the Lionheart Federation and the demons will be hunted down.

can you survive there?

“Even if I go back to the Pandemonium now, I will be dragged by the Pandemonium’s conscription order! I don’t know what that means!”

“no way······.”

“Yes, prepare for the time they invade the Pandemonium!


Reynolds couldn’t be sure of victory.

When the demon lords have already slaughtered their sins, where is there anyone who can stop the lion heart king?

“As of the present time… the Pandemonium has been cut off!

“Is that possible?”

“The Orc Great Khan opened the way for the remaining Orcs to live! In other words, when the Orcs are subtotaled to another world, we escape from Earth by joining in!”

“Oh oh···!”

The plan was plausible. Gob had the ability to create artifacts that could hide the demonic energy, and if he hid his demonic energy and crossed the gate by sneaking between the orcs, he would be able to escape the earth without fear of being requisitioned by the demon world.

[What are these little guys?]

But I never thought I would be discovered by the Orc Gods.

* * * *


He opened his eyes because of the rumblings that pierced his stomach.


The body reacts and vomits pour down the esophagus. Soon the field of vision opened and the hard floor was visible.


It looks around with a growl like a wild beast. It is an unfamiliar landscape.

The earth is made of a hard material that cannot be compared with the earthen floor, and there are artificial landscaping trees growing in places that are full of a sense of incongruity to be called a forest.

Frighteningly tall structures stretched out to reach the sky, and they rose in abundance on all sides.

‘It’s oddly familiar.’

But I don’t know. memory is fuzzy I couldn’t figure out why I was in this place.

There is only one fact known.

“Murka. Murka Ballak.”

only his name. Other than that, fragmentary memories and knowledge remained subtle.

“What is it? What is that?”

“Is this a movie shoot?”

Neighborhood is noisy. When I turned my gaze, I met eyes with a small creature. Water droplets immediately began to form in its small pupils.

Ignore them and walk down the street. His eyes were focused on him, but Murka didn’t care.

Just when I was gathering materials to judge this situation as objectively and calmly as possible——

“What, what?”

“Is the sky… red?”

The voices around you become urgent. The gaze toward himself, who is a foreign object, disappeared completely and everyone was looking up at the sky.


The world is dyed red. It’s like a harbinger of great transformation.


And they saw The blue window that began to appear in his field of vision.

[The end begins.]

New blue spears began to cover Murka’s eyes.

[The 44 races of the 1st advance party have completed the transition.]

[987 warriors have completed the transfer.]

[Depending on the blessing and oath, the penalty of the warriors is enforced.]

[Depending on the disappearance of the karma quota, each god can additionally transfer or supervise his/her warriors.]

[Map update starts. current version 1.0]




At that moment, the ground began to shake. As if there was an earthquake.

And such a phenomenon was not confined to this land. The same phenomenon took place in all lands, seas and skies of this planet.

Even at the moment of the change of heaven and earth, like the wrath of God, a new message flew in.

[A chaos wave begins.]

[All intelligent lifeforms, do your best to survive.]

[Good luck. Innocent children.]

It was the voice of a soft woman.

[Corrupt and perish. Death has fallen over your shadow.]

It was also the voice of an archaic devil.

[Didn’t go after the fuckers. Embarrassingly, the bastards who fell behind the first time, I will change them all.]

It was the voice of a wild beast.


I was tilting my head at the incomprehensible message, but some seemed to be aware of this situation like myself.

– Jeobeok, Jeobeok

It was then. Murka reacts sensitively to the sound of something approaching. His gaze turns round.

“A bone?”

There are many bones that cannot be explained otherwise. Armed with crude swords and shields, they began to stride forward.

“What is it? Hey, filming… isn’t it?”


And the skeleton’s crude knife pierced the villager’s abdomen.


It was only when he saw the red blood flowing down that he realized that this was not filming.

It was a belated realization, but is it fortunate that it helped others?

“Ah ah ah ah!”

Starting with someone’s scream, running away and pursuing began at the same time.

Bone soldiers attack everything around them.

And the deaths that hit the world didn’t just come from sluts.


“I don’t know what it is, but kill it!”

“What, these monsters! Look at them getting smashed by this hammer breaker!”

Loud voices and screams come and go on a street full of chaos, and a one-sided slaughter takes place, and the end begins by an unknown blue window.

They seemed to know what to do.

Murka was confused, and the vague memories made her feel embarrassed… but if there was something decidedly different about him from the others–


The beast roars.

A loud roar gushing from the savage warrior, full of muscles and shouts, focused everyone.

The naked orc warrior began to destroy everything in front of him without hesitation.

tear up! break it! smash it!

Beast-like destructive power using the Orc’s unique physicality shattered and destroyed the bone soldiers with their shields.

“Keuheek! Save the goblins!”

Then, a goblin caught Murka’s eyes.

Goblin. A weak, lazy, weak race. It is a characteristic of a race that remains even in vague memories.

Not to mention, that goblin was a hunchback with a crooked back.

Only then will he be able to survive among his own people.

The goblins, a weakling race, were not a race to leave their own kind with disabilities alone.


Aside from that, Murka picked up a large piece of scrap metal next to him. A vehicle with two wheels that is somewhat ambiguous even to be used as a chariot.

It was easily lifted by Murka’s superpower and flew through the air.


The hunchback goblin instinctively noticed the flying two-wheeled vehicle and leaned over. A loud noise spread as a two-wheeled vehicle passed over his head.

– Quaang!

Skeleton soldiers falling apart after being smashed. However, the two-wheeled vehicle, which had not slowed down, drifted in front of a certain red-barded bone horse.

“Yes… bastard…”

Horseman of the Red Barding. Likewise, it was a pale-skinned knight clad in blood-red armor.


A strange feeling of displeasure reigns over Murka. He glared fiercely at the knight in red armor who was glaring at him.

“This bastard… such an insolent beast. To face this Blood Knight, Sturm Unchefest, face to face.”

He quenched his thirst by biting off the nape of the beast he killed by piercing it with a long spear like a skewer. It immediately amplified an unknown aura in him.

The evil that eats the living and turns them into strength. Facing the evil power that makes everyone turn a blind eye, Murka snorted.

“It was a mosquito baby.”

“Neno Ohm…”

At that degrading insult, Stroom’s cold blood seemed to boil with rage.

A great night blood relative who ruled the world, an aristocrat who even conquered the sun, and a blood knight who dared to be a savage beast!

Sturm pulled the reins and turned the horse toward Murka.

– <Blood Knight Lv.1> Sturum Unchefest engages <Orc Boss Lv.1> Murka Balak.


The blue spear bothered me, but Murka looked straight at the blood knight who was charging at him. And–

‘What is this guy?’

slow. No, the momentum is lacking.

Speaking of a mounted charge, it would add much stronger pressure and irresistible momentum——

“To Lionheart…! Have glory!!」


My head hurt for some reason. As if something had locked it, the memory I was trying to pull out was blocked.

“You sold one eye! Fool!”

But it’s not to the point of being hit by such a lame charge.


it was an instant

I grabbed the spear of the red knight who was charging at full speed and swung it with all my might.

While holding on to the spear, Sturm, lifted up by tremendous strength, was thrust straight into the asphalt road.


Clap at the same time as the collision! a sound flows Sturm desperately came to his senses and raised his spear, but Murka’s fist struck his arm.

– Kwajik!

Sturm’s arm bent at an odd angle from the punch.


“You’re so weak.”

A fist thrust into the face as it sent a contemptuous gaze. At the moment, I recovered my arm with the regeneration skill called <Super Recovery> and blocked it, but it fell backwards in front of a fist of destructive power.

“It’s big?!”

from top to bottom. The boulder, with muscles and tendons tautly contracted, falls as it is.

In the shadow of death cast by his fist as hard as iron, Sturum instinctively raised both arms to guard.

– Boom!

However, even though he was guarded with his armor, he was astonished at the shock and tingling that was transmitted. The passive skill Super Recovery worked, but the fist didn’t end with a single shot.

– Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The crashing sound of fists plunging down with overwhelming force.

By the second, third, fourth time, the bone fragments were shattered and the arm could no longer protect his face.

Murka said softly to the ‘knight’ whose guard was released.

“Disappointing. You’re not real.”

“Now, let’s go to sleep——!!”

– Kwak!

The thrusting fist pierced the asphalt road.

[The Dark Vampire God Rakan’s Warrior <Blood Knight Lv.1> Sturm Unchefest was defeated by the Three Orc Warriors <Orc Boss Lv.1> Murka Balak.]

-Boss reputation increases by 10.

-Boss level increases by 1.

“What is this?”

Murka glanced at the blue spears exploding in succession.

[The sealing rate of the Orc Boss Murka Balak is 99.8%.]

-Build an Orc idol to receive God’s blessing. (Requires 1,000 Reputation from the Orc Boss)

– Level up your Orc Boss to become an Orc Great Boss.

-Kill all warriors of different races except you.

A list of unknown blue windows. But one thing was clear.

To stand tall as a loser by defeating all the great warriors of the gods other than oneself and expanding one’s power.

Unlike an Orc, he was quick to grasp the situation and was able to grasp the battlefield of these artificial gods.

“Joe, johnny merciful.”

[Sealed Survival King Goblin Gob wants to join your gang.]

-Would you approve joining the gang?

* * * *

This is the start of another story.

An opportunity given to foreigners who need faith and a planet to rule.

The arena of a lifetime where countless gods sent out the great warriors of their history as champions.

Indeed, who will be the winner of this great war?

Orc Boss Murka!

The greatest orc champion in history and the great warrior protected by the three orc gods.


He let out a roar that started as a warrior again, and the great survivor Goblin followed him.

“Seapod…! Boss! You survived today! Hey Raynald! Praise the greatness of the boss too!”

“Mu, of course, Master! The grace of reaping me with no memories! I will definitely repay you!”

“”Murka! Murka! Murka!””

Survival King Gob! Will he be able to survive to the end?

It was summer.

The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 274

Cheon So-yeon

The Lionheart Federation Magic Council is an academic institution that develops and discusses magic, one of the three major technologies representing the Federation.

The sorcery techniques established by Beatrice, the magician queen of the other world, where sorcery developed greatly, are enriching the lives of the federation to the extent that they are no less inferior to Lionheart’s spell and yakt spinner’s technique.

A university to train magicians was established, and techniques from the Millennium Magic Kingdom that surpassed the immature magic skills of less than 40 years on Earth were being distributed in the hands of the dean, Beatrice.

After the Gate Crisis ended, Beatrice was a ray of hope to the wizards around the world who foresaw the downfall of magic due to the Holy Law, so it’s only natural that wizards all over the world are struggling to participate in the Federation’s Magic Council.

Earth magic is inferior to Holy Law. How many wizards were frustrated by Leon’s rhetoric, saying that magic is not a rule, but just a skill, and that with inferior skills, do not dare to compare them with the power of a god.

In the end, the wizards could not bear to downgrade their title to magicians, and tried to protect their crumpled pride with the compromise of being a mage.

Although Beatrice described it as ‘cute because she’s young’.

“Then let’s finish today’s council with this. Thank you for your hard work.”

“Thank you for your hard work, Queen Mama!”

“Congratulations on Princess Raina’s birthday!”

Even today, the mages who have received the teaching are busily leaving to apply it to my research. Beatrice was delighted with the enthusiasm of her vigorous students for learning.

“Is it useful?”

Cheon So-yeon, the commander of the royal knights in the role of escort, spoke with a puzzled look.

“You mean teaching magic?”

“······I don’t mean to ignore it. Compared to Seongbeop and Sir Yapi’s technical skills, it seems to be far behind.”

Above all, it is a system that cannot be operated without Beatrice, the head of the system.

How long would it take Earth’s magic technology to catch up with Beatrice?

“Certainly, there are many parts of magic that are inferior to the divine method of the pantheon and Lord Yapi’s skill. It lacks absolute performance and wide-ranging versatility.”

Enforcement of the concept of sexual law.

versatility of technology.

Compared to these two powers, magic cannot defeat either one.

This is because magic is not an absolute force that enforces concepts, nor is it a universal technique that everyone can use.

“Nevertheless, there were wizards in Your Majesty’s world. They built an empire.”

“… traitors. Traitors to humanity.”

As Cheon So-yeon’s eyebrows narrowed as she remembered the imperial electors, Beatrice said with a smile.

“Even though they betrayed the kingdom, it is true that they established their own technology and culture. Unexpectedly, people’s unique ideas lead the country’s development.”

Beatrice showed her smartphone and said. A product of unique development created by mankind alone. After all, Yapi’s technology also came from it.

“If you get too hung up on the sex and the skills given, you will stagnate, so you need an alternative.”

It was a pioneering plan seen from the perspective of the royal family and leader, which Cheon So-yeon could not see.

As the queen of the Lionheart Federation, she is leading the development of the entire human race in anticipation of the distant future.

‘As expected… He’s different from me.’

Could this be the birth of someone who was raised as a natural royalty?

It seemed to Chun So-yeon that there would be no bridging or overturning of this gap forever.

“Anyway, it’s surprising. I didn’t know that Captain Chen would be interested in the path of magic.”

“······Nowadays, only Her Highness follows her.”

That’s a complaint I can’t bear. Although she didn’t show it, Beatrice skillfully caught that subtle change in expression.

“Do you prefer Chen to follow His Majesty?”

“That… in the sense of training… that’s right.”

Beatrice knows that Cheon So-yeon has been working hard for the past four years.

Her goal is to become a Holy Grail Knight. He was chosen by Ariana, the goddess of light and justice, and Ventasis, the god of darkness and vengeance, to aim for the seat of the Holy Grail Knight, the third Earth.

If that was a Lionheart knight, it would be a natural ambition. Regardless of their status, they walk the rigorous training path to prove themselves and raise their honor.

‘But Miss Soyeon isn’t a Lionheart.’

she is an earthling Although he is quite familiar with and trying to assimilate into Lionheart’s ways, the essence is based on the modern Earthlings’ way of thinking.

The reason why she wanted to become a Holy Grail Knight was the exact opposite of her ambition to pursue honor and glory.



Chun So-yeon sent a cautious glance, but Beatrice found this young knight girl very cute.

‘Trying to become a Holy Grail Knight for love. Aren’t they cute?’

[It is a love affair that is noble even in the eyes of the original woman.]

The Holy Grail Knight is an immortal being. In other words, they do not grow old and can live forever as long as they want.

In the past, in Lionheart, the Holy Grail Knights were defeated one after another while fighting endless orcs and demons, but there is no threat to the Holy Grail Knights in the current Earth ecosystem, just like Vulcanus shouts and walks around.

Chen So-yeon is nervous.

Beatrice is the priestess of Fleur, the goddess of dreams and death, so she has already overcome her lifespan.

Goo Dae-seong and Han Ha-ri are also sublimated into Holy Grail Knights, so they can stay by Leon forever.

Only oneself must perish according to the set lifespan. It’s so annoying I can’t stand it.

‘I’d like to encourage you, but that would be a bit too much.’

He is a kind of love rival. Encouragement from such rivals, even with good intentions, is bound to be miserably received.

‘Cheer up, Cheon So-yeon. I’m rooting for you.’

Beatrice’s point of view is obviously a difficult point of view for modern people who take monogamy for granted.

However, she sincerely hopes that Lionheart’s knights will work harder.

‘Honestly, it’s hard because my body is sore every morning.’

[It’s a surprisingly realistic reason.]

She was the queen who desperately wanted to divide the labor against the Guardian of the Holy Grail, who had infinite stamina.

* * * *

Corridor of Lionheart’s Royal Castle. Cheon So-yeon opened her mouth on her smartphone while being greeted by the elf priest.

“Yeah… I’m at work right now. Grandpa?”

[They said he went that way first. Is my daughter coming too?]

“Yes. It’s an escort for the two of you.”

The target of the call was her father Cheon Ji-ho.

Having lived as a demon, parasitized by the main body of Akasha, the Grand Duke of Slaughter, he has been repeating rehabilitation exercises due to the long-term aftereffects of parasitism.

Now that there are no problems in daily life, he is participating in public events like this.

[I am proud of my daughter who always does well.]


So-yeon answered awkwardly to her father, who had been away for a long time.

But friendship is not lacking. It’s just that we’ve been apart for so long.

“Come in carefully. I’ll be waiting for you.”

[Yes, I will go soon.]

However, as long as they missed each other deeply, the two were sure that this gap would soon be narrowed. So thank you.

A benefactor who helped me reunite with my lost family.

-Doo-wook! Dou-wook!

Soyeon returned to the banquet hall, putting the mobile phone in her pocket.

Princess Reina’s birthday banquet hall guarded by the Royal Knights, including herself.

Ultima’s knight Kim Jae-hyeok or Ariana’s guardian knight Han Su-ho. Other than that, academy classmates and prominent figures from large guilds.

The place to celebrate the princess’ third birthday is more splendid than before.

Looking at Princess Reina receiving everyone’s congratulations, I also thought of this.

Will my child ever come to be celebrated like that?

‘Ugh…! what! really!’

My face heats up thinking that I already drank kimchi soup. Rarely, when Soyeon, whose emotions were clearly revealed on her face, was taking a deep breath, a tall woman approached with a clicking sound.

“Are you working on a day like this?”

“His Excellency Karina…”

The tall beauty in a fancy party dress was the first princess Carina Dragonia.

She offered a wine glass in her hand, but Soyeon carefully refused.

“Because I’m at work.”

“Huh, if this work were a classic, I would have taken a day off today and come back wearing a dress instead of a uniform.”

“First of all… I’m the escort leader.”

“The two of you have an assortment of escort knights.”

that’s the case Karina smiled and pulled Cheon So-yeon’s cheeks.


“Well, Lord Hari is quite my taste, but I think Lord Hari is a good candidate for this work.

Karina is a Holy Grail Knight of Dragonia, the god of gold and contracts, and originally a Holy Grail Knight of Ventasis, the god of darkness and vengeance.

Because she learned a lot from her, Soyeon was able to build a good friendship with Karina.

“You’re very knowledgeable about longitude. Why don’t you dive right in and see?”

“······Please keep your dignity.”

“Kkeuk, isn’t it a bit ironic to ask the Grand Duke of Dragonia to keep his dignity?”

Karina giggled while playing with Soyeon’s rustling hair.

“By nature, there are always a lot of people who are looking for good men and women. Those who prepare their perfect selves and promise the future always miss the timing.”

“Did you say that to Hari-senpai?”

Cheon So-yeon knew that Karina had carefully selected candidates for her stepmother. Among them, the most powerful ones are Hari and herself.

Beatrice had already been captured, so now it was their turn. It’s an idea that’s hard to understand.

“Sir Hari is the type who will do things the moment he thinks wow! without realizing it. Such an innocent type is the way to make a big accident.”

Are you getting drunk? I can’t imagine not leaving my father.

“…is your Excellency all right?”

“Contrary to what Earthlings imagine, there is no arguing over family succession in Lionheart. If you’re greedy, just fight and win.”

Even with a wild smile, Karina gazed at her younger sister, who was hundreds of years older, surrounded by everyone.

“Aren’t they the cutest of all? Having a younger brother at this age is no different than having a daughter. So try your best, too.”

Karina banged Cheon So-yeon’s butt! I left the surprised woman alone and headed somewhere.

The place she headed to was where Koo Dae-seong was surrounded by beauties and was confused.

“I really don’t understand.”

Even as Cheon So-yeon said that, she headed somewhere. Towards Leon leaving the banquet hall.

* * * *

Leon was drinking champagne alone on the terrace. This is a place I often visit when I get tired of receiving guests from time to time.

“your majesty.”

“Are you Captain Chen?”

Leon offered a drink as Cheon So-yeon approached.

“Why don’t you bring something to drink?”

“Because I am at work.”

“A savvy guy.”

While drinking champagne, Leon suddenly remembered the events of the day.

“Come to think of it, Hari… No, Sir Han Hari said. Why didn’t he give me an honorific?”

“Are you Harry?”

“Kuhk, Jim was respectful to all knights, but when you think about it, he had a tendency to speak carelessly toward them.”

It must have been a kind of familiarity. It must have been proof of Leon’s own affection for the girl he had been following around with as a handmaid since he first returned to Earth.


So-yeon was surprised at herself for being jealous of even that. In any case, Hari was receiving special treatment from Leon.

“your majesty.”


“Have you heard the concubine story?”

“Ah~ Is it a rumor in the palace? It’s nothing new.”

When she heard the story, Cheon So-yeon was impatient.

I myself have not yet been qualified, and I have not yet become a ‘saint’ worthy of standing shoulder to shoulder with Han… Leon.

If this kind of story comes out already, I wonder if I’m going to fall behind even more.

“It’s a common rumor in the royal palace. It’s also common in Jim’s world.”

Leon smiled as he remembered the past. In the past, he was a true lover.

He kidnapped a priestess who swore chastity to the point of disobeying the moon goddess and made a covenant with him.

He endured the wrath of the goddess and went to the moon in order to be forgiven, and built the temple alone from the foundation stone to the roof.

That great love story was also told as a fairy tale in Lionheart Kingdom, and Leon kept only her by his side until he lost his first queen.

It was Cheon So-yeon who saw how determined Leon was before falling in love again, so it was not easy to approach him.

‘It was longing at first.’

In the past, Cheon So-yeon was full of thoughts of revenge for the wandering magic sword that killed her mother and uncles.

When Leon appeared, many people were excited with longing for chivalry, but So-yeon only focused on the function of the sex law.

sex law. power of concept. If it were, I would be able to avenge it.

[You’re rude, girl.]

Was it because of such an impure thought? The only person interested in her was Ventasis, the god of darkness and vengeance, who was even called an evil god.

[I am the only one who accepts your outrageous deals. Despite your disbelief, only I give you strength. Don’t take that luck lightly.]

Ventasis offered her a deal. her soul in exchange for vengeance.

[I affirm your revenge. The gift given to you will unite the darkness of destruction. Only I will make your wishes come true.]

The moment she accepted the deal and was about to pawn her soul as the incarnation of vengeance——

[What are you doing, great avenger.]

“just. It is the mind of a teacher who is concerned about the future of his seed.”

Leon put down a light for her. Even the blessing of Ariana, the goddess of light and justice, was brought to Cheon So-yeon.

[Like when you lost ‘your daughter’?]

Leon was looking at his daughter, Karina, whom he had lost from So-yeon. Because Karina also gave up herself for revenge.

So, at some point, So-yeon also started to regard Leon as a ‘father’.

Just as Leon looked over his lost daughter in So-yeon, So-yeon also saw a lost father in Leon.

‘But not anymore.’

Leon got his daughter back, and Soyeon also got her father back.

The two who looked at each other from each other like that finally got out of the old past.

That’s how admiration developed into romance.

It was probably a natural phenomenon.

Watching from the sidelines, realizing that he is a knight you can respect and rely on, and gradually becoming fascinated by that person, and eventually developing into love, is just like any other girl.

Unlike the other female knights, So-yeon did not give up on her romance and just kept it.

“Your Majesty, are you thinking of taking a concubine?”


In response to Soyeon’s question, Leon rarely hesitated to answer.

Leon was clearly a medieval king of knights with ideologies alienated from modern earthlings, but at the same time he was also a young man who died from overwork who preserved the common sense of earth.

love a woman for life Leon had already broken it, so he couldn’t say that he wouldn’t do it.

What qualifications can he have if he, who has already married his second wife, is talking only in words?

“I. I’ll try.”

to be by your side.


Leon was speechless for a moment as he watched Soyeon staring at him with a determined gaze.

I knew it, but it was the first time I had heard it so directly.

“Respect me.”

I have no choice but to answer like this.

And that was a sufficient answer for Soyeon.

When I turned around with a faint smile…

“Oh! So-yeon was here! His Majesty too!”

He meets a red-haired girl. Soyeon stared blankly at Hari.


Looking at the innocent saintess who is not fully aware of her own emotions—

“I won’t lose.”

──Declare war.


So-yeon left the terrace with those words. Hari raised question marks at the unexpected declaration of war as if he didn’t know why.

“So, So Yeon-ah? What does that mean? Your Majesty? What was it?! Did I do something wrong?!”


“Annit, Your Majesty. Laugh but drink!”

Leaving behind Hari, who was flustered not knowing his fault, Leon complained to the gods.

“It’s scary. Being young.”

[Don’t let your goddess permit you.]

Towards the goddess who was inciting him, Leon could only smile silently.

The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 273

Hari Han (2)

A year and a half since the establishment of the Lionheart Federation. Hongbok was delivered to the federation.

Queen Beatrice Alighieri Spero gave birth to a princess.

Reina, named as the second princess following the kingdom’s first official princess Carina, the Grand Duke of Dragonia, was named Reina Sphero Dragonia by combining the family names of Leon and Beatrice.

Princess Raina, who inherited Leon’s healthy constitution and Beatrice’s intellect, successfully (?) grew up under Yapi’s ‘Princess Maker’ program, and is now overcoming Yapi, who plays the role of a nanny.


“Princess, do you like it?”

“Yeah! Masit!”

Princess Raina and quite a few high-ranking officials had all learned their faces, but among them, Hari was the one who followed her well.

“Eunya. Why does Unnya open her belly? Doesn’t she dance?”

“Pa, it’s fashion…”

It was when Princess Reina rubbed her face against Hari’s belly button.

“Ohhh! Princess, it’s been a long time since I’ve grown up!”

“Ah, Vulcan’s skin—”

Hari, who was delighted with Vulcan’s voice, stiffened as he looked at the glamorous beauties he wore on either side.

“The…the two of you?”


“It’s done! It’s done! It’s not good for education! Don’t do that in front of Princess Reina!”

In response to Hari’s reaction, Vulcan kissed the two beauties on the cheek and told them to wait elsewhere. Hari covered Reina’s gaze because her blatantly sinister gaze was directed at the beauties who had turned away.

“Tsk tsk, what are you so fond of? Growing up knowing everything, isn’t it? Sir Spinner.”

– We are still researching whether early sex education has educational merit.

“Jjmjjmjjm! Both of them jjmjjum!”

As Princess Raina, who spends her childhood surrounded by these two people, Hari thought she should visit the palace more often.

“By the way, Lord Vulcanus, I hear you’re famous in America these days. A movie has appeared.”

“I’m afraid to say that an actress with an amazing ass is appearing—”

“Petos! Please shut up!”

[Do you think he will listen to me?]

but. If that were the case, there would not have been a Petos altar installed at each military academy and held regular prayer meetings.

“By the way Sir Hari. Hmm…”

“What, what?”

“Your breasts and hips are bigger than before. Wow~ You’ve become a pretty nice woman.”

“Sexual harassment, sexual harassment!”

Vulcanus was still there. This Holy Grail Knight from a medieval barbarian tribe was one of the best adapted to modern times, but at the same time, his values did not change at all.

However, thanks to his masculinity and strength, he was enjoying his present life by scattering rumors here and there.

[Don’t take your eyes off it, Vulcanus. It should not be done.]

When Petos gave a word of warning, Vulcanus smiled and raised both hands.

“Don’t do that too much, Petos-sama. I’ll also cover up the objects of one night’s play and bring them to bed.”

Vulcanus tends to refrain from women’s adventures against the same knights. In particular, Hari is the Holy Grail Knight of Petos and Poma. No matter how Vulcanus was, he couldn’t be an opponent to be touched in a one-night stand.

“By the way, Sir Vulcanus, do you have any thoughts of marriage?”

“Hmm? That’s sudden.”

“You went to Lord Raihar’s wedding last fall. There were some people who had weddings in the Knights of the Burning Sword.”

The Holy Grail Knights, the Knights of the Burning Sword under Vulcanus, also got married and had children while adapting to life on Earth.

In particular, men are a macho group that is perfected through marriage, so the marriage rate among knights is particularly high.

“Well, because I’m still young! I’m thinking of enjoying this eternal youth a little longer.”

“Is that so? Hmm.”

“Why is that? Lord Hari.”

“No, there are quite a few female classmates in our department who are kind to Lord Vulcanus. I thought it would be a big hit if I took him on a blind date.”

“Ohh~ I’ve heard of blind dates. What is it, does Hari go out?”

“No, all my classmates look like kids.”

It was worth it.

Hari has been living on the front lines since graduating from Hunter Academy.

As a raiding party of the Hunter Association, he fought against monsters, was at the forefront in Leon’s demon war, and defeated Krann, the Orc captain, in the war against the Orc Continental Federation.

Since she was the youngest A-class Hunter, the youngest S-class Hunter, and even the youngest Holy Grail Knight, young male students in their early 20s would look like children to her.

“If you hear about them going to the military or what, something… haha.”

“GRRARA…! Well, if you only look at real guys like me, then you can’t help but think that way when you see young people in blue!”


Harry didn’t say who he was thinking of Vulcan’s exhilarating confidence.

‘Well… if you look closely, it’s the same as Sir Vulcanus.’

Although His Majesty’s side is much more handsome.

“Hmm? What were you thinking?”

“Yes? Ah, ah…! I thought Lord Vulcanus looked very manly!”

“GRARA─!! Don’t get too into it!”

While the banquet was being prepared, the arriving knights joined one after another.

“Sir Harry! Long time no see!”

In addition to Lord Raihar, Lord Galatan, and Lord Tarhan of the Knights of the Burning Sword——

“Hey, hello.”

“long time no see.”

Long-standing guilds such as Lee Yong-wan, the guild leader of the Phoenix Guild, and Ha Yu-ri, the vice guild leader of Korea’s top 10 guilds, gather to catch up on their personal affairs.

“That’s right, guild leader Lee Yong-wan! I heard you’re getting married! With assistant guild leader Ha Yu-ri!”

“Huh? How does Sir Han Soo-ho know about that?”

“I see? It was a story only we knew.”

When Lee Yong-wan and Ha Yu-ri showed a curious reaction, Han Su-ho sent a puzzled gaze to Yapi.

“Huh? When Sir Yapi sent the planner for congratulations and condolences, he mentioned it… didn’t he inform you in advance?”

“······at all.”

Lee Yong-wan’s gaze turned to Yapi. Either that or not, Yapi is hugged tightly by Reina and hangs limp as if in desperation.

is it hacking

It’s a hack.

What is privacy in the Lionheart Federation?

Fortunately, this super versatile robot doesn’t abuse the information I know for personal use.

“Everyone talks a lot about marriage these days? Are you busy dating after the war?”

“Isn’t it our duty to build a family and give birth to descendants?”

“Well then.”

It was the moment when people from Earth and those from Lionheart were divided.

“By the way, did you hear? Recently, there has been a story about Her Majesty’s concubine registration.”

The gaze focused on Vulcan’s words. Not only those in the same seat, but also several of the banquet guests glanced at him.

“Uh… Your Majesty has already married Queen Beatrice—”

Leon is already married to Beatrice. But what about concubines? Raihar spoke before Hari’s natural question was over.

“Well, I’ll have to bring in a few more concubines.”


This time, Lord Galatan chimed in.

“That’s right. In the past, they were busy with the installation by the imperial guys, but isn’t it an era of peace now? We should give birth to at least one more royal descendant.”


“Princess Karina has already grown up, and it would be good for Princess Reina to have several siblings.”


The idea of increasing concubines and descendants seemed natural. Modern people, including Hari and Lee Yong-wan, were stunned, but it was common sense to them.

“Is that… is it okay? Without Queen Beatrice’s consent…”

“Hmm? I heard that this idea came from the queen first?”


The expression of modern people has become more grotesque.

“The queen is also a member of the royal family. You know the duties of the royal family. But the queen is the director of the Federal Magic Council and is busy researching gate dimensional magic.”

Although Beatrice was Leon’s wife and queen, she is a public figure contributing to the development of academic magic in a direction different from the sex law, ranking second in the official ceremonial order of the Federation.

It is a well-known fact that after the end of the Gate incident, the magic towers around the world receive academic exchanges and teachings centered on Beatrice.

Even though she has two bodies, she is busy, so the direction to increase the royal family is to go through the concubines.

“No, are you okay?”

“What do you mean?”

“That… the order of succession to the throne… something like that, is it dangerous? Isn’t it?”

“The Lionheart’s Lion Heart King is determined by the gods. Just because you’re a royalty doesn’t mean you become the Lion Heart King.”

It was. In the first place, successive lion heart kings were not made up of direct blood relatives.

The previous Lion Heart King and the current Lion Heart King were not at all related by blood.

“No, then you don’t need to have many royal descendants, do you? That… I’ve learned that the reason you need to have a lot of royal descendants is just in case for the succession to the throne.”

Earth royalty was for that reason.

In the past, when the death of infants and toddlers was frequent and it was not known how accidents would happen, they gave birth to a lot of royal children to prepare for the eventuality.

However, Lionheart is a system in which the gods choose the next Lionheart from among the Holy Grail Knights anyway.

It’s not like Leon can become the next Lion Heart King just because he gives birth to a lot of royal grandsons, so what reason did he bring in concubines to increase the royal grandson?

“From a great knight, a knight of great qualities is born.”


“If it’s a knight the size of His Majesty Leon, you can expect what kind of genius that child will become. Even if it’s just His Excellency Carina right now.”

It is the basis of genetics. Outstanding dominant factors passed down to their offspring… that wasn’t necessarily the case, but the probability would be much higher.

“Is it a concubine? Even if my daughter was 20 years old, I would push her once.”

“Lord Raihar, isn’t your daughter two years old now?!”

“So, didn’t you say, ‘If only I was 20 years older?’ No, let’s wait 20 years. His Majesty will correct it even then…”

-Kick. Why 20 years? If pregnancy is the goal, the age at which a woman’s menarche begins——

“Ahh! Everyone, stop it!”

i can’t follow Hari carefully covered Princess Raina’s ears and carefully left.

‘It’s too bad in terms of education!’

How dare medieval knights openly talk about having a concubine in front of a child!

Hari hugged Rayna and looked for Leon, but Rayna buried her face in Hari’s arms and asked.

“Haryenya. Do you want to be a second mother?”


“Gods tell me. The more mothers get older, the more they become jotte.”


Harry stared into space.


[I’m not the only one…]

[Early education. cancer.]

‘Sir Petos!’

While struggling with the two gods, Hari arrived at Leon’s location.

“Oh, our Lady Han Hari! The pride of Daehan!”

“Eh? Mr. President?”

To be precise, former President Andong-gil. As the first president of a unified Korea, he is residing here in Lionheart’s capital after his term ends.

By the way, it was President Ahn who prevented Hari from leaving the association and appointed her as an honorary vice president.

“Oi~ Princess Reina was there too.”

“Andong-gil’s grandfather…”

“Heh heh heh.”

Former President Andong-gil smiles as if Princess Raina is cute. Behind him, he sees the blond man who had been chatting with him until just now.


“Ah, yep! Your Majesty! You’ve only seen the gas after a while!”


“Abama maa~”

Raina soon escaped from Hari’s arms and toddled with Leon. Leon hugs him.

“I heard that Lord Spinner is taking care of it.”

“Ahhhh! Sir Spinner and Sir Vulcanus are talking about some bad educational stuff.”


Leon gave a puzzled look, but Hari couldn’t bear to say that he had come to talk about the project to increase the royal family with His Majesty’s concubine.

“Then, Your Majesty, I’ll leave.”

“See you again at the banquet.”

It was when President Andong-gil passed by Hari.

‘go for it!’

‘go for it? What?’


Good-natured grandfather President Ahn walks by with a smile.


Couldn’t it be… I’ll move out of my seat, so I’m telling you to use your strength, doesn’t that mean it?

‘Ah, no way…’

Hearing useless stories and reacting sensitively. It will.

“Kuh, keuhum…! Your Majesty, where did Soyeon go?”

“I am Cheon So-yeon, the commander of the Knights. Unless it is a private occasion, please call me by an official title.”

“Yes, I will.”

“If it’s Captain Cheon, he’s with Biche. He’s working in the magic council hall built in the royal capital.”

Cheon So-yeon is currently in charge of guarding and escorting the royal family as the commander of the Royal Knights.

Of course, Leon and Viche are not beings that need someone to escort them, but ostentatiousness is a necessary law.

“Chun Jin-soo, the head of the new sword guild, often asked me to come to Korea.”

“Well, isn’t Cheon So-yeon very sincere? She is eager to aim for the seat of the Holy Grail Knight.”

“Grail knight… hm?”

Hari tilted her head as if she had suddenly realized something. When Leon hugged Reina and looked at her, Hari put on a very sad expression.

“I… Your Majesty.”

“What is it?”

“Why do I not use honorifics for titles such as Sir Han Hari or Holy Lady Han Hari?”

Isn’t that the Holy Grail Knight?

Are you a living saint?


Leon just looked at Hari as if he was speechless.

The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 272

Hari Han (1)

Lionheart University, Pyongyang. It is a short-term college of two years, but it is the world’s most prestigious university that is frantic because it cannot be entered all over the world.

[Therefore, in the transaction process of the contract, make an offering to the dragonia god through mutual respect──]

Pyongyang Lionheart University has become the world’s most prestigious university in just three years since its foundation. There were also departments, but the biggest reason is ’employment career’.

The core city of the Lionheart Commonwealth countries, where the former Beijing County Lionheart Capital is located.

Graduates here can get a job in the Lionheart Federation Knights as well as the Royal Knights if they excel.

In addition to that, students from all over the world have no choice but to flock to the industries that lead the world in many ways, such as federal new buildings and employment in the Byeol Steel Industrial Complex.

Of course, in order to enter this Lionheart University, there is a premise that you must be a member of the pantheon.

“Hari-senpai! Would you like to eat together today?”

“No! Where should we go today! Let’s eat next time!”

“Really? Then eat next time!”

Leaving behind the greetings from the undergraduates, Hari hurriedly ran through the university grounds to the entrance. A familiar figure was waiting there.

“Oh~ Hari, are you done now?”

“Chief Kim Jin-soo!”

A middle-aged man with a shaggy beard. Now, he is Kim Jin-soo, manager of the Korea Hunter Association, who is slowly looking at the 40th line.

Hari quickly bowed her head toward manager Kim Jin-soo.

“Promoted to general manager! Congratulations!!”

“Uh, man. You were promoted to general manager last week, so why are you here again to congratulate me? You called me then.”

“Even so! To say that our Strategy Division’s permanent manager, Manager Kim, is already the manager…”

“Well… In the association, the capture department is a firefighter role, so it’s a bit far from success.”

The Hunter Association is basically an elite governing body.

Most of the strategy department, which is in charge of handling the tyranny of large guilds and incidents, was created by low-end hunters, so it is evaluated that they are ignorant guys who have not even graduated from college.

Manager Kim Jin-soo was able to get a high-speed promotion to general manager within a year after being promoted to deputy general manager thanks to Kite who assisted Leon with Hari from the beginning.

It means that the Korean government cares about the relationship with King Leon of the Lionheart Federation.

Ha-ri got into manager Kim Jin-soo’s car and started running through downtown Pyongyang.

“Yeah~ But isn’t Hari the only college graduate in our strategy department?”

“I’m not graduating yet!”

Harry is currently a college student.

It has already been 4 years since the gate incident officially ended.

The work of the Hunter Association, the management agency of the hunters, was reduced, and the strategy department was merged into the hunter management department.

Naturally, the work of the hunters within the association disappeared, but Hari thought that he had no work to do.

Even though Hari is a genius as the youngest A-class hunter, the reason why she chose to become a civil servant was because she wanted to help many people by attacking unexplored gates that were neglected for reasons such as economic efficiency and work efficiency.

[I want to go to college!]

When Hari resigned and announced that she would go on to higher education, the association went into an uproar.

“Hey~ When you said you were leaving the company, the president of the association, ministers, and even the president came to stop you.”

“Ugh… I still feel sick to my stomach when I think of that time.”

From the standpoint of the Korean government, Hari was a talent not to be missed.

In the battle against the Orc Continental Federation, Hari was sublimated into a Holy Grail Knight, that is, a living saint.

Since it is a special body that can produce holy power with only its own heart, it was announced as a Holy Grail Knight of war and flame like Vulcanus and a Holy Grail Knight of the sea and waves, which shook Korea.

-Keu~ Is the Holy Grail Knight, the second Earth, also Korean?

– Jumo! Get down!

The appearance of the Holy Grail Knight, the second Earth after Goo Dae-seong, the Holy Grail Knight, made the whole Korean peninsula drunk with gukppong.

In such a car, Hari tried to give up her civil servant position for the reason of going to school, so the president has no choice but to come and dissuade her.

They begged Hari to remain as civil servants, even if it was an honorary position, since they did not have to go to work.

[axis! A proud saintess born in Korea. Hari Han, the Holy Grail Knight, was inaugurated as the Vice President of the Honorary Hunter Association!]

Even by creating the position of honorary vice president, which did not exist.

“How are you, honorary vice president?”

“Ah! Don’t go wrong!”

“Well, how is it. At 24, you’re treated like a field officer. Hari, if you’re just a little older, you’ll be free in the presidential election? Oh, since you have Sir Koo Dae-seong, it must be half-and-half.”

“Ugh, the presidential election? There’s a lot of talk about coming out as a proportional representative. I’m not going to do anything like politics!”

“That’s a pity. I tried to become the chief of staff to the president.”

“Even so, the manager doesn’t hire me as a secretary!”

While chatting about miscellaneous things, they arrived at the Pyongyang terminal. An elven janitor approaching their approach.

“Where are you going?”

When the beautiful elf manager in uniform smiled kindly, Manager Kim Jin-soo said with a broad smile.

“Hehe, I’m going to Lionheart’s castle.”

“I see. Ah~ now I see that it is a diplomatic vehicle. If you go to the extra entrance, you can use it with a free pass.”

“Yes, thank you.”

Ha-ri clicked her tongue as she saw Kim Jin-soo, whose expression stretched all the way to the end.

“If you like it that much, why don’t you ask for a number?”

“Is that…? I’m thirty-seven now.”

“No matter how many of them there are, they’re four years old. Do you want to be knocked over?”

“Aaghh! That’s the problem!”

Elves no longer spawn through World Trees. This is because when the population exceeded 100,000, the Tribal Resurrection Project by the World Tree was stopped.

Enough numbers of elves, treemen, dwarves and dragons have gathered, so now they pursue prosperity through natural reproduction.

The problem was their age, no matter how mature they were born, they were at most four or three years old, so according to legal interpretation, they belonged to infants.

-Why were we born 20 years ago?

-If I were born now, I would have dated adult elves!

From the Lionheart Federation’s point of view, the atmosphere was not particularly discouraged, but according to social norms, it was not easy to try dating with the newly born race.

“Well, why don’t you just wait 15 years?”

“I’ll be fifty by then!”

“It’s an era where the average life span is 200 years, but 50 is youth.”

The distribution of blessed crops by the Lionheart Federation brought many changes to the world.

Once life expectancy has increased.

It’s not that the Lionheart Knights didn’t understand the concept of getting sick for nothing.

The blessed crops nurtured by the followers of Goddess Demera have now become the world’s standard food.

People began to be free from the disease, and life expectancy naturally increased.

By combining Yapi’s high technology and Shinseong technology, rejuvenation and anti-aging programs are also provided to federal citizens and pantheonists, so the era of young and healthy 200-year-olds has begun.

“The world has gotten better.”

As a Korean citizen who enjoys the changes brought about by Lionheart as the first priority, Director Kim Jin-soo thought that there is no better time to live than these days.

[The train is leaving soon. Passengers, please pay attention to safety.]

The vehicle brought by manager Kim Jin-soo landed at the terminal installed in Pyongyang.

His vehicle, designed to be compatible with and mounted on the high-speed magnetic levitation train, is attached in three rows like other citizens.

Soon the train departed, and a maglev train carrying more than a thousand citizens left Pyongyang.

When 10 seconds passed, I could already see the clear and clean sea in the middle of the west coast.

“Ah~ There’s a whale over there. They say they’re starting to appear in the West Sea too.”

“Thanks to the Poma god, the sea ecosystem has been restored a lot.”

The recent changes have been so fast and difficult to get used to, but many people have been able to notice them.

The world is moving in a better direction.

* * * *

As the continent was torn into 53 parts, each of the continental states declared that they were the true successors of China.

But what is the meaning of authenticity that only talks about? They needed symbolism, and Beijing, the former capital and economic hub, fits just that.

In the early days of the continental collapse, Beijing was a battlefield for continental powers, and was completely annihilated.

The Presidential Palace was blown up by missile bombardment, the Forbidden City collapsed down to a brick, and the scattered buildings collapsed.

Although the Republic of Beijing, the last victor, took the city, they did not have the money to rebuild the city that had been turned into ruins.

In the end, Beijing was neglected, and after the declaration of the Lionheart Federation, its geographical value did not disappear, so it became the No. 1 reconstruction city along with Shanghai.

“Beijing… no, the royal capital has changed a lot too.”

Only 15 minutes by magnetic levitation railway from Pyongyang to Beijing. After getting off the rails and starting to drive again, the scenery outside the car of manager Kim Jin-soo is a large city with a different atmosphere from Pyongyang.

“Since Lord Yapi was in charge of rebuilding, I thought it would definitely feel like Night City.”

Beijing··· Current Wangdao has a very different atmosphere from other planned development cities.

Compared to cities developed with extreme urban convenience like Night City, the royal road is more simple than you think.

It boasts a splendid and beautiful view, but it forms a beautiful capital in harmony with low buildings different from modern megalopolises.

“Huh, I think I know.”

I have never seen such a beautiful city view in Hari.

The kingdom of Lionheart was destroyed. The last city of mankind where the pantheon was enshrined was so beautiful.

It must have been that the city data Yapi had seen was used for reconstruction.

“Well, it’s like a medieval castle, but there are all kinds of convenience facilities underground. There’s even an amusement park, right?”

“I’ve been there too! I also participated in the commemorative joust.”

“I’ll have to go down sometime later. It’s arriving soon.”

The royal palace, separated from the residential area, is the residence of the majestic and splendid royal family.

Seeing people wearing white priestly uniforms walking around and unmanned robots cleaning and working at the same time, it is confusing whether this place is in the Middle Ages or the near future.

“There are a lot of guests. From the British royal family to the Australian president and his wife.”

“What about our government officials?”

“I left first thing in the morning. Former President Andong-gil is also over there. They say he lives in this neighborhood these days.”

In the Lionheart Palace, celebrities from all over the world are numerous. Because today is an anniversary at the federal level.

“Ah! Suho! Jaehyuk!”

“Huh? Sister!”

“Sister Harry!”

Thanks to that, I was able to see a familiar face.

“I hear you two are having a hard time in Tibet these days?”

“Because there are still wild monsters left over there.”

“There are many monsters who have adapted to the natural environment and are camouflaged. Oh, and I took a picture with the Dalai Lama?”

“Oh! Really? Did you get an autograph?”

Unlike Hari, who entered college, Suho and Jaehyeok are active knight commanders, protecting the borders and territory of Lionheart.

This was the case with most of the Naju 1st Knights, but it seems that only Hari had a desire to go to higher education.

“I’m ready at the banquet hall right now. Noona should be in a hurry too? Sir Vulcanus and Sir Koo Dae-seong have already arrived.”

“Sir Yapi.”

“Umm… Sir Yapi is a face I see every day.”

Yapi is based in Night City and has dispatched his agents throughout the Federation. Right now, Hari’s professor at Lionheart University in Pyongyang was Yafi.

“Hey, the organic name is Han Hari. Is this the best?」

「Huh! Sir Yapi! Why do you need to know quantum mechanics in basic physics in liberal arts class?! Ah!」

“Isn’t that what Holy Grail Knights need to know by default? You seem to be saying that you can’t see it? Aren’t you saying everything is fine? But why aren’t you following me? You only need to do what you are told to do well and review only what you are taught, so why can’t you?”

“Why do things these days have no guts? oh oh oh lack of power. Nooooo power. Today, I will master quantum mechanics, and next I will learn about the failure and re-proving of superstring theory.”

「Buy, save people!!」

“······My sister is having a hard time too.”

“What is it? It’s similar to the college life I know, but something is different.”

“That’s right…”

Manager Kim Jin-soo taps Hari on the shoulder, who makes a whining sound. He pointed somewhere with his finger.

“There’s Professor Yapi.”


Hari stunned and backtracked. However, Hari soon witnessed the minimal body walking on eight legs struggling to crawl on the floor.

“Hey, Sir Yapi?”

-Let it go, let it go, organic matter.


A girl clinging to Yappy’s torso and purring. Even if it is a minimal size, since it is equipped with a sacred nuclear reactor body, the output is enormous.

Of course, the child must be reducing his strength so as not to get hurt, but there are not many opponents for that yapi.


A silver-haired girl with characteristic blue eyes and swaying eyes approached Hari.

“Your Highness the Princess!”

Reina Spero Dragonia.

A princess born to Lion Heart King Leon and magician Queen Beatrice.

Today was Princess Raina’s third birthday party.

The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 271

The changed world (2)

Called the magic wand of Allah, this old anti-tank rocket has been loved by the Third World for a long time.

The operation is simple, the power is moderate, and above all, it is cheap.

The era of superhumans has come and this magic wand of Allah has also been shot by hunters.

I don’t know if it’s a high-ranking hunter, but if it’s a C-class or D-class hunter, this is enough to die.

“Allahu Akbar!”

How much more, a mass-produced taxi will explode in a splendid way in front of the magic wand of Allah!

– Anti-tank rocket approach warning.

Night City’s unmanned taxi is a special vehicle with 0.01% iron alloy produced at Yapi’s Daeri mechanical arm factory.

In other words, all taxis in Night City are blessed by Heto, the blacksmith god. It’s not something that can be done with anti-tank rockets.

– Quaang!

As smoke from the explosion spread, the terrorists were confident of their success. I was aiming for Yapi in his human form. As long as it’s a human body, there’s no way it’ll be safe from anti-tank rockets—

– Vroom!


“You’re fine?!”

Seeing the taxi intact after being hit directly by an anti-tank rocket, the terrorists immediately tried to prepare for a second wave.

-Passenger safety response mode.

At that moment, the bonnet of the taxi is opened and the heavy heavy artillery is revealed. It was charged with energy supplied by a small nuclear reactor mounted on the taxi.

-Younglord. Please set the response level.

“Respond in a way that does not destroy the facility.”

– Yes! Initiate suppression with a pulse gun connected directly to the reactor.

– Tung! Tung! Tung!

A pulse gun fired from the top of the taxi’s bonnet subdued the terrorists in an instant. However, among them there were terrorists who could not be subdued even with a pulse gun, superhumans who had awakened their magical powers.

That is, they are hunters.

Hunter terrorists rushed towards the taxi, ignoring the pulse gun with high-performance armor for hunters. If you go on like this, you will crash.

Taxi AI did not overconfident in its body.

– Perform emergency evasion maneuvers! Fasten your seat belt!

What a profit! and the fuselage of the taxi rapidly turning. It narrowly dodged a man-sized object and at the same time steered into an escape route.


In the meantime, they were the terrorists who cut off the pulse gun attached to the taxi, but the taxi ignored them and ran away.

“Follow me!”

“God is great!”

Terrorists on motorcycles chase Yapi’s taxi. Night City’s busy highway, an unexpected drive action unfolded.

“Kill God’s harlot!”

“Humans are not ruled by machines!!”

Terrorists chasing after shooting hunter bows. Taxi AI asked cautiously.

-Younglord. Request a response level increase. At least level 3 correspondence…!

“Do you know how much economic loss the city will have if you do that? Do you make money by digging?”

They are digging and building an underground city. Taxi AI didn’t bother to say that.

“Level 2 response authorized.”

– Yes.

The response level to the threat of Night City exists up to level 5.

The war mode directly initiated by the lord, Yapi, is level 4. The final protocol, city self-destruction, is level 5.

From level 3 onwards, the response is very low. Level 3 is the bombardment of armored divisions in the city, and level 2 is——

“This is Taxi Service No. 7! A VIP passenger has been attacked! To all our drivers in the Rodeo Zone, Little Cheongsam Zone, and Lost Siberia Zone!」

“Everyone gather under me!”

There are numerous taxis in Night City.

Due to the existence of these free taxis that guarantee citizens’ freedom of transportation, the residents of Night City do not need to purchase or drive a vehicle.

However, all these taxis are controlled by Yapi’s city integrated management system, a central AI, which can be requisitioned for city safety in case of emergency.

Hundreds of thousands of taxis exist everywhere in the city.


“What, what, that!!”

The terrorists were stunned as they watched the taxis running at full speed filling the roads.

Due to the perfect road control system, the busy highways of Night City were jammed with taxis.

The headlights’s’ running from across the road were dazzling, and the voices of the AIs who opened the windows and turned up the volume were full of anger.

-Some bastard messed with our mayor!

-mind! What does your father do! Neg father mahahino!

-You guys stay there! I’m going to drive a taxi and blow all your heads off!

It was a roar that seemed to resonate through the city with just the sound of the creaking. Hundreds of cars back and forth. They were taxis gathered by AI taxi’s emergency call.

“Uh, uh uh!”

“These crazy machines!!”

While the Teverums hesitated, hundreds of taxis stepped on the accelerator in front and behind the terrorists.

“” Bread! You fucking bastard!!”

Night City is peaceful today.

* * * *

After the cataclysm, the war on terrorism declared by the United States has become obsolete.

Gates that poured monsters and scattered magic powers right away were the priority, so there was no time to worry about religious fanatics in distant countries.

Moreover, the main reason for this was the emergence of a new material that could replace the existing oil, but as magic stones began to replace oil, interest in natural resources in the Middle East was greatly diminished.

Because the world has been swayed not by international oil prices, but by international magic crystal prices.

-The gate crisis is over! Now humanity will not be able to mine the magic stone!

-Then comes the era of oil again! It’s time to regain your lost influence!

Oil-producing countries such as Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Russia, which were the centers of the world economy in the 20th century, believed that their world had come.

[Lionheart Federation. New nuclear fusion reactor revealed! Combined with divine energy, the so-called divine reactor can move the entire city with one blow!]

[A new substance that replaces magic stones. It is made of faith.]

[Night City, where more than 90% of the citizens are pantheonists. In fact, an energy utopia powered by a permanent engine!]

The era of magic stones has passed and a new era has arrived.

And the name of the age was God, not oil, and that god was confined to the pantheon.

As a result, it is natural that oil-producing countries are in trouble. And they decided to do what they do best.

“I will provide a weapon and route. Hit the Pantheon as much as possible to reduce their influence.”

“That mechanical Holy Grail Knight. Even if he disappears, the economic power of the Lionheart Federation can collapse.”

It is not yesterday or today that the leaders of oil-producing countries, such as the religious leaders of Iran and the royal family of Saudi Arabia, are sponsors of terrorists.

Extreme fanatical terrorists such as the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and Hezbollah were operated with the royal family’s money, but it was difficult for the United States to sanction them because the royal family monopolized oil.

The cycle of evil that commits terrorism abroad to maximize fear of Islam and consequent discrimination, and naturally trains discriminated Muslims to become terrorists.

Even more, when superhumans called hunters appeared, terrorism became more rampant and became more and more violent day by day.

– Terrorism revives again!

-During the Gate incident, they did not concentrate on terrorism activities even for the sake of attack, but now hunters who lost their jobs are cooperating with terrorism!

– Suicide bombing is annoying, but how can we stop terrorism by superhumans?

The Gate incident did not end the conflict. It only gave the conflict a reprieve for a while.

And their main target was the gods of the other world, whose patrons were an eyesore.

“Tsk tsk. Even though the brothers managed to infiltrate and martyred terrorism, they only suffered this much.”

Al Hasad, head of the radical fundamentalist group ‘Warriors of Allah’ with enemies in Iran, clicked his tongue after seeing the results of the terrorism carried out by the Lionheart Federation.

“Didn’t you destroy the damn machine? How come you couldn’t blow up the central system?”

“That, that… it’s so heavily guarded…”

The only good target was Yapi, the lord who frequently traveled by unmanned taxi.

Of course, that terror was too easily intercepted.

“This is what I’m going to do! For jihad (holy war), I have to kill the agents of those evil demons! How can I kill the demons of the West if I can’t kill just one of their minions!”

Al-Hasad, who said that, did not believe that he could defeat Leon.

The world witnessed the battle between the Lion Heart King and the Great Khan.

How can you say something like this?

It’s the Federation, it’s Nabal, and even if it’s just one of those guys, they’ll manage to conquer the world somehow.

That’s why I aimed for the Holy Grail Knight, who seemed to be of a lower rank.

A machine that dares to rule over humans, because the machine lord was an unacceptable mass of evil in the world of Islamic fundamentalism, which defines the basic science of the West as the science of the devil.

It didn’t matter that Yapi’s high technology was from a different world, even from the planetary base.

“But will it be okay? If they retaliate…”

“What’s the point of worrying about retaliation! Even the Yankees couldn’t subdue us in the end——”


It was then. The vine that Al-Hasad had been on suddenly stirred.

“What, what…!”

This is Al Hasd’s district. It was a secret area that even the government forces were not aware of. By the way–

-Kick. Discovery of impurity molecules.

Mechanical spiders began attacking Allah’s warriors.

* * * *

– This machine’s Night City will clear the terrorists in Iranian territory from the current time.

It was a declaration that was plastered on TV, broadcast stations and the Internet throughout Iran.

Simultaneously with this sudden declaration, communications networks throughout Iran began to fail.

Citizens were able to use only minimal internet and communications, and the Iranian military began to have broken military networks and malfunctioning radars.


-Operation Night War. I will start

From space, they started falling toward the ground.

Armed packages ejected from stealth strategic satellites, which cannot even be recognized by current human detection technology, except for Lionheart, enter the atmosphere with pilots.

– Support for Count-level war armament for Yacht Spinner. Pilot No. 13 McDeloff, Pilot No. 19 Glaster confirmed.

-Kick! Giggles (McDelof Hashimura Ohgent’s response!)

-Kick! Quirking look (Glaster Basilisk all-for-one response!)

Count-class star iron armament. Pilots of the Kikkirook family rush into space with Yapi, who is also boarding a count-class land battle weapon.

And it’s not just the three that are being put in.

-2 squads of baron class support sub escorts. participate in the operation.


The near-perfect ground observation lens of the Yacht Spinner, who commands them, locates the enemies.

-Check 13 camps of enemy fighters of Allah. Prepare for a bombardment.

-Lord Yapi, a number of civilians were captured in the enemy camp. Are you firing?

Although the unmanned combat system of the Lionheart Federation is a machine, it puts ‘human sensibility’ into account.

It doesn’t matter if they violate international law like a meal, but they were excluding ways to incur the enmity of the absolute majority.

Arbitrarily invading foreign airspace and carrying out military operations is a reckless violation of international law, but that does not lead to hostility among people.

If you add a little media control and emotional arming, you will rather support the terrorists as well.

So the target should only be for terrorists.

– The start of sexual law projection. Projects holy napalm bombs made by Vulcanus.

– Yes. armament change.

Yapi changed his armaments and the armaments of the pilots into divine bombs containing the Holy Law.

and drop.

– Kwa-kwa-kwa-kwa-kwa!!

Amidst the pouring explosions, residents screamed at the rising flames.


– Save people!

But they soon realized. That they were not hurt in the slightest in the flames that covered the whole city.

-Hey, how did this happen?

Those who die in the bombing are only ‘guilty ones’.

The treacherous criminals who dared to harm the existence of the Holy Grail Knight. those colleagues. Only those involved were killed by the holy napalm.

– Poetry, my God…

Because of that miracle, they inadvertently sought God. Maybe someone the god of the pagans.

-13 hits completed. I will enter the enemy stronghold.

– The enemy command must be captured alive. After torture and appeasement, it will be brought to court and will be officially judged by His Majesty.

this is propaganda A warning to those who dare to point their teeth at Lionheart.

Thus, Yafi personally went to the cave where the headquarters of Allah’s warriors were located, and was able to capture them easily.

-Younglord. Through diplomatic channels, the Iranian leadership is requesting an interview.

– Change.

[What are you doing!!]

What is yafi in Iranian Rahbar’s reckless scolding? and interjected.

-Keep your body tight.

[Uh, why are you not the Lion Heart King…]

– I stole the communication in the middle.


The Lionheart Federation has not yet established diplomatic ties with any Middle Eastern countries.

It is because they rejected the realm ruled by pagan gods, claiming that the only god is Allah.

In the theocracy of Iran, religious leader Rahbar had priority over the president, so they were able to reject the Lionheart Federation for extremely religious reasons.

That’s why the only diplomatic channel is the palace’s direct line… Yapi snatched it from the middle.

As if you guys are not qualified to communicate with the Lion Heart King.

[Uh, why are you doing such an outrageous thing! This is terrorism! It is an act of violating the sovereignty of our Republic of Iran!]

-This is a legitimate hostile act. This machine has the authority of ‘freedom of war’ as a war knight who is the representative of the blacksmith god and has the right to summon knights. This machine declared a ‘war on terror’ and only slaughtered the terrorists in your country.


Have you ever seen such stupidity! Iran’s Rahbar shuddered at Yafi’s tyranny, which exists above the separation of powers.

As a religious leader, he is also above the separation of powers and claims to be the representative of Allah, but there was a big difference between the two leaders.

Yapi is an agent of a real God and a transcendent Holy Grail Knight who can wage war against the nation.

Rahbar is simply an agent of a self-proclaimed god established by old customs.

Here in Iran, he is God’s representative and may be an absolute being, but from the Lionheart Federation’s point of view, the existence of God’s representative is only seen as a fake that cannot even wield the power of God.

[This is… terrorism! Terror!]

– You guys. Terrorism is not something you can do alone.

-Younglord, the communication isn’t over yet.

– I was told to listen. come on? What if you twist it? what can you guys do What else can I do besides humming Allahu Akbar hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

These wild diplomatic remarks will not go anywhere. Because all the world’s media outlets will be blocked by Yapi’s ghostly control.

[······Allah will not forgive you guys.]

After that, Rahvar’s communication was cut off. Yafi has a displeased look on the case of fighters of allah terrorists.

-Kick! Giggles! (Why are you like that, Lord?)

-It’s disrespectful to mess around with organic matter.

Yapi was already aware of himself as a being who transcended the law, and that is true.

No matter how much you think about it, if your existential value is greater than that of organic matter, why are you fooling around?

Are you angry?

It changed the fate of the nation of Iran.

All networks in Iran were broken as of that day, and international payment networks for oil payments were kicked out.

Iran protested the sudden withdrawal of the payment network, but there was nothing that Western countries as well as Middle Eastern countries could do when the server was hacked, and smuggling, Iran’s flagship industry, was caught in the sea.

It is not uncommon for corrupt Iranian high-ranking leaders to suddenly have their data deleted or their secret accounts frozen.

As long as it is an organism that lives in the ecosystem called network, it cannot endure in front of Yapi’s order to leave the network.

In the end, it took less than a month until Iran raised the white flag.

The collapse of the theocracy, in which the United States and the Western world clung to each other and formed an independent economic ecosystem to survive despite all kinds of sanctions, shocked many people.

– If anyone touches this machine, it will be fucked.

Now, the world just hopes that Lion Heart King’s successor will not be that stupid mechanical Holy Grail Knight.

The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 270

A side story changed world (1)

abduction 1

It has already been half a year since the Continental Federation of Lionhearts achieved unity.

Gates no longer appeared on Earth after the large-scale fluctuating gate incident in which the followers of beast gods poured out, but people were still wary of the gate phenomenon, which had become a daily routine for the past 30 years.

However, after half a year of that, I became convinced that the Gate no longer existed.

[We officially declare that the gate situation is over as of the current time!]

This proclamation ceremony, which was proclaimed one after another from around the world, finally liberated the citizens who had been in fear of the Gate.

-at las! This war is finally over!

-Now you don’t have to be afraid that the dungeon break will happen!

-Is it possible to rebuild the hometown destroyed by the dungeon break?

Even if the gate disappeared, humanity did not completely escape the threat of monsters.

It’s been 30 years since the gate incident happened. There are countless dungeon breaks that burst, and the monsters that popped out of the dungeon became wild and reigned as predators of the ecosystem.

In particular, in this respect, the current Lionheart Federation…the former continental states were very vulnerable.

“Mo, the monsters are coming!”

“Damn, when did you grow a habitat like that!”

Gongjia Mountain is the highest peak in Sichuan Province. Due to the absence of surveillance personnel, monsters that had nested here were coming down to the city in search of food.

These giant hornets, also known as killer wasps, can kill livestock as well as humans with stingers the size of a human torso.

Originally, the Orc army operated by the Republic of Sichuan Province would have subdued it regularly, but the absence of military power was too great in the place where the Orcs left.

“Sah, save me…!”

The moment when a group of giant wasps were about to attack humans.


hammering through the air. It destroys wasps larger than humans in one blow.

“Are you okay?”

“Go, thank you!”

Koo Dae-seong raised the citizen who was about to suffer a disaster and caught his breath when he saw the city attacked by a colony of giant hornets.


Flip the hammer and swing it horizontally. The blow containing the Holy Law struck everyone around in an instant.


A wasp’s body was crushed by that wind pressure–


Hundreds of them are destroyed all at once. During that time, no one was injured.

“Has this been roughly sorted out?”

The real problem is handling colonies. From now on, if you climb to an altitude of more than 7,000 meters above sea level and find it well, I wonder if it will be possible to solve it within a few hours.

– Flutter!

Then, huge wing flaps that block the sun. The black dragon landed in front of Goo Dae-seong.

“Mayor of Pyongyang! His Excellency Dae Gong!”

Black Dragon, the mayor of Pyongyang Special Self-Governing City, and Karina descending from it.

“The hive has been cleaned up. Sir Spinner’s satellite observations are always accurate.”


A familiar mechanical sound came through the communicator. Karina and Goo Dae-sung shrug their shoulders.

“By the way, it seems like you’ve already wiped out 30,000 monsters this week. Quite a lot.”

“It’s been neglected for over 30 years, and it depended on the Orcs until recently.”

After being absorbed by the Orc Continental Confederation, the Orcs were migrating to the outer world through the gate.

Of course, the Lionheart Federation took over the area that the Orcs had managed so far, and a massive subjugation operation was taking place.

“Well, thanks to a lot of new recruits, there’s not a shortage of manpower.”

Karina saw the hunters entering the city. Hunters who were active in the existing Continental Countries, and most of them enlisted as the Man at Arms of the Lionheart Federation.

Hunters who lost their jobs after the Gate incident ended were accepted by Lionheart as soldiers.

Of course, not all, but many refused conscription or argued for a small salary, but Lionheart is not a ‘democratic country’.

Above all, Leon, which became a de facto empire, did not tolerate the existence of private soldiers.

In other words, it means that private guilds are being disbanded sequentially and incorporated into the federal army.

“If you twist it. know?”

Yapi’s bloody threats were everywhere.

“It’ll be late anyway. Let’s go.”

“Ah, that’s what you mean.”

At Karina’s urging, Goo Dae-seong scratched his head as if he had remembered something and boarded the black dragon.

“Then thank you, mayor.”

[Don’t bother falling.]

The black dragon flapped its wings and took flight.

* * * *

When the entire huge continent of China was incorporated into Lionheart, there were several noises.

Is it right to devour such a huge continental country, and they should be left as independent countries and made neutral in the third world, etc.

They gradually began to check the size and influence of the Lionheart Federation, hoping that at least they would share the same ideas as themselves.

Like democracy, for example.

“Lord Koo Dae-seong, live forever!”

“”Thousands of years! Thousands of years!!”

But there’s no way.

Sichuan Basin. As one of China’s representative grain belts, the temple of Demera, the goddess of life and fertility, was built here, and it naturally became the territory of Gu Dae-seong, her representative.

Not all granary areas are like that, but as one of the territories that Yapi distributed to the high-ranking officials and knights of the Mansinjeon, Gu Dae-seong is the titled ruler of all the lands here, and is no different than a king with all rights of tax, development, and law. was

“Really… this vast land is all my domain…”

“Well, it’s natural for nobles. No matter what.”

“It doesn’t fit our common sense…”

Karina looked down at the citizens of the city as if it didn’t matter.

“I heard that there are some reckless people who do not return the land.”

“That’s because, from their point of view, their property, which is fine, is taken away.”

The Lionheart Federation declared that it would recover and redistribute all of the property that the citizens of the existing continent had.

The most opposed to this was the existing vested interests. Having amassed enormous wealth over the past 30 years, they naturally resisted the sound of their wealth being thrown around.

“Hey, how can a wagon run if you worry about being trampled on by ants?

Capitalists would have been astonished if they had heard of it, but it is already happening all over the Lionheart Federation.

There were those who wanted to pack up their possessions and escape the continent, but they couldn’t help it.

A complete satellite system was monitoring the border area and the network payment network was blocked.

They obediently donate their property and the process of property formation will be reviewed and only a certain amount will be returned.

of course. The after-tax amount to which Lionheart’s grand principle tax law was applied.

“Now, you are also the lord of the territory. I think it is necessary to specify the law.”

The reason Karina came to Goo Dae-seong is to give advice to the novice lord, Goo Dae-seong. However, Goo Dae-sung’s idea was surprisingly simple.

“I intend to do as Lord Yapi suggests.”

“Huh? Sir Spinner’s City Integrated Management System?”

Even before the ratification of the Lionheart Federation, Yapi prepared a mechanized system to govern the country.

City monitoring and policing. From policy proposals and underground resource development to automated management programs granted to individual citizens.

Based on Leon’s order to refrain from too rational cold mechanical systems, Yapi constructed a utopia system in which humans can be the happiest in their own way.

If it was just a mechanical system, it would have been enough to create a cyberpunk dystopia, but Yafi, who enjoyed the pleasures of the human world with a body created by the gods, calculated his own way for humans to be happy.

-As long as the dogs and pigs are allowed to eat moderately and live–

– Oh no! Sir Yapi!

In any case, the integrated management system that Yapi made up the basic system and the Holy Grail Knights reviewed and passed was being completed in the direction of pursuing universal happiness for the majority.

Goo Dae-seong intends to incorporate his long-earned territory into the integrated system without thinking about governing it.

“I’m just a knight. I don’t think it’s my role to govern the territory.”

“Then what is your role?”

“It is to become a solid shield that protects the citizens.”

And articles like yourself

Based on chivalry, his own conviction. Goo Dae-sung’s determined expression made Karina smile.

“I see, you’re honest enough that His Majesty will like it.”

Karina even more liked this article.

If you grow it well, it will become a worthy article.

“Now~ Lord Daeseong Koo. To commemorate your inauguration, this work will tell you how to collect taxes.”

“Tax, tax… you mean?”

“It is the basic duty of the lord to engrave this great principle to the people of the earthworm.”

Goo Dae-sung knew what Karina was talking about. However, it was not easy to apply tax laws that were still difficult to understand even with his common sense.

“Let’s go collect ten structures. If we set an example by turning the rebellious ones into serfs, all the lowly ones will follow.”

“ha ha ha······.”

Are you okay? ten structures?

* * * *

In the Lionheart Federation, those who received the territory directly from the Lion Heart King are living saints and saints.

They began to rule the estate in their own way. Although he accepted Yapi’s integrated management system like Daeseong Koo, the direction of urban development inevitably differs greatly depending on the owner of the estate.

Right now, Goo Dae-sung is the Holy Grail Knight of life and abundance. Therefore, the main industry of the manor has no choice but to be agriculture.

Then, who is the most exotic and unusual lord among the lords?


Is there any need to mention it?

It is none other than Lord Yakt Spinner, the Holy Grail Knight of Iron and Blacksmith.

“Ohh~ Great Iron and Blacksmith’s Grail Knight. Here, humble organics be worshiped.”

Lionheart Federation’s largest economic city and former Shanghai County Night City.

Named for a city without night, Yacht Spinner, the lord of this city, greeted the citizen representatives who visited her audience room, the ultra-high-altitude city management tower Yapi Tower.

-Kick! Worked hard to get here.

“Aigoo, what a hard work.”

They are members of the Civic Council, created to represent the citizens of Night City. Members of the council made a democratic mechanism to make suggestions to the lord of the city, yaffi, and to reflect the views of the citizens.

Are you surprised?

If you look at the reality, it’s not.

“──To give your opinion on real estate distribution…”

– refused.

“Lord… This is a thoughtful proposal from our council.”

-What happened because you guys didn’t understand this machine’s grand plan. What does organic matter know?

Tsk tsk, Yappy acting like a tongue-in-cheek at the Council’s ignorance. The camera eye’s ability to express emotions is developing day by day.

“Well, then the relaxation of the property cap system for citizens is——”

– It is impossible to spend more than this on the distribution of resources even for the maintenance of a sustainable welfare system.

“There are voices of concern about excessive urban development——”

– The development of the city leads to the peace of the citizens. Not knowing this is just disappointing.


The Citizens’ Council and all that is just an assortment to appease those who are reluctant to rule by machines.

There is no way this yakt spinner would admit democracy or anything like that. The reason was different from Leon, who was an absolute monarchist.

-If you just do what this machine tells you to do, everything will be fine. What’s your complaint?

Of course, Yaffe knew very well that humans couldn’t just accept it.

-Increased the spread rate of the matrix system even more. Infinite Tsukuyomi’s version update is planned.

“How can you change the naming…”

– The name will be changed in the commercial version.

Yapi understands.

What humanity needs is bread and circuses, not free will.

If it wasn’t for the opposition of the gods, it would have been possible to make the access time of the matrix system 24 hours a day and to extract energy from human bioelectricity.

Of course, bioelectricity extracted from humans is only a rat tail, so it would be better to develop more nuclear fusion power plants or new nuclear reactors.

In any case, humans are very complex and difficult to understand, so Yapi sometimes inspects the city wearing a human body.

– Beep! Highest-ranking citizen: Yakt Spinner lord confirmed boarding. Where can I take you?

The unmanned taxi artificial intelligence supplied to the entire Night City as a free welfare measure responded to the ashen-haired beautiful girl’s boarding.

“To where you always go.”

– Beep! approval. We will meet you with safe driving.

As the taxi moves, it illuminates the panoramic view of Night City.

Flashy neon signs and highly advanced unmanned machine systems are becoming similar to Yapi’s hometown.

There, the level of happiness of the citizens could not be said to be high due to the lack of resources and limitations. Didn’t the quest for technology eventually lead to the jewel of wisdom summoning the great devil?

But this place is different. Dystopia does not exist in the Lionheart Federation, where the gods have begun to protect.

Citizens received honest rewards for their hard work and could enjoy entertainment without worrying about illness.

Of course, in return, restrictions on freedom of religion and invasion of privacy frequently occurred.

“It looks just right, doesn’t it?”

– Beep! That’s right, Lord Yapi.

“Inferior minerals will accept the superior domination of this unit.”

– Exactly, lord!

“The human world will be ruled by machines. After His Majesty, the Lion Heart King will be the owner of this machine.”

– Exactly, lord!

– A wise person who cannot be compared with the organic Holy Grail Knights!

-For the great and beautiful King of Mechanism!!

Savoring the praises of the artificial intelligences all over the city, Yapi looked at the panoramic view of the city as he headed towards the marinated chicken shop.

Without knowing that Yafi herself is becoming more and more like the rulers of the human world.

That was when they arrived at the unmanned taxi-only road.

“Allahu Akbar!!”


Anti-tank rockets flew towards the taxi in which Lord Yapi was riding.