The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 128: Lion Heart (1)

A treasure trove of brilliant kingdoms.

A cunning snake-headed monster is examining the books in a place containing thousands of years of kingdom history.

The story of the teachings of the gods and the knights who follow them.

Interesting even for demons who seem to have gathered all the world’s notions of wealth… No, they are more interesting history books because they are demons who are constantly searching for wisdom.

What an irony, the capital of the kingdom, which once had the splendid glory of the gods, also fell into the hands of evil.

Most interesting of all are those who change the law with their mortal status.

Holy Grail Knight.

There has been a movement to investigate and explore them from the long past.

However, even with the power of the demons, it was difficult to control the monster knights who dealt with the power of the concept even after capturing them.

The Holy Grail Knight of the Earth, who was captured about a hundred years ago, has not yet been corrupted, and recently, the Glacial Duke of Greed and the Holy Grail Knight of Flame have become friends.

Even demons who have lived for thousands of years have never seen beings like these knights.

From the point of view of ‘living beings’, that is, mortals, they must be creatures at the peak of all dimensions.

Among them, the lion heart king of Tang Dynasty is the best.

The man who killed the Lord of Chaos, who spearheaded the invasion 24 years ago, starting with the Great Collapse of the Empire.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the end of the world was set back 30 years as he defeated the Lord of Chaos.

Recently, my disciple also had his limbs ripped off by his hand.

But now that is over.

Their capital has fallen into the hands of evil, and it will be swept away like fallen leaves in front of the forces of absolute evil that they cannot endure.

The snake-headed demon intends to secure as much knowledge of this world as possible until the last day comes.


It was then. The sound of space vibrating in the world. Only this demon who reached the end of his foreknowledge noticed that it was so subtle that no one would notice.

“Is there anyone other than us handling the gate?”

The snake-headed fingers pointed into the air. The finger of evil creates waves in the world and synchronizes with space.

coordination and interference.

In the next moment, evil magic beyond the limits of space intervened in the dimensional rift.

* * * *


As Hari entered the gate, her eyelids twitched as she felt the unique spread of light.


It was Hari who had attacked numerous gates, but the gate in front of him was different from the gates in the past.

It’s devastated.

The earth was dry, the air was stuffy, and the sky was black as if no moonlight had shone. okay… Just like the Devil Grand Duke.

“Peha, what the hell is this place?”

Hari turned her head and found Yapi and Beatrice. There is also Suho and Jaehyuk Soyeon. Everyone who entered together caught their eye.

Except for Leon.

“…that’s a big deal.”

Even Beatrice put on a puzzled expression at the current situation.

It’s different from the Grail Knight Zereah. At that time, I did not know that I had to open the gate for the first time and engrave the arrival coordinates.

But not anymore. Beatrice fully grasped the gate, and it was not a task to specify all those who entered with one coordinate.

“Your Majesty… it seems you couldn’t enter.”

“Uh, why didn’t His Majesty come in?”

“I don’t know either. Let’s go out the gate and double check.”

Everyone agreed with Beatrice’s words. The first ever colorless gate. there may be some threat

Unless a solution can be found to resolve the anomaly, a strategic retreat is the smart way to go.

“Then, enter the gate again——”

It was then. The gate they rode through suddenly started to shake and start to collapse!

“Back off!!”

The party walks away from the gate at Beatrice’s urgent voice. In the next moment, the space where the gate was was crushed and swallowed.

The gate is about to disappear. Beatrice hurriedly poured her mana, but it only delayed the disappearance by three seconds.



The overwhelming magic that tried to destroy the gate and the magic that reversed after the collision. Beatrice coughed up blood as she clutched at her pounding heart.

“Are you okay?!”

Beatrice stopped Hari from rushing to jump. She couldn’t hide her frustrated expression.

“This much magic…”

It’s like being hit by a dump truck that’s going at full speed. Even Beatrice, who circulates all the mana of the natural keeper and takes it as her own, could not stand even for a moment in front of this endless source of mana.

A monster that handles magical powers, but seems to be magical power itself. Was there ever such a wizard in this world?

“Miss Hari… check the quest.”

“Oh, old… old!”

Hari urgently checks the message window. A blue window shines in her golden eyes.

[Quest: ■After ■Before ■■ ■■ Under ■.]

“Uh huh?”

The system message was garbled and unreadable. As if someone intervened.

“What the hell is this…”

Beatrice swallowed the stuffy air and suppressed her stuffy chest. Something is strange. Even if it’s wrong, it’s firmly wrong.

– Start reconnaissance.

Yapi unfolded the simple satellite he brought with him. After several experimental maneuvers, the gate satellite is close to completion.

Once it was launched into space, it would be possible to inspect the world inside the gate as much as possible.

A satellite launch vehicle flying rapidly into space via an ion propellant. It was the moment when the satellite that reached the stratosphere in an instant shone with small lights.



Blue energy flying leaving an intense light in the sky. It flew through the sky like an arrow and shot down a satellite that entered orbit.

-Specific firing point. 140 km from here. We will conduct force reconnaissance.

Yapi launched a reconnaissance drone at the same time as the satellite was shot down. The drones that embroider the sky in an instant quickly capture the enemy.

-Acquisition of aptitude beings. There are many flying objects. Call for an immediate retreat.

“Cool…! I guess… it seems that it fell in a bad place.”

Beatrice pulled the horse’s reins while swallowing blood.

A group of people running through the plains. Yaphie also leads the way with a huge steel leg and finds a safe place.

“Queen! A flying object is approaching from the rear!”

Jaehyuk exclaimed urgently. As the saying goes, there are a series of groups flying in the red sky.

– Caw! Caw!

Crow’s head and black wings. The upper body and lower body are those of a monster rather than a human.

– Responsive shooting. Limited use of firepower.

Yafi’s cannon is aimed into the air. The next moment, da da da da da da da da da da da! Lightning rained down.

– Caw!

– Kyaaaaaagh!

Crows falling from the sky with no cover. But it’s not just them that are chasing them.

-Accessing additional aptitude factors.

“Me-what is that!”


Huge spider-like monsters run. There were well over fifty of them, larger than chariots in size.

“Oh, Ultima…”

Jaehyuk raised his spear and offered his prayer to the sky. Then the clouds stirred and a single flash hit the ground.


A thunderbolt strikes through the middle of the spider monsters. The power of Ultima that Jaehyuk struck down was certainly strong enough to kill quite a few large monsters in one blow. but… … .

“What, what? Just one?”

Except for the spider that was directly hit, the remaining spiders fiercely pursue them. Even with the strongest spell of thunder among the spells, that much damage?

It was the time when Jaehyuk, who thought he could fly at least four or five, panicked and tried to sing thunder again.

-Fire the main railgun.

bang! A railgun that rides on rails and performs super-electronic acceleration. The railgun shooter fired by Yappe penetrated seven monster spiders straight from the front.


Huge monster spiders roar in anger and chase after you. However, since it was hard to tell in the dark, Hari fired the holy power of flames high into the sky instead of flares.

The intense fireworks that can be seen from afar are like those of a fireworks festival.

And the terrible realities that are revealed as the world lights up.


“What, what…!”

Black things are coming. Dirty black things like encroaching on the world.

“What, what so many?!”

In the air, on the ground, monsters pour down like a tidal wave. Even if Yaffe calculates the optimal route, he can’t find a way out.

-A large number of enemy colonies are approaching. Estimated about 5,354.

Yafi deployed all her armaments. Rail gun, chain gun, and steel wire bearing holy power hang down.

When everyone was ready to face the upcoming enemy forces, they emerged from the darkness.

– Kwak!

It was a sound from far away.

A light and exciting sound, completely different from the sound of crawling insects crawling in the dark… There was a roar that was destructive.

-Pour down, wrath of the thundercrown.

Divine Punishment <The Tempest of Anger>

The sky trembled and thunderstorms poured down like rain.

Flashes of lightning that seemed to cover the ground washed away the black stains on the ground.

The knight of super power leads a group of knights to break through the middle of the monster while pouring out the wrath of the sky on the ground.

“Break through the center!”


It was a group of only 200 horsemen. Making a head-on charge into a cluster of monstrous spiders in the form of a wedge is close to a suicide charge no matter how rationally you think about it.


For a moment, the panicked attack by the two transcendents fills the space with darkness to swallow the light that hundreds of monster spiders run fearlessly.

If you calculate the mass alone, it is well hundreds of times. But at the moment of collision–

Legion Spell <Wedge Charge>


Monsters flew through the sky.

It bounces off even with an overwhelming mass at an impossible amount of impact.

The wedge-shaped assault formation instantly pierced the tidal wave of monsters with the momentum to pierce everything in front of them.

-Kiii… …


The spider monsters become cautious in front of the Knights’ overwhelming combat power. While they hesitated, the knights arrived right in front of them.

“I came to feel the energy of strong holy power, but these are the faces I’ve never seen before.”

A man in golden armor stood in front of them.

“I am Gillingham Ulan, Holy Grail Knight of Ultima, the Divine Sky and Thunder. You guys…”

He looked around at Yapi and the half-dead Beatrice before turning the nose.

“Let’s get out of here for now. The lightning will stop soon.”

“Ah yes!”

-Kick! strategic retreat.

The road they passed through was soon filled with monster spiders, but they did not pose any obstacle to the Holy Grail Knight of Thunder.

Uhlan’s thunderbolts roared, and Yapi’s wires severed the monstrous spiders. They were finally able to break through the monster spiders.

* * * *

Gillingham, the Holy Grail Knight, asked a question after securing safety.

“I witnessed the holy power and sought it once, but what are your identities? Especially…”

Gillingham’s gaze turned to Yaffi. The fuselage of the eight-legged multi-legged chariot made the knights even look suspicious that it might be one of the monsters.

No, rather, it is natural to regard them as monsters, but the knights are not sending a hostile gaze.

“Knight of iron and blacksmithing. I feel you have holy power comparable to mine guardian Sir Antoc.”


“Sir Antok should be fine…”

“We are those from the borders of the realm.”

It was Beatrice who opened her mouth.

“Lady, are you feeling well?”

“Thanks for your concern. More than that… how is the situation in the kingdom?”

Beatrice was surrounded by ‘devil spiders’. And they made a rough guess that someone claiming to be a Holy Grail Knight had appeared.

That this is the Lionheart Kingdom and the situation is invaded by demons.

“I came running, worried about the kingdom, but the demons delayed it. Lord Gillingham, can you tell me the situation?”

“Hmm… I wasn’t considerate of you. Ever since Lord Vulcanus and the Prince of Lust disappeared in the battle on the Landolce Plains, the kingdom has been beaten by them.”

Beatrice could easily hear from Gillingham about the situation here.

It is thanks to the powerful holy power and being armed with star iron weapons, the symbol of the Lion Heart Knight, that he was not suspected.

To summarize the situation:

This is the world of Leon, where demons are invading.

The empire has already collapsed, and the heart of the kingdom, the capital, has been occupied.

It is said that the Lionheart gathered all the remnants of the empire and the different races such as elves, treemen, and dwarves to form a united front.

Even the fact that the Knights of the Holy Grail have been dispatched to various parts of the kingdom to gather survivors.

“Queen… Miss Beatrice…”

Hari asked anxiously, changing the title of Beatrice.

“Yes, the situation is more serious than we thought.”

Undoubtedly. This gate, Leon, had a great battle ahead of him, where he had a final battle with the demons.

How long did it run like that? Surprised by the expansive scope of the gate, the party arrived at the place Gillingham wanted to guide them to.


Seeing it, everyone was amazed.

Fertile plains with rivers. A huge military camp there… No, there was one city.

On one side, fields of golden wheat grow, huge tree-men move materials, and on top of watchtowers there are pointed ears watching the surroundings with sharp eyes.

An endless number of soldiers and knights. They filled the military camp on a scale they had never dared to imagine.

“oh my god…….”

“Um, are all those people knights?”

Hari and the others know what Lionheart’s knights are like.

Right now, they were at a level that surpassed quite a few top-level hunters.

Even the soldiers of Lionheart were unusual beings.

and its center. In the center of the city is an endlessly high altar. A huge temple that stands tall like a pyramid.

Gillingham said.

“Humanity’s last sacred place. Welcome to the Pantheon.”

Along with the royal capital, the most important facility in the Lionheart Kingdom.

where the gods reside.

There is the Lion Heart King.

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