The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 121 Subjugation of the Demon Grand Duke

“Even if your limbs are cut off and your intestines spilled, hold on to even one more enemy’s ankle. You are only worth that much on the battlefield.”

Suicide in a word.

The serfs rebelled against the attitude of not even hiding that they were told to die openly.

“Muh, what!”

“Even so, you are a knight of justice!”

“Don’t be ridiculous! You became a serf just to be killed like this——!!?”

The serfs could not even respond to Leon’s swollen gaze and began to stand in the lead like hard puppets.

“You guys have already accepted the punishment. And you won’t die easily ‘until you finish the punishment’.”

All serfs in Lionheart are reduced to serfs after the judgment of Tatar, the god of the sun and judgment.

There is no ‘freedom’ for serfs who are not free people.

It’s not just a simple meaning or symbol, but really deprived of ‘the concept of freedom’.

“Uh, uh uh…”

They moved their bodies forcibly at the command of the Lion Heart King. To do what they commanded against their will.

The demons looked at the serfs advancing right in front of them with puzzled eyes.

-Are these guys crazy?

-Go back to your village! what are these doing!


The Lion Heart King commands. The serfs rushed.


“I don’t want to die!”

The meat shields of the serfs, who were deprived of their freedom and only obeyed orders, collided with the demons.

Of course, one-sided slaughter and slaughter were expected, but surprisingly they endured well, thanks to Leon’s protection.

[Lion Heart King’s Serf Assault]


: A meat shield is granted.

: Perseverance is granted.

: Nooooooooo power is strengthened.

: The survival instinct is strengthened.

: Vitality increases by 250%.

The serfs of Lion Heart King, the true monarch that even serfs use as a valid ‘resource’, faithfully served as meat shields to the extent that they could withstand head-on clashes with demons.

He even recovers with the protection of the Holy Grail as soon as he is injured, so how gracious the Lion Heart King is!

“The serfs are continuously deployed! Take advantage of that gap and hit the enemy’s side!”

While the serfs held on to the demons, Leon spread the hunters like two wings to surround the demons.

The number of demons was over 3,000, and the qualitative ability was great, but they couldn’t play an active role because 5,000 serfs were hanging around.

“The side is empty!”

“Since there are so many pages, it’s possible to do something like this!”

For the Hunters, who were the center of the 50-man raid, it was very unfamiliar to them that they had an overwhelming number of allies.

The hunters, who easily secured their sides thanks to the meat shields, became powerful hammers and beat the demons.


“Human bastards…!”

The demons resisted while surrounded on three sides, but the number of enemies was overwhelming. In addition, the decisive main force was separate.

“Huh, something is running from the rear!”

Leon and the 40 knights. Included among them are Yacht Spinner, the Holy Grail Knight, and Beatrice, the priestess of death. Even Han Ha-ri, the priestess of the two gods.

Leon let out a loud roar while riding the war bull of Petos, the god of war and flame.

[【Strongest Assaulter】is applied to the unit. [War Knight’s Blessing] and [Demon’s Fear] are combined and applied.]

Troop Reinforcement: Charge bonus is increased by 400%.

Troop Reinforcement: Charge bonus is increased by 120%.

Troop Reinforcement: Charge bonus is increased by 100%.

Troop Reinforcement: Increases the physical resistance of assault troops by 35%.

Enemy Weakness: Decreases the demon race’s charge defense by 80%.

[The War Bulls of Pethos grant attribute enhancement: <Flaming Sword> to allied troops.]

[Most Demon Slayer] applies physical resistance reduction, sexual resistance reduction, melee defense reduction, and automatic soul recovery to all demons within a radius of 1km.]


The moment of rear collision.

The demons of slaughter were torn apart and literally pierced through.

Thousands of demons were cut in half by 50 mounted charges.

Leon’s holy spear skewered the demons, and Yacht Spinner’s railgun and chaingun tore them apart.

Beatrice’s bombardment exploded the demons with pinpoint, and Hari and Jaehyeok’s sex method kills the advanced demons.

The battle was a landslide victory.

-Your Majesty, destroy 3,243 enemies. 300 prisoners secured.

“What will you do, Viche?”

Leon asked Beatrice for her opinion. In this battle, except for Leon, her destructive magic bombardment was by far the number one specialty.

“Could you hand over 30 of them by grade? I think the higher the grade, the better.”

“Evil must be destroyed immediately… Why?”


Beatrice answered with a grin.

“Your Majesty, wouldn’t it be better if there were more opportunities to open the Demon Gate?”


Indeed, an intelligent magician. Leon was willing to hand over the demons he had captured. While sorting out the captured demons, Takeda, an S-class hunter from Japan, approached.

“your majesty.”

“What happened?”

“How many demons can you hand over to our raiding party?”

“It is not allowed.”

“……Why? Our hunters also shed blood.”

In short, it was to demand the price of this victory. I understand taking the loot, but Leon refuses to allow it for other reasons.

“It should be enough to loot this gate. The demons’ voices will seduce and test you.”

“We will not fall for the devil’s tricks!”

“Are you absolutely sure there is no one?”


Takeda could not answer. However, he also wanted to prove his achievements in attacking the Demon Gate.

A captured demon would make a pretty good propaganda piece. Takeda, who broke up with Jeon Il-hyeop, needed more justification.

“Hmm… Leaving the demons alive is out of the question… but if there are three of them…”

Leon turned to the captured demons. Demons of carnage and destruction. Even among demons, these particularly violent and destructive demons were not easy to capture.

Although the demons were trapped in a cage for capture, it is not unusual for them to run amok with the energy to break the bars.

“Damn it, tie it up!”

“Don’t be clumsy!”

The hunters were barely holding them together while tearing up the additional scrolls of restraint, but the growling demons were threatening.

“I will destroy you and open a field of slaughter! You will be destroyed! Wahahahahahahaha!!”

A demonic voice that makes ordinary humans go crazy just by hearing it. Even the Hunters trembled in fear from the devil’s mad curse.

“Shut up, you devil!!”


Even if the skull hadn’t caved in from the chop that the Lion Heart King had struck.

The skull was engulfed by the Lionheart Chop and one of the eyeballs was blown out.

“These demons try to curse people with their cunning tongues whenever they get a chance.”


– Shut up!

The demons shut their mouths at Leon’s appearance. Among the trembling demons, some were leaking yellow fluid between their crotches.


The demons try to avoid their eyes as Leon rolls his gaze as if he were criticizing the fish in the market. Looking at the demons who kept their mouths shut as if they had made a promise in front of the Lion Heart King, the fear of the evil species, one hunter thought like this.

‘It’s like dogs met by a dog seller… … .’

Even when other hunters stabbed them with spears and tightened them with ropes, the demons who behaved violently are now calm like dogs in a cage who met a dog dealer.

“This guy and that guy will be fine.”

Leon pointed out some demons and opened the cage. The devil shook the cage until just now, and when Leon opened the bar, he stumbled and hid.


After being pulled, the face and body collided with us, breaking through the bars. The demon that jumped out was smashed to the ground by Leon who grabbed his tail.


The demon was thrown from the back of the head and its skull was shattered. Leon handed that demon over to Takeda.

“……your majesty?”

“If you do this roughly, even the devil won’t be able to think and will start to drool. If you see a butterfly, it is said to be useful for ornamental purposes, except that it is released and chases after it.”

do you say Have you ever had someone close to you enjoy it?

Takeda couldn’t possibly ask questions that reached that abyss. Anyway, a demon who drools and likes a leash hanging around my neck.

Leon took over these demons and said firmly.

“Two days. We’ll take care of it in two days after we return, so know that.”

“Ah, yes…”

Could it be that even such a miserable demon would not tolerate being alive? Takeda took a few commemorative photos and thought it was time to hand them over.

“Then let’s attack their nature soon.”

“Are you going to put the serfs first… again?”

Witnessing the serf meat shield, which was somewhat of a culture shock to modern people, was disgusting to Takeda.

“I hunted a lot of demons, but the damage on this side is pretty great.”

Total casualties numbered nine hundred. Most of these were dead.

“Yes, many were hurt. Ten… no, maybe twenty or more.”


Takeda tilted her head at the strange calculation method.

“Your Majesty, more than nine hundred people were killed in the previous battle.”


To be exact, nine hundred and sixteen. More than two of them died, so it was a serious death rate in terms of war.

Even after hearing such casualties, Leon stared straight at Takeda as if he had no idea why.

“You, can’t you… Did you include serfs in your numbers?”


At that moment, Takeda recalled the number he had been reported to.

Hunter casualties 34. 882 serf casualties.

Except for serf casualties… … .

“Four, three judges…”

“Yes, that is correct.”

Leon tapped Takeda’s bluish shoulder. Takeda stares at Leon’s back and is engulfed in a profound inner conflict.

Indeed, humans… Are you really better than the devil?

* * * *

After running away from Leon, Akasha, the Grand Duke of Slaughter, shut herself up in the castle of her domain.


Borrowing Cheon Ji-ho’s mouth, the pain radiates outward. He lost his body and borrowed the form of a sword, but his suffering as the host was his own.

‘The wound caused by the holy sword is deep.’

A blow of a holy sword imbued with the power of the gods. It was a threat from Akasha. It’s just shocking that his power isn’t comparable to his heyday.

Moreover, Akasha’s wounds were not limited to those caused by the holy sword. At the moment of leaping through the gate, the influence of the ‘sacred law’ left by Leon’s holy spear is still slowing down the regeneration of the body.

Indeed, the lion heart king. It was the power of a demon’s nemesis.

‘also… It has to be at the level of a monarch.’

The pinnacle of all evil. demon lords.

Although most of the demon lords died in that expedition, their strength is by no means inferior to that of the Lion Heart King.

No, rather, most demon lords were more powerful than Lionheart.

‘The reason why he was able to defeat Dotradon, the lord of pleasure, Malus, the lord of chaos, and Caracael, the lord of wisdom, in the Great War is thanks to the addition of his knights.’

The strength of the Lion Heart King is also strength, but the strength of the Holy Grail Knights and Knights under him is the main axis of the Lion Heart.

In the distant past, didn’t Malus, the lord of chaos, drive the Lionheart to the point of dying?

Without that flame monster, the Lion Heart King’s life would not have continued until now.

‘He’s at his weakest right now. Compared to the forces of the past, now it’s at the level of playing soldiers.’

It must be destroyed before it recovers its strength.

‘Actually, it’s already being prepared. Rakshaar soon… He awakens.’

The reason why he abandoned the new slaughterhouse and headed to ‘Korea’ was to support him.

“Dae, Grand Duke!”

It was then. The devil butler, a low-class demon of the castle, urgently found Akasha’s room.

“What-what’s going on?”

“They’re here! They’ve come all the way to the castle!”


Akasha roared at the Lion Heart King, who was marching to the front of her castle.

I don’t know what he did, but he opened the gate and invaded his territory.

To think of attacking directly into the Demon Realm where the demons live. He was also a fucking madman.

“How’s the support request…?”

“That, that’s…”

The butler demon hesitated, as if he was dumbfounded. There were numerous great demons in the nearest territory, but… … .

“The call… I didn’t respond.


devil prince. He is clearly the most powerful of demons after the Lord.

However, only the demon lord has the right to summon the great demons who lead the demon corps with territory.

Among the demons of slaughter who have ‘lost their ruler’, there is a lot of confusion about who has the authority to command.

‘Even if it wasn’t for that orc.’

The Lord of Carnage and Destruction died at his hands. The grand duke himself had lost his body and wandered for the past ten years.

“Murka… that damn bastard.”

Orc Great Khan. Like Lion Heart King, a being feared by all demons and causing competition.

Even if it wasn’t for him, the battle against Lionheart would have been a great battle involving all the monarchs and demon grand dukes.


“Dae Gong Gong?”

The butler nodded at Akasha, who suddenly made a loud noise. Akasha’s eyebrows narrowed.

‘The host… … .’

It wasn’t Akasha who had just spoken out. He was Cheon Ji-ho, the parasitic host.

I couldn’t believe I was this weak. Due to the deep wounds Akasha suffered, the host’s consciousness is awakening.

“Not good.”

Akasha has been searching for the perfect host to resurrect her body for many years.

Hosts with genius sword skills. Among the six hosts that have been through so far, Cheon Ji-ho was by far the best, but only one.

He had a genius body with talent that surpassed even this Cheonjiho.

“Thousand-So-Yeon. You must-find-that-girl-.”

Cheon Ji-ho’s body could not stand Leon. But what about Cheon So-yeon?

If you use that girl’s body as a host and fully bloom your potential with your own power… … .

One side of Akasha’s eyes glistened with greed.

‘So Yeon-ah… Run away.’

On the other side, my father’s bitter tears flowed.

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