The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 129 Lion Heart (2)

The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 129 Lion Heart (2)

Leon Dragonia Lionheart’s 63rd year. Summon the Monarch Demon Malus in the Imperial Capital.

In King Leon’s 62nd year, excluding Zereah, the Holy Grail Knight of Dreams and Death, who was annihilated during the holy relic convoy mission, he leads the eleven Holy Grail Knights and Priests to attack the army of chaos.

King Leon Defeats Malus, the lord of chaos, after a war from 62 to 66 years.

Destroy 1.33 million of the demon corps of chaos and 980,000 demon followers under the 13th elector of the empire.

Ascension of Manan, Holy Grail Knight of the Sea and Waves.

Ascension of Kilian, the Holy Grail Knight of Life and Abundance.

About 3,000 knights from 14 kingdoms warriors.

10,000 pilgrims and 270,000 warriors in the kingdom army.

22.7 million Imperials and Kingdoms killed.

Winter of the year 66 of King Leon.

Demon Corps 2nd large-scale invasion begins.

Karakael, the demon lord of wisdom and exploration.

Dotradon, the demon lord of pleasure and corruption.

Scarblood, the demon lord of slaughter and destruction.

Thirteen million demons under his command. More than five million followers of demons and cultists of beast gods.

demise of the empire.

Elven forest burned down.

Annihilate the Dwarven Mountains.

The fall of the eastern kingdom of heaven.

The tenth quarter of the Lionheart Kingdom’s territory is devastated.

King Leon’s 85th year.

The kingdom was on the brink of destruction.

* * * *

The city pantheon where the allied forces were stationed was busy moving wherever they went.

Soldiers were constantly vigilant around the military camp, and commoner light cavalry went out on reconnaissance missions from time to time, and fired a signal flare calling for the knights of the kingdom where military intervention was needed.

The priests used their own surnames to grow crops or make weapons, and the refugees also helped with whatever was necessary.

Trenches are built, dunes are cultivated, soldiers are trained.

In the war against the devil that has been going on for more than 20 years, they have been uniting and continuing the war.

“His Majesty went south to join the remnants. He’ll be back soon, so stay tuned.”

Gillingham, the Holy Grail Knight, temporarily assigned Beatrice and the others to the military camp and left in search of his mission.

In the meantime, each party found something to do.

Beatrice visited the wise men of the forest to find out about Gunlar, which was her original purpose, and Yapi also started to wander around in a minimal-sized body for information reconnaissance.

The only ones left are Hari, Jaehyuk, Suho and Soyeon.

The four knights were at a loss for a while before deciding to help with chores at the camp.

“You’re the goddess of the sea and the waves?”

“I, the God of War and Fire, are also worshiping!”

The soldier commander is surprised by Hari’s words. Looking at Hari’s exotic outfit, he guessed that he was from the periphery of the periphery of the kingdom.

“Then I want you to go to the temple and take care of the devotees.”

“Ah, old! But I… I’m specializing in combat…”

“Is that so? Well, it’s not under our jurisdiction to belong to the temple. First of all, please see Priest Isabelle or Great Saint Lady Agac and talk to us.”

Hari had nothing to do right away, so he headed to the place designated by the sergeant.

“Well, because I said it was a temple…”

Just as the name of this place is Mansinjeon, the location of Mansinjeon is in the center of the city no matter who sees it.

Heading for a huge landmark that can be seen from anywhere in the city, Hari was overwhelmed in front of thousands of steps.

“Wow… When will this all be uploaded?”

Had I known it would be like this, would I have come on a horse?

But if you really went up on horseback, you might be branded as a disrespectful person. It seems that the believers around are also going up on foot.

– Moan! Kkeungcha!

how high did it go up? It was about a third of the way there.

The carriage stopped in front of Hari, who struggled up the stairs with the sound of horses’ hooves approaching.

“Sister, why are you leaving the carriage behind?”

“Huh. What?”

The main character of the voice revealed in the carriage ‘Window Open’ was a brown-haired monk.

Hari was surprised by the bright energy she felt from her rather than the sudden call.

‘Oh, what a great holy power… Is it comparable to His Majesty?’

The Holy Grail Knights were also formidable, but her holy power rivaled that of the Lionheart.

no, maybe more. Of course, even if it’s based on Earth’s Leon, an existence with such infinite holy power?

“You surprised me with a sudden call. I’m sorry. Would you like to come with me?”

“Go, thank you.”

carriage… Were you able to ride?!

Then, in rare cases, I saw a wagon going up to the top of the temple. Hari hurriedly climbed into the carriage.

“This is a common misunderstanding for brothers who come to Mansinjeon for the first time. There is a wagon road for work, so you can use it from now on.”

“Go, thank you.”

Apparently, there was a separate path for priests. Hari bowed her head, and the other side tilted her head in greeting.

“Nice to meet you, I am Agnyak Protesia. I am Ariana-sama’s lowly woman.”

“Bar, nice to meet you. It’s Han Hari.”



Ah, Hari added an additional word.

“This is the priestess of Petos and Foma.”


The woman, who identified herself as Agnyak, stared blankly at Hari, then expressed surprise.

“You are a unique person to serve two gods at the same time.”

Agak showed great interest in Hari. She seemed surprised to sense the holy power of the two powerful gods dwelling in Hari.

“But the priestess of Poma and Petos… must have suffered a lot.”

“Ah, do you understand?”

Hari was moved by Agak who sympathized with me.

Petos, a ferocious warlord, pecked at each other rather than having to earn his major on the day of Heguheon, and Poma often nested in the turtles in the pantheon and sexually harassed them.

Being connected to God is a strange and mysterious experience at first, but that is up to God.

“Someone I know is passionately favored by the two gods. Well, their personalities match each other, so they don’t seem to suffer much…”

“They have the same personality, aren’t they personality breakers?”

“Hmm… Depending on the point of view. When the smuggling ship was caught, it is true that a female pirate was hung from the bow of the ship for illegally boarding….”

“Ah! I thought there would be another person like that in the world!”

“Could it be that the priestess too?”

Hari’s nodded head contained silent remorse.

After talking with Agak, I guessed that Agak was a higher-ranking person than I thought.

Hari knows people who have a charisma that is beyond human.

Lion Heart King Leon and Magician Queen Beatrice.

If Leon is a being with raw violence and authority with sublimity, Beatrice is a being with too intense and splendid magical power.

Both of them have a strong presence befitting the status of ‘King’.

On the other hand, Agnac had a completely opposite atmosphere.

Just a warm energy that makes you melt with infinite love. He is not a king, but he has a benevolent atmosphere like a religious leader.

And Harry’s guess was right.

“Daeseongnyeo, are you here?”


Hari realized that, regardless of whether his guess was correct, this woman was a figure of great authority.

While still beside Leon, Hari felt the end of classism every day. she cried, prostrated.

“It’s a shame, Naidea! Your Holiness!”

Agnac, the great saintess, is silent for a moment at Ha-ri’s idiotic tone in historical dramas. She chuckled and lifted her up.

“Don’t do that, sister. We are equal before the gods.”

“Yes, old? Hmm… His Majesty…”

Hari covers her mouth while trying to inadvertently quote Leon’s words. Agak tilted his head.

“Have you ever met His Majesty, was it a priestess in a fairly large temple? There was a priestess I didn’t know about.”

“Ah, no, that’s… by chance. I remember that Your Majesty… was a person who valued rank.”

“Because he is the Lion Heart King.”

An existence that transcends the class of human society. In this world, the Lion Heart King is not just a human being.

“How can a demigod who has become a god in a human body be like us lay people?”

“That’s right.”

“Anyway, it’s just fine, sister. I feel powerful holy power from you. May I ask you a favor?”

“Uh… if I can.”

Hari rashly accepted Agak’s offer.

* * * *

“Daeseongnyeo, are you here?”



The priests of the temple bowed and greeted the appearance of Agak.

‘As expected, he was a very tall person.’

As far as Hari knows, Lionheart is the pinnacle of pantheon. As far as I know, the Holy Grail Knight and the Priestess are next in rank.

I don’t know much about being a saint, but to be called a great saint might be on the same level as or higher than a Holy Grail Knight or Priestess.

“Where is Priest Isabelle?”

“You are absorbing the energy of the moon.”

“I will prepare for the great consecration ceremony, so please tell Priest Isabelle to come down too.”


The priests turned bright at the words of the great saint. They seemed to have inferred something from the saintess’ words.

“Your Majesty is returning victoriously!”

“You must be soaked in the blood of demons, so you will be mentally exhausted. Hurry up.”

your majesty. In other words, it refers to Leon, the lion heart king of the time.

Hari realized once again that even here, Leon receives absolute support and admiration.

No, rather, it would have been an object of worship that was incomparable to Earth.

“His Majesty Leon…”

Indeed, is it the Majesty Leon he knows? They entered together at the gate, but seeing that they disappeared, they might have separated like Zerea.

But it’s probably an NPC that embodies the Leon of this gate with a high probability. Even knowing that would happen, Hari couldn’t help but tremble.

‘What kind of person was His Majesty in the past?’

– Kwareung!

it is raining. Hari wasn’t too surprised, as he had been warned that the heavy rain accompanied by thunder and lightning was intentionally caused by the Holy Grail Knight. But–

“His Majesty Lionheart is entering!”

Inside the bustling temple. At the same time as a priest shouted, lightning strikes and takes away the sound.

In a brightly lit world for a while, cold armor appeared.


It was also unfamiliar to Harry. A cruel reality that causes a gap from what he imagined.

Even in the heavy rain, the sticky black blood didn’t wash away, and the eyes glowed brightly in the visor of the helmet.

The armored knight passed through the pouring rain and entered the temple with cold eyes.

His Majesty Leon, who is as authoritative as usual but cheerful, is nowhere to be found, and is filled with the smell of blood painted black… apostle of death.


I block the breath I was about to inhale with both hands.

Hari couldn’t contain herself even though she knew it was rude.

fear. My skin tingles and my heart thumps before death in the form of a human.

And it was the same for ordinary priests, so none of them could open their mouths.

“You’re brutal, Your Majesty. I’ll catch the kids.”

“”… … !!””

Everyone was astonished at the disrespect. Even if it was the Lionheart they knew, who would dare to speak lightly to such a disparate demigod?


A dull voice came from the visor. In the place where the blue eyes were headed, there was a dark-haired priest with a more open-minded outfit than the other priests.

“Chief of the Moon… It’s before us.”

A priest who has difficulty pointing out that disrespect. However, the dark-haired priest twisted the corner of his mouth and ignored it.

“I’m the king’s execution while I’m alive, and I’m Dina-sama’s first hunter when I’m dead, for nothing.”

The priestess of Dina, the goddess of the moon and chastity, continued to perish in the face of death, claiming that she was omnipotent.

“Your Majesty, don’t weigh in unnecessarily and come quickly. The Great Saint is waiting for you.”

“Go now.”

But it seems to have worked. The violence felt in the lion heart king’s armor faded and the dark-haired priest followed him as he walked through the temple muddy.

“Ah, those who will participate in the Great Consecration Ceremony, let them follow on their own.”


Hari wondered how many people would dare to follow such a feared being. But surprisingly, priests follow him without saying anything.

There is absolute trust. The confidence that the king of the country and the apex of the temple would never harm them.

Hari hurriedly followed Leon.

* * * *

The place where the great consecration ceremony took place was a huge bath. To be precise, a sacred space filled with holy water.

As soon as Hari entered this place, she was amazed at the holy power that filled the air.

“Welcome, Your Majesty. It’s your return after 60 days.”

There, the great saint Agnac, who was waiting with the other priests, welcomes Leon.

“I heard that Sir Loxley and Sir Gildus were together. What was the result?”

“It was nothing. They broke 300,000 of their forces.”

“It’s a victory. Everyone will be delighted.”

Leon reacted cynically to Agak’s words.

“It’s just a tactical victory in a local war. It seemed impossible to regain the stolen capital.”

“But a victory is a victory. Take off your armor. I’ll wash it.”

Leon took off his helmet at this. Then, the heat inside the armor is instant, but it evaporates along with the smoke.

The face inside the helmet was full of black stains.


The armor he took off with the help of the priests was even worse. Perhaps he had walked in the boiling lava, but the black stain was burning Lionheart’s body in real time.

“your majesty…….”

Daeseongnyeo looked at him with pitying eyes. However, Lion Heart King denied it with a gesture, saying that it was not a big deal.

“It’s thanks to the fact that he tore the ugly demon of quest alive. His pain and screams clung to his body as a curse, but he didn’t dare harm the main king.”

“You look terribly sick, Your Majesty.”

“Chief Isabel…”

Agak gives a sneak peek at the disrespect for the king. But Leon didn’t care.

“It’s done. It’s the rudeness of the priest of the moon. It’s not like yesterday or today. Above all, the burden on the goddess of chastity is great.”

“Heheeng~ That’s right. Come on, I’ll purify you, so go inside the holy water.”

Leon completely threw off his armor and dipped his darkened body in holy water. Then, the stains bubbling and bubbling.

Even though it must have been painful, Leon just hugged him and waited for the hands of the great saint and the priest of the moon.

“I will purify it. Priest Isabel, Priestess Han Hari will also come here.”

“What? Yes, yes!”

Hari and Isabel went into holy water full of water and stood in front of Leon.

Even though the opposite sex is right in front of her without a single thread, what appears in Ha-ri’s eyes is not shame, but pity.

I sympathize with the fatigue he is experiencing, as he must have fought an unimaginable battle.

“These blobs are the Prime Evil… no, the Great Supply.”

“I’ve never cared about the ranks of the demons I killed, but it was a bird’s-head like the Grand Duke of Wisdom.”

A curse left by a great supply of demons as they died. It was also a curse that these three people had to purify from now on.

“Priestess Hari, please burn the stain with the holy flame. I will purify it with the power of light.”

“I’ll give the chastity blessing to the least chaste.”

Isabel smirked and ran her palm over the stain on Leon’s back. Cheeik! Isabel’s palms burned, but she didn’t care.

“Goddess of the moon and chastity. Here comes your chaste virgin or first hunter.”

From the moment Leon entered the battle, her holy power, which accumulated the energy of the moon every night, poured out at once.

In order to exercise the power of the goddess of the moon and chastity, you must be a chaste virgin, and you must have enough offerings to give to her, who is also the god of hunting.

“Since you have annihilated the evil being most symmetrical to innocence, it may be greater than any prey.”

Isabel replaced it by mentioning Leon’s achievements.

“So, O ruler of the purity of the world, bless the greatest warrior who defends your maidens.”

Leon’s most stained spots were washed away. And it’s the same for the great saintess. Pour holy water with both hands and pour it over Leon’s head, and Agak’s lips touch his forehead.

“You are the light that illuminates the world, and the goddess of justice, who is more courageous than anyone else. Share the pain of your first knight with this humble body.”

The priest and the great saint. The two people’s consecration ceremony was so holy that it was ecstatic, and Hari watched it in a state of fascination.

This is the power of the priests at the pinnacle of Lionheart.

Even Beatrice and Yakt Spinner did not have the divinity that truly comes from faith.

Those two are just agents of the power of the gods. However, the two people in front of me had something that truly connected with the gods.

‘me too… Will it?’

If it’s a priestess chosen by the gods… With the power of Petos, the god of war and fire, Hari might be able to burn away this curse.

‘Mr. Petos… … .’

Seek the gods as usual. Now, without Leon, who has a pantheon of reality, who will receive her prayers here?

[…] … who are you.]

The voice of the fierce war god always heard. But that voice is full of questions about Hari.

However, Hari did not hesitate to raise the connection with the blessings of God bestowed on her. Then, an intense flame rises and burns the stain that clings to Leon.

“Okay, okay…?!”

Our eyes met.

The blue wall gazes at Hari as if penetrating.

Hari has heard that it is rude to stare at the royal family, but she is at a loss as to what to do if Leon stares at herself like this.

“Who are you—”

Just as Leon’s doubts turned to Hari, a commotion broke out outside.

“Your Excellency! No!”

“The Great Celebration is in progress!”

Someone breaking through the priests who tried to dissuade them and intruding into the hall of consecration.

It was a woman with an intense black color.

Her hair was black like ebony and her eyes were blue like aquamarine. A woman with a strong impression who looks better in her current bloody uniform than in a dress.

“Karina, what happened?”

The woman called Karina approached Leon without stopping and bowed down with a salute.

“Congratulations on your victory, Your Majesty Lionheart.”

“……Yes, Grand Duke of Dragonia. What did you bring me to?”

Grand Duke Carina Dragonia. The current Lion Heart King Leon Dragonia Lionheart’s successor.

She spoke to her father with a very businesslike gaze.

“We, the Northern Army, declare that we will withdraw from the Union at this point.”

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