The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 104

Returning to Mansinjeon, Jaehyuk was troubled.

[Return to Hanbit Palace. He will treasure you.]

mother’s compulsion. Of course, if Jaehyuk joins Hanbitgung’s guild, they will treat him pretty well.

Unlike the past when he was just a source of money, he is now a promising academy.

At this age, he has already been issued a B-class hunter certificate, so he should be able to grow up to A-rank without difficulty, and if he does well, he can also aim for S-rank.

However, Jaehyuk knew what kind of place Hanbitgung was.

From a young age, he was guided by his mother and attended all kinds of religious prayers and retreats, receiving education close to brainwashing, but as his head hardened, he realized that this was not the case.

So, I entered the academy as if I was running away and intentionally cut off contact. I didn’t cut it off at all, but I cut off contact using training and exams as an excuse.

That’s the senior year draft. He tore up the Hanbit Guild application form his mother sent in and entered the Mansinjeon.


When Leon first talked about his guild and faith in the church, he thought that he had another guy just like Hanbit.

But now I know. Mansinjeon is where the real gods are, and Hanbit is just heretics and cultists.

His concern was not just his mother’s pressure to return to Hanbit.

It is because of the existence of God who gives a voice to himself after the faith class.

[They are cunning and cunning heretics. It is a group of cults. Punish that bitch.]

“…You are my mother.”

[There are things more important than blood and blood information! Cultists are unforgivable mortal criminals!]

Jaehyuk originally believed in the god of light and justice. The Ten Rescue was also dedicated to Him, and the teachings and principles were carried out according to the standards of the Goddess.

But on the day Leon connected the knight cadets with the gods… Jaehyeok was connected to a god other than the goddess of light and justice he believed in.

“The God of Sky and Thunder, why on earth…”


God of sky and thunder.

This violent god connected to Jaehyuk gave orders to himself.

[Punish the group of cults! You must be punished!]

Jae-hyeok spared his words as he, a mere cadet, thought how he would punish Han-bit, including his mother.

“Damn it…”

The way back to the pantheon. Jaehyuk bumps into someone and reflexively nods his head.


“Is this your hometown?”


familiar voice. Jaehyuk, who slowly raised his head with a bewildered reaction, widened his eyes at the unexpected figure.

“Lungs, Your Majesty?!”

Leon. He was staring at Jaehyuk.

* * * *

“I understand the circumstances. Indeed, did that happen?”

Jaehyuk confessed everything to Leon, who came to know half of it.

That he had been a follower of Hanbitgung for a long time. That his mother is forcing him to return to Hanbit. The god of thunder, Ultima, is ordering divine punishment.

The moment Jaehyuk met Leon, he realized that he was the only one he could talk to.

“Thunder. Even so, how can you make a child bear the karma of heavenly principles?”

[I am the sky, so who is discussing the heavenly principles?]

Leon agreed with a shrug of his shoulders, but he wasn’t comfortable either.

“If you want to punish a cultist, leave it to me.”

[No, I want my child to wash away the filthy heresy with his own hands. I want you to dedicate that will to me.]

Ultima, god of sky and thunder.

One of the most powerful gods of the pantheon, and a thorough principled principleist.

Leon knew that convincing Ultima would not be easy. Especially when it comes to cultists and demons, he was the one who maintained a similarly repulsive attitude to himself.

“Jaehyuk Kim. Why didn’t you tell Jim that day?”

“……I think so.”

Jaehyuk couldn’t have been sharp. But he must have been afraid of the consequences to tell Leon.

Because it was Jaehyuk who witnessed right in front of his nose how Leon treated the orcs, demons, and cultists of the beast god.

“Recently, there is a group of people who have been playing dirty tricks in the pantheon.”

“Yes? No way…”

“Lord Spinner made it very clear. They have already declared war on me and the gods.”

“Your Majesty… My mother…”

Leon stopped Jaehyuk from speaking with a hand gesture.

“Jim is not a lunatic who kills people casually. Jim will measure them.”

See with your own eyes and judge.

Leon stood up and spoke to Jaehyuk.

“Where is their cathedral?”

* * * *

Hanbit Palace.

This new religion, which emerged after the cataclysm, regards the ‘system’ as the will and salvation of God.

A system that presents guides to the awakened hunters to close the gate.

They have expanded the religious world by asking if all of this is a miracle of God or what.

Among modern people who have become hard to live after the cataclysm, Hanbitgung cleverly penetrated.

The hunters they regard as heroes, a system that cannot be interpreted by modern science.

That it was a message from God and some kind of help was not an unreliable claim.

In fact, many scholars have often assumed that systems and gates are phenomena caused by transcendental beings.

“So I told you. Taking your pants down in front of me is faith. How can you be saved if you’re not even that good? Believe. Don’t doubt, just believe and you will be saved.”



“Do you want to be saved? Believe, only believe. Believe me and do what I command, and all will be saved!”

Park Yong-shin, the ruler of Hanbit Palace.

Born in 1990, he suffered a cataclysm at the age of twelve.

It is said that he made a name for himself as a promising A-class hunter in a turbulent era when he learned everything by bumping into his body when there was no academy yet.

It was in the winter of 2014 that he met God.

A fluctuating gate that occurred in Samcheok. In this gate, where the difficulty level was suddenly changed, Park Yong-shin lost all his colleagues and was in danger of dying.

Right then. Park Yong-shin, the lord of Hanbit Palace, said he heard a voice.

[Do you want salvation?]

After answering the voice, the owner of the voice bestowed grace upon Park Yong-shin.

It was the seventh S-class hunter to appear in Korea, and the church he founded is the current Hanbitgung.

“He testifies to his reality. Look at the warriors of God who have received his favor. Heed the gospel the moment they enter the gate.”

And in fact, Hanbitgung performs miracles. To be precise, it is a modification of the system called ‘God’s Guidance’.

A hunter testified from the podium.

“It was an ordinary gate. But the moment I entered the gate, unlike other hunters, my system caused an abnormality.”

Originally, at the gate where all you had to do was attack the boss and mine the magic stones, the hunter followed the guidance of the system and explored the inside of the dungeon, and obtained surprising results.

“Hidden reward. Discovering that treasure trove changed my life. All thanks to his grace!”

“iced coffee…….”

“Oh God…….”

This case often happened to Hanbit Palace hunters.

As soon as most of them entered the dungeon, only they received a system message that changed, and they saved their lives and obtained treasure accordingly.

Even the Hunter Association notarized that this was not just a one-time case, but a phenomenon centered on Hanbitgung, so it was not difficult for Hanbitgung to expand its influence.

Park Yong-shin stood on the podium of the Hunter who was testifying.

“It’s not only that. It’s a panacea for those who attack the gate for their sick old mother, and it’s also a miraculous growth for those who were incompetent hunters.”

What is this if not a miracle from God? My existence is proof of that!

Devotees go crazy for every word Park Yong-shin said.

Even those who reacted cynically as fraudsters swallowed saliva when bringing cases that were even listed on the news.

Maybe he’s like the Hunter of Hanbitgung… … .

That is the reason why he pays offerings even when there are no believers, and pays one-tenth of his income while attending early morning prayers.

Because I want to enjoy the miracle myself. I want to have a miracle that God gave me too.


While Park Yong-shin was preaching, he noticed a particularly striking blonde man among the congregation.

Beside it, a silver-haired woman wearing a veil and a spider-like machine are wriggling hymns.

‘Is it a pantheon? Why are the authors?’

Park Yong-shin continued his sermon while deeply admiring Leon’s grace and upright posture.

“your majesty.”


Beatrice whispered to him, but Leon was lost in his thoughts.

‘It’s a cult.’

These guys are everywhere. Parasites that dig into the gaps in the people’s poverty and hearts, spread false teachings, and fill their stomachs.

The cults of miscellaneous gods that are created around harsh places to live are one of the things Leon hates.

Originally, divinity is a way to use faith as food, not material things. Why does God need money?

Of course, I do not deny that material is necessary to run the church. Priests were all human, and they had to eat and live.

But, such a vulgar and inelegant way to ask for money.

If it was just money, he might have passed it off as vulgar. Leon was intrusive and suspicious of the ideology of this church from the very beginning.

“There, brother. A very special person has come to visit.”

Park Yong-shin’s eyes met Leon’s.

“The first brother is to be baptized, so please come here.”

Park Yong-shin boldly invites Leon to the podium. Leon readily agreed.

Approaching the podium, he took out a wen sack from the subspace. And then throw it onto the podium.

The contents of the sack of rain water. That’s a huge bundle of cash.

“……What is this doing?”

“Make a miracle happen.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Didn’t they say that you can experience a miracle if you give an offering? Try raising it sometime.”

“That’s rude.”

Park Yong-shin frowned at Leon’s sudden action, but looked at the camera that was filming him.

‘Stupid bastard. Every one of your actions will be recorded.’

It is said that Hanbitgung is treated as a half pseudo in the world, but there was a reason why people could deny it.

In fact, the followers of Hanbitgung receive different system messages from the gate, and the messages have brought benefits.

“Trying to test the miracle of God with a mere sacrifice.”

“Isn’t it your god who asked for money and faith as conditions for salvation? The idea of dealing with a god is really outrageous, but I’m going to make a deal with your god once.”


Although he did not express himself, Park Yong-shin did not hide his displeasure.

How could a savage, a medieval savage who worshiped a pagan god, dare to insult his own god?

“Did you say that you can go to heaven with loyalty and devotion? Did you say that you will have a place as much as the offering you gave?”

“Heaven is only the reward of those who believe, and the salvation of the elect!”

“You make that choice?”

“You must obey and obey the pastor! Only then can you reach the kingdom of heaven! That is the truth and the gospel!”

“Whoever calls himself a servant of God identifies himself with God! Who gave you that right!”

The heaven he knows is paradise. To enter there, you had to be proud of yourself.

Just because you beat a heretic to death and pay a lot of money does not mean that you are exempted from sin.

What’s more, it’s an accrual formula. If you give a lot of offerings, the number of houses in heaven increases.

When I was told that I had to be willing to let go of my insides in order to prove my faith, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“Have you seen such a shallow and humble religion?”

Park Yong-shin did not dare to refute Leon’s solemn remark.

It was not for lack of argument or argument. Because the church’s own argument built up as a platform for unconditional faith and salvation without reality was invincible.”

However, the instinct that the existence in front of him would not tolerate it took the lead.

With that sad gaze and wrathful dignity, he couldn’t put his clumsy argument into his mouth.

but that’s okay He had a winning argument.

“Unbelievers! Heretics! Evil seeds are trying to invade our temple! We must drive these evil things out of the house of the Lord!”

Thousands of church members stood up at Park Yong-shin’s cry. They vented their blazing rage at the unbeliever who insulted my faith.

“Go away, evil thing! This is God’s house!”

“That’s right! Go away!”

“You filthy bastard! His wrath will drown you in boiling blood!”

Leon silently endured the accusations of the cultists.

Assessing the identity of the existence supported by the ugly faith of these poor fools.


“This stupid, foolish——”

Even insults are never acceptable.

“—You devil…!”


-… … Squeak!


Suddenly, the gaze focused on the person who uttered the words. He instinctively read the astonished gaze focused on me and the changed mood.

Something… Something’s wrong.

“This lowly thing…”

There are three insults Leon will never accept.

One insults parents.

As sons of Ulfric Dragonia, the great Grand Duke of Dragonia, any insult inflicted on them is an insult to the family.

The second is blasphemy against divinity.

How could mortals insult the gods? Occasionally, those with such reckless hair pulled out their tongues and dried them to death in the sun.


Leon surprisingly tends to pass insults toward himself lightly.

It is the king’s sin and immorality that the vegetation dries up, lightning strikes, and even droughts occur on this land.

The King makes no excuses. The king does not evade. The king does not impute

A place that only bears responsibility. Because it is the seat of a king.

Leon blamed Mincho for his own immorality, even for Mincho’s insults towards him, but did not ask for guilt. but… … .

“You dare.

All insults can be tolerated.

“Bring it…! Compare this lion heart king to the devil!!”

Calling yourself a devil is never acceptable. never! Never!

“I will punish you for your wrong faith and vulgarity! The guidance of the sacred star will purify you!”

“Your Majesty… are you really here?”

Biche asked, but Leon had already pulled out the holy sword. The scabbard of the holy sword scribbled light all over the place, projecting the movements of the celestial bodies—

“The holy relics of Saint Agak will guide the stars!”

The necklace Leon was holding suddenly poured a huge light into the sky. next moment–

* * * *

Watanabe, an employee of JAXA, Japan’s aerospace research and development organization, noticed a strange movement while observing the celestial body as usual.

Identification number M85-HCCI.

This comet, which was observed six months ago and was scheduled to pass by the Earth, was scheduled to pass smoothly outside the Earth’s orbit until today.

This small object, called Comet Mickey in honor of its first discoverer, Dr. Mickey of the University of Michigan, USA… … .

“Have you changed your trajectory?”

Watanabe hurriedly ran to inform the sudden trajectory change.

“What nonsense! Why is a comet passing by all of a sudden coming this way!”

“Well, to be precise, on the Korean Peninsula—”

“What does it matter! They say it’s over 6km in size! Not only the Korean Peninsula, but we are all blown away!”

6 km comet. The comet that ended the Cretaceous was just over 10 km across, so a comet this big would at least blow up all of Asia!

If you think about the aftermath, it’s a level enough to discuss human extinction!

“Comet Mickey! Accelerating! Passing Earth’s gravitational field in under 3 minutes! Collision!!”

“We are all dead!”

At this time, all aerospace agencies around the world had a similar reaction.

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