The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 106 Merger


Park Yong-shin opened his eyes.

My eyelids, which were as heavy as a thousand pounds, open, and my body, which had moved as if it wasn’t mine, trembled and moved.

When he opened his eyes, what was in front of him was a brilliant light.

“iced coffee…….”

A warm light enveloping the body, a permeating energy. There was nothing to ask. The person in front of me is a ‘god’.

“You are a great man…”

Park Yong-shin fell on his face in tears. I was ashamed of the past when I made doctrines, preached the Word, and expanded the church for the owner of the voice.

“Are you… a god?”

“It’s a demigod.”

Leon answered calmly and pointed the shining golden holy sword at him.

“You’re a lowly cultist. Did you really say salvation through the power of evil?”

“I’m sorry…”

“You tried to contain the world with your petty eyes. Your arrogance insulted the gods and angered the Lion Heart King. How will you pay for that sin?”

“How… what should I do?”

Leon was troubled.

Originally, cultists are basically taken down as serfs and used as meat shields on the battlefield or forced to farm for the rest of their lives.

However, even among the cultists, the cases were considered.

Devil worshipers, blinded by chaotic quests, offered sacrifices and pursued knowledge, or savages, blinded by power, engraved the slaves of the beast god.

Hanbitgung is somewhat far from those two cases.

This is because the moth-eating demon of lust does not reveal itself as a demon, and tricks the foolish commoners into becoming tainted with evil.

There was no arbitrariness here, so the punishment was fairly light unless you germinated the devil’s seed.

“Ten years. Serve and worship the pantheon for ten years! Build your faith until you become a free body from a lowly status! Only then will you be able to ask for forgiveness from the gods as free people!”

It wasn’t just Park Yong-shin. The followers of Hanbitgung miraculously survived the aftermath of the comet collision. It was a declaration to all of them.

As their blank eyes focused, Leon said.

“If you bow down to all gods and ask for forgiveness, you heavenly beings. If you reject it, there is no more mercy.”

No one left the spot. All of them fell down and worshiped Leon.

* * * *

Hanbit Palace collapsed.

A huge group that gathered 1.6 million believers for 20 years and encompassed the political world, the business world, and the hunter world.

The symbol of Hanbit, which operated numerous related industries and over 400 elite hunters. The collapse of Hanbit Palace and the collision of comets caused a big issue.

– Comet Bom that fell in Hanbit Palace?

-What is it? What about the comet-like figure in the cartoon that failed to verify?

-6km long comet is completely embedded. crazy. Backper synthetic.

The comet that fell on Hanbit Palace was an unprecedented situation that overturned the existing common sense of the celestial body.

Hundreds of meteorites enter the Earth’s atmosphere every day, but the reason why they are not news is that they all burn up as soon as they enter the atmosphere.

However, the comet that fell on Hanbitgung directly hit Hanbitgung without diminishing in the slightest.

-But why are we alive?

-If it’s that big, isn’t it at least Asia’s point of destruction?

-I know.

Even more strange is the aftermath after the comet impact.

A six-kilometer comet collided with Earth from the atmosphere without any loss. However, no craters were created from the impact, and there was no aftermath that spanned thousands of kilometers.

It was a comet collision that ended the era of the Cretaceous dinosaurs, and considering that super-large basins found all over the earth since then are only tens to hundreds of meters of evidence of celestial bodies colliding, a comet with a size of 6 km is capable of ending mankind.

However, let alone the end of mankind, even Hanbit Palace, which was hit directly, did not die.

– Hey, isn’t this the miracle that Hanbitgung said?

– The Hanbitgung kids must be so damn cold.

Some people said that this is not the blessing of the heavenly god in Hanbitgung.

It is a well-known case that an anomaly occurs in the system when the followers of Hanbitgung enter the gate.

If this is true, Hanbitgung will achieve a far greater expansion of influence than if Hanbitgung was completely blown away.

-Hey, Hanbitgung Park Yong-shin has a press conference.


– Even if you are a pseudo-gyo, you are a Korean S-class hunter.

– If it is true that all Hanbitgung survivors are true, can’t they be called fakes?

A public press conference by Park Yong-shin, the lord of Hanbit Palace, was announced 8 hours after the great event of a celestial body collision.

While everyone was expecting Park Yong-shin’s announcement, he opened his mouth.

[We, Hanbitgung, are scheduled to go through a merger phase with Mansinjeon as of today. All assets will be donated to His Majesty Leon Dragonia Lionheart, who is the guild leader of the Pantheon and a living demigod, and the raiding party under the umbrella will be Man-at-Arms of the Pantheon–]



-What is it? what happened now?

-I heard that Hanbitgung will be merged with Mansinjeon?


Since Cataclysm, examples of hunter guilds being merged with other guilds have been overflowing. Companies also merge, so what is the reason that a half-entrepreneur guild will not be merged?

Aren’t all of the top 10 guilds in Korea right now conglomerates created by merging large and small guilds?

But the problem is that Hanbit is not just a guild.

It is more like a chaebol group that has not only related businesses such as hunter armament production workshops, item factories, and the processing industry of materials obtained from the gate, but also liquor, beverages, construction, media, and even publishing and sports clubs.

And it is Hanbit Palace that encompasses all of this. They were a religious group and at the same time a chaebol group that raised numerous businesses, and the leader was Park Yong-shin, a South Korean S-class hunter.

Not only did he hand over all the businesses to the pantheon, but he also announced that he would become a subcontractor himself?

It was impossible. No matter how rapidly the pantheon has recently grown, it is still a small religious group with an army that cannot be ignored.

It was a situation that was no different from a small business eating up a large company.

– Is that true?

-Princess Yongshin Park! What is your relationship with the pantheon!

Questions from reporters kept popping up. However, Park Yong-shin calmly replied as if he had transcended everything.

[He is the true savior and agent of God. Everyone, you must find true faith. He is the savior of this world.]

What nonsense is this?

It is like a Protestant pastor proclaiming that Buddha is the real God.

-Is the comet collision last night related to the pantheon!?

-Tell me more!

[That is all.]

Hanbitgung’s declaration of merger with Mansinjeon became a hot issue not only in Korea but also around the world in connection with the collision of comets.

* * * *

Apart from the merger of Hanbitgung, Leon looked at the comet that collided with Hanbitgung.

“Sir Spinner. When can the work begin?”

– Necessary facility construction is required. The main facility is located in Manshinjeon.

The comet was full of iron oxide. It was also exposed to the three holy powers, and its nature changed greatly.

This is the god of metal that the blacksmith god speaks of. It is an item called star iron, and the Lionheart Kingdom has repeatedly summoned this star and processed it.

“What I need right now is 50 sets of armor and a sword. Spears and barding are second priority.”

-What about His Majesty’s armor?

“Of course Jim’s armor and Sir Spinner’s are first priority.”

All Leon needs is a pair of armor.

A time of war with demons. Leon’s armor was destroyed in the long battle and he lost.

Unlike the indestructible holy sword, armor was consumable, and it was because new star iron armor was not produced in the world that had been wiped out other than Leon.

“Improper armor is worse than wearing it. Honey, my things must be of the highest quality, and the Mansin will bless them at the final production stage.”


First, Leon’s armor and Yaffe’s fuselage production were priorities. The problem is that it’s made for knight cadets, but–

– Facility expansion required. Relevant legislation is also required.

“is it.”

If it were Lionheart, since Leon was the king, he would just build a facility, but this was South Korea.

As long as Leon respects the laws here, the construction and expansion of related facilities requires support from government officials.

And the government official was already on the way.

“Your Majesty, the president of the association and the Ministry of Science and ICT have come to visit us.”

Park Yong-shin bowed his head and reported.

In the case of a meteorite that fell from space without land, the ownership belongs to the land owner. But, of course, he handed over the ownership to Leon.

So Kang-hyeok Oh, the head of the Korea Hunter Association, and Shin-cheol Kim, the Minister of Science and Technology, came to Leon.

“Your Majesty! How have you been?”


Oh Kang-hyeok, president of the association, bows down as soon as he sees Leon. On the other hand, Minister Kim Shin-cheol was fascinated by the 6km comet in front of him.

“Minister Kim. Minister Kim!”

“Ah…, ah! Excuse me. My name is Kim Shin-cheol, Minister of Science and ICT. It’s an honor to meet you, Your Majesty.”

Leon guessed what the purpose of these two people’s visit was.

“Ownership of the star belongs to Jim. Jim summoned it.”


“Um, the one who really brought in the comet was the Pantheon… Are you His Majesty?”

Oh Kang-hyeok, president of the association, noticed that he had guessed, and the Minister of Science and Technology was distorted in astonishment.

A human who can summon a giant comet that can wipe out humanity. How can that be possible with human power?

“Your Majesty, how do you plan to use that?”

“Process. Sir Spinner, the Holy Grail Knight of Iron and Blacksmith, will use that to make swords and armor for the knights.”

At those words, Minister Kim exploded his flagship.

Doing only with such a precious comet is making weapons? What a waste of resources this is!

“Your Majesty! Please hand over that comet to our government! If it’s such a precious star with its original intact, it will make great progress in space science—”

“Your Majesty will do as you please.”

“Oh, Kang-hyeok Oh, president of the association! What nonsense is that——!”

Minister Kim was overwhelmed by the loose eyes sent by the president of the association, Oh Kang-hyeok. One of the three early S-class Hunters who once trisected the Korean Gate front.

He is one of the best people in Korea who can endure if he sincerely puts pressure on him.

“I’ve heard from Miss Hari about a special iron forge. Is that the material?”


“Heh heh, I’m looking forward to it. Processing a star the size of that to produce an armament. This is unprecedented in history.”

The old-fashioned president of the association was able to find an agreement between the government and the pantheon while genuinely admiring the miracle in front of his eyes.

“Your Majesty, are you planning on doing the facility here? If it’s that size, just moving it must be very laborious.”

“Sir Spinner will take care of it. Oh Kang-hyuk, what do you want to say?”

“Your Majesty, if you are going to cast and smelt something like that, you will need a suitable facility. The government will support it. Complex tax and legal issues will be handled by this side. Even if a special law is enacted.”

Only then did Leon listen to the suggestion of the president of the association, Oh Kang-hyeok, as if he was interested.

“What do you want?”

“This is an armament that some comets and Sir Spinner will produce. To be honest, we would like to refer to the armament produced by the divine blacksmith.”

In response to the candid suggestion from the president of the association, Oh Kang-hyeok, Leon replied with a relaxed smile.

“It’s not difficult to gift some of the comet. I was going to present it to the president.”

President Andong-gil said, ‘Why am I involved there?’ What should I do when the only person who can be interpreted as the king is the president?

“However, the products of the Byeol Iron Forge cannot be taken out.”

“For some reason… is it okay if I ask?”

“Because the products of the Byeolcheol Blacksmith’s are a gift from the gods. They don’t measure up to holy relics, but they are worth it.”

“Is it a matter of justification?”

“It’s also a matter of tradition.”


Oh Kang-hyeok, president of the association, pondered for a while. Leon clearly gave it a chance.

If it was something that could never be handed over, I wouldn’t have talked about tradition.

“Your Majesty, it’s Miss Han Hari who was dispatched to your temple.”

“Go on.”

“Is that friend also given the work of the iron forge?”

“I guess so.”

“Then… when Hari-san goes to work at the association, would it be okay for her to ‘watch’ or have an appraiser ‘analyze’ her? Strictly speaking, Ms. Hari is our employee.”

Now Leon laughed.

“Then it can’t be helped.”

Leon’s agreement with the government was successful.

“Your Majesty. Apart from this merger and the comet, there is another matter.”


Oh Kang-hyeok, president of the association, manipulated the pad the secretary took out and dedicated it to Leon.


Leon’s eyes narrowed when he saw it.

“Is this a video from inside the gate?”

“No. It’s a video of a battle in Vietnam, and it’s an incident that took place within the Earth.”

It was an existence that modern people could not be aware of.

London affair.

An epic item appeared at the black gate cleared by all hunters from the European Union.

The owner was decided only after the 32 guild debates and an astronomical auction, but this became another disaster for mankind.

“The Demonic Sword of Wandering. The 6th generation demon holding that Demonic Sword, Cheonjiho, is currently heading towards the Japanese archipelago.”

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