The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 14 Demera, Goddess of the Earth

「Contaminated Naju Plain, what is the mysterious rice field?」

「Is the purification work that even experts assured impossible? Success? Is it a new reagent for the Magic Tower?”

“Is there a guild that farmers in Naju Plain commonly move into?”

After the purification of the Naju Plain, the Internet was full of news about the purified land for a while.

In the Honam Plain, Leon had already cleansed the land contaminated with magic energy, but that didn’t make much headlines.

It was because the Firebird Guild put pressure on the media.

However, the plains of Naju were on a different level.

It is a land that has not been purified because it has been polluted for five years.

This was the reason why South Korea had to import rice from China and Japan at high prices as the country’s food self-sufficiency rate dropped significantly.

The purification of the plains of Naju, which was considered impossible no matter what farming method or reagent was applied, was accomplished overnight.

Farmers in the plains of Naju, who witnessed the scene, shed tears of emotion, but the reactions of the Internet and the hooligans are more rational.

-Did the Magic Tower develop a new reagent? The recent technological progress of the mage tower is unusual.

-How do you eat crops that grow faster than that? Wasn’t it because of the toxin that I couldn’t eat anyway?

– Human engineering technology is increasing day by day. If this continues, the recovery of grain belts around the world will not be far off.

Yes. This was a common reaction.

Even if they witness a realistically impossible phenomenon, most people try to interpret the phenomenon based on their common sense.

For those who were immersed in scientific civilization, the miracle of God and the descent of divinity were unfamiliar and irrational thoughts.

“Your Majesty, the response from the Internet is coming. After all, isn’t an official announcement at the association level necessary?”

The Hunter Society has yet to announce anything about divinity. It was natural. A new faith and religion.

The uproar caused by the country’s largest religious faction is also a problem, but it is also a problem that government agencies appear to promote one religion.

“Leave me alone. Even if I announced it right away, how could the foolish people believe it? They need more proof.”

Leon spent three full days looking around the town hall in the plains of Naju.

While purifying Choi’s land, faith of a higher quality than expected dwelled in the pantheon.

The faith that flowed to the deity of life and abundance was immediately replaced by holy power, and Leon was able to purify the Naju plains by squeezing the holy power.

Thus, a crested doll that replaced the image of Goddess Demera was placed on the plains of Naju, and people bowed down and worshiped the altar.

“The main king will give you the right to cultivate this land. You, cultivate Demera’s body and continue to prosper.”

The new followers were grateful for the purification of the land, but when the land was purified, they showed hesitation. That was natural.

“Well, Your Majesty… Even so, isn’t ten structure a bit excessive tax rate?”

yeah this was the problem

It’s a decade. Paying 90% of the crop in taxes?

Leon briefly explained the tax structure of Lionheart Kingdom.

90% of the total production. This was the same for all, regardless of nobles and freemen.

90% of all production is paid in taxes, how does the country go?

Isn’t everyone starving to death?

Are you raising horses with that money?

These crazy talkie bastards!

It was a common comment from the Empire people who criticized the kingdom, but it was a misunderstanding caused by not understanding the structure of the Lionheart Kingdom.

The Kingdom of Lionheart, where he reigned as king, is a nation of divine unity that revolves around divinity.

Following the divinity of light and justice, the ruling class and the lower classes all followed justice,

Fishermen following the divinity of the sea and waves caught the permitted amount of fish.

The land cultivated by farmers who followed the divinity of life and abundance always had a good harvest.

Even the king was chosen from among the Holy Grail Knights who were strictly chosen by the Goddess, so during the process of succession that lasted for thousands of years, the kingdom was always peaceful and prosperous.

A perfect social structure with divinity. It is only foreign invasion that disturbs that peaceful kingdom.

Greedy northern savages, vulgar orcs, and filthy vampires who refused to die invaded the rich kingdom.

There were honorable people who were willing to give their lives against the invasion of such invaders, so it was the knights.

They follow the divinity of light and justice, armed with iron armor and warhorses, and valiantly subdue external enemies.

The free people praised the bravery and honor of the knights and supported them.

What was created in the process was the Ten Structures.

It is a system that the free people willingly agreed to in order to support the honorable knights who endlessly run towards death.

Of course, this was possible because the essential system of society was just.

Unlike empires and miscellaneous kingdoms that tend to be distorted by the judicial system, corruption, and greed, the Lionheart Kingdom was not chosen by a goddess unless it was just and honorable.

Do you embezzle even a little of the overflowing tax? At that moment, the grace of the goddess is withdrawn, and that lineage is not even given a chance to train to become an honorable Holy Grail Knight.

That’s why the Lionheart Kingdom’s taxes have always been used for the public good.

It was used to build bridges, build walls, improve facilities, and take care of the families of those who died with honor in man-at-arms.

Since all of this is done under the supervision of the perfect king, Lion Heart King, chosen by the Goddess, no matter how much tax you pay, there will be no complaints.

It was this background that made it the last bastion, enduring the invasion of the evil species.

“But this is Earth. Korea… is here.”

Even the farmers who had sworn to become believers after witnessing the divinity agreed.

I understood that he was the king of a medieval civilization. The culture of the survivors is very different from Earth, so I thought it might be so.

But this is Earth. The owners of the land were farmers, and they had to pay a separate tax to the government.

“Your Majesty… But 90% of them buy too much. Residents have to pay taxes to the government, as well as living expenses and fertilizers——”

“What are you talking about? Why are you worrying about taxes, living expenses, and fertilizer?”


Hari and other farmers, who had been pricking up their ears, were puzzled by Leon’s unexpected remarks.

“He who has become a follower of the goddess, how can you worry about going hungry? The food paid by the ten rescuers will be distributed as food, leaving the minimum amount to cover all expenses.”

What he said was simple.

Taxes, food, even living expenses and everything else.

“I will elect one of you with high faith as a priest. The rest is entirely up to you, so sell it for dignity and luxury.”

That is, except for 10% of production, it takes care of everything about eating and living, welfare, and life.

-what. Have you heard anything tempting?

-Nope. Still, isn’t 90% too much?

At that time, Hari showed a sneaky emotion mark.

“I… Come to think of it, this blessed rice. It has a great value.”

Based on a bowl of rice, 160g of rice is similar in performance to quite a few fortifying agents, and the duration is overwhelmingly long.

However, since the yield is overwhelmingly higher than that of enhancers, the price of enhancers related to physical strength and magic recovery will be shit.

When estimating very conservatively the market oversupply and the resultant drop in price, the conclusion reached by the Hunter Association’s appraiser is——

“The conclusion that an 80kg bag of rice costs 150 million won… came out.”




The farmers blinked and doubted their ears.

150 million? A bag of rice? What was the rice harvest harvested 5 years ago?

“Poetry, long live the Divine.”

“Long live the goddess!”

“I believed in you, Jewenjaaang!”

Leon taught the tenets of the goddess Demera, the deity of life and fertility, with satisfaction listening to the praise he deserved.

1. Make an image of the Goddess from the first harvest and offer it to the altar.

2. Don’t pee in the field. Manure is fine.

3. Set up the scarecrow and make sure to dress it with a hat and clothes.

4. Sing songs during harvest. A song that expresses gratitude to the goddess is even better.

5. Don’t go hungry even if you’re busy.

… … … …

… … … …

… … … …

“That… are you okay, Your Majesty?”

“What do you mean?”

“It feels like there are too many material conditions in faith…”

Of course, religion basically promises take-to-take. If you believe, you will die and be saved, your disease will be cured, and you will have dozens of virgin sex slaves.

However, Leon said it because he did not think he would want such a snobbish faith.

“Huh. How can you expect the nobility of a knight and the dignity of a nobleman from ignorant and ignorant commoners?

Leon had no intention of being greedy from the start. In the end, only those with true faith will ultimately be chosen by the divine.

And the target of propagation is not just farmers.

Purification of the Naju Plain. And the moment the crops grown there are revealed to the world, people will witness the second miracle.

Crops that make you healthy just by eating them.

These earthlings, who are afraid of sickness and have to resort to the barbaric practice of medicine, will eventually admit it.

“Shall we use the grown crops as seedlings?”

“Some of them are purchased from the Hunter Association, so pack what you need to put in your mouth right away.”

A world with divinity.

It was only a matter of time before such a world would come.

* * * *

After the purification of the Naju Plain and the altar of the goddess Demera were built, the first crops were piled up in Leon’s warehouse as predicted.

“This time, for the expansion of agriculture, use all seedlings except farming. If you need money, the association has decided to purchase it for research purposes, so please pass it on at a reasonable price.”

Leon gave most of the crops to Choi, who appointed him as a temporary priest, and he will distribute the necessary amount of food to the residents and plant seedlings for the next crop.

The remaining work was left to the residents to sell on their own, but the association promised to purchase it, and the amount exceeded 5 billion won.

“Are you okay? You can leave it like that.”

“You mean the old man?”

“Yeah…you passed most of the tenantry.”

In Hari’s eyes, Leon’s method was too simple.

The crops donated as ten structures in each farmland are given to the lord… When the lord is absent, the priest collects them, takes care of them, and sends the proper amount back to the center—Leon—.

The key was this.

Moderately. By-self. to the best of one’s ability.

oh my god. It seems like a structure that was created to evade taxes very openly.

“How did you catch the person who caused the injustice in Your Majesty’s Kingdom?”

“I didn’t have to catch it.”

“Why, why?”

“Because all of those guys fell into hell.”


Leon is a resident of a world where real gods exist, not on Earth, where heaven and hell were talked about only in words.

Harmony with divinity, faith and grace… Naturally, there was also a heavenly punishment.

A bureaucrat causing injustice?

A corrupt aristocrat? An evil knight?

How could such a being survive?

It was common sense, and it was a natural law to be a citizen of the world.

“A man who deceives God for a moment of wealth and glory… That is a great man in a very different sense.”


Harry swallowed.

Faced with Demera’s divinity, she admired the existence of the gods and their grace… Realizing that divine punishment also exists, I became chilled.

* * * *

There are two ways to become a Hunter.

Entering the Hunter Academy and receiving a hunter certificate through government support and development for 3 years.

Deputy Han Hari, a member of the National Hunter Association, is the case.

“It was the top graduation~ hee hee.”

“I didn’t ask.”


The second method is to measure ‘occupation’ and ‘skill’ through the Awakener Test certified by the Hunter Association.

Usually, Awakeners past the age to enter the academy came in, and many hunters visited the association’s test site every year to renew their ranks.

“Would Your Majesty be tested as well? Well, in terms of procedures, taking a measurement test is more convenient for the job.”

Indeed, what kind of job does Leon have? What other skills do you have? Harry was curious about that.

Among the survivors, there are many cases where the Earthlings of the other world have skills that cannot be acquired, so the Association also expressed their curiosity from the bottom of their hearts.

“What nonsense is that?”

But Leon’s reaction was cold.

“How are you going to test this Lion Heart King?”

“Uh… Then why did you ask to go?”

“I’m going to find some useful freemen soldiers. I’ll test them.”

“That, that’s procedural…”

“If it doesn’t work, make it happen.”

In addition, Hari thought about how to report it to Manager Kim Jin-soo at Leon’s unreasonable remark.

“Rather than that, when will the president return?”

“Bar, I’ll call you right away. Hello? Chief Kim?”

It would be better to force the association than to have this king of knights with swords meet with the president.

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