The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 137: The Last Battle (1)

The center of the pantheon.

In this place closest to the sky in the city, dozens of sages walked around.

“Sages of the forest. The extraction ritual is ready.”

The Great Saint Agnac welcomes the sages of the forest. Yaffy walks in front of her and sets some glasses.

It resembled the ‘Holy Grail’ that the Holy Grail Knight, Anthok, refined until the last moment of his life.

“That Holy Grail Knight made it right.”

One of the wise men of the forest admired the Holy Grail made from moon fragments. Gunlar replies as if it were natural.

“He’s a friend who handles iron better than anyone else. Now that he’s done his job, it’s our turn.”

“I know, young tree.”

“We will do our part.”

“Now, the rest of us should do our part.”

The eyes of the wise men of the forest were Beatrice and Yapi. And he stares at Han Hari and his companions.

Beatrice spoke first.

“Me and Sir Yapi will support the front line and take the best time. Miss Hari and the rest…”

“I’ll carry on the succession of the sacred object. Then…”

– Gather to the appointment point. This machine will join after securing the Moon Chalice containing the essence.

Their role is not to change the history of this gate and lead it to victory.

It was a task that no one could accomplish, and they were only supporting actors, not leading actors.

“We’ll just have to step back. Grand Saint Agnac…”

At Beatrice’s gaze, Agac replied with a benevolent smile.

“May the gods bless you.”

After that, Gunlar said as he looked at the people going down the temple.

“Daeseongnyeo. As you may know, if we finish everything…”

“In order to complete the essence to be contained in the new Holy Grail, divinity must descend.”

“Leon can’t do it because he’s in command of the front line. So you’ll have to shoulder that role.”

At Gunlar’s words, Agak smiled and said,

“As a great saint of light and justice, it’s a natural role. If you can prepare for the future like this… it’s meaningful enough.”

The great saint, Agac Protexia.

She has not lived a glorious battle and honorable chivalry like the knights.

They read the sutras and taught the decrees and lived only in the temples for a long time. It’s the same even after the great war with the demons begins.

She always prayed and waited for the bodies of the dead.

those many sad deaths.

He comforted the countless lives that had collapsed and lamented that what he could do was not as good as the knights.

Therefore, he is relieved to know that he has a role in this final war.

I am happy to be able to replace myself for the Lion Heart King.

“May the blessings of light and justice be with him.”

For a king who will throw himself into a fight so harsh in the future.

The saintess prayed.

* * * *

It was an army of endless destruction.

An endless legion of evil that filled the horizon.

The evil species built a degrading temple on the burnt ashes and insulted the traces of civilization.

Empires fell, kingdoms fell,

The Rune Rods of Iron Mountain and the Guardians of the Forest also collapsed.

country of chivalry.

The kingdom of knights, Lionheart.

Even the guardian’s land, which continued the lion’s heart, now had only the last stronghold left.

In the midst of danger that seemed as if the world would be torn to shreds like a worn-out wineskin, Leon watched it lonely.

“your majesty..”

“Is it Sir Arenne?”

A young knight approaches. Even after hearing of his father’s death, he remains faithful to his mission, and his youthful appearance remains in the son of a friend who has just returned.

“Be proud, Arene. Your father died with honor and went to the banquet of the gods.”


I see soldiers and knights comforting the dead father’s son and looking at Leon. It was a pity for them.

Beatrice and Yacht Spinner. Hari Han and Suho Han. Jaehyuk Kim and Soyeon Cheon.

The end of the kingdom they preached. The past, which could never be reversed, was predicting the end of the world.

The end of an era of glory and honor.

The inevitable end will be reproduced.

With a heavy heart, Leon stared at the suddenly gathered soldiers.

What gripped their ears was the rumble of the enemy’s advance, and what filled their eyes were mixed emotions.

Fear, fear, helplessness, hopelessness.

oh my god

O Master of the Holy Grail, who gave this insufficient creature the heart of a lion and ignited the holy sword with a brilliant light.

Here are your lambs in fear and trembling.

Women soothe crying children and swallow their tears,

The young people try to hold the dying fire of resistance in their hands,

The knights are trying to leave a seed of hope even in the blood-soaked wilderness.

But you, master of the Holy Sword, the Holy Lance, and the Holy Grail.

I know that your first knight will not be able to stop the evil that stretches beyond the horizon.


you are my goddess What should this foolish knight do?

『Do as you wish』


“My knight. My dear, honorable knight. Your goddess will be with my knight until the end.”

Leon made up his mind.

He died at the age of twenty and was reincarnated in another world.

He lived as a knight and king for over a hundred years.

Even if the end is the end, his life was full of honor and glory.

This life wasn’t meaningless.

“Listen, all honorable ones.”

In the suffocating silence, all eyes on the fortress were focused.

Humans in kingdoms and empires, elves, dwarves, lizardmen with reptilian scales, treemen tangled in tree trunks, and even fairies whimpering and lifting a cleaver.

At this moment, for this moment, I only stared at the Lion Heart King. stared in silence.


However, the longer the silence, the more clearly the sound of the ground shaking hit my ears and made me engrave in my mind once again the army of evil that counting was meaningless.

Knowing that fear abounded between them, Leon waited for them to fully perceive it.

Because they have to choose in fear and terror.

“Can you see it?”

It was a low-pitched voice, as if it had been shouted at, but there is no one who cannot hear it.

“Yes, I see.”

What they see in their eyes is despair.

It was an inevitable end,

It was chaos that did not distinguish between friends and family,

It was a ruin that would plunge everything into hell.

they are rapists An evil that does not stop insulting even on the ashes left after killing, destroying, and burning.

The trembling caused by the immeasurable amount of evil extending beyond the horizon drowned out the murmur and even Leon’s voice.

The moment they are desperate enough. Leon rode a horse and showed his face to the soldiers watching them.

“Can you hear the sound of those evil species trying to overwhelm us?”

Leon shouted at the young knight.

“Be angry!”

“your majesty…….”

“Rage! Knight Arene! Son of the glorious Iron Grail Knight Antoc, honorable knight who defeated the bighorn giant of the Dark Tree Forest!”

Be angry!

“Wonite Gildus and his son Galveron, heroes of the Pelor plains! Rage!”

“The Empire’s gifted messengers who protected citizens from the endless forces of evil! Rage!”

“Noble elven rangers who guard the oak forest! Rage!”

“Armor Breakers of Iron Mountain who fought against the fire-breathing dragon! Rage!”

“All honorable men of this age! Why are you not angry? Why accept insult!”

“”… … ?””

Leon couldn’t stop the laughter and contemptuous sneer that escaped from his mouth.

“Look at those disorderly beings of chaos!”

“Be angry at those arrogant fools who fell into the illusion of victory! Be infinitely angry!!”

“They fear us.”

“Afraid of our spears and swords.”

“Afraid of our strong will.”

“Look at the honorable people gathered on top of this barrier!!”

Soldiers and knights standing on top of the barrier. All the survivors saw each other.

They realize that those who knew each other only by news, crossing the border, have united under the banner of the Lion Heart King.

“They have unreasonable faith.”

“Our courage will fail, we will abandon our brothers, we will undermine our dignity.”

“Will be weary of fear and despair, seized by fear, waiting for the beast of the wolves.”

“But, my brothers and sisters, will we yield to the ordeal today?”

“Even if life abandons us, will it undermine our dignity?”

“Even if the seekers of evil cry out for destruction, will our honor be shattered!”

“No! Not at all!”

“Our innocence is undefiled by their shame, and our honor outweighs their notoriety!”

Leon drew his sword with his right hand and held the Holy Grail with his left hand.

A holy relic of the goddess that has been with Lionheart since its founding king. The brilliant light from the great relic enveloped them warmly like a bonfire in a fireplace.

“Who am I!”

Dozens of people answered at random. Thousands of people could not answer. As much as they couldn’t make it out, Lord Leon’s loud voice spread through the crowd.

“Gillingham…! Who am I!”

Gillingham, the Holy Grail Knight of Heaven and Thunder, answered this.

“You are the living demigod representing the will of the pantheon and the guardian of the Holy Grail!”

“Loxley…! Who am I!”

Loxley, the Holy Grail Knight of the Sun and Judgment, answered this.

“He is the Lion Heart King of the Lionheart who cut the head of Malus, the lord of chaos!”

“I am the first knight of the Goddess, the Lion Heart King of Lionheart, and I am your brother remaining in the last fortress of mankind!!”

The fear in the crowd’s eyes began to dissipate. The Holy Grail Guardian did not miss the momentum.

“Winter is coming, brothers.”

“However, do not tremble. Face the last winter with confidence.”

“Our swords and shields are a piece of firewood that has been used to survive the harsh winter.”

“Keep burning firewood endlessly until the last ember goes out. Burn the last flame!”

“Today we fight here.”

“This will be their tomb, and we will erect our tombstone over their tomb.”

“No honor or glory can compare to this!”

“I earnestly ask my brothers and sisters. Will you join me!”

The shouts of the soldiers matched the trembling of the ground. However, Rod Leon was not satisfied.

“Will you fight with me!!”




A thunderous roar overpowered the trembling of the ground.

“Heroes of the world!”

“Leave each other’s back!”

“Pay the path of honor!”

“I, Leon Dragonia Lionheart, will be your sword and shield!”

“I command you to fight to the end! Honorable Knights!!”

“”Lord Lionheart! Lord Lionheart!!””

Humanity’s last stand has begun.

[Quest: Survive until the final stand.]

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