The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 132 Disrespect to the Moon

War requires a lot of materials.

From armaments to armor, barding, horseshoe arrows and siege weapons… Needless to say, war consumes endless supplies.

However, the Lionheart Kingdom has been at war for over 20 years.

Of course, there are not enough supplies and blacksmiths to forge them.

However, one thing that has come to the fore recently is the shortage of blacksmiths. The reason was simple.

The number of Allied forces increased too much.

Different races joined with the remnants of the empire. The number of freemen soldiers increased rapidly, but the number of blacksmiths did not increase.

Strictly speaking, there were not enough priests to serve the divinity of iron and blacksmithing.

In the Lionheart Kingdom, which attracts stars and processes them into star iron every comet cycle, only Heto’s priests can process star iron.

Therefore, in order to supply high-quality star iron weapons, many skilled priests of Heto are needed, but trying to make weapons for the entire Allied Forces has reached a limit.

This was the biggest worry for Antok, the Holy Grail Knight of Heto, the god of iron and blacksmithing, and the reason he almost lived in the forge with his transcendental power.

“Oh oh…!”


Heto’s Shrine Blacksmith, Lord of the Pantheon. The eyes of the priests, who were busy working with their tops off, are focused.

-Kick! Initiation of bellows. Slot 3 placement complete.

-Cutting started. Equipped with high-density cutting machine.

– Polishing completion rate 62%. Multitasking 14 in progress.

fast. And there is no hesitation whatsoever.

No matter how skilled a blacksmith is, he tends to be cautious about handling heated iron and hammering, but this new blacksmith was carrying out the process of making weapons without a moment’s hesitation.

12 hours of work in progress. It is said that the details of the finishing work remain, but Yapi had accumulated over a hundred pieces of armor.

Ten times the speed and dozens of times the amount of work of a skilled blacksmith!


Heto’s temple supervisor, Antoc, was impressed by Yapi’s fast and stable work speed.

Aside from the quality of the product itself, it is far ahead of itself in terms of production capacity.

“It’s amazing, rookie. It’s like watching Leon’s training.”


When a familiar name is mentioned, Yaffe turns the camera eye. But the mechanical arms keep moving.

“Oops, excuse me. Your Majesty Leon. Do you know your Majesty?”

– Subject of close cooperation with this machine.

“Are you going to cooperate?”

– A demon killing partner.

“Oh~ I want to wear that too.”

Antok believed that this extraordinary smith would never lack in strength. If it wasn’t for the Holy Grail Knight himself who controls iron.

“My Majesty Leon and I have been traveling companions for quite some time. At the time, I was also on the path of training.”

– With Your Majesty?

“Well then.”

Unlike Leon, who had the title of successor to the grand duke, Antok took the classic elite course from pilgrim knight to kingdom knight.

he is thirty. It was just then that I met Leon.

“It was a village on the outskirts that was falling. I urgently requested help from the village being invaded by the Orcs.”

However, perhaps because they were on the periphery, the ones closest to them in the periphery were Gildus and Antoc, who were on the path of training.

Just in time, he also met Treeman Gunlar, who was on a journey for his own spiritual rest there.

“It was a pretty tough battle. There were more orcs than I thought and there were many warriors. At most, it was enough to survive through defensive battles.”

Leon appeared in a desperate situation where he had no choice but to wait for the knights to come out.

“It was amazing. A young knight half as big as me cut an orc warrior in half in one shot.”

Both Gildus and Antoc were elites who were called geniuses of the time and walked the path of training. What about Gunlar, who is said to have a knight-class body?

However, if the genius among geniuses awakens as a Holy Grail Knight, Leon was above them.

A superman among superhumans. A being with innate power that will go down in history as a legend.

“You have such a talent.”

Antok smiled and proposed to Yapi, who was snooping around.

“How about it? Hey, won’t you be my disciple?”


“I’ll teach you the divine hammering handed down from God Heto!”

-… … .

Yapi was silent for a while. It wasn’t because I couldn’t understand Antalk’s words.

This is because big data knows how to effectively ignore opponents in conversations between organisms.

silence for a while. After looking around carefully from toe to head.


It was an emoticon that Ha-ri would have protested if he saw it, how can he make an expression of disrespect for people with an inorganic camera eye.

“Hey… don’t you know who I am?”


“You know?”

– Even if you have good talent, organic matter. It cannot be compared to the efficient production capacity by this machine’s perfect process.


Antok, who had been silent for a while, seemed to be taken aback by that comment, and laughed out loud.

“This is such a great captain!”

He is the Holy Grail Knight of Iron and Blacksmith. In other words, except for Shin Heto, he is the world’s best master craftsman. How could he not stand up for being so lightly ignored?

“I’ll show you. It’s never foolish to teach you.”

Antok raised his hammer. Yapi recorded the movement while immersed in his work. To compare with your own mechanical movements.

– Kaang!

hammering begins. Yapi didn’t take it seriously at first.

Grind, cool, pound. As for the continued work, Yapi honestly raised his rating.

It is perfect. From the snap of a wrist swinging a hammer to the timing of cooling heated iron. I wish I had learned this skill in a primitive casting room.

But that’s it. When it comes to perfection in movement, timing, and polishing, Yapi is no different. Yapi can do this forever.

But what about Antok? After all, more than human beings, mistakes happen.

– Kaang!

A slight cacophony when striking metal. It was a very fleeting sound that even a skilled blacksmith could not perceive, but to Yapi, it was a huge miss.

Hammering more than necessary will cause cracks on the inside and reduce the critical perfection. After all, Antalk is also a human–


Yapi sensed a miscalculation while looking at the beaten iron. Contrary to what one might think, there is no shaking in the uniformity of the iron lump. Rather, it seems to have spread out more evenly by 13% more than his own polishing——

“I also like your perfect work. It probably doesn’t compare to your output as a blacksmith.”

Continuing his hammering, Antok said.

“There was a retired priest of Heto who made my sword to become a pilgrim knight. The old man who doesn’t seem to have the strength to wield a hammer is smart enough to make a sword that is more beautiful than any other sword.”

– Kaang!

“That’s how I learned it. Maybe that wasn’t the opportunity to be chosen by Heto-sama.”

– Kaang!

-… … .

“It’s art, friend. The art of iron that is created by carving out the soul. I think there is a realm that can’t be achieved with just perfect technology.”

finished armor. There were still a lot of processes left, and only the framework was set, but Yaffe was able to calculate the armor made in the future with just this.


Leon’s armor that has not yet been completed. Because it was insufficient to receive the blessings of the gods alone, Yapi was still continuing the challenge.


Yapi was sure. If this man, if this man’s skills, I’m sure he’ll make 100% perfect armor.

-Since the big data of this machine has not been completed, the need to register organic technology as part of knowledge is felt.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, but in short, you’re saying you’re going to be my disciple?”

-No, it is only to observe the technological development of organic matter–

“Follow me well, disciple!”

– Not a disciple. The perfect process production rate of this machine is incomparable to that of organic materials——

“Sir Antoc, Your Majesty has sent a messenger.”

Grail Knight Gillingham of Thunder. He came to Antok.

* * * *

Beatrice soon joined Hari’s group.

The forest sage, Gunlar, was by her side, and Gunlar reconstructed the ‘Last Holy Grail’ plan.

The plan itself had been discussed once before. Dear, Leon denied this.

Because it starts with sacrificing my execution.

“Okay. I’ll do it.”

But Isabelle accepted it with ease.

“Chief Isabel… It’s not something to be taken lightly.”

Gillingham dissuaded Isabel, seeming concerned. But Isabelle shakes her head.

“Hey, knight. Sir, can you do it if your majesty charges alone against the legion of demons?”

“…If that’s His Majesty’s order.”

Before questioning orders, simply believe them. A word of command from Leon to the knights. Because that was enough.

“so do i.”


Isabelle accepted the judgment made by the agent of the pantheon not because of chivalry, but because she believed it.

“But this is not a matter of accepting me.”

“Even the Moon Goddess would have to permit it.”

“Yeah. Maybe you’ll allow it.”

Isabelle grinned as she looked at Leon, who ordered her to ‘die’.

“your majesty.”

“…Speak, execution.”

“The choices Your Majesty made will lead to the future, right?”


“That’s enough.”


“Grandpa Tree. Explain the plan.”

“We’re going to shoot the moon first, knocking off its fragments. It’s basically like attracting stars.”

The first step is to secure the fragments of the moon, and the second step is to disassemble and extract them from the iron and blacksmith Holy Grail Knight, Anthok.

With the moonstone extracted in this way, Gunra and other wise men of the forest will complete the essence that will be dissolved in the Holy Grail.

For that, you first need to split a part of the moon. Isabelle shrugged.

“I’m going to have to put an end to that disrespect.”

She is the first victim.

* * * *

The ceremony took place at night.

The center of the pantheon. closest to the moon.

Where the Grail Guardians and Grail Knights wait, the Moon Priest kneels and prays.

The priestess of purity prays towards the supreme moon. I ask for permission and forgiveness for the mortal sins I must commit from now on.

Two people heard the voice.

Isabel, the priest of chastity, and Lion Heart King, the mansin’s agent.

Although the Moon Goddess cursed the Lion Heart King for breaking the purity of her priestess decades ago, that is a thing of the past now.


The Moon Goddess decided to accept the loss of her divinity.

The Priestess of Purity stands barefoot on the cold floor. I thank the Goddess for her generosity and ask for no forgiveness for the disrespect I will do from now on.

What she held in her hand was a bow. A great bow bigger than the tallest Moon Hunter. It is truly a shrine that is not lacking in shooting at the moon.

“I never thought I would commit such disrespect.”

The Last Grail Plan. It is a plan devised by the sages of the forest.

An enhancement plan for the Holy Grail, which focuses on religious rituals and restoration, to improve the function of the Holy Grail to be suitable for this great war.

However, Leon refused. It is because there were so many sacrifices necessary for it.

And among those sacrifices was Isabel, the priestess of the moon.

“But I never thought my brother-in-law would change his mind.”


“No, you don’t have to, brother-in-law.”

Isabel smiled broadly and drew the bowstring. she knows

“Even though you are the bastard who stole my sister’s virginity, as a king you are not a fool.”

Strictly speaking, it’s hard to say that meeting Castilla, the goddess of the moon, is an emotional problem.

brother was happy would have been happy It was disrespectful to the goddess, but Isabel was content with it.

“Anyway, it seems I’m not the main character in this story.”

White fireworks rise in the night sky.

The strings of the great bow have been pulled to their limits, releasing holy power that flutters like the wind.

“So… I’m going to look my best for this one scene!”

The distance to the moon is 385,000 km.

this distance. As a shooter, he doesn’t even have the energy left to challenge.

“I’ll shoot! Let’s commit the greatest disrespect in history!”

But the best shooter of this century has thrown out an unequivocal gauntlet to the planet he serves.


accompanied by a gust of wind This is by no means the action of the physical atmosphere.

The inexhaustible holy power contained in one arrow caught in the demonstration. It creates a gale and roar, adding momentum to the arrow.

The goddess of the moon and chastity is not a divinity suitable for battle.

However, the goddess gave a gift of power to her followers who had to live alone away from the male fence.


Archer’s talent to shoot.

In other words, the priest is an archer at his limit.


Aiming at the moon shakes. That will be too.

Even the act of aiming at the being he served is a sin that requires cutting off his hand. How much more blasphemous is the act of trying to shoot it.

It is a mortal sin that the believer himself cannot permit even if the goddess permits it.

Tears welled up in my eyes, whether it was because of my disrespect for the moon, which I had served my whole life, or if it was just a physiological reaction caused by the gust of wind.

But I can’t leave my back until I step back here. Before she is the priestess of purity, she is a person who trusts the Lion Heart King.

ok, do

Complete all preparations and release the arrows that spray holy power.

The tightly closed eyes feel the guilt of not being able to bear to watch the disrespect.


Arrows that left the protest. A single arrow rising from the highest point on the ground. Like a comet, it sprays the flames of holy power and soars.

Paradoxically, the greatest Buddhist sutra that the Goddess possessed became the beautiful Milky Way that embroidered the night sky and pierced the moon in the sky.

“Stand, succeeded.”

“Really… pierced the moon.”

Traces of arrows penetrating the surface of the moon. The fragments of the moon visible in the night sky project the calculated future as it is.


Leon shouted. At that moment, her prayers reach the sky. The miracle of a great saint who reads the flow of the celestial body and draws him in.

It headed for the fragments of the moon, not the stars, and entered toward the planets under the guidance of the goddess.


Gillingham called for joy. The same goes for Beatrice, who was watching.

Now, all that remains is to safely drop the moon fragments at the pantheon, and have Antok, the Holy Grail Knight of Iron and Blacksmith, extract star iron from the moon and process it.


It was then. Isabel, who performed the miracle of shooting down the moon, collapsed vomiting blood.


Leon hurriedly approached her, but he never took her injuries lightly.

Isabelle pours blood from the holes in her body. It was natural. She is the priestess of the moon and purity. The fact that she shot the moon and damaged it means that the moon itself was damaged.

As a saintess representing the moon, it was disrespectful to herself to receive feedback.

“Damn… that hurts so bad. But… Dina shared her feedback. Aaah~ be kind.”

Even as blood poured out of her closed eyes, Isabel did not relent. Leon hugged her.

“It’s okay. Really… you did a good job.”

Leon knew it would come. That’s why he stopped the final Holy Grail plan. It was because he had vowed to die with honor on the battlefield where failure and defeat were decided.

However, if you, yourself, are just a record of the past that has been reproduced.

I just judged that it was my duty to leave something for the future.

“Thank you, Isabel. Jim will take your share.”

Leon waited for the fragments of the moon to come. It was the arrow she risked her life to shoot. Because it can never be turned around.


“Your Majesty! The fragment’s trajectory is… changing!”

Another person was watching the actions taking place in space.

“Awesome… magical power!”

Blue magic powers huge enough to light up the ground fly through the sky.

Incomprehensible to human common sense, if the wizards of the empire witnessed it, they would have gone mad.

A magical exercise on a horrific scale.

“No way…! Closed the gate?”

Beatrice was stunned when she realized the owner of that magical power.

The man who sensed the rift in the dimension and closed it in an instant was pulling the fragment of the moon this time.


The great saintess sighed. Her role is to pull the fragments of the moon to the planet.

Dragging to the coordinates once entered is the gravity that entered the planet’s atmosphere.

That’s why it was helpless against the magic that changed the trajectory of the fragments.

But who could have predicted.

Who could have imagined that there would be a monster that would pull the fragments of a huge planet that had already entered planetary orbit with only magic power?

“The fragment’s trajectory… is completely out of whack.”

The fragments of the moon that were pulled in fell in the wrong place.

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