The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 101: Cadet’s Circumstances

Cheon So-yeon, a candidate for a knight of the Mansinjeon, is the granddaughter of the head of the Shingeom Guild, the best hunter guild in Korea.

From the moment she awakened as a Hunter, she was chosen as the successor to the guild leader Cheon Jin-soo.

It was only natural that Cheon So-yeon’s own talents were not lacking in the succession of the optical swordsman.

[My lady, do you really intend to stay there?]

A familiar female voice is heard over the receiver.

That’s why inside the Divine Sword Guild, there is no choice but to talk about her living in the Pantheon Guild.

“Yes. For a while.”

[Nothing has been said yet, but everyone is whispering. In fact, it means that you left your seat.]

“It can’t be helped. It’s because it’s that attractive.”

[Is that enough? That sex law.]

“Yes. I’ve seen it over and over again.”

Cheon So-yeon, the successor of the Shingeom Guild, who had been treated like a young lady all her life, was the reason why she came down here.

sex law. A miraculous power that lowers magic into magic. Cheon So-yeon wanted to have that power.

[There are numerous sword techniques and visions in our new sword guild.]

“I know, but you know. That’s not enough. To kill that man.”

[miss… … .]

The voice over the phone becomes somber. A name that is now banned even from the Divine Sword Guild. Only the lightsaber Cheon Su-jin and her granddaughter Cheon So-yeon would be the only ones who could say that.

“Can you confirm where you are now?”

[…] … It was last seen in Vietnam. The ‘magic sword’ is still with you.]

yeah, i’m not dead yet And no one can kill

A wandering demon hiding behind the world. None of the masters of the demonic sword at the time went hunting for it.

‘If it’s the lion heart king… It might be possible.’

No, So-yeon denied the thoughts she hadn’t uttered.

It had to be you who took its life. It should never be Leon. so it doesn’t make any sense That’s why–

“I’m going to learn the sex method. With that power… that’s possible.”

Chun So-yeon quietly vowed revenge and hung up the phone.

* * * *

Manshinjeon’s training manual is not light, even for soldiers.

No, the world is different compared to the modern military, which is problematic for basic human rights issues or harsh behavior, but the training of the pantheon with a medieval system cannot be compared to modern times.



“Three! Stop!”

Soldiers erect their shields uprightly according to the loud call of the leader. Dozens of horsemen rush in front of him.

– Kwak!

– Quaang!

– Kwaaaang!

Horsemen rushing at the shield wall. It is a joint morning training between the knight cadets of Manshinjeon and the heavy infantry of Man-at-Arms.

“Pierce! Pierce unconditionally!”

“Stop it! I mean stop it by squeezing even the strength you used to suck on!”

The one who tries to penetrate and the one who tries to block. The reason why the fierce confrontation could be kept tight was because the number of blocking sides was far greater.

One hundred man-at-arms and ten knight cadets. Since it is a difference of ten times, the mass of the collision is insufficient, and it is not easy to break through the layered dust proof.

“Damn it, I’m speechless!”

“Push forward a little and get in!”

The knight cadets who couldn’t penetrate the dense shield wall made a sound of bolmen. Their eyes are on Han Soo-ho, who is at the forefront.

“Suho, look through it!”

“Ugh… I’m doing my best… Ugh!”

Suho, who was hitting the shield wall with a wooden sword, was caught. Suho, who is pulled straight, is dragged to the middle of the shield wall.

“Hit it!”

“Step on it!”

The Man-at-Arms stepped on and stabbed Suho mercilessly. A fallen cavalryman is a disastrous law.

“Billion! Billion! Guys, wait…!”

“Anyway, thanks to the Holy Grail, I’ll recover soon!”

“Definitely screw up! Our basic base is different!”


Even while Suho was dragged out and beaten, the knight cadets in the back row could not make a sharp move. Leon, who had been watching it, stood up.

“Stop! The shield team wins! The next group proceeds!”

Next is the second group in which Hari belongs. She looked at Suho as he was being dragged in front of the Holy Grail with a bloody bruise on his face.

“Ugh, Suho… Noona will avenge you.”

Hari raised his lance. The cadets were basically equipped with standard Lionheart equipment. sword, spear and horseback riding.

Surprisingly, armor was not adopted, but according to Leon’s evaluation, it is the logic that an intermediate level of armor is worse than using it.

The man-at-arms were quite comparable to heavily armed and costly ones.

“let’s go!”

“Follow one senior!”

“Let’s avenge Suho!”

The feverish knight cadets running on the ground. At the forefront, Hari raised her lance.

It is far from a standard charge. At the point when the horse’s acceleration is obtained, air resistance is forced on all actions.

Therefore, the lance, which assumes a frontal impact, has a structure that receives as little air resistance as possible. Only by lifting it should be seen as violating the basics of jousting spears.

“I have ideas!”

Seongbeop <Rapping the Waves>

Water flows on Hari’s lance. Hari headed for the square as if swinging the seawater that wrapped around the spear in the form of a spiral.



A small wave pounded the barrier. No matter how strong humans are, how can they withstand the crashing waves?

The square collapses and Hari jumps over them at once.

“Cadet team wins!”

– Oussha!

– This is it!

Thanks to Hari’s technique, the 2nd group of cadets broke through at once and burst into laughter. The shield group that makes them cry.

“Ugh, isn’t using the sex method a foul?”

The leader of the shield, Kim Do-han, raised an objection as if he was unfair, but Hari replied by giggling and drawing a V with his fingers.

“There was no rule called foul play!”


Captain Kim Do-han scratches his head, saying, “This is a hardship for dealing with the only sex method user among the students.” He moved to the Holy Grail with his teammates.

Next is Cheon So-yeon’s Article 3. Article 4 of Jaehyeok Kim.

The two were of the rank of erratic knights, and both succeeded in breaking through the shield wall.

Switching groups like that, repeating attack and defense. After the joint training, we had time to review each other’s attacks and defenses.

“Guardians have good defense, but their attacks are weak.”

“Still, the loss rate after failure to break through is the lowest.”

“Ms. Han Ha-ri is just out of the norm. That didn’t stop anyone.”

“The sex law is a fraud, but a fraud.”

“Chun So-yeon, that lady is fierce.”

“Breaking power is no joke. I threw away the spear right after using it and switched to a sword, so I just collapsed while doing it!”

“Jaehyuk Kim seems used to using a spear. He uses his own spear instead of a lance.”

“He’s simple and strong, but he’s surprisingly prudent. It’s the complete opposite of his usual personality.”

Conversely, the knight cadets also went through training.

“Captain Kim Do-han, Joe is definitely a veteran because he was from the 1st class.”

“Surprisingly, the 4th trainees are also tough. Are the numbers good?”

“I heard that quite a few C- and B-rank hunters came in from the 3rd and 4th seasons.”

“I’m sure there must be an impact from a mounted charge, but how do you withstand it so well?”

“It’s a problem after they fail to break through after the shock. Even if they dry it up a little, it’ll be eaten up.”

In order to train proper knights and soldiers, it takes at least several years of training.

However, they were quality trainees who had already undergone practical training at the gate and academy, and they grew quickly.

Above all, they had the most exemplary article in front of them.

“Get out! If you fail to break through, the back row will take the lead and fall out! The infantry will inevitably be slower than you guys, so use your mobility, widen your distance, and prepare for a re-charge!”

“Hold your shield firmly! Reduce the moment of shock by threatening the horse! A knight is not invincible! Support your comrades in the lead with your back row!”

Leon was a military strategist who mastered the exemplary breakthrough tactics of knights and the defensive tactics that prevented knights from breaking through.

A veteran with over a hundred years of history leading a corps and fighting was a great help.

While these trainings were also coming to an end, Leon analyzed each of the knight cadets and conducted customized training for them.

Of course, the skills of the cadets were increasing day by day, just like the trainees.

-your majesty.

“Sir Spinner. What’s going on?”

– Arranged the application documents for the cadets for this quarter. Many B-class hunters. A number of A-rank hunters are also available.

“Yes, the time has come to receive the next knight cadets.”

I haven’t even formed a guild yet, but the more talents there are, the better.

Because what Leon ultimately pursued was an army to destroy the demons, not a guild raiding party to attack the gate.

“I guess I’ll have to prepare for the swearing-in ceremony soon.”

Prior to the forthcoming swearing-in ceremony, Leon looked at the stack of papers.

Suho Han, Hari Han, Jaehyuk Kim, Soyeon Cheon, Daesung Koo.

In addition, about 40 cadets from the academy.

How many of them can pass the first test?

* * * *

“Children, snacks are here.”

A dormitory for knight cadets. The students jumped to their feet at the potatoes and sweet potatoes that Hari had packed in a basket.

“Senior senior, what about kimchi?”

“Grandpa Choi took care of it for me.”

“Oh oh!”

Kim Jae-hyeok was excited about the kimchi container Hari had brought and readily accepted it.

In the meantime, many franchise stores and restaurants have opened near Manshinjeon.

The economic circulation structure brought by Geobrick’s one-handed hammer was enough to revive the rural village.

Above all, it was only a matter of time since the economic power of this place, the original production area of blessed crops, was developing day by day.

The problem is that the benefit of such capital was not given at all to the cadets and trainees of the Pantheon.

“Uh… How long do we have to eat only sugar salt water?”

“It was better when I went to the gate. You ate well.”

“Yes, yes.”

It’s not strange that the cadets, including Kim Jae-hyeok, are vomiting.

Trainees can eat properly after the completion ceremony, but cadets are still eating sugar-salt water over and over again.

Although they relieve their hunger in the name of late night snacks or snacks, it is inevitable that fast food that can be seen right across the Manshinjeon office building is a glimmer.


Hari applauded and put the cadets’ complaints to rest.

“Come on, it’s an inauguration ceremony soon, so you’ll be able to eat proper food from then on!”

“By the way, senior, didn’t you say that you would finish the religious education before the swearing-in ceremony?”

“Isn’t it? Apparently, to become a Kingdom Knight, you have to use at least the Holy Law.”

“Didn’t you say that you would connect with the gods? What is that?”

All eyes turned to Harry. Among the knight cadets, she is the only one connected to God. Aren’t they the students favored by the two gods?

Hari’s appointment as a knight has already been confirmed.

“Umm~ In my case, Foma-sama and Petos-sama chose it themselves, so well… Didn’t each of you choose the people you mainly believe in?”

“Well, basically everyone is the same. Ariana from Light and Justice and Petos from War and Flame.”

“Your Majesty said that knights usually serve those two.”

“Isn’t Foma of the sea and waves hot these days? I heard that the Kikkiruk tribe built a new statue in the waters off Mokpo.”

The cadets, who naturally talked about gods, also started talking about relatively minor gods.

“Yapi is the Holy Grail Knight of the Iron and Blacksmith Heto-sama? What did they say about that ability?”

“I think it’s a blacksmith’s ability.”

“He shut himself up at his base and made something. The last time he experimented with firing charged particles at subluminal speed? He was doing something like that.”

“……Why is that man filming sci-fi alone?”

It was then. A familiar mechanical sound came from the broadcasting speakers in the dormitory.


“I heard that even a tiger will come if you say so…”

[This machine is not a tiger.]

Yappy catches the cadets’ self-talk like a ghost and responds. The cadets were frightened.

“Sir Yapi! Did you install a tape recorder here too!?”

[denial. The sonar function of this unit cannot be compared to that of an organism.]

“Respect privacy! Privacy!”

[I will consider it.]

After answering with a cynical mechanical tone, Yappi told the original business.

[Cadet Kim Jae-hyeok. Cadet Jaehyeok Kim. There is a guardian visit. I want you to quickly change and head to the entrance of the office building.]


Hearing the news, Jaehyuk’s expression hardened in an instant.

“I’ll go.”

“Yeah, yes.”

Seeing his expression suddenly hardened, the cadet looked embarrassed when Jaehyuk left the dormitory.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“……I thought the story would come out soon.”

Jaehyuk’s close friend, Suho, seems to have guessed.


“Ummm… this is not something I can answer. Just… I guess so.”

As Suho kept his mouth shut, no one could ask more from there.

* * * *

Jaehyuk trudged toward the entrance of the Manshinjeon building.

Hunter Academy is a dormitory life for all students. 6 years until graduation. In fact, even now, during the training period for preparation for graduation, I was living in a dormitory at Mansinjeon, so I was separated from my family for a long time.

Most of the cadets would feel longing and welcome for this, but Jaehyuk was different.

The entrance to the Mansinjeon building. Jaehyuk found a middle-aged woman waiting there and asked curtly.

“Why did you come?”


middle-aged woman. Shin Jin-soo, Jae-hyeok’s mother, rushed toward him.

“Are you saying that to your mother?”

“It’s done. Tell me about your business.”

Seeing Jaehyuk’s attitude, Shin Jinsoo made a sad expression and spoke in a quiet voice.

“Do you need a reason to come see my son?”

“I must have come for a reason.”

“You! What kind of habit is that!”

“I’m busy. So just say something quickly and go.”

“Jaehyuk Kim!”

Shin Jin-soo seemed very angry at his son’s bad attitude.

“You… You requested a draft from our guild. Why are you here?”

“I’ll take care of that. Never mind.”

“Why don’t you care! I’m your mother!”

“No matter what mom says, I won’t go to her.”

“What’s the problem? It’s a Korean teenage guild. You’ve been promised a prosperous future, so why…”

If anyone had seen it, they would have dismissed it as just a conflict between a delinquent son and mother. A common sight of conflict over future design.

But what she said next wasn’t something that would come out of an ordinary mother-son relationship.

“Have you come into the den of these heretics? This is betraying him!”

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