The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 133 Special Steel Transport Mission

“Introduce a detached unit.”

It was an urgent decision.

Now that the fragments of the moon have fallen to the wrong place due to the intervention of the devil, Leon has declared the dispatch of a separate team to retrieve the fragments.

Great Saint Agak gave her opinion.

“It’s going to be dangerous. It’s not something the demons knew about, but they would have noticed something.”

“I know. However, that special iron is an opportunity that Priest Isabel risked his life to create. We must secure it.”

yeah i can’t give up Even for the sake of the future, Leon cannot choose the option of giving up.

“Fortunately, star iron is like a mass of pure holy power. Quite a few demons will disappear just by touching them.”

Summons a star that only strikes the evil ones without causing any damage to the good ones.

It passed through the atmosphere and annihilated over 200,000 demons. It is the greatest violence that can be caused by divine power.

“Jim can’t come out on his own.”

“You took it for granted…! Your Majesty, leave it to this work! I will retrieve the fragments and come back!”

Loxley jumped out in awe as soon as he remembered the possibility that Leon would step out himself.

It’s an allied army, so this army won’t return without Leon.

What is the reason why 10 million demons do not attack at once even though there are only less than 200,000 troops?

It is said that there are super strong men called Holy Grail Knights, but it is because the Guardian of the Holy Grail, Lion Heart King, exists above them.

If Leon is killed, the allied forces will collapse at once. This was not a gloomy prediction or assumption, but a clear truth.

“Sir Antoc.”

“Speak, Your Majesty.”

“The fragment of the moon shot by Priest Isabelle cannot be disassembled unless priests of iron and blacksmiths are involved. You take responsibility and lead a detached team to secure the fragment.”

“Your Majesty, how far are you allowed to exercise your discretion in organizing the detached unit?”

“Two saints. Since it is a small elite, let’s select the best.”

At that, Antok had a slightly perplexed expression on his face.

He also knew Leon’s intentions, who valued the comfort of the detached unit. But if two of the Holy Grail Knights were missing, what would the defense of this place be like?

It is because of the existence of the Holy Grail Knights that the numbers that are already dozens of times different are somehow symmetrically balanced.

Recently, the strongest Holy Grail Knight, Sir Vulcanus, went missing, and how could he—

“Your Majesty, can’t you give the Grand Duke Dragonia an order to retreat?”

“Impossible. The Archduke and the Union made a choice. I cannot force it.”

The members of this coalition are nominally equal, but that does not imply that they are actually equals.

The absolute symbol of this alliance is the lion heart, which gathers the survivors of the ruined country and is the actual maximum force.

However, the Northern Army of Dragonia was different.

A long time ago, the Grand Duke of Dragonia, who founded Lionheart with the first Lion Heart King, was a dragon slayer who successively killed dragons, who were the greatest enemies of the kingdom at the time.

Therefore, the first lion heart king made Dragonia a semi-independent grand duchy and made it an eternal ally.

They are the mouthpieces of the North and a barrier against barbarians. The Lion Heart Kings can never treat the Grand Duke of Dragonia as inferior.

“Prince Karina will not return.”

“Then Your Majesty.”

Antok continued the previous subject.

“Please include those two of those joining the coalition this time.”

“……The ones Lord Gillingham brought?”

“Yes, from what I’ve heard, they all have unusual skills. Especially a woman named Beatrice and a different race named Yakt Spinner. They will be of great help.”


Leon was troubled for a moment. It is a fact that only he knows that they are the saints and saints who were ordained by his future selves.

In the end, unlike themselves who only reproduced the past, they have real lives.

I wanted to escape this place intact without any possible danger, but… … .

‘It doesn’t make sense to waste two strong men of the Holy Grail Knight class.’

Han Ha-ri and Cheon So-yeon are also strong at the level of captains, but they are not comparable to the Holy Grail Knights.

With those two, I’d be able to relieve myself of any threat on my own.

“From now on, it’s a speed battle. Hurry up and secure the moon fragments and return.”

* * * *

Two knights of about five hundred knights and one squadron of freemen light cavalry rushed towards the moon fragments at lightning speed.

Lionheart’s warhorse had the stamina to withstand running downhill for three days. Even the cavalrymen, who regarded such warhorses as the pride of the country, couldn’t help but get tired of seeing the massive figure running in the lead.

“……Sir. Is that really a creature?”

One article’s question was right. It was the same with Antok.


Eight steel legs spanning the ground. The giant steel spider, dozens of times larger than Lionheart’s warhorse, runs at a speed of 80 km/h.

Even this was restrained in order to keep pace with the warhorse that was barely following.

A strange steel creature that has never been seen on any continent or kingdom.

Can you believe something like that? The answer to that question was simple.

“Heto God’s chosen knight. Ariana appointed him as a Holy Grail Knight. Isn’t that enough?”

Although the Lionheart’s knights were especially clogged and inflexible, it was the Lion Heart King’s order and the choice of the Pantheon that they showed infinite flexibility.

His Majesty ordered it, so are you going to protest?

It was chosen by the gods, but how can a mere creature know the meaning as deep as the deep sea?

Knights are ready to accept anything, as long as it’s not the bizarre thing of converting a demon or appointing an orc as a knight.

Apparently, among the detached corps, the only ones beside Yapi, who is heterogeneous, are Sir Antoc, who is obsessed with his ability, and Beatrice, who was originally in his party.


Yapi stored the drones whose batteries were exhausted in the fuselage, flew a second drone patrol, and launched a hologram map that integrated and mapped surrounding information.

“Ohhh… what kind of magic is that?”

Sir Antok approached while admiring the 3D map, which detailed the topography and the view of the forest. Yappy let out a confident chuckle.

– A fragment of an integrated reconnaissance system that cannot be realized at the technical level of savage organisms. The excellence of this machine is the first in all gods.

“Haha, indeed, indeed. He is omnipotent. He is, after all, my disciple.”

Yapi seems to be dissatisfied with Antok’s remarks.

-Recommendation of name correction. You are only a technology provider. I do not have the intellectual ability to force this machine into a teacher-teacher relationship.


It was Antok who laughed and tapped Yapi’s mechanical leg, which was twice as tall as his own.

“Looks like you’ve become friends?”


“There aren’t many people on our side who can have a conversation like this with Sir Yapi.”

Yapi tends to treat most opponents mechanically. At least Hari can be said to be friendly, but should we call it friendly or unilaterally teasing him?

In that respect, the sight of Yapi unable to move by Antoc was fresh to Beatrice as well.

‘Since it’s Lord Yapi, the incarnation of rationality, it seems that Sir Antok’s skills are coveted.’

Is there something that the Holy Grail Knights of Iron and Blacksmith have in common?

Beatrice expressed regret, saying that it would have been nice if she had met Sir Zereah at least once when the gate was first opened the other day.

“Lady, I’m sure you noticed.”

“Yes, it’s strangely calm.”

In addition to searching for Yapi, they did not neglect reconnaissance through light cavalry.

Even so, no movement is seen until the fragments of the moon head to the place where they fell.

“There’s no way they’ll just let this opportunity pass.”

“Probably from the start of the fragments mining.”

The problem is how many demons, and what level of demons will come. But even they wouldn’t expect that there would be three Holy Grail Knights in this detached unit.

I arrived at the place where the fragments of the moon fell, as if it was worth running all day from last night.

“That’s it.”

The fragments of the fallen moon made a huge crater, but they were not damaged in the slightest and were shining brightly.

It is a fragment that the Moon Goddess allowed even while shaving away her divinity. Her priest had even risked his own life to shoot it down.

“Start extraction.”

Antok immediately approached the giant lunar shard and began pounding it with a hammer and chisel.

“Sir Spinner. Come and help.”


Antok and Spinner. There were even dozens of blacksmith priests.

While they joined forces to dismantle star iron from fragments of the moon, Beatrice manipulated a large-scale defense barrier and built a camp.

‘If I were them, I’d attack them at this timing.’

They will not miss the defenseless situation of extracting star iron from moon fragments. Now, the success of transporting star iron depends on how effectively you block their attacks.

“Build your camp and prepare for battle. This moment is the most vulnerable moment.”

Fortunately, in information warfare, this side has an overwhelming advantage.

About 100 freemen light cavalry were visiting the surroundings from time to time, and drones launched by Yapi were on long-range alert missions.

No matter how secretly they run, you can always catch them from this side.

The problem is the size of the opponent. The number of demons exceeds imagination.

Even now, even the Kingdom of the Gods was powerless in front of the waves of evil species that were infinitely proliferating through the Demon Gate.

But the reason why they can still hold out in this overwhelming disadvantage.

‘Only three Holy Grail knights. Moderate numbers can be dealt with with overwhelming force. The difficulty is how many high-ranking demons are coming.’

The army of demons is so numerous that it rots and overflows. That means there are just as many high-ranking demons to command cultists, demon followers, and low-level demons.

-Kick! Detect enemy movement. I’ll open a holographic map.

Yapi, who was mining moon fragments, captured the enemy’s movement with a drone that was operating at the same time.

In the hologram, you can see black stains aiming at the side of the detached unit that has built the camp.

When Beatrice skillfully moved her fingers and zoomed in, monster spiders she had seen before and werewolves with bizarrely gigantic fangs were confirmed.

“It seems that the enemies also came as quickly as possible with a mobile force.”

On top of the monster spider and the werewolf, familiar goblins and small demons boarded. Even considering their combat power, monsters that are three or four times larger than warhorses are threatening with their size alone.

“They’re approaching! About thirty thousand!”

many. This side sent only the most elite cavalry in a small group, but the Devil side, as if boasting an overwhelming number, was that much with only mobile troops.

“Prepare the shooter! Shoot!”

Freemen hussars raised their arrows. Arrows extend from their strings, shooting spiders well over 500 meters away.

“It’s amazing. Is it like a demonic bow?”

Beatrice asked admiringly, and a knight in the seat next to him gave a lively answer.

“These longbows were consecrated and crafted by Heto’s priests. They can penetrate even the tough skin of Orcs.”

“I know you hate long-range weapons, but surprisingly, you use them well when you’re operating an army.”

The knights scratching their cheeks as if embarrassed by that remark. But they also had something to say.

“Hear the javelin!”

Each of the knights took out one of the spears equipped next to the horse. Unlike the assault spear, it is a sharpened javelin that is easy to throw.


The knights condensed holy power into their spears and fired them at a group of monster spiders. Then, the javelin rushes in, causing a terrible explosion.


The monster spider let out a scream-like scream as if it had read that unusual energy, or sensed its own end. next moment–

-puck! Pupper pupper puck!!

The spears thrown by the knights completely penetrated the monster spiders.

“Anyone with weaker attack power than a bow cannot be a knight. This is why ranged weapons are inferior.”

“That. It’s a fact I know very well through Your Majesty.”

Beatrice smiled. Yapi, who was working on mining with her, also joined the offensive.

-Drone firepower deployment. Christmas Sosa begins.

Yacht spinners are not the only weapons made in the Pantheon. Yapi, who can create necessary tools anytime, anywhere, made a lot of holy grenate bullets for himself.

-Two da da da da da da da da da da da da da da!!

Christmases pouring down with a terrible roar. All bullets from the living saint’s body are imbued with holy power and inflict fatal damage to demons.

The achievements achieved by Yapi’s high-speed cannon are more remarkable than the arrows fired by the hundreds of freemen’s knights.

Antok wondered where such a monster ticket came from, but the real ‘talking power’ hadn’t even been cast yet.

<Strengthen Spell>, <Double Activation>, <Rise Up>, <Triple Power>──

“this is?!”

familiar magic. However, the caster was the Magician Queen of the other world.

──Principle analysis. remake magic

“Is it Lamanta’s thunderbolt…?”


A huge thunderbolt that falls around the magic circle. It causes a huge explosion in the middle of the monster spiders. And that’s not all.

──Principle analysis. <Expansion of the effective range>, <Expanding the effective range>

Like a conductor in front of an orchestra, her beautiful fingers stretch out as if dancing.

Even on horseback, her elegance is not compromised in the slightest, and the falling lightning scatters in all directions as if representing her will.

– Kwa! Kwak! Kwak Kwa Kwak! Kwaaaaang!!

A thunderbolt that explodes from a distance and expands its range. It rode and connected like the legs of monstrous spiders and spread out in all directions.

– Pujik!

– Kwajik!

And the monster spiders that the thunderbolt passed through exploded like bombs, unable to withstand the momentary heat.

“It’s amazing… even the elector of the empire would be unable to do such a huge magic.”

“The level of wizards in this world is by no means bad. They have evolved in a destructive way to counter the Holy Law.”

Yes, the magic of the wizards, including the Elector Counts, certainly never fails.

Then, what is this magician queen who interprets and applies the principles of the magic of the electors just by seeing it once?

Antok had no way of knowing, but he carefully guessed that she might be the archmage who inherited the blood of the Imperial Elector.

-Kiyiyi… … .


Thousands of monstrous spiders flinch at the terrible enemy firepower. Thousands of casualties were already incurred before even approaching. It was natural to feel fear.

“Now that the enemy’s brunt has been broken… I’d like you to hesitate a little longer.”

Beatrice hoped to gain as much time as possible. But they’ll try to get close, and hand-to-hand combat will be indispensable.

‘If that’s all of the enemy, I can stop it, but… Of course it’s not all.’

As Beatrice expected, the distant sky was out of Yaffe’s detection range. There, the eyes watching the detached team that was mining the moon fragments moved.

[Put in your troops. I’ll wait for them to finish extracting the fragments.]

Demons were flapping their wings in the clouds of the sky.

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