The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 108 Impossible

Cheon Jin-soo is an S-class hunter representing Korea both in name and reality.

Cataclysm. His spring and autumn forty. As the descendant of a high family, he raised his sword against the monsters.

Korea’s first sword.

living legend.

The guild leader of the No. 1 new swords guild in Korea.

Combined with various legends, nicknames, and contributions to the country, he is an ‘old man’ who cannot be touched in this country.

Even on the roadside, if you see him, the citizens nod at him, and even if he beats up a few bully boys and girls who are in the way of good morals, it doesn’t even become a story, he’s truly untouchable.

In other words, it means that Cheon Jin-soo, who already has the temperament of a kkondae, has no choice but to become a kkondae.

Of course, wherever he went, the seat of honor was his seat, and it became common sense that no one would object to it——

“Get out of the way.”

Cheon Jin-soo did not understand for a moment what the blond young man said as he looked down at him.

I blinked my eyes and was speechless, and everyone who watched it was tinged with astonishment.

There is an author who can talk like an order to Cheon Jin-soo, the best swordsman in Korea!

“It’s still in the middle of the day, are your ears already clogged?”

The abusive remarks that came to the 70-year-old veteran were truly rare in the life of the 70-year-old Cheon Jin-soo.

“No, this young bastard——”

“You are three hundred years old this year.”


Oh Kang-hyeok comes out from behind like a servant. Although he is an old friend of Cheon Jin-soo, he is sixty-seven this year, and he is a little short of Cheon Jin-soo’s age.

“What nonsense! How can a person be 300 years old!”

“The Holy Grail Knights do not age and are fixed in the bodies of their prime.”

“Uh… well.”

Cheon Jin-soo did not know what the close brother in front of him was talking about. Recently, I heard that there is a survivor who is said to be the Lion Heart King.

But he’s from the Vietnam War generation. He doesn’t pay attention to stories he’s not interested in, and may not know the story about Leon to the celestial warrior who was training honestly.

First of all, most of the information about Manshinjeon was transmitted through the Internet and yuptube.

“That, is that true…?”


“Are you…”

Cheon Jin-soo is an old man.

When something gets into an argument, he’s a surprisingly ordinary old man who first argues with, “How old are you!”

Age is his most powerful weapon. However, there is a person who has lived four times longer than himself, so I have no choice but to be speechless.

“That, um… I’m the head of the new sword guild——”

“He is the Lion Heart King of the lofty Lionheart Kingdom and currently runs the largest guild in Korea.

“You… weren’t you my friend?”

Cheon Jin-soo looked at Oh Kang-hyeok with a narrow gaze, but the president of the association laughed lightly.

“Of course, Hunter. But this is the position I came from as the president of the Korea Hunter Association.”

It meant to distinguish between public and private. Even though he openly listened to Leon’s side.

“Look, young… No, that…”

Even though he was about to say something, Cheon Jin-soo stood up slightly, feeling a sense of discord with Leon’s youthful appearance. And I sat next to the Mujin guild leader.



‘The old man has sunk.’

‘what? this situation?’

When the 10th guild convening order was issued, the old man, who always sat in the upper seat and made all sorts of jokes, looked intimidated with a sullen expression like a child who had his toys taken away, and there was a sense of alienation.

Leon naturally sits in the seat of honor, and Soo-ah Yoon speaks to him with admiration.

“Your Majesty, as rumored, you are handsome. How are you? My name is Suah Yoon.”

Yoon Soo-ah shows goodwill. She is always kind to handsome men. Park Yong-shin yells at her with open eyes.

“That’s rude, Mr. Yoon! Are you the first to speak arrogantly about which safety is here!”

“……Why are you having a seizure all of a sudden?”

Yoon Soo-ah stares blankly at Park Yong-shin’s sudden remark. Cool fanaticism dwelled in Park Yong-shin’s eyes.

“Your Majesty is the savior. He is the gospel that the gods of all gods have sent to the earth, and since you are the shepherd, you are the treasure of the human world.”


-Jae Why are you like that?

– Wasn’t it the pseudo-religious leader?

-I heard that they merged… … .

It was last night, the day after the meteorite fell, that Hanbitgung announced the merger with Mansinjeon. There are still many people who do not understand why Hanbit merged with the pantheon or how the pseudo-religious leader became Leon’s foot wiper.

‘I think I know roughly… … .’

‘me too… … .’

However, Lee Yong-wan of the Phoenix Guild, Ha Yu-ri, and Golden Chul of the Golden Lion Guild were able to guess what kind of development would have occurred.

If there’s a problem… … .

“Park Yong-shin. I heard you merged with Mansinjeon.”

Kang Jin-seong of the Cheongseong Guild. From earlier on, Park Yong-shin’s actions were very intrusive. It was worth it.

“Hanbitgung must have been in a cooperative relationship for the immediate purpose, but to sell it without consultation.”

A tax law reform plan centered on the Qingcheng Guild. Hanbitgung also had a foot in the alliance. No, it was a key role as much as running a multinational business.

“You mean that?”

Park Yong-shin sent a look like a rotten dynamic eye somewhere.

“Our Hanbit will fall. In the first place, I don’t have the right to do that anymore.”

“Look, Gongju Park!”

Park Jong-soo, the head of the Mujin Guild, screamed. Because this is tantamount to an act of betrayal.

And it was a similar reaction from other guild leaders, but Park Yong-shin snorted and laughed at their stupidity.

Like these foolish and oblivious people.

There is a living demigod in front of them, but their field of vision is too narrow.

Of course, Park Yong-shin himself had a shameful past when he first defined Leon as a heretic and tried to kick him out.

Because of that sin, he was punished like a slave to the pantheon, but now he has realized.

That there is a true savior in this world.

The Lion Heart King who will drive out the false gods and bring the true faith.

“Do that.”

It was then. With one gesture from Leon, Yongshin Park quickly changed his expression and lowered his head.

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

“”… … … … .””

It’s just a lion heart rattle. What on earth has to happen for a pseudo cult leader to convert overnight and remain lowly?

“Oh Kang-hyeok, president of the association. Jim’s time is more precious than gold.”

“Yes…! Let’s get right to the point!”

President of the Original Rattle Association. Once again, I feel that the attitude of the association towards the teenage guild and the attitude towards Leon is very different.

Well, even the new swords guild tends to shake the association by arguing with economic logic, so how sweet it must be for that superman who lightly clears one or two red gates if he is polite.

“Last month. A thousand magic swordsmen in Danang, Vietnam…”

Oh Kang-hyeok glanced at Chun Jin-soo. It is because the magic swordsman of the time is his eldest son.

“There’s nothing to worry about. He’s going to fall for me anyway.”

“It’s a courtesy, young man. Keep your dignity in your words and actions.”


Cheon Jin-soo looks at Leon as if he is dumbfounded by Leon’s point.

“This year I… seventy-five.”

“Isn’t it the prime of life for martial artists? Looking at face value, they’re a bit presbyopic.”


The place where the laughter broke out was the glass. When Cheon Jin-soo sends a disapproving look, he averts his gaze and murmurs.


Cheon Jin-soo is silent with his lips sticking out. It was Oh Kang-hyeok, who tried hard to hold back a laugh when he saw his old friend who had a hard time not being able to use his pulse.

“The magic swordsman, Cheon Ji-ho, who appeared in Da Nang, lingered around for a while.

The problem was then.

It was good to prevent a collision with the magic swordsman by issuing a citizen evacuation order, but Vietnam’s S-class hunter Nguyen started attacking the magic sword.

Having hired a large number of Filipino mercenaries as well as S-class hunters with unparalleled power in Vietnam, he wanted to use this opportunity to make his name known all over the world–

“There was a survivor’s testimony.”

“Anyway, the Reds are new… bastards.”

Anyway, the magic swordsman attack in Da Nang turned into a great failure. Drunk with blood, the swordsman turned the entire city into a mess and started moving again in search of the next target.

Across the sea, to the American continent.

Considering the movement speed of the magic swordsman riding a sword, the US government even issued martial law to prepare for the magic swordsman to arrive within two weeks.

“It was two weeks ago that the magic swordsman showed strange movements.”

2 weeks ago. It was when Leon was in the midst of opening the artificial gate and clearing the Relic Convoy quest.

“The magic swordsman suddenly changed course and then changed course to Japan. He flew faster than expected and started heading towards Japan.”

It is a story that the Japanese government, startled by surprise, not only issued an order to summon the hunters, but also requested help from Korea and the United States.

“By the way.”

Then, a hip young man pretending to raise his hand. Hwang Geum-cheol, a young man with a gold necklace who is also active as a professional rapper, raised a question.

“Why should we help?”

“Golden Iron Hunter…”

“No no, old man. That’s like that again. It’s something we talked about when you weren’t there, but there’s nothing that can’t be said about us in Ulsan. .”

Awakening of the sixth generation magic swordsman. In an incident called the Ulsan Disaster, Korea lost four S-class hunters, including Cheon Ji-ho, the host of the magic sword.

In the wake of Cheon Ji-ho, the strongest magician of all time, the Japanese government blocked their country’s S-class hunters from going out, and only eight additional Korean S-class hunters were mobilized and barely defeated.

As much as that, the magic sword of wandering was a powerful being, and it was not understandable that Japan was afraid and fell in.

And the reverse could also be applied.

“If the magic sword of wandering comes out, what… Even if you try to deal only with basic abilities, only elites will have to be mobilized in units of 100, and who will deal with the magic swordsman himself? Seniors.”

“Why are you dragging me… Whoa.”

Lee Yong-wan is one of Korea’s S-class hunters, the Demonic Sword of Wandering… He was the one who had fought Cheon Ji-ho, the current magic swordsman.

The infinite sword of Qingseong, led by Kang Jin-seong, only five S-rankers dealt with that demonic sword. And I felt it more than anyone else.

“It’s strong. Even if you only deal with the main body, you won’t even be able to compete with an S-rank three or four. Maybe one-on-one, no one… No, I guess.”


At that time, everyone’s eyes turned to Lee Yong-wan. And Lee Yong-wan’s eyes were on Leon.

Majestic Geobrick.

Because he was Lee Yong-wan, who had fought against Lionheart’s Holy Grail Knight, he knows that there are superhumans comparable to magic swordsmen.

“Your Majesty the Lionheart. Are you… stronger than Sir Geobrick?”

At Lee Yong-wan’s gaze, Leon replied as if it were natural.

“I am the representative of the gods. I am the guardian of the Holy Grail. I am the living demigod.”

The answer was enough.

At the point of Leon participating in the battle, any attack of any difficulty has a chance. The Golden Railroad agreed.

Hwang Geum-chul witnessed Leon’s transcendent inaction in Cheongju, and Lee Yong-wan in Jeju Island and Donghae Gate.

If there is a human who exceeds the standard of being an S-class hunter, it must be Leon.

“Well, aside from that, I’m still the opposite. There’s nothing left.”

“Why is there nothing left?”

Leon opened his mouth. His gaze scans the crowd.

“Honor remains. You can win glory. The life of a commoner who has no choice but to lean on within the fence continues while fulfilling the duties of knights and nobles.”

Everyone here must have laughed and said, “What kind of nonsense is that?”

But those who have experienced Leon know.

His justice is not absurd, and honor and glory are not worthless.

Everything that a knight named Leon does is something that transcends profit.

“Ohhh, of course… He is also a savior. This lowly body can’t contain the emotion.”

Park Yong-shin, whose sensitivity has exploded over the past few days, shed tears and agreed with Leon’s words.

“I don’t want to get involved.”

Lee Yong-wan put on a tired expression, but secretly checked Leon to see if he would call him, and Ha Yu-ri just shrugged.

“your majesty…….”

Oh Kang-hyeok is just moved. After all, he said his eyes weren’t wrong.

“Then, the distribution of the 10 trillion won aid prepared by the Japanese government on the condition of this coalition attack is—”

“Of course I should.”


Oh Kang-hyeok, president of the association, glanced at Leon with hard eyes. Leon was confident as if he was saying something obvious.

“It’s about marching troops in a foreign country. Of course you have to pay for it.”

“That’s right… but.”

Oh Kang-hyeok, who was slightly moved by Leon’s justice, became cold again. Originally, if Leon didn’t accept it, the association would have stepped in and accepted it.

“Anyway, there must be a king there too. Prepare for an audience with the king there. Shouldn’t Jim say hello?”

“Yes, well… I will make a request to the government.”

Up to this point, Oh Kang-hyeok didn’t pay much attention to those words. Because Leon was originally a person from another world who valued ostentation and ostentation.

The story about the Wandering Demonic Sword Alliance Raid Team ended up being skipped without noticing the most important part.

* * * *

The meeting did not last very long.

The pantheon and new sword guilds decided to participate, and Hwang Hwang-cheol and Lee Yong-wan, who were fascinated by the Japanese government’s support plan for each group, secretly expressed their willingness to participate.

“I’m not going to join the war either.”

“Even the elderly Kang Jin-seong?”

Even Jin-seong Kang, the guild leader of the Cheongseong Guild and second-in-command infinite sword next to Cheon Jin-soo. Including Park Yong-sin, the head of Hanbit Palace, who decided to participate in the war following the Mansinjeon, six large guilds participated in the war.

The meeting hall was destroyed after adjusting the scheduled date for the movement of the magic sword and the light schedule.

Cheon Jin-soo, the head of the new sword guild, spoke to Leon as he left.



“……Your Majesty the Lion Heart King.”

No matter how much face value is taken, Cheon Jin-soo makes an effort to speak respectfully toward a young man. As if he didn’t deserve it, Leon clicked his tongue.

“I’m oblivious to the culture and etiquette of this world. However, regardless of the world, the courtesy of the king is solemn. You should be more careful with your words and actions.”

“No, that… no, Zen…”

“Tsk tsk. If Jim behaved like that when he was your age, he would have been beaten day and night.”

“My, my age…”

“Uh huh…! All I have to do is ask for forgiveness, how can you answer me in a straight line? Does this world even have no etiquette for elders?”

Cheon Jin-soo was going crazy and jumping wildly. It’s because he always said things like laughing adults and etiquette.

“Anyway…! My Majesty has one request.”

“Are you blue?”

“That’s right. You can’t say you don’t deserve it.”

Cheon Jin-soo spoke to Leon with a determined gaze, different from what he had to be cautious about in the meeting room.

“You must know that my granddaughter is in His Majesty’s guild. I have one request for you. Please leave Soyeon out of this raid.”


Leon knew Cheon Jin-soo’s worries. It was natural. I would have thought the same myself.

In public, it is to face a dangerous enemy, and in private, it is to kill my father.

In a coincidence that can be called a tragedy of fate, no one except the person concerned will blame it.

“It’s impossible.”


“My will cannot intervene in this case. Because that is ‘God’s will’.”

Cheon So-yeon.

The being whispering to the child was such a being.

most dangerous god

Only Cheon So-yeon and her divinity have a choice. Leon couldn’t help but watch.

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