The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 134: Holy Grail Knight, An Talk (1)


– Stop… !

A fierce battle ensued in front of the fragments of the moon.

Behind the knights who built the iron square of the Sea of Hama on horseback, freedmen archers shoot arrows, and giant monster spiders and wolves rush ferociously.


Demon Troll let out a violent roar and charged at me with a club the size of my torso. The square knight raised his shield, but the troll’s momentum was so ferocious.

“Come, you ugly beast…!”

The Kingdom Knight let out a ferocious voice as he prepared for the shock to come. The time when even the trolls rushed at it with the momentum to blow away a knight smaller than their own body——


puck! something passing by. In an instant, the troll’s head disappeared like a burst balloon. The torn nape of the neck is full of the smell of meat that has been burned by the high heat.

-Enemy dangerous object patrol while sniping. Twelfth target adjustment.

Yakt Spinner. The iron-blooded war machine that shoots railgun bullets with super-electronic acceleration is the center that coordinates the entire battlefield.

“Nice job, Sir Yapi. I’ll take care of the small fish.”

If Yapi is a sniper who stabs the enemy in pain, Beatrice is the last gunner.

Tsushima <The Death Eye>

Her specialty, the magic of the great magic class, is activated in succession. The Magician Queen’s magic is absolute firepower that overturns the hopeless numerical difference of 500 to tens of thousands.

And that’s not all.


– Cheeky puduk!

The monster spider, rushing towards Bangjin, collapses on the spot. It was dead, but when stabbed, the blood vessels pulsated. It was alive.

-Key, Kieeee—

There is no way to know the expression of the giant spider, but it is clear that it is suffering. The culprit was the purple fog that spread across the battlefield.

Beatrice, the priestess of dreams and death, pours haze over the entire battlefield, dragging the demons into the abyss of an endless nightmare.

-Why not use the power of death?

Yapi knew that Beatrice could turn that haze into a death haze. Death would be better than nightmare.

“Sometimes a ‘crazy ally’ hurts more than a dead ally.”


Beatrice’s fingers snapped in the air. right! and a clear sound spreads. At the same time, the demons that had fallen into a dream awoke.

-Kiii… !


The condition of the demons waking up from the dream was strange. They drool as if they were still in a dream and started attacking everything in front of them.


Infighting breaks out between demons. The demons that fell into Beatrice’s nightmare attacked the closest fellow demons.

“I kept them half awake. They’re trying to kill monsters in their nightmares so they don’t die in their dreams.”

And the monsters of that nightmare are the comrades next to him.

If Beatrice plunges an unspecified number of people into nightmares and adds chaos to the battlefield, Yacht Spinner shoots high-ranking demons who can resist fantasy with the Holy Grenade Railgun.

Indeed, he was demonstrating battlefield dominance that could be called a Holy Grail Knight.

“It’s done!”

Until Antok and the priests finished the three-hour extraction work.

“Let’s hurry up! They’ll find out soon!”

The riders acted swiftly when they blew the trumpet toward the detached squadron at Antok’s instruction.

“Get on the rear horse! Quickly get out of here!”

The riders of the freedmen quickly mounted their horses, and the knights, who had kept square until the end, scattered the holy law and went back to their horses.

There was no rider who could not find his horse in the chaos of the battlefield. Lionheart’s wise steeds quickly ran, distinguishing the whistles of their comrades.

After the sound of the trumpet announcing the retreat, the detached unit completed preparations for retreat in less than thirty seconds.

“Exit at full speed!!”

Antoc, Yapi and Beatrice ran to the front. The cavalry of the Byeodongdaedae followed it.

– Stop the pursuit. High fire power temporary concentration.

Yapi’s carapace short-range missile silo opens with a bang! and flew into the air.

The rockets, handcrafted and blessed by Yaffe, spin in the air and fall precisely towards the demons, causing a series of explosions.

Tsushima <Burning Light Celestial Punishment>

-Quarreung! Kwakwaaang!

In addition to Beatrice’s high-powered thunder, the demons lose their senses.


Amid the thick dust and natural disasters, the detached team runs. Their warhorse had a speed that was not lacking even compared to the automobiles of the modern Earth.

“They’ll follow soon, but they won’t get there before us.”

“I’m in a hurry. They’re not fools either, so I’ll catch up soon—”


It came without warning from the sky. The only ones who noticed its existence before the raid were the yakt spinners who constantly ran the radar and the knights with excellent intuition.

“”Melt before the fire of hell.””

Fireballs pouring down all at once. Those hellfires, which were dyed green, fell toward the detached team in an instant.


Beatrice’s hand reached toward the sky. Daemado unfolded against the five falling hellfires.

<Super Elemental Cancel>

Her magic power intervenes with the hell magic. The world’s strongest magician queen instantly undid half of the magic the great demons had spread.

And to say it again.

Half of them fell towards the detached team.


A huge explosion shook the detached unit in all directions.

Amidst the roar of the explosion, the dust clears and black corpses line the streets.

“Keuh… Sir Yapi. Damage report…!”

-The eighty-eighth knight, who was late in the development of the sexual law, died instantly. Destroy the Freedmen’s Light Cavalry. The number of injured could not be ascertained. Five enemy Archdemon instances. database search.

Yapi knows them. In the distant past, the proponents of the chaotic quest that invaded the world of extremely advanced yakt spinners, and caused more damage than any other demons.

Wicked knowledgeable demons who spread a lump of disease called the Jewel of Wisdom all over the world.

The head of an animal, the wing of a bird,

– The Archdemon of Wisdom and Search. Caster of Prazna.

those who chant wisdom. Among the demons of wisdom, the highest rank demons flapped their wings and looked down at them, and then let out a terrifying scream.



It is the voice of a demon that leads living things to destruction.

Just as the Holy Grail Knight protects living beings with its mere presence, the Great Devil’s voice drives humans crazy with its mere presence.

“Ku, keuaaaaaagh…!”

“Ears, ears…!”

Even the knights of the kingdom could not withstand the demonic spirit poured out by the five great demons. Even though there were as many as three Holy Grail Knights, the curses of the great demons were stronger than their blessings.

[You insignificant little things.]

[Are you facing immortality with your mortal status?]

[Stupid things. How do you not know that your foolishness will lead you to ruin.]

Caster of Prasna came down to the ground like descending. Yapi responded and Beatrice poured magic.

However, they are the supreme demons of the highest rank of demons of wisdom.

It blocks Yapi’s return fire, binds Antoc’s javelin in space, and nullifies Beatrice’s magic.

There were enough of the three Caster of Prasna. The other two poured the demonic spirit of the curse toward the detached troops, and swept away the kingdom knights who were deaf to pain.

“Keuugh…! Run!”

“Be alert! You have to stop the horse’s ears and run! ‘Iron Will’ is with you guys!!”

Antok’s roaring voice contained even holy power. He bestowed the blessing of unyielding indomitability, and the knights responded to the order.

“Put the words first!”

“Be patient, comrade! We must get out together!”

The knights sometimes covered the eardrums of horses with earplugs, and when things didn’t go well, they knocked on the eardrums to cover up their demons with tinnitus.

The horses gradually come to their senses after being touched by familiar knights in pain and panic.

“let’s go!”

The gallop resumed. Despite the demonic nature of the great devil, their indomitable will and infinite trust moved them.

However, the pursuit of the great demons continues.

“Watch your stomach!”

“Kwaaaaagh! Ariana!!”

The Kingdom Knights were caught by the Caster of Prasna’s sharp claws and flew into the air.

Knights falling from the sky soon. The knights who fell naked without any defense were stuck on the ground.

“Sir Yapi!”

– Aerial suppression begins.

Beatrice and Yakt Spinner, who have powerful long-range firepower, fire back. However, the five great devils were as thorough in self-preservation as their old wisdom.


[That girl, indeed, the depth of magic is deep.]

[However, it’s not to the extent that I can’t respond.]

Thanks to the two of them, they had to pay attention to defense, but at the same time as magic, the great demons descended vertically with the mobility of their wings and attacked the detached unit.

“Hold on! As soon as the allied forces arrive, reinforcements will come—”

Paang, and it resonated so clearly in the turbid battlefield.

Even though Beatrice’s defensive magic clearly existed, and all of Yapi’s calculations were clearly detecting the surroundings.

Even the sharp senses of the Holy Grail Knight could not recognize it, and even the body of Byeol-cheol blessed by the god of the blacksmith could not block it.

[You guys. I can’t escape.]

Behind Caster of Praznadeul’s back, the devil with his back to the sun penetrates the most troublesome Iron Grail Knight.

“Sir Yapi!”

Yappy, whose carapace was pierced, collapses. Even God’s metal, more powerful than anyone else in this room, could not ward off the demon’s magic.

-database—base. Confirmation of the destroyed entity——

Yapi’s camera children are focused. The worst demon lord who destroyed extremely advanced science and technology and led the world to ruin.

-Demon Lord of Wisdom and Search──


It’s the end of the world.

* * * *

The fuselage of a shattered yakt spinner. Beatrice was stunned.

The torso of Yappi is a high-strength body composed entirely of star iron. Even he had a hard time destroying that body in a mock battle… … .

‘Before being strong, the status as a wizard is different.’

As a magician queen, she didn’t even feel the harbinger of magic. It was like breathing a great magic that could pierce a yakt spinner.


Undoubtedly. That snake-headed devil is the lord of demons, the devil of demons, the pinnacle of all evil.

-Kie eh eh eh!

While the detached unit stopped, demons flocked in from all directions. It seems to have been supplemented with the appearance of the monarch, and the number has doubled.

“iced coffee…….”

“Is it over…”

The knights who did not give up despite the appearance of the Great Devil dropped their swords in the hopeless rampage of evil.

The demonic nature of the great devil. The demon lord’s endless malignity.

A far-deep malice that mortals cannot face.

It’s over. Not only the soldiers and knights, but even Beatrice thought so.

“Sir Yapi… are you alive?”

-Kick… … .

Yappy appears in the broken fuselage. Its main body did not receive a direct hit from magic, fortunately.

“As far as I know, your world… is invaded by the demons of Wisdom and Search. In this situation… how much do you think you will succeed in escaping?”

-Zero. Even if you use the Queen’s Leap Magic, no one can escape.


Beatrice knows how strict this machine is with probability theory. The computing power that far transcends human common sense overwhelms even modern earth civilization.

It was concluded that such a steel machine had no chance of victory even in the first place. That conclusion is by no means an exaggeration.

“Hmm, even the possibility of escape is zero.”

Antok stepped forward. he asked.

“Miss Beatrice. What is that jumping magic?”

“It’s an application of gate magic… Umm, to be precise, it’s about jumping into a pantheon by opening a space. But I can’t use it right now.”


When Beatrice first entered this gate, she remembered that the gate had been forcibly closed by something.

And I knew that it was the mad magic of that demon lord that closed the gate with a high probability.

In other words, as long as the Lord of Wisdom exists, space jump is impossible.

“I see. Say it again. Isn’t that what the damn guy is all about?”



what kind of madness is that? Yapi did not understand the organism that emerged from this hopeless situation in which even he gave up the winning calculation.

Antok raised the hammer. A short hammer that he uses to sharpen his weapons.

Antok flashes his hammer. All knights and freemen soldiers stare at it.

“Proud my brothers and sisters! Thank you for your service to the gods and kingdom for so many years!”

Antok saw the people of the kingdom looking at him. They also awakened the oath they had made.

“You must have sworn to defend the kingdom with your life! Today! This moment! Keep that oath!!”

No one knew what it meant.


just an order.

In front of that unreasonable command——

“”I’ll take your name!!””

make unreasonable choices.

“Shut up!”

“Sir Antok must be returned!”

Make the most irrational and rational choice.

– Impossible. organism. Even if you throw all of them into the discard pile, the chance of success is 0%.

“Maybe. You’re smart, so you won’t say anything wrong.”

At that moment, overflowing holy power poured out of his body.

“But, there are things more important than probabilities.”

moment, suddenly.

Antok’s consciousness is isolated from the world.

[Stop it, my blacksmith. Are you going to throw away your life here?]

The divine voice that was always with him. Shin Sung, who was with me at the lowest place and gifted iron to the world, dissuaded my knight.

“Whoever came would have done it.”

However, even God could not dissuade this honest knight from his determination.

Why do gods love humans? The reason to defend Lionheart.

Those who could die for their beliefs. Because the spark of life was so beautiful.

“I, Iron and Blacksmith’s Holy Grail Knight, Anthok! The guardian of the mine and the foremost blacksmith of the kingdom!”

The hammer aiming at the future stops.

Now it exists only in the present.

The blacksmith no longer has a future. Even so.

“I take an iron oath here and now.”

What hammering is aiming for is a dazzling future.


The change was dramatic.

The wilderness filled with demons’ malice quickly turned into a sacred sanctuary and turned into a land of steel.

He rewrites the landscape with just his existence, and all his movements stretch out to erase the black stains as if to condemn the evil intentions of the world.

[…] … no way.]

Even the demon lord moaned in front of that huge divine will.

The divinity of seething steel.

Humans who accept God reach infinity that humans can never reach.

Divine Advent 《Iron Blacksmith》

A being that emitted light from its entire body looked up at the sky.

“Get off first.”

In the next moment, the demon lord and the prime demons crashed to the ground.

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