The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 116: Akasha, the Great Duke of Slaughter (3)

When an attendant knight completes a quest and becomes a Grail Knight chosen by the gods, he is bestowed with three holy relics.

First is the armor.

Whether light armor or heavy armor, the knight is bestowed with the strongest armor made of special iron to protect his body.

The second is a magic spear.

A knighted one, one who breaks the enemy’s brunt in the vanguard.

At the moment of breakthrough, the destructive power of the demonic spear breaks through the tsunami called the enemy.

The third is the holy sword.

God’s metal that compressed the energy of the stars. A holy sword forged by Heto’s best blacksmith.

It’s not just a sharp-edged sword.

The supreme holy object designed to melt the power of the god that the Holy Grail Knight serves.

Therefore, the holy sword of the Holy Grail Knight means that it symbolizes the power of God.

Then, what is the Holy Grail Guardian’s holy sword?

Kingdom knights are given the sword of indestructibility.

Cut down the kingdom’s enemies with unbreakable faith.

Holy Grail Knights are blessed with the sword of Hwihwang (輝煌).

It has become a symbol of the brilliant light of the gods.

Then, what kind of sword does the Guardian of the Holy Grail receive?

Grail Guardian.

A person who receives a lion heart transplant and becomes a demigod to protect the Holy Grail, the sacred object of the gods.

They cut through the kingdom’s enemies.

They let the splendor of the gods flourish.


Lion Heart King does not symbolize the power of God.

Lion Heart King is a person who represents the will of God.

The holy sword of the Lion Heart King is sharpened by Heto’s hammering, and the polishing is done with Petos’ flame, and Ariana’s light is engraved on the sword.

In addition, numerous gods put their blessings into the sword, so the divinity of countless gods was contained in the sword.


That holy sword is the polar light.

As a representative of God, it is the power wielded on behalf of faith.

The will of a living demigod is the will of a god.

Lion Heart King is the universal will of all gods.


come. I wish.

I am soon to be justice.

“It’s a flame.”

burn my enemies

The flames of the battlefield that the war riders will raise.

“O sea.”

Swallow their footing.

The waves are always on my side, let the storms not harm me.

The fog of death unfolds and leads to an eternal dream.

Life grows in a land full of salt and protects only one person.

The sky turns yellow and thunder and lightning ripple.

The sun pours out intense heat, making one person the judge of the world.

Darkness pours down and appoints the enemies of the avenger for the destruction of the world.

And that’s not all.

more. more. more. more.

the gods bless

Protection and blessings are endlessly added to those who represent the gods.

As if representing all the powers of the gods, the holy sword of aurora glow dazzlingly overlapped with brilliant light.

“——You monster.”

Even while wielding such a huge malignant power, Akasha got tired of seeing Leon overlapping his divinity.

He knows several generations of Lion Heart Kings through hearsay.

That they are the strongest among the Holy Grail Knights, and that their existence is clearly different from that of the Saints.

But, after all, he was born human. Even if he is half god, he is half human.

Even their vessels had limits. The number of gods that can be accepted even if they represent the power of a god, and the size of their power.

But what the heck is that guy?

How many gods have you accepted?

Akasha did not know. The miracle of a single human putting all gods in his heart.

The greatest grail guardian of all time.

The greatest Lion Heart King in history.

If there is dissatisfaction with the gods, the reason he proudly claims to represent the gods is because he is a human capable of doing so.

“Danger—that—the cataclysm——could——could be.”

In that war, the demons lost most of the prime demons. In particular, the demons of chaos, pleasure, and wisdom suffered a devastating blow by losing their monarch.

Three of the four Lords died at the hands of the Author and the Grail Knights.

Even he, who was the great demon of slaughter, lost his body to the damn orc.

We have to deal with it now.

It is instinctively realized.

If that thing continues to survive and add to the source of its power called ‘faith’, it will become an even more terrifying existence that can’t be helped.

“Die—leaving behind—the—glory—of the past!”

“My glory is immortal forever!!”

A falling sword of destruction and slaughter. Against this is the holy sword representing the blessings and power of the gods.

The light advances toward the falling demonic sword as if pressing down. At the moment of collision, the shattered side is the demonic sword.


The form of a demonic sword that is crushed and burned. It seems that the screams of the lifeless above the exploding god resonate throughout the world.

“The monster…”

Even the Grand Duke of Slaughter couldn’t stop that emptiness from flowing out of his mouth.

The aurora borealis that splits space, shatters demonic swords, and slashes the sky sails to the other side of the universe.

towards the stars.

* * * *

Everything touched disappears.

The aurora borealis that swallowed Akasha’s sword was not satisfied there and changed even the air above Shikoku Island.

God’s holy power is poured all over the world, and alienation proceeds in areas where God’s grace did not reach.

Malicious beings in this space gnaw away existence just by being there. This was the reason why the holy sword, especially Leon’s holy sword, was terribly feared.


Even after such a miracle, Leon is not satisfied. It was worth it.

Because the blow I had just swung was meant to annihilate even the demon archduke’s soul.


The bottom of the evaporated sea. Akasha, the fallen Grand Duke of Slaughter, is breathing heavily. No, to be precise, the body of his host, Cheon Ji-ho.

“It’s a tough life like a cockroach.”

Leon cast a look of contempt.

“Kuheuheu—you’ve become weak. No, you haven’t been able to contain—all—your strength.”

Akasha knows Leon’s prime power. I witnessed how the Lord of Wisdom died.

The great Lion Heart King who broke the transcendent magic that would destroy the continent by drawing out the power of the stars.

The power that defeated the three lords is decidedly lacking compared to that time.


No matter how much you receive the holy laws and blessings of all the gods, in the end it is the holy power that is displaced from the sum of your faith.

This world was still far from worshiping the gods. As a result–


Leon’s body is wounded. It was the first wound he had since he came from this world.

The body of the Holy Grail Guardian, which is harder than half-assed armor, is scarred?

“Among the cockroaches, you deserve to be the leader.”

Not even a direct hit from Akasha’s sword, he was wounded by the shock wave of collapse. If it had been for Leon’s armor, this wouldn’t have happened.

‘However, it can’t be helped.’

Leon has been at war for over 200 years.

He was 121 years old, defeated the only surviving Lord of Pleasure in the battle against the demon army, and had to defeat dozens of great demons, several demon grand dukes, and the army of evil that stretched endlessly beyond the horizon alone.

There, Leon fought in a place where there were no believers to offer his ‘faith’.

While consuming the holy relics left by the Holy Grail Knights.

Using numerous holy swords, holy spears, and sacred armor completed with brilliant blessings as an energy source, even his own armor was consumed as an energy source in the last great battle, the 266th year.

Even that was not enough, and the Holy Sword was eventually damaged.

“But, you seem to be mistaken, evil species.”


“Certainly, compared to the past, the original king has weakened. Compared to the time when he was hunting your filthy evil species. But…”

aim the sword The holy sword, which still had the holy power of the gods, was shining brightly.

“Even if the original king became weak, you are not as strong as the original king, what does that mean?”

Knock! Lion Heart King stepping on the floor. The holy sword strikes at the speed at which it rushed.

– Kaang!


I barely blocked it, but the shockwave spreads out and creates a crater. Akasha, who barely endured it with her wounded body, retreated backwards kicking Leon in the stomach.

<Blood Pulse>

At the same time as the retreat, a red wave attacks Leon. A holy sword that strikes it down. A movement that violates the laws of physics that cut energy.

Waves broken like glass brushed Leon’s cheeks, but that was all.

Akasha even more stepped back. It’s like buying time by running on the ground below the bottom of the sea level.


A divine beast of light that is summoned towards him as he flees. I fired a sword at the divine beast of light that rushed at me in a straight line, but—

– Kwa-kwak!

It doesn’t work at all. Shinsoo, who is supplied with Leon’s holy power, boasts invincible resistance in frontal charges.

At least, if Akasha’s remaining magic power was full, it would be impossible to even stop that run against Leon, regardless of quality or quantity.

“Yes—you are—more—stronger!”

Acknowledging that honestly, Akasha looked for an opportunity to regain her power. but… … .

A halo of light pouring down from the sky. As the aurora of the holy sword slashed the sky, the alien fire that was created slowed the recovery.

This space where the miracles of the gods overlap is like a sanctuary.

“Ignorant——you!——Not much——not even———wasting——at random——the holy power!”

The bloody waves of the Grand Duke of Slaughter overlap one after another. It is a bomb that has been raised to a terrifying level of magical power and has become a sphere that will ensnare the knight in front of it.

“To Lionheart…!”

The Lionheart holding the Holy Spear doesn’t care.

“Glory to you…!!”

A frontal charge in a straight line without any residual tricks. An explosion sounds and massive tyranny crashes towards Leon.

‘stupid… !’

It’s an obvious slander. It is astonishing how ignorant he is to face tyranny head-on without even having armor.

Divine Punishment <Fire of the Battlefield>


A rider who breaks through the flames. No, it’s not a breakthrough. The fire that should have burned Leon with tyranny is whirling as if it were entangled in Leon’s spear.

‘The power of the flame… !’

It reminds me of the memories of the Holy Grail Knight of Flames striding through the great devil’s hellfire in the Great War.

No fire can harm a Holy Grail Knight who has the power of flame. Rather, it only adds strength to control all the flames on the battlefield… !

“Damn it, you bastard!!”

Focused flames shoot towards Akasha. Irrational people who hate long-range weapons, but prefer javelins thrown with their own strength.

But apart from how irrational it was, the results it produced were phenomenal.

the sea broke through

A destructive power that far surpasses that of all the seas within a 3km radius centered on Leon being pushed away by the group of light.

A hole is made in the sea and it extends to the Southern Sea of Japan. And that’s not all. The sea through which the window passed must have boiled in an instant and turned countless lives into boiled meat with a terrible rise in water temperature.

There would have been a massacre where no one knew who the hell was the demon of slaughter.

‘I can’t – I won’t. Alone—!’

Akasha stopped. Leon tried to charge without hesitation, but felt something flying and opened his voice.

Seongbeop <Blessing of Arrow Barrier>

A one-time protection method that blocks any ranged attack. And it ‘nullified’ the trident that had been thrown at Leon’s head.


Leon’s gaze goes beyond the sea wall. A group of people falling like a pregnant woman giving birth to a fetus in the sea wall being pushed out by the sex method.

“Are they monsters?”

The monsters that Akasha artificially caused the dungeon break and poured out. I thought it was exhausted by the landing battle, but the number was still staggering.

“Do you think you can stop the main king with these lesser beasts?”

“Impossible—I will. However, time can——turn——.”

Apart from being energetic, Akasha gritted her teeth.

Since the London Incident, Akasha has accumulated its power by committing countless killings and destruction.

He found the best host and replaced his lost body, and Cheon Ji-ho was a pretty good host, although not as good as that girl.

‘I gathered a lot of magic power. Now all that remains is to completely demonize the host.’

A monster who ‘hunted’ my body with the power of the ‘sorcerer god’ under the protection of the ‘god of battle’. In order to restore the body he destroyed, he has reached the present after slaughter and destruction.

Even if it wasn’t the best body, it was on the verge of completely demonizing Cheonjiho. By the way–

“Because of you——this————wasted——I’m afraid!!”

The magic sword shook. The demonic sword that has swallowed countless blood and caused destruction is itself a huge mass of magical power.

It creates a ‘gate’.

-Go oh oh oh oh… !

The magic power of the sword is scattered and black energy fluctuates.

In order to escape his pursuit, it must not be an halfway gate. Perfect space, absolute safe house.

‘Longji’, which is not affected by the system and can close the door immediately.

“this guy…!”

Leon’s complexion was filled with anger. I don’t care about winning the battle. His only interest is the destruction of evil.

For him, who slaughtered the demons that fled in all directions after being defeated in the final battle, the escape of the evil species is a terrible stress.

“Stop it! It’s time–buying-!”

Dozens of field bosses, hundreds, thousands of monsters rushed towards Leon. At that very moment–

– Designation of the most important targets. Annihilation Armed Operation.

Plasma rays falling from space. The charged particle cannon that accurately shot Akasha and the field bosses pierced their heads.


Akasha blocked the attack, but was distorted. His gaze is directed toward the distant universe.

“You bastard—!”

An intrusive watchful eye. Even between the camera eyes, he crosses his gaze with the mechanical Holy Grail Knight.

And that wasn’t all.

-Quarleung… !

thunderbolts pouring down. Inherit the black clouds activated by Leon’s Holy Law of Heaven and Thunder, and drop dozens of lightning bolts.

“I have to conserve my mana in preparation for an emergency.”

above the sea. At the top of the cliff, the silver mage queen smiles bewitchingly. she was riding a horse

“Leave the support fire to me, Miss Hari.”

Behind them were dozens of horsemen and hundreds of soldiers. He walked over the sea. It is a miracle caused by the goddess of the sea and waves.

“Can I really just get out of here?”

Hari, now standing on top of a cliff in the middle of the sea, made an uneasy expression as she looked far below. Jaehyuk was stunned.

“Uh-huh! Hari-senpai, your faith is lacking!”

Jaehyuk, who has grown more fussy, grins. he reached out

“Ultima-nim protects us!!”

Jae-hyeok drives the reins and jumps down the cliff. White clouds gathered around his fall route.

“Hahaha! I’ll ride this cloud and land like Geun-duk-un——!”

-Song Leong!

However, Jaehyuk’s wish did not come true. The moment it lands on the clumped cloud, it penetrates and then falls.

“Oh, it seems that I haven’t been able to deal with sex law that much yet.”

Beatrice stretched out her beautiful finger as if regretting it. At that moment, gravity reversed throughout the region.

“Oh, oh…”

Jae-hyeok lands while crossing a space that has become a kind of weightless state. Dozens of knight cadets and man-at-arms followed.


Watching that, Akasha couldn’t hide her disappointment.

It’s only been four months since that hunchback guy announced the existence of the Lion Heart King, but he’s already formed an army of this size.

Besides, there are two Holy Grail Knights. That lump of scrap metal that isn’t here and that silver-haired magician.

There are still a handful of Kingdom Knight levels, but that girl is a threat to herself as well.

“Soldiers of the Kingdom…!”

Leon shouted. Behind him, the Lion Heart King’s army is gathering.

“Trample the enemies…!”

“”I’ll take your name!!””

With the cry of the Lion Heart King, the Hunters of the Pantheon rush toward Akasha without hesitation.

Even the terrible debuff granted by Akasha’s existence is useless to those who belong to the Lion Heart King’s legion.

– Kwaaak!

– Kwa-kwak!

-Quarleung… !

Thunderstorms pouring down and fire pouring down. The energy of light that protects allies… The power of vengeance that unleashes darkness.

It’s overwhelming.

The big thing was that the field boss was shot in advance and that he couldn’t block the initial thunderbolt. but… … .

-Eyi Lee Yi Ying… !

“The gate is open!!”

It was enough for Akasha to escape.

Entrusting oneself to that black crack, the Grand Duke of Slaughter proclaims.

“I won’t forget—even if it takes a thousand years—I will—return!”

For an immortal being, that’s not a long time. This isn’t the only place to slaughter, so you’ll have plenty of time to recover your strength elsewhere.

“Where are you… running away!!”

At that time, Leon threw something from afar. It was a holy spear that was recovered again beyond subspace.

– Kwaaak!

It cut off the arms of Akasha and Cheonjiho, who were about to cross the gate. But that’s it.

Akasha frowned, but he didn’t stop running away, and soon the gate he closed closed and the rift disappeared.

“”… … … … … .””

They stared blankly at the disappearing rift.

… … …

… …

The battle was overwhelming.

Leon, Beatrice, and even Yapi’s support fire.

It was not an army that could be stopped by a group of monsters who had lost their leaders.

“The thing you feared has happened.”

Beatrice approaches Leon, who was staring at the disappearing rift.

“That’s right. It was a waste.”

the devil… He also missed the Devil Archduke. Even so, Leon doesn’t feel much regret.

“Your Majesty, have you secured insurance for just in case?”

It was Beatrice’s question. Leon twisted the corner of his mouth. It was a smile so ferocious that demons would have fainted if they had seen it.

“Here it is.”

Leon takes it with his holy spear and shows off his spoils. It was his arm that Akasha had cut off right before he fled.

“Can you call the gate with this?”


Beatrice smiles. For some reason, her bewitching smile radiated an aura similar to Leon’s.

“The evil one will find out. It’s not safe to call home anymore.”

“That’s right. No place is safe for them anymore.”

“Whoop whoop whoop…!”


The laughter of the two kings, twisted with hatred, resounded ominously beneath the surface of the island of Shikoku.

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