The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 111 Entry


Haneda Airport gathered in twos and threes to welcome state guests.

The members of the Self-Defense Forces spread out a red carpet and heard a celebration while high-ranking government officials were waiting at the end.

Prime Minister Fujisawa smiled publicly at the gathered reporters, waved his hand, and sighed softly.

“I’m welcoming a bunch of hunters, but I can’t believe I have to hold a reception like this.”

If it had been a welcome party for state guests from abroad, he would not have been so depressed.

It is not the president of Korea, but the reason why the hunters are treated as state guests is because of the official request of the Korean Hunter Association and the government.

[Among those who are going now, there is a person who places great importance on social status. Please treat me properly.]

Having received this kind of contact, the Prime Minister wondered if this was some kind of pride confrontation.

As is always the case with Korea-Japan relations, there have been repeated strife between each other to look down on and crush each other. Even after the cataclysm.

The article about Japan treating the hunters with utmost respect in the pretext of sending ‘personal’ support troops in Korea is probably a day to inspire one’s own ‘gukppong’ and take pride.

Of course, the Japanese government is also in a hurry to take care of this ‘Gukppong’ and national self-esteem, but this time it was different.

‘Damn it, you bastard Kamiya… … .’

A situation where the Japanese government has to bend its pride due to the behavior of Chairman Kamiya, who is extremely reluctant to reduce his enlisted soldiers.

It was a good thing for Chairman Kamiya, whose personal prosperity was more important than the nation, and Fujisawa was forced to bow to the outside because of internal troubles.

‘But it’s not a bad picture if you think that this is also making a profit. The more hunters from Korea there are, the less damage the Japanese hunters will suffer.’

In the end, though, the domestic influence of the Jeonilhyeop will not diminish.

It was when Prime Minister Fujisawa decided to accept President Andong-gil’s phone call as political.

[I will tell you in advance, this is not part of any political purpose or flag fight.]

“What… are you talking about?”

I can feel the sincerity in your voice. If a senile politician said such a thing, he would be scolded for sounding naive, but at the moment, Fujisawa really accepted President Andong-gil’s words that way.

[From now on, let’s not leave it as an official record. Let’s do it off the record.]

It is a statement that should not be disclosed to the media.

Of course, the Korean president’s rudeness! It might be possible to report this way, but Prime Minister Fujisawa cautiously accepted it as he was in a position to receive help.

[Whoa… … .]

President Andong-gil, who caught his breath, said.

[Lion Heart King. That man is a man who really hits the target.]

“What does it mean?”

[The meaning is great. Deterioration of Korea-Japan relations due to an accident there! Armed conflict between the two countries? If you open an article like this, this is also difficult.]

Relations between Korea and Japan are deteriorating. Even so, is it an armed conflict? Doesn’t it sound like there’s a madman who’ll destroy everything, diplomacy, if the hunter he’s sending out now gets fed up with?

“Is that enough? The survivors of that other world?”

[It’s not that much, it’s just that he’s a nobleman beyond imagination. It’s just a bitch my way.]

President Andong-gil’s remarks were rhetoric that was difficult to translate diplomatically, but the meaning was conveyed.

[Come back to work… I want you to treat me like the Emperor. This is true.]


In short, it was a request to observe the etiquette as if treating a state guest among state guests. Prime Minister Fujisawa was not an ignorant politician.

In Korea, it was announced that they bought Korean hunters like mercenaries with a large amount of 1 trillion yen, but they are in a position to receive help.

Since it is not unusual for the common sense of survivors to diverge from the modern Earth, the Prime Minister decided to pay close attention.

The runway was emptied even before the arrival of Korean planes. A wide red carpet was laid out from the landing area.

Wearing gold epaulettes and white uniforms, the Ground Self-Defense Force honor guards stand on either side of the Japanese flag and Taegeukgi.

At the end, there is a new sword guild leader Cheon Jin-soo and Cheongseong guild leader Kang Jin-seong, who are the representatives of Korean hunters, and even a limousine to pick up Leon and Beatrice, who claim to be royalty.

The same as when the Queen of England visited a few years ago… No, it would not be an exaggeration to say that they were treated with more courtesy than that.

“Prime Minister! The Korea Hunter Association aircraft has arrived!”

Soon after, Korean planes arrived at Haneda Airport. The aircraft with the guild leaders and sub-guild leaders of this reinforcement landed and soon the door opened.

‘There is no official protocol as they are the heads of private companies… … .’

However, even the same S-class hunter has a difference in rank.

Even if it was Oh Kang-hyeok, the head of the association, who was a civil servant, usually at such a meeting, Cheon Jin-soo, the new sword guild leader, and Kang Jin-seong, the Cheongseong guild leader, followed.

And, as expected, the first person to get off was Oh Kang-hyeok, president of the association.

‘Then… … .’

It was then. The next person to appear after Oh Kang-hyeok, the president of the association, is an unexpected blonde young man.

“I’m the lion heart king!”

“Oh oh…!”

Reporters burst into spotlights and pointed cameras at them. Next to the head of the association, Oh Kang-hyeok, was Leon, the guild leader of Manshinjeon.

After that, Beatrice, wearing the veil of the queen of the other world, followed.

“Would you like to hold Jim’s hand?”

“It’s not a wagon.”

Leon held her hand as if he were dealing with a lady getting off a carriage. Like the knight and lady in a long story, that figure shed the elegance that stimulates the romance in a fairy tale.

“It’s busy.”

“It’s a royal duty. Aren’t you used to it, Your Majesty?”

“No, my parade was always full of folks bowing down and worshiping. But, that was 200 years ago.”

As if they were familiar with each other, they walked the red carpet receiving cheers from the honor guard. After that, S-class hunters representing Korea followed, but they were obviously bridesmaids.


Prime Minister Fujisawa was speechless for unknown reasons as the two approached.

He started politics and met numerous state guests.

From the dictator of a developing country to the president of the United States, the representative of the free world, to the royal family of Europe where the royal family remained.

Above all, in their own country, they have regular audiences with the symbolic imperial family, who are nominally descendants of God.

However, I felt an unknown ‘energy’ from Leon and Beatrice.

Grace as royalty? Authority as ruler?

No, no. It’s something beyond that.

You can’t feel it from a dictator, from a president, or from a descendant of a dynasty that has survived to the present day… The difference in social class accompanied by violence is felt.

Another name for the class that modern royalty, politicians, and businessmen disregard and classify the common people.

‘royalty. top of the ranks… … .’

The raw difference of class. The gaze of the real royal family, who clearly distinguishes between high and low, treats commoners.

“Second, Prime Minister! Prime Minister!”

The chief cabinet secretary behind his back urgently called the prime minister who was in a daze. It was only then that Prime Minister Fujisawa discovered Leon and Beatrice who had arrived right in front of him and hurriedly bowed.

“My name is Masamichi Fujisawa, Prime Minister of Japan. Greetings to Her Majesty the Lionheart of Lionheart and Her Majesty Queen Alighieri of Spero.”

The Prime Minister did not recommend a handshake as he does with other heads of state. According to the etiquette of dealing with the emperor or the imperial family, commoners cannot recklessly ask the imperial family to shake hands.

He agonized over whether he should bow his back like he would treat the imperial family.

However, this policy was met with fierce opposition from secretaries.

It is a law that the prime minister, the representative of the country, cannot bow down to the state guests of other countries.

But then, Leon held out the back of his hand to the prime minister.



Those who watched it could not have known its meaning.

Prime Minister Fujisawa was perplexed. Because I didn’t know how this would be accepted in Korea.

[Prime Minister Fujisawa! Forced to humiliate treatment by Koreans!]

Like the Koreans, the Japanese also wanted to show a strong attitude toward Korea.

‘Damn it, it reminds me of when the Thai royalty came.’

Compared to the royal family who demanded a humiliating audience posture, it was still better. Prime Minister Fujisawa glanced at Beatrice, who was waiting behind Leon.

‘The picture isn’t that bad.’

Even though Leon and Beatrice have enemies in Korea, they are definitely royalty from another world.

It is not just the ornaments that are royal with modern patterns, but with real authority and power.

Rather, Prime Minister Fujisawa’s response will be interpreted as a polite attitude respecting the culture of the other party.

“It’s an honor, Your Majesty.”

Prime Minister Fujisawa kissed the back of Leon’s hand, then Beatrice’s.

Spotlights bursting all around. Looking at the reaction of the reporters, the reaction was not so bad.

It was a rather enthusiastic response because the veil was shaken by the wind at the moment, revealing the queen’s true face.

‘Okay, as long as the interview with His Majesty the Emperor and discussions with Chairman Kamiya are completed, it will be perfect.’

The king and queen of the other world visiting Japan have a meeting with His Majesty the Emperor of Japan. It becomes a picture.

However, there was something Prime Minister Fujisawa overlooked.

First of all, the interpreter privilege given to the survivors of the other world.

“Are you the emperor?”

In the interview with the emperor, it was delivered without filtering.

* * * *

Leon’s ‘Are you the emperor?’ situation turned the archipelago upside down.

– No matter how foreign you are, if you come to Japan, you have to follow Japanese laws!

-This is a grave disrespect to Japan. We must protest to the Korean government right now!

The Korean government was also embarrassed. It is because the emperor’s accusation, which is only likely to come out when hardline politicians speak strongly against Japan, came out of nowhere.

Oh Kang-hyeok, the head of the association, tried to make corrections on the spot, but Leon stubbornly refused to use the expression “emperor” for the Japanese emperor.

“How can you claim to be the ruler of the sky in a human body?

To Leon, the sky is the realm of God. No matter how much it is an airplane or an advance into space, the realm of God and human beings are clearly separated.

Rather than ignoring Japan, it is a long way from convincing Leon, whose position is ‘improbable’ in a pure sense.

In the end, to solve this diplomatic problem, the president of the association, Oh Kang-hyeok, had no choice but to take out the name of ‘cultural relativism’.

“Your Majesty is not familiar with Earth’s culture. Above all, there is a problem of ‘interpretation’ that functions with the survivors.”

Fortunately, Leon is the royal family of another world. Modern people had a more tolerant side to outsiders than they thought of themselves, and this worked quite well.

– Being a foreigner, you might not know our culture… … .

-I’m embarrassed because I’m a survivor from the Joseon side… … .

Putting aside the expression of the name, Leon behaved quite harshly towards the emperor of the time, Emperor Haruhito.

“It’s a gift from Jim. Please accept it.”

Leon is quite tolerant of royalty. As he did to President Andong-gil, he showed favor to the Japanese emperor.

“Did you like it?”

Beatrice trickled Leon into rhyming, but Leon replied with a cold expression.

“Aren’t they pitiful?”

“You’re sorry?”

“That’s right. The royal family are the ones who lead the country. They become the spectacle of the common people and act as puppets.”

It was a statement that completely denied the constitutional monarchy.

Of course, Leon also knows the process of creating this constitutional monarchy. And that it is a natural political system on this planet.

However, he was a pure-blood noble who ruled as king for 300 years before he came from Earth.

If he had acted as a puppet without real authority, with his every move exposed to the media, he would have killed these menial things right away.

Because that is the king’s justice that Lionheart aims for.

“But I can’t feel it either.”


“There is a tradition that the family of these emperors are the descendants of the gods in the distant past. They said that they sincerely claimed to be living gods until quite recently.”

Of course, I guessed that this was historical propaganda in any country. But Leon had his own expectations as well.

Does God really exist on this earth, and myths may not be false… doing.

“How was the result?”

“They’re not gods. They’re just ordinary mortals.”

Does God really not exist on this earth?

Leon swallowed the bitter feelings behind him.

* * * *

Chairman Kamiya greeted the Korean hunters who visited Japan.

“My name is Kamiya.”

“This is Oh Kang-hyeok. Chairman Kamiya.”

The official representatives of the two countries shake hands, and then the Hunters, who are each other’s main forces, greet each other.

Oh Kang-hyeok first introduced Korea’s representative hunter, Cheon Jin-soo, and Chairman Kamiya also put forward Takeda, an S-class hunter representing Japan, along with himself.

It showed a kind of face madness between the two countries.

The problem arose next.

“Among the hunters in your country, there is a person called the king of another world.”

“You mean His Majesty Lionheart.”

Oh Kang-hyeok was cautious about revealing Leon. I was also worried about what it would be like if Japan seduced Leon at the government level.

Still, I couldn’t help but introduce Leon during my visit to Japan. Chairman Oh Kang-hyeok turned to Leon, who was holding a champagne glass in the center of the banquet hall.

“Your Majesty, are you enjoying the banquet?”

“Well, that’s all right.”

“I’ve told you before. I’m Chairman Kamiya, the president of the Hunter Association in Japan.”

Chairman Kamiya couldn’t help but be surprised at the blond-haired young man in front of him.

‘It’s an incredible presence.’

Manshinjeon is the largest guild in Korea.

However, most of its members are C-class hunters. Considering that one A-class hunter could easily fill 50 C-class hunters, I thought that the pantheon was only a lot of numbers.

But what about Leon in front of you?

Looking at his face value, he seems like a young boy who would have grown up in a noble family in Europe.

However, a sense of old age that can not be felt from a child. The gaze looking at the ‘below’ that can be felt with the eyes alone.

I can feel the dignity of him who does not doubt at all that he is a king.

A gaze that can even be called arrogant.

It seems that his own strength is at a level beyond S-class. Chairman Kamiya did not doubt that evaluation at all.

‘It’s fortunate that a man like this popped out of Korea.’

This is your own kingdom. There is no need for a foreign body like Leon. Chairman Kamiya hid his feelings and asked Leon to shake hands.

“My name is Kamiya.”


Leon stares at Chairman Kamiya’s outstretched hand. He said.

“How can a commoner try to take the royal family’s jade body?”

Leon’s unfiltered remarks were immediately conveyed to Chairman Kamiya. he frowned.

‘To think they treated me like this in Japan.’

He is the unified head of hunters from all over Japan. Absolute power that even the prime minister cannot do with himself. In other words, it is no exaggeration to say that he is the king of Japan.

However, such ‘trivial power’ is just a fleeting moment that is insignificant to Leon. He is the embodiment of classism that values lineage.

If Chairman Kamiya belonged to a government agency rather than a ‘private organization’, he would have managed to treat him as much as Kang-hyeok Oh, the president of the association.

foreign dignitaries. To Leon, President Kamiya was an ordinary writer who couldn’t even become that.

“You are rude.”

When Leon refused to shake Chairman Kamiya’s hand, the S-class Hunter Takeda behind him spoke up.

He is an S-class Hunter who is said to be the right-hand man of Chairman Jeon Il-hyeop. It is not an exaggeration to say that his skills are the strongest in Japan next to Chairman Kamiya.

As he raised his magical energy to point out Leon’s rudeness, a magical wave that changed the air soared over the banquet hall.


The tremendous magic wave length surprised even the Korean legend, Oh Kang-hyeok, the president of the association.

‘Indeed, I heard that he is the next strongest person next to Chairman Kamiya in Japan, but he is an extraordinary person.’

But Oh Kang-hyeok felt strangely confident. He hadn’t even imagined that Leon would be pushed.

“You’ve misbehaved with your dog. This is the dog’s owner’s responsibility.”


Needless to say, Takeda’s eyebrows narrowed at the insult. But then… Someone knocked on the door of the venue and entered.

“Chairman Kamiya…!”

A man who is an employee of the Jeonilhyeop hurriedly approached and whispered in his ear.

“The demonic sword of wandering——”

Chairman Kamiya’s eyes widened at this.

* * * *

wide ocean. There, where not a single fishing boat was visible, an apparently foreign object was dividing the sea.

Demonic Sword of Wandering.

The body of the magic swordsmen who caused the incident in London and drank the blood of countless hunters and citizens.

It cuts through the sea in a straight line and carries its host on it.


The 6th generation magical swordsman, Cheon Ji-ho, gazed beyond the endless horizon on top of the sword blade.

It was then. The world is distorted by the path of the wandering magic sword. The space split like a mirror, and the door to a new dimension opened in this world.


The gate, which suddenly appeared in the middle of the sea off Japan, engulfed the magic swordsman.

after a while–


A myriad of monsters emerged from there. The magic swordsman muttered behind the monsters that poured in with the dungeon break.

“Thousands… cows, kites….”

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