The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 109

Cheon So-yeon remembers the memory of that day.

A proud father and mother who steadily follow in the footsteps of a heroic grandfather and such a grandfather.

The small trip together with the plan to attack the gate that appeared in Ulsan and enjoy a family trip left an unforgettable scar on the girl.

“So-yeon’s father! Please come to your senses!」

she saw

Attack the gate, and have an after party with the raiders. The ‘sword’ fell there like a meteor. Her father gripped the sword as if possessed… He killed all the raiding party members who shared his joys and sorrows.

Even his mother who stopped him.

[ah… bar?]

That was the memory of the last parents she saw.

It was the day Cheon So-yeon swore revenge on the two.

* * * *


Chun So-yeon stood up in a cold sweat.

fast blinking eyes. heavy breathing. Close your eyes and catch your breath to cover it up.

“…it’s starting.”

It has been decided that Manshinden will enter Japan. In other words, the wandering magic sword attack, led by Leon Dragonia Lionheart, begins.

‘This is an opportunity.’

A once in a lifetime opportunity. Even if you get help from your grandfather, the moment you thought was impossible is possible if you are with this pantheon.

[You’re rude, girl.]

A hoarse voice whispers in my ear. Soyeon left the dormitory holding on to her trembling body.

Flashing lights and swarming insects. I descend the rattling stairs of the dormitory and walk along the dark roadside.

Chun So-yeon opened her mouth only when she was convinced that she was completely alone.

“It was such a deal.”

[Yes, that was the deal.]

A voice affirming Soyeon’s answer. said the owner of the voice.

[My avenger must have already taught you. ‘Don’t try to deal with divinity’.]

Don’t try to make a deal with the divine.

Build your faith only.

It is a simple but difficult teaching to implement. She still did not understand the teaching.

There was a god who offered her a ‘deal’.

[I am the only one who accepts your outrageous deals. Despite your disbelief, only I give you strength. Don’t take that luck lightly.]


Ventasis, the god of darkness and vengeance.

When Leon connects the students with the gods, the Ventasis whispered to Cheon So-yeon was always connected to her.

“If I make the offering you want… will I be able to become a Grail Knight too?”

-Hehehehehe… … .

Ventasis’ voice fell heavily. As if heavy heat sinks to the floor.

[Don’t get me wrong, do you think you can replace my avenger? Your insignificant karma doesn’t even reach the tip of the Lion Heart King’s ankle.]


Ventasis was undoubtedly pointing at Leon. Does that mean that Leon also prayed for the power of Ventasis?

[I will help you with your revenge. However, the price is as I said at the beginning.]


The price of obtaining a miracle. Cheon So-yeon is prepared to pay the price.

[two. It’s two. The moment your revenge is fulfilled, your soul will be mine forever and ever.]


The most dangerous divinity according to Leon’s evaluation.

He is the one who controls the darkness of the world and the agent of vengeance.

It was an existence close to evil spirits.

* * * *

Apart from Manshinden’s arrival in Japan, Yapi was busy moving his mechanical arm.

Yapi’s studio is a small studio. Because of the facilities tightly packed into the narrow entrance, only Yapi’s small body can pass through.

This was optimal in terms of confidentiality protection, so Yapi refrained from expanding the workshop.

But now that too has reached its limit. Mansinjeon secured a rare mineral called star iron, and it needed a process to mass-produce it.

“Sir Yapi. Are you inside?”

Beatrice came to Yapi’s workshop.

Yapi quickly stopped working and came out through the cramped cylindrical opening.

-What business?

“I wonder if the equipment is ready.”

Since the comet fell, Yapi hastened to work.

Among them, Leon and Yapi’s own upgrade platform was in a hurry, but it took more time than expected.

So, I decided to make the sword, spear, and armor for the knight cadets first, and this was easier than I thought.

This is because knight-level equipment, not Holy Grail Knight-level equipment, had a relatively low iron content.

-No problem. 3 more sets to finish and you’re done.

“It’s amazing. I really didn’t know you could make that much equipment in that short amount of time.”

Beatrice knew that this mechanical spider operated 24 hours a day without a break. However, apart from that, the ‘machine’ characteristic of the work repeated the exact work without missing even 1mm of the conceived blueprint.

Even more so, Yapi, a strong artificial intelligence, perfectly understands the knowledge and design ideas taught by Heto, the god of iron and blacksmith, and implements them at 99.9%.

“Why is 0.1% empty?”

-do not know. A subtle error occurs. non-reproducible area.

However, no matter how perfect the mechanical work was, the reproduction of the knowledge Heto taught was not perfect.

It’s not a problem with knight’s equipment, which requires relatively little work, but the difference is made in none other than Leon’s armor.

-The reason for His Majesty’s equipment production being delayed. An error of 0.1% makes a decisive difference.

“Divine power is a mysterious thing.”

Even this mechanical spider admits that it is impossible to reproduce. Beatrice said.

“Sir Yapi. Do you have any surplus iron?”

As it was a 6 km long comet, there was no shortage of materials.

I had to filter out 99% of them, and among them, I filtered out the upper and lower grades again, but the stronghold of 6km was still too huge.


“If it’s okay, I have something I want to prepare for you.”

The purple-eyed queen smiled.

* * * *

The schedule of the Pantheon was partially postponed to capture the magic sword of wandering.

To be precise, the founding ceremony of the Knights. Yappi, who attracted a star through a great ceremony and built a star iron smithy using that star, is knocking on the equipment.

Leon’s planned ‘creation of knights’ button was almost hit.

“You and I will be one of the legions that form the axis of the coalition. Those who are called out come forward and receive supplies.”

For this combined attack, Leon issued a call-up order to half of the thousands of Man-at-Arms and all the knights. After that, a reserve was formed just in case, but it seems that there was a limit on the total number of troops to mobilize because so many hunters were planning to join.

– It looks like Hanbitgung is also participating in the war?

– First of all, they say it’s a separate army from us.

However, the lack of numbers was enough for the Hanbit Palace, Park Yong-shin, and his subordinate hunters to participate in the battle.

They considered Leon, who removed the devil’s seed, as their new leader, and they are also veteran hunters.

“I, the servant of the great savior, the elite 1st and 2nd capture teams under Park Yong-sin! I will gladly support the pantheon!”

Being able to recruit only 2 A-rank raid teams was, of course, worthy of being said to be the strength of the 10th guild.

“Ah… I guess it’s just that the fanaticism has changed direction.”

Jaehyuk clicked his tongue while watching Park Yongshin and Hunters from Hanbitgung. Hari from the seat next to him said.

“But wouldn’t it be okay to be crazy in a good way?”

“Isn’t it wrong because they are real gods?”

“That’s it, that’s it. And… I’m strangely being held up over there.”

“Yew, priestess. I respect you.”

The Poma of the sea and the waves, the priestess of Petos of war and flame, is number 4 in this expedition. Not only did the ordination ceremony get postponed after receiving a title, but a knight of the Pantheon that even received a manor.

In addition, since she was a priestess, Park Yong-shin treated Hari, who was only a low-level agent in the Hunter Association, with respect.

“So it’s like that for me…”

And Kim Jae-hyeok is also a knight who uses the spell of Ultima, the god of sky and thunder. It’s not comparable to a priestess, but it has its own class.

“But Hari-senpai. Is So-yeon also participating in the war this time? I heard that the lightsaber grandpa was against it.”

“Um, I asked about that too… His Majesty said it wasn’t something he would do.”

“Your Majesty?”

It’s not that Leon refused, but that he doesn’t have any rights at all? Who the hell can discuss the law with the Lion Heart King?

“Hari Han, Suho Han. Jaehyuk Kim, Soyeon Cheon, come forward.”

It was then. Those named by Leon stand on the podium one after another. Leon was in the seat of honor that replaced the throne, and Beatrice and Yapi were next to him.

Harina and Jaehyeok dreamed of the day when they too would one day become the next seat, that is, the Holy Grail Knight.

“So far, your achievements have been as I expected. Especially Hanhari.”

“Ah, yes! Your Majesty!”

“The gods favor the pure. You have proven your innocence and talent, and you deserve it.”

At Leon’s words, Hari’s nervous expression brightened. There is no one in this place who does not admire the Lion Heart King.

overflowing grace and authority. Its honor surpassed the modern cynical values.

No matter what, people always yearn for heroes.

“I bestow you with a sword, spear, greaves and barding. It was custom-made by Lord Spinner so that you can use your natural strength optimally, so use it carefully.”

It is none other than Park Soo-jin, an appraiser belonging to the association, who brought the weapons from the other side.

She brought a sword and jousting spear that looked no different from the one Hari used, and chain armor that seemed comfortable to move.

“You can wear the armor under your clothes, and I have the barding separately in the barn.”

“Oh, oh…”

Hari looked at the sword, spear, and chainmail with admiration. The weapons that Yapi said were made using star iron as a material are not ordinary colors, even if you look at them. And the moment she received the weapon—

[Fight! As the priestess of this war, become a scare that burns the enemy!]

Petos, the god of war and flame, blessed Hari’s sword and spear.

[Leave yourself in the infinite ocean. Have a heart full of faith, faith and trust.]

Poma, the god of the sea and waves, blessed Hari’s armor.

The reason why we need arms made of the divine metal called Byeolcheol. It was for the blessings of the gods to dwell in, for the gods take care of their favorite children.

“The weapons bestowed by the priestess Han Hari have the following powers.”

[Star sword blessed by the flame]

◆ Rating: Legendary

◆ Details

A star-steel sword blessed by Petos, the god of war and flame, with the power of flame.



[Star armor blessed by the waves]

◆ Rating: Legendary

◆ Details

Star armor blessed with the power of the waves by Foma, the god of the sea and waves.



Manager Park Soo-jin proudly appraises Ha-ri’s armor.

The cadets and man-at-arms who were watching him couldn’t hide their surprise.

Is it a Legendary item? Is that also an item blessed by the gods?

Hundreds of billions… No, it was a treasure of inestimable value.

“Jaehyuk Kim, come forward.”

Jaehyuk Kim also received a sword, spear, armor and barding. And God appeared on his armor and blessed him.

[You will have the power of thunder. You should help the Lion Heart King and become a judge to punish the evil species!]

Ultima, the god of sky and thunder, bestowed the blessings of sky and thunder on Kim Jae-hyeok’s arms, and perhaps because of that, the power of his gripping brain energy drew admiration and exclamation.

Subsequently, Han Soo-ho also received the blessing of Ariana, the goddess of light and justice, and this was also Legendary. Finally, it was Cheon So-yeon’s turn.

“Cheon So-yeon.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Leon looked down at the dark-haired girl. Unlike the other pilgrim knight boys and girls, the god that dwells in this girl was different from the other gods.

“Your grandfather requested that you be removed from the raid.”


Cheon So-yeon’s grandfather. There was no Korean who did not know him.

Guild leader of the Shingeom Guild, Cheon Jin-soo, Korea’s strongest hunter and optical swordsman.

It is natural for him to worry about his granddaughter’s safety. Especially considering that this subjugation was to subdue the granddaughter’s father.

“What do you want to do?”

“……I want to participate. No, I have to.”

“Is that so?”

Leon looked at Cheon So-yeon.

The divinity of darkness and vengeance watching this girl… … .

“Then do it.”

Without hesitation, he was whispering doom in the girl’s ear.

Cheon So-yeon was also given an armament. Unusually, she was given two swords, identical twin swords as if they were cut with a ruler.


A dark god who appeared to bless her weapon. He wore a robe of black smoke, under which no eyes, no nose, no mouth could be seen.

All I see is endless darkness. Ventasis had a completely different energy from other gods.

Unlike other gods who felt sacred and warm just by looking at it, Ventasis spreads ominous and cold holy power around them.

Its voice was sinister and dreary, and it felt no love whatsoever.

He only affirms the cruel side of humans… There is a lack of humanity there.

[I affirm your revenge. The gift given to you will unite the darkness of destruction. Only I will make your wishes come true.]

Dark energy engulfs Cheon So-yeon’s sword, armor, and spear. As if melting into it, the sword, spear, and armor were also darkened.

It was so ominous and insidious that it seemed more like a curse than a gift from the gods.

Just like that, the moment Ventasis’ blessing is about to reach the last remaining sword–


Leon grabbed the sword.

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