The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 130 Lion Heart (3)

“We, the Northern Army, declare that we will withdraw from the Union at this point.

Grand Duke Carina Dragonia.

Lion Heart King Leon Dragonia is the daughter of Lion Heart, and the person who inherited the grand dukeship that he laid down with the birth of an heir after he ascended the throne as Lion Heart King.

From birth, he was educated as the successor to the Grand Duke of Dragonia, which Lion Heart King concurrently holds, and took over the title at the same time as the coming-of-age ceremony, and has ruled the Grand Duke for 40 years.

At 60, he’s not too old at Lionheart, but he’s not too young either.

Thanks to the blood of the dragon covered by the progenitor, this Grand Duke of Dragonia, who does not become a Holy Grail Knight, has a skill and experience that can never be judged by appearance.

For what reason did she declare that she would withdraw from the last allied forces of mankind?

Leon said without making eye contact with Karina, staring at the hazy air where the steam of holy water rose.

“No. The Northern Army is a major axis of the coalition. If you fall out, our military’s weakening is unavoidable.”

“It doesn’t mean that it adds up.”

“His Excellency the Grand Duke…”

The great saint Agak sent a sad look, but Karina only spoke the truth with blunt emotions.

“Your Majesty, the capital has fallen and the entire continent is already in ruins. Our army has less than 200,000 left, and the serfs combined are less than 300,000. On the other hand, what about the enemy’s forces?”

10 million.

Even that is a conservative number.

The number of demons pouring in from the demon gates all over the world is unfathomable.

“Your Majesty, War Knight, who is the agent of the pantheon and commands all the knights. Is there really a chance of winning this war?”


Leon didn’t answer. no, i couldn’t His position was not light enough to discuss irresponsible spiritualism.

‘Your Majesty will win.’

Hari wanted to speak there. The man named Leon Dragonia Lionheart in front of me will fight the devil until the end, alone, and win.

However, knowing that it was a vain victory after everyone died, Hari couldn’t mention it.

“So what are you going to do?”

“The Grand Duchy is the second most burned place after the Empire. The 30,000 soldiers of the Northern Army have lost their homes and lost their families. Now we are the only ones left in the North.”

Karina, said the Grand Duke of Dragonia.

“Then I may not be able to rip all the demons to death, but my family’s enemies must be avenged. I will punish those demons who dare to nest in the Archduke and insult the dead.”

It was a grudge everyone had. Who has not lost family and friends in this war?

“Do you resent me?”

And Leon was the one responsible for the death of my family.

“Do you think it was wrong for me to prioritize defeating the devil’s main force over the Grand Duke of Dragonia?”

Will you annihilate the main forces of demons to buy time for a year, or will you save the Grand Duke who is on the verge of falling?

Leon took over the entire kingdom… No, I chose a time for all of humanity.

“No, Your Majesty. You should have done that. Your Majesty’s duty was to take precedence over the Grand Duke, so you should have chosen that.”

“What if…”

“This is a very personal revenge. This is the mark.”

It was then. Karina ripped off the shoulder straps of her uniform, revealing her bare skin. There is an infinitely dark holy power in that exposed bare skin.


Leon jumped up. His wide eyes stare at my daughter. Even so, the grand duke is at odds with his father.

“I and all of the Northern Army have completed a contract with the God of Vengeance. As of this time, I am a Holy Grail Knight who serves Ventasis of darkness and vengeance, and I am the Grand Duke of Dragonia who commands 30,000 Avengers.”

Your Majesty, my duty is no longer survival.

At his daughter’s harsh declaration, Leon clenched his fists and trembled.

“Do as you wish, Grand Duke of Dragonia! I don’t even want to see you! Get out of my sight!”


Grand Duke Karina closed her eyes for a while and left with a light bow.

* * * *

“Are you okay?”

Isabelle asked. She seems concerned about my nephew and brother-in-law.

“It’s already too late. Since we made a contract with the god of vengeance, that child has only one fate.”

While washing his face dry, Leon expressed his feelings of desperation.

“Has Jim made the wrong choice?”

“Well, Your Majesty has never made a wrong choice.”

“Is it you, and no one else, who says that?”

“The kidnapping and marrying of my younger brother, who was a priest of chastity, was something… It was a mutual agreement, so let’s leave it at that.”

Isabelle chuckled, rubbing Leon’s shoulder. It was a reckless act, but the king’s execution was okay.

“But it would be better to wrap the Northern Army’s departure as an official royal order from His Majesty. Because an unauthorized departure will cause the collapse of the Union.”

“The Northern Army announces that they will subdue the cultists of the Beast God and the demons of the Grand Duke. What is Lord Antok doing?”

“I heard you’re making new armor for Your Majesty. It was damaged in a fight with the Lord of Chaos.”

“Before the northern army goes out, please tell me to forge a sword for that child. Jim’s armor can be made later.”

While the conversation continued, Agak silently washed Leon’s body and cleansed the stains. Hari also used the power of flame while watching Leon.

The curse of the demon archduke, which clung to Leon’s body, ended only after he stayed up all night.

* * * *

Yapi knew that his torso could be seen wherever he went. That’s why I put the body down in the tent assigned to Jaehyuk and Suho and went around the pantheon with a small body.

While Beatrice left to complete her main mission, the mission given to Yaffe was the casting skills of Lionheart of this era.

– It is urgent to secure sacred relic manufacturing technology. Recon Mode ON.

Drones are conspicuous, but Yapi’s own minimal body allowed him to spy without being seen by people.

Based on the information scanned upon entering the Pantheon, Yapi infiltrated a huge blacksmith facility in the center of the city.


A mechanical leg climbs the roof and enters the ceiling of the forge. It was full of lightly dressed blacksmiths.

“How much star iron is left?”

“Insufficient inventory. We need to summon a new star…”

“The timing isn’t good. Didn’t Grand Saint Agnac say anything else?”

In Lionheart Kingdom, blacksmiths are in charge of iron and priests who believe in the blacksmith’s gaze.

Since the occupation itself of blacksmith concurrently served as priest, their tone was more polite and not harsh compared to other blacksmiths.


In addition, the facilities are very neat and systematic for a blacksmith in the Middle Ages. In one corner of the facility, there was a separation team that separated and disassembled iron, and priests who bestowed blessings on iron.

However, that is only the knowledge that comes from human skill and wisdom. Jinjaegi is the central core casting facility.

– Video record. Operation analysis and backup download start.

Among them, Yapi saw a blacksmith priest.

A man over 2m tall and hammering a hammer the size of a human torso. His hammering is flawless and perfect even in the eyes of Yapi, a machine.

Considering that only his workbench was alone and there were no people around, wouldn’t he be classified as a master craftsman here as well?

“There’s a rat.”

Simultaneously with those words, the blacksmith priest stretched out his hand toward the air. Heading exactly where Yapi is.


At that moment, Yaffy grabbed hold of the ceiling so tightly that the gravitational force generated by him tore off the ceiling, but he was helplessly dragged away.

Yapi, who was seized by a power that even Yafi, the Holy Grail Knight of iron and blacksmithing, could not resist, met the eyes of the middle-aged man in front of her eyes.

“who are you?”


Yapi tried to free himself from the man’s grasp, but he couldn’t even budge.

-Let it go, organic matter… !

Yapi’s mechanical arm dangled steel wire. A wire that instantly becomes a whip and attacks the man. The man was puzzled by the holy power contained therein.


But at that moment, the wires that were swung to threaten them all fall to the floor. As if under great pressure.


The weight of the fuselage was increased abnormally. Yapi tried to overcome it, but the current size lacks power.

“I thought you were a rat, but this… you must be a cute priest.”

The man took the pressure off Yapi. Then, in an instant, Yaffi escapes through the ceiling and enters into battle.

“Stop it. What is the reason for hostility between priests who worship the same divinity?”

Rather, the man waved his hand and comforted Yapi.

“I am Anthoc, the Holy Grail Knight of Iron and Blacksmithing.”


Yapi had heard the name. A close friend from the past that Leon used to talk about sometimes.

“Mine Guardian Antok, would you know?”

* * * *

Guided by Gillingham, the Holy Grail Knight of Thunder, the party, who were assigned a tent, did not gather until late at night.

“Can’t you see Sir Yapi?”

“The Queen hasn’t come back either.”

Jaehyuk and Soyeon were the first to arrive and tidy up the dorm. Yapi’s large torso is waiting in the middle of the tent, making it more cramped than expected.

“Hey kids, haven’t you seen my older sister?”

It was when Suho found Hari who was not here. The entrance to the tent opens and a familiar girl with braided hair enters.

“Sorry, am I late?”


Hari brought a basket full of ingredients.

“They gave me various things for my hard work at the temple.”

“Have you been to the temple?

“Yes. I met His Majesty there too.”

“Your Majesty?”

Eyes widened when he heard that he had met Leon. Harry added.

“Exactly, the majesty of this gate. He wasn’t the majesty we knew.”

“As expected… This world was His Majesty Leon’s gate.”

The four shared the information they each collected.

“It’s been a while since the capital was occupied. Most of the kingdom was occupied by demons, and it is said that this is the only city.”

“I’ve heard of the final battle from Ventasis-sama. Isn’t that battle the main gate this time?”

“I happened to hear about what His Majesty was talking about, but the Northern Army is about to leave this place.”

The overall theme is about the war situation.

The army of demons that invaded Leon’s world and the Lionheart Kingdom Army, which formed the last allied force of mankind.

From the allied forces to resist and the demons gradually expanding their power.

“”… … .””

They know the outcome of this fight. Leon appears as a survivor of the black gate, and all the demons are finally destroyed, but Leon’s world will eventually perish.

So, what is the closing condition of this gate? Everything from this gate’s quest to what he had to find out was extremely difficult.

“excuse me…….”

Then, Suho raised his hand.

“Is everyone connected to the gods of the pantheon? I can use the voice method, but Ariana-sama’s reaction is a little weak. Shall I say that I can’t hear it well as if there’s noise?”


A fact that I inadvertently forgot. I didn’t think of it because the surname was used naturally.

“Come to think of it, ah…! Ah!”

Hari recalled the voice she heard during Leon’s consecration ceremony. The voice of Petos asking who he is. I forgot about it because I couldn’t hear it after leaving the temple.

“Is that so? Why can’t I connect right now——”

“Wait a minute, aren’t the surroundings too quiet?”

Everyone sensed the sense of incongruity in Chun So-yeon’s words. The tents built by the thousands to accommodate the overflowing population were heard from all directions.

But now, outside the tent where Hari and his party are, it’s too quiet. Like——


At that moment, the entire tent was pulled out. It was the giant Treeman who pulled out the tent. And the soldiers who filled the whole place are watching Hari’s party.



While Hari’s party, who did not understand what the situation was like at the moment, rolled their eyes, a knight in sleek copper armor stood in front of them.

“This work is Roxley, a judge of arms in the Lionheart Kingdom and a Holy Grail Knight who serves Tartar, the god of the sun and judgment! Sinners, be calm and receive the aura!”


“Sin, sinner? What did we do—”

“Shut up, sinners! This work did not allow you to open your jaws!”

Lord Loxley drew his sword and aimed it. His voice resonates everywhere.

“Attack! If you resist, I may cut off at least one limb!”

If there is a wisdom they have learned in common during the years they spent together with Leon, it is to shut up and surrender first.

“Mu, I threw away my weapon!”

“Surrender! Hang Boooooo!!”

Because I saw too many demons and orcs whose skulls were smashed or limbs were blown off while resisting.

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