The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 115: Akasha, the Great Duke of Slaughter (2)

“Takeda… got hit?”

Chairman Kamiya could not hide his puzzled expression, which was rare.

Even when three S-class Hunters were defeated, he was not so panicked.

Rather, it was considered wise when Takeda rallied all the hunters on Shikoku Island and solidified their defenses like a hedgehog.

There were Korean hunters and other Japanese hunters around, and I thought it wouldn’t be difficult to defeat the demonic sword if they came with their support.

However, Korean hunters joined and a magical swordsman appeared in front of the union of only nine S-class.

[I—I am, Slaughter—Duke——Akasha. It is the ruin of all life.]

Horrible voices coming through the receiver. And even the screams heard in the ensuing battle.

‘How many people have you suffered? Did Takeda die?’

The plan was not this.

Obviously, the magic sword’s fighting power was not this much.

At most, about 4-5 S-class hunters. If it was a sufficiently prepared S-class hunter’s quantity battle, it would have been possible to overpower it… … .

‘The magic sword… Was it a big supply devil? Isn’t it simply an existence that corrupts the magic swordsman?’

why come now… Chairman Kamiya’s fingertips trembled.

“Chief of the association… The lightsaber and the infinite sword are currently clashing with the demonic sword… Shall we… send support?”

At least four Japanese S-class hunters died. The placenta was also seriously injured in Korea.

Of course, there are still hunters left in Japan. There were nine more S-class Hunters on this battlefield alone, and twenty if you count the branches defending the entire country.

If we think of a long-term battle and unite them all… … .

“No, no… for now… stop.”

“The president of the association?”

“I watch the progress. If… in case, if I can end it on the line that gives up one city…”

The pattern of the magic sword so far has repeated that if a city is destroyed, it disappears somewhere. Wasn’t that the case in Vietnam?

“Chief of the Association! There are 3.7 million citizens on Shikoku Island alone! Are you thinking of abandoning them?”

“You idiot!”

Seeing the gaze of the staff, Chairman Kamiya let out a roar. He, who has always been sober, is now losing his temper.

“One S-class Hunter is worth a million ordinary people! Don’t you know that!”

That was something that a person in charge of Japanese hunters shouldn’t say.

No matter how much it is called Jeonilhyeop, which became a private company through privatization, the reason for its existence is to protect the safety of Japan.

The top of such an all-day conference discussed the value of hunters and ordinary people and made a statement that they could give up on citizens.

‘I can’t lose any more S-class hunters against such ridiculous monsters!’

If you recklessly push hunters towards that place, how many hunters will die and your own power base will be shaken?

I’m sorry for the remaining Japanese hunters over there, but if you can end it with that much sacrifice… … .

“Tongue, President of the Association! The lightsaber and the infinite sword…!”

In the video transmitted by the relay helicopter, countless swords embroidering the sky and a sword in which the storm is focused are swung.

Yeah, if only I could end it here. It hurts to hand over the credit to the Korean hunters, but at this level, the government will end up paying a high price.


“Above… an unknown sword appears…”

“It’s… over 3km in diameter.”

When the sword fell and the damage reached the point where it could not be counted, Chairman Kamiya had one thought.

i was right

‘It was also the right decision not to commit hunters from other regions.’

If even one more person landed on the island of death and got involved, it would be terrible.

If something like that falls twice… … .

Japan loses its ability to resist the gate in the future.

‘If you give up the attack at this point and give up the island… … .’

As before, wouldn’t the sword be satisfied with having swallowed a city and leave?

It was the moment Chairman Kamiya was about to issue an order to ban Japanese hunters from Wakayama and Miyazaki from entering Shikoku.

“Sir, an anomaly has occurred on the island of Shikoku! It’s light! Unidentified golden light soared into the sky!”

It was then. Video on screen… No, a gigantic pillar of light that could be seen even from Osaka, where the control center is located, and perhaps all Japanese in the Kansai region, was soaring into the sky.

“What is that?”

Holy Grail.

As if the miracle of a manifested god reached the sky and bestowed blessings, a golden mist—a light fog—falls as if enveloping the island.

In the center, there was a man.

‘Lion Heart King… !’

My chest trembled at the intimidation I witnessed through the screen. Chairman Kamiya involuntarily felt that he had found ‘hope’.

at that time.

Nightmare moved first.

* * * *

There was once a world.

There was a kingdom protected by the gods, and knights favored by those gods.

To the immortal demons, they were a very irritating opponent.

God’s knights who handle sex laws, change laws, and annihilate evil with terrible hatred.

tried to destroy it. They used the empire to weaken the kingdom and secretly spread their power to take the stage of summoning.

Thus, starting with the offering of 3 million lives of the emperor, Malus, the lord of chaos, was summoned.

The great war began. Four of the seven lords were summoned, and the six grand dukes and eighty-seven great demons invaded the world of the gods with ten million legions.

The result was successful.

Most of the world was turned into ruins, and only two forces remained.

The corps of knights who formed the last corps and prepared for the final battle, and the corps of orcs, who treated this great war like a festival and devastated the East.

In the end, both legions fell into the hands of demons.

Akasha, the demon of slaughter, was ejected in the middle and didn’t see the end… … It wasn’t long before he realized that it was his luck.


Akasha was able to understand where the source of Lee Yong-wan’s hope came from.

Lion Heart King.

Grail Guardian.

He deserves to be the hope of the world.


Akasha’s sword struck Leon.

– Kwak!

The clashing bloody demonic sword and golden holy sword. Leon easily endured the demon’s light attack, which no one had ever received.


“Where do you call Jim’s name with a filthy tongue?”

It was then. Leon’s holy sword slashed the archduke’s demonic sword, and in that moment, Leon’s fist flew.


The moment it collided with the face, the magic swordsman’s body bounced to the ground before the sound.

Akasha rolls on the floor as if a batter had hit a flying baseball with all her might. An intense vibration resonated as if an earthquake had struck the ground.


All the Hunters who watched it were stunned.

It was because they easily defeated the large-supplying demons that they could not even block and could not even brush by.

“K-kick—! Kkiki-kick—!”

However, the Grand Duke of Slaughter stood up calmly and stretched out the arm that had been severed by Cheon So-yeon.

Playback was instant. As if the struggle of a mortal was meaningless.

The Grand Duke of Slaughter walked towards Leon. The Lionheart also approached Akasha holding the holy sword.

The sight of them approaching each other defenselessly without any preparation made the onlookers nervous.


Even the sound of swallowing sounds like noise. Amid the dizzying tension of the two eyes crossing, a message suddenly appears on their system window.

【Declaration of slaughter】


: Applies to all creatures.

: Physical resistance is reduced by 90%.

: All biological defenses are reduced by 90%.

: Vitality decreases rapidly.

: The wound does not heal.

Alas, everyone realized it all over again.

A terrible debuff that the demon grand duke had. Even Leon can’t stand it in front of that debuff that even the strongest hunters in Korea have suppressed!

[【Holy Grail Guardian】 resists the curse.]


: Vitality, Order, Fear Immunity, Confusion Immunity, Wound Regeneration, Bravery, Perfect Body, Pollution Resistance, Great Spirit────


I can’t help but make a whimper sound.

I thought I couldn’t resist the Devil Grand Duke’s debuff no matter what kind of buff I brought, but such a powerful buff?

Buffs that are unknown to those who do not belong to the Pantheon, and are granted just by the existence of Lionheart. And that’s not all.

[[Demonic Terror] weakens the Demon Grand Duke Cruel Akasha.]


: Forced Fear, Horror, Decreased Resistance──

A being feared by all demons. The lion heart king’s gaze that would suffocate an ordinary demon.

[The [one-man army] resists this.]

[【Most demon slayer】────]


[【Demon Lord Slayer】────]

[【Demon Grand Duke Akasha】────]

Legendary traits that cannot be reached even if you bring the world’s best commander-type hunters offset and collide with each other.

Ordinary humans, demons… No, the sky above the sky, beyond the reach of all living beings.

Because they had an epic of heaven and earth.

“I am—of all life—the ruin!!”

“The main king is your ruin!!”

* * * *

As the monsters were designated as a landing site, the citizens of Shikoku Island had to evacuate.

However, the number of residents of Shikoku Island alone is 3.7 million. The Onaruto Bridge connected to the mainland on this island, which is larger than Gyeongsangbuk-do in Korea, was crowded with refugees and was congested.

“Police officer! When will the car in front fall out?”

“Currently being informed. Please wait a moment.”

The refugee man said that a battle had already taken place inside the island.

At first, I tried to refuse to evacuate. There were so many Japanese and Korean hunters, so I thought that the city’s defense could not be broken.

It was because of the aftermath of the battle that took place inside the island that many citizens who thought so urgently went to evacuate now.

A giant greatsword summoned as if to counter the deadly skills of S-class hunters in Korea. Even now, it is stuck in the center of the island and shows a terrible presence.

“Damn, why is there no word on the news?”

Maybe the battle is already over? Didn’t there be 10 S-class hunters here in Shikoku alone?

There was Takeda, the S-class hunter, the pride of Japan, and there were over 100 A-class hunters.

Even if a black gate appeared in Japan right now, it would be possible to clear it with this level.

“There will be no end at this rate! I’d rather go on foot——!”

It was the moment the man opened the car door.

– Quaang!

– Two bang!


Explosive noise where something crashes. It created a gale and blew the man away.


A man crashes into the door of his car. He couldn’t care less about the pain in his back. This is because the sea rose high in front of them and formed a huge tidal wave.


Seongbeop <Waves>

A huge tsunami in the form of the wrath of the great sea pours down to hit something. But at that moment, a wave of blood split the tsunami and cut the sky.



In the aftermath alone, the people of Onaruto Bridge were devastated. The wind blew the car doors apart and the steel structure shook.


It was at that moment that the cheek of the policeman in front of the man was cut by the wind.


But the policeman didn’t even care that his cheek was cut. I just stare blankly at the ‘something’ colliding on the sea beyond.

“Sah, a person?”

are fighting very fiercely too.

Two objects fight while running on the sea that seems like they would fall out if they took a step.


A bloody wave explodes, and a huge flame evaporates the sea water and strikes something.

Citizens could only watch with bated breath.

Even if the battle of hunters called supermen started after the cataclysm, it is only an old-fashioned hand-to-hand combat between cold weapons in the end.

Occasionally, powerful skills produce great destructive power, but that is only a handful of skills possessed by top-level hunters.

Citizens got used to the splendid skills of S-class hunters and the powerful destructive power of wizards through the news and the Internet.

But what is that?

What does that mean?

A ‘light sword strike’ that easily chews up unique skills that can be said to be killer skills of hunters.

The screams in the atmosphere resound as if a super-large bomb had exploded, and the turbulent sea creates a tsunami.

If I hadn’t been on a bridge hundreds of meters from sea level, I would have been swallowed up by that tidal wave, and if I hadn’t hidden in a car weighing a ton, I would have been lightly blown away.

It is not a power that living things can produce. They are ignoring common sense and violating the laws of physics.

“What is that…….”

The policeman shivered and covered his eardrums, half leaning against the car. he didn’t know That his cheek, which had just been cut, had healed at some point.

– Kwak!

It was then. The swordsman holding the ominous blood-colored magic sword crushed the knight holding the golden holy sword with mad blood-colored waves.

the sea goes out The sea level is pushed out as it is, and it sinks to the bottom. Soon, as if filling an empty hole, the seawater blocked the space between them.

[Death—uh, la!]

The gnawing voice resounded in my mind as if it were being announced to all living things in the area.

And everyone notices. That <Akasha’s Sword> was falling from the sky, scattering terrible energy.

“Even, run…”

It’s a meaningless struggle. Even if he ran away, would he be able to escape from that demonic sword of destruction?

All the man could do was pick up his phone right now and say his last goodbyes to his beloved family.


The agents of the gods do not tolerate despair.


Golden light shining bright from the bottom of the sea level. The density of the light overflowed moment by moment and ‘pushed the sea’.

Millions of tons of water pressure are pushed out by the density of light. Nature succumbs to the force that ‘changes the law’.

The Lion Heart King, who appeared on the bottom of the cracked sea.

The aurora of the Holy Sword revealed its radiant appearance.

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