The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 117 It’s not over yet


Takeda opened her eyes and stared at the white ceiling.


He must have been seriously injured by the magic swordsman.

The ringer stuck in my arm bothers me. Takeda pulled out the intravenous needle and stood up with a strangely light body.

‘Did Michiru do it?’

Michiru is a Japanese S-class healer. He was also a colleague who prepared for the demonic sword attack on the island of Shikoku with him.

‘No, it’s strange. Even so, it would be impossible to recover to the point where there aren’t even scars left.’

It is said that when you become an S-class healer, even the body that was cut off is put together in an instant, but at that time, even the internal organs were cut off. You said you saved yourself?

‘No, it’s impossible. She is a trauma specialist. I can’t even heal my internal injuries.’

At best, to the extent of significantly increasing natural resilience. It is not at the level of grabbing and reviving those who are facing death.


Hunters in suits hurriedly enter shortly after Takeda woke up. It must have been waiting outside.

“Ishida. Fumio.”

“You woke up in a week!”

Takeda’s teammates, A-class hunters, were delighted with his recovery, but he was full of doubts.

“The magic sword… how did it go?”

“…I missed it.”

“You missed it?!”

Only four S-class hunters were defeated. It is not known how much he may have suffered after he fell. Did you take that much damage and still miss it?

“Yeah, but there is a proposal proposed by His Majesty the Lion Heart King.”

“Lion Heart King?”

“Hey, would you like to check out the video?”

Fumio took out her phone and showed Takeda a yuptube video.

“The Pantheon Channel?”

Takeda was familiar with the Manshinden Channel. It was a yup tube set up by the survivors’ guild, and the contents were all amazing.

It was a channel that was quite popular in Japan as it was well translated. Could it be that there was even a battle video uploaded after he fell down?

The video was basically a well-edited version of the video taken with the body cam by the hunters of the united attack team. It seems that AI rendering technology was used, and the smartphone image quality was neatly upscaled to 8K.

‘Is the Korean government supporting technicians?’

It seemed very determined when looking at the unusual picture quality correction ability and over 100 translations. Only related engineers and scholars must have been attached to a hundred people.

Because the Japan Council also often hinted at such corrections, Takeda, the second-in-command of the Japan Council, knew very well.

Even so, the video quality of the Manshinjeon channel was amazing.

“Wait, was this real-time video?”

Takeda looked at the chat window next to the video and made a puzzled expression.

Of course, the Jeonilhyeop or the Korea Hunter Association made hunters wear body cameras to publicize this combined strategy.

A demonic sword that appeared from the black gate. Japan did it in the attack! Because it was good to use it as propaganda in moderation.

But that is only when the attack is successful. If the attack fails, there is no such side dish.

Of course, I was going to upload the edited video after all the battles were over… … .

‘Isn’t it as if all the body cam videos were relayed and spread in real time?’

No, it can’t be. Body cam images go through the control center. It is a military network that boasts the highest security in Japan… … .

Aside from that, Takeda, who was checking the video, kept her mouth shut. This is because a magic swordsman appeared in a video that appeared to be one of the hunters’ body cams.

A one-sided defeat that Japanese hunters as well as Korean hunters had to suffer helplessly.

-what? That our Japanese number 2, Takeda, is easily defeated?

– No matter how you think about it, it’s strange. The magic swordsman is too strong.

Yes, the magic swordsman I dealt with at that time was different from before.

Among the reasons why S-class hunters were helpless was largely due to the debuff trait emitted by the magic swordsman.

Unable to recover or regenerate, ignore defense, decrease resistance… Cheat debuffs that reduce at least 70%, not 10% or 20%.

Because of such a ridiculous debuff, even S-class hunters couldn’t show their original capabilities. But why… … .

-crazy… The lightsaber got hit.

– All of our hunters will die while helping the fucking jerks!

– Do something!

In the chat window, waves of all kinds of languages, not only Japanese, but also Korean, American, Australian, European, Middle Eastern, and Southeast Asian, appear in the chat window.

-I am the lion heart king.

-His Majesty Leon is up!

Leon Dragonia Lionheart. Seeing him, Takeda swallowed.

behind his back… No, it was because of the golden light pouring down on the battlefield.

“It is said to be the power of His Majesty’s Holy Grail. It connects the holy power to the sky and spreads a wide-area recovery fog.”

“Thanks to that, Takeda-san’s wound was able to heal! It was a hopeless injury, but it was regenerated cell by cell.”

“The debuff… must have been non-regeneration?”

Two of them also testified.

The moment Leon appeared, his overwhelming buff trait poured out to everyone in the room.

‘It is impossible even for the highest S-class commander… !’

Each of the buff traits the two called out was shocking. You didn’t use a specific buff skill, but a buff that was granted just by existing?

Even the debuffs that make you dizzy just by reading them… Leon’s existence itself is like an epic totem that changes the battlefield.

But apart from that, the demonic sword… Demon Grand Duke Akasha to reveal himself. His strength was terrifying.

‘There are things that the S-class hunters couldn’t use their strength because of the debuff, but would they have been able to win even if that was excluded?’

Then, Akasha moved. Even though I was just looking at the screen of the past, my heart beat faster with fear.

And Takeda’s heart began to beat even more.

from fear to surprise.

From surprise to awe.

* * * *

Japanese archipelago… No, the whole world was seething.

The magic sword of wandering was actually Akasha, the demon grand duke of slaughter and destruction, and many hunters died because of it.

That alone was an overseas topic, but the duel between Leon and Akasha in Pantheon created a huge sensation.

-Crazy, devil grand duke… … .

-I knew there was a demon above the Great Demon, but… … .

First, it is a shock to the demon grand duke.

Humanity had already realized the existence of the Devil Grand Duke through the East Sea Gate, but that was limited to the inside of the gate.

He had personally witnessed that the Demonic Sword of Wandering was actually the Demon Grand Duke and what the Devil Grand Duke could actually do.

A destructive power that overwhelmed the S-class hunters and devastated the island.

Nevertheless, there was good news comparable to that for mankind.

-Lion Heart King!

-Your Majesty Leon is really dirty.

-Is that a person?

– half confidence.

The story spreads among the hunters and citizens who witnessed it in person as well as the video.

The polar light of the holy sword that swallowed Akasha’s sword causing a cataclysmic change.

In the aftermath of the battle, injured citizens were healed by the golden light that enveloped the entire island, and they felt the evidence of its divinity on their skin.

Even in the video, it was full of people admiring it, but what about those who directly witnessed it?

Citizens of Shikoku and the nearby Kansai region began to call Leon the savior one after another.

[everyone! savior! Trust in the Lionheart! He is the savior of our world!]

Here, Park Yong-shin, the head of Hanbit Palace, moved quickly.

Hanbitgung is a new religion with considerable power in Japan. He first went out to the followers of Japan and called Leon their savior.

When Hanbitgung, which has hundreds of thousands of believers in Japan, and strong artificial intelligence across the sea, Japan’s public opinion, whether they like it or not, was forced to focus on Leon… … .

[I am the Lion Heart King.]

Leon did not miss this opportunity.

* * * *

The atmosphere at the Jeonilhyeop was grim.

Only four S-class hunters died. More than 100 A-class people died, and even Takeda almost died.

It is said that there is a line portrait. Not only Japanese but also Korean hunters were almost annihilated by one magician.

‘Were the S-class hunters weak?’

No, it can’t be.

Jeon Il-hyeop and Korea only put in the best elites they could mobilize.

Their performance has been proven enough just by looking at the gate attack so far.

Magic Swordsman… It was just that the demon grand duke was strong beyond imagination.

What’s even more strange is that Leon almost overwhelmed even the demon archduke who almost slaughtered the S-class hunters.


Chairman Kamiya swallowed dry saliva and was seized with chills. And it was not much different from other members of the Jeonilhyeop.

Overwhelming power that cuts the sky, splits the sea, and causes thunder and lightning!

Is that all? The terrible debuffs of the Devil Archduke that hunters all testified about.

In order to overcome them, it has been proven that the existence of the Lionheart is indispensable.

‘There is no substitute… !’

Leon. He was irreplaceable.

Not just as a weapon, but also as a leader and a standard bearer on the battlefield… … .

Chairman Kamiya sat down with a sad expression.

The influence of the pantheon was spreading throughout Japan. Originally, the Japanese people have light faith in God.

In Japan, where there is no such thing as a major religion, the pantheon that showed such a strong performance naturally became an object of worship.

Already, some gentlemen have even hung pictures of Leon.

‘Dangerous… … .’

Immediately after the battle, Leon was showing strange movements.

After gathering the followers of Hanbitgung from all over the country, they began to perform unknown ceremonies and meet people from the political world. It is only natural that Prime Minister Fujisawa is in it.

most dangerous of all. Although it has not yet become an official issue, his remarks about giving up Shikoku Island and its 3.7 million citizens leaked out.

「One S-class hunter is worth a million ordinary people! You don’t even know that!”

Of course, the Jeonilhyeop is the largest private organization in Japan. It also had the most power.

Major media companies could not go against the Japan Hunter Association, which was a large advertiser and irreplaceable, but Chairman Kamiya’s remarks were spreading knowingly.

There is also a repercussion within the Jeonilhyeop.

‘If the Koreans had failed… … .’

If that was the case, he could have saved face by issuing a general mobilization order for Japanese hunters, or he could have sought support from the United States and Europe.

But Leon was victorious. so gorgeous overwhelmingly.

What kind of human in the world can cut the sky and split the sea? How much more can he single-handedly repel a large-supply demon?

It was Chairman Kamiya who tried to keep Leon in check, but if he touched him now, he would remain a criminal in history.

‘It’s still okay. I still have thirty-three S-class hunters left.’

Even though it suffered huge losses in just one battle, Japan is a country with a very wide talent pool.

It had a sufficient population and sufficient environment to discover and nurture talented people. There was no case of losing promising players to foreign countries like in Southeast Asia or the Middle East.

‘Nothing changes. There’s only one thing I have to do from now on.’

Cessation of hostilities against the pantheon. It’s something that wasn’t even revealed to the surface in the first place.

It’s enough to naturally share the merits of this alliance, commemorate the sacrifices of Japanese hunters, promise solid Japan-Korea relations, and bloom an alliance mood.

Anyway, Leon is an existence that will only be in this country for a while. There will be an increase in the number of believers who worship the pantheon in Korea, but that will be a distant future.

‘Leon Dragonia Lionheart… … .’

I had to admit it. That he’s too big a thing to fight against. Likewise, it was too big for Japan to contain. And it will be the same in Korea.

I am not interested in him being the king of the world. It was enough for Chairman Kamiya to be the king only in this Japan.

‘Let’s throw a banquet. I’ll throw a big banquet, give them enough thanks, and send them to Korea in a hurry.’

Chairman Kamiya has set a very reasonable policy. But–

“I’ll declare it right here. Jim will open the gate, so I’ll finish off that evil bastard.”

I believe that you will also cooperate.

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