The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 10 Chivalry (3)

Headquarters of the Korea Hunter Association.

There, there was one topic unfolding at the working-level meeting, which was attended by members of the manager level and above.

“Leon Dragonia Lionheart… Why is his name so long? So he appeared in the black rank…”

“The Great Devil was decapitated with Hankyu? Is this a report that you guys have to believe now?”

“It’s not impossible because the strength of the survivors varies greatly. There are examples of the Heavenly Demon and Murder.”

“Did you find out more? God? Didn’t that make crops grow with magic?”

“He also helped capture the Honam Pyeongya Gate?”

“The combat side? That’s fortunate.”

The black gate that appeared in the middle of Seoul passed without incident due to information control.

The problem is that a survivor was found at that black gate.

The association took a very cautious approach to survivors.

“Chief Jinsu Kim, I heard you’ve been watching us for the past few days. We’re also attacking the Honam Plain.”

Hunter Association President Oh Kang-hyeok asked Manager Kim Jin-soo.

“Yes, it is. Director.”

“Whoever it is.”

In response to the question of the head of the association, Manager Kim Jin-soo pondered for quite a long time about answering the question of a superior.

“I do not know.”

The conclusion he came to was far from vague.

“You don’t know?”

“I’m not… evil. Rather, I’m on the righteous side.”

That was all I could be sure of.

“But their values are very different from ours. The basics are like medieval lords, but…”

“It’s a pain in the ass.”

“I wish it was a bit more modernized.”

Their reaction was natural. A not small number of survivors are integrating into society, but a not small number have not been able to integrate into society as well.

The lower the level of civilization, the more the original class is the ruling class or the difference in race.

The survivors did not melt into society and caused all sorts of social problems.

If it was just a bane of society, I would ignore it, but among the survivors, there were many beings as powerful as the Awoken.

In short, even if a madman appears, the problem arises that the madman sharpens his knife too well.

“Hmm… In terms of ideology and etiquette, it would be better to match them as carefully as possible.”

“Yes, but there are also aspects that are surprisingly smooth. They seem to understand the culture here as well.”

It was because Leon was originally an Earthling.

Since he was pretending to be a complete foreigner, not an earthling, he could pass on what should be done in moderation.

Manager Kim Jin-soo, who does not know such a fact, must assume that he has a fairly finite part.

In terms of ability, Leon was surprisingly impressive.

“The part about the descent of the gods… tell me in detail.”

The miracle Leon showed at the Honam Pyeongya Gate. It appeared on a real-time yuptube video of a personal yuptuber, but the video was stopped for fear of confusion.

“Yes, the existence of Demera, the goddess of fertility and life, was possessed by a rice straw doll. It seems that they actually had a conversation.”

It was also captured on video. For some reason, I couldn’t hear the rice straw doll’s voice at all, but it was clear that the rice straw doll was moving.

“Isn’t it just a samurai technique?”

“Goddess. It’s nonsense.”

Most executives dismissed it with the same words. God, because it was so absurd.

“But the evidence…”

“Isn’t it just a magical effect? God blesses rice to grow, what nonsense.”

“While there are demons, there is no such thing as a god, right?”

Opinions within the association were divided, but there was one agreed conclusion.

“That rice. The efficacy is certain.”

Rice grew rapidly thanks to Leon’s blessing. And that’s not all. The land contaminated with demonic energy was instantly purified as rice grew.

The mere fact that the magical energy was purified was shocking, but the fact that each and every rice grain as a result of the evaluation was of a rare grade once again stirred up a fuss in the meeting room.

“Rice that heals cancer patients and gives long-term buffs…”

This ability is as amazing as Leon’s might. No, maybe more than that.

The effect of the general strengthening agent created by the potion craftsman is about three hours. The price was in the hundreds of thousands of won, so even large guilds tended to use it sparingly.

However, this rice maintains the buff longer than the potion, and if the type is different, it can be stacked up to three times.

If used well, all hunters attacking the gate can maintain the buff with just one or two doses.

“About that part, Leon Drago… Ask Nia Lionheart for her opinion.”

“Okay. And about the support for survivors…”

“Up to the upper limit. Give them everything they want. We have to bring them into our people unconditionally.”

Oh Kang-hyeok, president of the association, was not confident even though he said it himself.

As long as they have already contacted the Phoenix Guild, this information is not the only information they know. At least the Phoenix Guild knows Leon’s abilities.

It’s only a matter of time before the 10th guild learns about the survivor, Leon.

Indeed, can the association compete with them? Oh Kang-hyeok sighed as he looked at the remaining budget for this year.

“Uh… but the president of the association. Survivor Leon has asked for one thing.”

“What is that? Whatever you say, please listen.”

“that is…….”

Kim Jin-soo hesitated as if it was difficult for him to speak, then opened his mouth with difficulty.

“I need to meet the President.”

“Huh? Why?”

“I’ll be indebted to you for a while, so it’s natural for the king to greet the king…”


* * * *

Four days have passed since Leon returned to Earth.

In the meantime, Leon has been living in a 5-star suite in Seoul. At first, I was guided to an accommodation facility run by the Hunter Association, but it was because Leon was angry.

“Does it make sense that there is not a piece of art in the king’s bed when it’s not even a battlefield!”

In short, it’s downgraded.

Give me a room with the best bed, servants on standby at all times, and art pieces that you can always appreciate.

Eventually, in the middle of the night, Hari asked for a compromise on the line of going around five-star hotels, renting suites, and placing paintings and pottery in them that the hotels were decorating.

“Your Majesty… Please, please sleep!”

two in the morning. Hari asked Leon to sleep while imitating the Great Sin of Gypsum that he saw in the historical drama.


Leon moderately withdrew here. Because torturing bureaucrats too much is downright disgusting.

The next morning, Hari even took charge of room service herself.

“Your Majesty, I am the substitute Han Hari!”

– Come in.

Hari opened the door with her room card and greeted him, pushing a breakfast tray.

“Have you been strong in one direction after the gas?”


Hari set the food herself.

“Surat-san is coming, lung haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…”

The prepared meal was galbi bansang, which cost more than 100,000 won. The 5-chop side dishes and the grilled ribs marinated with the finest Korean beef made people salivate.

“Have you had breakfast?”

“Ah, not yet.”

“Meals are to be taken when you can. Don’t go hungry.”

“Ah, yes…”

It was when Leon wanted to buy a sandwich at the cafe on the first floor after finishing his meal.

“Sit down.”

Leon invited me to sit down.

“Lung, Your Majesty…!”

Asking if you’ve brought a meal and inviting me to sit down. It seems he is trying to share a meal out of consideration for himself.

The moment when Hari was looking for chopsticks with a moved gaze.

“What are you doing?”


“I asked what I was doing without trimming these ribs so that they were easy to eat.”

“Didn’t I mean to share it?”

“In which country in the world has a king and a commoner been humbled?”


Then it is. Hari lowered her head and had to distinguish between the meat and bone of the seasoned ribs.

… …

After checking out, Hari boarded Leon in the Hunter Association’s protocol vehicle and headed somewhere. On the way to her destination, she started explaining things.

“The Hunter Association has decided to provide subsidies and settlement subsidies to His Majesty.

“That’s a very considerate thing. When do you think the time will be for the President of the Republic of Korea?”

“Ah, that, that’s… I guess there’s a problem with our security—”

“Do you think Jim would even assassinate the king without knowing the honor! A king never kills a king!”

“Oh no! It can’t be!”

Hari also doesn’t think Leon will cut the president at once, but you can’t ignore the president’s safety by saying ‘I think so’.

He is a being with a force that is difficult to block even an S-class hunter, and if he goes crazy, it wouldn’t be strange if the worst disaster in Korean political history would happen.

“That, more than that, the place where His Majesty will be staying! I’ve told you beforehand, but the land price in the metropolitan area is very expensive, so it will be much more cramped than when you were staying in the royal palace. Will it be okay?”

At first, I tried to find a decent apartment in Seoul. A total of 15 million won in monthly rent support for survivors who received a high-grade evaluation for one year.

Of course, if you think that the monthly rent is 1.3 million won, modern people can live in a house like a palace, but Leon was a king.

He had his own royal palace, and even one sleeping place out of hundreds of rooms would have been enormous.

In order to match his aesthetic sense, he would have to offer the Blue House or Gyeongbokgung Palace. It’s obvious, but it’s impossible.

“How can you be extravagant as a foodie?”

Hari did not say that the Hunter Association took out the museum’s artwork after lobbying to bring in the artwork Leon requested.

I didn’t even say that the price of the art works was in the hundreds of millions of won.

The fact that the accommodation assigned to Leon now is the private villa of Oh Kang-hyuk, the head of the Hunter Association.

As much as that, the Hunter Association was trying to please Leon’s tricky taste, and he didn’t bother to say that he wanted this to come to fruition.

I think if I show off, I’m going to scream that I’m not proud.

“Your Majesty, come to think of it, the distribution of spoils.”

“I ordered you to take care of that part yourself. But I like the cloak, so leave it alone.”


In the end, it was decided to exempt the booty from the Honam Pyeongya Gate as a special case.

To be precise, ‘We don’t have any items obtained from the Honam Plain!’

It was a greater benefit than the Phoenix Guild and other 10 guilds, but Leon did not listen to the association staff.

He insisted that if he met and talked with the president, the king of this country, he would listen to my story. Eventually, the association promised to arrange a meeting with the president in secret.

Until then, immunity and duty-free privileges will apply to anything imposed on Leon.

Thus, the spoils allocated to Leon were the great sword of Dyurahan and the mantle of Dyurahan. And of the 10 million won worth of magic stones that were only partly mined in a hurry to close the dungeon, it was worth 5 million won.

In fact, most of the loot was handed over to Leon, but in fact, there were no dissatisfied employees because it was as if he had closed it alone.

“It has arrived. Your Majesty.”

An officetel in Bundang arrived before I knew it. It is also close to the Hunter Association and has a helicopter on the roof, so it is a high-end officetel that can be moved by helicopter in case of emergency, and is preferred by hunters.

The lobby is gorgeous as it is a high-end officetel. Exquisitely cut and printed picture frames and contemporary artworks on display create a plausible atmosphere.

‘What are those things with only dots of paint?’

Although Leon’s aesthetic eye was incomprehensible to some artworks.

“Ah~ Manager Han Ha-ri of the Hunter Association?”

It was then. A man in a straight suit speaks to the two as they move into the lobby.

“Who are you?”

Hari was wary of the man who spoke to them as if he had been waiting for them. It was because the fact that the two came to this officetel was confidential.

“Haha, this is a coincidence. I am Park Jong-chan, director of Doojeong Mirae Foods in Doojeong Group.”

“Dou, Doo-jeong group?”

The Dujeong Group was one of the largest conglomerates in Korea. Why was the director of such a chaebol group waiting for them pretending to be a coincidence?

“Ah… This is the famous ‘Survivor’ these days. Nice to meet you, Leon Dragonia Lionheart.”

I already figured out everything. Ha-ri’s heart fluttered when she saw Park Jong-chan, the director.

On the other hand, Leon stared blankly at Director Park’s hand as he shook hands with me, then made a shocked expression.

“The merchant… a handshake?”

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