The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 131: The Last Holy Grail

The four quickly surrendered and were taken away wearing hoods.

“Ugh, ooh, what should we do?”

“Everyone will die. I’m going to kill these noppagu gentlemen first!”

“Can’t you shut your mouth! Sinners!!”

“”yep! I’ll shut up!!””

Four people who shut their mouths immediately with one word.

Loxley, the Holy Grail Knight of the Sun and Judgment, personally put them on the wagon and headed somewhere.

‘Oh, where are you going, sister… … .’

‘An execution ground?’

‘no way… … .’

‘Won’t people give you a chance to become a serf first? We’re not even demon followers!’

‘Isn’t it better to just die than to become a serf?’

”That’s right.”

But gradually, as she felt that the road the carriage was running on was even and energetic, Hari was convinced that the carriage was going somewhere.

‘no way… A pantheon?’

Does dragging them to the temple mean that they won’t be put in jail at all?

The place where he got off the wagon and was dragged for a long time was a familiar place to Hari.

‘uh? Where is it?’

Then, Whiik! and hoods that come off. There, the four could see a bath filled with holy water and a group of people lined up.


The density of the already dense holy power is bizarrely full.

It is not only because of the holy water poured into the bath. It’s because Hari is much more dense than when she first came here.

If it was a demon, it would have died the moment it entered this place.

‘I can’t believe all of these people… … .’

‘It’s clear. All of them are Holy Grail Knights or people equivalent to them.’

On the left is Gillingham, the Holy Grail Knight of Heaven and Thunder.

Loxley, the Holy Grail Knight of the Sun and Judgment.

On the right is Agag, the great saint of light and justice.

Isabel, priestess of the moon and purity.

In the middle of them, even the Lion Heart King, the agent of the Mansin, is looking down on them with a stern gaze.

In a situation where no one is silent until Leon opens his mouth, four people… In particular, he paid close attention to Hari.

It’s because she was the one who consecrated herself during the great consecration ceremony to purify the curse of the demon archduke.


Leon opened his mouth in such a bloody atmosphere.

“Throw it into the holy water, Lord Loxley.”


A knight of judgment who draws his sword in an instant. He aimed his sword with a blazing gaze at the four people whose arms were tied.

“Sinners throw themselves into the holy water!”


Could you ask me a question? I heard that Yapi and Beatrice’s water torture was so cruel, but was there any other aid!

“No, dare these guys say it twice? Do you want your hair to be blown off by the sword in this work?”

“Oh, no! No!”

“I’m going to dive right now!”

If you get more cold, your hair will fly off. Jaehyuk jumped in first, followed by Hari and Suho.


Even in the midst of this, So-yeon quietly dives, perhaps not wanting to lose her dignity. Her eyes are on Leon from beginning to end.

How long have you been immersed in holy water? If they jumped out of the water, they might be hit by a skull-shaped chop, so they could hear Leon’s voice.

“Come up.”

“Come up!”


Four people stand up on the surface of the holy water all at once. But they were kept high enough that the King never looked up, as was the usual behavior in the pantheon.


“Your Majesty, it doesn’t dissolve in holy water, so I don’t think it’s a devil, right?”

These were the words of Isabel, priestess of moon and chastity. From the beginning, she had a gaze that did not doubt the four of them. There is also the great saint of Agak.

“Aren’t they the bodies that accepted the holy power? They can’t be demons.”

“Daeseongnyeo’s words are correct. That’s why I’ve been leading them without a doubt.”

Gillingham, who brought Hari and his friends, also helped. But one person was different.

“Who knows what the evil demons did!”

Roxley, the Tatar Holy Grail Knight of the Sun and Judgment. He was still looking suspiciously.

There is one more reason why he is not so suspicious.

“There’s no way His Majesty, who is a living demigod and possesses the mother’s mother’s intelligence, would not have known this!”

‘That simply means that His Majesty can’t make a mistake.’

‘If you ask if it’s not a mistake, I’ll slit you from the neck right away… !’

full presumption of guilt. If Leon said to bring him back, it must have been a filter that says the criminal is confirmed!

“Lord Gillingham, I hear there are two more.”

“Ah, yes! They were a woman with the divine powers of dreams and death, and a different race with the divine powers of iron and blacksmiths. Both of them… possessed holy power comparable to that of a living saint.”

“”… … !!””

Everyone, including Loxley, was surprised by that statement.

A living saint is one of the few in the Lionheart Kingdom with superpowers. Namely, the Holy Grail Knight.

But there are only two people with that much power?

If so, there is no way that Lionheart, which oversees all believers, would not have known.

“It’s already been 24 years since Sir Zereah ascended to heaven. If you think a new successor has appeared…”

“No, that’s not going to happen.”

Leon dismisses Isabel’s speculation. He has no choice but to know. Leon looked around at the four saints and saints and said.

“Everyone, get out of here. Jim has a question for them.”

“Your Majesty! It can’t be…!”

“Lord Loxley. I understand your loyalty, but trust my judgment for now.”

“……All right.”

Each of the four saints sent their gazes to Leon, and then went out the door.


Leon looks up. Four people gulping.

“Did you say Hanhari?”

“Aye! It’s a shame!”

‘Sister, don’t talk strangely in historical dramas.’

‘Does this work? It was eaten the first time I met Your Majesty!’

Hari looked at Leon, wanting to do something wrong, but unexpectedly, his gaze turned to the next person.

“Tell me each name.”

“I’m Jaehyuk Kim.”

“Ha, Han Soo-ho.”

“My name is Cheon So-yeon.”


Leon looks curiously at the names of the four people. ask additional questions

“Where is your hometown?”

“That, that’s…”

Four people who look at each other for a moment and postpone the answer. Leon yelled at them as they pondered over how to come up with an answer.

“Where are you rolling your eyes! Can’t you answer right away!”

“Seo, Seoul! This is Seoul! Korea!”

“Oh, it’s a very far country!”

“Yes! It’s very far!”


Leon looked at them without saying a word and raised his overflowing holy power as if he had understood something. Then–

Shinhwa <Divine Advent>

Huge presences appear behind Leon’s back.

A great sense of intimidation descended on them, which they could not face directly as mortals.

“Certainly… a child I’ve never seen before.”

Ariana, goddess of light and justice.

“Then why do they have our blessings?”

Poma, the god of the sea and waves.

“Isn’t it the tricks of the villains after all?”

Petos, god of war and fire.

“All who have given my blessings remember. If they are fake, I will punish them and tear their souls to pieces!”

Up to Ultima, the god of sky and thunder.

The four gods that Leon immediately descended on were oppressing the four with a sense of colossal intimidation.

“Who is Ventasis? That child must be the one who signed a contract with Ventasis.”

“Isn’t that guy a lot of contracted avengers? He’s the one who’s benefiting the most in this turbulent age.”

In front of Leon, who was clad in the radiance of the gods, the four realized that they were making a huge mistake.

‘Fight with the Archduke… Wasn’t that even power?’

‘To bring the gods down… Isn’t it something that even His Majesty on Earth has never shown?’

So far, the gods have revealed themselves through voices or media.

Leon has only descended a god once. It was the time when Yacht Spinner was appointed as a Holy Grail Knight.

‘Even then, His Majesty vomited blood after a brief summoning. But the majesty here… Is it nothing?’

As a Holy Law user, Hari also realized that the world was filled with holy power, but I never thought it would be this much.

If the earth becomes a land filled with holy power like this… Resolving the current gate crisis itself didn’t seem difficult either.

“It’s no different that Jim told me to arrest you. It’s because no gods know you, even though you are beings blessed by the gods.”


It was worth it.

The reason Hari and his friends are connected to God is only thanks to Leon on Earth.

The gods here are, strictly speaking, the past. Since they are reproduced beings, they have no choice but to know their existence.

“So, tell me honestly. Where do you guys come from? How did you come here?”

Hari pondered over where to go, how much to say, and decided to tell her everything.

Although Leon’s temperament was a bit radical, he wasn’t someone he couldn’t communicate with at all.


Leon and the gods, who received all of this, were silent for a while. Even if it’s just the past that Hari and the others could hardly tell, it would be a shocking fact that they have a decided future and that they are a reproduced being.

“I see. Gods, is this possible?”

However, Leon was surprisingly calm. Is it because we have already accepted that destruction is a decided fact?

“It’s not impossible.”

Ariana did not deny Hari’s claim.

“Time is an area that even the gods cannot intervene in. If there is a record that records the entire universe beyond dimensions, it will be possible to reproduce things that even us gods cannot perceive.”

“……I see. That’s how it happened.”

Leon’s gaze turns back to Hari and the others. He had a somewhat detached gaze.

“Then Jim’s role must be to help Jim move into the future.”

He meekly accepted his role.

* * * *

Beatrice found a place where the tree men and wise men gathered a little away from the pantheon.

Those who protect and nurture the forest are themselves the spirits of the forest that embody the will of nature.

It is said that they are actively supporting the Allied Forces in an unprecedented crisis, but at night as they finish their work, they are assimilated into the nearby forest and fall asleep.

“Who are you?”

“The energy of the fleur is so vivid.”

“The Twilight Knight must have ascended.”

“You’re the new priest.”

The forest explores on Beatrice’s visit. They looked at her like one will. Beatrice grinned.

“My name is Beatrice Alighieri Spero. The wise men of the forest.”

Her voice echoes through the forest. The spirits of the forest were firmly aware of the voice.

“Priestess of Fleur.”

“For some business.”

“Did you visit the forest?”

“Would you please look at this?

Beatrice revealed what she had brought. The seedling of Gunlar, which was used as the coordinates to open this gate. The wise men who saw it vomited their flags.

“this is…….”

“Our seedling…”

awakening forest. Each of the numerous giant trees reveals its features. Among them, the one who approached was one of the smaller ones among the old trees.

“It’s called Gunlar. He’s an old friend of the Lion Heart King, and he’s kind of the owner.”

Gunlar recognized at once that it was the seed he had been harboring. And naturally guessed through him.

“Woman from the far future. How do you have my seedling?”

“It’s not mine. It’s borrowed for a while from your future majesty.”

“Are you the current Lion Heart King?”

“Yes, do you recognize me?”

“Our seedlings are not passed on to anyone by default. The only possibility is that there is only one true close friend of mine.”

Gunlar had been a friend with whom Leon had traveled and formed a friendship since his days as an acolyte.

From the time he was a young tree man to the time when he grew up to be a tree giant in nearly 100 years, each other was always by his side.

“If Leon entrusted you with a seedling, then your will will be Leon’s will.”

Leon knows the value of this kind. That it is a ‘child’ that the wise men of the forest bloom only once in their lifetime.

He had the trust that he couldn’t have left it to a woman who didn’t know about it.

“Actually, the reason I came to you is because this seedling won’t grow at all. Your Majesty thinks that you can hear advice about it from the people of this era.”

“Hmm… if there’s a possibility, it’s one.”

Gunlar pointed to a seedling and said.

“It was brought from the world of the dead. The aura of paradise has been eaten away, so its nature has changed.”


“It only grows in paradise.”


If so, Leon’s premise will collapse. Leon intended to make it bloom on Earth. The effect surprised even Beatrice.

Should I give up? Towards Beatrice, who was engulfed in agony, Gunlar added an additional line.

“There must be a present we can leave him.”

“Are you going to?”

“If it’s as the woman said.”

“We are a reenactment of the past.”

“If you can take it.”

“It is right to let them take it.”

Beatrice nodded at the sound of the forest shaking and echoing.

“Do you have any other plans?”

“It exists. Originally, even this power was supposed to be passed on to the Lion Heart King.”

“I’ll accept that too.”

“The ‘sacrifice’ of the gods and their priests is also necessary.”

The sages of the forest insisted that it was well worthwhile apart from accepting it. And it–

“Shoots down the moon.”

“The first hunter of the moon.”

“I will sacrifice myself to create a new star iron.”

“And with it.”

“Forges the essence that will complete the final Holy Grail.”

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