The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 1 You guys are trapped where I am

Reincarnated in a fantasy world.

lofty ceiling.

Oil lamps instead of LED bulbs lit up the room.

A garment woven from silk and flax. Looking at the dull wooden utensils, it is certain that they are inferior to Earth civilization.

but what… It’s a fantasy world, but isn’t this enough for a rich family? It is a good reincarnation for an orphan who died from overwork while doing manual labor.

More than anything, there was one thing I was sure of being a nobleman. It was my mother’s beauty.

“My baby…”

The dazzling smile of my biological mother looking at me. How could that face not be noble? I hope my future dating problems will not be a problem.

When I entered my third year, I got out of the cradle and witnessed outside the room. It was too big and huge even considering that he was still a baby.


Mona, the nanny, hurriedly picked me up. The first adventure of my life ended like that.

If you think about it.

I shouldn’t have dreamed of adventures at this time.

If I had known that a real adventure is 100% reality, I wouldn’t have gone through that hardship.

6th year.

It seems that the house I was reincarnated into is a famous grand duke’s house in the kingdom.

Duke of Dragonia. The legendary knight who was said to have defeated an evil dragon and drenched in its blood was the founder of the family. It seems that four previous kings have been produced.

For reference, this kingdom is an election system for the king.

When I reached the 8th year, it seemed that I had to learn the sword as a knight of the next kingdom.

My heart was pounding. A fantasy knight! Can I just pull out something like a sword skill and put an aura on the sword?

I heard that the person who will teach me is Lord Gordic, a Holy Grail Knight dispatched from the royal palace. What kind of person is this?

huh? Holy Grail Knight?

10th year.

sick. My whole body feels like it’s about to break.

I, who chose the path of a knight, was beaten every day by a Gordic macho bastard.

It was good that he passed on the role of servant to the grand duke’s deficit, but he practiced the sword and learned how to ride a horse every day.

Holy Grail Knight… Yes, in terms of fantasy, they are like sword masters.

The knights of this world were a bit different from the fantasy knights I thought of, but the Holy Grail Knights were really monsters far from humans.

However, in order to become a Holy Grail Knight, you have to complete quests through training, become a knight of the kingdom, build up majors and honors, and drink holy water by being chosen by the Holy Grail?

Being strong is natural, and you have to have honor and faithfulness to become a Holy Grail Knight, a sword master in another world.

damn… i don’t believe in religion

14th year.

Every day is a pain.

Let’s say that is the practice of cutting bones. There is a sense of accomplishment because I felt that I was getting stronger as the days went by. I could stand it.

The problem was etiquette and study.

I was the next grand duke’s most likely enemy. Of course, he had to learn everything he needed to become a grand duke.

How to govern the people, how to practice the law, philosophical disputes between justice and law, how to treat the lady and study the Bible.

It is said that many gods exist in this world, and they pay tribute in the pantheon and follow the words of the gods.

God… It’s so fantasy.

But I… Goddess of Justice I heard that you have to be recognized by a woman who does something to be chosen for the Holy Grail?

16th year.

Now I was wandering the world.

yes? If you’re sixteen, aren’t you in middle school? Coincidentally, this is the age that is considered an adult in this world.

The first condition to become a Holy Grail Knight. It is said to go away from training, protect the people of the kingdom, and complete an honorable quest.

To receive that quest, you have to find the goddess’ clone. how do you find it

Just go around the whole kingdom and work hard to raise your honor. Then you’ll find out. I’ll be thrilled

17th year.

Today, I cut the orcs. These dog-like, warmongering worm beasts. Heo Gu-heon invades the kingdom’s borders and kills the kingdom’s citizens. If it weren’t for these guys, the kingdom would be peaceful.

Along the way, he cut down the orcs with Sir Gildus, Sir Antoc, and Gunlar, the moving tree man who was the guardian of the forest.

“Thank you, driver! Thank you!”

“Repair the injured and set up the fence. The sword of the kingdom and the grace of the goddess will be with you.”

worried. Farming, in every good year, the taxes they paid kept the kingdom full, but this country had too many enemies.

There are too many non-human things around. I heard cultists are also prevalent these days.

20th year.

met the goddess

I’m not kidding. It’s real. God really did exist.

Wasn’t religion originally a means to enlighten and unite the ignorant?

heaven? Hall of Fame? Dinner with the gods? Wasn’t that a myth made up?

Yes, the current king is said to have lived for 110 years and commanded the kingdom, but I wanted to be a Holy Grail Knight who did something unreasonable.

Right now, Lord Gordic, my teacher, is a 90-year-old Holy Grail Knight.

“Leon Dragonia, son of Grand Duke Ulfric Dragonia. I will grant you a quest to prove your honor and faithfulness.”

“Hey, I follow the goddess’ command!”

4th year of training knight. I finally met the alter ego of the goddess. Ariana was real!

cut an orc Tore the goblins. Defeated a group of evil cultists and defended the kingdom’s territory.

It wasn’t bad. Rather good. Every time I raised my honor, my name and praise, admiration and respect made me shrug.

Lord Gildus, son of Warnite Galbat. Lord Antok, the guardian of the mine, the Treeman Gunlar, who was only 2m tall when he first saw it, has become a 5m tree giant.

I received the recognition of the Holy Grail and became a Holy Grail Knight.

27th year.

Became the youngest War Knight.

It seems that it was a big deal to cut off the head of the Orc Warlord and kill all the savage nomads.

In any case, if you forget where the Orcs go around packing their children like that, they attack in groups of 100,000 or 200,000.

The first thing I did after becoming a war knight with the right to free war self-determination and the right to summon knights was to conquer orcs.

Buried 700,000 of these goddamn green-skinned bastards, men and women of all ages. It’s all cold inside.

35 years.

The honorable 14th Lion Heart King, a living saint and demigod Archen Majesty Lionheart passed away. It happened while confronting the Great Devil summoned from the borders of the Empire.

Orcs are also a headache, but these days, even the devil is giving a damn. Damn you imperial mages. It was his inquisitive spirit, and it seemed like he would end up studying dark magic.

This is why people must believe in God and lead a faithful life.

Humans’ natural inquisitive spirit, the truth, and so on, doing pointless things, so isn’t the great devil chopping up and eating 100,000 people?

Apart from that, we must elect a Holy Grail Knight to succeed the Lion Heart King, who passed away honorably while helping an empire that was about to perish.

“Grail Knight Leon Dragonia.”

“Hey Ariana.”

The Goddess descended directly and designated me. It seems that this is the first time in the kingdom’s history that the direct descent of a goddess rather than the Holy Grail’s choice.

It must have been a great honor to have decapitated the great devil.

It was an honorable path and a tiring position, but I couldn’t disappoint the knights and the people of the kingdom who followed me.

I became the Grand Duke of Dragonia and the King of Lionheart Kingdom.

He transplanted the heart of a sacred lion bestowed by the goddess, swore to protect the Holy Grail, and defeated the kingdom’s enemies with a holy sword and holy spear.

80 years.

A lot of things have happened in the past.

There were three great wars with the orcs, and there was an incident where a strange hunchback goblin awakened and became the great devil.

I was able to rip his jaws open, but unfortunately he escaped through the Demon Gate.

“Your Majesty, the Imperial School of Black Magic is conducting another experiment!”

Crazy, Imperial bastards. Why are these bastards doing this these days?

Lately, the Empire’s indulgence and distrust have reached its peak.

They did not attend the annual Mansinjeon, and stupid divine independenceists who claimed to be independent from God installed them.

It’s all because of the gathering of the northern heathen bastards. The barbarians accepted the thousand things because they were not enough soldiers, and even accepted their faith.

In our Lionheart Kingdom, they are lowly serfs who will die like pigs after living their entire lives.

Do you really just want to be punished? It feels like watching a member of the group who trolls in a group assignment.

98th year.

The imperial bastards did their job!

The son of the Emperor, who was performing the cult’s secret sacrificial ceremony saying he didn’t want to die, summoned the Lord of Chaos to the Imperial Capital!

A pale young bastard under the age of 70 committed suicide with 3 million imperials in the capital, saying that he wanted to enjoy eternal life!


Last year, the orc’s grease was not yet dry, and he summoned the knights with holy swords.

121 years.

the world is falling apart I did my best.

Instead of Ariana, the goddess of justice, she slaughtered demons and dispatched the priests of Demera, the goddess of fertility, to various places to rebuild the farmland.

Heto, the god of iron and blacksmiths, provided armor and swords for the Holy Grail Knights, and Petos, the god of war and flame, descended on me and burned the flames of the battlefield.

The 23rd year of the Shinma War. This war, which started with the Empire’s poop ball, eventually led to the destruction of the world.

“Rod Leon.”

“Is it Sir Arenne?”

The son of my ally Sir Antoc. His youthful appearance remained with him. Saying this, thanks to the grace of the goddess, I had an appearance that was not much different from 100 years ago.

“Be proud, Arene. Your father died with honor and went to the banquet of the gods.”


I see soldiers and knights comforting the dead father’s son and looking at me. The final showdown… No, it was the last resistance.

The sound of the enemy’s advance evoked the rumbling of the ground and the mixed emotions in their eyes.

Fear, fear, helplessness, hopelessness.

oh my god

O Master of the Holy Grail, who gave this insufficient creature the heart of a lion and ignited the holy sword with a brilliant light.

Here are your lambs in fear and trembling.

Women soothe crying children and swallow their tears,

The young people try to hold the dying fire of resistance in their hands,

The knights are trying to leave a seed of hope even in the blood-soaked wilderness.

But you, master of the Holy Sword, the Holy Lance, and the Holy Grail.

I know that your first knight will not be able to stop the evil that stretches beyond the horizon.


you are my goddess What should this foolish knight do?

『Do as you wish』


“My knight. My dear, honorable knight. Your goddess will be with my knight until the end.”

Goddess is with me.

Truly, we will eventually meet our end, and that end will be honorable.

“For the Goddess, for the Honor, for the Lionheart!”

The winter of the 121st year.

We had a decisive battle against the tens of thousands of demons that filled the ground.

Barbarian serfs were worthily consumed with meat-shields, and freemen soldiers and glorious knights armed with spears and shields perished with honor.

The Holy Grail Knights who had annihilated the demons until the last moment ascended to heaven one by one.

The agent of the pantheon, chosen only by all the gods. I was the only one who slaughtered the demons to the end.

It tore apart countless demon lords and great demons, revealing the Holy Grail Knight’s divinity to them.

Year 217.

Winter isn’t over yet.

Year 256.

Destroy the last remaining Demon Gate. Hundreds of thousands of demons lost their escape route and looked at me with empty eyes.

“You lowly and pitiful evil species! You guys are now trapped in this world with me! I will destroy every last one!”

I’m not trapped!

You guys are trapped where I am, you fuckers!

300 years.

“Oh my God, I’ve never seen a gate like this. Where the hell is this?”

“Nervous, Hari. It’s been 13 years since the immeasurable gate. I don’t know what will come out.”

“I know… but what on earth is this world, so it can’t even be graded?”

“I don’t know… Aren’t there even advanced demons?”

“Don’t say anything terrible.”

It was exactly the 300th anniversary of the encounter with Earthlings.

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