The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 118: Avengers

A banquet was held to celebrate the victory.

Although they did not succeed in defeating the magic swordsman, the current Japanese archipelago was in a gloomy mood.

Four S-class hunters representing the country died. More than a hundred A-class hunters died.

In order to forget defeat in this atmosphere, it is necessary to embellish victory.

Fortunately, there is a person who symbolizes him. That’s Leon.

-King God Emperor Leon Long live his majesty!!

-The future of mankind depends on His Majesty Leon!

Neither the Japanese government nor the Jeon Il-hyeop wanted to cover up the fact that they had not been able to defeat the demonic sword despite the painful losses.

Furthermore, it is an inconvenient fact that the only one that played a meaningful role in the battle against the demonic sword was the Manshinden.

That’s why the result of this attack had to be packaged as a ‘victory’.


Hari admires the splendid view of the banquet hall.

The banquet hall outside the hotel was decorated with garden trees and ponds along a long promenade in a Japanese style garden, boasting refreshing plantings.

After passing the Japanese-style stone lantern road, which is usually used as a wedding filming location, a lot of dishes are lined up left and right, except for the seats where only the executives of each guild gather.

I thought it was a traditional Japanese garden, but in this part, I feel that it was also considerate of foreign guests by mixing a Western-style banquet room.

On one side of the banquet hall is a luxurious banquet hall where musicians playing the traditional Japanese musical instrument, the shamisen, play relaxing music, and staff dressed as waitresses take care of the guests.

“Wow~ Noona, I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

“Me too. Oh, please give me a drink.”

Hari only received one glass from the waiter who offered her champagne.

“Eh… Noona, I want to drink too.”

“Ugh! No way. What kind of alcohol are you still a child?”

“No, you’ll be an adult in a few months?”

Suho whimpered, but Hari laughed and sipped champagne.

Suho stared bluntly at Hari, who was enjoying the banquet wearing a dress provided by the Japanese government.

“But sister. Isn’t your sister an employee of the Association? Isn’t she supposed to be over there with the president Oh Kang-hyuk?”


Hari’s gaze goes to the center of the banquet hall. There, Prime Minister Fujisawa and Oh Kang-hyeok, president of the association, are sharing good wishes.

Behind the head of the association, Oh Kang-hyeok, director Kim Jin-soo and other members of the association were waiting in suits.

Strictly speaking, Han Ha-ri, an association employee who is not a member of the Mansinjeon Guild, should belong there.



“Nuna lives… When will you be so rich?”

keep quiet A spark blazed in Harry’s golden eyes.

“What is it, senior?”

Just then, Jaehyuk smirked and intervened. He’s also dressed in a pretty cool suit.

“Are junior Jaehyuk enjoying the festival too?”

“That’s me. If you’re a member of the Pantheon, you’re treated like a VIP, so it’s convenient.”

From suits and dresses to hotels to banquets.

Since the Demonic Sword War, the Mansinjeon Guild has been treated almost like a state guest. Even the lowest level soldiers.

“I think the fact that he ran over the sea and fought was impressive. Isn’t Ha-ri getting a lot of interview requests?”

“Totally! I’m an employee of the Association, so I just got called.”

In the Japanese archipelago, pantheons are a hot topic.

The video of Leon’s mythical battle exceeded 100 million views in 3 days.

I heard that there is a story that 5-minute videos with only highlights were promised 10 billion won in advertising revenue.

Mansinjeon, which absorbed Hanbitgung as it was, was already guaranteeing a fast rate of cultivating followers, but with this battle as an opportunity, great interest was drawn.

It’s no wonder that Leon gets a lot of attention in such a pantheon.

“Your Majesty is not the type to respond to every interview.”

“Queen Beatrice seems busy too.”

It is a long way from reaching the pantheon number one and number two in Japan.

Each Japanese company naturally turned its attention to the people belonging to the pantheon.

– Hari Han Hunter! Is it true that Hunter Han Hari did the spell that made the guild members walk on the sea?

– Can you explain the sex law!

-You use water and fire at the same time, how the hell is that possible!

-Do you have any plans to do hunter activities in Japan?

“Ugh… It was a little scary. I was also caught sneaking around? That one hundred people suddenly rushing in.”

“The high-ranking hunter is treated as a half-celebrity… but what kind of broadcast is it?”

Since the organization’s high-ranking officials are not at home, naturally, the people below them have become targets. Even Jae-hyeok, for the past few days, has been asked for interviews from reporters and scouting offers at high prices.

“Both of them have a lot of trouble. Everyone is very interested in sex law users.”

It has to be.

Beings that make the sea run in unit units, raise waves to sweep enemies away, and drop thunderbolts into the dry sky.

There were quite a few cases where unique skills caused magical phenomena, but the Holy Law was a force that was different from those.

“By the way, where is Cheon So-yeon’s high school girl? Didn’t the dog get a lot of attention because he also uses sex laws?”

“Come to think of it, Your Majesty is nowhere to be seen.”

The three looked for the two, but the two were nowhere to be seen in the banquet hall.

* * * *

Soyeon walked over to the terrace on the second floor of the banquet hall.

Even though she is an adult, wearing an off-the-shoulder party dress that shows off her leg line with a side slit would be embarrassing, but it is a familiar outfit for her who has participated in her family’s party for a long time.

-Cheon So-yeon! You are the next guild leader of the New Swords Guild, so why are you active in the Pantheon?

A Japanese reporter who persistently asked for an unexpected interview.

Yes, she intended to return one day. The only thing left to do in the pantheon is to obtain the ‘Sacred Law’.

However, there were no gods who gave power to themselves with such impure intentions. Except for one god.

“I will only accept your outrageous dealings. Despite your disbelief, only I give you strength. Don’t take that luck lightly.”

walked the soul

for revenge.

I had to do that in order to soothe the spirits of my mother and the guild men.

It should have been done with his own hands until the final finish. but… … .

‘I didn’t even become an opponent.’

Having obtained the Holy Law, I thought that the omnipotence had strengthened me. actually got stronger.

But it just wasn’t enough.

“You are——those—knights—————you are——that—orcs——not—.”

you are nothing

It is nothing.

It was such a harsh word.

How could the moment of being ignored by the target of revenge hurt?

“It’s not over… yet.”

[Yes, it’s not over.]

Darkness whispering in her ear. That’s what it says.

Leon had no intention of ending this strategy here. I plan to open the gate myself and pursue it, just like the Grail Knight Zereah’s holy relic convoy gate.

She still has a chance left.

[However, it is an undeserved enemy for someone like you. He has his own talent, but it’s insignificant compared to him.]

“Your Majesty… are you talking about that?”

Ventasis knows that the being he has blessed will fall short of the demon archduke. It was natural.

The Demon Grand Duke is the second-in-command right below the demon lord. Originally, they were the most powerful demons who competed for the position of monarch.

Even Ventasis has not seen a few strong people who can stand against the demon grand duke in its long history.

Among the Holy Grail Knights, it must be the Holy Grail Knight of War. It’s just that Leon is so out of the norm.

[However, you have a way. My child actually succeeded. Because he defeated the indolent demon grand duke.]

“Is that… really?”

God of Darkness and Vengeance. Was there anyone who received his blessing and defeated the demon grand duke?

[If you want, I’ll give you that power.]

“I have already staked my soul in exchange. I will give you more…”

[If you’re killing demons, you don’t need a price. The soul is just a condition for receiving power.]

Cheon So-yeon was drawn to the temptation of Ventasis. No, this is not seduction.

It’s just that he and Ventasis have the same common goal.


“Enough of that. A river of no return is not to be crossed.”


When she turned her back, Leon in a tuxedo was staring straight at her.

“your majesty…….”

So-yeon gets up and bows down. said Leon.

“Power outside the right way is expensive.”

“……Are you giving up on revenge?”

So-yeon did not hide her resentment towards Leon, who tried to dissuade her. It was obvious that what he was about to say would end up being a banal opinion like that of his grandfather or other adults.

“If you’re going to say something like the futility of revenge, the living must live—”

“Who do you think the original king is?

[Khehehe… It should be.]

Ventasis agreed to this. Then, as if they were having fun, they started to talk about their martial arts.

[Girl. imitate that man He is the one who has sworn to exact revenge more than anyone else for losing his people, his comrades, his country, and the world.]

It was such a great revenge that even Ventasis felt mad.

[That man is. He is an existence that has fought alone for 200 years to avenge what he lost. He is a great avenger who has won against the impossible.]

He annihilated three demon lords and two grand dukes, and cut the heads of over forty great demons.

In the process, millions of demons were finally hunted down.

Crossing the planet from end to end, he annihilated every demon without leaving a single one.

It was a great journey of revenge that even Ventasis, the god of revenge, was ecstatic.

Will he deny revenge? no.

“Jim doesn’t deny vengeance. On the contrary, he affirms it. He has been fighting for it for so many years.”

“Not for the sake of the gods… isn’t it?”

“It’s a combination of both. It was just a common goal.”

“Then why…”

Are you acting as if you are holding back your revenge?

“Revenge is sweet. However, it must be achieved coldly. If you give up on yourself for revenge, it is not complete revenge.”

Leon said while looking at the faceless god of darkness behind Soyeon’s back.

“The mortal children are easily seduced by power and often give up on themselves. You are making their destruction a condition.”

[It’s a difference in aesthetics. I affirm all vengeance. That child lacks the power to take revenge, so he must pay the price.]

“This child has a back. There is a future. Do you intend to take away that glare? Like in ‘The Child’?”

that child It seemed that Cheon So-yeon had suddenly heard something similar from Ventasis. When Ventasis blesses Star Iron Arms, when Leon intervenes——

“Like when you lost ‘your daughter’?”

Leon’s daughter. Could she have something to do with Ventasis?

[The Grand Duke of Dragonia borrowed the appropriate power from me. And the wish came true.]

“In the end, you couldn’t even get the price.”

[Yes, because an incomprehensible accident happened. I think I know now.]

“That contract is over. Jim paid the price.”

[I have no intention of denying your credit. You are the greatest avenger. However, this and that are different things.]


There was a moment of silence between Leon and Ventasis. In the end, it was Ventasis who surrendered. He chose to compromise rather than lose the Lion Heart King’s kindness.

[Tell me an alternative. Darkness and revenge will listen to ‘Leon’.]

“Jim will help avenge this child.”

“your majesty…!”

Chun So-yeon protested, and Leon pressed on.

“You will be able to obtain the power to prepare a chance for revenge directly. The god of darkness and vengeance has the power to do so. However, it will eventually annihilate ‘your soul’.”

“That’s about it——!”

You can endure anything. Cheon So-yeon, who was about to say that, faced Leon’s angry gaze and had no choice but to shut up.

“Do not take lightly the annihilation of the soul. Even the cultists who betrayed the gods preserve their souls. They receive proper punishment and have a chance to purify themselves.”

“You little one who hasn’t even lived half a century. Don’t underestimate the price you have to pay for being blinded by your blood.”

“You will never enter the banquet hall of the gods, nor will you have a chance to receive forgiveness for your sins in the agony of tearing your soul. You will not be left as an avenger of darkness and vengeance.”

“The price you are willing to pay now is to burn your soul. How can you not know that?”

Leon knew that Cheon So-yeon was overlapping the lost daughter.

However, he did not deny that his actions were not remorseful, but pure dissuade.

“You little one. You little one. If you’re going to speak of revenge, cool your head first.”

“If you feel a lack of strength, find something to fill it up, but don’t lose yourself.”

“Because at the end of revenge, you have to laugh.”

Leon did not discuss tolerance and mercy or oblivion.

He is the one who took too many revenges to say that living well is true revenge. And–

“Who really wants revenge?”

“That’s right…!”

“Are you the father who killed your mother and friends? Or… are you the one who was chosen by the ‘magic sword’?”


At Chun So-yeon’s reaction, Leon let out a deep sigh.

Really, isn’t she a child who is so fucking similar to my daughter?

Looking for something to hate, blaming his father, and eventually blaming himself——

“It is because of you, Your Majesty. you and i… I’ll kill you.”

The couple had to pay a very high price.

In the end, only the failed father remained.

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