The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 120: Lionheart’s Serf

As expected, the place we arrived at after opening the gate was a completely different world from Earth or similar planets.

A red-hot sky burning red. The dry land and the bloody river make one wonder if this is the hell of human life.

“Oh, that’s amazing…”

“From the air to the moon…!!”

It was then. A warning from a system message sent to them.

[You have entered the territory of the Grand Duke of Slaughter. All stats are reduced by 80%.]


Incredible debuff! The moment everyone was shocked, an additional message flew in.

[This is the gate of the Lion Heart King. Lionheart’s aura is applied.]


: Corps reinforcement charge defense is granted.

: Corps reinforcement fortification is granted.

: Corps reinforcement battalion reinforcement is granted.

: Legion strengthening valor is granted.

: Legion strengthened lighter armor is granted.

: Legion strengthened tough skin is granted.

: Legion strengthening heavy blow is granted.

: Legion strengthening anti-magic enhancement is granted.

: Legion strengthening ranged resistance is granted.

: Legion strengthening sharp gaze is granted.

: Legion strengthening anti-infantry slaughter is granted.

: Legion strengthening contamination resistance is granted.

[War Knight’s Blessing]


: Leadership increases by 150%.

【Man at Arms from War Night】

– Gains 20% physical resistance when fighting with a knight with the War Knight attribute.

[【Fear of Demons】 weakens all demons.]


: Forced Fear, Horror, Decreased Resistance──

[【Most demon slayer】]

[【Demon Lord Slayer】]

[Long-distance loathsome]

【 Strongest Assaulter 】

Hunters dizzy with the pouring traits. Manshinjeon or other experienced people passed over as if they were familiar with it, but for those who have experienced it for the first time, it is truly awe-inspiring.

A demonic spirit that makes it difficult for ordinary humans to even breathe… An overwhelming amount of buff that surpasses all kinds of debuffs from the Demon World.

‘I expected it, but I didn’t expect it to be this much.’

‘Giving buffs to all thousands of people, not just one or two? How far is the alternative range of effect?’

‘In this place where it is difficult for humans to survive, we can survive with the Lion Heart King. No, I can win!’

And the quest that flew by.

[You are the expedition team that went on the expedition of Akasha, the Grand Duke of Slaughter, following the Lion Heart King. Help the Lion Heart King defeat Akasha.]

Leon said after hearing Hari’s quest report.

“It’s only natural to defeat him. We do everything we can here. It’s our first time coming to the demons’ territory, so try to get as much information as possible.”


It was then. Yappy walks around. Normally, he would have approached with a toddling machine sound, but today’s Yapi was different.

“Ooh, whoa…!”


astonished by this. The one who recalls old memories and is astonished at the report.

“Hey, Sir Yapi?”

Hari had to raise her head to face the approaching Yafi.

Cool disc-shaped fuselage. An ominous red wide-angle lens contemplates the surroundings. The eight thick legs are cold and ferocious.

What’s more heinous than anything is the main and secondary guns attached to the carapace of the fuselage. A roaring supercharged cannon and a 60mm chain gun.

Cheongju’s nightmare.

Killing Machine.

Everyone is overwhelmed in front of the majesty of that huge multi-purpose tank.

“Sir Spinner. The exoskeleton looks well made. I can feel the aura stronger than before.”


It was then. The inside of the carapace opened, and inside it a minimal-sized Yapi stood up like a pilot out of the cockpit.

-Integrated armament platform original specification yakt spinner. Battle sequence done. I’ll do a reconnaissance report.

“Hmm, are you done already?”

– The drone reconnaissance system of the integrated platform is in operation. A large number of colonies presumed to be hostile individuals were found.

“A colony?”

I thought they were demons, but Yapi denied that possibility.

Yapi is a war machine that has been protecting the jewels of demons for a thousand years. The energy he felt from the demon was subtly different from what he had observed.

“Somewhere in the nearest colony.”

Leon decided to meet them first.

* * * *

The colony was closer than I thought from the gate.

10 minutes with yakt spinners and other knight cadets. It was easy to get to the colony.

“Who, who are you!”

Those who see Leon and a group of men approaching and stand on the fence, alert.

“Are you human?”

Why are people here? While Hari tilted her head, Leon took the lead.

“Who are you guys!”

“No, I asked first——”

“How dare you make a cheeky commoner say the word twice! I’ll consider that a mistake stemming from ignorance.”

“Uh… now, wait a minute! I’ll call the chief!”

The human on the fence, terrified by Leon’s unreasonable anger, steps back. Soon after, a new face appeared over the wooden fence.

“I am the village chief, Veron… Huh Eok! Lion Heart King!!”

“Do you know the main king?”

The village chief’s reaction as if he knew him. When Leon was about to ask something, a voice called for him to lock the fence.

“Sir Spinner.”

Leon snapped his fingers.

– Main gun settings.

bang! The railgun shooter shattered the wooden fence. The hardcore artificial intelligence of the future world broke through the rubble with a giant mechanical leg and entered.


When Leon and Yapi enter, the residents fall into fear. Leon knew that their condition was not good even in empty words.

“Who are you? Why did you run away after seeing the king?”

“Sah, save me!”

Leon did not show his anger at Yang-Min for urinating. The king’s dignity is because he can sometimes persecute innocent people.

“I didn’t come to persecute you guys. I came to subdue demons——hm?”

Leon heard the voice of the war god talking to him. he said to Leon.

[He was a sergeant in the Imperial Army. A follower of demons mixed in with the great demon of slaughter.”


Leon’s eyes widened. Then, in my memory, his face became familiar.

Demon followers who follow the demons who have descended into the present world and take the lead in killing their own people.

If that guy is the village chief… What is this colony?

“All forces!! Don’t let anyone run away! You can kill those who run away!”

The flames of war welled up in Leon’s body.

* * * *

If the end of those who follow the decrees of the gods and serve them is paradise, what are the words of those who follow the devil and give their souls to them?

Demonization is a typical example.

The Elector Counts and generals of the Empire summoned Malus, the lord of chaos, and accepted the power of the devil.

They literally became demons and traitors attacking humanity.

So what about ordinary people? Knights or soldiers of the Empire. Another savage.

They were too small to become demons. It could not transform the race itself by accepting all the devil’s magic.

Demons, of course, had their own reward for such lowly followers.

In a territory ruled by high-ranking demons, they became citizens.

Of course, as much as they followed the devil and became a citizen, they were given a reward, which is ‘fire’.

There was a natural limit to having immortality, so if you die, you will die, but you will not die of old age.

“But it was all a deception to enslave us! We had to endlessly respond to the demons’ requisition, and the future is bleak when we die!”


Commander of the Imperial Army.

When the demons descended, they followed the commander and offered their souls to the demons of slaughter.

And the lucky one who escaped from Leon’s world before the last Demon Gate was destroyed.

Then he knelt down and said to Leon.

“Please save us, Lion Heart King! Please forgive the poor people for making this foolish choice!”

Veron shed tears and grabbed the hem of Leon’s trousers. Seeing them like that, the knight cadets were in a complicated state of mind.

In the end, they too were tossed around by the demons and had no choice but to commit evil——

“What bullshit.”

There’s no way.


“Answer me, you scumbag. How many innocent civilians did you kill with your own hands?”

“That, that’s…”

“I’ll ask! How many innocent people have you killed! Those who can answer, come forward!”

The inhabitants of the colony fell to their knees at Leon’s roar and fell silent.

Even if they couldn’t become demons, in order to be acknowledged for their service and fall into ‘slaves’.

How many other innocent people did he kill for his own survival and prosperity?

“Uh, I couldn’t help it! The general defected to the demons, what am I going to do! I didn’t want to!”

“It is your actions, not your intentions, that define you. You cannot be excused if your intentions are not.”

Sureung, the blade being pulled out. The holy sword contained in the scabbard illuminated the darkness with a brilliant golden light. That dazzling light was tantamount to a terrible death sentence for Veron.

“If I, if I were the Kingdom Army! This wouldn’t have happened!

“Do not transfer the consequences of your sins to the original king. The future judgment will be solely the result of your choices. It is not the responsibility of the original king who made the judgment.”

“iced coffee…….”

“Isn’t it a sin because it is committed without knowing it? Is it not a sin because it is committed with difficulty? A sin is just a sin. Big or small, difficult or easy.”

Veron, who fell flat, turned his hatred for demons towards Leon, knowing that he would never be forgiven.

Was it something you wanted to do yourself? He himself couldn’t help it. It was something I did because I wanted to live, and it was something I didn’t want to do.

“However, even scum like you were the people of the benevolent gods.”


In the darkness, even a small light can be seen as salvation. Veron and the demon followers of the colony reacted greatly to the space left by Leon.

“As much as your souls will be preserved. Until Tartar, the holy god of judgment, punishes you for your sins.”

Few understood what that meant. However, the moment he heard the name ‘Tartar’, Veron’s complexion turned blue.

“Serve 50 years as a serf! You’ll have to purify that worm-like life by serving the gods!”

fifty years. It’s not even a long time for immortal demon followers.

Serf? What do you mean farm slaves? Even now, you are treated as a slave to the devil who doesn’t know when you will die. A slave with a fixed period?

“Now, thank you for your mercy—”

It was a time when I was about to pour out my sincere gratitude with tears in my eyes.

“Ooh, don’t be ridiculous! A serf! A serf!”

Baron Is that old man crazy? The gaze of the demon followers twisted sternly.

The condition Leon put forward is so merciful that it makes me feel grateful. But why is it so violently rejected?

“It’s the king’s palace. Can’t you shut that filthy mouth!”

“S-I hate it! I hate it! Serf! Lionheart’s serf! I hate it!!”

Tsk tsk, in the old days, he was a child of a certain family, so he rode a horse while being a commoner, so that habit has not been corrected.

Well, among the demon followers, those who were aristocratic or rich were extremely loathe to see themselves fall to the bottom.

Even in the village of these demon followers, he is the chief and is proud of it.

“Damn it! Someone shut that old man’s mouth!”

“I will not become a serf——Eup! Eup!”

Veron’s resistance was thwarted by other demonic followers. With his mouth shut, he was dragged among the demon followers and beaten, Leon said.

“Listen, bugs.”

The inhabitants of the colony obeyed and awaited judgment.

“You will serve fifty years as Lionheart’s serfs, and you will do all orders without hesitation.”

“Tatar’s representative, the god of the sun and judgment. Will Leon Dragonia Lionheart accept the punishment given to you guys?”

“Bah, I’ll serve you!”

“”I’ll take it!””

That was the moment.

Intense sunlight radiated from Leon and soon penetrated them.

“Uh huh?”

“Mo, is there something in your neck?”

The change was simple. White rings engraved on the neck like a tattoo. It was inscribed on all the demon followers.

“Huh. We’ll start right away. Pack only the minimum amount of luggage and follow the gates of your luggage!”

Demon followers had no choice but to follow Leon with dazed eyes. They didn’t even know what the promise of judgment they swore was, or what the old man Veron’s scream meant.

But it doesn’t matter.

they’ll find out soon

“Ah, no! No hehehehehe!!”

Only Baron, who knew the outcome, could only let out a scream full of cries.

* * * *

“Catch them all! Even death is a waste!”

After returning to the main base, Leon started conquering all the colonies in the area.

Villages are burned, plundered, and residents who resist are mercilessly killed.

At the end of it was a bizarre act of plunder called ‘serfdom’.

“Is this right?”

The hunters of the Korea-Japan combined raiding party had to catch prisoners at an unexpected time with a bewildered expression.

What’s even more absurd is that the residents are more obedient than I thought.

Since they were demon followers, I expected some great resistance, but when I heard Leon’s condition of ‘serf slavery for 50 years’, they seemed to agree without saying anything.

“It would be better than living as a slave to demons.”

“From what I’ve heard, demon followers don’t age. They think 50 years is worth doing.”

“That’s fucking reasonable.”

Occasionally, unlike the other demon followers, some resisted spasmodically, but such cold steel machines slit their throats with steel wire.

– Cluck! Securing a large number of free labor. 5,034 objects.

They plundered the villages of demon followers, and all the wealth that came out of them went to the hunters.

Leon said it was dirty wealth and distributed it to other hunters, so it was worth hunting slaves.

– Discovery of a large number of troops made up of frontline demons.

It was when he was robbing dozens of colonies like that. Maybe I couldn’t stand the constant robbing of my front yard, but demons came out from beyond.

Demons of carnage and destruction. In other words, they could be said to be the subordinates of Akasha, the Grand Duke of Slaughter.

“Finally, the moment to call it a battle has come.”

“My body was itching, but I’m fine.”

Despite facing the devil’s army, the hunters who won successive victories in plunder battles were in high spirits.

But, contrary to their expectations, Leon gave the order.

“Serfs, forward.”

Demon-following serfs, each armed with weapons from the village, reacted in a daze.

“Um, are we the leader?”

“Sah, you won’t even be an opponent!”

demons and demon followers. Of course, if you fight, you lose. Putting the lowest level devils at the forefront?

“Even if your limbs are cut off and your intestines spilled, hold on to even one more enemy’s ankle. You are only worth that much on the battlefield.”

Become a meat shield.

There will be no such blatant suicide order.

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