The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 103 Foolish Organisms

After Leon’s lesson, the cadets of the pilgrim knight naturally had time to review each other.

The theme is the relationship between faith and holy law.

“But isn’t it contradictory to want faith but not to pay for it?

“Isn’t His Majesty Leon saying that the price is based on faith, but not on prayer? You asked for rain, but you didn’t pray that you wouldn’t get wet.”

“In short, is that it? The gods take care of those who believe in it?”

Watching Kim Jae-hyeok and Han Su-ho exchange opinions, Cheon So-yeon couldn’t say a word. When she, who would normally calmly poke a gap, didn’t say anything, Jae-hyeok asked insinuatingly.

“Do you have any opinions?”

“……I don’t know.”

Chun So-yeon was embarrassed.

The belief in the pantheon was naturally compared to the existing religions.

If you believe, you will go to heaven, and if you donate, you will be saved. If you self-destruct, you will receive 72 sex slaves with infinite virginity.

Basically, religion repays the price of faith.

If you dig deep, you tend to emphasize the size or evidence of faith, but in the eyes of atheists, it is more like a system that leads to salvation by paying a price.

Chun So-yeon raised a new question rather than answering the question.

“How do you prove your faith? Who can compare its size?”

“Um… An offering?”

“They say that one coin given by a poor widow is worth more than a bag of gold coins donated by a rich man. That’s usually the case.”

In short, how do you see how sincere you are in your environment? Jinhyeok refuted.

“You get ten rescues.”



If you don’t get paid, that’s not the case again. The pantheon explicitly wanted proof of their faith from their followers.

He wanted the ship’s rescue, the soldier’s loyalty, and the knight’s honor.

Of course, the ten structure is not the ten structure as it is at face value… … .

“In the end, that’s it. Just offer your faith. Then we’ll take care of it for you. Where is such an unreasonable deal?”

Chun So-yeon criticized in a sharp voice. Rather, it would have been more convenient to fulfill the will by offering material things.

She is the granddaughter of the head of the Divine Sword Guild. He is the next new sword guild leader. If she wanted to, she could contribute more than everyone else in the pantheon put together.

If she wanted a feat dedicated to the gods, she could go ahead and decapitate the monsters herself.

Whatever she wants, Cheon So-yeon can do it. But faith is different.

“Isn’t this the point?”

Suho pointed out what Leon had been trying to say throughout the lesson.

“Don’t try to trade. Um… I think you’re pointing out the attitude of hoping for something and having faith.”

It was a terrible phrase that blocked all actions that Cheon So-yeon could pull off.

Because many people, including her, believe in God for a price.

This is because everyone is on an equal footing before God.

Just like the nobility and emperor of the empire did. Cheon So-yeon thought that was unreasonable.

* * * *

Protestantism and Buddhism. There are various other religions, but it is always wary of new religions entering their territory.

Apart from that, the attitude of citizens accepting the pantheon is quite favorable. Even to those with a religion.

-Honestly, there can be gods in this world.

-What if the Lion Heart is groping?

– If that guy is groping, isn’t it really the best acting? Didn’t you mean that you prepared to mess around with religion as soon as you came over from another world?

Everyone in the know knows the eccentric character of Lion Heart King, who is said to have come from another world.

Fortunately, Koreans in the 21st century are quite tolerant of cultural relativism.

– In the first place, just eating rice can cure the disease, don’t you believe this?

-That could be the technology of another world.

– Haven’t you heard of farmers using the sex method? Watch an interview with a farmer in Naju.

-It’s a guraim that weave and play.

Citizens’ response is favorable. The gods of the pantheon have already proven themselves to be sufficiently real, and the miracles they show can’t be explained other than ‘miracle’.

Then, what is the position of the government that accepts this alien god and even allows propagation?

-Keep that nobleman out of the presidential election. Not as much as politics! Do everything you ask me to do!

-The power of the pantheon is astonishing. The power to annihilate the demon known as immortality so far, as well as the power of Lionheart himself, is rated as S-class or higher.

-What about your subordinates? Even the magician queen was at a level where she had to lie down in the mage tower and take her to the mage lord.

-Yakt Spinner is relatively quiet, but it doesn’t seem to have recovered from the loss at Cheongju Gate.

-Above all, it is an amazing power increase that rapidly raised D-class hunters to C-class. Their power increase will be of great help to the national interest.

From the government’s point of view, it is the position that Leon will support whatever he does as long as he does not intervene in politics.

It was worth it. The tyranny of large guilds in Korea is nothing new.

They made many demands to the government under the pretext of attacking the gate, and threatened them with foreign migration.

Recently, more than half of the 10 guilds united to the Gate Tax Reform Act… On the other hand, the behavioral criterion of the pantheon was not ‘profit’.

The pantheon is driven by doctrine and justice. In the 21st century, I would like to say something unfamiliar, but the pantheon, driven by the absolute charisma of Leon, actually acted that way.

The problem was the religious world.

“What are these people?”

“Why are you like that?”

But today’s visitors included some that are somewhat frowned upon.

“The mercy of the Lord come down! Come down!”

“The mercy of the Lord is like spring rain!”

“Your mercy surrounds me!”

Even in a noisy holy place due to the crowds, a group that stands out is shouting loudly with microphones and musical instruments.

“What are those gentlemen?”

“To step on the ground in the pantheon…”

This is something that often happens in Korea.

They break into other religious facilities, sing evangelical songs, dance, and disrupt movement.

They physically rejected those who were heretics in their eyes, such as destroying Buddhist statues, burning cultural assets, or simply overturning ancestral rites that reproduced traditions.

Even after the riot, if someone came to stop it, he was treated as a heretic and even violently assaulted, so it was only natural that he did not want to be involved.

-What are you doing?

It was Yapi, the head of the pantheon, who approached the ensuing uproar.

He warned the rampages in the middle of real-time ground treading.

-Your noise level has reached the discomfort index. restraint wind.

“Because we love you. Know and understand. Because we must go to paradise together. Because that is the will of the Heavenly God.”


What is he saying now. It was to the extent that the expressionless mechanical spider’s true intentions were revealed.

-Warning again. Stop making noise immediately. I was not allowed to play an instrument.

It is visited by more than 10,000 people every day. Of course, it happened when there was a commotion, and as much as the hunters gathered, it also led to a fierce physical fight.

However, there is a Yakt Spinner, a killing machine in Cheongju. Thoroughly calculated and rapid suppression is Yapi’s trademark.

However, they resisted Yapi’s warning by singing hymns rather convulsively.

“Satan the devil tests your faith! Quit heresy!”

-… … .

Yapi was puzzled when he saw those whose voices grew louder. What are the kids going to believe in?

– Are you crazy, organic.

It was the final notice. Yapi’s robot arm was revealed, and the characteristic wires were lined up. Even if it was for non-lethal use, he was able to subdue quite a few Hunters.

“That cold machine is possessed by a demon! In the name of the headmaster, I command you to die tonight!”

Their recklessness did not last long.

Because Yapi was merciless to those who passed three warnings.

Tactics <Cheonrajimang>

The wire shot like a net mercilessly subdued them.

* * * *

-Don’t come in front of you.

“Oh, that devil!”

-You want to get behind?

“Eh! Do you avoid shit because you’re afraid of it! You avoid it because it’s dirty!”

After being beaten and kicked out of the entrance of the pantheon, they cursed at each other and quickly walked out of the pantheon.

When we got out of the pantheon for a while and arrived at the parking lot, a man came running.

“Brother Kwangtae! You insulted me!”

“Brother Dongshik. Did you do well with the entrustment?”


Dongsik took out his phone and shook it. On the screen of the phone, there was a clear picture of Yapi overpowering them by force.

“Brother Kwangtae. Can we do this?”

“Hehe, that’s enough.”

It was the reason why they were rioting in the pantheon.

After turning off the aggro with a high-pitched song and a prayer for stepping on the ground, wait for the nasty robot to subdue it with force.

From then on, it’s a breeze.

Accuse him of violence and discredit the entire pantheon. There will be some testimonies, but it doesn’t matter.

‘If you mobilize the comment unit, that’s about a minority opinion.’

‘Moreover, it was this side that was assaulted.’

At best, the Pantheon who used violence would be more problematic than those who were only guilty of insult.

“Anyway, ignorant heretics. They say they don’t even know the law in Korea.”

Park Gwang-tae, a missionary at Hanbit Palace who planned all of this, was satisfied with a mean smile.

It’s not just this one. Now, Hanbitgung will press the pantheon in all directions.

No matter how well the pantheon has been going well lately, it is a new guild whose pillars are not yet strong.

You can’t be an opponent of Hanbitgung, which has been firmly established for 20 years.

“Everything for the sake of the headmaster…”

“”Everything is for the sake of the headmaster… … .””

They went straight to the police station and filed a complaint against Manshinjeon for assault. And right away, the public opinion campaign began.

* * * *

[The Pantheon. Assault a visiting tourist!]

[Suspicion of massive tax evasion in the pantheon.]

[What kind of person is the King of the Lionheart, the leader of the Mansinjeon!]

Internet newspaper reporter Kim Geon-tae couldn’t stop laughing when he saw the scoops he was going to post.

These articles, which were produced at the request of Hanbitgung, which has connections with newspapers, showed Hanbitgung’s will.

‘Looks like it’s annoying.’

Well, I wanted to collide once.

Since the cataclysm, several new religions have sprung up in Korea. Among them, Hanbitgung is the largest and most influential religion.

They have been very successful not only in religious activities, but also as a hunter guild, and are a huge guild that goes well in related businesses.

It is said that in the position of the pantheon, it is a senior qualification that should be benchmarked. Of course, seniors have no obligation to care for juniors.

In any case, the recent Mansinjeon must have been quite annoying in the eyes of Hanbitgung. Kim Geon-tae had a hunch that not only the newspaper he belonged to, but also domestic media outlets would report similar crimes.

“Well, since I’m from another world, I’ll be helpless against propaganda.”

Even His Majesty Leon will have to pay the high school fees because of this. In the world wide era of the 21st century, nothing is as expensive as an image.

In the end, the outcome of this confrontation depends on how far Hanbitgung intends to beat the pantheon.

It’s pitiful, but he only produces news as he gets paid.

Aside from the money he received from Hanbitgung, Kim Geon-tae also resolved his minor inferiority complex.

‘He’s handsome, he’s strong, he’s got a lot of money. He’s such a proud guy, so let’s eat some shit.’

What kind of frustration will the nobleman, who is the king of this world, show in the midst of the pouring articles and baseless scandals? It’s just a pity that I can’t see it in person.

“Ah~ Do you want to hold a press conference?”

What could be more enjoyable as a journalist than ruining a well-behaved celebrity?

To knock down the proud ones, one’s own brush is used. Wouldn’t this also be seen as having defeated Leon?

‘The brush is mightier than the sword. cancer!’

The moment he pressed the enter key, Kim Geon-tae giggled thinking of the number of views and incentives to explode.


Hit enter for ten seconds. Kim Geon-tae could not find his curiosity and pressed F5 on the page where my article was posted.

I made the title to be as provocative and aggro as possible, so there must have been comments already——


[This page has been deleted.]


What do you mean?

Kim Gun-tae refreshed once again, but nothing changed.

After six attempts, Kim Geon-tae realized. that your article has been deleted.

‘What, what is it? Did you get caught catching an illegal promotional program?’

It can’t be. Even if his Internet media had posted advertisements on gambling sites or adult products sites, they had not been deleted.

In a hurry to re-upload the article, he had to receive another shocking message.

[Your account has been deleted.]


There was no room for surprise. All of a sudden, the lights and electronic equipment in the building where Kim Geon-tae was located were all turned off.

“Me, blackout?”

at this timing?

Other reporters, including Kim Geon-tae, also clamored, but suddenly a blackout occurred in a narrow range across the country. And all the domestic media outlets were silent for 5 minutes.

[The ugly naked face of the XX media. Illegal slush fund deposit route. Where is the truth?]

[Suspicious funds deposited to reporter XXX of OO media. The end of the deposit route is Hanbitgung?]

[The identity of the passer-by who caused the riot at the Mansinjeon Hall is Preacher Park of Hanbit Palace.]

Internet public opinion, yuptube, jinstagram, twitter… All Internet sites accessible to modern people in the 21st century have begun to be plastered.

* * * *

Jaehyuk was born into a fairly well-to-do family.

A subcontracting company that accepts subcontracts from large corporations. It can be said that he was born with a spoon in his own way because he secured a lot of good business partners in his father’s generation.

Until Kim Jae-hyeok entered the Hunter Academy, there were no major problems in the family.

since my father died. His family began to decline rapidly.


A residential area in Incheon. My parents’ house, which I haven’t seen in a long time, is old and shabby, just like in my memory.

“I came because I was told to come, but…”

Somehow I can’t get used to this damn neighborhood. Actually it is. Because the place where he spent his childhood was an expensive and wealthy neighborhood in Seoul.

I heard that apartment prices have gone up lately, but Jaehyuk’s house was sold for nothing without even receiving the benefits.

The company he inherited, the land he owned, and the apartment… I sold it for nothing.

It’s not that the business is doomed. There was no urgent need or a guarantee.

‘That goddamn religion.’

Hanbit Palace. The religion my mother was passionate about.

A new religion that worships the system as the will of the heavenly gods and has S-class hunter Park Yong-shin as its leader.

Jaehyeok’s mother was immersed in this religion and dedicated all of her family’s property to Hanbit Palace.

There was no rice in the house, so I was unable to eat, so I entered the academy as if I was running away.


Jaehyuk hesitated and knocked on the front door of the basement rental room. There was a sound of crackling from inside, and the front door opened.

“Is Jaehyuk here?”

A woman who greets him with admiration. As usual, the bright smile he showed at his son made Jaehyuk’s heart ache.

The moment I met my mother–


voice. The male voice, roaring and not hiding his wrath, rang through his heart like thunder.

Faith education that happened a few days ago. There, Jaehyuk heard the voice of God.

I just kept my mouth shut because I couldn’t tell anyone.

[Put down the heavenly punishment. That is the test given to you.]

God of sky and thunder. Jaehyuk was at a loss in front of Ultima’s wrath.

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