The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 102 Religion

In the pantheon, knights and cadets… If you want, there is a common class time, including the staff.

I call it a class, not a training, because this is really a learning time.

Faith education time to learn about the gods of the pantheon and learn their history and doctrine. Of course, the pastor is Leon.

Speaking of faith learning, it is a class that can be taken off school for young people these days, but faith education at Mansinjeon is a completely different class.

It is because this class was the most desired class for students to understand the real gods and borrow their power.

It is the moment that the students have been waiting for to implement the Holy Law by borrowing the authority from the gods.

“What is the difference between the gods of the pantheon and pseudo-religions? Answer me.”

“”… … … … .””

Everyone held their breath at Leon’s question.

In the meantime, the pantheon and its divinities were sacred and inviolable.

Leon is an existence equivalent to the pope who proclaims sacrosanctity at the pinnacle.

How could he compare the pantheon with the fakes on the market?

If it hadn’t been for Leon, it was something someone would have called blasphemy.

The cadets had no choice but to be silent for a while. If the person who is the incarnation of that religion itself permits the question, is it really okay to answer?

It’s like, ‘Are you all brought in from the army?’ When you do, who will answer that you have been dragged… like.

“Is it the difference between real and unreal?”

At that time, the one who raised her hand was Beatrice, who was sitting a short distance from the cadets.

The cadets swallowed their saliva when they heard the voice behind the veil, but Leon responded calmly to the answer.

“Where is the evidence that it is non-existent?”

“Evidence… you mean?”

The cadets nodded at this. While discussing pseudo-religions, I asked where is the evidence that they are non-existent, so it has to be.

“It’s not just a pseudo-religion. It’s the religion of this world. Yahweh, Buddha, Allah, and the 330 million gods of India. Where is the evidence that those gods are non-existent?”

At this, Han Suho carefully raised his hand.

“Uh… those gods don’t work miracles. At least as far as I know.”

The gods of the pantheon work miracles.

It purifies the land polluted with magical energy and creates a holy law that enforces concepts.

All those miracles that Leon proved were only possible because of the existence of the gods, Suho said.

“Isn’t it God if it doesn’t work miracles?”

“Yes? Uh, uh…”

Suho can’t answer Leon’s question. yes it is

This is because all the religions he knew until now had only past records of miracles, but no miracles in modern times.

Only the gods of the pantheon are special to conclude that God exists without miracles.

“Hmm… We can’t see the gods of the pantheon directly. Why did Goddess Demera possess the scarecrow last time…”

This time it is Jaehyuk Kim. The cadets witnessed the goddess Demera appearing to bless the land in front of the farmers.

And that’s not all. In the People’s Republic of Heilong, which recently became an issue due to the height of the war, they believed in the goddess Demera, and the land contaminated with magical energy was purified.

Leon asked again.

“There are many gods in the pantheon, and many of them do not appear. So, are they not real?”

“You’re real… aren’t you?”

“Why? Didn’t you guys see them in person?”

“Your Majesty has seen it.”

“Where’s the guarantee Jim won’t lie?”


When he said that, Jaehyuk was speechless.

“Because the gods of the pantheon give practical benefits.”

At Cheon So-yeon’s words, Leon’s gaze turned to her.

“Is it profitable?”

“Yes. He answers prayers, works miracles, and proves his existence. Unlike other religions.”

The reason Cheon So-yeon stayed in this guild. Its goal is sexual law. Many cadets will be similar.

“Cheon So-yeon. You are definitely serving the two goddesses of war, flame, light and justice. Have you received their response?”

“…I haven’t received it yet because I’m not enough.”

“What was missing?”

Chun So-yeon did not readily answer Leon’s question.

“Faith… I guess.”

“It’s not wrong. But you guys are decisively mistaken.”

Leon said as if admonishing all the cadets.

“Is it a god because it causes miracles? Is it because it is a god that gives you the price of your faith?”

Leon raised his hand. It was a light gesture.


Then the clouds stirred and it rained. Lightning struck the dry sky and rain poured down.


However, the cadets, who were embarrassed by the pouring rain, were even more shocked by the next phenomenon.

The pouring rain like showers did not make Leon and none of the students wet. Not a single drop of rain fell as if there was an invisible wall in their place.

“Is this proof of God? Is it proof of existence? Criminals can think that way. The gods will fulfill what they wish for and what they pray for.”

Leon added it.

“However, Jim prayed for rain, but he did not ask that the rain not make him wet.”


The cadets made puzzled faces. It was a miracle that it rained in the dry sky, but wasn’t it a miracle that only they missed themselves in the midst of the pouring rain?

“The reason Jim didn’t get wet in the rain wasn’t because he prayed. It was because the gods were looking after him. It was because he didn’t want his ankles to get wet even in the shower.”

Leon made this distinction clear.

“Don’t look for proof that God exists. Don’t try to make a deal with God. God is not a wish box that grants you what you want.”

In a way, it was the basis of religion.

Pray for God’s miracle.

I believe in God because I have a wish.

Whether you want to go to heaven, reincarnate as a higher caste in your next life, or receive 72 eternally virgin sex slaves.

Faith arises from believing that any filthy wish will be granted.

“Whichever god you believe in is up to you. It doesn’t matter if you are not a god of pantheon. Yahweh, Buddha and Allah have not been seen to be real, but their teachings are wonderful.”

Leon does not deny the existence of existing earth gods. How can he be sure that they are in fact real gods even though they are invisible?

However, what Leon is talking about is the attitude of believing in God.

“There is nothing wrong with any belief. Be careful, though.”

The difference between the pantheon and the pseudos. This is what Leon wants to make clear.

“Beware of the false prophets who tell you the price of believing in God. Do not have shallow and mean faith.”

that is true faith

Just build your faith with faith.

Leon’s ministry was easy to understand, but difficult to practice.

* * * *

After the religious education, Leon started the last class to decorate the finale of the day.

“Today, as the first step in learning the Holy Law, you will first go through the process of connecting with the gods you believe in.”

The students delight in Leon’s words. On the other hand, there were cadets who said that it was a power-up with faith and hit a rather blasphemous drip.

“Originally, you have to go through the proper process through monasticism or knight training, but the gods have recognized a special exception. You will have the opportunity to build up the virtues of the gods you believe in and manifest your holy power.”

Most of the cadets chose the goddess of light and justice, war and flame. It was because they were the most comfortable to serve as knights.

Goddess Ariana and Goddess Petos. The two gods have already taught the cadets who dream of becoming knights the code they must abide by, justice, over and over again.

[Nice to meet you, my young knight candidates.]

“Woo, wow! Yea, Goddess?!”

“Jee, I hear your real voice!”

[Don’t make a fuss, kids. Only then can you become the standard bearer of this war.]

“Pe, Mr. Petos!”

“God of War!”

Each of the students experienced that they were connected to each other, albeit briefly, with the gods.

It is a virtue that the gods’ special exceptions and Leon’s holy power substitute for the burden that cannot be violated unless it is faithfulness at the level of a priest or a knight of the kingdom.

‘Three Holy Grail Knights, including Jim. It’s still a long way.’

At least, I hope to find the owner of Geobrick’s hammer or awaken one or two new Holy Grail Knights.

The most likely one is Han Ha-ra, who was chosen by the two gods… … .

‘What happened to those three?’

Aside from this, Han Su-ho, Cheon So-yeon, and Kim Jae-hyeok were talented people Leon had his eyes on. Among them, I see someone who is connected to the gods.

“Sister, the Goddess of Light and Justice just spoke to me!”

Han Soo-ho. Ariana, goddess of light and justice. Also, the tendencies were similar.

“Congratulations, Suho.”

Hanhariya has been blessed with the protection of the sea and war from the beginning, so it is not new. At the upcoming knight ordination ceremony, Hari was already a knight of the kingdom.

The problem was different. While most of the students were happy to hear the voices of the gods, there were some who did not receive even that.



He doesn’t show it, but looks around as if he’s embarrassed. It was because he could see that each of his motives except for himself was connected to God and looked into the sky with mysterious eyes.

Jaehyuk Kim and Soyeon Cheon.

The two that Leon had his eye on were not connected to any god. exactly–

“It’s dangerous.”

All in all, those two newcomers.

Among the many gods of the pantheon, the most powerful and the most dangerous.

It’s never a good thing that they care.

* * * *

At the end of the 20th century, the collapse of the Soviet Union and the outbreak of the Gulf War. There were major incidents such as Britain’s return of Hong Kong and the death of Kim Il-sung, but all those issues were buried by cataclysm.

The cataclysm brought many things to the modern Earth, but among them, the religious world also had a great upheaval.

where is god

Of course, the answer to this is written in all scriptures, Buddhist scriptures, Qur’anic Veda, etc.

This is also a test.

This is also the karma accumulated in previous lives.

This is also the judgment of man’s sins.

This too will pass, and this too is only a process of selection.

Appropriate excuses were prepared for all the irrationality of this world, and people believed in their religion and believed in the pastors’ stories.

In the end, even after going through a cataclysm, the existing religions passed without any damage.


The rise of new religions was not avoided.


“Please speak.”

“This is the list of finalists for this draft.”

Neatly trimmed all-back hair.

A benevolent gaze and a smiling face once again.

This middle-aged man, who looks good with a neat suit and a calm atmosphere, fixed his gaze while receiving a report from his subordinate.

Then, he asked a calm question.

“It’s less than I thought.”

“That is…….”

A draft is not a guarantee check that guarantees 100% admission to a guild, but the draft acceptance rate this quarter was much lower than last year.

“What is the cause?”

“…According to the analysis of experts, it is believed that interest in the pantheon has increased.”


Some may ask why the draft acceptance rate is low because of the pantheon.

It is true that the Pantheon took an unprecedented number of cadets in this draft.

However, it is a separate issue from ‘acceptance rate’. It was said that among those who had already accepted, the number of those who refused to join increased.

And the cause was that the concepts of Mansinjeon and ‘Hanbit’ overlapped.

Hanbitgung, a top 10 Korean guild and emerging religious organization that grew up 20 years ago with S-class hunter Park Yong-shin, is a senior in many ways similar to the pantheon.

The leader of the guild, Park Yong-shin, is the head of the church and preaches the teachings and establishes religious doctrines. A new religious organization that preaches the words of God as well as the head of the guild.

That’s probably why there were never a few people who drifted into the pantheon while weighing between two guilds that looked similar.

“Did you say Leon Dragonia Lionheart?”

“Yes, I am a survivor of the other world.”

The so-called Lion Heart King of the fantasy world.

The representative of the pantheon and the strongest knight king in history.

Like cutting off the head of the great devil with Hankyu, and competing one-on-one with the great devil.

But apart from that, his influence on Korean society was incomparably huge.

They bought land contaminated by foreign demons one after another, centering on the plains of Naju, and then sold what they called blessed crops after purifying them.

Most of the top 10 guilds are pushing ahead with the tax issue alone, led by the president of the association.

Even the president and the presidents of large corporations in the industry are overly lenient when it comes to pantheon and leon… Or to the extent that it is annoying because it is afraid.

“Leon Dragonia Lionheart…”

The man recalled the name.

Only five months now. The growth rate is too fast.

It’s just that the talent pool of A-class hunters is lacking, but in terms of size, it’s more than a decent 10 guild.

“Come to think of it, one of our church members is over there, right?”

“Yes, she was the second best pick in this draft after Soyeon Cheon.”

“But I’m going over there.”


The man, Park Yong-shin, did not express any regrets. I just changed the instructions by being silent.

“I will take action.”

There was no need to give any instructions.

Hanbit, one of the top 10 guilds. If the head of a large religion with 1.6 million members nationwide due to the expansion of the religious power over 20 years is uncomfortable, it will be resolved no matter what method is used.

Even if that means stepping on a rising rival.

It’s nothing to him.

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