The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 139: The Last Battle (3)

It’s the end of the world.

Everyone thought so.

A meteorite falls and a huge flame burns it up. The existence of the sun that absorbs and shoots down that energy.

Beings beyond human limits.

What are the thoughts of those who are mere creatures in the face of a cataclysmic clash?

At the end of the apocalypse, when the atmosphere is cracking, the ground is roasted, and the clouds in the sky are evaporating, how will the foot soldiers stab each other with swords and spears?

Even so.

It is not the outlandish monsters that move the face of this battlefield.

Meteors and the sun are just triggers for war. In the end, it is the infantry on the ground who are conducting the war.

“Climb somehow!”

The falling meteors and the scorching meteors climbed the walls while their whole bodies were being cooked in the aftermath of the sunlight that hit them.

“Stop those bastards!”

Soldiers who drop and stab those demons to death. The knights who command them wield the power of concepts on the walls, and the war knights… War knights of the leader level deploy the corps castle method.

Gildus, the 1st War Knight of the Lionheart Kingdom, looks down at the battle that ended the world with a cold gaze.

“More than a hundred meteors fell over three days. The land is becoming uninhabitable with only fragments.”

Indeed, will this land be fine after this war is over? Even with the efforts of the Earth and Fertility Goddess, it will take many years to restore.

“It doesn’t matter. I don’t look behind me. Even if the entire planet evaporates and the continent ripens, we, who are protected by the Lion Heart King, will survive.”

This land has become such a demonic cave. Then you don’t care about collateral damage and just aim for victory.

Warnite Gildus stretched out his arm. His mighty voice went through the city.

“Increase the defense of the castle walls! Knights of the Dawn! Knights of the White Rose! Hama, rush into close combat!”

Knights in glittering armor dismount from their horses and climb up the barrier. The knights armed with star-steel swords and armor arrived at the castle wall reached by the siege tower, which entered through terrible conversational power.


“Kill them all——”

The moment the door of the siege tower opened and demon followers were about to pour in, they jumped in reverse.


“They jumped into the siege tower——!?”


All-round fighters.

Even excluding the non-standard power of the sex law, they are specialists in hand-to-hand combat, and they single-handedly cut down a hundred devil followers.

“Keuh… Kingdom bastards!”

Wolfhart, a former commander of the Imperial Division, trembled in front of the knights’ overwhelming melee ability.

It’s three days.

In the natural disaster of meteors and the sun, most of the million-strong army that was pushed in has virtually melted away.

only three days! One million casualties in three days!

The crazy rate of attrition drove Wolfhart to the point of madness. Now, the troops under my command don’t even follow my orders.

Well, even he himself would. Who would follow the order to charge into that demonic cave that eats everything alive?

No, even if a million more people rushed in unison, would they be able to cross that wall?

‘High-ranking demons must be put in! Even if it’s a simple war of attrition, this side will be defeated unilaterally!’

Wolfhart tried to ask Caster of Prazna to give an order to mobilize troops.

[I can see you are getting tired. From the 1st corps to the 20th corps.]


Demon Legions are devastating armies each composed of over 100,000 demons. Besides, it was the Great Demons who led each legion.

‘Damn it… ! Were we expendable as expected!’

The Lord of Wisdom had bound the Lion Heart King, his demon followers were consumed, and the allied forces were wearing out.

Even if a hundred knights cut down hundreds of enemies, the devil’s main force hadn’t even come out yet.

And now.

At the timing when more than one million demon followers were consumed, the demon legions, which had been accumulating power by using them as arrows, marched.

Only the terrifying high-ranking demons were continuously deployed in thousands of armies.

“Enemy Great Devil Appears!”

“Every great evil of destruction!”

Among them, a fighter with huge horns, thick legs, and torn wings revealed a presence that could not be ignored.


Rough breath burns oxygen. It stands firmly on the ground with its arms as hard and thick as iron pillars and lowers its head.

No one knew that it was a precursor to an assault. A reckless charge that will crush everything in its path is prepared.


With that as a signal, he runs through the floor, spurring on.


My breath stops at the sound of a loud roar. The priests responded.

Fire spells pour down and thunderbolts fall from the sky. However, the priests are embarrassed by the unexpectedly fast rush of the enemy.

“Sheesh! We have to stop that rush!”

The knight of the sea and waves raised a trident and drove the Holy Law. Waves pouring from the dry air block the Great Devil’s rushing path.

Waves on non-point planes. The moment it collides with the fiery demon, it’s a win! and generated steam.


Steam on the battlefield. A strange figure leaping up in the thick fog slams on the castle wall! and settled down

“Oh, it’s up!”

A red monster with a cow head. It was ferocious to the utmost, and it radiated ferocity.

By the time I realized it was a storm, dozens of soldiers had already been ground to the ground with huge greatswords.


The wave knight, who was trying to stop the monster, charged at him with a trident. The number of people who have stopped the charge of this knight riding with a horse can still be counted on one hand.

“Fuck off…!”

– Kwak!

The greatsword and trident clash. The next moment, it was the trident that broke.



fleeting clash. The half-body of a knight who was destroyed along with the horse. Even the knights couldn’t stand the unity in front of the great devil’s violence.

[Is this all you cans!]

The Great Devil roars. The roar was enough to drive the soldiers into despair.

“Noisy! You filthy bastard!”

[…] … ?!]

Pod! Something jumped up and attacked the Great Devil. The devil’s greatsword, which reached over 3m, was swung and blocked it.

[Whoa… … .]

The shock transmitted from the clashing sword and the sword. As it makes even my mighty arms shake, the devil puts on an interesting expression.

[Strong. Was there a strong person other than the Holy Grail Knight?]

The Great Devil looked at the young knight. Even in his blazing gaze, the knight does not waver in the slightest.

[The Great Demon of Slaughter and Destruction. Doomgore.]

“Arenne, the son of Holy Grail Knight Anthoc and leader of the Knights of the Brotherhood of the Sword.”

Captain-level knight. From what I’ve heard, it’s not at the level of a Holy Grail Knight, but it’s no way that he had this much momentum in front of himself as the Great Devil.


Arenne grabbed her arm, which was trembling from the previous collision. Even though it was this side that attacked, just blocking it gave me a shock to my whole body. It’s unbelievable.

‘Even though the great devils of destruction are famous for their exceptional strength… … .’

I’ve heard that most of the demons of slaughter and destruction have marched to the east, but are they still there?

However, Arene knew that there was not only one monster like this.

More than twenty great demons appeared on either side of him as the center. A large number of the Great Demon of Destruction, the Great Devil of Wisdom, the Great Devil of Corruption, and the Great Devil of Chaos appeared respectively.

‘Now that His Majesty and Lord Loxley can’t move, we have to do something on our own!’

Allen didn’t know. No, there was no time to care. The battlefield is not only here.

* * * *

After leaving the pantheon, Jaehyuk found Hari. She couldn’t help but want to run to the battlefield right away.

“Senior, I’m done too.”

“Ah, is Jaehyuk finished?”

Ha-ri looked at Jae-hyeok’s spear, where lightning flashed through it. The treasure left behind by the Grail Knights of Thunder from the past is dissatisfied and scatters destructive energy.

“As expected… I guess I didn’t get recognition.”

“I’m not saying that I’m not good at it, but I mean it.”

“It deserves it.”

The strength and will of the Holy Grail Knights. And it was Hari who witnessed the faith several times. Their indomitable will is not something that anyone can easily inherit.

From the point of view of the holy relics, there is no way they would admit that they were mere children.


Still, if that power is acknowledged… Wouldn’t it be useful on that battlefield right now?

“Stop it, old man.”


“That… is not a place for us to fit in.”

Jaehyuk’s eyes look beyond the castle wall.

A meteor flies, the flames of the battlefield gather, and the sun shoots rays.

That’s an individual level fight.

That is the fight between the demon lord and the guardian of the Holy Grail.

How long will ordinary soldiers and demons survive on the battlefield where terrible destruction repeats itself?

A war of destruction at full power that doesn’t care about continents being crushed and planets being shaken.

It is a demonic cave where 10,000 troops are disappearing in the aftermath alone.

The level is different.

“Among us, only the Queen or Lord Yapi can survive there. We must avoid getting killed by interfering in this gate that only reproduces the past.”


“Well, since His Majesty has won in this history anyway. He said he only captured three monarchs, so wouldn’t it be easy to win?”

Yes. In the original history, Leon eventually won. He chases down every single demon and meets Hari and his friends who have come to search for the Black Gate.

Leon is a symbol of victory.

The strongest man on earth must win in the end.

Of course, it’s only natural to win this battle in the end–

“wait for a sec.”


“The Final Holy Grail plan…was originally a plan that was scrapped.”

“……Is that so?”

As they entered the gate and sought help from Leon, the wise men of the forest decided to forge the final Holy Grail.

in its aftermath.

Isabel, priestess of the moon and chastity, was seriously injured,

Anthoc, the Holy Grail Knight of Iron and Blacksmith, has ascended to heaven.

The great saint of the pantheon and the sages of the forest were not put into the battlefield.

“History… has changed.”

has changed very big too.

The impact of one Holy Grail Knight class on the battlefield is unimaginable. It’s missing at least three people.

Beatrice and Yapi are said to have been put into battle, but Yapi, who lost her body by the Lord of Wisdom, is not up to the Holy Grail Knight.

Even if you compare simple military power, the two Holy Grail Knights are missing, and considering the many wise men of the forest, the difference is much bigger than the original history.

“Can you win?”

I wondered. And then, the two felt a sense of incongruity almost at the same time.

“Senior, over there…”

“I-I saw it too.”

Refugees flock to the last refuge, the Pantheon. In that gap… … .

“You guys there! Stop!”

Hari and Jaehyeok stopped a group of refugees from coming up to the pantheon. They looked at the sudden restraint of the two, but Hari’s gaze pierced their center.

“You’re wearing a robe over there! Take off your robe right now!!”


Hari watched with her sword drawn with confidence already. The lobe that was pointed out is silent for a while, and then starts giggling.

[You must have good feelings.]

A hoarse voice resounding from the bottom of the abyss. The moment she saw its twisted smile, Hari instinctively attacked.

The duality law, a combination of the divine flame and the power of the waves, attacks him. The moment the sex laws that only sweep away the evil beings were about to brush the refugees, some of the refugees stretched out their arms.

– Kwaa!


The pouring waves and flames return to nothing. The Holy Law was lifted by purely powerful force.

Is that possible?

“I’m lost!”

Just then, the sky roared and lightning struck. Jaehyuk struck them with lightning with the power of Ultima.

“Wow, isn’t this a performance joke? The power and precision have increased significantly!”

Jaehyeok, who used the inherited relic, admired the lightning that was much more powerful than before and its precision. With the hope that this would have mortally wounded some, if not all, of them.

[There are two captain-level knights.]

[No, one is the power of the holy object.]

Despite being hit directly by lightning, the refugees… No, to be precise, those in the shape of refugees were surprisingly intact.

Quite a few high-ranking demons would not be able to survive if they were hit directly by the Holy Law, but they were so fine.

And the demons who reveal their true face by peeling off the skin of a person. Its distinctive sharp shape remains in Hari’s memory.

“Demons of pleasure and corruption…!”

That’s four great devils. No, that’s not all.

Among the great demons with a terrifying presence, there is one giant that pours out a particularly terrible energy.

A man in a suit with a robe uncovered and an ominous mask on. It bowed respectfully, supporting its chest with its sharp claws.

[This is the Corrupted Duke Quay. hello. And good luck.]

A terrible malice hidden in a polite voice is directed at Hari. A sharp wave reached the nape of her neck in an instant.


The moment when Hari gave a dumbfounded voice in front of a death she couldn’t even react to. Someone grabs Hari by the shoulder and pulls her back, swinging a sword.

– Kaang!


Corrupted Grand Duke Quay stared at the knight who blocked his claws. At the end of it was Gillingham, the Holy Grail Knight of Heaven and Thunder.

“I thought all the available power was in the walls… but there are still people left?”

“Noisy, vulgar.”

A sharpened blade. A flash of light hits Quay, who jumps backwards to avoid it.

– Kwak!

“”… … !!””

At the mighty explosion, the eyes of the great demons turned to the direction where the flashes came from.

“Your Majesty had the benefit of preparing for the eventuality.”

There stood the priest of chastity with a bandage covering his face, holding a bow.

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