The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 138: The Last Battle (2)

– Kakak! Kaka Kaka Cak!

The ground shakes. If it weren’t for the black specks rolling in from over the horizon, it would have been mistaken for an earthquake.

“iced coffee…….”

When 200,000 troops gathered in the coalition, Haizen, an imperial soldier, had hopes of victory because such a powerful army had gathered.

The Holy Grail Knights, who annihilated the army of chaos with transcendental force, and the elite soldiers of the kingdom who slaughtered the orcs alone.

Above all, the existence of the Lion Heart King, who was said to have defeated Malus, the demon lord who destroyed the empire, was enough to become everyone’s hope.

However, the sight of a large army of 10 million walking all at once was enough to arouse fear.

The black speckles coming from the edge of the horizon painted the whole world black, even putting the pantheon in front.


A half-man, half-horse walks between the black stains. Followers who betrayed humanity and volunteered to become the devil’s slaves. The messenger approached with amplification magic.

[You foolish mortals! Drop your weapons and surrender! Then the great people will be merciful to you——]


The demon follower couldn’t finish his words. With a shout, a spear flew in from somewhere and pierced his heart in a parabolic arc.

– Kwajik!

A javelin that pierced the demon follower’s heart and plunged into the ground. Upon witnessing the death of the demon follower, the leading demon follower legion contorts with rage.

[Go forward – do it.]

There was no negotiation. Wolfhart, the former elector of the Empire and the leader of the demon corps, shouted to the demon followers of the Imperial Army.

“Cannon fire!!”

-bang! Kwak!

– Kwa-kwa-kwa-kwa!

The shells rained down all at once with a roar like lightning. It was poised to demolish the walls of the pantheon at once, but bounced off an invisible membrane on the way.

“Keuh… Kingdom bastards!”

A legionary law derived from Lionheart’s long-distance aversion. The legionary law spread by priests and knights here and there in the pantheon covers the entire city.

A lowly ranged weapon wouldn’t hurt anything in the Allies.

“I expected. But there are many presents for them!”

Wolfhard prepared a catapult. Even if it’s not a cannon ball, but a catapult, it won’t be able to damage that barrier.

However, he was a former Imperial Elector Count. He was the commander of the empire, and he was the one who prepared to oppose the kingdom.


This time, the catapult pulls in and throws something all at once.

“As long as there is a holy law, long-range weapons…!?”

Thrown from the catapult, they exploded right before they hit the barrier, dropping pieces of meat.

The soldiers who wear it naturally realize the identity of it and vomit in vain.


“Those who will be punished…!”

It was a rotting corpse. Rotten and swollen with gas… As if you are warning that this will happen too.


It didn’t end with a warning. Corpses exploded in the air, spreading a dark green mist.

“It’s poison gas!”

“Shut your mouth…!”

Corpses enchanted with curses and decay explode here and there on the walls. Poison mist began to spread throughout the castle.


Soldiers escaped from the poison fog. The soldiers on the top of the wall tried to go down, and the soldiers under the wall tried to run into the city.

“Form up!”

At that time, knights ride horses all over the city. The war knights, the knights of the leader level, each sought an urgent place to purify the poison fog and shouted among the soldiers.

“Stay where you are!”

“Secure the barriers!”

“The priests of life purify the gas in the northeast first!”

they are veterans The knights who had been fighting evil species for a long time immediately judged what they had to do in the field.

Soldiers following such knights. The soldiers, centered around the knight, built a battle line on the barrier as ordered.

Taking advantage of the confusion, they approached pushing the siege weights and siege towers.

“Archers ready! Fire squad ready for release!”

Allied archers and Imperial gunners lined the walls. Their arrows and cannonballs were loaded.

“Our weapon will be a purifying light that pierces evil!”

At each wall, the war knights bless them with the holy law.

A pure white light dwelled in the arrow, and fierce flames were compressed in the cannonball.

“Send them to the underworld!”

– Quaang!


As the arrows of light shot by the archers pierced the half-man, half-horse, the purifying light burned them alive.

The shells that landed between the legions spread terrible flames and burned the entire table.

While cutting down the opponent’s ranged weapon, they unilaterally pour out a ranged attack.

In front of the irrational art of warfare, the legions of demon followers got scared and retreated.

“Keep your seat.”

Wolfhard didn’t look at it. He personally cut the throats of soldiers who had fled more than three steps, forcing them to advance.

“Start the siege!”

Hundreds of siege towers rushed in all at once. There are 100,000 demon followers alone on board the tower.

“Snipe the siege tower!”

The spells of the knights poured towards the approaching siege towers.

Thunder fell from the sky, waves crashed from the dry air, and huge pillars of fire struck the siege tower.

Due to the counterattack of the black magicians, dark knights poured down on the intact castle wall, and the giants silently hit the arrows and headed for the castle wall. The roots of the trees that rose up towards those giants strangled them and dragged them underground.


It is not a typical war pattern. Wolfhart, who was in command of the first advance party to attack the Lionheart allies, had the illusion that they were fighting a natural disaster rather than an army.


Half a day before the battle. More than half of the 400,000 devil follower corps sent in as an advance party died.

Electrocution, explosion, verb, jetting, crushing, drowning and even falling.

So many deaths lurked in front of them, and they did not know that it was a miracle of the gods who blessed only one side to the point of absurdity.

[It’s not good.]

It was then. Chills shuddered at the huge shadow that had visited Wolfhart.

“Up, great one!”

Wolfhart immediately knelt down and assumed a posture of submission. At one time, he made a contract with the devil and rose in strength, but the great devils he encountered in reality are all monsters.

If the Holy Grail Knights are an irresistible disaster, they are pure evil with endless malice.

Caster of Prasna, a disciple of Karakael, the demon lord of wisdom and exploration, pierces Wolfhart with her six-segmented gaze.

[The force consumption is high.]

“Uh, it’s just a tryout! The results are still…!”

[When you kill one of their soldiers, a hundred people died on this side. Please convince me of this fact.]

“Cow, it’s a war of attrition!”

At Wolfhart’s words, the Great Demon stops his outstretched arm. He hurriedly shouted out his strategy.

“Their numbers are one-fiftieth of ours! At least, the gap widened as the northerners left! So I plan to tire them out with a wave of worthless demon followers!”

demon followers. They are garbage junkies who stopped being half-human and half-horse because they couldn’t become demons.

If you make them tired by consuming such rubbish, that’s enough.

It’s just that what Wolfhart didn’t expect was that the legion of demon followers melted away too quickly.

[He wants you to hurry.]

It was difficult for Wolfhart to understand the demon lord’s intentions. The opponents were the Holy Grail Knights. It was an army led by the Guardian of the Holy Grail.

Even if a large amount of consumption occurs, it is safest to cut steadily and slowly.

[Remove the elite and deploy the slaves one after another. He will support you.]

“……Yes! Oh, I see!”

Wolfhart realized his intent and knelt down.

After the archdeacon of destruction and slaughter he had contracted fell to the hands of the monstrous Orc on the eastern front, he never knew when he would vomit.

I had to prove my usefulness in order to live.

* * * *

The roar of the battlefield can be heard from here.

Hari inadvertently turned her head toward the battlefield and then! and was beaten with a stick.


“Never mind. It has nothing to do with you.”

How can you hit the top of the head so accurately without being able to see your eyes?

“You should get out of here. It’s over sooner than expected.”


Hari left the room with her pounding heart and a tight grip on the aquamarine bracelet on her wrist. Then, I glanced at Cheon So-yeon, who had her eyes closed.

“By the way, what is Soyeon doing?”

“What I did.”


I let go of Isabel’s unknown words and leave the pantheon. The war, which started half a day ago, seems to be still being leisurely blocked by the walls.

“Gunlar-sama also said that it could be finished within a day or two…”

The problem is opening the gate. Beatrice was unable to open the door because Caracael, the lord of wisdom, interfered with the gate.

‘Can His Majesty really defeat the Lord of Wisdom?’

Even the demon grand duke was such a monster, but how powerful is the monarch?

The relief she feels inside is purely thanks to the original history.

From Malus, the lord of chaos, to Dotradon, the lord of pleasure, to Caracael, the lord of wisdom.

Leon is a great hero who defeated three lords. I wondered if it would be easy to once again defeat the Lord of Wisdom, who had already been defeated by him… … .


Hari stares blankly at the sky full of vision.

Uninvited guests piercing the clouds and crashing into the planet with flaming tails.


Something is wrong. No, I couldn’t believe it.

Meteors filled the sky.

The destruction of a star that could destroy continents, no, planets is coming.


Was His Majesty able to defeat such a monster?

* * * *

Sixteen hours after the battle begins. Eight lights of destruction illuminating the night sky.

Karakael, the demon lord of wisdom.

In other words, he is the leader of all multiverse magic across dimensions and the beginning of the greatest magic.

[Interpretation of planetary orbits. Parallel connection, start of coordinate derivation.]

It attracts comets that should normally have passed this planet. I don’t even need to explain how much cannabis it is.

It is no wonder that the great magic that intervenes in the heavenly bodies is called a miracle.

eight of them.

one for each finger. Eight of the twelve fingers intervene in the meteor.

[Precision guidance begins. Automatically activate protection magic when descending. Japanese occupation with induced points.]

engrave magic into the world An unprecedented grand spell unfolds in this land centered on the land where he is located.

A gigantic magic circle with a diameter of 32km spreads both on the ground and in the sky.

[Oh oh… … .]

[My great teacher… … .]

Even the great demons pay their respects with tension and excitement in front of that unprecedented great magic. I can’t hide my emotions at the miracle engraved in the night sky.

Since the birth of the universe, no one has been able to wield great magic like this, and there has never been a sage who concocted a spell like this.

The magical energy engraved in the magic circle makes a roar like a storm, and the magic circle on the ground shines brightly in connection with the celestial body.

A miracle that even the Caster of Prasna, each of whom is a great mage, could not imitate.

Look up, lowly, lower creatures.

This is the master of magic.

The only great sage among immortals.

It is the beginning of a malignity older than divinity.


Dimensional Archmage. greatest sage.

[I will not leave anything of you. Be crushed by the weight of the heavenly body.]

The great destruction that heralds the end of the planet descends through the atmosphere.

such a terrible reality.

What about the allied forces in a reality that makes even the devils on the same side turn their eyes away?

you gods

please protect us

That moment.

The gaze of the allied forces, who are screaming at the nightmare-like reality, is directed somewhere.

The forefront of the siege warfare. watchtower on top of the castle wall.

There is a golden man holding a sword.

it is white

A divine beast of a goddess with fluttering white mane hair.

A comrade gifted by the Goddess to the strongest Holy Grail Guardian of the time.

A golden armor was put on that white skin, and a knight with a lion’s heart flashed a holy spear on the back of a lofty divine beast that no one burned.

“Burn. Fire of all battlefields.”

At that moment, the flames of the whole world flare up fiercely. The flames are so fierce that they will indeed cover the world.

“Sir Vulcanus?”

It was something someone said. But what is in front of them is the agent of the Mansin.

[Intervention in the flame?]

Karakael admired the power of that ‘Divine Punishment’.

It is interfering with all the fires in the world. It is surprising that it is not just a scale or destructive power, but a concept that really interferes with ‘every spark in the world’.

And where the world’s fiercest flame burns.


Meteors that break through the planet’s atmosphere and fall to the ground. Originally, the meteors that should have been burned up as soon as they broke through the atmosphere are protected by Karakael’s magic. it–


burn more fiercely. A simple flame caused by atmospheric friction is transformed into a divine flame.

“Rice, the stars are burning!”

Huge flames that can be seen even from the ground swallow the falling stars. Melting stars shrink in size in real time. Leon shouted to it.


“Yes, Your Majesty!”

The knight in copper armor who was aiding Leon obeyed the order. Leon tells him

“Shoot down the pieces that could cause damage to the Pantheon. You don’t have to worry about uninhabited areas anyway.”

“I’ll take your name!”

Loxley’s holy sword came out of its scabbard. His holy sword emits brilliant golden light.

Knights of the Sun and Judgment. Now that the sun does not rise, he makes a new sun rise in this night sky.

Sacred Punishment <Sun Appearance.>

Above the pantheon. The sun that rose in an instant absorbs the flames of the falling meteor.

Bondi flame and sun had good compatibility. There’s no chance for two Holy Grail Knights to gather in one place.

Sensing that his sun has absorbed enough heat energy, Loxley points to his sword and shouts.

“Lionheart’s Inquisitor! Loxley punishes the ugly malice!”

Sunlight shooting at falling meteor fragments. The fierce light itself became a terrible fever weapon, piercing through all the falling pieces.

– Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

– Boo, fire! Fire hee hee… !

In the process, the demons and demon followers exposed to the sun’s flare were melted, which was minor damage.

Grail Guardian.

and the Holy Grail Knight.

The Lord of Wisdom smiled as he faced the two monsters on the battlefield.

[This should have been enough to say hello.]

Twelve fingers began to emanate magic.

Once again.

Twelve comets entered planetary orbit.

against this.

The Guardian who controls the flames of the battlefield also floats the sun.

second sun.

twelve meteors.

Rather than a siege war, it is a planetary warfare in which planets and planets wage war.

It is a battle of monsters.

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