The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 126: How to catch a giant with a serf

“What… catch?”

“I said to catch the giant.”


Everyone is dominated by doubts. Even the serfs seem to wonder what they have heard.

“Um… so… those giants who are the field bosses… to be captured?”

It is an orange gate owned by the association.

It’s powerful, but it’s a gate that’s being maintained as a training for raid bosses because the giant’s skin or nails, which are high-value drop items, come out.

However, since the giants are so powerful, the association can only come to the elite raiding party consisting of at least B-class and A-class members for training.

Hari has been there as a rookie, so he knows how powerful those giants are.

Its height reaches 8m by default, and its armament is only a bat, but its size is equivalent to that of a hundred-year-old tree.

One blow from the club would kill dozens of serfs.

A field boss of at least A rank. Originally, a large number of raiding parties would have to raid. It is a level that is impossible to attack alone unless you are an S-class hunter.

“Oh, is that so? You want to draw attention to the serfs and see what we do with them?”

“Only serf soldiers should catch them.”

“……I only have a dagger?”

“In the literature, it is said that it was only caught with a dagger.”


To the four knights full of questions, Leon carefully handed over a leather book as if he were enshrining a shrine.

“According to the Holy Grail Knight Lord Gratas’s ‘How to Catch a Giant with a Serf’, it is said that 500 serfs armed with daggers are enough to catch a giant.”

”Isn’t that enough?!”

Hari and the knights understood Leon’s calm attitude.

‘Your Majesty… ! You don’t care if all the serfs die!’

Even if the fighting power of the serfs was set high, they were D-class hunters. No matter how many D-class hunters gather, there is no way they can win against a giant who is at least an A-class field boss.

“Don’t judge ahead. I’m not doing this with the intention of killing all the serfs. Lord Gratas actually captured the giant with five hundred serfs.”

“And how many people died?”

“He died around three hundred.”

“Look at that! It’s a complete carnage!”

Three hundred out of five hundred died. It is said that more than half are dead. The serfs’ complexions turned pale as they listened, but Leon didn’t care.

“Who cares about the lives of serf worms.”

“I-I care? Do you guys too?”

“Uh, Hari-senpai, I’m…”

Jaehyuk wanted to say, “Why are you including us?”, but it was difficult for him to accept the suicide special attack, which he had to sacrifice three hundred out of five hundred.

“I don’t care.”

“Cheon So-yeon?!”

Everyone turns their heads in astonishment. Cheon So-yeon has a cynical expression, as if asking what she is looking at.

“Your Majesty must have meant it. They’re demon followers in the first place. What if a few die?”

“No, no…! But, oh…!”

Hari was on the verge of losing her senses at the harsh remarks of her junior.

“Your Majesty… do you have a deep meaning?”

Suho’s question that was not seen. Suho knew that this savage and discriminatory classist always had a deep meaning.

Could there be something they don’t know about?

“No, I want to recreate the legendary serf challenge of Lord Gratas.”

“”… … .””

Selfish MAX. He was not particularly interested in saving the serfs and raising them as strong soldiers or using them for useful purposes.

Oh, you caught a giant as a serf? Are you hitting it? I’ll have to give it a try too.

this kind of emotion. A white plantation owner who had black slaves in a fistfight would have done better than this.

At least the farmhands wouldn’t have thrown them as food to the monsters to die.

“your majesty…….”

Hari made a sad face at Leon’s determined attitude.

I know he hates the devil. However, being cruel to Lee Idji was difficult even for those who served Leon.

“The serfs… you gave them a chance. To wash away their sins for 50 years….”

“It did.”

“Then at least… I don’t think it’s okay to drive them to a dog death like this.”

Harry’s opinion is perfectly justified. In the warmth of the rule of law in the 21st century, they believed that minimum human rights existed even for criminals.

If criminals are unconditionally treated harshly, their rehabilitation is impossible, and society collapses. The law must be fair and just, but it must be just.

Leon knew what Hari was worried about. I know how that humanity was exercised.

Because he is such an innocent and kind child, the gods favor him.


“Serfs are not people.”


Harry doesn’t understand. Leon gestured to a serf.

“There you. Pig. Come closer.”

“Yes, yes…!”

The one who trembled at being called by Leon was Veron, who was the village chief in a village in the Grand Duke of Devils.

A person from the same world as Leon and a soldier commander in the Imperial Army. Leon asked him.

“What sins did you commit as a human being?”

“Yes? That, that’s…”

Veron hesitated to answer. But since he didn’t want to answer, I had to.



When Tatar’s leash burned Veron’s neck, he had no choice but to obey the order.

“Four, murder! Murder committed!”

“Tell me more.”

“I killed my husband and raped my wife and daughter! The corpse was scooped up and eaten, and human sacrifice was made!”


Veron glanced at Hari. I could feel the cold contempt from Hari, who had just pityed the serfs.

“What was the most enjoyable sin? How did you feel?”

“That, that’s… Aaaaaaaagh! Yes, to the demons of slaughter! I selected the little ones to offer… I threw them into a pit and let them kill each other! It was so fun to see them kill each other for their lives——”

“You’re not even a dog like this!”

Unheard of, Jaehyuk kicked Veron. Relentless beatings hit him as he fell.


Looking at that, Hari had sad eyes, but there was no sympathy.

“I despise serfs. If I had the chance, I’d like demon followers to die in agony. In some ways I hate them more than demons. Do you know why?”

“How… are you standing?”

“The people who were born evil and do evil, and those who could be good but still do evil. What is more evil?”

Leon’s words made Hari think a lot. He also recalled Veron’s excuses Leon had been urging.

Those who could have been good, but chose the path of evil. those who have no room for sympathy.

“Look. They are absolute evil. They are not worth living. They have only one chance as serfs!”

Because they are not demons.

Even if you commit a demonic sin, it is not pure evil. Reaping that soul and giving it a chance to purify.

This alone is a great mercy.

“Before your test, Jim will demonstrate first.”

Leon took just five hundred serfs and headed for one of the giants.

* * * *

The giant in the front reached 9m in height, and the club he was holding was huge, as if several people were attached to it.

Being big becomes physical violence in itself. In that sense, the serfs were at a loss as to how to defeat the giant.

Among them, Beal, who was quite brave, had to spit out a vague feeling.

“Lung, Your Majesty… Uh, how are you supposed to catch a giant?”

It was a mortal sin for a serf to dare to speak to the Lion Heart King, but Leon didn’t care as he turned over the pages of the bible ‘How to catch a giant with a serf’ left by Gratas.

“Hmm… Let’s see. According to Lord Gratas’ theory…”

「How to catch a giant with a serf」

If the giant’s physical strength is 3,000, the attack power of the serf holding the dagger can be said to be 1.


If you succeed in a thousand attacks, it will cause negligible bleeding.

If you succeed in 2,000 attacks, you will die of excessive blood loss.

If it was three thousand times, wouldn’t it be possible to kill it with certainty?

“Hmm, indeed an intuitive and logical argument.”

So, I, Gratas, revealed to the serfs that they could catch the giant if they stabbed it at least six times per second.

Haha, can’t 500 people stab 3,000 times? If I can’t stab you, I’ll die.

“Cancer. No way.”

“”… … … … … .””

When I explained how to catch the giant, all the serfs turned white.

This madman is out to kill us!

Beal had a hunch that this would not be the end.

Even though more than a thousand people died in the Demon Grand Duke, they were vicious writers who were not included in the ‘number of maritalities’.

Can it last 50 years? never will Beal immediately recalled a genius idea that flashed through his mind.

‘okay! Let’s just get rid of it now! It’s easier to die early!’

After 50 years of vicious bullying, wouldn’t it be better to die than to live a life where you don’t know when you’ll die!


Beal suddenly charged at the giant. At that time, Jaehyuk witnessed a system message.

[‘How to catch a giant with serfs’ grants a buff to serfs.]

– Increases attack power by 20% against giants.

“Ohhh… Increased damage to all serfs!”

However, a 20% increase in attack power from just 1 only raised it to 1.2. Of course, the premise was that the attack would succeed.


When he shouted as hard as he could, Beal, who was running away, was crushed by the giant’s club and died instantly. Pieces of what used to be a beal stuck to the giant’s club.


Leon knew Beal’s goal and tried to absorb its soul with the Holy Grail. But then–


The soul that flowed out of Beal let out a tearing scream and was quickly absorbed somewhere.

[‘How to catch a giant with serfs’ grants a buff to serfs.]

– Increases attack power by 20.0001% against giants.

-If successful, the buff is permanently applied.

A bible that absorbed Beal’s soul. Jaehyuk, noticing the buff that was different from before, shouted.

“Lung, Your Majesty! Increased from 20% attack power buff to 20.0001%!”


“”… … … … … !!!!””

what did that just mean? The survival instincts of the serfs spun their brains quickly.

A serf died and his soul was absorbed, increasing the amount of the buff by 0.0001%? So where is the existing 20%? no way… … .

”Isn’t it that you ate the blood of 200,000 people and gave them a 20% buff!!”

“Sure, it’s a Bible with mystical powers. Lord Gratas left behind a great treasure!”

It’s not a bible, it’s a magic book! The book of the devil who eats people!!

“Now you understand. Go and die.”



Can I miss it? No, I don’t think it’s a slip of the tongue, is it? It must be because of the mood.

Everyone is in a dreadful dilemma… someone shouted.


If you don’t kill, you die. Even if you die, your soul will be captured by that magic book!

Then you have no choice but to kill and live!

Four hundred and ninety-eight serfs rushed in unison, following the lead of the serfs.

At the scene of the mad assault, Hari thought.

“Self-sufficient gains… yes, self-sufficient gains…”

If I didn’t think so, I thought I would turn around. Everyone thought so.

* * * *

Caught a giant.

The damage was less than expected. One hundred and forty-three people were killed by the giant’s club, but it was thanks to the giant choking on the serf.

After swallowing three serfs at once, the airway was blocked, and the giant stumbled and then fell backwards, and the serfs were able to catch the giant with relatively little damage.

It was truly miraculous.

[‘How to catch a giant with serfs’ grants a buff to serfs.]

– Increases attack power by 20.0144% against giants.

– The buff is permanently applied.

-Turn it off!

For a moment it sounded like the bible had burped, but the serfs and knights tried to ignore it.

“Ohh~ Is it a permanent buff? Indeed, how much effort Lord Gratas must have put into creating this bible… It’s really amazing.”

Leon, who worships the magic book made with the blood of 200,000 serfs, like a shrine. He now turned his gaze to the knights.

“Well, now that we’ve set an example, you guys should do it. The one who caught the giant with the most damage… no, the one with the least damage will be given the position of knight commander.”

“Your Majesty, my true feelings have flowed out.

It was then. ‘How to catch a giant with a serf’ suddenly started to shine.

“Huh? There’s a new message in the system window!”

[Grail Knight Gratas’ ‘How to catch a giant with a serf’ will reveal true power.]

[Grail Knight Gratas’ ‘Serf Challenge’ creates a new table of contents.]

1. Hunt giants as serfs: Increase attack power by 20.0144% (permanent)

2. Hunt trolls as serfs: Increase attack power by 43.5668% (temporarily). If successful, proceed to the next step.



When everyone who wanted to avert their eyes from this terrible reality was silent, Leon clashed his palms in awe.

“How can it be! How wonderful! Sir Gratas! How could he have left behind such a great relic! At this moment, I cannot find anyone more honorable than Sir!!”

Leon smirked like a child receiving a Christmas present.

He looked happy.

a lot.

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