The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 140: The Last Battle (4)

Gillingham, the Holy Grail Knight of Heaven and Thunder, thought this situation was not good at all.

There are four great devils and great devils. In addition, there are hundreds of demons who have invaded by wearing human skin.

‘All of them are high-ranking demons.’

One of the reasons they came here. It must be to rob or sabotage the essence that the sages of the forest are currently squeezing out.

“Chief Isabel.”


“Leave your life.”


Like Gillingham, Isabel was thinking the same thing.

We must stop them here.

“Lord Gillingham?”

“Chief Isabel, what is that…!”

Aside from the two people who are confused, the two saints and the saintess do not hesitate to bet their lives.

Divine Advent—-

Divine Advent—-

The sound of thunder resounding in the night sky.

The radiance of the moon shining down on the pantheon.

《The King of Thunder》

The Moon Hunter

Divinity descends through a human body. In front of that brilliance, the Grand Duke of Corruption frowned.

“The Royal Guard. Head to the temple.”

“Dae Gong Gong?”

Demons of pleasure and corruption puzzled by Quay’s words.

“It’s not a battlefield for the likes of you.”

“……I will follow your orders.”

Hundreds of high-ranking demons, except for the great demon, run as a pantheon. Isabelle exclaimed.

“Han Soo-ho and Cheon So-yeon are there! You guys help them too!”

“Oh, I see!”

Hari and Jaehyeok hurriedly chased the demons.

And all that remains are the Grand Duke of Fall and the four great demons. And two demigods who descended divinity. Quay grinned.

“One side seems to be in trouble, can you deal with us?”

“Ou~ I can tap it with one finger, so don’t mind it.”

“I see.”

“Kiki… Your god’s minions are always full of confidence. But that arrogance will pay off.”

Quay stretched out his arm. In response, the Prime Demons charged at them.

* * * *


Suho let out a groan as he blocked the sudden attack of demons.

The shield inherited from Isabel was able to block the ferocious attacks of the demons, but the user’s ability fell short.

“So, So Yeon-ah! How about that one?!”

“Do not talk to me!”

Together with the priests and soldiers residing in the Mansinjeon, they are blocking demons from all directions, but Cheon So-yeon seems to be overwhelmed with strength.

Eventually, one side was pierced, and the demons rushed through the gap.

“Hey, wait! Someone block that side!”

Can not be done. This is the place where the sages and the great saint are forging the essence as soon as it is pierced. In any case, this place must be defended.

“Kihihi…! Die, lower creatures!”

The time when a high-ranking demon slashed Suho with his sharp claws——

“Somebody touch the little brother!!”

A flame that raged somewhere burned the demon alive.


Hari and Jaehyeok wielded ruthless magic and wiped out the demons. Especially in a small room, Hari’s technique boasted absolute firepower.

“Suho, are you okay?”

“Eh… But the demons have turned inside…”

“Ugh… let’s hurry up!”

The four of them hurriedly headed inside where the demons were heading. The moment they arrived inside, dazzling light poured from the pantheon.


The blinding light passes through the pantheon and reaches the sky. Everyone noticed the change and looked away.

“Ugh, what the hell?”

The four of them managed to make their way inside while staggering under the influence of the light. The great saint Agak and the sages will be here.

“This, this?”

Suho went inside and found traces of demons.

To be precise, demons turned to stone, caught in thousands of roots. There are numerous dead demons that the wise men of the forest threaded through the branch.

-Cut it up!

– Cut it off!

The noise of battle coming from within. When the four arrived, the battle between the invading demons and the wise men was in full swing.



Gunlar’s gigantic body kicks away the approaching demon. The sage of the forest, who wields his greatness with violence, is like the most violent beast in this place.

“I’ll join you!”

The four of them joined the scene of the battle and protected the wise men from the onslaught of demons.

As most of the sages carve their essence into the Moon Chalice, they are the only ones who can protect them.

Seongbeop <Waves>

Holy Law <Blessing of Fire>

Waves of fire crash. In indoor battles, the harmony of Hari’s voice is absolute. Demons burn and drown unilaterally where there is no way to escape.

A combination of sex laws that I can’t even come up with a way to counter. But even that has a monster that breaks through from the front.

“be impertinent.”


Hari couldn’t cope with the iron ball rushing through the waves of fire. The iron ball with blood vessels protruding as if it were alive, then the shield of light saved Hari.

– Kwak!

A dizzying shock felt even beyond the shield. However, Hari pursed her lips at the barrier-like shield that was not pushed at all.

“Sir, the power of the Holy Spirit?”

“Yes. The performance is amazing…”

The owner of the shield is Suho. The Holy Grail Knight’s shield of light inherited from Isabel became huge enough to block the corridor, protecting all allies.

“But… I don’t think I can stop it twice…”

Beyond the barrier of light, there is a demon who threw an iron ball there.

A gigantic monster comparable to the tree giant Gunlar. It reminds me of Androgyne, the great devil I witnessed before.

“Human bastards. They’re annoying.”

The giant demon was burnt all over because of Hari’s voice. Even as the Great Devil, it was a bit embarrassing.

I couldn’t believe that the power of the leader level was still there.

“It will destroy you all——?!”

It was then. behind the devil’s back. A ghastly life flashed, and a black flash hit the demon.

“It’s big…!?”

Cheon So-yeon’s sudden attack, hiding in the place where she was swept away by the waves, was totally unexpected. She aimed at the head of the great devil with two iron swords, a holy sword and a magic sword, but failed.


The arm of the great devil who defended his neck from being blown off was severed. Cheon So-yeon clicked her tongue, but the surprise attack did not end there.

“The exhilarating taste goes out!”

Indoors where thunder can’t pour. However, the Holy Spear, which had a tremendous brain power in itself, was thrown. The holy spear thrown by Jaehyeok pierced the great devil’s chest.

“Keueuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! These rat-like bastards!”

“Are you still alive?!”

However, the Great Demon is still alive even after his arm was cut off by the Holy Mai Sword and his chest was pierced by a holy spear. Chun So-yeon exclaimed.

“What are you doing! Don’t hit me quickly!!”

“Uh, uh uh!”

“Suho, let’s go!”

The two of them hurriedly ran out and attacked the Great Devil at the sudden arrival of Cheon So-yeon.

“I-Damn it…!”

The Great Devil panicked and swung the iron ball with his other hand, but there were only four knights of the rank of captain standing here.

The Prime Devil couldn’t stand their pincers.


Hari jumps toward the Great Devil, which was destroyed by the pincer attack. The star-steel sword, blazing with fierce flames, struck the head of the great devil.



Hardness, as if cutting thick steel, was transmitted to the hand holding the hilt. But it’s not to the extent that it can’t be cut.

“Die a little!”

Hari clenched her teeth and wielded the strength she had been sucking with both hands. When the sword of fire cut off the head of the great devil, the blood that gushed out was enough to wet the ceiling.


“Okay, got it!”

“We caught the Great Devil!”

So-yeon and Jae-hyeok’s exquisite surprise attack and the protective shield that protects their allies… In addition, Hari’s absolute attack power.

Although it is the Great Demon who was seriously injured in the surprise attack, the four of them captured the Great Devil. This was truly an achievement.

but… … .


across the hallway. The great devil’s severed head rolls and draws attention.

There, the shadows of many demons and two giants with a terrible presence were approaching.

“Great, Great Devil…!?”

“Either those two…”

Was there another archevil? How many great devil class entities are there?

It was when the four of them stepped back in amazement.

[Come inside.]

A voice from within. Hearing that familiar voice, the four of them headed inside as if they were running away.


The owner of the voice is the Great Saint Agyak. She was on her knees, reciting prayers, surrounded by countless forest sages.

“Come inside…!”

Gunlar, the sage of the outermost forest, led the four into the nest of sages.

As if asking four people to come in, the roots are disturbed and create an entrance. As soon as they entered it, Gunlar blocked the entrance and formed a nest of treemen.

“These pieces of wood!”

The Great Devil and demons who ran after the four of them struck down the wise men of the forest with axes and burned them with hellfire.

However, they silently endure the attack and protect the ‘Holy Grail’ inside.

Hari ran into a brown-haired saint in a nest that looked like it would break at any moment.

“Dae, Dae Saint Lady…”

The brown-haired saintess greets them with a benevolent smile. In her hand was a cup with a faint silvery glow.

“It’s done.”

The fragments of the moon that Isabel, the priestess of the moon and purity, risked her life to separate.

The Holy Grail bowl that Grail Knight Anthok refined to the end.

The essence perfected by the Great Saint Agnyak and the sages of the forest lies inside the Holy Grail.

“It is a Holy Grail containing the essence extracted from all wisdom and knowledge processed by the wise men of the forest.”

Gulp, Hari admired the Moon Chalice that Agak was holding.

The power felt inside the Holy Grail was so great that one could immediately recognize that it was a Holy Grail of a different rank.


“Now I’m going to combine this with the essence created by the sages of the forest. This must be… the relic that will be called the Last Grail.”

Agag did not discuss the power of this relic and the mighty vessel needed to wield it.

It just shows through action.


Gunlar’s voice urges. The four of them suddenly realized that they couldn’t feel the source of life force in the sages of the forest.

Not a single leaf remained of them, which seemed to have infinite vitality.


they sacrificed To draw out the essence to be engraved on the Moon Chalice.

These numerous sages gave up their infinite vitality.

“Goddess of light and justice. I am your lowly servant Varana.”

Holding the Holy Grail containing the sum of the essences, the Great Saint began to recite a prayer.


Before even asking all the questions about what to do, the brown-haired saintess smiles and announces the end.

“Your absolute justice, that light.

in this place now.

Divine Advent—-

The next moment, a brilliant light descends upon the pantheon. That light penetrates the ceiling of the pantheon, and the next moment—


A huge wave of light spread across the city.

Truly overwhelming light. It was the power of light that was so brilliant that it turned all the demons present there to dust.


Inside the collapsed pantheon. Agnyak managed to break his stance when the four of them safely escaped through the passageway maintained by the power of intense light.

It was Gunlar’s split roots that embraced her as she collapsed backwards.

“thank you.”


Agnyak looked at the withered sages. They gathered all of their strength, holy power, and vitality into one and completed it as an essence. Now they won’t open their eyes.

A wise man who has drained all his life force is no different from a dead branch, and Gunlar is no different.

Truly, it was the moment when the tree man race was annihilated in this world.

“Why did His Majesty change his mind?”

Originally, this power, these essences were supposed to be handed down to the Lion Heart King. The idea was to focus all their power on a single demigod.

But Leon changed his plans. And Gunlar knew the meaning well.

“It’s proof that the Lion Heart King hasn’t given up on the future.”

The life force engraved into that essence… That’s what it means. If Leon had the idea to use the essence as a source of life rather than power, it was probably for the future.

“It’s good. Your Majesty… didn’t give up.”

“He must have never had any intention of giving up from the start. He is that kind of man.”

Embraced by a withered branch, the saintess closed her eyes. Certainly, she will never open her eyes again.

But hope was left.

The seeds for the future will be hatched by the Lion Heart King.

That alone made Agak laugh.

King Leon’s 85th year.

Agnac Proteccia, the great saint of light and justice.

Tree Giant Gunlar and Forest Sages.


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