The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 119 Making Public Opinion

Cheon Ji-ho, the next successor to the No. 1 hunter guild in Korea, the Shingeom Guild, an aspiring genius swordsman, and S-rank hunter. And Han A-ra, a semi-S-class hunter who was considered a genius second to none.

Parents whom I respected and proud of.

Cheon So-yeon’s parents, who often travel to the provinces to capture the gate, took So-yeon with the raiding party on school holidays.

To complete the walkthrough and spend time with my daughter.

Cheon So-yeon was a cute girl in Cheon Ji-ho’s raid team, and So-yeon also liked her parents and her uncles and aunts.

But 4 years ago in Ulsan.

As usual, a ‘magic sword’ appeared in front of Cheon So-yeon, who was welcoming her parents after attacking the gate.

[It’s quite a vessel. There is a talent.]

grab the sword I will make you the strongest swordsman.

Although she was only 14 years old, she instinctively sensed the ominous energy of the magic sword. but… She reached out.

It wasn’t her will. It was because the energy and temptation emitted by the demonic sword were things that ordinary human wills could not resist.

“So Yeon-ah…!”

The moment Cheon So-yeon tried to grab the sword, her father Cheon Ji-ho grabbed the hilt of the magic sword.

“It’s because of me. Because I lost to the magic sword’s temptation…”

My father held the magic sword instead of himself, and became the 6th generation magic swordsman.

His mother and the uncles and aunts of the raiding party all died at his hands.

“Did you know that? The Demon Sword… They say they wander around looking for the most talented swordsman. The Demon Sword came to Ulsan… It was all because of me.”

On that day, she was given a long-cherished wish.

He kills his father who became a magic swordsman and avenges himself, who was the culprit behind everything.

That’s why her revenge target was two.

“Sounds stupid.”


While listening to the desperate story, Leon denied her revenge.

“How can the target of revenge be the victim instead of the perpetrator? You are setting even the target of revenge wrong.”

“……The true target of my revenge is the Devil Grand Duke?”

“It is true.”

Cheon So-yeon did not know that the magic sword of wandering was a single organism. This is a fact that no one on Earth knew.

“Fix the contract with the God of Darkness and Vengeance, and take the revenge you deserve. That will be the right path for you as an avenger.”

“But I… I can’t even match him.”

“Remember what the miracle in front of you is like.”

Leon smiled and put his hand on Cheon So-yeon’s shoulder. After a while… He declared in front of numerous government officials, reporters, and hunters who visited the banquet hall.

“I’ll declare it right here. Jim will open the gate, so I’ll finish off that evil bastard.”

* * * *

I will open the gate and subdue the demon grand duke.

Leon’s remarks shocked the hunters and others gathered at the banquet hall.

“You… open the gate? Is that possible?”

“It’s possible. Bice and…”

Beatrice climbs the podium at Leon’s calling. And she wasn’t the only one on the podium.

“Sir Spinner.”


A minimal-sized mechanical spider that climbs the stairs. It was Yacht Spinner, the first Holy Grail Knight of the Pantheon.


Leaking machine language, Yapi displayed a huge hologram image in the middle of the banquet hall.

– What is that?

– It seems to be a hologram.

-that… Was it a practical technology?”

-Until such precise images… … .

The video Yapi showed was the moment when the pantheon formed an artificial gate and entered it.

“Ugh…! You made a gate?!”

“Your Highness! Is that video real?”

The fact that the demonic sword created the gate was well known among the hunters, but it had not yet spread to the civilian population.

To the shocked reporters, Beatrice explained softly.

“The gate can be created artificially. This is close to a phenomenon. The problem is ‘what’ gate to go to.”

A reporter raised his hand.

“So… you mean you can artificially select the gate you want?”

“It’s not 100%, but if you have something that can help you select the coordinates.”

screaming reporters. And the Hunters, the upper class president Oh Kang-hyeok, the Kamiya Association, and even government officials.

And they came to a conclusion.

“Your Majesty, then you’re going to open the gate and subdue the demon grand duke…”

“I’ll open the gate following the traces he escaped. This time I’ll put an end to that evil bastard.”

Chase the escaped demon sword.

and subdue No one here knows what that means.

* * * *

“You’re stupid.”

Chairman Kamiya found Leon’s declaration unreasonable.


Takeda, who visited the banquet hall to assist Chairman Kamiya, swallowed what he wanted to say.

Even he thought it was because Leon’s declaration was not realistic.

As far as opening the gate is fine. It’s amazing that you have such an ability.

However, apart from that, the problem is that the target to subdue even by opening the gate is the demon grand duke.

“We, Japan, have already suffered heavy losses. There is no reason to make an irrational argument about attacking the black gate here.”

The black gate is a gate with an unmeasurable level of difficulty to attack, risking the country’s life and death.

Are you going to make something like that and attack it? Putting aside Chairman Kamiya’s personal position, it is a story that any country would hate.

“But Mr. President, this may be an opportunity.”


“Yes, we didn’t do anything in this subjugation. Besides, with the Lion Heart King, even that infernal demon can be subdued. You won’t be able to resurrect like the Skajakari in Shanghai.”

what is the devil It is a being that does not die even if it is killed.

Didn’t the great evil Scajacarrier, who caused the disaster in Shanghai, resurrect despite being subdued many times and turn Shanghai into a hell?

But with Leon, you don’t have to worry about resurrection due to the immortality of demons.

This is because Leon’s ‘Sex Law’ power annihilates the demon’s soul itself.

“That’s the problem!”


“Even if you work hard to subdue the Demon Grand Duke, the Pantheon will take all the results.


However, Takeda thought that he had to leave those things behind and subdue the Devil Grand Duke now.

Even if demons are defeated, they have the irrational characteristic of immediately resurrecting and coming back.

What if the magic sword of wandering that regained its power returns? Is there any guarantee that Lionheart will be with you even then?

More than anything… … .

“Nishimori, Asada, Miyamura, Kanae… All of them were excellent hunters. Even for their revenge—”

“I can replace those weak guys as much as I want! There are still over 30 S-class hunters in Japan!”


Takeda’s brow narrowed. He was fed up with Chairman Kamiya, who treated even S-rank hunters as expendable items.

Chairman Kamiya continued talking without seeing Takeda’s expression.

“Besides, there’s no way the people will accept it. Who will wait and see a black gate built in front of my house?”

President Kamiya usually doesn’t care about the public opinion of the citizens, but when it’s in his favor, he argues with public opinion.

But that public opinion also began to flow strangely.

* * * *

Leon’s public declaration of subjugation to the Devil Grand Duke is natural, but it has emerged as a hot issue throughout Japan.

First, in order to follow the traces left by Akasha, a new gate must be opened in the offshore of Shikoku Island.

And the fact that he requested the Japanese government for a huge amount of magic stones needed to open the gate.

Most of all, he urged Japanese hunters to participate extensively for the subjugation.

-Why are you trying to catch the Devil Grand Duke in Japan?

-If we fail and even a dungeon break occurs in Japan, aren’t we all caught up in it?

-We, Japan, have already lost many hunters.

“Umm… Of course, this is the reaction.”

Hari couldn’t help but look on her face as she read the internet reactions translated in real time by Yacht Spinner.

Of course, when it is possible to defeat the demon archduke, defeating it is the most profitable for mankind as a whole.

The demons will recover soon and invade the earth again anyway, so letting go of the large-supplying demons just because they are afraid of damage to their own country is a shortsighted and selfish choice.

In terms of reason, yes. Logically, following Leon’s argument is the wisest thing to do.

But apart from that, people don’t like to suffer losses.

It shudders and shows rejection at the sacrifice for the sake of the nation and the whole.

‘If it had been the Kingdom of Lionheart, there would have been no controversy like this.’

Those deep-seated demon haters would spearhead the fight, saying, ‘I’d be willing to give my life if I could crush the devil!’

“Sir Yapi… wouldn’t this be difficult?


In response to Hari’s question, Yapi looked at a savage who could only grill meat after discovering fire.

“How is it possible to express such a variety of emotions with the camera eye?!”

– Uncivilized organisms. Public opinion is not formed. It is ‘what is made’.


-Invoke the appropriate protocol. Until the start of the Japanese network takeover. 3… 2… .

“Sir Yapi?”

-… … 1. Capture complete.

That was the moment. Dislikes and objections poured in on the Internet comments Hari had been reading until just now, and new comments began to emerge.

-Can you say such a thing in front of people who have been killed by demons? Aren’t demon followers letting go of demons?

– Proud Japanese hunters were killed. have to take revenge

– Running away from here is the same as surrendering to the demons. Those who say you shouldn’t attack the gate right now are all demon followers.

Not just comments.

In an effort to bury articles that were dubious or negative about the gate attack, articles discussing support for the gate attack and the resulting benefits began to pour in.

– Will Japan succumb to the demons?

– Korea Hunter Association promises full support. Even so, Jeon Il-hyeop hesitates.

-The lion heart king of the other world who went out for Japan. Promise me you’ll be willing to take the lead.

-The Transcendentalist who overpowered the Devil Grand Duke took the side of Japan.

“Oh, uh oh? Sir Yapi! Sir Yapi! Suddenly, public opinion on the Internet started to change? Articles are no joke! After all, people’s good intentions…”

-Kick. Jeon Il-hyeop Discovered Attempt to Manipulate Public Opinion. block. block. block. Strategies Started exposing the opposition scandal.

“Sir Yapi?”

Hari saw additional articles coming up saying that they were breaking news.

-Leaked shocking remarks by Chairman Jeon Il-hyeop Kamiya. One S-class Hunter is worth more than a million citizens.

– Discovery of shock slush funds traces of the 4th Liberal Democratic Party member. What is the source of funding?

– Japanese S-class hunters. He refuses to attack because he is afraid of his own life. Since when did Yamato’s samurai become such cowards?

Articles that would normally never come out while paying attention to Jeon Il-hyeop.

Those media outlets had a really unfair backstory.

“Hey you crazy bastard! What are you doing! What are these articles!」

「Ah, aaaaaagh! It’s unfair! We have never published an article like this!”

“Shut up and get off immediately!”

“Sir, the server is down, so I can’t even connect to the Internet——!”

As a result, only each media company blocked communication with pinpoint. As even Jeon Il-hyeop was hacked, no opposition could be shown anywhere.

-There is no need for our great Japan to be swayed by the Chop (belittling Koreans)–

-We have to take revenge on those who sacrificed the Japanese hunters with an all-out war──

Some far-right sites had their entire community servers blown up before they had time to respond properly. It was an EMP attack.

– Control complete. Gate Attack Public Opinion Rating Maintains 80%.

Watching the series of processes, Hari thought.

“……Are you okay?”

Wouldn’t he be watching the birth of a dystopian dictatorship controlled by the press?

Apart from that, various sectors in Japan also began to show movements thanks to the power of public opinion.

“Prime Minister Fujisawa! Chairman Jeon Il-hyeop hard! Order the establishment of a government-affiliated temporary hunter organization! Unlimited supply of blessed crops and ‘reconnaissance drone that can be operated at the gate’ announced!」

“Jeon Il-hyeop second-in-command Takeda Hunter. I declare that I will repay the ‘price of my colleagues’ lives’! Are you breaking up with Chairman Kamiya?”

“President Kamiya, whose illegal political funds were exposed. Prosecution investigation begins.”

「Manshinden Japan Branch Expansion! Recognized as an official religion and started activities.”

Ten days since the defeat of the demonic sword.

It was the time it took for the pantheon to dominate all of Japan.

* * * *

As public opinion was controlled and the government and the New Hunter Association, which came out of the All-Japan Association, fully cooperated, the attack on the gate was prepared in an instant.

First, the government warehouse was opened and a huge amount of magic stones were prepared, and as Chairman Kamiya’s remarks and scandal were exposed, Japanese hunters who left the Japan-Japan Alliance participated in the Korea-Japan alliance attack.

“Twelve S-rank hunters from Korea! Twenty-one from Japan! There are over 500 A-rank hunters, including both countries! This is the largest raid ever!”

Is that all? A large number of B-class hunters were mobilized, including Leon’s Pantheon, so the number exceeded 3,000.

Even if more than a thousand people were mobilized in the Pantheon alone, Japanese B-class hunters did not hide their indignation at this situation.

-At least 1 level is strengthened with the Lion Heart King? Then we will be of great help.

-This is one of the few opportunities to attack Demon Gate. If you do well, you can even reverse your life.

-Prime Minister Fujisawa decided to provide a large amount of gate-operated reconnaissance drones and blessed crops to the raiding party participating in this raid!

Although public opinion pushed their backs, hunters in both Korea and Japan also had significant profits at stake in this attack.

It was famous just before, but it was a blessed crop that even large guilds barely took because crops were not supplied.

Mansinjeon, which has the right to supply, promised to supply crops first.

Blessed crops that are at the level of a decent buff potion, have a considerable duration, and even take care of health are the highest quality supplies coveted by hunters around the world.

Participation is worthwhile just because it allows you to buy things you can’t buy because you don’t have them. And–

“The Pantheon. Announcement of reconnaissance drones operating at gates. A revolution in gate capture that allows you to observe the entire field.”

Inside the gate, electronics do not work properly. It was because of the mechanical breakdown caused by the dense mana and mana.

At most, small electronic devices such as filming equipment boast a huge unit price and are barely functional.

Of course, reconnaissance drones can’t even dare, satellites? In the first place, there is not even simple satellite technology that can be launched on an individual basis.

Yapi has already developed a combat satellite armed platform that works at the gate, but while hiding this fact, it provided the necessary items to the hunter raid team in the field.

Could it be called the miniaturization of technology? A simple satellite was also created, but at least a reconnaissance drone unhindered by mana and magic could be made.

In fact, in a small field, a reconnaissance drone would be much more cost-effective than a grandiose tool like a satellite.

“Why is the Japanese government so cooperative?”

Hari was puzzled by the Japanese government’s strangely cooperative pantheon. And that was quietly answered by Beatrice, who had led the negotiations this time.

“It’s politics.”


“In the meantime, the Japanese government has been swayed by the Japanese government, which is a private organization. His Majesty has helped to dismantle the Japanese government and create an independent Hunter Association under the Japanese government.”

“Ah… ah! Then the blessed crops and the provision of drones…?”

“This is the first gift I gave you in exchange for your cooperation.”

Blessed crops and drones are provided to the Japanese government, and the government distributes them.

Naturally, Japanese hunters have a need to look good to the government.

Crops and drones are powerful items that can save raiders’ lives.

In Korea, it is all the same to be swayed by teenage guilds, but the Jeon Il-hyeop, which was not even a government agency due to privatization, was a disease of Japanese society.

It was just hidden by Hunter’s heroization and manipulation of public opinion. It was an instant to collapse because the manipulation of public opinion did not work.

“Bice. Let’s start soon.”

Leon has arrived. Hari looks at him, unable to hide her surprise.

All of this was designed by Leon. In just 10 days, the stronghold of the Jeonilhyeop, which was like Japan’s iron fortress, was destroyed.


“No. Your Majesty is… smarter than I thought.”

He wasn’t just a thug with an inexhaustible sword… He didn’t put the impure thought into his mouth, but it was revealed in his expression.


He asked if he was coming or not these days.

It is Beatrice who saves Hari from danger.

“Your Majesty, then I will open the gate.”

A large-scale joint attack force with a whopping 3,500 soldiers from both Korea and Japan. They crossed the gate opened by Beatrice.

‘The pantheon is together. There is a lion heart king who overwhelmed even the demon archduke, so even a demonic sword is useless!’

‘I’m curious. How will the Lion Heart King and the Pantheon fight?’

‘I don’t mind dealing with the devil, but if there is a lion heart… … .’

A war to subjugate the Grand Duke of Slaughter where each thought crosses. Beyond the gate, they face a culture shock far beyond their common sense.

“Catch them all! Even death is a waste!”

They obeyed Leon’s order, but they couldn’t hide their bewildered faces.

‘Something… Doesn’t it look like something is wrong?’

Leon’s melodious voice reaches all 3,500 people.

His voice, filled with endless hatred and infinite anger, had a compulsion that bent even the common sense they took for granted.

“These scum will suffer as serfs! Catch as many as you can!”

It was the first thing the united subjugation team did after entering the demon grand duke’s territory. it is–

burning the village.

to massacre civilians.

hunting slaves.

“Is this right?”

they had forgotten all over again.

That this Lionheart is a super fuckin’ racist from a medieval fantasy.

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