The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 70 The God of Electronic Warfare

There was a huge country on the continent. No, the continent itself should be regarded as a great power.

There are some exaggerations and bluffs, but a great country that boasts of its 10,000-year history.

Although it was crooked a few times, it was still a sleeping lion that predicted explosive growth with its overwhelming size and population.

However, the lion could not wake up and was slaughtered.


Humankind’s worst catastrophe, which ushered in the morning of the 21st century, struck the great nation equally.

Gates springing up from all directions. At that time, the hunters who would fight against the gate were not organized.

Most of the countries failed to cope with the gates, and many lands were contaminated with magical energy, and cities were destroyed by monsters that jumped out of the dungeon break.

If this is it.

He would still have been able to hold on somehow.

Daeguk had many people, and the land was vast.

What if some people die, what if the land is polluted?

The population that boasted 1 billion became 500 million in one year, but there were hundreds of thousands of Taegong warriors who fought for the death penalty.

The Communist Party leadership at the time was not incompetent.

Surprisingly, in this natural disaster, the country did the best it could. But–

The great country was too big, too wide, and too gigantic.

Gates pouring in from all directions and the rigid response typical of a dictatorship. On top of that, the restraints on Taegong Warriors, who suddenly gain strength and have a negligible influence, and the refusal of local warlords to borrow their power.

The disease and corruption of the great country over the past 10 years are exposed, the population continues to decrease, the land is polluted, and food is scarce.

Fall 2012.

Shanghai Gate.

The appearance of the second black gate, the appearance of the great demon Scajacarrier and the epic item Wandering Demonic Sword.

The worst case in which 15 million people in Shanghai evaporated.

The great nation began to crumble.

Starting with the terrible damage at this time, warlords in various places staged a coup d’état in protest against the weakened central government.

As was the case in the history of great powers, the ambitious warlords took the title of king themselves.

So today, 2,034 years.

The great country was torn to shreds into more than 50 smaller ones.

* * * *

This is the northernmost part of East Asia.

There are two countries from former continental countries that have been torn into 53 pieces.

The Heilong People’s Republic of China is a land of misfortune that is adjacent to Russia and has the world’s largest grain belts, but more than half of them are polluted by dungeon breaks.

The Republic of Jilin, which received a lot of orc immigrants after continuously blocking the monster wave and killing soldiers and sky warriors, that is, hunters.

Both countries were once huge powers, but they are new countries that emerged from the independence of local warlords triggered by the Shanghai Black Gate.

Compared to the infernal Shanghai Federation, the Acrich Socialist Republic, and the Heavenly Demon Church of the Hundred Thousand Mountains, it is a continental country that has no presence among the 50 countries torn apart.

But that was until yesterday. The two countries have been mentioned one after another in overseas topics around the world and have become the most ‘hot’ countries in the world.


Orc Corporal Luo of the Republic Army in Jilin is a typical Orc immigrant.

To be precise, it is the 16th generation of immigrants, but due to the nature of orcs who come of age at the age of two and start breeding, the generational distinction is meaningless.

“Boss, where are all the enemies?”

Orc People’s Army approaching Corporal Luo. They seem to be itching to fight right now.

“The guys next door are boring! We came to fight, but they all ran away with their tails out!”

“Humans are weak. They don’t even know the honor of being a warrior.”

The neighboring town, that is, the Heilong People’s Army, who stood on the southern border together until the other day, but the orcs do not remember such a long past.

All they know is that the legendary Lin Xiang orc Dappang became the chieftain of Jilin.

And if you want to eat a lot, you have to kill all the people on the ridge over there.

The irony that the Republic of Jilin, which has run out of power due to ongoing wars and gate raids, perishes due to the Orc immigrants they have accepted is not a part-time job for the Orcs.

The orcs who had overthrown the Republic of Jilin advanced to the People’s Republic of Heilong without a hitch.

Who would believe that all of this was simply because there was a lot of food in the next town.

However, ordinary civilized people would have negotiated and traded, but Orcs only solve problems in an extremely Oak-like way.

“The kids in the neighborhood have a lot of food!”

“Let’s kill them all and take their food!”

You can just kill and take it, so why would you bother to deal with it? Since they were a different race from the point of view, there was no reason to discuss common sense.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been able to cook human stew.”

“I hope humans will appear soon!”

The army of Orcs moved toward the People’s Republic of Heilong without hesitation. The soldiers and citizens of Heilong, fed up with their mighty fighting power, have long since fled.

They tried to enter the city with the intention of plundering even the empty city, and just then——something fell from the sky.

– Goo oh oh oh oh… !

It was a 10m tungsten rod falling at Mach 25.

* * * *

“The staff of God was hacked?”

Secretary of Defense of the United States, Secretary Julius, doubted his ears.

It was natural.

I heard that the secret weapon of their country, the satellite weapon ‘God’s Staff’, suddenly started operating.

wand of god.

It is an object of the Cold War era in which super-heavy bullets are dropped from artificial satellites in space orbit to create nuclear weapon-level destructive power.

Originally, it was a plan that had been scrapped long ago, but it was created to snip the ‘great devil class’ object that caused the dungeon break after the cataclysm.

Of course, the satellite and bullets are much stronger than the original plan, and it is a hidden weapon created by the 21st century American donjiral.

Such a weapon was suddenly activated.

“What, what happened! Who gave the permission to operate the G-1 satellite!”

Only three people in the United States have the ‘password key’ that can operate the wand of God.

One is the US President. Like the nuclear bag, it feels practically symbolic.

The other two are the Minister of Defense and the commander of the US Special Hunters Command.

And one of them, Defense Secretary Julius, never approved of the operation. Of course, the same goes for the president and the commander of the Hunter Command.

“Hacked…was it?”

At the question of Minister Julius, the soldiers at the headquarters waved their hands.

“The encryption key changes every minute. There are over 100 million combination patterns. Even if you bring the world’s best supercomputer, it will take 13 years to calculate!”

So, who the hell operated the staff of the gods?

“Damn it, I have to stop it somehow! Is there any way to stop it during the operation phase?”

“Boo, impossible! Encryption patterns have been strengthened! There are over 10 billion estimated patterns alone!”

“What kind of fantasy does that sound like?!”

How the hell is that even possible?

In the meantime, God’s staff was preparing for launch, preparing for operation.

“G-1 target specific! Republic of Jilin…? Is it! Republic of Jilin?!”

“What, what bullshit? Why are you aiming for that?!”

This is an area where the United States has been struggling lately.

A coup d’état by Orc soldiers caused a sudden war with the Heilong People’s Republic of China.

Normally, either the UN or the US military would have to be dispatched to end the situation, but Russia suddenly intervened and stopped it.

It was the justification that the People’s Republic of Heilong attacked the Republic of Jilin first.

Of course, it was bullshit, and the judgment was obvious.

If the orc army occupies the People’s Republic of Heilong, then they will pretend to be Heilong’s liberators and take over Heilong’s granary.

The United States has no intention of stepping in to protect the remnants of a great nation that has already been torn to pieces.

The UN only issued appropriate statements of criticism, but had no will to actively stop this war.

In the first place, from the northern part of the Korean Peninsula, it was not eaten even if it was eaten, but it was the magul itself.

There is no reason to take the risk of hitting Jilin, which is supported by Russia. By the way–

‘Damn it! If God’s staff hits Jilin like this, the Ruskeys will run wild!’

Russia is whining. Even if it is a little tiring issue, it is impossible for the US to attack another country with nuclear weapons without declaring war.

Minister Julius made a decision.

“Fire ballistic missiles at G-1.”


No one questioned the call to destroy their country’s $10 billion military assets.

The soldiers in the control room silently ordered the launch of the nearest ballistic missile launch site——

“Minister… The base is not responding.”

“What are you talking about?”

It was literally. For some reason, there was no response from missile bases and naval fleets all over the United States connected to the Pentagon.

‘Could it be that the communication was blocked?’


Regardless of the question, time goes by.

“Give commands to the communication room, even in Morse code! Use analog or whatever!”

“The communication room is not responding! The phone and Internet are all dead!”

“What nonsense!”

As if you expected this? no. It’s too cunning timing for that. As if he heard his commands from the side and responded in real time.

‘It can’t be! That’s impossible!’

There’s no way it’s possible. It is impossible even if hackers from all over the world unite to hack the Pentagon. Amidst Minister Julius’s bewilderment, someone in the control room shouted.

“5M65 NATO Code Name Grizzly Operation Confirmed!”


The code name the controller shouted just now is a magic crystal light-powered laser satellite weapon that only activates in the final activation protocol of the Russian dungeon break.

It was a collection of Russian military techniques that sniped the Frost Queen’s army in the Siberian snowfields 18 years ago.

An astronomical magic formula was used only once to activate the weapon, and it was activated only three times in 18 years, so why is it activated now?

“Moving the Grizzly Lens! Coordinates specified… Borderland of Jilin Republic… What the hell is going on here——orc corps advancing to Heilong?”

It was only then that Minister Julius realized what was the purpose of what was happening.

Unbeknownst to you, someone wants to destroy the Republic of Jilin. Even towards the orcs.

“The launch countdown begins! Preparing for simultaneous operation with Grizzly!”


who the hell

how? For what?

“5! 4! 3! 2! 1——it’s fired!”

The device of destruction activates.

As soon as it started operating, it struck directly at the Orc army of the Republic of Jilin.

God’s staff and code name Grizzly shot all the orc corps in the Republic of Jilin one after another. Surprisingly, it exceeded the performance of the two satellite weapons, rather, it showed an upgraded accuracy and relentlessly sniped only the Orc Corps.

If there was even one humanoid other than a civilian or orc nearby, they were thorough enough not to attempt an artillery attack at all.

As the whole situation was almost over, videos of emergency announcements from the White House and the Kremlin were released on the Internet.

[We, the United States of America, do not tolerate the actions of the Jilin Republic Army that disturb the peace, and have fired 12 staffs of God in defense of the Heilong People’s Republic.]

On one side is the face of the President of the United States——

[Russia does not tolerate provocations by rogue neighbors. We will not spare any cooperation for the sake of peace. Cooperate with the United States to specify the coordinates, and only for the coup army–]

On the other side, the Russian president issued a statement.

And when communication was restored and Minister Julius confirmed these images, he shuddered with fear.

“Deep fake…”

The deepfake video, which could only be called perfect, was blocked from being deleted.

Currently, social media and media outlets are covered with economic news announcing the United States’ attack on the United States and the recovery of food stocks, which punished the coup forces in the Republic of Jilin.

got hit perfectly

Minister Julius felt fear in front of a rare hacker who could manipulate the information network of the United States and Russia in this 21st century.

Above all, what should we call a god of electronic warfare with near-omnipotent electronic warfare capabilities in a modern age where networks are developed and everything runs on electronic devices?


Deus Ex Machina.

It was a mechanical god worthy of the name of a god.

* * * *

“Why… did this happen?”

Office of the President of the Republic of Jilin. Orc chief Lin Xiang Kazak, who sat there after cutting off the head of the former president, looked at the coup army that was destroyed in the blink of an eye, with a devastated expression on his face.

A veteran of the 3rd generation of Orc immigrants, who attacked the gate with his mighty fighting power and established himself as the real power of the Republic of Jilin, it was a natural step for him to kill the weaklings who commanded him.

Now that I got the job, the only thing left was to start an endless war as an orc. … .

Communications were blocked, and all electronic systems operated by weaklings were down.

At least, even the coded communication of each unit, which used to deliver news via analog, only reported the destruction of the unit.

“Boss, what should I do?”

“Isn’t it fucked up?”

The subordinate Orc officers looked anxious and wanted an answer, but Lin Xiang was not a sharp player.

“First of all, let’s pick up the remaining guys, take the money, and run away. Let’s go to the grassland and increase the number of children and start over.”

The fertility of the Orcs is terrifying. It was an orc that could give birth to a child anywhere, easily and cheaply.

If you do ‘Jeonbeo’ for 5 years, you will be able to quickly increase the scale, and with this kind of power, you will be welcomed as a gate attack anywhere.

That’s because the situation on the continent was devastating, and even the hands of the Orcs had to be borrowed.

However, the mechanical engineer watching all this did not tolerate it.

– Quaang!

Something breaking through the walls of the office. The pupils of the orcs widened as they witnessed the intruder.

“What, what, that!”

It was an armor of steel in the shape of a man.

If the rugged knight armor of the Middle Ages was remodeled into a futuristic one, would such a future-oriented and outdated design come out?

Unpainted ‘adamantite’ exoskeleton armor with traces of hastily fitted and soldered parts.

<Special exoskeleton integrated armed platform Mk.1>

It looks like a knight’s armor, which is unique in appearance, but the weapons attached to the whole body are brutal.

It let out a mechanical sound as it looked at the Orc officers.

[Check target target. Non-Human-Orc species confirmed.]

Deus Ex Machina.

The armed platform of the mechanical Holy Grail Knight descended from the sky and aimed its arms at the culprit of all this.

[Give me back my funds.]

The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 69: Yapi Private Equity Fund

Yakt Spinner.

Nightmare at Cheongju Gate.

Emotionless killing machine.

The final boss and survivor of the Red Gate, he is currently the first Holy Grail Knight and financial manager of the Pantheon, and is the actual brain.

The work that Yapi does is complicated and many.

Management and monitoring of trainees. Expansion of necessary facilities in the office building. From infrastructure construction to legal and administrative management.

It is a machine that does not get tired and at the same time, it does all of these things perfectly with the characteristics of strong artificial intelligence, but the most important task given to Yapi is two.

The Manshinjeon publicity and financial management.

The former hacks the central system of YouTube and social media to manipulate public opinion and control the press perfectly.

It has already been promoted on a global basis, and among those interested in it, personal information, financial status, and kinship are collected without exception to find suitable talent.

They are perfectly aware of the believers who will be the model cases of the pantheon.

The latter is financial management. This one was easier than the former.

Yapi is already a stock market tycoon. Under the principle of becoming a righteous thief, they are feeding all the operatives who are disrupting the stock market and robbing the vast majority.

The successive downfall of the operational forces has become a big news topic even in overseas topics, to the extent that a strange phenomenon called the stock market, which is suddenly taking place at midnight, is being reported.

The stock market is a virtuous cycle in which good companies are valued and insolvent companies are undervalued. It was thanks to Yapi’s crushing the operational forces in real time.

Yapi, who was doing these two tasks perfectly, wanted to move on to the next step.

A profitable conduction system that combines the former and latter missions.

Showing the miracle of the pantheon, increasing the number of followers, and maximizing profits by dominating the food market. Furthermore, the influence it will have on the global food market is a bonus.

The plan was perfect.

Logically, rationally, just look at the international public opinion.

The granary of the People’s Republic of Heilong that Yapi invested in is a stable country with virtually no external threats.

Unless there is a ‘coup’ in the neighboring country or a ‘declaration’ of war in the neighboring country.

-Hey, they say a war broke out upstairs.

-topside? North Korea?

– But when will they go bankrupt? higher up.

-Can Russia afford to start a war?

Even though the owner of the Manshinden building is Leon, basic infrastructure such as Internet and TV is in place.

Recently, 100 gigabytes of signal amplification designed by Yappi as junk at a junkyard were available to everyone who didn’t know about the hot war news in the news thanks to the Internet.

“Sir Yapi. Did you hear that? A war broke out upstairs. It doesn’t matter much to us, but the government seems to be very busy.”

-… … .

Yapi was watching the swordsmanship training of the cadets. To be precise, it monitors mechanical action repetitions such as slashing 10,000 times, blocking 10,000 times, and swinging 10,000 times, and records the number of times and the time taken.

It’s been a week already, so Hari is getting used to it, chatting with Yapi and repeating the upper slash.

“But it’s a big deal. They say that the grain belt of Heilong People’s Republic of Korea is also a place where food is imported from Korea. Rice is no problem, but other crops seem to be imported quite a bit.”

-… … .

“Even the UN and the US say they will issue warnings and sanctions, but since they’re Orcs, a protracted war is unavoidable—”

– Insufficient movement. Deleted from record 1,397. do it again


Hari, who was suddenly struck by lightning, trembled, but Yafi was merciless towards this ignorant organism.

“Huh… It was so hard today.”

As Hari was weary, Yafi approached.

“Hick! Sir Yapi, did I finish my quota today?!”

Yapi personally poured a drink for Hari, who was frightened, and kindly suggested it.

– Drink. Need to replenish moisture.

“Uh, uh… yes, thank you.”

Harry takes it awkwardly. It was awkward because it was the first time Yappi had been so kind.

Yappy said while displaying a smiley emoticon on the hologram.

“What, why are you being scared like this?”

-This is only for Hari.

“Only for me?”

– This company’s private equity fund is in operation. It is an asset management organization that is growing smoothly.

It’s true. Yapi’s private equity fund, which has been in operation since two months ago, is operating by hiring an appropriate asset management company. Its rate of return was already reaching the highest level in the country.

of course. He did not mention the fact that he fell into the abyss in the last three days.

-Manshinjeon staff’s financial welfare is in the implementation plan.

Yapi read all the books on psychological warfare. People aren’t soliciting investments, they’re making people beg you to join them.

-This machine will manage Hari’s assets specially for employee welfare. Sign up as part of today.

Saying so, Yappi distributes subscriptions. Hari stared at Yapi with trembling eyes.

“Is this an investment recommendation?”

-It means ‘I will manage’ the property.

“Sir Yapi. Do you also stock? Wow~ You’re very smart.”

San Ha-ri looked at Yapi with curious eyes, building a wall from finance and investment.

-Ha-ri Han. Given your poor finances, you need a professional asset manager.

“Bee, meager? Oh, isn’t it? I’ve collected quite a bit for my age?!”

Yapi beat Hari with a fact.

-Compared to the average financial situation of A-class hunters, it is only 15% level. An abnormal situation even if the activity period is short. The problem is the meager salary and donating the gate clearing bonus.

“Yes, yes… Except for living expenses, I donate to the orphanage where I grew up…”

– The act of giving, moral. However, even for more donations, financial expansion is necessary.

“I don’t really need it——Damn it!”

Yafi hits Hari on the back of her hand with a non-lethal wire.

– For modern people who are closely related to the financial society, neglecting financial studies is giving up life. It is here that you represent your lack of knowledge. be grateful

“Ugh… that, then only two million won…”

-20 million won.

“All of my savings?!”

– Called ten times. Subtract the rent for the semi-basement in Seoul.


Hari weeps and eats mustard to deposit money into Yapi’s account. I hope the machine won’t play Gura.

Yapi, who received Hari’s money, thought it was as planned and made an additional offer.

-Han Ha-ri is a ‘Silver’ member from now on. In particular, it was raised one step higher in bronze.

“Are you a silver member?”

– 100% profit for bronze members and 200% profit for silver members. Want to upgrade your grade?

“Well, is that good?”

-If you sign up 5 additional members, we will upgrade you to Gold Membership. So the profit is 300%.


Hari Han.

20 years old. A newcomer who has just been thrown into society.

It’s so naive that you don’t even think that this is a typical multi-level trick.

“Suho, your sister has found a good investment destination——”

“Ah, director. It’s Hari. It’s nothing else——”

Harry is good Anyone who knows her doubts her good intentions. so that… … .

“Wow, diamond members! Then, is the rate of return guaranteed 500%?”

-Congrats. If you pay more, you will be promoted to Diamond 3-Star Membership.

“Well, then, subtracting the charter money…!

Hari was a great multi-level employee.

– Soldier Koo Dae-seong. This is a special recommendation only for you.

– Choi Yeong-gyeong High. Are you interested in investing for old age security? Even the villagers–

And this movement spread out in all directions centered on the pantheon. It was a matter of seconds before the number of subscribers skyrocketed.

and a week later

“Came from District Court. Asset seizure warning.”

An enforcer with a red ticket came to visit.

* * * *

[Manshinden bankruptcy crisis!]

[Impossible asset management. Is it an alien investment failure!]

[The survivor who looks like he’s going to sit down. Survivor’s success story, will it collapse like this.]


While reading the newspaper, Leon stared at the Yapi and the staff of the Pantheon in front of him.

In front of everyone’s eyes, Yapi is lonely as if he is being judged.

“What happened? Keep it simple.”

A foreclosure warning came in from the district court. It was because he couldn’t repay the interest on the loan he borrowed in the name of the Manshinden Guild.

It wasn’t just this. Most of Manshinjeon employees, including Hari, invested in debt, and the private equity fund they invested in collapsed.

– This machine will explain.

Yappy began to recount his recent actions in an orderly manner.

Established a private equity fund to expand and secure funds for the Manshinjeon Guild. The guild borrowed as many bank loans as possible and increased the amount of investment by attracting employees.

Even the fact that the Heilong People’s Government fund and farm, which he invested with an enormous amount of money, was destroyed by the invasion of the Republic of Jilin.

“Yapi geoeoeoong… That money, 86 million won, is my entire property.

Hari was swollen with tears. So do other employees.

“Heuk…! My money! He was a genius who even collected my wife’s savings!”

From the association’s dispatched employee Kim Jin-soo, manager… … .

“Ha, haha… My 5-year installment savings that I saved to buy the elixir…”

Man-at-Arms soldiers including 1st trainee Goo Dae-seong.

“I got the land as collateral…”

to local farmers.

That amount is actually 80 billion won!!

Victims were not alone. The people who invested in Yapi’s Pantheon Private Equity Fund made a fuss outside the gate, and Leon was about to go inside to hear their story.

“So Sir Spinner, how much is the loss?”

– At this point, it is 878.9 billion 54.34 million won. Increasing by 49,853,655 won per hour. Loss of about 72%


Hari was stunned at the debt beyond common sense. Leon also asked a question on a scale that was surprisingly large.

“This temple won’t have enough funds?”

– Received a mortgage loan.


-130,000 hectares of rice fields in the Naju Plain. Rice harvested this year. Mansinjeon office building. Sir Geobrick’s hammer.

In short, not only the money of the investment victims, but also the money that the pantheon could pull in meant that the money was poured into it. If it fails, Leon will end up sitting on the street.

As if making an excuse, Yappy made a mechanical sound.

– The fund is recovered. This is just a temporary liquidity crisis. It is ignorant and oblivious impatience to fret over minor chart changes.

“Is it really going up? After the war, everything you invested in seems to be gone!

-Oll… it is probably rise. Stocks are waiting. Investing is patience. The Beidahuang grain belt is the lifeline of East Asia. There is no way the international community will leave such a breadbasket alone——

“No, Russia just declared support for the Republic? Is it falling in real time?”

-No way… doesn’t exist. It is an irrational conclusion. There is no reason to accept international sanctions. The disadvantages far outweigh the benefits. It can’t be——Putin bastard.

“”… … … … … .””

The victims were at a loss for words at Yapi’s confident, even brazen, claim.

In short, the asset management company that lost more than 70% of the investment amount is screaming that it will go up.

“Aww! Give me my money!”

“Damn it, grab something!”

In the end, it is natural for the investors who invested in private equity funds to go crazy, leaving behind the employees of Manshinjeon.

“That, that! Pull out that pillar!”

“Search for treasure! There might be something!”

“Take out all the rice warehouses! That’s all money!”

Leon watched for a while as the investors scrambled to get even a penny. It was because he himself was a little shocked.

“What’s this in the warehouse? It’s a knife? It looks expensive, so let’s take this one!”


It was then. Park Do, an investor kept in a warehouse. He discovered the great devil Androgyn’s Bakdo.

This legendary item made of adamantite was a valuable research material for Yapi.

-Stop it, human. don’t take that… ! It is the private property of this machine!

It was the time when Yapi was frantically trying to retrieve Bakdo. The moment an investor tries to get his hands on Geobrick’s hammer–

“Don’t panic, you lowly ones!!”

– Shut up?!

– Hehe!

Leon’s roar stopped everyone present.

While everyone stopped in a shuddering fear, Leon waited until they were sufficiently quiet.

said Leon.

“Sir Spinner.”

-your majesty… … .

Spinner also caught the anger in Leon’s voice and approached with a low profile.

“I believe that if it is your intellect, you will be able to solve this situation. How long can you solve it?”

-I’ll fix it by tomorrow.

tomorrow? by what means? How can we solve hundreds of billions of losses by tomorrow?

“Okay. Then I’ll leave it to you.”

However, the victims who regained their reason by Leon’s faith could not answer.

Even if they think, this situation cannot be undone with ordinary ideas.

In the end, they have to borrow the power of others, but who can rectify this other than Yapi, the main culprit of all this?

“I will guarantee your debt in the name of the Lion Heart King.

Investors have a lot to say. However, no one can stand up to Leon’s roar.

Above all, it is clear that even if you come now and apply for foreclosure, you will not be able to recover even half of the amount invested.

day. Will the miracle that everything is solved within it really happen?

Yapi went into the studio for a while and didn’t come out. And four hours later–

[Emergency ejection. Safety test ignored.]

[Special exoskeleton integrated armed platform MK.1 ejection.]

A weapon that will change the history of human warfare has been ejected from the Mansinjeon building.

[Operation Code: Fund Resurrection]

For very naughty reasons.

* * * *

A war that broke out due to the invasion of the Orc dictator who seized power.

Hunters from each country were also mobilized in this war.

Hundreds of hunters and tens of thousands of soldiers. A war in which all immigrant orcs were mobilized in each country.

No matter how much it is a continent that has been torn apart and collapsed since the cataclysm, a continent is a continent. The number of troops mobilized was not usually large.

And modern warfare is advanced network warfare.

War is not all about killing each other with guns and knives on the battlefield.

The electronic warfare of each country expands into a network war, and it is also an important battle to paralyze the enemy’s computer network or disturb the missile’s GPS information.

The intelligence soldiers of the aggressor Republic of Jilin also conducted electronic warfare with all means they could for two weeks after the outbreak of war.

“Whoa… what a hell of a high school student because of the fucking orcs.”

“A war without a justification like this…”

Since the cataclysm, countless survivors have come over from the other world. There were humans among them, but there were also many heterogeneous people.

Murim people from the martial arts world, elves, dwarves, and orcs from the fantasy world. Even fairies of the spirit realm and dangerous demons.

Even the mechanical tanks of the future world have recently arrived.

Meanwhile, orcs are a modern bane.

At first, in order to mobilize their outstanding combat power to attack the gate, they received immigration from each country, but problems immediately arose.

They were too violent and tried to solve everything with violence.

After eating food at a restaurant, he tried to kill and loot the restaurant owner, and challenged the landlord to a duel to take away the house he liked.

What’s more, the children’s population grew quickly, and after 5 years, they were as strong as any hunter.

So, will there be any countries that have migrated orcs because they can’t handle the early gates of Cataclysm?

Africa was full of orcs, and in Southeast Asia, orc coups were common.

However, an orc coup occurred in the Jilin Republic, and they went to war with the neighboring country to support their cheap population.

Would a war be possible for such a stupid cause?

It would have been suppressed long ago if Russia had not advocated and opposed the sending of peacekeepers at the United Nations in order to keep the US and the West in check.

But in the end, the guy with the sword is the owner. The intelligence soldiers of the Republic of Jilin had to invade the Heilong People’s Republic of China, who were once brothers.

“Damn it, let’s hope the war ends soon.”

“How did our Han people end up like this…”

Still, wouldn’t it be better than D country, a socialist country where a necromancer ascended as head of state?

– Beep beep!

A warning sound echoes throughout the computer information room. The intelligence soldiers of the Republic of Jilin screamed in astonishment.

“Bo, headquarters information room hacking?! Firewall number 3 has been breached?

“Yes, sir! The Fifth Firewall has just been breached!”

“What bullshit is that!”

Like other continental countries, the Republic of Jilin was once a warlord state that inherited the legacy of a superpower.

Super computers and information assets, which are still in active service, were protecting the country’s information network, and the system built by IT talents was also robust.

Above all, the military intelligence command’s security capability, if not the world’s highest level, was not at a level that the Heilong People’s Bureau could do anything about.

But all those firewalls were breached in less than 5 seconds?

“GPS system neutralized! Transportation Safety Bureau down!”

“The tactical radio network is down! It seems that the military satellite has been taken over too!”

“It’s not just the military wireless network. Civilian networks… that’s ridiculous! Even the banking system is down?”

What the hell is going on? The official in command of the intelligence command urgently exclaimed.

“Did the Yankees set off an EMP?! There’s never been a nuclear missile in orbit!”

No, is this possible even if EMP is exploded with a nuclear missile in space orbit? In addition, there were not one or two computer downs that could not be explained by EMP.

As everyone helplessly watched all the catastrophe unfolding before their eyes, the same phrase began to appear on their screens.

“This, this?”

“The culprit…”

phrases on their screens. it is–

“I have come to end this war.”

The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 68: Perfect Calculation, Fateful Victory

It wasn’t just the Hunters who visited the Mansinjeon building to see the hammer.

“They say this is the headquarters of the pantheon.”

“Oh my gosh, really? Are you famous for being cheap and a new religion these days?”

“Sure. My cousin got rid of cancer after eating rice here.”

The pantheon, which has already built up a good image with blessed crops and yup tubes, is becoming a temple of religion known to those in the know.

There have been no full-fledged religious activities yet, but this time it was a little different.

The hammer of Geobrick, which was revealed to have been obtained from the gate, is itself a holy relic and possesses the holy power of earth and fertility.

A powerful holy object is no different from a saint. This is what the trainees under Leon’s command feel, and their health has gradually improved and their muscles have increased, and since the hammer came in, their overall body has improved.

The opportunity was when team leader Kim Do-han, who had entrusted her mother with dementia to a nursing home, brought her for a while to remodel the nursing facility.

When the soldier asked if he could bring his sick old mother for a while, Leon personally thanked Heo Hani, team leader Kim Do-han, and brought her to the Manshinjeon building for a while. And–

“Oh, Dohan!”

“Uh, Mom! Me, do you recognize me?!”

Dementia got better.

“Oh, my son! You’ve been through a lot because of your mother, right?”

“Heh, heh heh… heh heh heh heh heh…!”

Team leader Kim Do-han prostrated himself in front of the holy relic in front of a miracle in which his mother, who had been suffering from dementia for over five years, regained her spirit.

This beautiful story, Yapi was filming it from beginning to end.

[A story that opened the eyes of an elderly person with dementia at the K-Manshinjeon building]

– Even if it’s a fucking phrase, hit it really hard. (This comment has been deleted)

-No, no matter what bullshit it is, it’s real–(This is a deleted comment)

-This could be real. My uncle, who was terminally ill with cancer, is recovering after eating Mansinjeon rice that was difficultly obtained. (3,565 likes)

-What is this? The number of likes exceeded 5,000 between comments.

-I went to the golf course and saw the Manshinjeon office building from afar, and it was automatically connected to Wi-Fi? But it’s well over 1km, how did it explode?

It was a story that was so hard to believe, but visitors came one after another, thinking that there would be a video and the story of the blessed rice would spread.

Yapi rejected them at first.

-NON. Except for challengers, only believers in the pantheon can visit.

“Ah, no… I’ve come all the way here, so you have to let me in once…

-Invasion of private property. recommended to leave.

The machine blocked them without an inch of gap. And then, as if she had been waiting, Han Ha-ri appeared.

“Come on Sir Yapi.”


“Aren’t these people actually here to pay their respects at the Manshinden building?”

“Yes? No, what…”

“Wait, stay still.”

A visitor who stays quiet for the time being restrained by a companion. Harry clapped his hands.

“There are many gods in the pantheon. How about getting to know them, making a small offering, praying… and seeing the holy relics?”

-There is a point.

Yappy agrees to Hari’s words and moves the camera eye. The visitors also realized it only then.

“Yes, yes! I was thinking of making a donation!”

“Let’s see, hey, I wonder if this is enough here.”

A visitor handed over a blue bill. Yapi saw it and shook! and blow it away

– Lack of faith.


Visitors were able to enter only after depositing hundreds of thousands of won.

“Is this correct? No, what kind of religious worship is forced and don’t you accept less than 500,000 won in offerings?”

“This is completely pseudo–“


An eerie wire thread grazed the hem of the visitors’ clothes.

-Do not say bad word. I know everything Korean.


Visitors met villagers who were working as servants in front of the temporary altar of the Mansinjeon Hall.

“Oh, hello. Did you come to worship at the altar?”

“Uh, um… isn’t it?”

“New followers are always welcome. Would you like to see the guide to the gods of the pantheon made in our village?”

“Is there such a thing?”


The first thing the villagers handed over were the principles and teachings of Demera, the goddess of life and fertility.

The Code of Life and Abundance.

1. Make an image of the Goddess from the first harvest and offer it to the altar.

2. Don’t pee in the field. Manure is fine.

3. Set up the scarecrow and make sure to dress it with a hat and clothes.

4. Sing songs during harvest. A song that expresses gratitude to the goddess is even better.

5. Don’t go hungry even if you’re busy.

… … … …

… … … …

The most important 0th.

※ The frost man dies.

“These are good words.”

“What is the death of a frostman…”

It was a little unfamiliar, but it was mostly good words, probably because it was a religious word.

Visitors can enter the training ground where the holy relic is said to be enshrined only after going through the altar worship, singing the hymn to the Majesty of Leon Dragonia Lionheart, shouting the death of the devil, and purchasing a souvenir from the temple (made in Yapi).

“What, why are you doing such a disgrace to the holy relics…”

The moment they entered the training ground, they saw a holy relic.

A huge one-handed hammer standing tall in the middle of a desolate training ground.

The energy that flows from that noble body. I feel like my whole body is being refined while my mind is clear.

“Huh? Huh?!”

“Why, why?”

“Oh no… me, my eyes.”

“Why are your eyes?”

It was a young man with glasses. Due to myopia, he was judged 4th grade by the new sword and went to public service, his eyesight was bad.

But now, my vision became strangely blurry, and when I took off my glasses, a world I had never seen before was unfolding.

The moment when modern people who wear glasses with smartphones are increasing day by day, perceive the world directly with the naked eye. The young man wept.

“Haha… Thank God—”


“Long live Ariana! Thank you for going to public service and making my eyes better!!!”

Another young man here became a member of the pantheon.

– There is a donation envelope for the extension of the altar facility. Prove your faith.

“Uh, uh, sure! What I have now is 200,000 won… Oh, is that okay?”

It is true that they have escaped from the state-recognized eye disability. If it was now, I was willing to hand over the liver and gallbladder.

-Fine. Faith is not proven by the size of the sacrifice.

“Ah, Yapi-sama… I’m a Holy Grail Knight…”

The young man handed over 10,000 won bills at the entrance and bowed down in front of Yapi, as if he couldn’t remember being cut at the entrance.

like that–

Patients from all over the world came to us with the idea that we had to lose money. Those who experienced miracles with holy relics and blessed crop combos and became believers.

As such people gathered and gathered, the Manshinjeon building became a hot place for foreigners to visit in Naju, where you can hardly find a tourist destination.

“Sir Yapi! I’ve been requesting a store from Starbucks!”

– I want to report the amount of offering.

“Sir Yapi! Cherry, a training facility development company for hunters, will build a training facility in exchange for advertising! Our pantheon is now modernized!

-I’m going to ask you to pay the offering first.

“Oh my God! The governor said he would deliver a plaque of appreciation!

-If you promise to support the budget, I’ll tell you that I’ll meet you.

A strong artificial intelligence killing machine in the cyberpunk world and a holy grail knight of Heto, the iron and blacksmith god of the pantheon, Yacht Spinner.

Under the premise of securing funds and expanding his reputation, he persistently secured money and goods.

What did you do with this budget?

“Wow… Sir Yapi, what is this?”

-High-strength forging facilities.

In front of Hari is a huge metallurgical facility located at the corner of the Manshinden building. A future innovative design that is presumed to be somewhere in the near future rather than modern.

“Sir Yapi… is this really a forge?”

-The forging facility with the lowest level in this machine’s database. This is the limit for the earth’s crappy metallurgy level.

“Um… but it looks really great, doesn’t it?”

-That’s because you have an organic brain.

“It’s too much!”

Hari sighed, but when she saw a forge of a great level in front of her eyes, she secretly looked with anticipation.

“Hey, Sir Yapi. Sir Yapi is the Holy Grail Knight of the iron and blacksmith god, right?”

-It is.

“Then, could you make me some knives here?”

– No.

“Hey… I guess so.”

Hari is clearly an outsider. As long as he is a member of the Association, he will be grateful to receive the training of a knight of the Pantheon.

But that wasn’t the reason Yaffy refused.

-This forging facility is not completed. Additional facilities are required for adamantite grinding.

“That’s right?”

– I need more money for him.

After saying that, Yapi entered the forge.

The size of the building is about the size of a two-story building, but the entrance is barely large enough for a yapi to enter, so there is no way to know what is going on inside.

-minimum forge protocol initiation. Seed money secured. Understanding the international situation.

Yapi connected to the global stock exchange through a self-developed wireless internet sharing Wi-Fi-100Gbps installed in the Manshinjeon building.

Recently, the global stock market was facing a catastrophe.

From a certain moment, a stock price manipulation operation interferes with rapidly rising stocks, ruins the timing of the sale, and leisurely gains and loses profits alone.

Aka righteous stock thief.

Needless to say, this tycoon of the stock market, who is even evaluated as a ghost or a group because his substance has not been caught in the slightest, is Yappy.

Yapi hacks the world network and ruthlessly tramples on dummy news or corrupt politicians, media, and businessmen who intervene to manipulate stock prices, and manipulates information to their advantage.

They make a mess of their selling timing and buying timing, and in the gap, they dispose of the stocks that have risen as a strategy and get out.

– Holy shit! why! Why are you being bombarded with opposing articles at this timing!

-You bastard, can’t you do it right? No matter how much money I gave you, you can’t manipulate the news!

-what? wait a minute! A blackout at this time? no! Cell phone too? Satellite communication is also dead. What kind of nonsense is this!

The financial world also paid attention to this phenomenon that is common all over the world. Because the pattern is the same.

Although the method is different, the stock manipulators suffer terrible damage and someone who catches the timing of the sale gets out with a suitable profit.

Is this possible?

In the first place, why is a force that can hack the world’s computer network and even disable communication satellites harassing stock price manipulators?

Yapi, who has collected enough data and gained experience, is now thinking of advancing toward greater profits.

The financial item Yapi is eyeing is food.

The food situation of mankind in the 21st century has never been good.

First of all, there are too many places that have been contaminated with magical energy. In the early days of the cataclysm, Western powers and East Asia responded in an exemplary manner.

The gate was closed, hunters were encouraged to grow large guilds, and a system was built that could cope with red gates as long as there were no variables such as black gates.

Its downside is that it is swayed by large guilds, but it is exemplary in terms of security anyway.

However, in poor Eastern European countries, rigid Middle East Asia, and underdeveloped countries that do not even have time to foster hunters, it is a dungeon break that explodes on a fictional day.

What’s wrong with the dungeon break? First of all, there are casualties caused by monsters.

But that’s a secondary issue after all. The problem is that the land is contaminated with mana.

As can be seen from the examples of the Honam Plain and the Naju Plain, land contaminated with horsepower is a serious problem that threatens the right to live. Of course, the value of the land is infinitely close to 0 won.

Yapi bought this very polluted land. The first target is the Beidahuang granary of the ‘Heilong People’s Republic’ in northern East Asia.

As one of the 50 warlord independent states that were torn apart after the Shanghai Incident 20 years ago, the level of magic contamination here is at a serious level.

Nearly half of the land was polluted, part of this grain belt was purchased, and the faith of Demera, the goddess of life and fertility, was spread and the purification work started.

Large-scale purification and immediate food production at the level of Leon were not possible, but even now, the polluted land has been greatly restored due to prayers and accumulated faith.

Now, if only food is harvested, ‘blessed rice, corn, and barley’ will be transformed into a granary with tremendous value.

Its expected revenue is in the tens of millions of dollars indeed. In addition, if you consider the ten structure that farmers will pay, you will be able to get closer to the target amount.

-Calculating grain market impact. Confirmation of margin of error.

This is just the beginning. Starting with the country in question, the entire world food market will fluctuate greatly, and people will take it for granted that someday blessed crops will come to the table.

Of course, only farmers who worship Demera, the goddess of life and fertility, can grow those blessed crops, so in reality, world food supremacy is ruled by a pantheon.

If there is an uneasy point in this grand plan, it is the country right next to the region… … .

Machinery considered the possibility of an invasion of the Beidahuang region to be low, considering the complex situation of East Asian ’53 countries’.

World history has changed dramatically since the cataclysm. War between countries has become a meaningless waste of national power, and above all, these numerous countries have a hard time even coping with their own gates.

In the end it doesn’t matter. No matter how you think about it, there is nothing wrong with it. At one time, there were people who shouted “One China”, but that is now a thing of the past.

The warlords who established their own kingdoms away from the central government of a large country did not feel the need to expand their kingdoms.

Isn’t the Jilin Republic, a neighboring country of Heilong People’s Republic, also in a hurry to block the gate?

A common-sense human leader would have no reason to use excessive force here.

Logical calculation and fateful victory by big data. This is the only conclusion Yapi has made.

A complete zero-sum game? High risk high return? That kind of thing is meaningless numbers game in front of strong artificial intelligence.

my land floats sure to float this is bound to come out

three days later

[The outbreak of a coup in the Republic of Jilin.]

-Hey, Yapi boss! That’s Chief Hwang! food owner! Food stocks are crashing! News is spreading that an army of orcs is heading to the granary!


[The coup of the Orc soldiers. Declaration of open invasion of Heilong People’s granary to secure food.]

– This is news that the company’s profit rate will plummet! The loss rate has already exceeded 300 billion! If it goes on like this, it’s bankruptcy!


[The launch of the United Nations Criticism. Shocking remarks from Linxiang Kazak, who caused the coup, ‘Orc decides everything with war’.]

[Congratulations for public endorsement of Mayor Oak of Detroit.]

[Discrimination against Orcs is against political correctness. Those with human male power should reflect and understand them.]

[The chaos in the world food market. Will the Beida Huang granary fall into the hands of the Orcs?]

[Rising Comet Shinsung Private Equity Fund’s quarterly yield plummets due to sudden war!]

– I came from the bank. This is a foreclosure warning. You have to pay 14 billion won in interest this month.

– Kki-ki-reuk?

hit this?

The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 67: Geobrick’s Hammer

The Manshinjeon building is located in the middle of a wide grain belt with five surrounding mountains.

It’s not that far from the urban area, but it’s not a convenient place to access either. Occasionally, visitors to a nearby golf course come and see it.

Until recently, even that road was partially blocked due to contamination with magic elements.

Recently, as an altar to the Goddess of Life and Abundance was built and a temple building was built, hunter-related people even visited.

However, recently, the Manshinden building has become quite a hot place. It is mainly thanks to the hunters and the tourists watching the hunters.

“Yes, participation number 59! I will be Mr. Han Jin-soo, the A-class hunter of the Matrix Guild!”

entrance of the office building. At the head of the line there, a stout man strides forward.

Han Jin-soo, famous as an iron wall tanker, was muscular and over 2m tall.

Hari gulped at Han Jin-soo, who was so large that it cast a shadow on her, and cautiously placed the microphone on it.

“Then Jinsu Han! How do you feel as a challenger?”

“How about sleeping, if I really have this hammer, can I have it?”

Han Jin-soo’s eyes were on the large one-handed hammer. All the challengers stare with greedy eyes, and tourists are filming whether they will succeed this time.

A hunter that powerful might be able to lift a hammer that looks a bit heavy… … .

No, but until now, no hunters have been able to lift that hammer. It was because the hammer was so heavy that the so-called hunters couldn’t lift it even for a second.

However, Han Jin-soo put his palms on the handle of the hammer and smiled.

‘I have a unique skill, <Weight Conversion>. Any weight doesn’t matter to me!’

At the same time as the unique skill was activated, Han Jin-soo lightly tried to lift the hammer. but… … .


Doesn’t budge. Apparently, even though the weight of the hammer was reduced to close to 0 kg through weight conversion, the hammer did not move as if it were stuck to the ground.

“If it doesn’t work, go ahead. There are a lot of people waiting.”

“No, not yet!”

Han Jin-soo now pulled the hammer with all his might. By putting my feet on the floor and squeezing out all the strength I had been sucking on.

But in the end, the hammer didn’t budge, and neither did the others.

All of this goes back a week.

“Your Majesty! Your Majesty! Big things are coming!”

On my way to dinner with Beatrice. Ha-ri hurriedly ran along with manager Kim Jin-soo.

“Ttsk, don’t act rashly. How can an overaged virgin act so lightly?”

“That, that’s gender discrimination… Anyway! Something big is coming!”

“What happened?”

When Leon asked with a light sigh, Hari quickly reported the situation.

“In the warehouse! Sir Geobrick’s hammer is missing!”

“Has the hammer gone?”

“Yes! I went in with Chief Kim Jin-soo today, but he suddenly disappeared… It must have been thieves!”

“Can it be?”

“Uh… uh, but is it true that he disappeared?”

“The hammer can’t even be held by those who are qualified. If it disappears, it would be the hammer’s own judgment, not theft of the deceased.”


does that make sense? Harry swallowed the question that was about to come out of his mouth.

Yeah, whatever this person says makes sense. Even if it’s not, there’s no need to tackle it and get cursed at.

“You just feel the energy close by. Go that way.”

Leon led the way, and Hari and the Queen followed. And surprisingly, isn’t the hammer that disappeared in the middle of the Mansinjeon building?

“Hey, listen to this.”

“I don’t know, don’t even budge.”

“Who brought you here?”

The hammer in the middle of the training ground caught the attention of the trainees and cadets.

If you’re in a place like that, even if you don’t want to see it, you can’t help but notice it.

“What is your intention?”

Leon stared loftily at the holy castle stuck in the ground. It was a hammer that didn’t budge even when the cadets grabbed it, but it lifted easily when it was caught in Leon’s hand.

But that was only for a moment. The hammer moved on its own as if it were attracted by a magnet, and it immediately escaped from Leon’s hand and was driven back to the floor.

“Oh, it’s a hammer with strong self-expression.”

“It seems like you want something.”

Hari tilted her head at Leon’s guess.

“Do you have a will for the hammer?”

“Sometimes it’s a sacred object. Especially if it’s an object that’s been with a saint for a long time, it gets tricky.”

A holy object is an object that has been touched by a saint and blessed by him. In particular, the Holy Grail Knight’s weapon has both Blessing and Star Energy.

Relics exposed to the highest level of energy in the world sometimes have a will of their own. It is safe to say that it is a kind of egoization.

“However, I did not feel this kind of will when fighting Lord Geobrick.”

Before handing over the hammer, Leon remembered Geobrick’s declaration.

「The one who is loyal to the Lion Heart King and has been recognized by Demera! Through this hammer, I will inherit the authority of Geobrick!!”

It was an oath that he risked his soul. It is not an exaggeration to say that this hammer contains the thoughts of the Holy Grail Knight.

In other words, the hammer wants to fulfill Geobrick’s oath.

“I see. You mean find the owner?”

Leon smiled and put the hammer behind him.

“Leave it. And tell the Association.”

“What shall I say?”

“He who holds the hammer. Whoever it is will give you that hammer.”

Leon’s declaration was immediately delivered to the association through Hari.

[Is this a gate clear reward item?]

“It’s quite different.”

[wait. I’ll send the appraiser first.]

The appraiser dispatched from the association inspected the unmoving hammer here and there, and screamed in less than 10 seconds.

“Awaaaaaagh! What is this!!”

“Why, why are you?!”

Lee Chan-soo, an employee dispatched as an appraiser, shuddered in disbelief when he saw it.

“Eh, Epic…!”


Since Cataclysm, items have been classified as Normal, Rare, Unique, and Legendary.

Basically, the masterpieces created by blacksmiths called master craftsmen are unique. Legendary is made with countless resources and hard work.

It is common that even legendary items are made by fateful luck, which is one in ten million.

Since the probability is truly astronomical, the source of supply for Legendary items is usually the drop item at the gate.

However, there were items called ‘Epic’ in the 30-year history.

The breaking sword of the Heavenly Demon, the owner of the hundred thousand mountains on the continent.

The staff of the great wizard, the founder of the World Magic Tower, and the zodiac sign that is said to bring about the creation of heaven and earth.

The heart of the Frost Queen that continues to devour and expand the Siberian snowfields.

A wandering demonic sword that has been wandering around the world since the Black Gate London Incident.

The criteria for classifying epic items is simple.

Powerful enough to shake the battlefield with just one item. So far, there has been no gate where Epic items have been mobilized and failed to capture.

Epic items can be said to be unprecedented items that overturn common sense to the extent that the national total power is added when an epic item appears.

And now. Such an epic item was in front of Lee Chan-soo.

“Oh, really! Did you really just give it to me just by holding it? Is that true?”

“Uh, um… yes. I… would?”

Hari couldn’t even imagine that the hammer in front of her was an epic item. My eyes widened and I wondered if I should get confirmation from Leon even now, but—

“Yes. Whoever holds the hammer will be its owner.”

“Lungs, Your Majesty. The value of this hammer is enormous. Look at this!”

Lee Chan-soo organized the ability table he had organized.

[Geobrik’s one-handed hammer]

◆ Rating: Epic

◆ Details

It is a holy toe blessed by Geobric, the Holy Grail Knight of the goddess Demera, the deity of life and abundance, by entangling the soul.

Core of Faith: Receives holy power directly from Goddess Demera.

Perfect Vitality: Doesn’t get tired.

Goddess’ Blessing: While on the ground, defense increases by 400%. Recovery is increased by 300%. 200% defense and 150% recovery are applied to all subordinate corps.

Sanctification: Implement the Holy Law according to your faith and holy power.

Unable to appraise: Geobrick’s—————

Unappraisal: Existence────────

“It’s cloudy…”

Hari glanced at her and made a strange tongue sound. It’s because I’ve never seen such a ridiculous ability.

Either that or not, Leon’s choice remains unchanged.

This news was immediately made public through the association──

[First time in the country. The third epic item in Asia was unveiled at the Pantheon building. Anyone can take it.]

It was for this reason that so many challengers flocked.

* * * *

“Keukkyu, this is it.”

“Let’s take a look at some epic items!”

After Geobrick’s hammer made headlines, the first to visit the office building was a small and medium-sized hunter guild nearby.

The unconventional condition that you can take it with you as long as you can carry it.

The hunters, who were glistening with greed for epic items, put everything aside and entered the pantheon.

The moment they try to enter the Manshinden building——

-Kick look

They encountered a yakt spinner guarding the entrance.

“Hey, Yacht Spinner?!”

Nightmare at Cheongju Gate. Yakt Spinner, the killing machine that destroyed countless raiding parties, is a survivor as famous as Leon.

Even if the size has shrunk now, if a killing machine with an estimated grade of S or higher is in front of you, you will be embarrassed.

“What, what?”

– Hammer challenger?

“Yes, but.

-We welcome your visit.

“Oh, thank you.”

The hunters tried to enter the office building, feeling awkward with the killing machine’s softer response than expected.

But at that moment, a fierce wire whip slashes in front of them! and hit it savagely.

“why why why?!”

-Admission fee.


-Admission fee.

After repeating it twice, the Hunters also understood Yapi’s meaning.

“No, what kind of entrance fee do you charge…”

“I didn’t hear that…”

– Decided from today.

Yapi’s mechanical legs lifted slightly and headed for a sign.

[Sacred Land Admission Hunter: 5 million won. Civilian: 50.]


“No, civilians are 500,000 won, but why are we 5 million won!”

– Civilian caliber. Hunter Challenge. Added relic management cost.

No, where is that!

But I can’t go back from here. In fact, considering the value of an epic item, 5 million won was not even money, so the hunters cried and opened their wallets to eat mustard.

“……Is it possible to pay five stars?”

-Bank transfer is possible.

The hunters who paid such an expensive entrance fee and entered faced Hari Han who was waiting.

“Welcome, Hunters! I’m Assistant Manager Han Ha-ri of the Management Division 3 of the Korea Hunter Association!”

Hari, dressed in a cool outfit, greeted the hunters with a bright smile. They were delighted that last year’s rookie had come to meet them, but they wanted to see the holy relic as soon as possible.

“Where is Geobrick’s hammer? I want to see the real one soon.”

“Huh! Be careful with expressions!”


When Hari made a fuss and pointed it out, Hunter made an expression that he couldn’t understand.

“Geobrik ‘Sir’. Be sure to use honorifics when addressing honorable people here!”


it’s an item

But when you go to Rome, you have to follow the laws of Rome. It is a well-known fact that Leon, the king of knights in another world, has a damn personality.

The Hunters cleared their throats and corrected the name.

“I want to challenge Geobrick’s ‘Gyeong’ hammer…”

“Before that! First go to the altar and pray!”


The place I followed Hari’s incomprehensible guide was the Manshinjeon Altar, which was separately prepared in the Manshinjeon building.

Here, the altar of Demera, the goddess of life and fertility, and the altar of the gods of the pantheon are separately enshrined.

Even if it was an altar, it wasn’t that grandiose, and it seemed to be a temporary altar until a proper temple was built.

-Kick look

“Again, it’s here again.”

Yapi appeared. The mechanical spiders, which went to and from the multi-faceted altar, stood in front of the hunters who stole 5 million won each.

– Worship. Worship the gods of the pantheon.

“Uh, uh…”

The Hunters glanced at Yapi and reluctantly fell down. I had to prostrate myself at every altar of the gods, but it seems that I was able to do so with just one shot.

-Are you going to pay a donation?

“No, what are you asking me again…”

– You don’t have to pay.

Something… When Yapi, who seemed to be forced to pay, responded coolly, the hunters hesitated for a moment and then refused to pay the offering.

Some of them were Christians, so some refused to prostrate themselves.

The place I barely entered was the site of the former training ground that had been closed and moved. The moment they entered the place, the hunters felt an unknown aura enveloping them.

“Oh, oh…”

“What is it? This energy…

It is warm and soft energy. The whole body is energized, the mind is clear, and the vision is clear.

They knew at once what was the cause of this mystical experience.

“It’s the energy flowing from the hammer…”

“To think that this kind of energy flows just by being in the world…”

“As expected, it’s an epic item…!”

The hunters who were exposed to the energy of the hammer thought that this alone was worth 5 million won.

“Here! This hammer here is Sir Geobrick’s hammer! Would you like to challenge Hunter Kim Ho-yeol first?”

Hunter, who was called by Hari, approached the hammer with a gulp of saliva. He is a Christian and a devout believer who just refused to bow down at the altar.

“Then I’ll try—”

That was the moment he grabbed the hammer.

– Pajik!


Kim Ho-yeol was thrown back by the energy generated by the hammer handle.

“Muh, what!”

“Hearted from the hammer?!”

The hunters saw the energy flowing from the hammer while supporting Kim Ho-yeol, who had been thrown out. The ferocious growling energy is proof that the hammer rejected Kim Ho-yeol.

“Does a hammer do that?”

“That, I forgot to pay attention. People who have reasons for disqualification… sometimes reject it like that.”

“Reason for disqualification? If there was such a thing, you should have said it earlier!”

Hunters argued and listened, but Hari had nothing to answer.

“There is no standard… just use the hammer as you like.”

What do you mean when the hammer sees me doing that?

“Damn it! I’ll try this time!”

What came out was the giant Hunter. Tanker-type hunters are big, but he is the strongest among them. And as much as he lifted the heavy armor and shield, he was confident in his strength.

Fortunately, the hammer did not bounce him like the previous Hunter. As an atheist, he grabbed the handle of the hammer and was about to lift it with a single stroke.

“Turn it off!!”

But the hammer doesn’t budge. It was so heavy, as if thousands of tons of iron had been compressed.

“Haha! Damn it!”

After that, some hunters took on the challenge. Some even bounced off, but most of them got through even holding the sack. But that’s it. No one could move the hammer even a millimeter.

While the fallen Hunters are sweating profusely, Yappy approaches.

“What, what?”

-Are you going to pay?

Why don’t you donate again? The hunters frowned, but one hunter’s eyes flashed.

“God’s Relic… Yes, that was it!”

Hunter approached Yapi and made a donation of about 10 million won by account transfer. And I grabbed the hammer——

– Queek!

The hammer that didn’t shake at all was 0.05mm… moved for a very short time.



“That guy just now… he couldn’t move at all…”

Did you move because you paid an offering? Everyone’s eyes turned to Yapi.

– Mansinjeon Altar Temple Construction Offering Received.

You and I both took out bundles of money.

After going through a series of processes, Yapi identified the vitalization of commercial districts in each religious site by means of big data.

– Rushing money.

“Sir Yapi, is this really good? Isn’t it blasphemy?”

Hari asked with a worried expression, but Yapi answered calmly.

– Objection to the efficient asset management ability of this machine with the intellectual ability of an insignificant organism? All you have to do is follow this plan.

Hari read the plans that Yafi had written in an instant.

“……Provision of seats for improving health according to exposure of the hammer’s holy power?”

– Attracting regular visitors. Activation of surrounding commercial districts.

“Providing visitors with a blessed crop experience and forcing them to donate…”

-‘voluntary’ donations.

“Using hunters as labor force in the name of increasing faith?!”

– Labor activities combined with physical training. efficient.

“What will the king do?”

– Why do you give money to trainees? Meals provided, accommodation provided, cooking provided, daily necessities provided.

“No, Lord Yapi… In the world, there is a noble law called labor law——”

-Registered as trainees interns. Interns can be paid below the minimum wage.

“You’ve never seen them pay less money?!”

– Refunds are being made through ‘voluntary donations’. You can leave if you don’t like it.

“It’s vicious…”

The plan of Yapi, who was in charge of the pantheon’s finances, was just beginning.

The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 66: Having an illustration to relieve stress

Leon had a prayer time in front of the altar after eating.

For Leon, prayer time is not just a time to express gratitude by reciting wishes.

He communicates with the gods, has direct conversations, and acts as their will.

The gods always answer his prayers.

[Leon, my knight. Your goddess waited for your prayers.]

‘Dear Ariana.’

Leon posted today’s report. An act close to a regular business report. Leon was the first to push their comfort.

‘Goddess. How are Sir Geobric and their condition?’

The souls of the knights and soldiers Leon collected while remaining at the gate until the end. The gods welcomed it.

If you were safely delivered to paradise, there is nothing to worry about… … .

[Their souls were polluted by bad things. The gods themselves purify the soul and lead it to paradise one after another.]

‘Fortunately, the.’

When Leon let out a sigh of relief, the goddess spoke.

[This is my article. You seem to be out of energy lately.]

‘It’s nothing to worry about. I’m just a little tired.’

[Your goddess is Leon, I am very worried about you. You have served too long, and you have fought too long.]

‘I just did what I had to do.’

[Where in the world did they say that such a fight was deserved? Your goddess is so full of debt that she is so heavy.]

While Leon was willing to worry about Ariana, he asked lightly to ease the goddess’ worries.

‘Are other gods like that?’

[Hmph, a war without that subtlety hopes that you will spread more fame. Recently, it seems that iron is also involved in the matter.]

‘It’s relieved that he seems to have found something to do.’

[Come to think of it, I heard that the dream has prepared something for you. This must be conveyed through the priest.]

Leon seemed to know how Fleur, the divine of dreams and death, would communicate.

If Fleur was just conveying a message, it would be enough to convey it directly to Leon.

But if it is a prophecy, the story is different.

Fleur is also a goddess who presides over death and the underworld, but she also intervenes in dreams to prophesy and shows a fragmented future.

It was usually delivered through the priest, so the lion heart kings of the past did not take lightly the prophecy.

‘Something big will happen soon.’

[My knight’s fatigue has reached its peak, but your goddess’s heart is heavy because it seems like she’s burdening her even more.]

For a while, the goddess delivered a message on behalf of the gods of the pantheon. Then Ariana spoke.

[My knight, your service makes the gods happy, but the observer is also very worried.]

‘I’m sorry for worrying you.’

[Relieve fatigue and enjoy entertainment. You ran non-stop for 200 years. It’s time to rest a little.]

‘It’s entertainment… It’s been a long time since I’ve heard that.’

[Yes, there seems to be a lot of entertainment in this day and age, but I’m not sure my knight will have any. However, wouldn’t the best entertainment be the same regardless of the times and the world?]

‘Is there such a thing?’

[Holding the woman.]

‘… … .’

Leon did not answer the goddess’ words. didn’t exactly

[From the point of view of your goddess, the queen is a good match. That beauty is admirable even to ‘Love’.]

‘… … Goddess.’

[Otherwise, how about that red-haired girl? A child whose eyes are on ‘war’. If you do that, there is no shortage to wear the sincerity of the Lion Heart King.]

‘It’s a young blue girl. How can you say such a thing?’

[Originally, human beings are the law to relieve pleasure by embracing reason. In order to raise the glorious name of Lion Heart King here, shouldn’t we rebuild the royal family as soon as possible?]

Leon shook his head and blurted out the words of the goddess, which is rare. And–

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty!

Hari runs over Leon and trips over the threshold. Such ugliness with superhuman physical abilities… … There is no such thing as a little boy put out on the riverside.

“Tsk tsk. What happened?”

“I have prepared something for you! I have received advice and help from Lord Yapi.”


Hari conspired with Yapi to prepare something. Leon suddenly remembered the Maid’s uniform, which had previously been worn as a maid’s uniform, ranked No.

“Anything so filthy would make me strip naked and walk the whole town on my hands.”

“What about my dignity?”

“Have you prepared clothes like that again?”

“No! No!”

Harry shook his head in denial.

* * * *

The place where Hari arrived, saying that there was something prepared, was Wen Gate. There, Hunter Association employees were waiting for the two.

“Are you here, Your Majesty?”

Hunter’s strategy team, including Manager Kim Jin-soo. They are heavily armed and waiting for Leon.

“What happened?”

“Yep! Peha! Actually, we gathered like this to give back to His Majesty at the association level to support Assistant Manager Han Hari, who planned this event!”


plan? What does that mean? Leon said he brought Hari as a surprise gift, so he didn’t know much about it.

To be honest, since Yapi also cooperated, I came because I didn’t want to do anything stupid… … .

“Please enter the gate first!”

The gate that Hari entered triumphantly. There is a wide forest spread out there.

“Where is this?”

“Here comes the training gate managed by the Association.”

The association maintains several gates for training and business use.

There were not only gates for the level test of hunters like the gates of Seoul Station, but also several gates for the training of raiding parties operated by themselves.

One of them was reserved for Leon.

“I will introduce the gate from now on. The characteristic of this gate is that it is an area called flood sea, where various animals, plants and monsters appear.”

As the level of the gate is only green, there are no dangerous monsters. It is a place that the association also visits for regional adaptation training, and above all, it seems that medicinal herbs that only grow here are regenerated.

“Small animals 1 point! Medium 3 points! Occasionally found orcs 10 points!”

“Hmm… In short, you mean hunting?”

“Yep! It’s a recurring gate that regenerates over time anyway, so don’t worry about it and just hunt it down!”

Leon knew why Hari had brought him this way. It was a hunt.

“I guessed, but I thought that hunting would have been popular where Your Majesty lived.”

“So you prepared a hunting ground for Jim’s examination?

How could you have thought of that?

Leon knew Hari’s intentions. He hid it, but it seemed that his gloomy attitude could be seen in the child’s eyes.

Come to think of it, the goddess told me to rest.

“Hunting… hunting…”

Indeed, it has been two hundred years. As Hari speculates, hunting is the game of knights and nobles in Lionheart Kingdom.

He trains his body and triumphs in the competition, offering the victory to God.

I didn’t have time to enjoy it because of the war with many demons, but enjoying the thrill of hunting was a noble virtue.

“Are they beaters? They’re holding instruments.”

To be precise, it was a gong. Heavily armed hunters entered with such loud equipment to drive and push their prey.

Yes, to make hunting fun, you need a beater.

Leon smiled and asked Hari.

“Did you say there are also orcs?”

“Yep! That’s why everyone is fully armed!”

“Let’s take it instead of a bear.”

Leon ran. Soon after, the association’s employees, who claimed to be chasers, began to play gongs noisily.

* * * *

The Thick Claw Tribe are Forest Orcs who live in the forest and lead a peaceful hunting life.

They serve the forest god, offer sacrifices to them, and claim themselves to be the custodians of the forest.

– Aaaaaaaaagh!

A scream echoed through the dense forest. Loud laughter erupts from him.

“Ha ha ha! Damn big axes! Do you dare to hunt in our territory? We haven’t had enough game lately, but with just one of your forearms, we can clean up a meal!”

“First of all, take off the skin on your face! We must offer the skull to God!”

They are hunting the same tribe of Orcs. They are engaged in a bloody slaughter battle with other Orc tribes due to the forest territory problem that has recently begun to intensify.

Forest Orcs could have chosen coexistence among the few Forest Orcs, but Orcs solved everything with war.

Coexistence does not exist between them, only battle and slaughter enforce their wishes.

-Dag dag dag dag!

“Hmm? What do you mean?”

“It’s a bit loud for a wild boar running…”

The moment the thick clawed orc hunters leaned their heads in the direction of the sound, a huge presence jumped out.


white goose A spear engraved with a delicate and beautiful engraving that cannot be compared to the crude objects of the forest is——

– Kkuheyup!?

Pierced through the heart of a Forest Orc.

– What, what!

– It’s an intruder!

Screams pour in from the thick brightsaw tribe. A knight appeared out of nowhere and hunted the orcs.

“Hahahaha! Hunting, not combat, has its own taste.”

“Who are you, you bastard!”

“Human! How dare you kill our tribe members!”


Forest Orcs rushed in. However, the opponent is the apex of the Holy Grail Knights, the Guardian of the Holy Grail.

Orcs who were less than forty, including all the tribesmen, were unilaterally swept away.

“Do, run away!”

“It’s a monster! Run away!”

The battle situation was one-sided and the Orcs tried to flee into the forest. As long as he’s alone and uses melee weapons, he won’t be able to hunt the entire tribe after all.



A fleeing orc was knocked down by an arrow that pierced its neck.

“Let’s put it on! Kkeok?!”

The orcs were knocked down by the arrows fired in succession. Thanks to their thick leather, they can withstand quite a few arrows with their bodies, but they are knocked down after being hit in vital points by their mysterious bow skills.

With only a few of the tribal orcs barely able to escape into the forest, Leon dismounted.

“If you’ve hunted, you’ll have to take the mark.”

Leon pulled out the molar of the dead orc and put it in his pocket. The pockets were already full of orc tusks.


Hari, who had followed her to the village where the catastrophe had taken place, gave off an awkward smile as she got off her horse.

“Wow, are you good at shooting a bow?”

As Hari remembers, Leon is a well-known distance hater in the Association. That’s why he didn’t prepare a bow and arrow for Leon to use in this hunt.

However, after annihilating the first orc colony, Leon took the bow and arrows from the orc hunters and was hunting orcs with them.

However, despite the fact that he hates long-range weapons, his bow shoots amazingly well.

“There’s a misunderstanding. Just because you’re a knight doesn’t mean you don’t know how to use ranged weapons.”

“is that so?”

“Hunting is a nobleman’s virtue and entertainment. How can you hunt only with a spear and a sword?”

Knights, especially wandering knights and attendants, had to secure their own food even in remote areas.

Knights had no choice but to become masters of hunting, and of course they also shot bows and arrows.

“A bow is a weak weapon for killing monsters, but it’s good enough for killing prey.”

“It… makes sense. But this… shoots really well.”

Leon chuckled at Hari’s candid admiration.

“Jim was famous for being the greatest tournament champion of all time, but he was also the second best hunter of his time. He also won occasional hunting competitions.”

“Your Majesty is the second? Then, was the first another Grail Knight?”

“Hmm, it’s ambiguous to see him as a Holy Grail Knight. The goddess of the moon and the hunt blessed him, but he was more of a hunter than a knight.”

Leon remembered the memories of the past. When the kingdom was still at peace, before it was invaded by demons.

Knights and nobles, who were said to be the king of the kingdom, entered the tournament, where they showed off their dragon power.

“Chief of the moon and hunting. She was a saint. Her bow is like a meteor, so if you shoot it at its maximum, you can cross the ridge of the mountain.”


How absurd are you talking about that, Hari knew well what the favored of the gods could do.

It splits a huge bear over 50m tall and sweeps away hundreds of demons with a single breakthrough. Right now, Leon is the living witness.

And it was clearly confirmed at the Jeju Island Gate that those with this level of power would be classified as ‘Grail Knights’, not the pinnacle.

“By the way… did you really have to hunt only orcs like this? It’s meaningless to prepare a chaser after all.”

“I’m sorry about that. But, if there’s a bear in the forest, how can they hunt rabbits? To win first place, you have to aim for big game.”

It was the eyes that saw the Orcs completely prey. Harry smiled bitterly.

“There is the body of the chief of the tribe. Judging from the power of magic, he must have something good.”

“Ah, really. Wow~ Isn’t this precious? It’s a shaman’s totem. It’s not a common drop item.”

“Sell it and give it to the employees who acted as drivers.”

“Huh? Gwa, are you okay? This is a pretty good item. I’ll do 100 million.”

“It will be a small reward for those who came to do mutt training on other days.”

“Kuh, keuhum…!”

Hari coughed at the naked expression. Certainly it was.

Hari only asked the Association for a gate to serve as a hunting ground for Leon, but nothing more.

The reason why the workers in the middle of the day were mobilized as chasers was the insistence of the upper echelons of the association that they should look good to Leon.

It is easy to mobilize subordinates anywhere.

Being visible to Leon is important for their organization, but what kind of crime is it for salary earners to suffer at the gate while sweating profusely?

“By the way, the footprints of the Orcs who escaped continue.”

“Do you want to hunt more? According to the mapped information, you destroyed the Orc colony…”

“So. The beasts exhale and pollute the forest, so how can we neglect them? Even if they’re fake, we have to kill the orcs.”


Leon handed over the orc’s bow and quiver to Hari who sighed.

“You too have to be good at anything to become a knight. Practice your bow today.”

“Umm… I’ve only ever used a bow in the aptitude test when I was in the academy.”

Hari feels awkward saying that her skills are low. Leon patted Hari on the shoulder and laughed.

“I’ll teach you the basics.”

“is that so?”

At Leon’s words, Hari smiled lightly.

“I’m glad you’re feeling better, though.”


Whoever sat on the throne offered the Fool and treasures to see how he felt. It is no different from everyday life, so I remember always dealing with it mechanically.

But Hari did this purely to cheer herself up. There were no aspirations or desires there.

“Well, that’s unusual.”

“Yes? Did you not hear me?”

“Catch at least three orcs. If you don’t, I’ll hit you.”

“Old?! I haven’t shot that bow a few times before, lung ha!”

Leon riding a horse. Harry hurried along.

* * * *

A few days later, Hari smiled and walked around the Manshinden building.

After that day’s hunt, Leon regained his energy. Harry’s plan was quite successful.

“Oh~ Deputy Han.”

“Ah, chief!”

On her way to the warehouse to pick up the training wooden sword, Hari found Chief Kim Jin-soo, a dispatched employee of the association.

“What are you doing here? I thought you went to collect the harvested rice from the rice warehouse.”

“The tractor is broken. I’m here to get some supplies.”

“It breaks down easily. Is it because it’s an old machine?”

“Well, since the plains of Naju were contaminated with magical energy, they didn’t take them out and use them, so they must have been poorly maintained.”

If this is the case, wouldn’t it be better to use horses or cows as before? Harry blurted out his thoughts.

“…there’s a point.”


“No, isn’t it almost treated like a divine being when His Majesty blesses them? They say that the horses bought from Jeju Island run much better than before after the consecration ceremony.”

surely. The horses purchased at the Jeju Island Gate were reinforced using the reins of the former king. The gap difference is huge, so it is not a task to dominate the world horse racing market even if only one horse is taken out.

“Although there are things that have become difficult to handle thanks to that. Our Cream has changed…”

“Well, since the hunters are also superhuman, the balance must be right. But when did you name it?”

The warehouse arrived with a small talk. Every time Hari visited this place, she purged her heart and prayed.

This is because the hammer left behind by the Holy Grail Knight, Sir Geobrick, is kept here.

“I wish you well…”

“According to the doctrine of the pantheon, isn’t it blasphemy to pray by combining your Buddhist and Christian rituals?”

Manager Kim Jin-soo scolds Hari for drawing Seong-ho and putting his hands together. The two of them opened the warehouse door–



Sir Geobrick’s hammer was nowhere to be seen in the warehouse.

The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 65: Geobrick, and then

Golden Lion Guild Headquarters.

As an emerging guild in Korea, this guild, established by S-class hunter Hwang Geum-chul, boasted a solid position as one of the top 10 leading guilds until recently.

But Cheongju Gate and Jeju Island Gate. Huge damage in the process of successive gate attacks.

Honor and reputation have been raised, but there is no substance. Above all, losing the guild’s first-team veteran raid was an irreplaceable loss.

However, the Golden Lion Guild will surely recover from this wound.

As long as the guild master Golden Iron exists, the Golden Lion Guild will not collapse.

However, this is not a situation where you can relax. The quarterly performance of the Golden Lion Guild was falling day by day due to a series of casualties. Even so… … .

“Are you still training?”

“My Sister~”

Hwang Yeon-ha worriedly looked at her brother, who had been living in the training room since the Jeju Island Gate.

“Grind the bones.”

“…Well, it’s because I’m done with everything I have to do.”

I know why my older brother is doing this. Like ordinary siblings, they treat each other as if they are enemies, but the two are similar.

“I thought it was pretty strong.”

S class with only 20 people in Korea. The guild leader of the 10th guild. The most destructive Korean hunter.

But it was a frog in the well. The real strength was different.

Holy Grail Knight Geobrick.

An unprecedented strong man whose power, belief, and will cannot even be compared.

Not only them, but also the hundreds of knights under them would have been praised as famous strongmen in Korea.

“The Holy Grail Knight…”

who the heck are they

Do you have such a strong, such a strong will? Above all–

“I mean cool.”

“What… I agree.”

How could you have made such a cool final decision?

The complicated state of mind seemed far off.

* * * *

Lee Yong-wan is greedy.

He was good with money, and he enjoyed seeing his amassed wealth.

When it comes to the 10th guild in Korea, they are close to the political world and wield unbridled power, but surprisingly, to Lee Yong-wan, power was just a means to increase his wealth.

patriotism? sense of justice? Childish things like that don’t help you make money.

In modern times, if you don’t get ridiculed for being childish, it’s an ideology.

“We the dead will gladly give up our lives for the future of the living !”


Lee Yong-wan opened his eyes and realized that what came into his field of vision was his office.

“Oh no… did you sleep?”

It is because I stayed up all night for post-processing after the Jeju gate. In fact, it was a big thing that I was hanging out because I couldn’t get a job.

“I’m not feeling well these days.”

The main character of the voice is Hayuri. As an S-class hunter and deputy guild leader of the Phoenix Guild, she usually acts as Lee Yong-wan’s secretary.

Administrative work seems to be rat poison, so the work is rough.

“Are you worried? Enough to make you have nightmares.”

“……It’s noisy.”

“If you’re worried, it’s best to consult with someone who knows how to solve it. Only one person on this planet can answer your doubts.”

Lion Heart King. When his name was mentioned, Lee Yong-wan smiled.

“That classist?

“It seems like you’re the type that can communicate unexpectedly.”


owed him his life. But I had no intention of making friends. It is because Lee Yong-wan and Leon are the opposite of each other.

“Since the situation has been resolved… I should say thank you. As for the gift… send it yourself.”

“Send your treasure No. 7?”

“Oh no! How much does that cost!”

Ha Yu-ri laughed at Lee Yong-wan, who was screaming as if he was running out of heat.

“You know there’s a big guild meeting next week for the tax exemption bill, right? They sent me a dress code.”

“Damn, I forgot. Where did you come from?”

“Cheongseong, Mujin, Shark… What’s new about new swords?

“With this much gathered, the government won’t be able to hold out any longer.

“Take it. Even if you lack horsemanship, you will follow the king’s words.”

“A life of honor.”

“May the gods protect you.”


“Lee Yong-wan?”

Honor, Justice, Glory. Such useless things… … .


Lee Yong-wan’s stomach suddenly started to hurt. The reason could not be explained. It just hurts.

“Tell me that I’m not going because I’m sick.”

“Five days left?”

“I’m going to be sick until then.”

After seeing those articles, I didn’t feel that wealth piled up like a mountain was trivial.


Because I saw something so intense. Wait, it’s just that I lost interest in making money for a while.

It will.

* * * *

Hari went to the training ground as per her morning routine.

But these days, even though I came out earlier than that, I see familiar faces on the training ground.

“Suho, did you sleep well?”

“Yes, sister.”

Han Su-ho, a younger brother from the same orphanage who came out of the boys’ dormitory after washing up.

The boy is holding a sword and shield, his weapons, and knocking on a scarecrow that Yapi has set up for training. Not just a scarecrow, but a servant of the goddess Demera who guards the fields.

“Hello, Senior Han.”

“Hari-senpai, good morning!”

And Cheon So-yeon and Kim Jae-hyeok came to say hello after seeing Hari enter.

Chun So-yeon was originally fast, so even so, it was surprising that Kim Jae-hyeok, who likes to play, came to the morning training ground.

“Jaehyuk is diligent these days? Even at the academy, morning walks are always missing.”

“Well… I saw something like that.”

Jaehyuk scratched his cheek as if he was embarrassed, then blushed as if he was thinking of an object of longing.

The three people here couldn’t help but understand what Jaehyuk was talking about.

“A knight…”

The four of them saw the existence of knights at the gate of Jeju Island.

At first, I thought chivalry, honor, and glory were unique to Leon.

An alien species like Leon is unusually arguing about things like that.

But no.

The Holy Grail Knight, who was said to be the pinnacle of knights, and the Kingdom Knight, who was said to be an official knight. Wandering articles that were not even official articles.

It was a strength that had no choice but to accept the strict standards of being a knight of Leon.

It’s not just about force.

All of them were honorable, brave, and armed with firm convictions and fidelity.

Even though the strength they had was similar, the will they possessed was not even comparable.

“Your Majesty, do you really think we… can become such knights?”

Everyone couldn’t open their mouths at Suho’s resignation.

Up until a week ago, they thought they could.

Out of 45 knight trainees, only four are pilgrims. It was only yesterday that they flirted with the fact that if you train well, you will be recognized as a knight of the kingdom, and you will listen to the voice of a knight in Korea.

But now they know.

How heavy was the position of being a knight, the honorific title of ‘sir’ to Leon.

A knight is not simply someone who is good at fighting.

They must be honorable, seek glory, and are willing to lay down their lives for their comrades.

A pilgrim knight, at least a single soldier, did the same.

The comparison was so realistic that I could feel why Leon was devaluing the superhuman hunters of this earth.

From his point of view, the hunters didn’t seem to be anything more than mercenaries who only wanted money.

‘wait for a sec… … .’

Harry suddenly felt strange.

The base point of the articles was realized. How good and upright they are. then… … .

‘Your Majesty, who fought alone for 200 years at the pinnacle… … .’

What kind of fight has he been fighting?

* * * *

“Sir Spinner. You take care of it from now on.”

-taking over.

After handing over the trainees’ training to Yapi, Leon headed to the knight’s training ground.

Even if it is a training ground for knights, it is just another training ground isolated from the trainees, and there is nothing special except that the space is wide enough for horses to run.

Here, Leon summoned the holy sword and began swordsmanship training.

Training that has been repeated every single day for 300 years of life.

The times he repeated with the knights of the Grand Duke’s family, the companions he met while wandering, and the soldiers and knights after becoming king.

When I looked back, there was only one person left.


Ever since he became a Holy Grail Knight, he has not lost his physical vitality.

No matter how fierce the battle is, it never gets tired, and no disease can invade it, and it always maintains perfect vitality.

“You’re tired.”

Nevertheless, Leon felt tired. My head grew tired and I felt the instructions.

It is 300 years.

Leon was tired enough to stop the routine he had been repeating for over 300 years.

After reincarnating in another world, the 15 years must have been a fairly prosperous time.

It was a time when my body was in pain while receiving the teachings of the Holy Grail Knight, but I still had confidence in the future.

When wandering and fighting against orcs, vampires, and barbarians, when the neighboring country was ruined by the appearance of the Great Devil… Even when you remain alone and continue a war that may last.

It just ran like a horse pulling a carriage. If you think about it, it was a life that only ran forward without any time to feel tired.

Why did the fatigue I didn’t feel even when I was killing the demons came back and bothered me again?


Yes, you must be afraid of losing.

The future of having to fight alone again is a terrible thing.

After all, he is a human too.

‘However, it is a burden that must be carried alone.’

Even the knights of glory have fallen, so how can we share this burden? It was when Leon was about to grab the sword to get rid of his thoughts.

“Ah, Your Majesty. Are you here?”

Hari opened the training ground door, poked her face in, and quickly jumped inside.

“Didn’t you rest at this time?”

Over the past few months, Leon knew Hari’s routine. Basically, the evening after work is spent watching dramas.

Although he is a hard worker, he is the type to take care of his rest time.

Hari scratched her ruddy cheeks and replied.

“That… these days, how to say. I have felt the need for training.”


“It’s not all of a sudden.”

Anyway, I came here to train myself. It is said that these days, young people do not meet Leon’s standards, but this is enough to be called admirable.

“Hold the sword. I’ll take a look.”

“Ah, yep!


When will he stop talking about pseudo historical dramas? In my opinion, it’s like being polite to the king.

“Top posture.”


Hari pulled out her signature sword and assumed a top stance. The basic base is kendo. There is little shaking in the posture, probably because it has been learned for a long time.

“Stop it.”

Leon swung his sword, and Hari blocked it.


He managed to block it, but Hari’s arms tingled at the shock from the sword.

‘Yeah, my strength isn’t normal!’

second, third… It’s fast and fierce, but not unstoppable. However, the transmitted shock accumulated and the arm inadvertently went down.

“Always keep your arms above your navel. If you go down one span, you’re 0.2 seconds late, and if you go down two spans, you’re twice as late.”

“Ah, I understand!”

As Leon pointed out, Hari raised her sword above her belly button. In response, Leon grabbed the wooden sword with both hands and raised it to the top position.

“It’s a hawk’s attitude. It’s a stance of unifying attack and defense.”

Leon strikes diagonally from the top and covers the whole body with the blade. The power in both hands is several times heavier than before.


Harry is not weak. An A-class hunter is a superhuman among superhumans. Even so, it was too much to block Leon’s attack.

“Defense is not only done with arms and swords. One foot back, don’t be pushed away from the center of gravity of the sword.”

After following the advice and blocking the sword, the shock was less than before. The feeling that the roots of Danjeon go down and the ground firmly supports it. A slight posture change can make this difference.

However, the joy of blocking Leon’s sword was short-lived, and the moment the swords met, Leon pushed Hari with his shoulder while they were entangled like magnets.


Hari slumped backwards. I tried to stand up right away, but the sword that touched my throat glowed brightly.

“The sword is not the only weapon. Use the whole body as a weapon.”

Teaching continued.

“The posture of wielding the sword is great. How many times have you said it, quickly and cut it off. What’s the point of revealing gaps in your movements?”

“That… if you want to use the ability…”

“Haa~ Are you saying that again? Don’t think that the only way to win is to use your abilities efficiently. What’s the point if you die?”

“Is that so?”

Hari widened her eyes as if surprised by Leon’s words.

“What do you mean?”

“Uh, um… it’s nothing.”

When Leon stared at Hari, Hari vomited his intentions.

“Your Majesty… I knew you would tell me to fight even at the risk of my life… That honor? For the glory…”


Leon hit Hari on the crown with the back of his sword. evil! Hari’s death trembled.

“Foolish thing. Where is the honor and glory you give?”

“That, that’s true, I’m not as good as those knights, but…”

“I’m not talking about him. They sang glory for the gods. They raised honor for their country. Han Hari, can you do that for this country, Korea?”

“Uh… I don’t think… I think?”

Hari is also in the middle of this generation. Hellfire Peninsula Hell Joseon. Patriotism was fading with each passing day, and the words to give one’s life for one’s country felt like propaganda.

Even though she herself has a particularly strong sense of justice among her peers.

“If you have no one to give glory and honor to, what does it mean to follow them?”

“To be honored…”

Harry was speechless at the unexpected.

Dalian and guidance continued for a while. Leon sharply pointed out each and every one of Hari’s swordsmanship and posture, and each time he corrected them, he felt better in real time.

But strangely… Leon looked weaker than usual.

“Enough here. Rest now.”


Normally, he would have stretched out as much as he could, saying, ‘To be guided by the Lion Heart King, consider it an honor and be grateful for this good luck’, but he indifferently turned around.

On Earth, Hari, who had been with Leon for the longest time, could tell the subtle difference.

“Your Majesty, you don’t seem to have any energy.”

Always confident and upbeat, he seems somewhat depressed after Jeju Island Gate. I knew that he was also a human after all, but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to help.

“Your Majesty’s not feeling well these days. Maybe it’ll be good?”


It was the brain of the Pantheon and the first Holy Grail Knight, Sir Yacht Spinner, who gave such troubled counseling.

Yapi, who was pouring salt into the soldiers’ meals, rolled the camera eye and let out a mechanical sound.

-your majesty. Among non-specific biological reactions to stimuli applied to the living body.

“Can’t you talk to me at eye level?”

– Increased stress level. Need to relieve stress.

“Stress… that’s not wrong.”

So what do you need to relieve stress?

“Sir Yapi, do you know what His Majesty enjoys?

-your majesty. Wake up at 5 o’clock. 4 hours training. breakfast. Morning training map. Lunch. Afternoon training map. dinner. late night prayers. sleep afterwards. Overall, not out of the routine.

“…are you recording all of that?

– Research paper information. Definition of the concept of living things and entertainment. It refers to all activities to enjoy the mood during rest. Perfect for relieving stress.

In short, I think you should enjoy entertainment.

“Your Majesty is playing… well, I can’t imagine. What about Lord Yapi?”

-… … Entertainment for raising dopamine in organic matter is not a subject of consideration in this study.

Why is it so difficult to say something you don’t know?

Hari pondered for a while, and then an idea suddenly crossed her mind.

“Yes! If that’s the case, His Majesty will enjoy it too! It’s just like the times!”


“Just in time, there was something useful in the association! I’ll have to contact you first.”

-What is your plan?

Whispering, as Hari explained the plan, Yaffy sorted out the objective information and admitted that it was a reasonable derivation.

– The accidental conversion of organic matter. Not up to the computing power of this unit.

“Yes, yes, you would.”

-A nuance that mocks this machine. It is not an attitude that mere organic matter will take.

Hari shrugged and made a gesture of victory.

The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 64: Holy Grail Knight Geobrick (5)

The escape drama begins.

Just by opening the rift, beasts that are already meaningless to count are chasing them. They are chasing horses running through the fields.

The 500 horses were taking a strange shape.

The hunters who borrowed the horses of the wandering knights are at the center, and hundreds of other wandering knights protect them.

“Fifty white herons on the flank! Fast!”

“Respond archers!”

Hunters’ magic arrows were fired at the beasts. However, even with empty words, the hit rate is not high.

It is natural. Shooting an arrow from a horse requires much more skill and practice than shooting from a flat ground.

Even the commoner yeommen, Lionheart’s scout troopers, are put into action after years of training, not to mention the arrows fired by modern men who have just mounted horses today.

Magic poems that fall in the wrong place, making the hunters’ volley fire colorless. Lee Yong-wan grinded his teeth.


Putting aside the other hunters, he, an S-class archer, is in this situation… Was it this difficult to shoot an arrow from a horse?

“Get rid of those approaching from the side!”

“Don’t spare your protection and use it!”

Wandering knights who slay the beasts that attack them even while running. they were skilled

Even while running at full speed, he stabbed the eyes with his lance or tripped over his legs from the beasts that attacked from the side.

Unlike the Hunters, who were useless while on horseback, the Wandering Knights were different.

They are masters of combat who have accumulated martial arts throughout their lives. Even though they risked their lives to protect them, the number of beasts attacking them increased.

“A bunch of monsters appear!”

“I’m in charge of the air.”

Stallion, awakened as Pegasus, flies in. Beatrice shoots arrows of magical energy from behind Leon’s back.

Her overwhelming firepower swept away the rogue birds trying to snatch the horse.

However, cracks did not occur only in one place. It occurred in various parts of the gate that was being demolished due to closing.

“A herd of wild boars is charging from the front!”

A pilgrim knight shouted to the Hunters.

“Slide to the side and take a detour! The lead 30 will charge with me!”

Leaving behind the hunters who fell to the side, the leading wandering knights rushed towards the wild boars.

Marger is a beast whose charging power is particularly threatening. Originally, it is best to avoid head-on collisions and steadily cut from the side.

The pilgrims were able to do that. But it didn’t.

– Kwaaaang!

Mazu and the knights collide head-on. As they pierce each other, pieces of meat splatter in all directions with an impact.


-Don’t let even one escape!

Horses and wild boars intertwined with each other engage in a melee. The wild boars couldn’t even think of chasing the hunters because of the biting knights.


“your majesty?”

Leon, who was watching it from the air, gritted his teeth. Seven knights who died instantly without even having a chance to regenerate from the shock.

For their souls flowed into the Holy Grail.

“Keep intercepting the monsters.”

Beatrice continued to use great magic without asking further.

to the gate entrance.

The pilgrims disappeared one by one.

* * * *

gate entrance. The saggy union raiding party hunters escape the gate one after another.

Until the moment of the final escape, the situation was not easy. Even when they arrived at the gate, they were attacked by beasts from all directions.

– Kieh!



“Shield wall!”

However, the finale is guarded by the Wandering Knights, the Lion Heart King, and the Magician Queen.

Numerous corpses pile up in front of the wandering knights who get off their horses and guard the gate.

Nevertheless, the beasts tried to block the retreat through the gap. Other hunters attacking them.

– Caw?!

The black eagles are shot down by flying arrows, and Majo, who was running madly, is blocked by the giant man.

– Kwuh?


“Hold tight!”

While Hwang Geum-cheol, who had lost his weapon by Geobrick, grabbed the wild boar, Hwang Yeon-ha struck him on the side one after another.

The thick boar’s hide was pierced and the blood spilled out, causing it to droop.

“Is that over?”

Lee Yong-wan approached. He sent the guild members first and stayed behind to help the wandering knights and Leon, and as a fixed battery, he eliminated the threat from the air next to Beatrice.

“What did we do? Her Majesty the Lion Heart King and the Queen did everything.”

Golden Chul still admired the two of them shooting down the beasts. I thought it was strong, but I never thought it would be that strong.

As a saved position, he stepped forward to contribute to Fumi’s safety, but the more he watched the fight between the two, the more keenly he felt his own weakness.

‘Is that a knight… … .’

Today they witnessed the honorable knight and its end. I owed the lion heart king’s bonus, the price of my life.

This debt I owe today will have to be repaid in one form or another.



It is the last way out of allied raids. The four of them left the gate, checking Leon, who was staring at the road he had left with his back firmly on his back.

* * * *

The beasts are still coming. If you delay any longer, you will be swept away by the waves of beasts.

While the wandering knights served as a shield, Leon remained in his seat even though he had to escape as soon as possible.

– Stop it!

– Don’t send a single one back!

The glorious knights are fading away. No matter how many knights they were, they were desperately holding out even in the midst of unfavorable terrain and numbers. Their end is soon.

“your majesty!”

I hear a little girl’s voice behind me. It was Han Hari and the cadets.

“I told you to go first.”


They knew they wouldn’t be of much help.

That it was right to leave it to the Lion Heart King and the Magician Queen and retreat first. but… … .

“I think I’ll have to watch until the end…”

Hari felt obliged to watch them until the end.

Those who are willing to sacrifice for justice, and who are willing to die for glory and honor.

No one cried, no one spewed resentment or hatred.

What is the honor they so blindly believe in, so that they can throw their lives away like this for granted?

And Leon… Knowing the knights’ loyalty, why did they still remain?

It is probably a similar duty no different from that of knights.

For the sake of the loyal knights and soldiers, he had to stay until the end and take revenge. Even if it is risky and irrational.

“If you want to stay. Stay.”

After saying that, Leon stared in the direction he had left without hesitation. Now, I stared at the pilgrim knights until the end.

And finally, when the beasts seen over the horizon arrived, Leon confronted them… … .

– Kiki profit… !

Black blotches covering the sky. While the four-legged beasts on the ground struggled, the black eagles that had gathered numbers were rushing in all at once.

“Your Majesty… I think we have to get out now.”

“Not yet. Not yet.”

Leon was waiting for someone. last one. I was willing to take the risk for that last one. The moment the rogue birds finally try to dive——



Goosebumps popping up everywhere. The black stains that covered the sky screamed and fell unable to spread their wings.

“Go, why are you doing that all of a sudden?”

The cadets were taken aback, but Leon knew what that meant.

The next moment, he sensed the ‘spirit’ returning to the Holy Grail and realized that the blow of that great soul had pierced the incarnation of the bird.

“at last…….”

Leon’s whole body trembled. Soaring rage and uncontrollable hatred stood in his bloodshot eyes.

“You will pay this price! The wicked beasts you serve will meet the most brutal deaths!!”

The Holy Grail Knights force the results through the Holy Law.

So, is the oath uttered by the greatest grail guardian really binding?

It will only be created by this King of Knights.

“Retreat. I will remember this day.”

The three of them turned the reins and retreated. None of Baekrang and the others were chasing Leon.

* * * *

The Jeju Island gate was closed, and Leon and the students returned to Korea with the thanks of the president Oh Kang-hyeok.

However, their footsteps were heavy, because Leon, the leader, remained silent.

The cadets who did not participate in the gate capture looked confused, but Kim Jae-hyeok and Han Su-ho noticed and put an end to it.

The bedroom where I came back after finishing all the work like that. Leon couldn’t sleep for a while.

This is not the first time he has witnessed the deaths of comrades.

In the great war against the demons, countless knights perished, and the soldiers met their end. The Holy Grail Knights who were able to entrust their backs ascended to heaven one by one, and the saints and priestesses were embraced by the gods.

In the end, only Leon survived. When the gods carried the pantheon to his heart, he accepted it gladly, but the weight was by no means light.


Unable to sleep, he woke up. Yapi tilted his head beside him, but Leon stroked his back and left the room.

There is a bar in the pantheon for drinking. It is not a fancy and luxurious bar in the city, but a rugged facility for supplying soldiers with alcohol and relieving their fatigue.

Only 1st generation students who have completed their training period are allowed to drink here. Even that is a quiet facility because they go to bed early for regular training.

“Oh, Your Majesty?”

Surprisingly, there were passengers.


“Can’t you sleep?”

“Is that you too?”

Beatrice tilted her head with a soft smile. In her hand is a glass full of red wine.

“How can you have a drink without snacks?”

“I want to get drunk.”

She leaned against the table with an unusually flushed expression.

Unlike her usual relaxed appearance, she now looks dangerous.

“Can I have a drink too?”

“Are you drinking with me?”

“You drink with me.”


Beatrice staggered out a new glass and poured the wine. The overflowing cup is full of red.

“Your Majesty… Do you remember those who went before you?”

Beatrice’s gaze was reflected in the glass. Leon smiled wryly as he looked at the red eyes in the sparkling wine.

“Being a monarch is a tiring job.”

You must carry more burdens than anyone else, be stronger than anyone else, and never give up under any circumstances.

Even if no one stays by the side at the end of the fight.

Leon took a drink. poisoned a lot.

Beatrice filled the empty glass without saying a word. Beatrice grinned as she waved her sparkling wine glass.

The two casually clinked their glasses at each other. Surprisingly, it seems to be a common culture across the world.


“Please call me Bice. I have no kingdom or people to protect anymore.”

How can the king of a kingdom without people be called a king? Beatrice recited self-deprecating sadness and sent a pitiful gaze.

“So, isn’t it the same for me too?”

“Your Majesty is different. Your Majesty carries the soul. Even the gods rely on you.”

And above all.

“Your Majesty has soothed their spirits and fulfilled their longings. He is a great king incomparable to others.”

“……Don’t blame yourself so much. You are also a better king than anyone else.”

In order to save her people and country, she threw herself into the devil’s plot. Repeating destruction and rebirth for nearly a hundred years.

Even if it failed, who can blame that spirit?

“Your Majesty finally won. He did not compromise with evil, and he kept justice and faith. That’s why even now, His Majesty’s people and knights can have hope in paradise.”

Beatrice seemed to be praising Leon, but her eyes were sad.

“That’s why I feel sorry for Your Majesty. Because you will carry that burden forever. Even if you lose again and again, you have to stand up again.”

Beatrice saw the expression on Leon’s face when he had to watch Geobrick’s ascension.

It was a terrible loneliness, and it was a road to death with no end in sight. He must have been frustrated.

However, because I am not a person who will collapse because of frustration, because I am a person who will stand up endlessly in the end.

She struggled with her own weight and wanted to lean on Leon. I wanted to lean on his shoulder and pass the burden on him, even if it was only a brief moment of drunkenness.

The death knights who supported him until the very end. The only way to repay their loyalty is to help them succeed in a safe reincarnation.

You can’t rely on him anymore. Anything should lighten his burden.

“If there’s anything you want from me, tell me anything.”

Whatever it was, Beatrice would give Leon what he wanted. Leon smiled bitterly when he read her determination and determination.

“Jim fought alone for too long. That’s why he seems to have forgotten. The many comrades who once fought alongside Jim…”

Today, Leon reflected on the loss of that time.

“My people, my friends, my kingdom. My…”

Leon couldn’t think of anything more. I didn’t want to mention those two.

The loss and sadness that only he remembers belonged to him who was left alone.

Leon stared at Beatrice.

“You must not die before Jim. The death of the person next to you will pierce your bones no matter how many times you experience it.”

The night deepens.

The two share the same scars and spent a long time working together.

The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 63: Holy Grail Knight Geobrick (4)

Running hurriedly through a blood-soaked field.

It was a bloody field with fragments of meat everywhere.

A corpse here, a corpse there. Every time the soles of their feet step on the ground, chunks of soft meat are stepped on.

“Damn… Damn! Damn monsters!”

Hildir, the sorcerer of the Beast God. She straightened her crumbling body and opened the escape route.

Hundreds of years of planning failed. Damn the Holy Grail Knight, three such monsters!

Geobrick, who has recovered his prime, and Lion Heart King, who does not know where he invaded. And–

“Where are you in such a hurry?”

black witch. She let out a strange voice in front of Hildir.


Unlike the Holy Grail Knights, the Holy Law is not compulsory, but the magician queen who poured enormous firepower than anyone else.

Hildir was afraid of the Holy Grail Knight’s Holy Law, but he considered this monster to be the one with the most ‘heyday’ power.

Especially in a place overflowing with magical power like this place, it’s even more powerful.

“I have a question for you.”

The voice behind the veil is soft. Even so, my hands and feet are trembling and my confused mind seems to be caught.

The demon queen stared at the red stone in her hand.

“Is it something called a magic crystal? It can be mined by hunting within the gate.

Beatrice investigated the arcane funk that supports modern Earth civilization. As a being who has reached the extreme of magic, the study of magic is her instinct.

However, the more we learn about the existence of these magic stones and gates, the more questions we have. There are many questions, but right now… … .

“This gate. The output of magic stones far exceeds that of other gates.

“That, what about that…”

“It’s strange, isn’t it? No matter how big the gate is, in the end, the inside of the gate is limited in size, and the roadside is full of magic stones.”

It’s like when a war ends, a new war starts again.

“Is it repeating itself? Like it tried to corrupt me.”

The queen’s eyes glanced toward the battlefield. Knights and soldiers sweeping away the remaining beasts. The war situation has already turned.

“Huh, I don’t think it’s a devil… It’s like watching and copying what you’re doing. I have so many things to ask you.”

Alas, Hildir realized that this woman did not consider herself an NPC. Are you planning to capture yourself, the only ‘living thing’ in this gate?

“Great Beast Gods, to your slaves——


Hick, I’m getting chills. What was it? Hildir was startled by the tickling voice.

“It’s not a power that I really like… but what I can use is because I pay attention.”

At the end of my gaze, I can see the face of the queen who has reaped the veil.

Hair that shimmered like melted silver ingots, and red eyes that gleamed with luster. Coquetry that can be felt only with a sweet voice and hand gestures.

The innate aura of corruption dazzles Hildir.

“Could you please be quiet?”

“Ah, ah…”

The sweet voice is delivered directly to the ear.

Even though the seductive lips whispered from a distance of less than 1 cm, Hildir couldn’t shake it off.

I want to suck those lips right now, bury my face in my chest, and stroke her thighs.

I would do anything to earn his favor.

“Hey, Goddess…”

“Disrespect. Gods do exist… Yes, I allow you to call me Master.”

“I’m the owner…”

The power of corruption exerts great power against the opposite sex.

However, when it came to Beatrice, even a person of the same sex could be corrupted with just her voice. The demons of lust didn’t pick her up as the next demon lord for nothing.

She is the most powerful woman of pleasure that makes even fanatics abandon their gods. Among transcendental beings, only beings with a particularly strong mind must take this power lightly.

[You disappoint us again.]

It was then. The imprints of the ‘Three Beast Gods’ that fell off the skin of the sorcerer who had abandoned his faith each let out a dreary voice.

Majo, Baekrang, and Black Eagle. Black smoke in the form of a beast glared at Beatrice and Hildir as if to kill them.

“Ah, ah… Gods…”

Hildir felt death and trembled in fear. However, Beatrice held her chin behind her back, crossing her chest.

The queen laughed as she showed off Hildir who couldn’t resist at all.

“Your slave is now mine… now what?”

[The seed of a peculiar pleasure… !]

[You’re arrogant about getting a slave.]

[I will chew and swallow you!]

Illusions distorted by anger. Hildir trembled and confessed the information himself.

“Sir, the gods will descend. This, this gate is the realm of beast gods… Even though they are incarnated, if the remaining beast gods descend…!”

“It must be dangerous.”

The enraged beast gods who had their slaves taken away began to create cracks in space.

* * * *

The kingdom army, which defeated the enemy and reached a lull. While the hunters who were hostile to them come to their senses one by one, people naturally gather around Leon.

“Guardian of the Holy Grail…”

“You are the representative of the gods…”

Beyond the Holy Grail Knight, a living saint, a living demigod. The owner of the lion’s heart and the guardian of the Holy Grail.

They considered it an honor just to be able to see the existence of the Lion Heart King right in front of them.

“It was an honor to fight alongside you, Sir Geobrick.”

“It was an honor for me, lung…, ha.”

Geobrick looked awkwardly at Leon. It is because the Lion Heart King he knows is not Leon.

“The 11th Lion Heart King, Ronald Batalion Lionheart, often talked about lords and knights.”

“Did you… meet him?”

“Yes, Ronald the Great is in the paradise of the gods.”


What he meant was clear. The feeling of déjà vu while intuition that the sexual law was not working properly.

The true holy power of the self-proclaimed lion heart king.

Even the warm energy of the goddess Demera that she hadn’t felt before.

It all points to one thing.

“It seems we are already dead.”

Holy Grail Knight Geobrick and Ravoina Knights of Dawn. Wandering knights and loyal kingdom troops who participated in the war to raise their honor.

In fact, all of them were already dead, and even after death, their souls were bound and they were repeating battles and deaths like NPCs.

Leon conveyed this to each and every soldier. These loyal soldiers had a right to know.

“your majesty…!”

It was then. Four people approaching on horseback from afar. Including Hari, Suho, Jaehyuk, and Soyeon were approaching.

Perhaps they also participated in the battle with the knights, and they were covered in blood here and there.

“I told you to withdraw from my battle.”

“Ah! That, that’s… I want to be of any help…”

“Who are these people?”

“They are my servants. And they are also the inhabitants of another world.”

Leon explained to Hari about the existence of the gate, the hunters, and the quest.

“As for the quest… this gate will be closed only after defeating Sir Geobrick.”


“Sir Geobrick?”

Geobrick chuckled at Hari’s explanation.

The fact that if you kill the creatures in the gate, the magic crystals will come out, and the magic crystals are scattered all over the gate. And that the gate closes only when he is defeated.

He himself admired the logic that naturally resulted.

“Your Majesty, it seems I haven’t been defeated in so many years!”

“That too.”

His chuckle was so loud that it hurt his eardrums. Harry walked over to him and asked.

“Uh… do you remember anything?”

“Um…! I can’t remember. We just came to subdue the barbarians.”

“It must have been the enchantment of those demons. The demons also helped.”


Hari wondered if she should tell her what she found out. Perhaps this will lead them to despair.

However, Leon, who noticed Hari’s hesitation, helped her.

“Speak. They deserve to know the truth.”


Hari quietly recited the truth as the kingdom’s soldiers, including Geobrick and the knights, watched.

“Magic stones were also found in your bodies. Magic stones are… a special ore found by creatures within the gate.”

The person who discovered this ore belongs to the gate. All but a few survivors did.

In other words.

“You guys can’t get out of this gate.”

Geobrick is not a survivor.

The knights did the same, and the soldiers did the same.

The moment the gate closes, they disappear.

It was the time when the truth was faced and everyone realized their situation.

[Lion Heart… !!]

[I will chew and swallow you!]

The beasts of the apocalypse open their realm and enter

Filled with dense mana, they were huge enemies that could not be resisted.

* * * *

cracks in space

It was quite different from when Hildir summoned the incarnation.

At that time, there were chunks of meat to make the body of the incarnation. But not now.

All that was left at the gate was scraps of meat. Even the ‘magic stone’ was extinguished by Leon and Geobrick, who had restored the Holy Law.

Because of that, it takes time for the incarnation to descend. It was the testimony of Hildir, who was seduced by Beatrice.

“How to stop the incarnation itself?”

“Hehe, no… now that this gate… is over… the gods will use all the magical power of the realm… ohhh.”


In other words, fighting is inevitable. Leon didn’t care.

“I will fight. How can I leave this gate, leaving the Knights of Glory behind?”

Beatrice carefully advised him, who was burning with the will to fight.

“Your Majesty. It seems unwise to confront them head-on.”

“There is no way. If a dungeon break occurs, there is a concern that they will go out into the world.”

Whether you fight outside or fight here, it’s all the same. The conclusion is that it is best to fight here with at least one Holy Grail Knight.

“No, there is a way.”

Geobrick stepped forward. He took off his armor before he knew it, and the moment his big hand flashed.

– Kwajik!

Geobrick pierced his own heart and took out a large magic crystal from within.


“Muh, what are you doing!”

Hari and the cadets who witnessed the scene twisted in astonishment. However, Geobrick speaks calmly.

“The closing condition is that I and Geobrick fall. It would be meaningless to fight at the gate that will soon disappear, Your Majesty.”


Before Leon could say anything, the other knights shouted.

“For the Lion Heart King!”

“We offer our souls to the pantheon!”

The knights of the Ravonia Dawn Knights, who understood Geobrick’s actions, pulled out the magic crystals in my heart all at once.

“Thank you for following me, knights.”

Geobrick was breathing even as he pulled out the heart-like magic crystal and spilled blood.

Although he was sweating more heavily than before, he is the Holy Grail Knight of life and abundance. Even if he has recovered his sexual law, he can temporarily survive even if his heart is pulled out in conjunction with his regenerative power.

And this was the same for all members of the corps under the protection of Geobrick.

“My brothers and sisters! You will know that the final battle is imminent! Here, here, our spirit…! The Lion Heart King, who represents the glory of the gods, lives and breathes!”

“We the dead are willing to give up our lives for the future of the living!”

“Will you follow me!!”

The wandering knights and legionnaires who remained at Geobrick’s righteous declaration. They fully understood their position and stared at their only hope.

Lion Heart King.

Different from the dead and captivated by the gate, beings who can continue to sing the glory of the gods.

There was no hesitation.

Like the knights, Lionheart’s subjects and loyal soldiers sworn to defend the kingdom gladly cut out my heart.



“Damn it, it hurts so bad!”

He cuts out his heart and brings out evidence that he is a possessed being.

Now, their bodies were moving only with the miracle of God, not with magic stones.

Leon said with a distorted expression in that great spirit of sacrifice and loyalty.

“Your loyalty makes me ashamed. You have left me with a great task.”

“One more request, Your Majesty.”

I held up the magic crystal and hammer that Geobrick took out of my heart.

“Goddess Demera, grant my wish.”

If this magic stone is the vessel that entangled her soul——

“The one who is loyal to the Lion Heart King and has been recognized by Demera! Through this hammer, I will inherit the authority of Geobrick!!”

The Holy Grail Knight’s holy offering. The goddess Demera gladly accepted the sacrifice.

The magic stones of Geobrick and the soldiers disappear like smoke and dwell in the hammer. The holy relic of the Holy Grail Knight radiated a brilliant light with more full holy power.

Holy Grail Knights, honorable knights, and loyal soldiers dedicated their souls to this holy relic. Geobrick handed the hammer to Leon.

“Please take care of it. Until one day someone who holds this hammer in front of His Majesty appears.”


Leon gladly accepted the hammer. Geobrick grabbed Leon’s hand.

“It was an honor to fight alongside you.”

“Your honorable ascension will be remembered, Sir Geobrick.”

Leon turned around without hesitation. The queen and the cadets follow behind him. The pilgrims stepped forward. They got off their horses and gladly gave them to the Hunters.

“Take it. Even if you lack riding skills, you will follow the king’s words.”


Lee Yong-wan hesitantly takes over the words that the knights who were killing and killing each other were willing to give.

More than a hundred hunters rode the horses of the wandering knights.

Geobrick ordered.

“Still pilgrims on horseback. This is the final order. Protect the king until the final retreat.”

“”I’ll take it!!””

The survivors set out on a retreat under the escort of the remaining wandering knights.

The dead, who have revealed their will to die to the living, place their hands on their chests.

“A life of honor.”

“May the gods be with you.”

Thousands of soldiers salute to Leon. They didn’t look back at Leon and the others who had disappeared from sight and headed forward.

And Baron Laurent Dominec approaches him as he puts on his armor again and goes to the battlefield.

“Sir Geobrick.”

“Sir Laurent? I don’t see Sir Gaston.”

“He died fighting the beasts. He left behind this sword.”

Laurent offered the sword left by his close friend to Geobrick. It was for him with empty hands.

“It’s a great sword. With this sword I will cut my enemies and soothe Sir Gaston’s soul.”

“You will be delighted.”

– Purrung… !

Geobrick caressed the Pegasus flying towards me. A comrade who drove the black eagles around him throughout the battle.

“I will meet my true end, my comrade.”

Geobrick got on his horse and led the way. They were followed by the Ravonia Dawn Knights, the pilgrim knights, and the kingdom’s soldiers.

Beast gods who appeared with a gigantic anomaly and numerous followers, causing a rift.

Against the forces of evil and the gods, who cannot be matched by mere humans, Geobrick proudly shouts.

“I’m Geobrick…!”

“Hundred thousand enemies of the kingdom directly beaten to death! Five million enemies defeated as a War Knight!”

“Invincible in two hundred and twenty years and one thousand five hundred battles!”

“I defended Gerhan’s territory against 300,000 orcs, and competed with the Ogre Warchief in Montreal and won!”

“Demera blessed, Ariana looked after, and Petos rejoiced.”

“I am the mighty Knight of Montreal! I am Geobrick, the Holy Grail Knight of Abundance and Life!”

“You wicked ones who turned into beasts after coveting power. This goldsmith’s status. What can you guys do?!”

The grand echo made even the monsters, whose only instincts remained due to beastization, tremble.

A shining saint on a turbid battlefield.

A person who was favored by God and shared his power with him.

A knight of glory that symbolizes the existence of divinity and destruction.

He said.

“Come, let’s go. My brothers and sisters. Today we die for justice. The gods will protect us.”

“”For the Goddess!!””

“”For the honor!!””

“”For Lionheart… !!””

The Holy Grail Knight pulls out his sword amidst a roaring sound like a lion’s roar.

“To Lionheart.”

Singing the final glory, forward.

“Glory to you.”

The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 62: Holy Grail Knight Geobrick (3)

While hurriedly running, Leon explained to the queen and the students about the ‘barbarians who serve the beast gods’.

“They’re like rats. Even if you subdue them from time to time and reduce their numbers, they will breed and breed somewhere.”

Hari wondered if it would be similar to the periodic subjugation of northern immigrants.

“Well, but… killing skin or even killing children…”

“The kingdom and its knights are not fools who like to be inefficient. It’s because of the imprint that they skinned and killed.”

“A stamp?”

Leon threw a piece of something at Hari. While running the horse, she managed to catch it, and at the strange feeling of the water, kyaaaaagh! and shuddered.

“Sah, human skin?!”

“There are many things that have peeled off their skins, so why are you surprised to see them?”


Maybe it’s because he’s a medieval man, but he doesn’t have the delicacy of a modern man. Hari opened the leather with one hand and found an engraving on it.

“Eh, what is this…”

“It is an oath to dedicate oneself to the beast god. From the moment you carve this seal and abuse its power, your soul will be slowly eroded.”

“That, it can’t be…”

“They infiltrate the city. They dazzle the oblivious people with their strong power and ability. In the end, the encroached souls become servants of the beast god.”

So, the only solution is eradication. They are not devils, but they are the followers of evil spirits who are incompatible with devils.

“Remember. Your peaceful common sense and soft human rights are useless in this brutal fight. All you need is truth and absolute justice.”


The cadets were silent and had no choice but to affirm Leon’s words. At first, even if you want to be some kind of crazy person, what this man claims is usually reasonable.

“Mi, I believed in you, Zenzaang…”

When Kim Jae-hyeok awkwardly hit the drip, Cheon So-yeon hit the top of his head with a scabbard.

“Billion…! Why do you hit me!”

“Be a little more serious.”

Grabbing the reins of a running horse is a daunting task. The Kingdom Knight Sir Toscata Bendelic, who was leading Leon, shouted.

“Im here!”

At the place where they arrived, Hari and the cadets swallowed the flagship.

It’s a big deal.

Knights, soldiers, and monsters are entangled in a terrible melee.

“What, what?”

“There are also members of the Phoenix Guild and the Golden Lion Guild!”

“What’s going on?!”

Barbarians whose placentas have already turned into beasts, and hunters who are controlled by the shaman of the beast god by imprinting.

The isolated knights and soldiers were fighting, but it seemed only a matter of time before they were swept away by the waves.

“This, the beasts that moved are gear noses!”

“We must charge now!”

Only 10 or so knights were furious with their arrogance.

“Wait. It’s not right to just hit and run from here.”

“But then how…”


Leon got off the horse. First, I looked at the situation and found Geobrick.

Geobrick stood out more than anyone on that crowded battlefield. A green knight with a heavy armor. He is being attacked by Korean S-class hunters and beastized monsters.

Originally, they were not Geobrick’s opponents.

First of all, the encroachment of the beast god is easily released in front of the Holy Grail Knight’s Holy Law, and the imprint is destroyed the moment the corpse dies instantly.

Even though there were so many cult barbarians around the Lionheart Kingdom, the reason they were regularly cleaned was because of the Holy Grail Knight’s sexual law of concept coercion.

However, the manipulation and resurrection by the imprint of the beast are proceeding without difficulty. This is because there was a problem with Geobrick’s surname.

“If only I could summon her…”

Leon knew a ‘new beast’ that could make a big difference in this situation. However, summoning that great body was burdensome.

[Lionheart. my knight.]

It was then. The voice of the goddess was heard in Leon’s ears.

“Are you Ariana?”

Ariana, goddess of light and justice. She had delivered her voice directly to Leon’s ear.

[Your goddess delivers on behalf of Demera. Go and reap the souls we have not reaped. Wandering souls who gave their allegiance to the pantheon.]

“I’m willing to serve you.”

It is natural. The goddess didn’t even have to order Leon’s actions. The Goddess has come to suggest a way.

[Tie the reins of the former king to Stallion. That rein has the power to awaken the old lineage.]

“Are you talking about the reins of the Argentinian Majesty?”

Leon immediately took out the treasure he had received as a gift from subspace.

Argentinian Majesty Lionheart. The reins left by the former king of Leon are legendary reins that are said to tame any ferocious phantom beast.

Leon burned this treasure together at the former king’s funeral home. May he ride a horse through the meadows of paradise.

After hundreds of years passed, the reins returned to my hands and were wrapped around the Stallion at the command of the goddess.

– Purrreuk!

Stallion… She gladly accepted her friend’s hand and put on the reins, and at that moment, an amazing thing happened.

“This, this…!”

Even the knights, the queen and the cadets were surprised. Wings sprouted from Stallion!

Even Leon was surprised by this appearance.

“Stalion…! I heard that you inherited the lineage of the Heavenly Demon…”

Stallion is a word that is classified as a divine number. A bloodline for the king, with only great bloodlines and noble beings on his back.

I heard that there is also Pegasus lineage if you trace back that long ancestor, but I never thought that lineage would be awakened.

In Leon’s generation, not only was the lineage cut off, but it is a noble lineage that cannot even be crossed with low-ranking horses.

“To be willing to give away such a great treasure…”

If this bridle is a treasure that awakens even old bloodlines… Wouldn’t a similar thing be possible with other beasts?

Perhaps it is possible to return the degenerate drake to a dragon.

“Eh, the horse has wings…”

The cadets were astounded by the awakening of that astounding comrade. Leon told them.

“You guys wait here with the knights.”

“Yes? Uh, why?”

“Guardian of the Holy Grail! Are you telling us to give up an honorable battle!”

At this, both the cadets and knights rebelled. It was because it seemed as if Leon would throw himself into that fight by himself.

“You can’t break through that besieged terrain with less than 10 horsemen. You guys are not capable enough.”

“So, then, does His Majesty intend to jump in there alone?”

“I’m not alone.”

The one who stepped out was Queen Beatrice. She held out her hand with a smile hidden behind her veil.

“Thank you for your help.”

“It is my duty.”

Leon grabbed the Queen’s hand and boarded the Stallion, which became the Heavenly Horse.

“Your example is here. Today, witness the pinnacle of glory that you must seek.”

Leon grabbed the reins, and Stallion soared into the sky.

* * * *

The road to Geobrick was difficult.

This is because a group of giant eagles engraved with black eagles and turned into beasts blocked Stallion’s approach.

“These are dirty beasts. Stallion, wouldn’t your ankles be tied to those things?”


Stallion responds with a growl at Leon’s playful provocation.

It was the first Stallion ever to fly, but the noble beast quickly got used to it.

– Caw!

Huge repairs rushing in. Likewise, they are monstrous birds that have just become beasts and are not accustomed to flying.

They came running, gasping for breath, trying to overwhelm the Stallions with numbers and mass.

However, an invisible wall formed simultaneously with the flapping of wings. The repairs couldn’t even slow down the Stallion.

– Kwadeuk!

The moment they collide, the pieces of meat are torn apart and pass out from the shock. Stallion broke through the group of eagles at once and continued gliding.

– Caw!

– Caw!

In an instant, the repairs that broke through pursued them with an annoying tune. Behind Leon’s back, Beatrice laughed.


At that moment, a beautiful hand flows in the air. Those who were confident in mana management would have been shocked to see the magnificent mana condensed in that beautiful hand.


Black magic arrows pouring down. No, it’s more like a beam gun from Space Opera than an arrow.

Estimated magical power Class A light magic. Even a high-ranking mage of the Mage Tower can form a casting that requires time with a hand gesture.


The stains in the sky were washed away by Beatrice’s light gesture. In the meantime, Stallion reached the sky above Geobrick.

“Hold the reins for a moment. We must clear the ground.”

“If Shinsoo accepts me.”


Stallion caused a match at the touch of a non-Leon, but the nobility felt in that touch immediately faded away.

like that.

Leon jumps off the Heavenly Horse.

“All, who are you?”

“I am the Lion Heart King. Guardian of the Holy Grail and agent of the Pantheon. I am Leon Dragonia Lionheart.”

I answered Geobrick’s question.

* * * *

Geobrick made a face full of surprise at Leon, who appeared out of nowhere.

“Lion Heart King… I don’t know who the Lord is, but it’s important for someone who serves a god to pretend to be—”

“Now is not the time to argue with Katabuta, Holy Grail Knight of Demera. We must overcome this difficulty first.”

“……I agree. But how?”

The sex law did not function properly and the situation was completely overturned. How to do it in such a situation?

“First… I’ll have to cut off those pathetic bastards.”

Leon saw the S-class hunters surrounding the two. Including the number of raiding parties, there were well over 100 people.

They still had the rationality of beasts, but they hadn’t gone so far as to change their bodies. Unlike the savages who were dedicated to beast gods from birth, it must be because of their innate resistance and short period of time.

“I am the Lion Heart King. I came to lead you to paradise.”

In an instant, Geobrick’s eyes widened when he saw the holy relic Leon had taken out.

“Sir, how is the Holy Grail here!”

It is a sacred object passed down from generation to generation to the Lion Heart King and the reason why they are called guardians.

Items of that holy energy are by no means imitations.

The Holy Grail shines by itself.

The holy water boils bubbling, and the sky responds to it.

The dull, dry sky cleared in an instant, and thunderstorms rumbled.

– What, what is it?

-What’s going on?

agitated soldiers. They are not alone. Even the servants of the demonized beast were afraid of the shaking sky.

right at that moment.

The holy water evaporates and touches the clouds in the sky.

The golden light forms a huge semicircle around the sky.

Great Voice <Brilliance>

A sacred shield that is only allowed to the Holy Grail Guardians.

A miracle that even the Holy Grail Knights who have lived a glorious and honorable life for hundreds of years cannot accomplish is now manifesting here.

“Sah, did the wound heal?”

“I can’t believe it… my arm was cut off…”

Super-scale recovery by the Holy Grail. The original function has been further strengthened and expanded to a greater extent.

The effect is truly a miracle itself. Thousands of soldiers and knights who had died of injuries were healed and regenerated.

And that’s not all.


The beasts howl. Beasts exposed to the curtain of light rolled over in pain from their burning skin.

Even beasts that have already turned into beasts and engraved with the power of evil spirits are at that level. The warriors who had not yet turned into beasts were ignited with their skin burning.

Here and there, the process of people burning and becoming ashes is repeated.

“Ugh, ugh… What, what?”

“Ah, it hurts… so, it hurts…”

And as the imprint burned, the brainwashed Hunters each complained of pain.

It wasn’t long after they engraved their mark that it was over, but in an instant, their power was drained and they became helpless and witnessed the miracle unfolding in front of their eyes.

“iced coffee…….”

“That’s it, that’s it…”

miracle of god.

The guardian representing the gods receives the energy pouring from the sky, and the fallen knights and soldiers stand up around them.

A brilliant radiance felt from him. Divine aura overflowing even from his breath. The knights and Geobrick realized.

That that was the true holy power that he had forgotten about.

Why didn’t I know?

How come you didn’t notice?

A gender user who enforces the law.

That the great power is a miracle caused by the gods. And–

“It’s holy power…”

Geobrick felt the true holy power flowing through Leon.

[My baby. My lost article.]

“Is it Demera?”

[Go and help the King of Knights.]

There are no more questions. Geobrick raised his hammer and mended the shield.

If there were a lot of questions, he poured them all out.

“Guardian of the Holy Grail. I will be with you.”

“It’s a pleasure to stand on the same battlefield, Sir Geobrick.”

It was then. The beasts that had been screaming in pain within the shroud of brilliance began to gather like waves and form a huge mass.

– Kwadeuk! Quadduk!

Souls dedicated to the beast god. The ‘what used to be a person’, whose body had been distorted, now begins to become entangled with each other’s fabric.

“Great Cheol-Woong. I offer you your slaves!”

At the end of it was Hildir, the shaman of the Tribal Union.

The beauty that was beautiful is nowhere to be found, and the skin that has been melted by the veil is terrible.

However, as much as it acts as an agent for the will of the evil spirit, it is maintaining its survival even in the miracle of the Great Sacred Law.

Hildir knew he couldn’t back down. Unlike Geobrick, whose soul was bound, that one is a real Holy Grail Knight.

A being that compels sex laws. A holy method user who ‘annihilates’ even the demons who do not die even when killed, or even the shaman of evil spirits whose bodies are only shells.

Individual beasts cannot do anything about it. It’s a pity, but even if the soul itself is exhausted, all the followers within the gate must be sacrificed.

[Kraah … ! Lion Heart… … !!]

Thanks to the entanglement of more than 10,000 sacrificial offerings, the incarnation was formed.

Possessed by an incarnation that is well over 50 meters tall, it is the greatest beast god. Cheol-woong (鐵熊).

The leftovers are the beasts of repair and magic. Even that number is not insignificant.

“Ohhh, it’s an incarnation. The other day, Baekrang and Majo’s incarnations were destroyed.”

beast gods. When demons lurked, they rampaged with the Orcs and led the world to ruin.

The demons summoned incarnations several times to support them, but Leon defeated them all alone. If now–

‘There is also support from the Knights. Three Holy Grail Knights, including Jim.’

In the midst of the end of the world, he raised the holy sword against all kinds of storms and evil.

“Listen, my brothers and sisters! Knights of glory and loyal soldiers! The time has come to punish the disgusting heretics!”

Leon ran. Without saying a word, he just covered the ground with his bare body, but his speed was never inferior to that of a horse.

“I will be with you, Lion Heart King!”

Geobrick follows suit. He doesn’t fall behind Leon even though he wears a giant armor.

“Follow the Holy Grail Knight!”

“Follow the agents of the gods!”

Watching the knights charge proudly, Beatrice, who was gliding through the sky on her heavenly horse, smiled.

“I will open the way.”

she gestured.

“According to the logic of magic, I command the magical powers of the world.”

Tsushima <Magical Cycle>

The terrifyingly full mana within this gate is rewrote by her hands.

The basics of magic are principles and the application of those principles.

If holy power is a miracle that changes the law, magic is a phenomenon that uses the law.

As for the hierarchy, I admit the inferiority of magic, but how can I neglect learning just because there are miracles?

“I can’t force concepts with the sex method, but…”

Beatrice Alighieri Spero.

The magician queen of the kingdom of Sphero and the one who has been fighting evil for decades to protect the kingdom.

She is the magician queen at the top of the world.

Tsushima <The Death Eye>

The pouring black rays erase the black stains in the sky. Each one has dozens of A-class magicians. This alone is the firepower of the pinnacle of a single human being.

However, the queen’s magic did not end here.

Tsushima <Burning Light Celestial Punishment>

In the sky dyed golden by Leon’s Holy Grail, lightning strikes. Tsushima artificially creates thunderbolts and draws down the power of nature.

The pouring thunderbolts transform the wild boars into a handful of ashes.


The Hunters who watched this trembled with astonishment.

The sky is ringing, space is shaking. The sorcerer queen’s unconventional magic created a huge light, a storm, and a thunderbolt.

Her magic is more like natural disaster than magic.


A stain that washes away without even screaming. A group of eagles in the sky and margers running on the ground are quickly organized.

Thus, the two knights head for Cheol-woong through the empty road. However, the opponent is Cheol-woong, who is 50m tall. This is where the sex law has to intervene.

Daeseongbeop <Spear of the Earth>

The goddess who rules the earth responds to Geobrick’s prayer.

Just like the time when he pulverized the earth, on the contrary, he pierces Cheol-woong by transforming the earth into a sharp spear.


Although not penetrated, Cheol-woong staggers in front of thousands of tons of mass impact. But the spear wasn’t just fired from a weapon.

Leon, who was running on the ground, runs as if he were using the ground spear that had been lifted up with the Holy Law. The moment he closed the distance enough and grabbed the dazzlingly shining holy sword.

[Lion Heart… You guys again!!]

“Can’t you shut that disgusting mouth, you bastard!!”

Leon’s holy sword flashed and stuck in Cheol-woong’s neck. Hwihwang’s holy sword penetrated even the toughest steel bear as if it were piercing soft leather.

[Kuaaaa… !]

but shallow This is because the size of the incarnation is not usually large. However, Leon did not push himself further and spurred himself away from Cheol-woong. Because I believed in ‘them’.

-Dag dag dag dag!

Hundreds of horses rush.

It was not a hindrance to the knights of the Kingdom of the Creator of the Earth, which soared diagonally.

Their target is Cheol-woong’s cracked neck. Knights holding lances charged at once.

“We are the Knights of the Realm!”

“I will become a shield that protects the glorious kingdom of God and a spear that pierces the evil flesh!”

“O evil, perish!!”

Grail Guardians and Grail Knights… After receiving the protection of the two of them, he works miracles with a mediocre human body.

Legion Spell <Wedge Charge>.

The breakthrough power of the moment reaches its peak.


One hit per person. Even if it meant falling off a cliff, the knights threw themselves into a single charge.

[This, these worms dare!]

Cheol-woong’s head, which has been shaved off and pierced, is in tatters.

But the opponent is the incarnation of a god. It was maintaining its shape even after 200 knights crashed into it.

“Know the bounty of your earth.”

still one.

Taking advantage of the knights’ charge, the hammer knight climbed onto the top of Cheolwoong’s head.

“Purify disgusting sin and ignorance with blood and screams of pain.”

The Holy Grail Knight of Life and Abundance.

“Your filthy bodies will not find peace even after death.”

The mighty knight of Montreal.

His hammer lifts and blocks the sun.

“You must die and become fertilizer for the earth, disgusting heretics.”

Divine Punishment <Earth Crushing>.

The hammer hit Cheolwoong’s head.

The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 61: Holy Grail Knight Geobrick (2)

A being chosen by the gods.

The power given to knights sublimated into saints by the goddess of light and justice who oversees all knights and teaches justice.

A Holy Grail Knight is an agent of God. As saints, they weave the holy power offered by believers with their own power.

divine punishment.

A group castle method that mobilized one knight. Each Holy Grail Knight is different depending on the deity he has as his main god, but the Holy Grail Knight of life and abundance has the power to shatter the earth.

“Ugh… what the hell is going on… that’s unbelievable.”

Lee Yong-wan couldn’t believe the reality in front of him.

Due to Geobrick’s Divine Punishment Earthshattering, part of the area where the Tribal Union and Hunters were located was completely extinguished.

800m in all directions near the wooden fence where the main troops are crowded. Would it be like this if there was a super-giant sinkhole?

Fortunately, that area was not an area that the Hunters were defending. Most of them are where the warriors of the tribal union are located.

However, just over 3,000 warriors were slain with just that.

“Fuck, what is it? What is it… How is that, how is that a person…”

The Holy Grail Knights supported by the Knights are themselves a one-man army. It is a monster no different from a great wizard.

The hunters fell into a panic in front of a cataclysm they had never experienced before.

overwhelming power. What can you do against such a monster?

“Is that a human…”

“…you can’t beat that.”

The Holy Grail Knight speaks on the Pegasus. His languid voice was clearly etched all around.

“Goddess, protect us from the land we touch.”

“Be a solid ground for my brothers and sisters to tread on.”

“A chance to purify the cultists who have gone astray.”

A benevolent and even holy prayer. However, no one saw that as a ‘argument’.

It was because the madness that was about to explode at any moment crossed the twisted corner of his mouth.

“Fuck off, disgusting heretics.”

-Ooh oh oh oh oh oh… … !!

-Follow the majestic Duke Geobrick!!

The warhorse runs. The knights rush towards the defense line, where one axis has completely collapsed.


“”——Do it!!””

There is a gate. It is a wooden gate that is oiled, placed with a block of rock behind it, and covered with magic.

The first hitter is definitely Geobrick. His hammer glowed as he rode Pegasus on the ground, and his hammer flew through the air.

The hammer thrown as hard as it could hit the castle gate.

Kwak! A roar of destruction resounds and flies through the fence. The knights rushed through the hole.

“No, stop!”

Leading tanks and shield-wielding tribal warriors stood in their way.

Considering the opponent’s cavalry power, they supplied maximum spears and built barricades to block them. But at the moment of collision–

The spear collided with the armor and broke, and the shield bounced off the shield soldier with its heavy mass.

– Eh, nonsense!

– Not only the effect of the engraving, but also the compatibility was superior!

Cavalry is weak against spearmen. No matter how cavalry is in front of the densely stacked shield formations and spears, there is no choice but to collapse.

that’s common sense. But these are their knights.

A knight’s armament is never light. Their heavy armor is impervious to cheap infantry spears, and the warhorses of the Lionheart Kingdom are not afraid of squares like hedgehogs.

Among the knights picked and picked there, the knights of glory who claim to be the knights of the kingdom and can be commanded by War Knight.

In front of knights who have been riding horses all their lives since they were born, clumsy dustproofing is worse than a sheet of paper!


Jinhyeong is pierced. Only 200 knights were sweeping the battlefield in a large-scale battlefield of 10,000 units that none of the hunters had ever experienced.

“Damn it! Don’t push! It’s falling!”

“Sa, save me!”

bounced off and trampled on The warriors of the United Tribes, whose sides were punctured by Geobrick’s Divine Punishment, fell into the sinkhole under the impact of the knights.

Lee Yong-wan did not remain silent.

He tore up the scroll he cherished and cherished and concentrated his firepower.

However, most of the high firepower is the long-range weapon Panguk. The Knights of the Kingdom, blessed by the Holy Law <Distant Nullification>, swung their spears as if they were insignificant.

“Stop the main dealers! Hit them from the side!”

Disregarding Lee Yong-wan’s instructions, the veteran hunters took care of the knights’ weaknesses.

It’s a great breakthrough, but there are only 50 A-rank hunters here. While the warriors of the Tribal Union served as meat shields, they cleverly beat the side of the Knights.

“It’s pretty!”

Kingdom Knight Gaston blocked the ax swinging at me with his shield.

heavy Their strength is not lacking even compared to his own.

“For a mere mercenary to have this much power. Is it because of the cult’s imprint?”

“Evaluating leisurely on the battlefield, Sir Gaston!”

Said Sir Laurent, who deflected the javelin that flew towards him from the side. He has a humiliated expression on his face that his charge was stopped by the momentum of the hunters.

“No, I just admired how lowly bugs and scum can become this strong by borrowing the power of a cult. Indeed, I can understand being seduced by evil powers.”

“Sacrilege, Sir Gaston. Recognize that what you say and do may be disrespectful.”

“Hahahaha! Sir Laurent is still serious. Don’t you remember when he slaughtered the orcs in the Black Desert 30 years ago?”

“Well, aren’t those beasts the ones that always kill?”

“Now it seems like we have to fight the way we deal with orcs.”

Kingdom Knight Viscount Gaston Valshvar. <The Orc Slayer>.

“Against these bastards… Hama!”

Kingdom Knight, Baron Laurent Dominek. “The Iron Barrier”.

Knights with exposed sides dismounted from their horses. As their heavy armor rattled and landed on the ground, it seemed as if a small earthquake had occurred.

Knights who do not back down in the face of several times the number.

“Light and Justice—”

“Life and abundance——”

“War and flames—”

They raised their swords and shields and shouted the faith they served.

“”Glory be to the pantheon.””

Needless to say, when a knight’s destructive power is the strongest, it is when he is riding a horse.

The overwhelming speed and the combined impact of the mass break the square.

But knights are not just riders on horseback. If only riding a horse well was a knight, commoner yomen could replace that role.

‘What, what?’

Park Chan-su, an A-class hunter who was attacking five isolated knights with a hundred intermediate warriors, was embarrassed.

They were swallowed up by waves of numbers and surrounded. The horse’s breakthrough power was blocked, and even the hippo. Long, heavy lances were put down, and knights with swords and shields acted as foot soldiers.

However, no matter how strong the armor and solid shield are, there is nothing you can do in front of such a quantity battle.

If elites with similar specs are mixed, they will eventually collapse and be swallowed up.

But there was something they overlooked.

kingdom knights.

Knights of Realms.

Although they did not walk the honorable path of fulfilling the quests of the gods as companion knights, they traveled all over the continent to prove themselves and proved their honor.

In slang terms, it has been decades since I ate only rice with knives. When it comes to knights flaunting their old age, they have lived wielding a sword for a hundred years.

they are survivors.

The warriors who slayed the dirty green beasts and the ugly cultists, and stopped the invasion of foreign peoples.

He has hunted as many beasts as physically stronger than himself.

“War! Protect me with divine flames!”

The flames soaring roaring through the sword were swung. It was never the power to wield in the midst of allies, but the flames engulfed dozens of tribal warriors.

“Mi-Crazy! You’re letting allies get involved too!”

A Hunter who is frightened by an act of self-destruction. However, he realized that none of the knights were burned by the knight’s flame.

“Do you think this God-sent flame will harm your brothers in the same faith, foolish cultists!”

In front of the overwhelming achievements of the Kingdom Knights, the pilgrim knights and the Kingdom Army rushed. Thanks to Geobrick and the knights pushing through the narrow gate, the soldiers of the kingdom were able to get inside the fence.

And when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, a one-sided massacre is only committed.

– My, damn it! The article is too strong!

– Someone do something about that!

-Soldiers are at this level! The connection is different!


Lee Yong-wan gritted his teeth as he watched.


The Kingdom Knights were strong beyond imagination.

Not only in terms of power and special powers, but also in terms of experience, they are slaughtering tribal warriors like machines.

‘Is it not enough just to have the specs equalized?’

There is an enormous gulf between them and themselves. Hwanggeumcheol approached him and asked if he felt the same way.

“What can I do? The kingdom’s soldiers have already arrived. Are they completely destroyed in a frontal power confrontation?”

“I know, junior.”

“If you fall, it’s only now.”

“What? What bullshit is that!”

When Hwang Yeon-ha, who was listening next to him, shouted out loud, Hwang Geum-cheol replied with a shrug.

“We haven’t put our main effort yet. From the beginning, we planned to set up the tribal warriors as meat shields and steadily cut down the field bosses.”

“It was.”

“However, let alone the field boss, the knights are not doing well. This is not possible with us alone.”

Gates must be abandoned. They had to give up the attack and ask for the help of other 10 guilds.

“If you borrow the hands of other 10 guilds… It won’t be impossible to attack, but will there be a dungeon break long ago?”

“Actually… it seems there is a way to end it more smoothly than I thought.”

“What does that mean?”

Hwanggeumcheol’s subordinates were wounded while fighting the knights and retreated one after another. And fortunately, the names of the gods they worship came to his ears.

“Ariana, the goddess of light and justice, and Petos, the god of war and flame. Haven’t you heard of it somewhere?”

“I don’t know. I’m not interested in religion. I can’t know about Gate’s religion in the first place——”

“Lion Heart King.


Lee Yong-wan’s pupils widen at those words.

“no way?”

“That king, it seems he’s from the same kingdom as this gate. Damn, on the first day he fought a little when he was a knight of God or something.”

Then the story is different. They also know about Lionheart Kingdom and Lion Heart King Leon.

What if the king of those knights came from the same place as the knights here?

“……It’s worth retreating.”

“Well, anyway, this will soon be pierced. If you want to deal with them, there is no option with only 7 times the number.”

It is extremely reasonable. If they retreat, this tribal alliance will surely be destroyed, but Lee Yong-wan has no intention of giving his life for the NPCs.

“Hero… Are you leaving?”

Even if there were NPCs with mixed bodies.

“Miss Hildir.”

“If the warriors leave… what should we do? Are you really going to abandon us?”

“I’ll bring reinforcements right away. Please step back for now.”

Lee Yong-wan did not persuade Hildir further with those words. There is nothing more meaningless than arguing with NPCs.

“Tell the guild members the news of the retreat! Hurry through the gate——”

“After all, I guess I couldn’t beat those monsters this time either.”

“Miss Hildir?”

Lee Yong-wan felt a chill run up his spine.

Because until this morning, the lovely beauty who had whispered love to me under my bed was smiling so grotesquely.

“They’re disgusting to say they’re never closed.”

Her eyes were still on the lead of the butchering of the warriors. The green knight and the knights and soldiers who follow him.

“What are you talking about——”

As Lee Yong-wan approached, Hildir waved his hand and stopped him.

“It’s okay. I have to use an expedient this time. He probably won’t like it.”

right! and flicking fingers. It was then.

– What?

-That’s it?

The first started with a dead body.

The skin with the ‘imprint’ swelled up, the muscles expanded, and the skeleton twisted.

An excellent number of hairs grow on the body that has expanded as if it were expanding. When he finally took the form of a beast rather than a human, the eyes of the Knights were burning.

“They use witchcraft!”

“It’s a beast!”

Barbarians who serve the beast god. By carving the imprint of a beast on their bodies, they receive evil blessings and eventually gain the power of animalization.


Wild boar, bear, wolf, eagle. There were well over a thousand monsters that took the form of beasts at the end of a human body that was stretched and twisted.

Seeing the terrible appearance, the tribesmen cheered.

“The great beast-god has bestowed grace!”

“We too will receive that grace soon!”

It is not only the warriors of the Tribal Union that have become beasts. Regardless of gender or age, anyone who has carved an imprint of an animal is deteriorating. Even Hunters.

“Keu, keuuk…! What the hell are you doing…!”

Lee Yong-wan resisted, scratching the black eagle engraving on his neck with his fingernails. Instinctively, he realized that this was changing him.

Hildir twisted the corner of her mouth as if mocking the meaningless resistance.

“Oh, my love. It’s useless to resist. It doesn’t take long for the imprint to be engraved, but in the end it’s just a matter of time.”

It’s not just Lee Yong-wan. Yuri Ha, Hwang Chul Chul, Hwang Yeon Ha… And all the hunters of the united attack team were imprinted, and they could not stop themselves from losing their sanity.

When he finally reached the point where he couldn’t resist, Hildir smiled and clapped his hands.

“Now then, kill those infernal grail knights and knights. You have to start over. How come you’ve been through so many worlds and no one can kill them?”

At Hildir’s command, the S-class hunters rushed towards Geobrick. Geobrick was in the middle of cutting down tribal warriors and demonic beasts.

“Peel off the ‘skin’ engraved with your mark! That’s your weakness!”

Even in the midst of this uproar, Geobrick split the skull of the oncoming warrior. Bursting bone pains and scattering pieces of meat. Geobrick believed he was dead, but it wasn’t.


The imprint on the nape of the neck disfigures the body and soon inflates it like a large bear. Seeing this, Geobrick widened his eyes.

“The Holy Law would have destroyed the soul?”

Geobrick’s one-handed hammer isn’t just a hammer. In itself, it is a sacred object that contains the holy power of Geobrick’s life, and it is a tool that constantly absorbs my holy power and enforces the holy law of ‘destruction’.

Like other Holy Grail Knights’ holy swords and holy spears, Geobrick’s hammer also annihilates the souls of the slain.

Not to mention, the brand of the beast god engraved on the body of a savage warrior should disappear as soon as it touches it.

However, at the same time as he died, he proceeded to become a beast. Evidence that there is a problem with the sex law.

-Uh uh uh… !

I kick and break the shin of a giant bear that lunges at me. Cheol-woong, who had collapsed, died from the hammering that exploded with the stamp.


The knights and soldiers must be rectified in a hurry. Even as a Holy Grail Knight, if the Holy Law does not work properly, this battlefield will force an endless war of attrition.

Although the conflict is intense, he has to send a dispatch to the kingdom to receive help from the other Holy Grail Knights.

“Everyone retreat—”

It was then. A shadow running towards Geobrick. A two-handed hammer the size of a man strikes at Geobrick.

Geobrick quickly blocked it with his shield.


heavy. Geobrick knew who struck the hammer. The captain of the mercenaries who had quite usable power. He is sending a shiny gaze with the imprint of Black Woong. And that’s not all.


A warrior with gauntlets who rushes forward and delivers heavy body blows. An impact force that far surpasses the previous one is transmitted through the armor. Almost at the same time—— even he was slow to respond, and a sharp blade stabbed him from behind.

– Kaang!

I hurriedly lowered my head and barely blocked the blow of the dagger with my armor. It was Hayuri who engraved Baekrang’s mark.

– Papapak!

A bunch of arrows shooting fiercely. Although it is said to block 90% of damage with the Holy Law, it was a tremendous rapid fire that could not be ignored.

Lee Yong-wan, an S-class hunter of the Firebird Guild. He was aware of even the smallest gap in Geobrick’s armor and fired rapidly.

Four S-class hunters surrounded Geobrik. And even stronger than before.

“You guys… It looks like you’ve carved the mark of that heresy.”

stupid things. Who the hell are these ignorant writers to believe in a group of cults that worship beast gods?

All those mad bug scum should be killed, skinned and incinerated.

“If you were simply enchanted by riches, you would have killed it normally. However, if you have engraved the imprint of the beast god, there is no loyalty in counting your souls!”

Geobrick was furious and determined to annihilate these foolish souls. Although it was doubtful whether he would be able to properly use his voice now.

– Kaang!

A huge two-handed hammer was swung. The most threatening attack… If you block it with a shield, the fierce fistfighter who penetrates the gap will launch a series of attacks. The archer’s check is a bonus.

I couldn’t care less about the three people in front. If I revealed a gap even a little bit, Hayuri would grab my back in an instant and stab me with a dagger.

– Aaaaa!

Hwanggeumcheol, engraved with Cheolwoong’s imprint, attacks Geobrick, who is flustered by the dagger deeply embedded.

His symbol, the golden hammer, is about to deliver the greatest blow, emitting magical power.

“Don’t underestimate, you cheeky ones!!”

It was then. Geobrick threw down his shield and swung his hammer with all his might. The Golden Iron Hammer collided with Geobrick’s Hammer, and the next moment, the Golden Hammer shattered.

“Know the subject, vulgarity!”

In the next moment, the swinging hammer hit Golden Iron’s chest. Golden iron rolling down the floor.


In order to counter Hwang Geum-cheol’s deadly blow, he allowed Ha Yu-ri, Hwang Yeon-ha, and Lee Yong-wan to attack. However, Grail Knight Geobrick stands still as he recovers himself.

Geobrick glanced around. The war situation is never good.

Even in the hole that was supposed to have been crushed by the first divine punishment <Earth Shattering>, corpses became beasts and climbed up.

If all the barbarians in this area could be turned into beasts, a single Knights would not be able to endure it.

‘I will send survivors to the royal capital even if I burn this body!’

When Geobrik was determined to be imprisoned, dozens of beasts attacked him.

“Lion Heart…! Glory to you!!”

A golden knight falling from the sky. The Pegasus Rider who slashed the giant Cheol-Woong and the wild boar at once with his holy spear.

Was there another owner of Pegasus besides himself on this battlefield? Geobrick looked at him casually.

“All, who are you?”

The golden man answered his question.

“I am the Lion Heart King. Guardian of the Holy Grail and agent of the Pantheon. I am Leon Dragonia Lionheart.”