The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 135: Holy Grail Knight, An Talk (2)

The silt of the wilderness turns into a steel meadow.

They had witnessed the frenzied violence of the Holy Grail Knights many times, but the miracle in front of them made even the demon lord, Karakael, stunned.

A miracle that heals the world. It would have been a little bit of a fancy magic show if it was just to change the soil into steel.


This is no mere gimmick.

[My lord. That is——]

The landscape changed with the iron oath. And Antalk, who has changed somewhere.

Something strengthened his body. From a magical point of view, it would be interpreted that way.

But you can’t fight against yourself with just that.

[Hopefully that’s not the end.]

Caracael saw a tiny human like a worm on the ground. However, he was wary of a presence that would make even the demon lord himself nervous.

She puts on layers of the highest level of magic barriers that even the magician queen is astonished at, and prepares for the enemy’s actions. However, Caracael felt a sense of incongruity.

“Get off first.”


In the next moment, Karakael and the casters of Prazna realized they were being pulled by something.

An overwhelming heavy pressure on a different level from planetary gravity. It crashes the great demons flying with its wings.


All the evil beings who arrogantly flew in the sky crashed to the ground.

Reversal of gravity? generation of manpower?

No, it’s not like that kind of physical law.

Holy Grail Knight. They are law changers. They rewrite the laws of the world according to the divinity they believe in.

[Iron and Blacksmith.]

understood. Karakael raised his mana with will.

Alchemy <Shape Change>

Accessories containing ‘iron’ that hung all over his body. Changes the nature of all artifacts.

Just now, the artifacts, each of which was a dimensional treasure, were reduced to useless trinkets.

[My lord… !]

Great demons that follow the monarch and change the nature of the accessories attached to their bodies. They were artifacts made with great care, but there was nothing they could do about it.

All the ‘iron’ of this Holy Land is governed by that.

[I see, your judgment is quick. Evil ones.]

The timbre of the voice was not human.

Not only did the appearance change, but the contents also changed.

By putting a god in a human body, he has the nature of a half-god himself.

sex law–

The eyes of the great demons are colored with astonishment.

Until now, the holy power of the Holy Grail Knights had been emanating from their own bodies.

However, that knight was now moving the scenery itself and radiating infinite holy power.

Truly a miracle. It is the beginning of a miracle that seems to have gathered the holy power of the whole world.

<Heto’s Hammer>

A flashing hammer swings. In line with that, the hammer carved into the landscape falls directly towards the demons.

Great Magic <Shield of Amancha>

The barriers deployed by the five great demons are truly solid barriers. An invincible great wall that never seems to be broken. But–

– Boom!

The hammer crushed all the Caster of Prasna through the barrier. In one blow, the two Prime Demons exploded in terrible shapes.

[what… !]

[This is impossible!]

The demon of wisdom and inquiry, the master of magic. Among them, an absolute defense based on a perfect calculation formula perfected after tens of thousands of years of research by wise men with peak magical power.

You broke not one, but five at the same time?

My whole body trembles at the terrible attack power that makes me want to deny reality. Can’t stand the second one. More than anything, even those who had just survived that blow seemed to have their guts shaken.

Terribly strong. How could mortals who couldn’t even live for a thousand years have such great power?


in the meantime.

The lord of wisdom is alive and well.

[…] … .]

Antok clicked his tongue at the soundness of the demon he hit with a direct hit. The great demons around were crushed as they were, but the one that was hit directly was unscathed.

The moment the destructive power of absolute strength wielded with the concept of iron collided with that barrier, its nature changed.

From changing the law to a mere mighty blow.

[Let’s begin. It is a prelude to the worst showdown of this century that has yet to begin.]

With Karakael’s gesture, a magic circle engraved in the sky was activated.

* * * *


– Forward!

The forces of evil cry out. Advance.

– Face it!

-Hold on until the magic is complete!

The army of justice cries out. defense.


Blades of pouring magical power hit the ground.

It seemed that life would not be able to survive in the intensity of the magic exercise poured out by the demon lord and the great demons.

Seongbeop <Steelization>

Seongbeop <Blessing of the Flame>

However, it is the sacred power of this land that is as full as magical power.

[Smash it!!]

Accepting Heto, the god of iron and blacksmithing, the Holy Grail Knight crushes the enemy at the forefront. The aftermath of the sledgehammer swinging at the demon lord is enough disaster for them.


Beatrice built a magic circle while watching them.

A confrontation between the demon lord and the divine.

The fierce battle between demons and free people who are swept away in the aftermath alone.

In the fierce battle that the artificial intelligence claimed to have zero odds, they were blooming the flower of a miracle.

Even if the flowers don’t bloom.

Like the odds are good.

‘It’s definitely more comfortable.’

Beatrice’s magic team was still constructing a simple gate to jump into space.

Originally, it was a magic that could not even be established with Karakael’s intervention. However, the Lord of Wisdom is not paying attention to this side because he is engaged in a fierce battle with the iron and blacksmith’s divinity.

“Sir Yapi. How is the work going?”

Progress to -86%.

Originally, Beatrice was in such a hurry that she entrusted Yaffe with the magic team that she would complete with her own hands from start to finish.

However, he does not give up his prudence for a one-time opportunity. If it’s just drawing a magic circle, I’ll just believe in Yaffi, which can be perfectly reproduced under the data.

“The moment you deploy the magic circle, he will notice it too. We need a way to buy time until Lord Antok returns.”


Yapi explained the plan to Beatrice, and she nodded.

“What is the probability of success?”


“It’s much better than before.”

Frustratingly low odds. However, the knights are willing to throw themselves towards the cliff of 0%. Then–

“It’s something I shouldn’t say as a sorcerer who needs to be cool, but… let’s pray for a miracle.”

She is also a miracle. Because she was a saint who served God.

* * * *

Karakael’s magic pours out.

Every single one of them was a disaster.

The land collapsed, the sky split, a feast of great magic that seemed to see the end of the world.

A terrible disaster that humans cannot endure is drawn only with his hand gestures.

[It’s strong.]

However, the Holy Grail Knight stands against it. No, the divinity itself, the blacksmith’s hammer, pulverizes the demon lord’s magic.

The striking lightning is absorbed and thrown away with the hammer, and the flames rising from the ground are blocked by the iron ground.

There is a saint in front of me who causes a succession of miraculous battles moment by moment.

Indeed, the strongest species in the dimension. The strongest creature on earth that even demons fear.

In the Landolce Plain, the Grand Prince of Glacier had a choice of escape.

If even the lowest-ranked Holy Grail Knight is at this level, what kind of monster is the Holy Grail Guardian, the apex of it?

[Your pinnacle must have the power to defeat the monarch.]

Admit it. their strength. But that’s why this invasion was right.

If these monsters multiplied and eventually spread divinity throughout the dimension, the demons would not have been able to withstand it and would have been defeated.

What is the dimension where the humans that the gods love so much exist?

He deserved to be loved and deserved to be strong. However–

[Not enough. You cannot reach me.]

ultimately human. The vessel is too small to contain the entire mighty power of divinity.

[Suddenly, the analysis is over. die.]

It was at that time that Karakael was about to cast his deadly magic.


A mechanical body that took advantage of the chaos of the battlefield to approach. It was the star-iron body of a yakt spinner that Karacael must have pierced.

-Self-destruct sequence initiated. core compulsory runaway.

At that moment, Yapi’s fuselage forced its own power reactor to run out of control. A nuclear fission reaction that far exceeds the technological capabilities of Earth humans.


Massive heat and explosions engulf Karakael. In an instant, the light from the explosion hit the world and obscured sight.

[A nuclear explosion… With such primitive pranks!]

Karakael used his right hand to cast magic, but with his left finger he used a new spell.

The expansive explosion is compressed and confined as if being sucked into something.

Compressing a simple thermal explosion was as easy as breathing for him. In order to strike him, it would have to be at least the level of divine sparks.

A single finger magic was sufficient, such as low-level nuclear fission.



It was then. Capturing the cracks that distort space.

[My lord! They opened the gate!]

Indeed, was it like that? Karakael stared at the silver woman who opened the gate.

Did a human subject understand the principle of the gate?

[I’m thinking of running away with him.]

There must be very few people who can move through short-distance jump gates.

Karakael noticed.

The authors intend to abandon all soldiers and knights here.

[You’re insolent. Did you think you could get away from me?]

Intervene at the gate. At most, even if it was a short-distance jump gate opened by Beatrice, it could be closed immediately with Karakael’s magic. But–

“Destroy the demons!!”

“Dedicate your life to protect it!!”

The holy law of flame is swung towards Karakael. And that’s not all. The knights all at once threw their spears encased in holy power at Karakael with the strengthened holy law thanks to the fullness of the holy power of this land.

[Abandoned things are fine… !]

As Karakael blocked their javelins, the heat energy that had been compressed in his left hand exploded. With the addition of magical power, a terrible explosive power that can be called a mana nuclear explosion strikes them.

[It’s late. However–]

Thanks to that, I couldn’t close the gate. Karakael stretched out his right hand, which had been building magic a while ago.

Fain! do.

Death rays rushed at those who threw themselves at the gate.

* * * *

A crack opens in the middle of the city and a door opens.



What poured into it were three people and a horse.

“Success… you did it!”

Beatrice was relieved that she had barely survived the limb she had just a moment ago.

Yapi also updated the database on this miraculous achievement.



Moans picked up by a high-performance sound system. The pulsation of the thumping heartbeat that I had been able to grasp just before had weakened.

“Sir Antoc?”

Beatrice also noticed the abnormality and stared at him.

The Iron and Blacksmith’s Holy Grail Knight stood firm. Despite having a huge hole in my heart.

“I guess… it wasn’t perfect.”

Even with the dripping blood in front of him, Antok scratched his head.

“Sir Antoc! Hurry up and get treatment…!”

Beatrice tried to support him, but Antoc stopped it with a gesture.

“Go to the forge.”



Even while the two were puzzled, Antok walked towards the blacksmith’s smithy. Carrying the fragments of the moon recovered by sacrificing their lives.

Upon arriving, he took up his hammer at the forge, not paying attention to the sound of the blacksmith priests’ flagships.

“From now on. Smelting star iron.”

– Impossible. Your life activity will soon cease.

“It was decided from the moment the divinity descended into the mortal status.”

It was a miracle that anyone other than a living demigod with a lion’s heart would have dared to do. Because he was a living saint, he was only able to maintain that temporary miracle.

In other words, this fleeting moment. Antok is a ‘demigod to die’.

“Iron knight made of steel. The time allotted to this master is not enough, and he only has one chance to teach his pupil.”

-… … .

“I’ll show you once. This is my first and last teaching.”

Antok raised the hammer.

– Kaang!

“I left the path of training to receive a quest.

Even if the missing heart can’t produce oxygen.

– Kaang!

“In the process, I met the future Lion Heart King and went on an honorable journey together.”

Even if your trembling arms can’t power the hammer.

– Kaang!

“I was taught by the greatest blacksmith, and I challenged him.”

Even if the bloody eyes can’t even see right in front of you.

– Kaang!

“I couldn’t overcome him in the end, but the knights with my sword cut down the kingdom’s enemies, and the knights with my spear defended the kingdom.”

It doesn’t stop. Slowly but intensely, as if to engrave each movement.

– Kaang!

It smelts iron with the divine will.

In all his actions, history is contained.

“I shared glory with the greatest Lion Heart King, and was loved by the gods and enjoyed undeserved honor.”

The hammering continues.

His blurry vision now turns to the next blacksmith.

“Put your faith in iron. Imagine the future you will forge with your hammer. The sword you forge will sever the kingdom’s enemies, and the armor you forge will protect your comrades.”

throw a hammer A very old, worn and worn-out hammer contained the history of a blacksmith.

“A weapon is a tool for killing, but when it is held by the righteous, it will become a shield that protects the world.”

I hope the sword and shield you make will protect the world.

The holy power that overflowed in his body was scattered. The vitality she had been forcibly maintained disappeared, and her hair turned white as if it were burning.

His crumbling body leaned against someone else’s body to prevent it from falling.


I feel the heartbeat.

You feel your body temperature.

Antok knew who this belonged to.

“Sir Leon…”

“Yes, Sir Antoc.”

“To be held in the arms of a man… Gildus would have hated it if he saw it.”

“Who would doubt a man with children?”

“That too.”

“Your son… Do you have anything to say to Arene?”


At those words, Antok thought for a moment.

He was a great father, a caring father, and an outstanding teacher.

He gave his son love, respect, and teaching, so if there’s anything more to say——

“Until the end. Defend the kingdom and the king!”

It’s just the attitude of his whole life.


Leon let out a sigh in front of his friend’s flame that had gone out of his arms.

“I’ll take it easy on the last word.”

King Leon’s 85th year.

Sir Antoc, the Holy Grail Knight of the Iron and Blacksmith.


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