The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 114: Akasha, the Great Duke of Slaughter (1)

Hwang Geum-cheol felt a strong sense of incongruity when he saw the magic swordsman appearing in front of him.

‘A guy with such a presence… Was there?’

Just by being there, they express their strong presence.

Even though they could not be seen or heard, everyone instinctively realized the existence of the magic swordsman.

He encountered many S-class monsters.

The Red Gate or Cheongju Nightmare Yakt Spinner that you have cleared so far.

However, even they were only one of the inorganic ‘enemies’, and they did not feel such a dangerous intuition.

‘Lion Heart.’

For the first time in my life, I felt that I was an inaccessible existence, and only that one person. The magic swordsman in front of me is——

– Dig!

At that moment, Japanese hunters rushed out all at once. At the same time, the magic swordsman is crushed by something. The sealing scroll of the Mage Tower was torn.

“It’s a 100 million yen thing that crushes the entire space! When that guy can’t move, surround him!”

At Takeda’s instruction, he blocked the way out with a thick shield centered on the tanker and aimed his weapon at it. In an instant, he succeeded in encircling the magic swordsman.

The swords and spears of over 100 A-class hunters, the magic swordsman Cheon Ji-ho… No, he headed for Akasha, the Grand Duke of Slaughter.

“No matter how much magic swordsman I am, I can’t believe this number of hunters are coming in.”

“There’s nothing to be afraid of. Among all previous magic swordsmen, there is no one who has been through a trade war.”

He is the sixth generation magic swordsman. In other words, it means that the preceding five magic swordsmen have been subjugated.

“Now, wait…”

There, Lee Yong-wan felt a very serious déjà vu. It must have been the same for Yuri Hay, when she was about to say something——

It felt creepy.


Demon swords poured out. No, it seemed that way. 30 high-speed stabs in an instant. ’30 people’ are penetrated.

Eyes widened in astonishment. Most of them were within reach of the sword. However, the scattered red aura penetrated the hunters as if there were no space limitations.

The only ones who survived were a few hunters who retreated backwards with all their might based on the instinct of the moment.

“Fal sword…!”

Even at this moment, Takeda calmly draws out her sword. However, the sword Akasha wielded was faster than that.

– Kwa!

It is no exaggeration to say that it was an instant, but at the moment of the sword, the sword blade that blocked the demonic sword shattered. Takeda’s armor crumpled and bounced off.


It was the armor of the Legendary class. It shatters the armor along with Takeda’s sword, and then tries to sever the whole torso.

“Damn it…!”

A Japanese S-class hunter who instantly threw herself. The sword stabbed towards Akasha to save Takeda is blocked by the recovered magic sword.


Takeda prevented it from being cut in half, but I never thought he would defend it so perfectly. He tried to increase the distance, but the demonic sword that struck him did not miss him.

– Kwah… !

Blocked. However, the sword was bent in one blow. his eyes twitched. Akasha gave me strength.

-… now!

splitting sword. And a shape that cuts in half from the top of the head.


Golden Iron swung a huge two-handed hammer. A devastating blow that destroys a building in one blow hits the hip.


‘You blocked it with your hand?!’

Akasha received the golden iron hammer with her palm. Even with his strength, he couldn’t escape from Akasha who was holding the hammer.

“Hold it!”

Lee Yong-wan, who was looking for a gap after killing the presence, fired three arrows loaded with magic power at Akasha. The magic swordsman swung his sword, but at that moment, something unexpected happened.

Skill <Multiple Arrows>

The three arrows that were shot split the shape and disintegrate into 30 arrows in an instant. It’s not a fake or an alter ego. It is an unavoidable burst multiplied tenfold.

– Parbat!

A greatsword as tall as a man moves quickly. It was a movement that even Lee Yong-wan, who had a good eye as an S-class hunter and sniper, could not catch up with.

And the next moment, the light-speed thrust that killed 30 hunters came right in front of his eyes.

– Knock!

For a moment, what blocked the thrust was the sword back that reflected the bright light. It was Kang Jin-seong who blocked the blow while holding on to Lee Yong-wan, but was pushed back without being able to block the destructive power of the sword thrust.

“Go, thank you, old man.”

“…it’s strong.”

Kang Jin-seong’s right arm, which blocked the magic sword, trembled.

“It’s strange… I fought a magic swordsman in Ulsan… but it wasn’t this strong.”

Ulsan disaster. In the case of Cheon Ji-ho’s awakening as a magic swordsman, Kang Jin-seong and Lee Yong-wan had experience in subjugation.

“It’s a lot faster than it was back then… and it’s stronger.”

“Have you grown?”

Was the magic swordsman also a growing being? But even so, this… … .

“Is Takeda-kun okay?”

Kang Jin-sung’s question was answered by Japanese hunters.

“The injury… is severe. The healers are recovering, but… strangely, they are not recovering!”

“……Yongwan-kun, what is written on the system window?”

Kang Jin-seong, who had no time to turn his eyes to the system window because he was wary of the magic swordsman, asked instead.

“Slaughter… proclamation.”

【Declaration of slaughter】


: Applies to all creatures.

: Physical resistance is reduced by 90%.

: All biological defenses are reduced by 90%.

: Vitality decreases rapidly.

: The wound does not heal.

It’s a terrible debuff. To the extent that even bringing the world’s best Commander-type hunters couldn’t offset it.

‘It’s not just this.’

The aura of the demon archduke Akasha, the despairing existence, and many other debuff auras.

Even if there is only one, it is a legendary existence, but there are many such things. Even S-class hunters who usually wear buff-type items lose more than 50% of their power.

‘Demon Grand Duke… Is it on the same level as Rakshaar!’

How on earth can humanity win against these monsters?

“There’s nothing to worry about. Killing it anyway is enough.”

It was then. Chun Jin-soo, carrying a heavy sword on his shoulder, stepped forward.

“Looking at Shinsoo’s bright appearance, he seems to be eating well.”

Cheon Jin-soo speaks nonsensical words to the Devil Grand Duke. At this, Akasha twisted the corner of her mouth.

“Host—of… blood and kin, this is it.”

“I’ve never had a son like you.”

“Kuh, huh… old man. Where is ‘your granddaughter’——?”


Granddaughter. That is, Cheon So-yeon. No matter how innocent he was, he couldn’t help but hesitate at the question of Akasha, who was looking for her granddaughter.

“You die by my hand today.”

Cheon Jin-soo aimed his sword. And Kang Jin-seong also steps forward. The swords of the two old swordsmen cross.

Korea’s strongest hunters rushed towards the magic swordsman.

* * * *

[A magic swordsman has appeared!]

Cheon So-yeon, who was dealing with the remaining monsters on the Wakayama coastline, heard the news through a common channel and moved immediately.

“Uh, uh uh? Cheon So-yeon! Where are you going!”

Jaehyuk called out to him, but the dark-haired girl didn’t care and ran. She headed to the ‘Hanbit Palace’ who was just preparing to take off at the helicopter dock.

“Guild leader Park Yongshin!”

“Cheon So-yeon?”

Park Yong-shin was before boarding the ‘self-helicopter’ used in this operation. The transport helicopter, which was quite large for civilian use, was filled with elite hunters from Hanbit Palace.

“Me too… please take me.”

“Hmm? Do you know where I’m going?”

knowing everything… Park Yong-shin twisted his mouth smirkingly.

“Demonic sword. You want to make a feat by defeating it… do you?”

“Huh, of course.”

Park Yong-shin and the believers behind him have the same resolution… No, I had ‘belief’.

Although he was influenced by the pantheon, Leon treated Park Yong-shin, the owner of Hanbit Palace, and his associates as a middle ground between believers and cults.

Although it was idolatry without consciousness, sin is sin. Leon ordered 10 years of service to the crew, including the lord of Hanbitgung, and they gladly complied.

“We all felt it. The moment the seeds of evil disappear, the light of salvation surrounds us.”

On the way to Shikoku Island with Cheon So-yeon on board, Park Yong-shin twisted the corner of his mouth and smiled with joy.

“The gods of the pantheon directly watch over us and give us grace.

Chen So-yeon was silent. She, too, has no choice but to believe in the existence of God. Even if it’s an ‘evil god’, it’s true that it’s actually giving you grace.

But they went further than that.

“We must do meritorious deeds. We must ask for forgiveness. Oh, of course, it’s not like asking your Majesty. You can’t deal with divinity… You’ve learned it hard.”

In other words, I will endure martyrdom for the sake of uncertain salvation. Their fanaticism only moved the object, and it may not have changed.

“Well, there may not be a moment when we can be active.”

“What do you mean?”

“Because the two elders have already pointed to the demonic sword.”


Optical swordsman Cheon Jin-soo.

Infinite Sword Kang Jin-seong.

In name and reality, they were two of the three strongest hunters in Korea.

With those two, even a magician might not be able to withstand it. Didn’t he actually defeat the magic swordsman during the Ulsan disaster?

– Quaang!

-bang! Kwakkwakkwa!!

It was then. A shockwave accompanied by a roar shakes the helicopter. Thousands of swords covered the sky outside the helicopter window.

“Infinite Sword <Destruction Sword>?!”

And that’s not all. A storm that is about to break the world. It has the shape of a sword.

“A lightsaber…<Ikidang, Thousands of Immortals>.”

A unique skill that makes the two strongest swordsmen in Korea the strongest. An infinite sword that handles countless mind swords and weaves them into one ultimate one, and a lightsaber that holds a storm in one sword.

Deadly swords that make viewers dreadful roam the island of Shikoku. But–

[[Sword of Murder Sword Master Akasha] is summoned.]

A bloody sword is summoned in the sky. It was so huge that it seemed impossible to confront.

“Oh, gods…”

After Park Yong-shin’s words, Akasha’s sword fell.

It was doom.

[【Ventasis’ demonic sword】 intervenes with Akasha’s sword with darkness.]

[[Ariana’s Sacred Sword] expels evil with light.]

* * * *

It took a long time before Lee Yong-wan finally regained his sight in the pitch darkness.

“Turn it off…”

What I remember is that Akasha, who was clashing with the lightsaber and the infinite sword, pulled out the strongest move. And the aftermath swept the surroundings.

“Miss Yuri… Miss Yuri, are you okay?”

“Turn it off… don’t shake it.”

Even the S-class Hunter was caught up in that devastating clash. Then, who were the two people at the center of the clash?


There was a result at the center of the still blurry vision.


Jin-seong Kang, who vomits blood along with the broken sword, and Jin-su Cheon, who struggles while being grabbed by the scruff of the neck.

The two strongest hunters in Korea were defeated.

Wandering Demonic Sword… Cheonjiho… No, Akasha, the demon of slaughter, let out a voice like a gnawing insect.

“Quite——that’s right. But——you’re old.”

Demon Grand Duke’s overwhelming debuff and senile body. Both had fatal consequences.

As for the debuff of the Devil Archduke, it is something that humans cannot endure, as it causes people to go crazy just by existing. Lee Yong-wan realized this from Rakshaar, whom he witnessed at the East Sea Gate.

‘Damn it… If only there was that person!’

And only one person can stand against it. Lee Yong-wan resented him for not being here now.

“But——it’s strange.——The power was lower than I thought. Something——intervention——”

It was then. Through the thick dust, the familiar ‘light’ jumped in.

“His Majesty Leon?!”

No, the swordsman had another sword in his hand. An ominously dark sword, the exact opposite of the shining sword.

“Let Grandpa go!!”

“So, So Yeon-ah?!”

The light of the holy sword and the magic sword cut off the arm holding Cheon Jin-soo. It was a perfect surprise.


Akasha, who seems to be moving somewhat sluggishly. And it wasn’t just Cheon So-yeon who attacked him.

“For Lionheart!”

“”For Lionheart… !!”

The hunters of Hanbitgung attack all at once. The sword of Park Yong-shin, an S-class hunter, and the weapons of the hunters attack Akasha. But in that moment, Akasha parried all those blows with her magic sword.

“Oh no——!”

And in an instant counterattack, the two Hunters were decapitated.


Park Yong-shin barely avoided the sword that was also swung at him. The Hanbitgung Hunters realize that the surprise attack has failed and immediately form a formation position.

“The two of you were killed, Princess.”

“Even the counterattack in that moment… It’s a monster.”

Still, the goal of rescuing Cheon Jin-soo and Kang Jin-seong was successful. Park Yong-shin looked around.

“Why are you all so self-absorbed? Why don’t you come and resist that vile scoundrel?”

“The words… make it easy….”

Hwang Geum-chul struggled to raise his voice. Even though it was already the point where the debuff reduced the resistance drastically, Akasha’s sword was also hit.

No matter how shockwave it was, it was the shockwave of such a gigantic sword. To the extent that craters appeared on the island as if it had been hit by a nuclear bomb.

“Turn off…”

Hwang Yeon-ha barely led her crumbly body and leaned next to her brother. Her powerless voice appeals to the absurd.

“You guys… why are you able to move so well…. you’re getting a debuff…”

Even seeing that it came so quickly, it is said that it was near the moment Akasha’s sword collided. Quite a few hunters could die instantly just by brushing against them, so how could they be so fine?

“Hmm… well? Maybe it’s because of our faith in the gods?”

[[Cultist] partially resists the malignant curse.]

They are rare talents.

To believe in something just completely. And to be willing to lay down one’s life for him.

Some may say they are crazy, but to them, it is proof that they can prove their sincerity. and… … .

“Cheon So-yeon—”

Akasha… So-yeon’s father, Cheon Ji-ho’s outer shell, Akasha, glared at her with an inorganic gaze.

“God——that’s the power.”

Ventasis, God of Darkness and Vengeance. and Ariana, the goddess of light and justice.

Cheon So-yeon holds the magic sword and holy sword blessed by the two gods. 【Cultist】 It is the power to resist the curse of evil more than anything else.

“There is no difference—losing—thing. Four years—before—the body—which should have been—taken.”


Chun So-yeon glared at Akasha without saying a word. At this moment, her powers are being amplified to an unbelievable level.

[Avengers have encountered enemies. Mortgages the soul to amplify the power.]

-Soul consumption rate: 12%

The Power of Vengeance. This consumes Cheon So-yeon’s soul and amplifies her power to realize revenge. Truly a way of mortgaging the future.

‘you can do it. If this power… !’

Cheon So-yeon admired the omnipotence of the sex law felt throughout her body. But at that time, the magic sword swung down.

– Kwak!


If it wasn’t for the amplified power, I couldn’t even respond. However, the cost of blocking the huge power with bare body was severe.

– Jjiik!

Tendons all over the body burst. A ghastly sound ran through my body. She is able to stand thanks to Ventasis’ darkness supporting her body and Ariana’s light resisting the forces of evil.

“The power of a god—it is a powerful thing. Many of my fellow countrymen—by its power—was annihilated.”

Akasha looked down at Cheon So-yeon and twisted the corner of her mouth. A cataclysm in which tens of millions of demons were annihilated, which demons could not be unaware of.

“————power that can——shatter our—immortality—. But——”

The demonic sword that oppresses Cheon So-yeon becomes even heavier. The demon archduke’s gaze ridiculed her as if it were piercing.

“You are not—the—knights——you are—the—orcs.”

you are nothing

“Miss Soyeon!”

In her crisis, Park Yong-shin and the hunters rushed at once. Even though she was a girl, she received the power of a god and was connected. Hanbitgung was willing to take the martyrdom.

【Blood Pulse】

At that moment, a dense bloody wave spread around the demonic sword. It spreads in the form of a ring.


Hunters all over the place were swept away by the wave. With only one wave passing through, they were spread out on the floor and had to feel the pain of being crushed all over their bodies.

“I am—the power of ruin.”

It was the moment when Akasha was about to shed arsenic while showing off her overwhelming power.


It was someone completely unexpected who exploded the arsenic first.


Akasha’s eyes turned to that direction. Hunters whose consciousness was fading also turned to him.

“What is—so—funny? A mortal.”

Yongwan Lee. He laughed and fixed his broken glasses.

“No, I’m just… a bit dumb.”

Everyone looks at him like he’s crazy. Laughing in this situation seemed like giving up everything.

However, Lee Yong-wan was not laughing because he gave up everything.


light pours Dazzling golden light from the sky spread out with momentum to cover the island.

“What is immortality…”

Behind the overwhelming power of that brilliant light.

“Anyway, in front of that nobleman… aren’t they all the same mortals?”

The cowardice of seething anger wells up.

“Well, to be honest… I feel like I want to believe in a god. Even a half-god… is a god, right?”

Akasha’s gaze slowly moves toward the source of light.


blue eyes.

a living demigod,

The greatest Warnite,

Horror of evil species and the greatest butcher.


Lion Heart King.

It is the ruin of all evil.

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