The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 127 Gunlar’s Seed

“Otherwise, the left side is empty! Dig in there!”

“Oh, I’m here, but what do I do here?”

“Shouldn’t I hold on to my legs…?”

“What bullshit is that——!?”


– Increases attack power by 20.0556% against giants.

88 Serfs Remaining in Hanhari. success

“Run quickly! I mean, avoid the club on your own!”

“Aaaaaaagh! You bastard!”

“Uh, you bastard who just cursed, start tearing off the giant’s cheeks!”

– Increases ATK against giants by 20.0934%.

Kim Jae-hyeok 32 remaining serfs. success.

“Ugh! Fall down!”

“Heh, heo…! Oh, Mom… I’m alive!”

– Increases attack power by 20.1432% against giants.

Han Su-ho Two remaining serfs. success.

It was an abyss. In order to hunt the giant, the candidates for the leader of the knights pushed the serfs into a tearful butt show.

As a result, everyone succeeded somehow. Finally, only Cheon So-yeon remains.

“The person in front died? Are you going to avenge the person behind you?”

“Oh, um…”

“Say revenge.”

“Ha, I will! Aagh! Sergey! I will avenge you!”

“–That’s it.”

[Keuk, now your soul is mine.]

[Specify multiple targets. It is strengthened by consuming souls.]

Cheon So-yeon strengthened the serfs by mediating Ventasis, the god of vengeance. Thanks to this, the serfs, who became stronger by gnawing their souls, gave effective hits to the giants as well.

154 Serfs Remaining in Cheon So-yeon.

It was possible to catch the giant with the least sacrifice of 346 people.

“Hmm, good. Great.”

The serfs under Ha-ri somehow improved their specs while receiving the buffs of the two gods, and Jae-hyeok embarrassed the giant with aggressive management.

Suho had a bad match, but the goddess of justice, Ariana’s buff, didn’t have much effect on the vicious serfs.

“Cheon So-yeon. Let you assume the position of knight commander.”


Cheon So-yeon actively operated the god contracted with her holy power.

If the front slave falls behind, the latter takes revenge. This was possible because Ventasis was an evil god with broad terms and conditions.

“Bringing multiple contracts using the right to command the serfs. It was a very efficient decision.”

“……Did you do well?”

“Yes. It was an admirable part even for Jim to see.”


Soyeon blushed and smiled lightly.

“Hanhari, you have a natural gift, so you gave proper protection to the serfs, but you lacked boldness in managing them. Serfs are consumables, so for the purpose, use them generously.”

“Umm… yes…”

Next to Hari was Jaehyuk.

“Kim Jae-hyeok, for the first time, your bold movements were impressive. However, there are a lot of useless parts in the order that confused the serfs.”

“Kuhmm… There were a lot of mistakes.”

“Well, that’s how you learn. You’re a dying serf. You just have to keep saving it, so practice generously.”

– Dog, bastard… … .

The surviving serfs were in trouble, but Leon didn’t care. Why would you care about a pig grunting?

“Han Soo-ho.”

“Yes, yes…”

Suho was at a loss. Two remaining serfs. It would have failed if the giant had not collapsed from excessive blood loss.

“You just didn’t have a good match. The protection of the light is not suitable for managing serfs.”

“I’m sorry though—”

“So I will give you five hundred more serfs!”


Leon pats Suho on the shoulder and laughs heartily.

“In the past, Lord Gratas planned the serf challenge to efficiently reduce the number of rotting serfs. It was to bury the bob-sucking serfs while strengthening security by dealing with monsters around.”


“You have a knack for dropping serfs into hell! Keep working hard!”


Suho thought.

Could this person actually be the devil?

* * * *

In the middle of the Naju Plain.

In the middle of the wide golden field, where the harvest season was approaching, Leon was looking at a sapling.

“It doesn’t grow any more.”

What Leon is looking at is the ‘seedling’ passed on to him by his old friend, the sage of the forest, Gunlar.

Leon planted it to grow it in the Naju Plain, but it didn’t grow at all.

Of course, I know that this seedling is not an easy-to-grow seed, but I never thought it would be this much.

[As expected, it’s not easy to grow tree men’s seedlings in a foreign land.]

The owner of the voice was Demera, the goddess of earth and fertility, who dwelled in the crested doll.

She was able to communicate directly with Leon, but recently seemed to enjoy nesting in the crested doll. Gods also have small hobbies, so Leon took care of her convenience.

“Is it because the soil is of poor quality?”

[It is not. Because this is already a place where my blessing dwells.]


[The difference between this place and Lionheart is the difference in the holy power that fills the world after all.]

The religion of the pantheon is spreading throughout the world day by day. However, if it is compared to Lionheart, it is never at the level of comparison.

There is no way to dare to compare a world where all people except cultists and devil followers believed in and a new religion that expanded its influence through cult-like popularity.


Leon placed his palm on the seedling of Treeman Gunlar, which had grown to the level of a seedling. And the enormous holy power poured out.

Then the seedlings began to grow. Absorbing Leon’s holy power, it grew to the point of reaching Leon’s waist.

This alone is a great growth, but… … .

[It’s not enough.]

“I don’t think it’s a problem of lack of holy power.”

[Yes, maybe this is a matter of temper.]

Demera looked at the sapling with Leon and continued.

[Aga has more powerful holy power than anyone else, but it is not pure. Aga holds the power of too many gods.]


[I don’t know if there are even my Holy Grail Knights… It must have been a fluke.]

Demera remembered Geobrick’s hammer. The precious child’s hammer that he lost.

And the great power he left behind has yet to find a true successor. At least, Goo Dae-seong received some recognition.

“I’ll have to find a way to grow the seedlings. The most convenient thing is to go back to Paradise and find my friends.”

[Don’t do that.]

Demera shook her head.

[It is never good for the living to stay in the world of the dead. No matter how strong you are.]

“I can stand it.”

[Even if Castile wants to stay together for one night?]


Leon was silent when the familiar name was mentioned. Demera continued to mention names.

[Even if Zereah asks to drink together? Even if Gillingham wants to tourney with you? Even if Loxley wants to finish the match he couldn’t finish?]

Demera patted Leon with the crest doll’s arm and said in a benevolent voice.

[My child, all the gods know your transcendent will and nobility. But as a half-god, half-human, can you really just pass by the memories that took over your life?]

A moment’s hesitation, even a moment’s harmony is poison to the living. Demera knows that all the memories and joys Leon had were with those in paradise.

Friendship, love… Those who shared all the memories are buried in paradise.

[It may be short-lived at first. But the second time it will be a little longer. The third time, you’ll think you want to stay here longer.]

Leon couldn’t dispute Demera’s guess.

[baby. Although this mother thinks that it is better to refrain from entering the paradise that is only allowed for you, unless it is absolutely necessary.]

“I will listen carefully to the words of my great mother.”

Leon couldn’t forsake Demera’s dissuade from pure worry.

* * * *

On the way back, Leon ran into Beatrice, who happened to be out for a walk.

“Your Majesty, did you go for a walk?”

“Hmm, I’ve been looking at some saplings.”

“You’ve been looking at it often lately. What kind of power does it have that you’re trying to raise?”

At Beatrice’s question, Leon realized that he had never explained this kind of thing before.

“This is the seedling of Gunlar, Jim’s old friend and sage of the forest. The sages of the forest prepare the seedlings of the Saint Tree, which will be the center of the forest for the rest of their lives.”

Beatrice nodded when she explained that it was the only way for Treemen, beings of nature, to prosper.

“Your Majesty, do you want your family to prosper in this land?”

“There is that, but the Saint Tree is also the cornerstone of the temple where Irmin, the god of forests and trees, descends.”

“The sacredness of forests and trees… I’ve heard of them in doctrine, but I’ve never met them.”

As the priestess of dreams and death, Beatrice met and greeted various gods with Yapi.

Among them, I have never met the divinity of forests and trees.

“Because he is a god for the tribes of the forest. In addition, he cannot wake up without the Saint Tree.”

In Leon’s world, there were divinities called tribal gods. Among the gods, they belonged to the lower gods because they protected only a narrow race, and there were restrictions to that extent.

“It’s also the reason why the evil gods of the damn orcs and beasts couldn’t enter the pantheon.”

But that doesn’t mean their gods are weak. Right now, even the orc gods boasted the strongest power among the gods.

“Then, is there any reason to bring Irmin-nim down?”

“Yes. The moment he descends on this earth, perhaps, around this Korean Peninsula, divinity that few demons can survive will bloom.”

one country… No, a powerful divine power that can affect more than that?

Beatrice, who knew the mechanism by which the power of the gods worked, had doubts.

“Wasn’t the power of the gods formed based on faith? Why is it only him… Ah.”

With her extraordinary brain, Beatrice immediately realized why Irmin was different from other gods.

“The tribal god… The divinity mechanism is different from other gods.”

“The Saint Tree is a repeater that generates holy power on its own, like the lion heart implanted in Jim. Because it has the power to purify evil, demons cannot approach the area around the Saint Tree.”

Indeed, if it is a seedling with that kind of power, it is absolutely necessary to nurture it.

Right now, Beatrice alone has lost so many people and missed the corrupt people due to the sabotage of demons hiding in the city.

“Then, Your Majesty. I have a way.”

Beatrice’s Tomb.

It was to use the seedling itself as the coordinates of the gate.

* * * *

Beatrice’s suggestion is as follows.

By using the seedling itself as the coordinates of the gate, it jumps to the gate where the Treemen are.

If it was there, there might be a way to find out about the species.

“Pile the magic stones over there. Let the civilians within 300m evacuate.”

The magic stones piled up one after another in the middle of the Mansinjeon barracks. Magic Stones are always enough for the Manshin Battle, which combines training and clears the gate regardless of fire or recklessness.

Nevertheless, the amount of magic stones piled up like a mountain is enough to make the viewer feel sick.

“Your Majesty, could you place a seedling in the middle?”

Leon brought the seedlings he had planted in the Naju Plain and placed them in the middle of the magic circle.

A seedling left to him by Gunlar. If we open the gate through this, will we be able to meet Gunlar again?

I was looking forward to it a little.

“Vice. Can you open the gate?”

“I see.”

Beatrice opened the gate. The oscillating magic formation swallows up the mountain of magic stones and causes cracks in the space.


Magic stones that disappear every moment. The energy of the magic stone, which has turned into smoke, further accelerates the rift. Even a hemp of this size would be impossible to cast unless you were a magician on the level of Beatrice.


The opened gate was ‘colorless’.


“It’s the first gate I’ve seen!”

A gate with no color other than the existing black, red, orange, and yellow. Even Leon felt threatened inside this gate.

“This gate needs to be approached carefully.”

“Yes, I think it would be better to send only a small number of elites as a reconnaissance party.”

Originally, he had intended to steadily attack the gate with the Knights and Man-at-Arms.

However, the enormous energy felt inside the gate asked Leon to be cautious.

“This gate will be reconnaissance first with a small number of elites, including Jim. Combatants below the level of Knights of the Kingdom must wait.”

Rather than attack, the goal is to reconnaissance, capture, and rapid retreat. Leon’s judgment is extremely rational.

“Then let’s enter. Everyone be careful.”

With Leon at the head, the elites of the pantheon enter one after another. That was the last time Yapi entered.


Something bounced out of the gate with a roar.


“your majesty?!”

The person who jumped out of the gate was none other than Leon.

[Found a duplicate person. You cannot enter the gate.]

inside the gate. It rejected Leon and released vast holy power.

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