The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 11 Merchant… Handshake?

Dujeong Group was one of the leading conglomerates in Korea.

From ramen to missiles.

All of the domestic industries have stepped forward, and there are some failed and successful projects, but Doo-jung’s influence in Korea and the world is not small.

The most urgent business since the appearance of Gate is the food industry.

Numerous grain belts, such as the Huabei Plain in China and the Nile River Delta in Egypt, were discarded due to magic contamination caused by the Dungeon Break.

Thirty years ago at that time, there was no magic tower reagent to decontaminate the magic tower, so this pollution caused permanent damage and, of course, caused food shortages around the world.

The governments of each country had to prepare a food supply source to replace the abandoned grain belt, and they greatly supported domestic companies in this area.

Doojeong Mirae Foods is a conglomerate that occupies 30% of the domestic food industry thanks to the full support of the government.

Park Jong-chan, the executive director of such a powerful company, is a powerful person who can carry his shoulders around anywhere.

He is a person who has never been treated like a thousand people anywhere.

“The merchant… a handshake?”

For a moment I thought I had heard it wrong.

Merchants? In modern times, entrepreneurs are the top of society that is respected more than anyone else.

The huge amount of capital handled by businessmen moves power and even changes laws.

When he is the executive director of a powerful company in the Dujeong Group, he is a person that even high-ranking hunters or members of the National Assembly cannot treat carelessly.

What do you mean by those eyes and tone that scorns and denigrates oneself, no, the entrepreneur himself?

Right now, the association’s female employees are also sending a shocked look at this shocking remark.

Park Jong-chan made a business smile without breaking his expression.

“Haha, Survivor Leon doesn’t seem to be familiar with modern Earth civilization. Modern entrepreneurs are very different from merchants of the past…”

“How can a lowly merchant make fun of the royal family? The king has never allowed your remarks.”

What is it, crazy man? Park Jong-chan had met a few survivors for his business, but he had never received such contemptuous glances.

“I, Your Majesty… Entrepreneurs are a highly respected profession in our world…”

At those words, Leon let out a dejected voice as if he was dumbfounded.

“Originally, merchants are those who sell their dignity and self-respect for profit. They exploit loopholes in the law and take pride in it.”

It was not something that could be denied. Doojeong Mirae Foods was criticized for tax evasion, illegal unity, and excessive profit pursuit.

It wasn’t much different from other entrepreneurs.

“Even if the world is different, the nature and fundamentals of business will not change. So how can those with low tongues and low natures face noble royalty?”


“There’s nothing more to hear.”

That was the end.

After giving him all the contempt and disregard, Leon calmly passed Park Jong-chan.

Hari follows along. Park Jong-chan was at a loss for words as he looked at his back.

“What, what…”

* * * *

“This is where Your Majesty will stay.”

“Well, that’s all right.”

In modern society, an officetel of 50 pyeong is a specification that overflows for single-person households, but for Leon, it was not as good as my palace.

Still, since he was from Earth and was often homeless in the field, I didn’t feel like arguing too much.

“This is a place that the Association will provide to His Majesty for one year. You don’t have to worry about it as the Association will take care of all the rent and management fees.”

Hari explains various things to Leon who nods. When necessary, there is room service or a cleaning lady who is operated as a maintenance fee, and organizes the necessary matters.

‘after… I’m glad anyway.’

It was fortunate for Han Ha-ri, a member of the Hunter Association, that Leon passed Park Jong-chan, executive director of Mirae Foods.

Information about survivors is usually classified. Like North Korean defectors, those from remote societies are quarantined for three months to receive education.

However, if it were a completely different world, the sense of difference would be enormous. Originally, it would have to be educated step by step after quarantine, but if Leon was to be quarantined right away, there would be an uproar.

“But what the heck did you come to visit His Majesty?”

“Where does the origin of the business go? They must have followed it.”

profit? What profit does the managing director of Dujeong Group make to Leon? Harry thumped his knee.

“Is it because of the rice? Because of the blessed rice of the Honam Plain…”

The situation was so urgent that information control was not properly performed. An internet broadcaster said they filmed it.

“Are you sure you said Mr. Park, a farmer?”

Searching on Yutuber, she confirmed the video uploaded by Park. Apparently, the association stopped the video and made recommendations——

“Huh? You uploaded this person again?!”

* * * *

Mr. Park, a farmer, was in a depressed mood because the video he had recently uploaded was stopped.

A shocking scene filmed in real time in front of Honam Pyeongya Gate.

Clearly, the land that had been polluted with magic power grew in an instant.

“Bah, did you just see it, brothers? Did you say that the rice… the rice was growing like crazy?!”

-What is it? what is it

– Isn’t it magic?

-Are you a blonde magic tower wizard? Didn’t you use the rapid growth magic?

-But no matter how much magic, can you grow plants in a land contaminated by demons?

-Maybe it’s a new technology we don’t know about.

Crops grew on the rotted soil. Mr. Park, a farmer, knew very well how great this was.

Even after the magical purification technology appeared in the Magic Tower, did not they pour expensive reagents and purify it for one to two years to purify the land contaminated with magic?

Recalling Mr. Jeong, a neighbor in the village who went bankrupt because he could not afford the reagents, Park swallowed at the miracle in front of him.

-But I can’t eat crops grown with magic anyway.

-ㅇㅇ Because it has magical power, it is poisonous to ordinary people.

-Hunters will have to wash their stomachs if they eat a few times.

But soon an amazing sight was witnessed. The association’s employees threshed the rice with a threshing machine, and then they made rice themselves and ate it!

“You there! What are you doing!”

At that time, when he approached a little closer to see if he really wanted to eat, he was caught by the association staff and kicked out, but Mr. Park hurriedly found Mr. Kim, the owner of the field, that evening.

“Mr. Kim! Mr. Kim! Have you packed what I asked for?

“Sure. The gentlemen of the association said that you should never take it out…”

“Where is such a law! Isn’t the owner of the field Mr. Kim?”

“It’s not like that…”

“The polluted land has healed? The members of the Association also slept on a bowl of rice.”


Mr. Park was curious enough to film all kinds of wild animal mukbangs in the countryside as a YouTuber.

Not only was the land contaminated with magical energy purified, but it was a crop that grew in an instant. How do you pass this up?

This is a joke. But before that, I want to do a preliminary experiment.

“First, let’s cook and feed the local hoe first.”

“Hmm… that’s a good idea.”

The two first tried to cook just one bowl of rice as a demonstration.

I wanted to eat shiny rice with torn kimchi, but shouldn’t I try animal testing first just in case?


It was then. An old dog approached from outside the door as soon as the rice cooker was ready.

“Aren’t the Cheon’s Dolsoon?”

“Sure. Why are you here today and tomorrow?”

Dolsuni was a 12-year-old dog this year. As is the case with old animals, he lived with arthritis, and it was a case that led to lack of exercise and obesity.

Why does Dolsoon, who usually doesn’t move at home, appear here?

-Kong! I’m sorry!

“No, Inum? Why aren’t you going home?”

It was then. Dolsoon, who had been looking this way from outside the door, suddenly put his head toward the dining table.


“Is the dog of Inum crazy?!”

The two were on fire, but soon they were surprised by Dolsoon’s behavior.

“You bastard! You can’t eat that!”

“Why are you suddenly eating?”

It was a big deal. No matter how much she calls her dog today and tomorrow, Dolsoon was a dog that Mr. Cheon cherished and raised.

If such a dog eats rice and dies, even an old dog will be sad.

“Spit it dude! Huh? Spit it!”

Mr. Park opened Dol-soon’s mouth and tried to spit out the rice, but Dol-soon swallowed the rice as if this was his way to live. and… … .

-Kong! I’m sorry!

Dolsoon jumps up and down making a loud sound. Dolsuni, who was jumping around like a grasshopper, soon ran towards Cheon’s house.


“This, what is this…”

It was an old dog that was said to have difficulty walking due to arthritis. It was last week that I saw Mr. Cheon crying bitterly while holding Dol-soon, who is doing today and tomorrow.

But what does that mean? As if I had become healthy.



Park and Kim stared at each other, thinking the same thing. The two immediately started cooking new rice.

“Oops! Chronic scoliosis?!”

“It’s refreshing, as if my stuffy heart had been pierced!”

A village in Honam. The miracles that happened there quickly spread throughout the village.

On the other hand, a similar phenomenon was occurring in Dujeong Mirae Food Lab, which had set out to find out the identity of rice through the Phoenix Guild.

“What, what am I looking at?”

“How is it that such a high density of energy is packed into a single grain of rice?”

The ‘blessed rice’ stolen through the Phoenix Guild was found to be a rare grade one by one through cross-verification by appraisers.

[Blessed Rice]

◆ Rating: Rare

◆ Details

Rice blessed with the divine power of the goddess Demera, the goddess of life and fertility.

Tier 3 diseases are alleviated. When consumed continuously, there is a high probability of being cured.

“Blessed rice? What on earth are you blessed with?”

“Isn’t it magic? What kind of religion is the goddess Demera?”

“How far does it go if it’s a grade 3 disease?”

“It’s about early stage colorectal cancer.”

“Damn! Can you prove this? Experiment with lab mice!”

Experiment result,

The healing powers of blessed rice were real.

The experimental mice that had been dying due to continuous consumption of experimental crops really got better.

“I-quickly! I have to report it upstairs! Make sure to secure as many seeds as possible!”

In this way, the laboratory’s research report was delivered to the upper management of Doojeong Mirae Foods, and Park Jong-chan, the managing director, was immediately dispatched.

It was not difficult for the Dujeong Group to find Leon because they planted their eyes and ears in the Hunter Association.

“The merchant… A handshake?」

However, Leon mercilessly ignored them, and director Park Jong-chan returned with a huff.

“You cheeky savage bastard!”

Director Park’s anger erupted like an active volcano.

The researchers who came to report on the nameplate he had thrown closed their eyes, but he didn’t care about the researchers.

“Hey. Those rice fields. Are the effects certain?”

“Yes, yes…! That’s right.”

“You haven’t even done a clinical trial. If it worked on rats, is there any guarantee that it works for humans as well?”

“that is…….”

A secretary stepped in instead.

“I went to the owner of the field to secure as much seed as possible. But there——”

The secretary conveyed what Mr. Park and Mr. Kim experienced.

The dead dog came back to life. Eating rice healed chronic inflammation and rhinitis. The whole villagers ate the rice and were cured of minor ailments as well as serious chronic diseases.

“We have not obtained clinical trial data… but the effect is just as proven.”

“A thing is a thing.”

Greed arose in Director Park’s eyes. If he didn’t believe in the appraiser’s appraisal effect in the first place, he wouldn’t have come forward himself.

The rice is a great product. It is also a tremendous thing that will cause a revolution in the era.

“Even if I wasn’t just a crazy asshole.”

The problem was the survivor who held the secret of the rice.

The anachronistic savage survivor treated himself as a lowly merchant, the director of Dujeong Group under the World.

“Sir… We must secure it unconditionally. That rice has infinite power.”

“I know.”

It is rice that cures cancer just by eating it. It is an item that will cause a cataclysm in the medical world as well as food.

“Let’s meet again… I’ll see.”

He’s such a picky madman, so I think I’ll have to ask for a meeting through the association. It was a surprise visit before the association stopped it, but everything went wrong.

“Do you think it’s funny to know business people in Korea?”

He was determined to flatten the savage’s nose.

Many survivors did.

Survivors of a savage, stupid, stupid civilization who think their world is the best.

After seeing the overwhelming scientific and productive power of modern civilization, they finally admitted that they were behind.

“It looks like they’re condescending with just one piece of rice… I’ll represent the Earth and show them the power of science.”

Director Park put on a smile of repentance.

I will overwhelm you with ‘culture shock’.

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