The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 107 Demonic Sword of Wandering

“Thirteen years ago, the Black Gate appeared in London.”

Oh Kang-hyeok, president of the association, started talking calmly.

The black gate is the worst disaster that no raid team has been able to capture due to the unreasonable difficulty level whenever it appears.

Remembering the Shanghai disaster that tore the huge country into dozens, the European Union dispatched its own S-class raiding party to attack London Gate.

“At the time, there were only 24 S-class hunters. Is that all? We dispatched an unprecedented combined attack force of 1,834 only A- and B-class hunters from 32 guilds in 13 countries in Europe.”

In fact, half of all European powers were gathered to attack London Gate.

This first-of-its-kind combined assault force was led by Cornwall, the great wizard of the Clock Tower and the founder of the World Magic Tower.

“Have you failed?”

At those words, the president of the association Oh Kang-hyeok shook his head.

“No, it was a success. It was a fierce battle that lasted for about two months, but even Cornwall and the Mage’s division were very talented.”

Cornwall Ong and the magicians of the Mage Tower with the epic item Twelve Rings attacked the London Gate with overwhelming firepower and finally closed it.

[European Union raid. London Gate Attack Success!]

[The Lord of Cornwall, conferring the duchy on Queen Elizabeth.]

[The first black gate captured! Humanity’s potential is proven!]

The great incident in which the Black Gate was captured was a great event that engulfed all of Europe, and was a myth.

At the time, there was no equipment capable of resisting the magic power inside the gate and filming, but the scale of the story that was only passed down by word of mouth was enormous.

The problem arose after the capture of London Gate.


◆ Rating: Epic

What an epic grade sword. It was one of the best items in the 30-year history that has overwhelming power among the numerous loot acquired at the London Gate.

What happened after that was easy for Leon to guess.

“It must have been a struggle to decide who would take it.”

“That’s right. Then and now… There are less than ten epic items in the world.”

This first-of-its-kind epic item was proved by Ong Cornwall’s performance at London Gate.

Epic items alone change the face of the battlefield. A transcendental item worth its worth. All 13 participating countries had no choice but to want that.

-London Gate is a gate that appeared in England. Of course we have the right too.

– Don’t be funny. We have the right to go to the aid of Britain at the risk of security holes in our own country.

– Doesn’t Britain already have a zodiac sign? We, France, dispatched the most hunters.

-Epic items cannot be excluded from distribution.

32 guilds, as well as the presidents of each government, tried to secure this item.

Eventually, this item was put up for auction, and the national budget was attached, so the successful bidder was the British government.

The winning bid at the time was 1.4 trillion won.

As an item, the price was unprecedented, and the auction price exceeded the price of a moderate Aegis cruiser.

An epic item, Overkill, was loaned to James Spencer, the guild leader of the Gentleman League, who was called one of the strongest swordsmen of the time.

And the moment he holds the sword–

“It was the beginning of a catastrophe. I never thought it would be a demonic sword that corrupts the user…”

James Spencer has been transformed into a Mine. As a demon who longs for endless slaughter.

“870,000 citizens died, London was blown up. More than six hundred Hunters died.”

“Did you say you were the 6th generation demon? Did you succeed in subjugating it in the end?”

“Yes, we succeeded in defeating the host, Sir James. But… the demonic sword escaped.”

“Did you run away?”

As for the overkill, at the same time as James died, he was ejected into the sky and disappeared.

“And two years later, the demonic sword was discovered in Australia.”

After that, the Demonic Sword of Wandering repeated the process of subjugation and finding a new host.





“Lastly, four years ago in Korea. The genius swordsman Cheon Ji-ho, who was appointed as the next guild leader of the New Swords Guild, was given to him.”

“A new sword guild?”

“Yes, he is the son of Cheon Jin-soo, one of Korea’s most powerful hunters, and the father of Cheon So-yeon, whom His Majesty took over.”

Four years ago, after the appearance of the 6th magic swordsman, the demonic sword of wandering had not yet been subdued.

* * * *


Lee Yong-wan stopped at the door to relax. Ha Yu-ri looked at Yong-wan with worried eyes.

“are you okay?”

“It’s not okay.”

“Well, the matter is the matter.”

“There is that too…”

“Because of the recent association meeting?”

“What the heck… I just couldn’t go because I was sick.”

A silent gaze asking if he really thought that an excuse that didn’t even sound like words would work. Yongwan lets out a deep sigh.

“It’s all because of that nobleman who is doing something like the Lion Heart King or the Lion King.”

The sacrifice of Geobrick and his great soldiers… Lion Heart King’s advice to attack the Yonggung Gate together… Since that day, Yongwan has gradually changed.

A tax reform plan in which six of the 10 largest guilds, centered on Cheongseong Guild, participated. He was absent from the meeting of the great coalition several times.

“Although it’s a bit ambiguous to come to Inje and leave. Why don’t you merge with Mansinjeon at all? Hanbit worked this time.”

“Are you crazy? How much does this all cost…”

“Well, it’s a little like that because you have to pay for the tenth structure if you go in there.”

“What the hell are those nobles thinking about ten rescues…”

Anyway, Leon’s appearance shook the country in many ways. More than anything, it is because this mistress has become a little more human.

“Well~ I’ll follow you. The decision is yours.”


After that, Lee Yong-wan took a deep breath and opened the door. There were already passengers there, and they are sitting around a round table.

“Oh~ Yongwan-san, long time no see? Yuri Yang~”

The first thing that greeted the two was a beauty wearing a white coat with long hair pinned to a hairpin.

“Mr. Yoon, you’re still the same.”

Yoon Soo-ah. Guild leader of Joowon Medical, an affiliate of Joowon Hospital, one of the leading general hospitals in Korea. She is a heroine who works as an S-class healer in raids in the name of reviving her if she doesn’t die.

“I entrusted the Phoenix with an advertisement for our nutritional supplements, but they haven’t accepted it yet?”

“Was there anything like that?”

When Lee Yong-wan glanced at Ha Yu-ri, Ha Yu-ri shrugged.

“I rejected it because it didn’t fit our guild image.”

“What was it?”

“Erectile Dysfunction Drugs.”


Lee Yong-wan’s mischievous gaze turned to Yoon Soo-ah. She smiled and made a vulgar gesture with her hand.

“Wasn’t Mr. Yoon an oriental doctor? Why do you keep studying Western medicine?”

“It’s used for treatment, and medicine is used for medicine. And I have both licenses? I have both business licenses.”

“Do you fix it with acupuncture? Someone who also treats hair loss with acupuncture.”

At those words, Yoon Soo-ah giggled.

“It’s not possible to be a chimpanzee because there are few customers.”

“It’s because you receive 100 million won for a single hair loss needle.”

“If it’s not that much, it’s more of a waste of my time.”

He is also a strong person, but this woman is even more poisonous.

Lee Yong-wan’s gaze turns to the others at the round table.

“Sit down, Yongwan-kun. Miss Yuri.”

It was an old man with ponytailed hair and narrow eyes who invited me to sit down.

Kang Jin-seong, the guild leader of the Cheongseong Guild and an S-class hunter. Excluding the out-of-standard optical swordsman Cheon Jin-soo, he is a master of skill that is not enough to be called the best sword in Korea.

“It’s been a while, old man.”

Lee Yong-wan greeted with a rare extreme courtesy.

Optical swordsman Cheon Jin-soo, cast iron Oh Kang-hyeok, infinite sword Kang Jin-seong.

These three are the first-generation members who are said to be the root of the roots in Korea.

Hunters who first awakened in the cataclysm 30 years ago. In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that they are legendary hunters who protected the foundation of the nation.

“He didn’t come to the meeting recently. Why?”

The meeting Kang Jin-seong was talking about was an alliance in which most of the top 10 guilds participated.

There, they were supposed to discuss the ‘tax exemption bill’ of the large guild, but Lee Yong-wan, who came out of the Jeju Island gate, did not participate due to a change of heart.

“Haha… I can’t help it because I feel a little uncomfortable.”


Kang Jin-sung’s gaze sharpened. Damn, like an old sprite… Do you put magic in your gaze?

Even though Lee Yong-wan did not attend the meeting, he has no intention of opposing Kang Jin-seong. There are only two strong people in this country who can stand against him.

“Having cleared Jeju Island, which was the red gate, and Yonggung Gate, where the Devil Grand Duke appeared, must have put a strain on your body, senior.”

What eased the heavy atmosphere was a man twice as big as Lee Yong-wan or Kang Jin-seong.

“Thank you for your consideration, senior Park Jong-soo.”

Park Jong-soo of the Mujin Guild. The best S-class tanker in Korea. Unlike Golden Lion’s Golden Iron, which is classified as a DLT, it is a Hunter that specializes only in defense.

‘If it’s simple defensive power, that Sir Geobrick will be comparable.’

Lee Yong-wan sat down with Ha Yu-ri, who was silent behind him. Opposite me, a hip young man wearing a gold necklace greets me with a gesture.

“How are you?”

“Nice to meet you.”

It was sincere.

The golden iron of the Golden Lion Guild. In a place full of seniors with a high age, he was at least someone I could relate to comfortably.

“Are the others still there?”

Lee Yong-wan and Ha Yu-ri’s Phoenix,

Kang Jin-seong’s Qingseong

Park Jong-soo Mujin,

Sua Yoon’s Joowon Medical,

The golden lion of golden iron.

It was like half of the 10 guilds had gathered, but in other words, only half came.

That question was answered by Yoon Soo-ah.

“Kim Jin-cheol, you drug-fucking bastard, where are you sleeping? Is Park Yong-shin, the lord of Hanbit Palace, busy with a merger? A meteorite fell. Humanity almost went extinct when you woke up?”


I was heartbroken when I heard the news that a 6km comet had fallen. Of course, I doubted Leon unconditionally.

‘It’s not strange no matter what that man does.’

What would you do if you said that you are the representative of the gods?

“The new sword guild leader is entering.”

It was then. The tumultuous atmosphere in the round table has changed.

What appeared with the guidance of the association staff was an anachronistic old man with a gray beard and long gray hair.

However, from the old gray-haired old man, the endless ferocious energy and intense gaze overwhelms everyone in the place.

The 1st-generation hunter representing Korea along with Oh Kang-hyeok, the head of the Cast Iron Association, and Kang Jin-seong of the Infinite Sword.

Cheon Jin-soo, Korea’s strongest S-class hunter and optical swordsman.

The round table, which had been tumultuous at the appearance of the man who had turned 70 this year, fell silent.

Chen Jin-soo naturally sat at the head of the round table. And stare at the S-class hunters of the round table with ferocious eyes.

“Kang Hyuk.”



In silence, Park Jong-soo, who had noticed, hurriedly answered.

“I’ll be back soon, old man.”

“They didn’t even have a party for their 60th birthday, but they just put iron on their legs.”

Association president Oh Kang-hyeok and Cheon Jin-soo are famous for being old friends. He lightly called the president of the Hunter Association, looked at Hayuri, and began to click his tongue.

“Tsk tsk. Gijibai’s clothes, what’s that?”

Ha Yu-ri didn’t show her typical exposure, but the body suit that stuck to her and showed off her figure was very nice.

“Sir, I will correct it.”

“Miss Yuri, cover mine first.”

Yongwan quickly put his coat on Hayuri’s shoulder. Cheon Jin-soo strokes his long beard like a guru.

“Okay, when are you two going to have a baby?”


“Ah, no, seniors… We don’t have that kind of relationship.”

Yong-wan shook his hands in fright. Yuri stared at Yongwan with a disapproving look, but it was only for a moment.

“Heh heh, when good men and women get together, everyone should enjoy the best of men and women.

Optical swordsman Cheon Jin-soo.

He is the strongest hunter in Korea and is one of the best players in the world hunter ranking.

But even the hunters who longed for him couldn’t be comfortable in front of him… … .

‘Kkondae man.’

‘uncomfortable… … .’

The head of the head family of the Cheon clan, the most prestigious family in Korea. In other words–

Korea’s representative kkondae.

living fossil.

But Korea is the best.

“Yeah, that’s what the side-legged guys asked for help. Where did the city get blown up?”

“Not yet, old man. I’m guessing he’ll pass through Osaka.”

“It’s my child, but I’m going to go patriotic before I die.”

The hunters expressed disapproval at the relentless words of Cheon Jin-soo. In fact, it is common for neighboring countries to unite in these international tribulations. If there is a problem–

“But don’t those bastards have a conscience? They said I didn’t know when Ulsan was in trouble.”

When the 6th magic swordsman was born in Ulsan, Korea, Japan refused to support with various excuses, and eventually Ulsan was destroyed.

“That… In the Japanese government, the devil of the time… is Mr. Cheon Ji-ho, so Korea is also responsible…”

“I fell asleep with the sound of shitting shit.”

It was a primary insult, but everyone agreed with it. Even when four S-class hunters were killed by magic swordsman Cheon Ji-ho in Ulsan, Japan did not even try to defend itself.

“It’s okay. I’m going to kill Cheon Ji-ho anyway, so you guys do it yourself.”

“How can you jump to conclusions so quickly?”

It was then. The door opens and three people appear.

Oh Kang-hyeok, the head of the association, Leon, the head of the Mansinjeon Guild, and Park Yong-shin, the lord of Hanbit Palace, entered together.


It was then. Lee Yong-wan suddenly remembered something when Leon appeared.

‘Isn’t that nobleman also an old man?’

The old man and the old king met in one place. The two of them, who had an absolute presence in this place, naturally faced each other—

“Get out of the way.”

It started with Leon’s first bread asking for a seat of honor.

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