The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 110: The National Japan Hunter Union

The moment Ventasis was about to bless the last sword with his divine power, Leon grabbed the sword.

[What are you doing, great avenger.]

Ventasis’ gaze turned to Leon. Leon answered calmly.

“It’s just. It’s the teacher’s heart that worries about the future of the seed.”

At that moment, a brilliant golden light emanates from Leon. Ariana, the goddess of light and justice, appeared as Leon’s halo.

[It will become a ray of light in the endless darkness. Lost Lamb, this will be your exit.]

Ariana placed her blessing on the last sword that Ventasis would bless. The endless darkness does not back down even in the golden light and roars wildly.

[What are you doing, light.]

[I just made my knight’s wish come true, darkness.]

Two gods with opposite qualities were in conflict. But it was the darkness that retreated first.

[You show infinitely soft and disgusting hypocrisy toward humans, great avenger.]

“Because Jim is the king of men.”

[Like when you lost ‘your daughter’?]


The light rebelled against the darkness’ remarks. However, there was no way to stop the non-existent mouth.

[You are the successor of Lion Heart King, but you are also a descendant of Dragonia. Do not forget that your ancestors won glory in darkness.]

“I keep this in mind. You are the guardian deity of the founder.”

Ventasis could have been more furious. It could have made them pay the price they deserved for blocking God’s blessing.

Both his ancestor and Leon himself were indebted to him.

However, even this cold god of darkness has no choice but to be tolerant in front of the mansin’s agent. Mansin means that he is also included in the set of gods.

[Don’t forget the long-cherished wish you have to achieve by relying on a ray of light. Revenge will only be won in the cold darkness.]

After Ventasis’ last advice to Cheon So-yeon, the arms ceremony continued.

Unlike the previous four, no blessing was given to their star iron armor, because their strength and faith were weak.

Originally, in the kingdom, only the kingdom knights were given the blessed special iron weapons.

“Vice, I heard you prepared something else.”


Finally, Beatrice stood on the podium. Yappy, who brought a treasure chest tangled up, followed.

“These are the artifacts I have prepared for you guys. I hope they will help you in this fight.”

What Beatrice gave to the students were artifacts such as necklaces, rings, and earrings.

“Um, everything is unique… to make so many unique items like this…”

Manager Park Jin-soo was stunned, but the supply ceremony ended with that.

* * * *

The magic sword of wandering is aiming at Japan.

Japanese government officials urgently gathered together.

The atmosphere inside the conference room was depressing. The president of the association opened his mouth.

“What about Jeon Ni-ryun (National Japan Hunter Federation)?”

“I’ll be back soon.”

“Tsk… Let’s take care of other matters first.”

Prime Minister Fujisawa kicked his tongue at the hunters who did not show nose plucking during the announced meeting time.

“What happened to the comet that fell in Korea?”

“Yes, it is a giant comet with a diameter of 6 km. Most of the interior is made of gas and water, but metals not found on Earth are being mined in large quantities.”

“Scientists lit a fire in their eyes. Take this opportunity to interact and get some torches.”

“It will take quite a bit of money. Most of all, most of them are owned by outsiders.”

“There is a claim that it was he who summoned the comet.”

It was a big issue around the world that Leon summoned Hyeseong while punishing Hanbitgung.

To the point where even the landing of the Demonic Sword of Wandering in the Japanese Islands was a subordinate priority.

“If that’s true, he’s a major security threat! We need to find out how he summoned the comet!”

Yes, of course it had to be. It is not just Japan’s position. The United States, the European Union and Russia reacted similarly.

It wasn’t long after the comet fell and there was no full-fledged movement, but the existence of the comet shocked the whole world.

What if a single individual could summon a comet? And what if you could drop a 6km comet without any loss and without allowing a single death?

Wouldn’t the opposite be possible as well?

“It seems to be very noisy in Korea. The support for him is piercing the sky.”

“To blindly support such a dangerous person…”

Apart from that, the association’s executives couldn’t hide their envy and envy towards the survivor named Leon.

Originally, survivors are beings beyond the realm. There were many times when they came over as a racial unit, and the representative case was the Orcs.

But they don’t necessarily benefit the country. Right now, there are many cases where even the Orcs devour the country with a terrifyingly high crime rate and fertility.

Even in the Republic of Jilin, where a recent war broke out, the government was taken over by an orc army’s coup.

However, in Leon’s case, compared to other survivors, it has sufficiently proven its usefulness.

Right now, the blessed crops are fraudulent items. Not only does it give you a buff just by eating it, but it also gives you a permanent health boost and long-term buff… Above all, isn’t it a panacea that even cures cancer?

“Prime Minister. It is necessary to secure a large amount of blessed crops before the demonic sword attack. Even if you secure that, there is no need to think about additional buffers.”

When a high-ranking official insisted strongly, Prime Minister Fujisawa put on a puzzled expression.

The blessed crop has recently been mass-produced and stands tall as a strong export product of the Korean government, but the problem is that there are too many countries that want it even though it has been harvested in large quantities.

Blessed crops are also cultivated in Heilong People’s Republic and Ukraine, but even with that, the supply was not enough.

“Is there a need to bow your head over something like rice?”

The Minister of Defense did not hide his uncomfortable feeling. It seems that he does not like the form of being in debt to Korea. Because he was a right-winger.

“Come to think of it, that rice is also the power of the temple called Lion Heart King’s pantheon.”

Leon is involved here, and Leon is involved there.

After he appeared, good news continued to be delivered in Korea.

“Can’t you conciliate Lion Heart King to Japan?”

“……Is that possible? They are already based in Korea.”

“If the government budget is supported… wouldn’t it be possible?”

“Will the Korean government stay still?”

Scouting or naturalizing high-ranking hunters from other countries has often happened around the world. It was a question of being able to handle it.

“It’s worth it. Even if you recruit just one man, there will be a lot to come after him.”

Leon is not alone in the pantheon.

Leon himself is already treated as a top ranker in the world beyond the standards of an S-class hunter, but the survivors below him are all monsters.

Red Grade Cheongju Gate’s Nightmare Yacht Spinner.

Even if that rank has gone down significantly now, the estimated grade at Cheongju Gate is S+. It is unconfirmed intelligence, but there is a story that it was the Yakt Spinner who massacred the high-ranking orcs of the Republic of Jilin.

And Beatrice, the magician queen of Sphero Kingdom, the second-in-command of the Pantheon.

Her magic skills, which were demonstrated at the gate of Jeju Island, were astounding.

A monstrosity among monstrosities that performs great magic with only hand gestures without even a legendary grade staff. Likewise, there is no rank down like the Yakt Spinner in the S+ rank.

“More than anything, what’s surprising is the ability to nurture ordinary hunters into elites in an instant. They say that there are already more than a thousand C-class hunters, and it’s shocking that this achievement was achieved in just four months.”

it’s leon Any country can escape the threat of the gate if they can get their hands on Leon.

Above all, the prime minister had a separate reason for wanting to naturalize Leon.

“I will organize the government budget, so I will take this opportunity——”

“I’m against it, Prime Minister.”

The man who burst through the conference room door was a middle-aged man full of dignified charm. He sat down in an empty seat and bowed his head.

“Sorry I’m late. Traffic is blocked.”

“No, it just started. Chairman Kamiya.”

President of the National Japan Hunter Association. A person who stands at the pinnacle of de facto Japanese hunters. he chuckled.

“Japan is a country of Japanese people. It’s ridiculous to attract foreigners. If you have such resources, it would be wiser to take care of the people’s livelihood.”



The high officials avoided refuting Chairman Kamiya’s words. I didn’t even discuss the national interest that could be gained by attracting Leon.

He gathered 37 S-class hunters from all over Japan and is said to be the strongest hunter in Japan. It is no exaggeration to say that he is the king of Japan.

There was no way he would allow something foreign to enter his kingdom.

The prime minister knew that, so he tried to check the Jeonilhyeop by bringing in a variable named Leon. Just as the president of Korea’s Kang-hyeok Oh is supporting the pantheon as a check on the 10 guilds.

‘already… Is it too late?’

Prime Minister Fujisawa did not dare to be hostile to or lower his status in front of the Jeonilhyeop, which monopolized hunters and operated Japan as a single guild.

If the former Prime Minister hadn’t privatized the Hunter Association, this disaster wouldn’t have happened… … .

Chairman Kamiya laughed at the prime minister’s cute defiance and proceeded with the story as if he were the organizer of the meeting.

* * * *

“Chairman, this is a list of raid groups that will participate in this raid.”

Kamiya receives and reads the pad given to him by his secretary. He recalled the meeting a little while ago while selecting the S-class hunters to be recruited from within the pad.

“It looks like the prime minister is impatient. He’s even trying to bring in survivors from abroad.”

“Because the government’s position has narrowed a lot recently.”

After the privatization of the Hunter Association by the former Prime Minister and the formation of the Japan-Japan Association, Japan’s Hunters gathered under the banner of Chairman Kamiya.

38 S-class hunters, including Chairman Kamiya, and over 700 A-class hunters. Besides that, if you want to make a living as a hunter in Japan, there are no other options other than Jeon Il-hyeop.

Just as the president of the association Oh Kang-hyeok supports the pantheon as a joker to check the 10 guilds, the prime minister is probably trying to narrow the stronghold of the Japan-Japan Association by attracting the pantheon.

“It’s scary that there’s actually a group that can do that.”

“The power of the Mansinjeon is frightening.

“It’s a problem that such a group exists in the next country. I heard that there are already followers of the pantheon in Korea?”

“……The ability to publicize it is frightening. Besides, there is a strangely low level of public opinion against it.”

It was just as strange. Jeon Il-hyeop, who calls himself a Japanese hero, was also full of anti-fans in the Internet world.

“Is that possible?”

“It’s possible to guess that they’re having some kind of public opinion battle… but I doubt if it’s physically possible. As soon as the criticism was posted on the Internet, the account was deleted within seconds.”

“I didn’t see it as such an intelligent group…”

Chairman Kamiya also had a lot of interest in Leon. No, of course you have to have it.

That he is an incarnation of righteous chivalry that can only be found in fairy tales, and that he has values that are different from those of modern times.

In particular, even the fact that he is accompanied by gods from the other world who cannot understand the meaning of the pantheon.

I wondered if the miracle of the gods could even manipulate public opinion on the internet, but that’s probably not the case again… … .

“Anyway, this demonic sword attack. Not only the new sword guild but also the pantheon have participated. The prime minister also spent some money. Four more guilds out of the top 10 Korean guilds will join. Cheongseong, Phoenix, Golden Lion, and Hanbit are coming. .”

Japan once had a history of turning a blind eye to the massacre in Ulsan. I just paid a high price for it this time.

Of course, this was Chairman Kamiya’s trick. He had more than half of the S-class Hunters on standby in the name of defending the mainland.

The Japanese government, which is about to fly away from a large city right now, has no choice but to buy Korean hunters at a high price.

Japan, which has a sufficient S-class talent pool, did not have to endure such losses, but Chairman Kamiya, whose power is the number of S-class hunters, simply passed the loss on to the government.

“Operation 1. Send the Pantheon to the fore.”


At those words, the secretary glanced at Chairman Kamiya with fearful eyes.

He intends to sacrifice the pantheon to the underworld just because the cornered prime minister put forward an agenda.

“…the opposition from Korea will be great.”

“Of course, we have to show sincerity on our side as well. Tell them that we will include 3 raid groups made up of S ranks.”


Cold-blooded, willing to sacrifice others for his own power. Even those 3 assault teams would be competitors threatening their position within the Jeon Il-hyeop.

“I’ll give you an offer.”

“Okay, did you say that Korean hunters are coming soon?”

“Yes, three days later, I will enter the country at Haneda Airport in the morning with Oh Kang-hyeok, the president of the Association.

“That’s unexpected. Did you pay attention even to a state guest?”

“It seems that this was a request from the Association.”

“Does that person want a symbolism of its own? Then let’s hold a welcome party in the evening. Make it as fancy as possible. He’s a bit of a proud nobleman, but he’s still a medieval barbarian. If you give him a decent boost, won’t he be willing to take the lead in honor of his achievements?”

Of course, Chairman Kamiya didn’t think that he could drive the pantheon to death so easily.

However, he definitely got what he wanted, and he accomplished what he did unconditionally.

If necessary, even by swaying public opinion, the pantheon will be forced to death.

But he didn’t know.

That the so-called His Majesty the King of the fantasy world, who came from another world, was really a fantasy person.

“Are you the emperor?”

The Japanese archipelago turned upside down.

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