The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 113

After the cataclysm, mankind felt the need to attack the gate in advance to prevent the gate’s dungeon break.

For him, he first needed a technology to immediately identify the occurrence of a gate, and the technology used for him was space technology.

Orbital weapons represented by God’s staff were commercialized, and reconnaissance satellites with powerful search capabilities covered the earth’s orbit to search for the 24-hour gate.

Starfield, a large-gate reconnaissance satellite, is the largest space structure on Earth in which space development agencies from all over the world have joined forces.

This next-generation reconnaissance satellite built with the cooperation of 20 countries around the world, including the United States, is the largest space structure on Earth with a height of 150m and a space platform covering 27 satellites covering the whole world.

It observes and transmits space and earth information in real time.

Its technology is truly the sum of human wisdom. There can be no space technology that exceeds this, and if it does exist, it will never belong to Earth’s civilization.

“This is Star One. This is Star One! Base respond!”

And that Starfield’s main communication room. American astronaut Johnson hurriedly attempted to communicate with the Houston Mission Control Center.

[What’s up, Johnson.]

The US space agency has been on a tightrope lately.

This is because during the Jilin Orc coup, he was greatly reprimanded for not predicting the hacking of the staff of God and the recent collision of the 6km comet with the Earth.

But it would also be disconcerting for the space agency.

Who would have predicted that the Staff of God, which boasts an invincible network of impregnable castles, would be hacked at the same time as Russia’s 5M65 Grizzly?

Also, who would have known that a fine comet would suddenly enter Earth’s orbit and fall on Korea, and how could anyone have predicted that it would have almost wiped out the human race if it did.

Anyway, the incident happened, and the organization was in a state of tension. Astronaut Johnson spent more than usual on an observation mission, and found ‘it’.

“Please make sure there are no other satellites within 3km of this satellite!”

[3km? There could be a satellite that close.]

The ground base, which was silent for a moment, returned a common sense answer.

[There are no other satellites near the satellite.]

“No! There is! What is that thing I can see right now!”

[What the hell is that?]

“At least 400m in length…! A minimum mass of over 2,000 tons! A structure presumed to be a particle accelerator is also visible. No way… a charged particle cannon?”

[ha… It’s not April Fool’s yet, Johnson.]

“Gee, it’s real!”

It’s not even visible on radar. But at close range, it was visible to the naked eye. Even after accelerating plasma particles, they shoot something toward the earth.

Johnson wouldn’t have noticed it if it weren’t for the light produced by the subluminal firing of those blue particles.

“Damn it! I’ll take a picture and send it to you! See it for yourself!”

But Johnson didn’t know. That someone had already eavesdropped on his communications with the US base in Houston, and that they had plenty of means to disrupt communications.

“What, what? Why is the data not being transmitted?”

[Johnson… If you joke like this one more time, I will report it to the superiors. Why are you doing that when you know the atmosphere here because of the comet?]

“Gee, it’s real!”

Johnson was mad and on the verge of jumping. But nobody believed his words.

* * * *

-Complete information control.

Manshinjeon building in Naju, Korea. Yapi prevented the spread of information about the satellite urgently launched for this operation.

Earth’s military satellites are at a very low level.

The weapon’s destructive power itself is tolerable, but maximizing power is something anyone can do if they hit it ignorantly.

The most important reconnaissance and communication security capabilities were poor.

Yapi launched a self-made satellite to provide more accurate information to Leon. It is not a low-orbit small satellite that was launched from the last gate, but a military satellite with full-fledged offensive armament.

To be precise, it is planned to develop into a war satellite that ejects an integrated armed platform from a geostationary orbit rather than a satellite… … .

– Lack of space-related laws. There are restrictions on development. Information control needs to be strengthened.

Even the law for space development was uncivilized in this uncivilized earth. So, we have no choice but to operate in an undetected line.

Aside from that, Yapi confirmed the previous record of the shelling at the risk of exposing information a little while ago.

-Completed sniping 13 A-class field bosses. Confirmation of the suspension of life of 1,322 individuals with criminal convictions due to wide-area damage in major battlefields.

A truly overwhelming feat. Logic circuits assisting strong artificial intelligence give opinions.

-Requires cooling of the Charged Particle Cannon Accelerator. Further improvement is needed.

-Failed to track enemy special entity ‘Wandering Magic Sword’. Aim for the blind spot caused by the planetary orbital cycle.

-There is a need to ascend to a geostationary orbit at an altitude of 36,500 km or more.

-refusal. Charged particle cannon effective range 450 km. Allied support is not available in case of emergency.

-Recommended to replace main armament with New Year’s Angels. Destructive Armed SET available.

-refusal. City damage must be taken.

Leon’s personality would not allow him to blow up the entire city to catch monsters.

– Rocket projectile acceptance work commenced.

Then, in this situation, what Yapi can do is limited. Yafi looked down at the white starlight armor that was still being pounded with her mechanical arm.

– Adhere to deadlines. adherence to deadlines.

Yapi busily moved the mechanical arm and continued to work. At the same time, some information is processed and verified.

-Can’t observe North Korea?

The black one covered the northern part of the Korean Peninsula.

* * * *

“All the monsters trying to enter downtown Tokushima have been dealt with. What happened there?”

Takeda asked. Other hunters report in succession through his earphones.

[Minamijo’s group of Mermen has been dealt with.]

[The Anansi side has also been cleaned up.]

The landing of tens of thousands of monsters due to the dungeon break was definitely threatening.

However, in this area alone, including Takeda, seven Japanese S-class hunters and two hundred A-class hunters. In addition, there are more than 3,000 hunters from each branch.

A few A-class field bosses have appeared, but they are only warm-up opponents in this place where S-class hunters are lined up.

Takeda looked around at the corpses of the Mermen piled up around him.

“How about Korea?”

Still, they couldn’t have handled it faster than they did. Although he doesn’t show it, Takeda, who has a competitive spirit against Korean hunters, confirmed the situation on the Korean side without revealing it.

[They said the battle was over thirty minutes ago. Both Miyazaki and Wakayama successfully prevented the landing.]

“… Thirty minutes ago?”

fast. It was strangely fast.

As the Korean S-class hunters were small, they had Japanese hunters attached.

Thirteen S-class hunters were mobilized, excluding the hunters from the Tokyo and Hokkaido branches. Because I put six of them on the Korean side.

But they are not the main force. Even in the same S-class, the difference was huge, and the six S-class hunters here with Takeda are Japan’s strongest force.

But you took care of the monsters that landed faster than Takeda’s team?

‘Were there few monsters that landed?’

No, even if so, can there be such a difference? Takeda made further inquiries to the control center.

“Lion Heart King? Did you come forward yourself?”

[Waiting at Osprey.]

“……then what about the queen?”

[Waiting as well. But… There was a strange ‘barrage’ in the sky… … .]

‘The queen must have stepped out.’

The Magician Queen of the Spero Kingdom. I don’t know if he’s not a wizard, but I heard that his skills are terrifying.

Takeda, who knew what kind of miracles the firepower of magicians caused on the battlefield, thought that it was Beatrice who naturally took care of the monsters that landed.


It was then. The core of the control center, Chairman Kamiya, who oversees the All-Japan Association, sent a personal communication to Takeda.

“Yes, Chairman.”

[Team 4 has not received a response since before. Let’s check in advance before the second landing of the monsters.]

“Isn’t it possible that a magic swordsman appeared?”

[The magic sword was not observed. There was only a land shark, a boss-level individual, witnessed there.]

Class A field boss entity. In terms of difficulty, it’s a monster that’s rated higher than the Great Orc Warrior, but Team 4 has an S-rank Hunter, Nishimori, so there’s no way it could have been defeated.

‘Is this a device failure?’

This is a common occurrence in the field.

The defense line of Team 4 is about 10 minutes by car from where Takeda is. Takeda, an S-class hunter, could arrive in two minutes.

“Ishida, Fumio, you two, follow me. Just in case, give each team leader a warning order.”

“All right.”

Takeda, who is said to be the right-hand man of Jeonilhyup Chairman Kamiya, was experienced and prudent. The remaining five S-class hunters will also move quickly according to the command of the control center.

And Takeda arrived in the area with two Class A Hunters… I doubted my own eyes.

“Damn it…”

Even the cool-headed Takeda reacted this way. The two hunters who followed were distorted in astonishment.


“Did Nishimori-san get hurt?”

It was as it was said. Twenty hunters from Team 4, who had lost contact, were all found dead.

Some were decapitated, others were cut diagonally from the shoulder blades onwards. There were also corpses with the lower part of the body completely missing or split from the top of the head.


Takeda swallowed. The Hunters of Team 4 are the elite of the elite that they raised themselves. In particular, Nishimori, an S-rank hunter, was the best swordsman in the Japanese Federation… … .

Takeda looks down at the horrendous corpses of fellow hunters and honors them with a short moment of silence. and meticulously analyzed.

‘strong. And destructive swordsmanship.’

There is a school called swordsmanship. It has been sharply divided since the appearance of superhumans called Hunters.

‘Destructive and powerful swordsmanship. It is the swordsmanship of Cheon Jin-soo, the optical swordsman.’

Cheon Jin-soo’s swordsmanship, which was more suited to monsters than humans, was famous. Even in a person-to-person battle, he destroyed everything with overwhelming light strikes.

The trick of battle is to run around and scatter destructive killing methods using Hunter’s unique superhuman body movements. The ambiguous technique is destroyed without even a moment to unfold.

Cheon Jin-soo could not have attacked the Japanese hunters, so there is only one answer.

“It’s Takeda. Team 4 has been wiped out. It’s a demon sword. A demon swordsman has landed.”

Cheon Ji-ho, a genius swordsman who was the successor of the optical swordsman. It means the magic swordsman of our time.

“How the hell…”

“Takeda-san! Look this way!”

Fumio urgently called Takeda. The place he pointed to was a huge monster… There was a corpse of a land shark, and the corpse was strange.

“There are traces protruding from inside the ship.”

“no way…….”

Swallowed by a monster to avoid detection, tore apart the ship after landing?

“Damn it, I didn’t do it. Why the hell are you acting like this all of a sudden?”

Among the six generations of magic swordsmen, there was no magic swordsman who acted like this. Yes, the former magic swordsmen were subjugated in less than two years… Will strategic activities like this be possible around the 4th year?

‘Why come now?’

The unanswered question was buried with the next sad news.

[Team 2 can’t be contacted!]

* * * *

“The magic sword has risen!”

Lee Yong-wan and his party were preparing for the second landing, and their eyes flashed at the urgent communication.

“A demonic sword? Couldn’t it have been confirmed by satellite reconnaissance?”

“That, it… there are reports that it seems to have come out of the monster’s stomach…!”

“Why are you doing something you didn’t do?”

The gate summoning and the behavior of the magic sword and magic swordsman were completely different from before. However, apart from that, the S-class hunters, who were in the role of a detached unit, had to start straight away.

“Where did you come from? Shikoku? Wakayama?”

“It’s Shikoku! Only three S-class hunters on the Japanese side have already been defeated! Hunter Takeda is rallying all the teams!”

“You’ve already been hit three times?”

Is there a sad news like this? Lee Yong-wan hesitated for a moment, but Cheon Jin-soo showed his anger and shouted.

“Hurry up!!”

Osprey flew. Yong-Wan Lee asked as the tiltrotor transport aircraft, purchased for 15 billion yen each, was leading them over the island of Shikoku, where the Takeda team was located.

“The Pantheon! Is His Majesty the Lion Heart King coming too?”

Cheon Jin-soo and Kang Jin-seong furiously glanced at Leon on the opposite side of what they were looking for there, but Ha Yu-ri, Hwang Heum-cheol, and Hwang Yeon-ha expressed full understanding.

“Uh… that’s it.”

“What, what is it?

“I landed for a while due to a device malfunction, but while taking off, I was shot down by monsters’ ranged attacks…”

“Damn it!”

It wasn’t that he said it out of concern for Leon. That monster scab would survive even if dropped from space.

The problem is that Leon’s joining is delayed.

“Can’t I just not go?”

“What kind of nonsense is this bastard!”

Cheon Jin-soo glared at him and gave him a bruise, but Lee Yong-wan was uneasy.

He is the embodiment of self-confidence and a well-to-do businessman. His senses were warning him that it was ‘dangerous’.

However, Cheonjinsu in front of me is more terrifying to stay away from here. Above all, the transport had already departed.

“We’re landing!”

The rotor blades of a tiltrotor transport aircraft approached over the island of Shikoku as it was erected vertically. There was no wide open space to land separately, so Korean S-class hunters had to jump from 50m in the sky.

“It’s a waste…!”

Cheon Jin-soo and Kang Jin-seong landed. And besides the S class, there are only 50 elite A-class people in Korea. Takeda greeted them.

“Thank you for coming.”

Takeda was delighted with the landing of Korean hunters. He rallied all the teams in one place at the same time as the second team lost contact.

“Wasn’t it originally about securing a position against a magic swordsman by wasting time?”

Cheon Jin-soo scolded Takeda for not delaying as planned. But it’s a look that can’t be helped.

“He was stronger than I imagined. If we had gathered separately, we would have been defeated individually. In fact, three teams have already been defeated.”

“Only three S-class hunters… It’s a painful loss.”

Takeda nodded at Lee Yong-wan’s words. Although Japan has thirty-eight S-class hunters, its territory is four times that of South Korea.

The loss of an S-class Hunter is bound to be painful. So, I had no choice but to urgently concentrate my forces.

“Anyway, there are only five of us and four of Japan, so there are only nine S-class hunters. Well, wouldn’t this be enough?”

“Why am I taking it off?”

“Eungjun S class.”

“Cee… it’s because the temp is lagging.”

It’s not just S-class hunters here. There were over a hundred A-class hunters who moved in teams. No matter how stupid it is to charge here with a demonic sword——



It started with Lee Yong-wan. Goosebumps as if the hairs all over the body were standing up. Chills running up your spine and a pounding heart.

Lee Yong-wan had a similar experience twice.

The first time was when he faced Geobrick’s divine punishment, and the second time was when the Demon Grand Duke Rakshaar appeared… … .


Could such a presence exist in this world other than Leon? Lee Yong-wan was just the beginning.

Ha Yu-ri, Hwang Hwang-cheol, Hwang Yeon-ha, Kang Jin-seong, Cheon Jin-soo… In addition to that, Japan’s strong players were also suspended in a chain.

A presence that can be felt even when invisible. Even S-class hunters, warriors of reversals, are shaking their hands and feet.


magic swordsman. A presence across the street watching over a dozen S-class hunters and over a hundred A-class hunters.

Lee Yong-wan’s complexion became pale. There is a demon holding a sword beyond his line of sight.

The bloody swordsman opened his heavy mouth towards them.

“Cruel slaughter… ruthless destruction…”

Acquire it.

Blood, skeletons… Stand on the edge of destruction.

“I——slaughter—duke——Akasha. All life——is ruin.”

[【Slaughter Declaration】 dominates the space.]

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