The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 123 Parasite

Lee Yong-wan, who entered the demonic castle, sniped at the high-ranking demons.

The archer’s primary role in the raiding party is to snipe the enemy’s long-range troops.

However, thanks to the Legion Star Law developed by Leon, ranged weapons do not work on this side, but this side can be used without any problems.

In this vicious hand-to-hand combat, archers were naturally able to limit their targets.


A baptism of arrows being shot. Arrows loaded with magic cannot be compared to medieval archers. In particular, when it comes to Lee Yong-wan, an S-class hunter, each arrow is like a tank gun.


A demonic monster that runs silently even after being hit by Lee Yong-wan’s arrows. It was the Blood Minotaur, an advanced demon.

“Failure to stop! Break through head-on!”

“What kind of strength…!”

Lee Yong-wan, aware of the terrible breakthrough power of the monster infantry, fired an additional arrow, but he could not stop the Blood Minotaur, who crouched low and rushed at full speed.

‘Damn it, I need to go to the front and make sure I hit it!’

Uncharacteristically for an archer, he went to the front, trying to make sure the enemy shock infantry was eliminated.

However, in a field where thousands of troops collide, it is difficult for even an S-class hunter to lead easily.

‘It’s late!’

It was at that time that Yongwan remembered that the leading hunters would be torn apart.

“Raise your shield!”

A man’s voice boomed from the front. The voices that follow are united.

“”Raise your shield!!””

Shields erected at the forefront. The man-at-arms of Mansinjeon, including leader Kim Do-han, raise their shields in an orderly manner.

And the shock of the Minotaur, a senior demon blood. The soldiers in the lead flew backwards as if they were being thrown out, but that was all.

“Hold on…!”

The charge of the Blood Minotaur only pushed back the infantry in the lead, but it did not fulfill its role of breaking through the formation.


A demon that violently pushes away from a position that has already stopped. However, dozens of hunters in the back row endured by pushing each other’s backs with shields.

“Good job!”

It was then. A series of horses galloping through the complex castle quickly broke through the flanks of the demons. A red-haired girl jumped on top of a horse and swung a sword of boiling flame.

– Knock!

Dengur, the neck of a rolling demon. Hari, who cut off the thick Minotaur’s head with a single knife, crossed her gaze with Lee Yong-wan.

“Ah! Lee Yong-wan, guild leader! Hello!”

Hari bowed and bowed. Lee Yong-wan responded awkwardly.

“Uh, Chief Han.”

“The battle is urgent! I’ll greet you later!”

Perhaps because of the position of the Hunter Association staff, Hari, who had been raising greetings on every passing road, soon boarded my horse and went to the next battlefield.

“What are you looking at so blankly about?”

The voice behind her is Hayuri. She was clutching the necks of demons, no matter where she came from.

“What are those necks?”

“Demon wizards. They say they will reward you if you bring in a lot of supplies from the Pantheon.”


The devil’s eyes, which keep rolling their heads even after their heads are cut off, are grotesque. But there’s no reason to tackle it.

There was a message saying that high-ranking demons do not die even if their heads are cut off, so collect as much supply and demand as possible.

I’m sure they’ll pile it all up and burn it alive like human sacrifice.

A tragedy that would have been unimaginable to civilized people in the 21st century naturally comes to mind when interacting with the medieval Lionheart.

“Rather than that… I’m not kidding.”


“The Pantheon Hunters. Most of them must be C-class.”

“If you look at the potential, it’s almost B-class. If you look at the performance alone, it’s on par with the A-class raiding party.”


The center of activity in this siege was, of course, the Hunters of the Pantheon.

“The lower hunters are simply hard. If you lack strength, you can block them with the strength of your colleagues. There won’t be many guys who can break through that solid square.”

“We make up for the lack of attack power with special units like the Holy Grail Knights and breakthrough power like the Knights.”

It was like an army.

Existing hunters had a maximum of 100 raiding parties. Excluding historical crises such as the black gate, basically 20 people small, 50 small and medium, and 100 people large.

However, in the pantheon, the basic thousand units are taken and entered. The scale of the Pantheon is already at the level of an army in that the current power is not all-out.

And the analogy literally fell right.

The solidity of a thorough group and flexible troop management in a wide pool of talented people. A form of warfare rather than aggression.

‘It’s not like I didn’t think it was another guild.’

It was just practically impossible.

First of all, it was a sigh to take C-class or D-class hunters, and above all, there is a problem of ‘distribution’.

The reason hunters attack the gate is money after all.

Mine magic stones, acquire expensive items, and put them on the auction house. Sharing the profits from that is the basis of the Hunter raid team.

However, C-class and D-class hunters cannot even allocate the ratio of this distribution. Because it doesn’t help in combat.

At best, it is a daily wage system, but it is better for lower-ranking hunters to work as a team leader in a nogada game rather than working for a cheap daily wage.

‘How on earth can they become so strong and belong to a group?’

I’ve heard that it’s often notorious for being ten-guys and sugar-salt water, but what makes it possible to fight so loyally?

“Is it a religion…”

“What are you trying to enter?”


Lee Yong-wan could not answer Ha Yu-ri’s question. It was the time when I was pulling a bow to organize my complicated hair.

– Quaang! Aaaaaaaaaaaa!!

“”… … … … … ??!!”

An explosion that instantly buried the battlefield where spears collided with knives and screams of battle roared.

The hunters and demons, who had been stabbing their swords at each other a while ago, naturally looked upward.

– Quaang! Kwakkwakkwa!!

center of the castle. Something is going on on the top floor.

At first, I thought it was Yakt Spinner’s bombardment or Beatrice’s magic bombardment.

However, the frequency of consecutive bursts of binge drinking was different. The size of the explosion and the vibration of the violence are different.

Can something like this be done with a few taps of a railgun or magic bombardment? All living things in the castle led to the natural conclusion.

something is fighting

Something huge, crashing furiously at each other.

“Uh, uh…”

A shock wave so strong that even beast-type demons can be sedated by their ferocious momentum. They couldn’t control their trembling hands and stiffened.

The castle watchtower to the east, the animal breeding area to the west, and the square in the center.

A dizzying explosion that could be heard from all directions of the vast demonic castle. shock wave. The strong presence created by the aftermath of the collision.

All the living beings in the place do nothing but stare blankly at it.

It is instinctively realized.

If we marched any further,

If you retreat further,

that it dries up

This is what makes a shrimp’s back explode in a whale fight.

“Hee, hee…”

“Even run away…!?”

“It’s the king’s palace. Don’t make a fuss, you filthy ones.”

“”… … … … … !!!??””

At some point, without even realizing it, the man is in the middle of an army of demons.

A feeling of heavy pressure from the top of the head. A worm exposed to the gaze of an apex predator would have been better than this.

‘Even, you have to run away… … .’

‘but… If you move, you die!’

absolute presence. The horrors of all demons are before your eyes.

and vice versa. Even in the camp of men it stands.

“iced coffee……?”

10 year old girl. A young girl with an adult in front of her eyes, but everyone noticed. That girl holding the magic sword of wandering is without a doubt the Devil Grand Duke.

When everyone is immobilized by a sense of intimidation close to violence, the two turn to each other. The next moment, they clashed.


The ground you step on hard is crushed and a crater occurs,

Countless heads run away from the shockwave caused by the two colliding swords.

The footprints left by the two clashing people dance with the screams of the devil in the background.

‘Neither the sex law nor magic is being used!’

‘Is this possible with only pure sword fighting?’

Only then is it like a hobbit under the tap dancing giant. When everyone is shocked at this Mythical War, the two swordsmen frown as if full of displeasure.

‘It’s the best body. He’s young, innocent, and has great potential.’

Akasha was getting the utmost satisfaction from occupying Cheon So-yeon’s body.

Although the flowering of the body is regrettable, it can be replaced with vast magical power.

The important thing is this body’s sword talent. There is no one who can compare with this even among the demons of all ages.

Indeed, the successor to the first swordsman in Korea. It seems that this family’s talent is inherited from generation to generation.

‘Nevertheless… … .’

Even with such a superb body in hand, the opponent does not collapse.

Even though he is freely exercising all kinds of swordsmanship absorbed from the six major demons, Leon is able to stop it.

is that possible?

Swordsmanship is also a law that has compatibility. Leon’s swordsmanship is a straight, straight sword. I used a lot of swordsmanship, but I couldn’t even reach that thin skin.

Quicksword <Evil Serpent>

Serpent’s venom pierced Leon’s sword in a defensive stance, dizzyingly changing its trajectory.

It tried to pierce Leon’s chest, which had many gaps, but in an instant, the sharpened blade scratched the demonic sword’s pommel and blocked it.

The next moment, Leon’s bare hand grabbed the blade of the holy sword.

After being confident that his palm would not be cut, the half-sword held down pressed the demonic sword downward, and at the same time cut his thigh with the tip of the sword.


Akasha stepping back. Blood gushed from the thigh cut by the holy sword.

“Simple! He’s good at some tricks as well.”

An upright chivalrous sword that has truly walked the standard of standards. From the experience accumulated there, to the skill that changes in the field.

When it comes to Holy Grail Knights, it’s natural to be called a sword master, but Leon is the best among them.

“It’s great—that’s right. A mere—human, in technology——compared to the devil.”

“You bastard went the wrong way from the beginning.”


Akasha’s eyes sharpen at Leon’s contempt. Leon stared straight at the Grand Duke of Slaughter, who covered Cheon So-yeon’s shell.

“About 200 years ago, you had a proper body.

“That’s right—of course—”

“Parasite. What the king is referring to is not the size of your strength, but the skills you have accumulated.”


Akasha’s expression was stabbed to the point.

Yes, he was definitely stronger than he was 200 years ago. They once competed for the lordship of slaughter and destruction.

But the other side of Lionheart. In a great battle in the East, he lost his body.

“If you just lost your body, why didn’t you have that skill left?”


Yes. Akasha gives demonic swords to swordsmen around the world and leads them to destruction.

Finally, when the body of a mortal couldn’t handle the demonic energy, it was swallowed up along with the essence of that skill.

A sword demon that can grow endlessly and infinitely. That is the essence of the demon called Akasha.

Experience is not accumulated for this demon, which is essentially a mental body. Skills are not learned. The soul does not grow.


“What—isn’t that funny?”

“Parasite. Is this why the king has no choice but to call you a parasite? After seeing so many swordsmen’s swords… What an idiot who hasn’t mastered even one of his sword skills.”

If this isn’t a parasite, what should I call it?

At Leon’s sincere ridicule, Akasha burst into blazing rage.

“Don’t be afraid—at most——only 300 years——humans who haven’t lived——the subject!”

In the next moment, the explosive magic sword was swung towards Leon. The pressure of pure power without swordsmanship. It weighs down Leon.

“You will be defeated—all—evil—want—your—ruin.”

“No, Jim is never defeated.”

The demonic sword that was suppressed is gradually lifted. The golden holy sword rather pushed Akasha away and pressed her down.

‘In a power showdown… Losing to a human?’

This is your own estate. Everything on this earth backs itself up. But why is Leon’s sword so heavy?

said Leon.

“On Jim’s shoulders, the myth of eternity of the pantheon is with me. I am the unshakable justice.”‘

Justice cannot be defeated. There was no resistance that Akasagya could do in front of that shocking declaration.


pushed If it goes on like this, it will be cut. However, before the fear of death, I had no choice but to spit out the irrationality of his existence.

“Da, che… where – a monster like you….”

“It’s not a monster.”

Leon reached out with one hand holding the sword. Akasha’s eyes widened.

“I’m the lion heart king.”

The outstretched arm broke the purple earring.

* * * *


Akasha was in endless darkness.

The darkness of the abyss, where not even a single ray of light can be seen. Could a faint purple mixture be the only color in this world?

“Where is this…?”

In an instant, Akasha realized that her voice was coming out the way she wanted.

It wasn’t the unnatural voice that forced the parasite’s mouth to open, it was my first full voice.

Before I could admire it, they appeared in the dark.

[Whoop whoop… Didn’t your mother teach you not to eat anything?]

[My avenger kept his promise.]

A sinister existence full of darkness without a beautiful purple beauty and features. In the middle is a dark-haired girl.

“Cheon So-yeon…!”

How is that over there? Chun So-yeon cut off her words before she could even express her question.

“Is that enough?”

[Yes, how could a woman refuse what my Leon asked for?]

Fleur, the goddess of dreams and death, smiled and said,

Like most of the gods, they have infinite favor and affection for Leon, and he did as many requests as possible to borrow the power of the gods for one of their ‘seeds’.

[It is the soul of the Devil Grand Duke. Change remains.]

The evil god of darkness and vengeance agreed, saying it was a satisfactory deal.

“Please let me go. I don’t want to stay here for another second.”

[Leave the rest to the original woman and this. Although I can hear the priest’s regret a little.]

[The four priests of this generation are strange bitches. To use your ‘dream’ for such a purpose.]

[That’s why I like it even more. Aren’t our children rather model students?]

In the chatter of the gods, Akasha realized that she had been completely ignored. His anger is directed at Cheon So-yeon.

“Hold on to me! I’ll give you the power to destroy and kill everything!”


Cheon So-yeon winked at Akasha’s desperate proposal for a moment and then stretched out her hand.

Then it is. The temptation to power works for everyone. As long as you are human, can you forsake the devil’s temptation–

Contrary to Akasha’s expectations, the middle finger slowly rose.

Chun So-yeon said.

“Eat shit, you parasite bastard.”

After that, Soyeon disappeared in the darkness created by the gods.

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