The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 100: First Lionheart’s Relic

Park Soo-jin, an appraiser belonging to the Korea Hunter Association, had to urgently take an intercity bus for news of a sudden business trip scheduled during morning commute.

The place of business trip is the Mansinjeon Guild of Naju Plain, which is continuing its high-altitude march these days.

“Whoa~ Did you feel it too? It’s completely refreshing~”

“I… felt God. Should I convert?”

“Weren’t there three generations of Christian families?”

Tourists entering the famous cafe chain with satisfied expressions. Looking at this, I really want this place to be a tourist destination.

There are many foreigners as well as Koreans. Did I mention that there are only 10,000 tourists per day?

‘No matter how much epic items you can hold, even if you give them… … .’

Epic item Geobrick’s one-handed hammer, second in Asia and first in Korea.

Its existence itself is a national treasure… No, it would not be an exaggeration to say that it was National Treasure No. 1.

What an epic item.

At these words, the whole world turned upside down. As usual, Geobrick’s one-handed hammer washes away the sickness with its overflowing energy, so if you succeed in lifting it, will you give it a hammer?

Hunters all over the world were going crazy. I had to pay a considerable entrance fee just to take a look at it, of course, but it is an epic item.

It’s only about the price of admission for items of value that can’t be converted into money.

‘me too… Shall we try?’

do you know Will you pick up an epic hammer and become its master? If it was put up for sale, there would be many countries to buy for hundreds of billions of won.

Park Soo-jin enters the Mansinjeon Hall, wanting to take a look around. At that time, a small mechanical spider stood in the way in front of the entrance.

Yakt Spinner. Commonly known as Yapi. The Killing Machine, which reigned as the nightmare of Cheongju Gate, seems to be a specialty of pantheon these days.

– Admission fee charged. donation received. Ohseong Pay payment is possible.

I’ve heard that they are the ‘Holy Grail Knights’, the highest rank in the doctrine of the pantheon, but why are they revealing money so much?

-Face check. Manager Park Soo-jin of the Hunter Association’s appraisal department.

“Huh? Do you recognize me?”

-The Hunter Association data bank is all understood.


It seemed that he had just heard a very dangerous remark, but Park Soo-jin tried to ignore it.

– Contact His Majesty. wait inside.

“Oh, is that so? Then… can I take a look at the hammer while you’re here?”


“Yeah, what… I’m a co-worker. But what’s the challenge fee?”

– Five million won.


Of course, considering the value of epic items, it’s not that much money. If it’s right, it’s because it wasn’t at the lottery level.

However, it was a burdensome amount for a commoner like Park Soo-jin, and she was about to give up the challenge.

– Existence of reduction or exemption according to asset class. You are in the second quartile. 50 million won.

“Wow~ such a discount… wait a minute. How is my wealth….”

– I took it.


– I took it. Will you do or say?

“……I won’t.”

Sujin felt something creepy. The image of a pantheon is usually the private organization of His Majesty the King, a fantasy world that emerged from the Middle Ages, but in fact, isn’t this organization hiding a terrifying potential?

Leaving behind her chilly feelings, Sujin entered the office building and met a familiar face.

“Ah! Manager Park Soo-jin!”

“A substitute?”

The girl who was very cute in the association because of her personality and lively personality was still the same.

“You have a clear mind. I heard you’ve been successful lately?”

“Ah~ hehe, even if I look like this, I’m a divine woman.”

“Are you the god of the sea and waves?”

“There is also Petos of War and Flame.”

The personality that is loved everywhere seems to be the same here in the pantheon.

“Did you come to appraise today?”


“If that’s the case, follow me!”

As they headed toward the hammer, the two continued their long-awaited conversation.

“In the morning, the president of the association suddenly sent a text message, so I came. What happened? Recently, I’ve been attacking a lot of gates. Is that because of that?”

“Um~ yes, that’s right.”

Harry awkwardly affirmed. This is because he has information that he needs to keep quiet even to his co-workers.

The ability to artificially open a gate. It was Leon’s position that this information should not be made public yet.

“Here! Ah! Your Majesty and the Queen are here!”

The place we arrived at was the terrace inside the temple. I see two people enjoying tea time on the terrace on the second floor and admiring the panoramic view.


Park Soo-jin inadvertently admired the two of them.

A hand holding a teacup and an upright posture. Looking at the elegance that can be felt just by enjoying tea time, I wonder if this is royalty.

Beatrice couldn’t see her face because of her veil, but it was clear that she was a great beauty, and Leon was a scion that couldn’t be expressed in photos or videos.

The royal family with blond hair and white walls, who seem to come out as stereotypes on romance fantasy covers.

Who could have imagined that this handsome young man, who seemed to be full of romance, would be the world’s greatest super-knocked-up knight king?

“Are you from the Association?”

“Ah, yes! My name is Park Soo-jin…!”

Sujin awkwardly copied the tone of the historical drama and lowered her head. The association’s policy toward Leon is thorough.

Roughly, if you are putting your body in public office in this country, everyone has been trained for 2 weeks on the royal response manual, and the association is even taking an in-house exam.

“Hari. Show me the thing.”

“Chief Park, this is it.”

Hari showed Park Soo-jin something to appraise. And the moment she saw it, she was greatly impressed.

“Whoa… what the heck. Wait, that’s… the ax of an orc champion?”

“Heo Eok! This staff!? Would you buy it even if the Magic Tower gave you hundreds of millions of dollars?”

“My God, what is this circlet? A pure concept?”

Each one was a huge object.

The ax of Balbaza, the champion of Helcan.

Gokrok’s champion Maghar’s staff.

The sachet of Skira, the champion of Skunic.

The skin of Dagil, the chief of Baekrang, the beast god.

Imperial Elector Count, Papal Circlet, etc.

Each one is a Legendary item. This alone is amazing, but there was another dagger that Leon gave me.

“Eh, this is also a great item?”

[Vulcan’s Ceremonial Dagger]

◆ Rating: Legendary

◆ Details

Grail Knight of the Great War and Flame Vulcanus gave himself to Petos and received this dagger as a response.

There is a spark of God.

Unappraisal: Due to the weathering of a long war, the function does not activate.

old dagger. However, the power contained in the dagger was so great that it was judged as Legendary.

The reason why Leon received this item as he was willing to give it to Vulcanus was no different.

– Biche. Can you open the gate with this thing?

-It’s possible. But that’s… … .

Beatrice realized that Vulcanus did not exist in Paradise just by Leon’s question.

Had the soul been captured by demons, as in Geobrick? If so, Leon will surely set out to lead his soul to paradise.

“This is the last one.”

Apart from that, there was another box that Hari brought as if she was carefully serving it.

“Let’s see… Heck!”

The moment the box was opened and he saw what was inside, Sujin felt her breath suffocate.

it was a scabbard.

It is a symbol of authority that is more like a royal scepter than a weapon with splendid and luxurious craftsmanship that is so dazzling.

However, the holy aura felt inside makes us guess that this is an object used for religious ceremonies.


Even if you pretend, it’s not an ordinary thing. Park Soo-jin put on white gloves for appraisal and carefully inspected the scabbard with appraisal skills.


The basis of the appraisal skill is the interpretation of the item. Even if it depends on the system, the functions and phrases that can be interpreted vary depending on the individual’s capabilities.

Park Soo-jin is a 10-year veteran. She inspected the scabbard carefully and gently, as if handling Goryeo celadon.

“It was manufactured by melting the highest grade dye… Blessed gold? What the hell is this language? Characters that cannot be interpreted even by the system?”

“Overcoming adversity and reaching for the stars, that’s a Newspeak word. It’s a language I don’t use very often these days.”

“That’s right?”

How does Leon know that? I was curious, but thanks to that, my feelings became easier.

“Your Majesty… If you don’t mind, the texts from here…”

Although Leon is famous for being picky, he gladly complied with Park Soo-jin’s request. He also seemed to value this sword case.

“Do good with courage.

“Even if the sky falls, establish justice.”

“Make a love that shines like a star.”

“Make your destiny bright.”

Leon laughed as he recited them. Beatrice asked curiously.

“Why is that?”

“These are the proverbs left by the first Lion Heart King. These are the words he left for the later Lion Heart Kings.”

“These are meaningful words. That means this sword sheath is…”

“The first Lion Heart King who built the kingdom together with the father of my family, the Grand Duke of Dragonia. It is the sword of His Majesty Richard the Lionheart.”

[Swords of Richard Lionheart]

◆ Rating: Epic

◆ Details

A scabbard to contain the holy sword of Richard the Lionheart, the great first lion heart king.

Star iron melted with a holy flame under the blazing sunlight was forged by the blacksmith’s divinity by striking it directly with a hammer.

Ariana’s Knight: The holy sword focuses the energy of light.

Horseman of Pethos: The Holy Sword gains Warfare.

Guardian of Heto: The Holy Sword reads Voyages of the Stars.


Park Soo-jin is amazed at the rating after admiring the unusual function. She couldn’t control her trembling lips when she saw the last item grade she saw.

“Eh, Epic!”

The pupils dilate in disbelief. It was epic.

No, Epic isn’t even the name of someone’s dog, so how did it come out like this? And that’s in a row in a guild less than half a year since its establishment!

“Yeah, how are you?”

“Ah, yes…! Yes! Eh, Epic grade… It’s called Richard Lionheart’s scabbard…!”

The scabbard of the holy sword.

It is not a collection of swords in the pure sense.

The Guardian of the Holy Grail with the heart of a lion has the power to manipulate subspaces.

That’s why there was no need for a separate scabbard to store the Holy Sword, Holy Lance, and Holy Grail at all times.

“It’s a holy sword.”

A holy sword that appears in subspace at Leon’s words. When he raised the holy sword, the scabbard reacted.


A scabbard that moves by itself in response to items? Park Soo-jin was astonished, but Leon activated the function of the holy sword as if he had expected it.

Indestructible Holy Sword.

Hwihwang’s holy sword.

The function of the last holy sword has not been restored, but it can be restored if it is linked with the scabbard.

-Goooooooo… !

A monstrous sound that vibrates in space. The scabbard and holy sword attract each other like a magnet, as if a huge bond is being formed.

Eventually, something surprising happened as the scabbard carried the holy sword on its own.

The scabbard transformed itself to match the size and length of the holy sword.

“I see… step back.”

After letting Hari and Sujin back, Leon stared at the sky from the terrace. The eyes of the Pantheon’s soldiers and staff, and even tourists from afar, were focused on the occasional commotion.

Leon shouted.

“The 15th Lionheart, Leon Dragonia Lionheart! The masterful successor of the first Lionheart! The earthly agent who represents the gods asks the holy relic for qualifications!”

Leon pulled the sword out of the scabbard. At that moment, dazzling golden light pours out and shoots as if it were swung.

It cuts through the atmosphere, crosses space, and reaches the sky. The trail the light left in the sky was evident as parted clouds.

The scabbard of the holy sword recognized Leon, and Leon took that power as he deserved.

“”… … … … .””

While everyone was unable to close their gaping mouths, Leon laughed.

“I’ll have to prepare soon.”

Because the power of the past, the heyday of myself, was finally contained in my hands.

“Han Hari.”

“Yes, yes! Your Majesty!”

“We will start the knight ordination ceremony. Let’s get ready.”

“Ah…! Yes, I understand!”

Reap the fruits of your training. and… A full-scale electrification will begin.


“Tell me, Your Majesty.”

“I will prepare a great ceremony. Originally, I was going to read the heavenly bodies and wait for the right time, but thanks to His Majesty’s scabbard, it was possible right away.”

“Are you talking about… ‘that’?”


The plan is known to only three in this pantheon. Leon to perform the ceremony, Beatrice to draw the summoning circle, and—

“Sir Spinner!”

-your majesty.

The yakt spinner, who climbed the wall close to Leon’s side, answered before he knew it.

“I will open a blacksmith’s byeolcheol. Can you do it now?”

– 15% project completion rate. It takes about two weeks to complete the minimum operation facility. At the current scale, it can be completed.

“Okay. Then first form the knights and summon the ‘star’ through a great ceremony.”

What is needed to form the Holy Grail Knights of Lionheart Kingdom.

Holy Grail Knights and Knights.

A necromancer who reads the voyages of the celestial bodies and draws them in.

A blacksmith with the divinity of a star iron smithy and a blacksmith who can process that star.

at las.

All of this is equipped.

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