The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 105 Evil, let it perish

“The holy relics of Saint Agak will guide the stars!”

In Paradise of the Gods, Leon received three gifts from the forest sage, Gunlar, except for the ‘seedling’.

The first is the Reins of the Lion Heart King of the Argentine Majesty. The best treasure for a horseman who can reveal the potential of a divine beast.

The second is Lord Gratas’ serf training manual on how to catch a giant.

Lastly, the necklace of Saint Agnac.

The one and only great servant of God who was chosen out of countless priests and priestesses.

The power of the necklace passed down from these saints, one of only one in a generation, is a simple yet destructive miracle.

stellar guidance.

It detects time and time and changes the orbit of the stars.

Through the navigation of the stars read by the scabbard of the holy sword, it senses the heavenly bodies in the universe and guides the stars with the power of the saint’s necklace.

The falling star is falling precisely towards Hanbit Palace. But only a few know that.

It is only Leon who summoned the star, and Beatrice, Yapi, and Kim Jae-hyeok who heard about it in advance.

rest of it… Are they the pitiful space-related employees who are still observing the celestial bodies, reading the rapid drift of the stars, and crying out for the destruction of mankind?

“Ha, what are you talking about?”

“I think that fiend is out of his mind.”

Two minutes passed after Leon shouted. Everyone was intimidated by Leon’s spirit, but soon became more energetic and mocked Leon.

“Sir Yapi. Get ready.”


However, Beatrice and Yapi’s reactions were different. Beatrice stretched out her hand, and in an instant, mad magic blew the ceiling of the cathedral away.

“Muh, what are you doing!”

The followers of Hinbitgung tried to dissuade Beatrice, but silver threads spread all around her, blocking her path.

Yappy was using tactics to protect Beatrice.

“I will pull the star’s orbit this way.”

A magic circle that spreads in all directions centered on Beatrice. The magic of transcendence that has been prepared ever since entering this cathedral is connected to Leon’s sword sheath and necklace.

If the scabbard reads the celestial voyage and the necklace corrects the trajectory, Beatrice’s role is to fine-tune it.

While summoning the stars, the naming method to specify the coordinates used to annihilate the enemies of the kingdom is handed down to Beatrice and practiced.

And they got to see even if they didn’t want to.

“Uh, over there…!”

“Rice, a shooting star?”

Trails of huge stars falling from above their heads. I can’t ignore it even if I want to ignore it in real time.


“Poem, it’s a new punishment! The new punishment is coming down!”

That’s not entirely wrong. Leon is an agent of the gods. The punishment he did was a divine punishment.

“Don’t panic, you lowly ones!!”

The eyes focused on Leon’s roaring voice. Believers thought this was a punishment from the god they believed in, but Park Yong-shin thought otherwise.

‘suddenly? no! He can’t punish us!’

Park Yong-shin raised his sword. He is Korea’s leading S-class hunter. It’s not a desk bite that lacks combat power.

“What have you done!”

“I summoned a star.”

“That, such a lie…!”

“We’ll soon find out if it’s false or not.”

It was so absurd that I couldn’t believe it. Summon a star? Meteor? Is that possible with human power?

“Are you going to kill us all! You won’t be safe either!”

It is not known how large the star heading towards this place is.

According to the short astronomical knowledge, most of the stars burn up as they enter the atmosphere… Will that huge star that can be seen with the naked eye really burn up and disappear?

“Fear before the divine punishment, foolish cultists. You will pay the price.”

“This crazy…!”

Where were they alone to die? When comets collide, it won’t end in the death of one or two people. city… No, the country… Perhaps all life on the planet will perish!

“Very, an evacuation order…”

Followers of Hanbit Palace, citizens of neighboring cities… No, from where to where do I have to evacuate?

Isn’t it too late to evacuate? Can you escape from that comet that looks less than a minute away from colliding?

“Poem, my God…”

Park Yong-shin found God. The god who saved me from the gate, and who has been able to hear his voice until now—

[…] … .]

And at this moment, Yongshin Park, the divinity of Hanbitgung, spoke out. Aside from the fact that it was close to silence.

“Oh God?”

[…] … crazy.]

“Oh God???”

In the next moment, light radiated from Leon. The intense light that makes you go blind just by looking at it, and the lightning that spreads threateningly… … .


“I’m ready.”

Likewise, a dark purple aura overflowed from the bische. The vast mist that flows from her, the priestess of dreams and death, rises toward the shattered ceiling.

Over the sky of a comet falling at the same time. The sunny weather is driven away and the sky is dyed black. Soon, the thundercloud-laden sky flashed golden.

– Quaang!

Thunder from above.

Darkness rising from below.

The two holy powers collide with the falling comet… The nature of a comet contains holy power. The next moment, Yappy pulled a railgun from his carapace and aimed it at the comet.

-Property conversion projectile fire.

The three holy powers struck the comet, and the next moment, the comet, which had not slowed down in the slightest, attacked Hanbitgung.

It was truly a devastation.

* * * *

As a general rule of thumb, when a 6km range comet collides with the Earth, the area around it is bound to be devastated.

Anticipated as one of the greatest threats of the 21st century, Apophis, a level 4 asteroid on the Turin scale, has a diameter of 340m, and the expected damage is completely destroyed within 4km.

Considering that the damage of a celestial body collision increases exponentially as the size increases, the destructive power that a 6km long comet will produce the moment it collides with the earth is natural for the Korean Peninsula to disappear, and even the entire continent and archipelago can be blown away.

No, at this size, it is not strange to discuss human extinction.

but… … .


At the moment of impact, all light and sound disappeared. The member of Hanbitgung stopped screaming and opened his eyes in bewilderment.

dark. it is shaded Shindou raised his head with puzzled eyes and held his breath.

“What, what…!”

It was a huge, huge meteorite.

A comet from outer space that did not burn up at all in the process of passing through the atmosphere, as if it came out of a cartoon that failed historical verification.


What is this?

I don’t know either.

The appearance of Hyeseong standing tall in Hanbit Palace was so unrealistic that I couldn’t open my mouth for several minutes.

“Surely great.”

Beatrice admired in a soft voice. After that, Yapi collected meteorites with a mechanical arm.

-Anomalous physical phenomena of components are in operation. Not matched against any metal in the database.

This is the ‘God’s metal’ promised by Heto, the god of iron and blacksmithing. Indeed, did the Holy Grail Knights make holy swords and armor with these armaments?

If this is the case, the fuselage of one’s prime… No, it would be possible to create more than that.

“Hmm… that’s good enough.”

Leon looked at the star he summoned himself and smiled moderately satisfied.

“This, what is this…”

Park Yong-shin was speechless at the meteorite in front of him. But he saw something else.

‘No one died?’

It’s quite a meteorite. A few kilometers of meteorite hit directly, but only buildings collapsed, and no one died from the shock wave.

Is that all? There are believers who come out of the fallen building debris intact.

Truly a miracle. A sight that can only be described as a miracle of God. Leon came in front of him.

“You foolish thing. But, only foolishness. Do you know your sins?”

“That, what is that…”

A person summoned a meteorite. And no one died from the meteorite. Park Yong-shin had no choice but to shrink in front of Leon, who had created a miracle that was different from that of a human being.


Leon’s gaze penetrates Park Yong-shin. The rage, the rage, the fury… … fleshy.

His clenched fists trembled and his grinding teeth gritted.

It is clear that this man is feeling unbearable anger.

The animal instinct to run away in front of unfiltered flesh is stimulated.

“Come out.”

His fingers point at Park Yong-shin. But that gaze was looking beyond Park Yongshin.

“Jaehyuk Kim!”

“Yes? Yes!”

A boy with spiky hair running in haste. He pointed at Park Yong-shin, holding Leon by the shoulder.

“Now you’ll see. A malignant clinging to the author.”

“That’s right… Huh Eok!”

Jaehyuk Kim saw it. A bizarre creature nestled behind Park Yong-shin’s back, as if parasitic cells had grown promiscuously.

The stars that navigated along the sacred guidance are heated by the three holy powers, and the energy spread at the moment of collision transforms this area into something from another world.

That’s why Jaehyeok was able to awaken ‘Sinan’. I saw the evil species revealed in detail in front of the thunder god’s gaze that can pierce the wicked.

“Da, what the hell is that…”

“A moth-eating lust. A vicious species that has long waited for an opportunity and compelled its host.”


And then, a woman appeared behind Jaehyuk’s back. Jaehyuk looked at her.

“Uh, Mom?”

Shin Jin-soo. Something similar stuck to her.

“You will have to punish it. It is the evil that Thunder wants to punish.”

“Ha, but Your Majesty… Then, my mother……”

“Believe and rely on it. Let His great power dwell. Be assured that it will be as you wish.”

said Leon. Jaehyuk sighed and closed his eyes.

trust. just believing.

Jaehyuk stretched out his hand towards the place where his mother was.

This is just an implied action. It is a wind that blooms in anxiety and is close to self-suggestion.

May the miracle that I cause pierce only the evil species.


May your wrath pardon the innocent.

Seongbeop <Heaven’s Wrath>

The next moment, a lightning bolt struck Shin Jin-soo. It was an extremely powerful lightning strike that fell from the top of the head and destroyed the floor as it was.


A grotesque death mingled with screams. When Kim Jae-hyeok opened his eyes, Shin Jin-soo was sitting down gasping for breath. I looked at my son with tears in my eyes.

“Oh, Mom!”

Jae-hyeok hurriedly ran to her and hugged her. He wakes up to his son holding onto his back.

“Jae, Jaehyuk. My, my son…”

I’m sorry mom. I must have been insane.

She couldn’t understand everything she’d done so far. Man-yong made himself ashamed of the evil that he had committed as if possessed by a ghost.

“Good job.”

Watching that scene, Leon gave a rare satisfied smile. Because that boy was chosen by Ultima.

“Lord of thunder, who sits on the throne of heaven.”

Leon groaned. At that moment, the master of the lofty sky responded.

As the clouds gathered, a giant in the form of a man and wearing a crown of thunder raised his mighty arm. In that hand is a huge lightning bolt that could destroy the world.

“Punish the wicked, and give alms to the lamb.”

<Sky Spear>

The giant’s lightning bolted down towards the ground.

* * * *

The remnants of Hanbitgung Palace, which was struck by thunder and lightning. Most of the followers removed the evil species that clung to me, but there was only one surviving evil species.

“That’s it…!”

Park Yong-shin… The host of all demons. At the moment of divine punishment, it retrieved the evil species planted in the followers and inflated its body, barely surviving the thunderbolt with Park Yong-shin’s defense and recovery skills.

No, it would be a little absurd to endure it.

The extinction was delayed for a while, but the rotten and burnt flesh was falling off every moment, giving off an unbearable stench.

“Greed that eats moths. He is the great devil of greed and stinginess…”

Among the devils, disorderly inquiry – the malignity of wisdom and inquiry, and the filthy lust – are as fond of hiding in society as the malignity of pleasure and depravity.

A type that encroaches on the spiritual soul of a person to germinate seeds, then inflates sins and encroaches on them at once at the time of harvest.

Unexpectedly, the followers of Hanbitgung were lucky. Unlike other evils, it wasn’t a direct contract, but the soul itself wasn’t encroached on.

The main body clinging to Park Yong-shin didn’t even buy time to eat away at his soul due to Leon’s swift summoning of the stars and divine punishment.


The only thing that can be done is to forcefully come to the real world and pose a near-death threat.

“My king is the first knight chosen by Ariana, the goddess of light and justice! He is the owner of the lion’s heart!”

The air, which had been sticky with Leon’s thunder, completely changed.

The air became clear, and the attention of the church members who had been seized with fear was focused in an instant.

light exists.

Brilliantly shining brilliance. The golden thread-like hair gleamed dazzlingly.

“Do not be afraid in this place where I am! Do not run away! Do not be shaken! The pledgers of the Holy Grail are in front of you!”

The embodiment of justice with light.

A knight of the goddess who exists in this land.

The savior and protector of the true faith.

They realized that they had false beliefs. I admitted that my beliefs were wrong.

That would be the case, if the owner of that warm tone and dazzling brilliance was not the mouthpiece of God… What on earth can represent divinity?

A nefarious being who threatens the believers with that hideous face?

A doctrine of salvation that compels unconditional obedience and faith?


It never was.

You cannot trade with divinity,

Doctrines are not made,

Faith is not proof.

just existing.

that are formed naturally.

to stand up for yourself proudly.

“Oh, my Goddess…”

“Even, help me. Help me. Please… please…”

“Help me! I don’t want to die! I was wrong!”

The members of the false faith now realized who to believe and what to believe.

They saw divinity in front of their eyes, not salvation without substance.

Then, as a knight of the goddess, Leon had only one thing to do.

“It will be.”

“Elle …!”

A demon of lust screaming in rage. However, he didn’t know that it was only an outburst.

The demon ate his flesh and encroached on the surroundings. I found a way to escape by somehow blocking my view and creating a gap.

The thick fog of blood that could not be wiped away tried to extinguish Leon’s brilliance and rust the brilliant gold, but how could something malicious violate the sanctity?

“It’s a holy sword.”

Leon summoned the holy sword in the air and held it in his hand.

“Know too much about catching bugs.”

“Kie, Kiee…!”

Malicious, struggling in fear and ripping off my own flesh. However, it turned around without even reaching the demigod protected by the holy sword.

The chunk of meat refused to touch the holy sword and fell on its own.

“Do you believe that a malicious person like you will surpass the divinity of the original king?”

“To the height…!”

To some it was a warm tone, to the devil it was like violent violence.

Pain as if raw flesh were being torn apart by the sound alone struck the demon.

Even if there is maliciousness, false faith, and amplified grip… A prey cannot stand up to a predator.

Because the status of existence is wrong.

“A rotten gut, a worm that’s not even filth. It lacks intelligence to claim honor, and it lacks the fighting spirit to claim itself as a vicious beast.”

Despite being insulted like never before, the devil couldn’t possibly face Leon.

I couldn’t even look at him in anger. Because the divinity in front of me burned away my malignity just by meeting it.

“Isn’t it just wriggling with tricks? Couldn’t you ask for the salvation you shouted with your cunning mouth?”

A voice mixed with contempt and anger came gradually.

The living demigod tore and burned the demons just by approaching them.

The cunning tongue melts,

The decayed skin was burned before necrosis.

The thick fog of blood that filled the room had long since washed away like a lie.

“The divinity of light and justice. I command in the name of Ariana.”

All evil, let them perish.


The holy sword cut through the air, and the holy power amplified in an instant burned the evil.

That moment is truly fleeting.

The divinity wielded in the form of a holy sword annihilated the maliciousness that had gathered 1.8 million faith.

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