The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 112 Landing Battle

“What are you talking about. Dungeon break!”

At Chairman Kamiya’s roar, the observers could not hide their embarrassed expressions.

The magic sword of wandering is the main target of surveillance 24 hours a day. After the London Incident, this black-grade magic sword, which had been wandering around the world, was being observed in real time by military satellites around the world, and its movement route was also known.

The speed of the magic sword is not that fast. There were times when they flew with magic swordsmen on board, but they needed food and rest time even to keep the living host alive.

So, I had predicted the next three days until I arrived in Japan… … .

“Suddenly there is a gate in the sea? Coincidence?”

A gate has appeared on the path of the demonic sword of wandering. It was a gate that was implicitly called the Yonggung Gate in the world.

“According to the information provided by the surveillance team, the magic swordsman entered the gate at the same time as the dragon palace gate appeared.”

“Did the demon sword enter the gate?”

“Then they say that a dungeon break occurred right at the gate…”

It was unprecedented.

Usually, it takes at least 10 days for the dungeon break to occur after the gate appears. It took time for the internal horsepower overload and gate expansion.

If you think about it like this, doesn’t it seem like the magic sword of wandering artificially caused the gate’s dungeon break?

“Is there a possibility that the demonic sword of wandering summoned the gate by itself?”

“Fu, it’s impossible. There’s no such precedent——”

“It’s not impossible.”


Everyone focused on the voices heard towards Chairman Kamiya and his party. At the end of that line of sight were none other than Leon and Beatrice.

“……What does it mean?”

“They said that it is not impossible to artificially create a gate.”


Behind Leon’s back, even the head of the association, Oh Kang-hyeok, made a surprised face. As a result, Chairman Kamiya was able to guess that it was something that even Chairman Oh Kang-hyeok did not know about.

“……I guess we need to talk.”

“This is an emergency. We will share the necessary information.”

* * * *

“An additional dungeon break has occurred, starting with the Dragon Palace Gate that occurred in the sea 700 km south of Shikoku.”

inside the conference room. High-ranking hunters from Korea and Japan are gathered there.

They each swallowed the flagship while looking at the information inside the hologram display board shared by the Japanese intelligence department.

“What is that? Gates happen in succession in the same place?”

Hwang Yeon-ha, the younger sister of Hwang Geum-cheol, the head of the Golden Lion Guild, looks bewildered when she sees the increasing number of gates on the hologram screen.

It is not uncommon for gates to occur consecutively in the same area. Right now, there are about three or four gates that occur every day in Seoul.

The problem is that there are not that many gates that occur in the sea. And it was unprecedented for those gates to cause a dungeon break in succession.

“It’s an observational video.”

The video was of the Demonic Sword of Wandering in the middle of the sea and its host, Cheonjiho.

Standing on the sea like a master in a martial arts novel, he enters the summoned gate and then exits the gate with countless monsters.

“The Demonic Sword of Wandering…is causing a dungeon break?”

“How is that possible?”


“It’s impossible, and it’s actually happening.”

The Yonggung Gate itself is the seed of disaster that the nation must annihilate with all its might. There are four such dragon palace gates in a row. He even caused an artificial dungeon break without any time to deal with it.

“Damn it, the waters off Japan are polluted…”

And it is Japanese hunters who take this more seriously.

The gate emits a huge amount of magic power at the same time as the dungeon break. It polluted the land and turned animals into monsters.

A dungeon break in the middle of the sea would cause serious national damage.

If it was on the ground, it would pour money to purify it, but it was only in the middle of the sea that the accessibility and spread range were different.

“There will be a lot of trouble in the future.”

While Japanese hunters and civil servants were in a miserable atmosphere, Cheon Jin-soo, the head of the new sword guild, was as carefree as anyone else.

“Do you think it’s someone else’s business?”

Takeda gave a sharp look as if she didn’t like that.

“Then it’s someone else’s business. We’re not screwed.”


“No, a young kid looking at me with his eyes wide open? Huh? How old are you dude!”

Even in this situation, Cheon Jin-soo does not let go of the old-fashioned spirit. In fact, he felt no remorse at Japan’s cataclysm.

He was a patriot, and at the same time, he lived half of his life in the era when diplomatic relations between Korea and Japan were not established, and he was a deceased person of the era who was more directly at the anti-Japanese scene.

Above all, he was one of those people who was disappointed with Japan’s behavior in the Ulsan disaster, saying, ‘Okay, that’s right’.

He was the only one who participated in the invasion of the Demonic Sword Alliance in Japan. It was only to clean up Cheonjiho, my own son and the host of the demonic sword, and not to help a neighboring country that was not particularly hated.

“Enough of that. What kind of behavior are you doing to young people?”

Unlike Cheon Jin-soo, who was quite blatant, Jin-seong Kang of the Cheongseong Guild dissuaded him from doing so. When he, one of the legends of the same era, made a bitter remark, Cheonjinsu also went excited! and take a seat.

Kang Jin-seong asked an employee of Jeon Il-hyeop.

“It seems that the enemy is still causing a dungeon break in the sea. What is the scale so far?”

“Ah, yes! Three dungeon breaks have occurred so far, and the size of the monsters that have emerged from them is over 20,000!”

“A lot.”

A dungeon break usually occurs due to a failed strategy.

In other words, during the attack process, the number of monsters inside the gate has decreased considerably.

However, the dungeon break caused by the Demonic Sword of Wandering took place in an intact state, with no time for the raid team to enter. Of course, its size cannot be compared with the existing one.

“Where did the magic sword of wandering go?”

“It… disappeared into the sea right after the gate was summoned.”

“……Did you hide your ability to submerge until now?”

It was an action that overturned all the information and prerequisites for the Demonic Sword of Wandering so far.

Summoning the gate and submerging into the sea?

“Let’s say submerged. What’s the point of summoning a gate? Was a gate something that could be artificially summoned?

“Let me explain that part.

It was Beatrice who gave the voice. The magician queen wearing a veil skillfully handled the laser point and played the file sent by ‘Yapi’ from Korea.

“About 4 weeks ago, Manshinden attacked the East Sea Gate together with hunters from the United States.”

It was a famous thing. Lee Yong-wan, one of the teenage guilds in Korea, also participated in the war, and the ‘Devil Prince Rakshaar’ found there made headlines around the world.

Even the great evil Skajakaria, who caused the Shanghai disaster, was just a great evil, but the devil grand duke?

Because the information that had been judged to be the highest level devil up to the highest level devil had been overturned.

Of course, it didn’t become a big issue because it didn’t appear in reality by causing a dungeon break like Scajacarrier, but government agencies took it seriously enough.

The fact that the Demon Grand Duke has appeared above the Great Devil means that there can be more than that.

“There, we had doubts about ‘gates’, ‘systems’ and ‘quests’ given by the systems. And we came to a certain conclusion.”

“What is that?”

The hunters in both Korea and Japan were afraid of the pantheon’s answer, questioning what they took for granted.

Of course, many scholars doubted the Gate or the system and published papers, but it was only speculation.

However, this guild of survivors had come to a certain conclusion, and it could be expected that it would never be desirable information for humanity.

“The conclusion was that gates were… a phenomenon that could be artificially caused.”


Because it was such a shocking declaration, everyone denied it. However, Beatrice presented the video information sent by Yapi as evidence.

Beatrice created a gate using a large amount of magic stones, and there, Yaffe observed the ‘field’ inside the gate.


“You can summon the gate artificially?”

“The main premise of capturing the gate is going to collapse, isn’t it…”

If it really is possible to summon gates artificially, just like the Demonic Sword of Wandering is doing now, summoning gates in a row in the middle of the sea is enough.

With that alone, humanity will lose the sea and walk the path of destruction.

While everyone was fussing with their thoughts, Leon said.

“Be quiet.”

Leon, strictly speaking, is only a newcomer with the narrowest standing here.

Although the guild is not officially qualified as an S-class hunter, and the size of the guild is large, most of them are C-class hunters.

There are many S-class hunters and the heads of large guilds here.

Even so, Leon’s one word made the audience quiet.

“It’s clear that they can handle the gate phenomenon. If you realize the premise, it’s clear what you need to do.”

Deal with the Demonic Sword of Wandering before it creates The Gate. The solution is always simple and clear.

“Prepare for a defensive battle. Prepare for their landing and find the location of the demonic sword.”

“Give me instructions at will——”

Takeda tried to say something, but President Kamiya interrupted him with a gesture. Even in this situation, he finished the profit and loss calculation in an instant.

“The magic sword of wandering is strong. The monsters that will land soon must be to attract attention.”

Chairman Kamiya looked at the hunters from both Korea and Japan and continued.

“When the magic sword of wandering appears, a detached team is formed to activate immediately. It consists of only the most elite hunters to attack the magic swordsman.”

Chairman Kamiya’s plan is as follows.

According to the landing route of the monsters, the main raiding party composed of S-class is divided into three and roams while loaded on a transporter.

Then, drop an S-class raiding party in the area where the demonic sword appears and respond immediately.

A strategy that is possible because it is a reality that can operate aircraft.

“It’s okay. It should be quick to join in case of emergency.”

Lee Yong-wan decided that this plan was extremely reasonable. If there’s a problem… It’s about being on the same boat with ‘who’.

In any case, Chairman Kamiya’s plan went through like that.

* * * *

The first landing of monsters was a legion of monsters called ‘Merman’.

Thousands of Mermen, centered around the A-class field boss Siren, appeared in Miyazaki Prefecture in the southeastern part of Kyushu, Japan, with hideous appearances and sharp tridents.

“Waiting for gunners.”

And what put them in front of them was a raiding party. Hunters.

Unlike the inside of the gate where high-tech equipment could not be mobilized, hundreds of hunters who had figured out their movement routes in advance with satellites and reconnaissance planes were waiting for the monsters to land.

-Sea profit… !

Mermen menacingly flapping their gills while watching the hunters. They immediately rushed towards the Hunters, and the Hunters who were waiting in an orderly manner attacked all at once.


Long-range firepower fired all at once, hitting the Mermen. After such a round of firepower projection, a hand-to-hand combat in which swords collide with spears takes place.

– Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta… !

And in the middle of such an amphibious defense war. A large helicopter carrying hunters is hovering around.


Cheon Jin-soo, who usually makes jokes whenever he opens his mouth, Golden Railroad full of confidence, Lee Yong-wan, who is busy calculating profit and loss, and Ha Yu-ri, who are watching from the side, did not let go of tension at this moment.

The Korea-Japan Hunter Union was dispersed and deployed toward the predicted landing of the monster that burst out of the Dragon Palace gate.

Basically, the hunters on the ground block the landing force, and when the magic sword of wandering appears, they gather using the mobility of the helicopter. It is to become a separate team to deal with the magic sword.

In other words, the S-class hunters on board this helicopter are a separate team to fight the wandering magic sword with a black level attack difficulty.

At this moment, with the world’s most dangerous battle ahead, everyone is bound to be nervous.

‘Damn it, why is it not the Lion Heart King number?’

Lee Yong-wan regretted not having Leon in the detached corps he belonged to, among the three divisions of Miyazaki, Shikoku, and Wakayama.

Manshinjeon is waiting in Wakayama with Park Yongshin of Hanbitgung. It is said that joining in case of emergency is scheduled, but I can’t shake the thought that it would have been safer to be there.

“How about the other side?”

Lee Yong-wan asked a question to check the situation, and Ha Yu-ri checked the tactic pad.

“The Japanese hunters are fighting the monsters that have landed in Wakayama. The Pantheon is on standby.”

“I’m surprised.”

Hwang Yeon-ha, who was listening to the story of the Mansinjeon, said.

“What? My Sister.”

Golden Chul asked this question.

“I thought the Lion Heart King would say that he would fight first, saying it was chivalry and honor.”

“Certainly. He’s a nobleman who’ll talk like a major.”

Leon is the embodiment of chivalry that can only be found in medieval history books.

Of course, that chivalry was vastly different from that of the modern Earth, but it wasn’t that different from being obsessed with majoring and earning honor.

“That’s not going to be the case either. That man, surprisingly, isn’t the type to go first.”

“Yongwan-senpai, what do you mean by that?”

Lee Yong-wan shrugged. Still, at this point, he was in a position where he had fought the most battles with Leon.

“Basically, it’s the commander’s style. Whether it’s refraining from standing in the vanguard, or acquiring enough information…”

Lee Yong-wan watched as he attacked the gate or fought with Leon a few times. Until the battle of Geobrick and Donghae Gate in Jeju Island.

Considering the yakt spinner battle at Cheongju Gate where Hwang Geum-cheol fought, this incarnation of chivalry is not the style to take the lead.

“It seems to be active in the decisive part of the battle, but the basic outpost is thoroughly left to the subordinates.

“Certainly… rather than the style of the raid team, it’s the army itself.”

And this contradicts the misunderstanding of Leon, who is known for his knightly style of recklessly ‘charging’.

Leon has the awareness that he is a ‘king’, and his actions are prudent accordingly. You know very well that you are irreplaceable.

Even so, the reason why Leon is the image of destroying everything in the vanguard is probably because the impact of the fighting power he showed in his activities so far is so strong.

“Leave that much and prepare for battle. The ground is being pushed.”

It was then. What Cheon Jin-soo said while sharpening the blade with Kang Jin-seong next to him. He pointed to the ground through the helicopter’s window.

I could see the gate’s field bosses slowly revealing themselves.

“There are quite a few A-rank large field bosses too. We’ll have to deal with that one——”

It was then. Before Lee Yong-wan said anything, ‘the sky shone’.

No, the sky farther than the sky. Higher above the stratosphere.

A light flashes from somewhere in the universe and plunges vertically.

Pinpoint sniping without an error of 0.01mm. Charged particles that do not even have mass pierce through the heads of field bosses.

When the heated subluminal particles touch seawater, the seawater immediately boils. And it caused secondary damage.


A group of Mermen immediately became boiled meat.


“……What is it?”

Ha Yu-ri inadvertently answered Hwang Geum-cheol’s question.

“Don’t ask me…”

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