The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 12

Leon, who returned to Earth, set three goals while grasping the Earth in 2030.

First, the spread of the faith.

There are no true gods here.

Yahweh, Buddha, Allah, countless demigods and demigods as the Hindus speak.

If they were real gods, at least there had to be saints against evil.

However, there were no priests or saints endowed with the power of God, be it cardinals, priests, or fanatics shouting Allah Hu Akbar even in the 2030s.

Originally, to destroy evil, it is the most powerful force, holy power, but there is not a single hair of that holy power?

‘There is no such thing as the power to transmit the power of God to the priests of cathedrals and mosques.’

Bondi God is the law that embraces faith and bestows grace.

Even if I immediately recall what happened in the Honam Plain, the concept that the land is polluted and a bad harvest is coming is wrong.

How can the land where the goddess of life and fertility is worshiped and blessed be polluted, and if the god of rain and clouds manages to send rain, how can there be a famine?

Just look at the crops.

Rice, which is said to have improved and grown seeds with the best technology of the 21st century, cannot cure even small tumors inside the body?

Does it make sense to hope that it will be healed through the barbaric healing act of a hospital rather than a sanctuary, saying that it cannot cure even one tumor?

It’s a problem from getting sick in the first place. If he had eaten the crops blessed by Demera on a regular basis, he would not have gotten sick.

The act of healing is only received when a soldier wounded on the battlefield or cursed by an evil cultist.

It’s not about relying on that mass or painkillers.

In order to use the holy power, you had to spread your faith first.

In the Honam Plain, Leon’s lion’s heart was somehow resolved with the weak holy power, but considering the future, huge holy power will be needed.

The reason Leon’s world was finally defeated by the demons was because there were no more believers to devote their faith to.

The second was the reconstruction of the Holy Grail Knights.

In this world, combat groups that use holy power do not exist.

If the Guardian of the Holy Grail, Lion Heart King, is a demigod, then the Holy Grail Knights are living saints who are just below him.

They are knights of the gods who use the Holy Law.

Leon was able to survive thanks to the holy power they left after fighting to the end and ascending to heaven.

Holy Grail Knights of Ariana, the same divinity of light and justice as herself.

Sir Jenkinson, the Guardian Knight of the Sea, who served Poma, the deity of the sea and waves, while protecting the port.

Lord Genoa, the Knight of Flame, who caused the fire of Petos, the god of war and flame.

Agnac, the holy virgin who supported the knights with the light of Demera, the deity of life and abundance.

Even as the empire collapsed, the forests of the elves and the underground cities of the dwarves collapsed, the Holy Grail Knights subdued the demons.

For they were the terror of the demons themselves.

Third purpose.

To annihilate the evils set up on this land.

Spread the faith to restore divinity, and train Holy Grail Knights with the proper harmony and order of the pantheon.

These insignificant unbelievers and ignorant and ignorant commoners. It might be too much to expect saints with superpowers such as Holy Grail Knights to emerge from lowly things.

Does not matter.

Leon Dragonia Lionheart just does what he has to do.

“Your Majesty, there is someone who has asked for an audience formally.”

“Hmm… if you follow the procedures, there’s nothing you can’t hear.”

Leon guessed who would come and allowed him to visit.

* * * *

Director Park Jong-chan was very different from the survivor named Leon.

It was because a guy from a barbaric civilization seemed noble to himself, who was no different from an aristocrat on the modern Earth, as if he was a royalty.

But apart from that, Leon’s ability was coveted.

It is a crop that can be eaten by the general public while growing crops in an instant.

Moreover, its effectiveness is not unusual. It is shocking that it cures cancer, but when I found out that it even purifies the land contaminated with magical energy, my eyes went back.

This man must be recruited by our company.

“Thank you for allowing me an audience. Your Majesty.”

For the sake of corporate profit, it’s worth bowing down to this savage for a moment.

“This is a small gift from our company.”

He visited with his secretaries and sent a gift to Leon.

The content is a weapon closet made by a master craftsman belonging to Doojeong Guild, one of the top 10 guilds in Korea.

Director Park Jong-chan intended to dazzle the savage with the most luxurious items in the weapon closet.

‘Once you taste it, you can never go back. Please make me ask to be managed by our management.’

Director Park expected the reaction of Assistant Manager Han Hari and Leon, who would be surprised to receive this enormous gift. but… … .

“Okay, see my sincerity and accept it.”

‘Bar, will you accept it?’

what is that attitude Attitude like I’m accepting.

Director Park was embarrassed by that arrogance, but he tried hard to maintain a business smile.

“Ha, why don’t you check it out? I’m sure you’ll like it.”

“Tsk… It’s too troublesome to explain etiquette to a thousand things. Hanhari, open it.”

Leon, who makes people open the presents while acting like a brat who makes people burst into flames until the end.

Hari immediately unwrapped it and swallowed the flagship.

“This, this?!”


When the closet made of neat material was opened, the joint expanded and became a weapon exhibition hall with dozens of items on display.

“These are the newest weapons that our group is proud of. I hope you can choose whatever you like.”

“Dou-Doo-Jung, a unique grade weapon made by a master craftsman directly under the guild?”

These were unique grade weapons directly produced by the Doojeong Guild, one of the top 10 guilds in Korea operated by the Doojeong Group.

High-ranking hunters are expensive things that their eyes go back to save them, and they are things that they cannot find even if they have money.

“I heard that you are going to be a hunter in the future. This stuff will be of great help.”

At those words, Hari had difficulty breathing.

The arms made by the master craftsmen of the Dujeong Guild are ultra-luxurious items worth a billion dollars each.

It is one of the best things that can be obtained in a standard way, unless it is an armor that you get lucky at the gate.

Are you going to give it one unconditionally? Hari gulped at the unique sword that he had only looked at as a Yutuber throughout his training at the academy.

“It’s done. Where are you going to use these low-level weapons?”

“Ha, lower class?”

“Your Majesty! A lower class?!”

Even Hari was shocked by Leon’s attitude. No matter how different he is from another world, what kind of attitude do you have when you see a cuteie who is only conveyed through this pamphlet photo?

“This, these are top-of-the-line products made from alloys that have been compressed by applying the latest engineering techniques. You can’t easily find items like this anywhere——”

Director Park expressed how great technology was applied to the items he brought and how expensive the materials were.

He said that even a savage could understand such a thing that even a child could understand it with such an explanation.

But Leon’s point of view was completely different.

“How can you make a famous sword without receiving the energy of the stars or the blessing of the divine? Are your weapons only used for hunting animals?”

What do you mean? What do you mean, dry your weapon in the sun like a red pepper and recite a prayer?

Surprisingly, that guess turned out to be correct.

“Anyway, compared to my holy sword and holy spear, nothing is just a toothpick toy.

‘This savage!’

There were these guys. Those who are survivors and think their world is the best.

Right now, even for technical races such as the Dwarves, such pride was great.

However, their pride collapsed in front of the material technology and metallurgical technology of modern civilization.

Even though it was a steel sword that was quenched thousands of times by a Dwarf master craftsman, it was bent in front of a normal longsword made in a factory with modern technology and magic engineering technology.

“Ha, ha ha… You seem to have great confidence in your sword, Your Majesty.”

“I was just stating the obvious.”

He summoned a sword from somewhere. Subspace technology? However, I did not feel any magical energy at work.

However, the summoned sword is an old iron sword. A sword with teeth missing here and there, worn out and unlikely to be able to cut anything.

Park Jong-chan was full of energy and wanted to ask what he could do with such trash, but when his eyes met, he was speechless.

“You’re full of distrust, Merchant.”

“Oh, you misunderstood.”

“Well, that’s good. It’s common for merchants to float their goods. It’s like using a cow knife to catch chickens, but I’ll demonstrate your gift.”

Although he was full of energy, Director Park was troubled. Do you crush that confidence by clearly showing a difference in rank here, or should you lose moderately and make it feel good.

But you dare to underestimate the technical skills of the Doo-Jeong Group… It was thought that director Park needed some level of initiative.

‘A savage bastard. I’ll show you what real technology is.’

With a smile on his face, he spoke as if he couldn’t help it.

“If so… I would also like to see the brilliance of His Majesty’s sword. Assistant Manager Han Ha-ri?”


“Would you like to try any weapon you like?”

Hari looked at Leon. However, when he nodded, she grabbed the ‘Dawning’ sword of master Park Jin-cheol, whom she had admired for four years.

It is a weapon that has been trained for 10 days while basking in the strong energy of the sun at a special gate. Its strength is truly top-notch. The energy of the sun, a special ability, boasts melting power that can melt even high-strength special alloys.

For her who has the Blessing of Fire, it is an ideal weapon.

“I-can I really… swing it with this?”

“When you wield a toy, how can you get permission from an adult?”

‘That bastard is all the way… … .’

The fever seemed to extend to the top of his head, but Isa Park was waiting for the exciting cider that was soon to come.

Hari, who held the weapon of her lifelong dream, admired it, but worried about Leon’s weapon breaking, but she couldn’t do it roughly.

She even activated the special function of dawn, and the sword blade turned red as red aura wrapped around the sword.

“Well, then… let’s go!”

The sword wielded with all its might collided with Leon’s old iron sword. The result is unquestionable–


A sword that breaks with a refreshingly cheerful sound. It was dawn when it was cut off with a single blow.



Hari, Director Park, and the secretaries tilt their heads as they swing. Leon was the only one with a bored expression on his face as he looked at the cut sword.

“I didn’t think so, but you really brought something that could be used as a toothpick. Put it away.”

Hey, how did this happen?

Director Park couldn’t turn his head properly at what happened in front of his eyes.

Dawn is a weapon with the best cutting power that can easily cut even the hides and bones of high-ranking monsters.

In other words, it was the most powerful weapon they could create, a combination of the essence of Dujeong Group’s technology.

‘Sir, could it be a unique grade weapon?’

That old sword. No way.

There were times when the survivors would sometimes come over with unique-grade weapons, the best weapons in the world, but it was still minimal.

Such an old, toothless sword could not be such a weapon… … .

“Wasn’t it even inconceivable? It was a waste of time.

“Oh, no… that, that… no?”

It was supposed to be a pushover, but why did it happen like this?

Director Park tried to say something, but he couldn’t get his mouth to come out, and he only came to his senses when his secretary shook his shoulder.

okay… A gift is just something to buy favor. It’s a pity that the billion-dollar weapon was cut into pieces, but what’s important now isn’t just a billion.

“Le, His Majesty Leon’s—”

“What kind of country’s etiquette is it for a lowly merchant to speak of the king’s name carelessly?”

“Keugh… Lung, Your Majesty.”

Grinding teeth make a grinding sound. He had never been so disrespected and treated so disrespectfully in his life.

“Your Majesty… the crops you grow. I want to be exclusively supplied by our Dujeong Group.”

“The crops I grow? Do you think Jim looks like a farmer?”

“Oh, no! We just want to secure the seeds of the crops Your Majesty has grown in the Honam plains and grow them ourselves.”

“Ohhh… Are you going to convert? A welcome sound came out of your mouth.”


What do you mean by conversion?

“The crop grows in land blessed by priests who serve the deity of life and fertility. You want to become that priest. You have quite aspirations in the subject of business.”

“Oh, no, that’s not it.”


Director Park Jong-chan, who found it difficult to follow Leon’s words, thought it was pointless to turn his words around to Lee Ja, and went straight to the point.

“We want to take over the patent rights for the rice seeds.”


Leon’s eyes widened. Director Park hurriedly attached a condition.

“Of course, there will be a price to pay. According to our management’s calculations… Yes, it was considered worth 180 billion won.”

Of course, this is a reduced price. There is no way that the seeds of super rice that can even cure cancer cost only 180 billion won.

However, if you explain the value of 180 billion won to this ignorant savage, it will probably roll your eyes.

“You want to buy seeds with money?”

“Exactly. Of course, you will have to sign the contract to exclusively distribute Doojeong Mirae Foods. Oh, if you want, we can raise the price a little more depending on the negotiations—”

Director Park expected how to play with this savage.

They undermine the value of seeds, act as if they have no regrets, and make fun of opponents by explaining the law and complex distribution networks in a difficult way.

Park Jong-chan, a natural-born businessman, had a knack for reducing the value of others and adding to his own. But–

“Does this lowly merchant dare to blaspheme!!”

he didn’t know

What is in front of him is–

That he is the representative of all divinities and the most religious person.

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