The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 136 What to Leave for the Future

The forces of evil advance.

Stains that cast the sky and pollute the earth.

They fill up the land area slowly and vigorously.

How many of them have gathered?

The scouts watching them fill the ground terribly collapse as the heavens and earth vibrate with the sound of rough breathing.

“……It truly is the end of the world.”

The enemy’s advance, which can only be explained as “terrible,” is not the advance of a lined army even with empty words.

The snapping fangs and bloodshot eyes reveal their poverty.

Demons of wisdom and inquiry. The magic potions they made were the worst drugs that made even the soul cloudy.

However, it gave them infinite hunger. To the extent of dying to fill that hungry stomach.

“I can see the characteristics of the demons of chaos. I remember the unique one-horned races from 20 years ago.”

Empire survivor. The leader of the Knights of the Silver Lion clearly remembers the terrible things that destroyed the empire.

The demon lord of chaos and his corps first invaded this world. And that’s not all.

“Seriously… the world is ending.”

23 years ago, their emperor summoned a demon lord.

The system was destroyed, and the entire empire collapsed in an instant.

In the end, Lionheart’s Lionheart appeared and destroyed the demon lord and his forces, but this was only the beginning.

“I thought that if I was with the Lionheart… I might be able to win.”

Balter, the leader of the Silver Lion Division, who leads the survivors of the empire, finally arrives, but his will seems to be broken in the face of destruction.

He is not a knight of the gods.

He knew honor and loyalty, but he was a human being.

The reason I was able to endure until now was because I was afraid that the miraculous being called the Holy Grail Guardian would save us in the end.


The endlessly lined up horde of evil was not something that could be defeated.

Humanity’s destruction is certain, and they themselves will soon die.

They say that when a person dies, they are guided to the paradise of the gods… If there is no human being to devote their faith to and dies, will that paradise be able to be maintained?

Leaving behind his complicated state of mind, Walter moved his words to the pantheon where the allied forces were located.

* * * *

Holy Grail Knight Anthok ascended to heaven.

The news of the Holy Grail Knight’s ascension and most of the warriors in the detached squad spread throughout the city.

Some cried, some mourned, and some were numb waiting for their next turn.

“Your Majesty, this is Gildus.”

king’s tent. An elderly knight entered the meeting hall of the Allied Forces, where an urgent convocation order was issued, and the king welcomed him.

“Sir Gildus and Sir Galberon are with you?”

Leon welcomed the young knight following Gildus.

“Yes, Your Majesty. Nice to meet you after a long time.”

“Your Majesty. Call me Uncle.”

“I-how can I…”

A young kingdom knight who loathes. His father, Gildus, dissuaded Leon.

“Your Majesty, the child is spoiled.”

“What. Jim took care of that guy since he was in diapers. Isn’t that my godfather?”

How can you act reckless just because the king is your godfather? At least it was impossible for the knights of loyalty.

“What about Sir Arenne?”

“I’m on a reconnaissance mission. I’ve informed you of Lord Antok’s ascension, but I can’t abandon my mission.”

“To be honest like my father.”

The honesty was both happy and sad. I wanted to share the end of my close friend with his son.

-thud! thud!

At that time, a sound that could not be ignored echoed from outside the tent. Those footsteps that look somewhat angry are the sound of a huge ‘wooden bridge’ moving.

“The entrance is small.”

Lifting the tent, a huge tree giant entered.

A race of old trees with will. Treeman’s sage sat down on a suitable seat.

“You moved your heavy hips well.”

Gunlar replied to Gildus’ playful remark.

“I don’t have what you might call a butt, old friend.”

“Interpret the words appropriately and understand. It’s because the wise man is so stupid.”

“Oh~ I don’t want to hear from a drunken knight who rushed toward the windmill.”

“Why are you talking about what happened 70 years ago now!

“Did you beat that again?”

Looking at them, Leon recalled old memories.

When he was still a young chick. I met three people on the way to receive a quest.

Acolyte knights Antoc and Gildus. And Treeman Gunlar.

The ties he met on the way to save the village from being attacked by the orcs somehow ended up here.

This long friendship will surely be a blessing.

A very old friendship that wouldn’t be strange if either side left.

So there is no need to be sad.

It’s just that the farewell to come is approaching.

“Antok was our old friend. I thought Gildus would go first.”

“I thought so too.”

“Uh huh, you guys! Are you kidding me for not being a Holy Grail Knight?”

As a war knight of the kingdom, the commander with thick bones complained in front of his friends who had become too successful.

Leon said goodbye.

“His last ascension was celebrated in glory and honor, so how could this be a blessing? We, his friends, are right to bid farewell with love and friendship.”

Gildus lifted the bottle.

“For our friend Antalk!”

Gildus gulps down the entire bottle.

Galberon is worried about his father.

Gunlar did not understand the drinking culture of humans and used the fruit produced in his body instead of Jeonju.

The farewell ceremony was short, and ended with enough condolences and love.

“We must now carry on the legacy he left behind. How about the finished product, Gunlar?”

“It’s perfect beyond all else. The blacksmith god has blessed it enough.”

“What about the will of the forest?”

“The sages have agreed. Now we will forge the essence and put it into it.”

“I am always grateful for the service of the wise men.”

Leon hid his sad gaze and soon called those who were waiting outside.

The great saintess of light, Agag.

Holy Grail Knights Gillingham and Loxley.

In addition to that, Valtor, the leader of the Silver Lion Knights of the Empire, and the captain of the steel hammer who lead the dwarf survivors of the Iron Mountains. Fairy rangers who coexist with the tree men and take care of the forest.

From now on, it’s military time.

“Sir Walter. An army of demons is advancing?”

To Leon’s question, Walter responded politely with a nod.

“Yes… the army of them that has emerged from the capital is on the move. The idle demon survivors of the Landolce plains, the cultists of the Beast God… and the corrupters of the Empire have also been confirmed.”

Enemies of the Confederacy were coming from all directions.

“What is the expected number?”

“You’re welcome… they’re literally marching here with all their troops.”

10 million.

It is a number that makes you lose your senses just by hearing it.

It was so unrealistic that I was at a loss for words, but it was a reality that I had to face someday.

“The end is slowly approaching. Prepare for battle. They will come soon.

The final battle of mankind begins soon.

* * * *

The Pantheon is not a fortified city.

A religious sanctuary that crosses continents. A place in the very center of Lionheart with the royal castle.

Because there were no crazy people trying to invade this place where the Holy Grail Knights and the Great Saint always reside.

It is because the power of the gods is closest to them that they turned a religious holy place that had no walls into a fortress in the first place.

A collection of gods called a pantheon gives direct backup to its followers. Therefore, believers can exert more power than before here.

“You can’t rely only on the walls. Keep in mind street battles and prepare for resistance.”

Holy Grail Knights Gillingham and Loxley. And the heads of each coalition did not deviate from the position overlooking the pantheon, and were put into the camps built on the inner wall.

Hari’s party also had to prepare for this battle, but they were excluded from this battle.

“Your Majesty, we also want to help…”

Hari expressed his opinion, but Leon shook his head.

“You guys wait at the main camp. Shouldn’t there be nothing to hurt your body?”

Leon strictly separated Hari’s party. They saw that Beatrice and Yaphie, who were of the Holy Grail Knight level, had the power to take care of themselves, but the other four did not.

“Your Majesty… I have power too. The future… Your Majesty has recognized it.”

Cheon So-yeon also seemed dissatisfied when she couldn’t fight. Hari and Soyeon are also S-class fighters. It is a power that will be considered as the main force of the attack wherever you go.

Of course, there was a good reason for Leon’s judgment.

Unlike Leon, who only reproduced the past, Hari and his friends are real people. However, even if they die inside the gate, they really die.

That’s why Leon removed the four from the battlefield.

“You guys have other things to do.”

“What should I do?”

“Go to the priest of the moon and chastity who are recuperating. I have already told her.”


The four of them tilted their heads in puzzlement.

* * * *

Following Leon’s order, the four headed to the depths of the pantheon. It is the inside where the middlemen are gathered.

In the Kingdom of Lionheart, quite a few wounds and illnesses were cured just by eating blessed crops, so doctors usually refer to surgeons who treat those seriously injured in war.

Isabel’s hospital room, priest of the moon and chastity, had a different meaning from such an ordinary slander.


The moment I opened the door, I felt the air flow was different.

It is a small private room, large for a single room and small for a double room, with nothing but a wooden bed frame.

The bloody smell that fills it. The priestess, whose white priestly uniform was stained with fresh blood, gave out a dissatisfied voice.

“…you need to rest.”

“It’s okay. His Majesty also allowed it.”

Somewhere cool, but a voice that has lost its unique healthiness.

“Come in.”

The owner of the voice welcomes the four and invites them inside.

“excuse me…….”


Forgetting even his usual lighthearted attitude, Jaehyuk looks at the woman sitting on the bed.

A seriously injured man with blood scabs everywhere. The consumed bandages are piled up one by one.

The most deeply tied place is none other than the eyes.

The bandages that were tied over and over again, meticulously covering both eyes, completely blocked her vision.

“Chief of the Moon… is that you?”

“Yes, I am the first hunter of Dina, the goddess of the moon and chastity. I am Isabel, who is second in power in the kingdom, with the kingdom’s lion heart king as his brother-in-law.”

“Don’t lie to young people.”

Goddess’ Tackle. Isabel responds with an invisible wink.

“Because I’m the only one whose hands are empty. His Majesty can’t help it either.”

The priestess smiled wryly at Isabel’s words. With that, the goddess left the room.

“Now, newbies. You must be wondering why you’re here.”

Isabelle grinned. Even the eyes covered by bandages seemed to be smiling.

“There are many gods in the pantheon, but among them there is a class called ‘God’. Excluding certain circumstances, the most powerful gods are counted as seven.”

When she snaps her fingers, a subspace opens, and boxes are piled up one after another in it.

Some were large enough to take up half the bed, while others were tall enough to hold a ring.

“Ariana, the goddess of light and justice. She is a being revered by all knights and the first deity of the kingdom.”

Isabel kicks open the biggest box among them. Light poured from within.


Suho felt the surprisingly brilliant power of light within it. Isabelle continues.

“Poma, god of the sea and waves. Petos, god of war and flame. Ultima, god of sky and thunder. Since ancient times, water, fire, and lightning have been considered the most feared fury of nature.”

Their powers represent nature itself and are therefore above all powerful.

A bracelet with a blue aquamarine gem was placed on it.

A spear with brain power as if the heart of an unquenchable flame would burn up just by touching it.

There was no one who did not know the identity of the things Isabel had shown.

Anyone who has watched Leon’s holy relics up close, including Geobrick’s hammer, can’t help but notice.

“Are these… each one a sacred object?”

Isabelle replied with a wry smile.

“These are sacred relics left behind by past Grail Knights and Priests.”

Originally, saints and saints ascend to heaven together with the things they used when they die.

However, there are those who laid down their holy relics and ascended to heaven for the sake of the kingdom.

Through the age of dynamism, the age of orcs, the age of beasts and the age of chaos, the most difficult times, the heroes worried about the world and left behind their treasures.

“The shield is the one left behind by Lord Amalek, the Holy Grail Knight of Light and Justice, 200 years ago. This burning heart was left behind by Duke Renoir, the saintess of salvation and the orc mortician, as she died.”

Isabel explained the strength of each holy relic. Harry asked.

“I… why are you explaining this to us?”

“Because you guys will inherit this.”


The four of them knew the value of the holy relics. How tricky Sir Geobrick’s hammer is in finding its master.

Handing over the holy relics of the Holy Grail Knights and priests so easily?

“Don’t get me wrong. You guys are not ‘yet’ qualified to handle these relics. The relics won’t recognize you either.”

“Then why…”

“Your Majesty believes that you will surely survive. So… I decided to entrust the future to you.”

Isabel does not know that they are from another world.

It may be that this is the inside of the gate, which merely reproduced the past.

She just trusts Leon’s judgment and puts her all into preparing for the future.

“You guys will make better use of it than me, who will soon die. I will pass on the holy relic to you guys. It’s up to you to get recognition for the holy relic.”

Isabelle grinned and spoke of death calmly. And–

“There you are. You’re a child with strong dark energy.”

“……I’m Cheon So-yeon.”

“Yes, you… Won’t you do me a favor? It’s something only you, a follower of Ventasis, can do.”


While Isabel performed a ceremony to pass on the holy relic to the knights of the future, and the wise men of the forest extracted the essence and prepared for the advance of the demons.

Knights and soldiers spread out everywhere began to return.

for the final battle.

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