The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 141 For Lionheart

The battle is heading towards the end.

While the Lord of Wisdom and the Guardian of the Holy Grail entered a lull after a confrontation of infinite power.

The army of demons pushed on with great force and eventually crossed the wall.

“Hold your seat! Hold on until the citizens retreat!”

The war knights encouraged knights and soldiers to conduct defensive battles, but that was only to earn time.

The demons that had infiltrated into the temple were destroyed by the waves of light, but the temple also collapsed.

There was no contact with the Great Saint and the Holy Grail Knight, and the outer castle collapsed, attracting millions of demons.

“Retreat! Retreat to resistance!”

In the end, the remaining option is the inner wall between the outer castle and the pantheon. There is only farming in the city area.

“iced coffee…….”


Children bursting into tears from the heat of the devil approaching right in front of them, and mothers who embrace such children.

Men with a will to fight. Now, the number of those men has been greatly reduced.


Balter, the leader of the Imperial Silver Lion, observed and felt it. that the end is near

Most of the knights are already dead. None of the soldiers were in good health, and the elite soldiers had long since been exhausted.


“your majesty…!”

The lion heart king, who was the absolute guardian of the kingdom, was also at the point where he devoted all his energy to intercepting the meteor for more than three days.

Now comes the end.

Walter began to fear the impending apocalypse.

“If you evacuate… can’t you?”

“Sir Walter!”

Arenne was frightened and said, but the leader of the Empire’s Silver Lion struggled to continue.

“If you escape through the retreat even now and promise later…”

Leon responded calmly to Walter’s words.

“Where are you going to get out of here?”

“You have to live for now. You have to survive. Is there anything other than dog death for staying here?”

Walter’s voice was close to screaming. It was just an occlusion of meaningless hopes.


“Your Majesty please! Please open a way for us to live!”

Looking at him who still hadn’t given up on his hopes for life, Leon knew all too well that it was futile.

This world comes to an end like this.

It is a predetermined future, and this fight is the past that only reproduced it.

Doesn’t it matter what happens now?

either fight or flee. After all, the future won’t change.


Not like that. Leon’s gaze turned to the silver-haired woman who was out of breath in the corner.

Next to him, he checked the machine spider, which was maintaining himself and checking his armament.

and… A wave of light from behind. The voice of the goddess who confirmed the deaths of the great saint Agyak and my old friend.

Isabel, the priest of the moon and purity, and Gillingham, the grail knight of the sky and thunder, stopped only after defeating the demon archduke and the great demons.

War Knight Gildus and his son Galberon, who gathered and commanded the knights from the front, could not follow the retreating troops.

All of this is not a repetition of history that merely reproduces the past.

Strangers from Earth. It is a history that has changed for them and for their future selves.

Although the results may not change, this history is vastly different from the previous ones.

so it’s not pointless

That is why there is still a sense of resistance.

“It’s over now…”

“No, it’s not over. There are still people fighting.”

in the past, in the present, and in the future.

He was fighting, and generation after generation of knights were with him.

“There is no retreat. There will be no evacuation.”

Inflame the will to resist. At that choice, Captain Walter put on a gloomy expression.

“Coming this far… what can we do?”

Less than ten thousand troops remain, and the enemy’s army is still countless. Even if you can’t, it’s hundreds of times.

What can humans do with their feeble power towards that endless army?

“Get on the horse.”

“your majesty…?”

“Get on the horse, hold the spear. Then go out and fight.”

refers to the final assault. The Lion Heart King spoke of a fight that seemed so meaningless, close to desperate, and actually desperate.

“Are you still fighting for honor and glory! It’s dog death anyway!”

Even with that rude remark, the articles around him were in no mood to point it out. Her tired body couldn’t even raise her voice.

However, Leon reveals his strong will with a voice that encompasses them all.

“For our pride.”

For the immortal that will not give in even in the face of death.

Leon grabbed Captain Walter’s shoulders. It was a touch that was not coercive and wanted to be with encouragement.

“Let’s fight together with Jim. Ride to the end.”

“your majesty…….”

“For the Empire. For the good citizens you had to protect.”

Leon’s gaze turns to everyone who looks at him.

Dwarves and elves who survived… and knights. also citizens. Again——those who came from the future.

“Until the last flame of the honored men of this land goes out.”


assault once again.


It’s not Leon’s order, it’s a request. The first to respond was a white horse that approached with a strong hooves sound.

“Thank you, my old ally.”

Rubbing her mane, Leon climbed on. In response, the knights each mounted their own horses, and those without horses stood up on firm legs.

“your majesty…….”

A red-haired girl and her party come to join Beatrice. Leon spoke to them from his horse.

“Watch. And remember. The last run left by us in this era.”

Leon took the lead with a determined will. The knights follow after him. Freemen soldiers follow.

“Come on, let’s go! Stallion!”

The Lionheart kicked the side of his favorite horse and let out a sharp, loud roar.

It was the final run, but it was neither resignation nor giving up. He makes a path for the future he will leave behind.

Despite knowing certain defeat, the light races toward the endless darkness.

“For honor.”

“”For glory… !!””

“””For Lionhearts——!!””””

-Go oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh —-!!

The sound of the horn resounds loudly. At the same time, the Knights run through the inner city.


The demons panic in front of the knights charging in. At first glance, the sight of the cornered rats rushing in all at once is ridiculous.


“No, stop it…!”

However, the knights charged with dazzling light blinded the demons and destroyed their defenses.

At the moment of collision, the bodies of demons explode and black stains are pushed out.

Trampled under the hooves of the light-accompanied horse, it is erased from this world.


The knights let out a roar and cut the demons in front of them randomly, breaking through. The soldiers who followed grabbed their spears and pierced the demon’s heart.

In front of that shining charge, neither the high-ranking demons nor the great demons were useless. It did not matter whether it was a small or large species.

A great assault that no one can stop. The wedge formed by the last ten thousand deaths pierces all the demons in the city, even the broken gates, and passes through the endless waves.

There was light, waves swept, lightning fell and flames burned.

All miracles were with them, all divinity with the Grail Guardian.

charge. charge. charge again.

Like a huge boulder rolling down the ridge of a collapsed mountain. It seemed that nothing could stop the charge.


The number ten million makes the impossible possible.

The army of light, which seemed to break through forever, is engulfed in infinite darkness. Caracael, Lord of Wisdom, knew they had reached their limit.

[It’s over soon. I will finish it.]

The lord’s finger points toward the army of light. The next moment, a ray of destruction, a thick darkness, a terrible curse.

Cut down the army of light, kill the knights, and stop the sprint.

When the darkness eventually ate away the light, Karakael smiled in triumph.

[This long struggle with the divinity is over. Now is the age of evil.]

That time when I was intoxicated with the beauty of that victory.


A loud horn reverberates across the battlefield. At the roar that hit the eardrums, both Karakael and the demons’ gazes turned toward the western ridge. There, a group of horsemen slowly appeared.

A knight riding a black horse stares at the forces of evil at the forefront.

“Lion Heart King still hasn’t given up.”

“Because he is the father of Grand Duke Gong.”

At the words of the adjutant, the Grand Duke of Dragonia. Karina smiles.

“But you change your mind, who the hell convinced you?”

“She’s the bitch who left change from the god of vengeance.”

“You will regret it. His Excellency the Grand Duke, and also His Majesty. I know.”

As if he had seen it from the future, an avenger like himself said so.

“Gaspar! Break through the enemy’s center! Delbosque! You take the right wing and pierce the flanks of the troops surrounding the Lionheart!”

The Grand Duke of Dragonia rides a horse and encourages the soldiers. The Northerners, the representative of their will, shouted in a booming voice.

“Do not be afraid of their light darkness! We are the deepest and deepest darkness in the world!”

The avengers who made a contract with Ventasis, the god of darkness and vengeance. They risked their souls for vengeance, and were given the strength to do so.

Everyone in this place is a god of supernatural strength comparable to a knight. The Grand Duke, who leads them, heads for the group of darkness, wielding a demonic sword refined with the holy power of revenge.

“For revenge! For justice!!”

“”For Lionheart!!””

The forces of darkness run across the ground. In the face of the 30,000 northern soldiers who ran high, the demons of wisdom responded with countless magic.

However, even if hellfire fell in their midst, even if a venomous mist stood in their way, the Union’s momentum did not diminish in the slightest.

The avengers, led by Grand Duke Karina, would not collapse with just such a check.

Their seething will for revenge, and the protection of the god of vengeance, eventually narrows the distance between the devil and them.

Even if you hold the spear and the large species show off their huge bodies and block it——

The moment of impact, everything was swept away.

[Human bastards… … .]

I’m sick of it.

It is tenacious enough to get tired of it.

only 30,000 What does it mean to charge with only a handful of troops in front of this countless army?

for honor? for pride?

The wisest person in this world does not understand why these ignorant and oblivious mortals, who are not even the dust of the universe, are so hung up on the value of such a moment.

[It will eventually be buried. You guys are powerless against these waves. What does it mean if the momentary resistance increases a little?]

But it’s annoying. It’s annoying and I can’t stand it. Karakael’s twelve fingers pointed to the front of the northern army.

I’ll have to deal with that grand duke who has an irritating presence like the Lion Heart King.

Divine Advent────


wee. In that momentary gap, he concocted a formula to snipe a more threatening enemy force.

“You were careless.”

The golden knight was jumping in.

Taking every risk, forcing every recklessness——

[You bastard… ?!]

──Finally breaking through all the disadvantages.

[What are the other guys doing… ?!]

Karakael quickly figured out the cause.

The divinities of this world descended from behind the shining aurora of the Lion Heart King.

Ariana of Light and Justice.

Petos of War and Flame.

Demera of life and abundance.

Ultima of Sky and Thunder.

Tatar of the Sun and Judgment.

Poma of the sea and waves.

Dina of the moon and chastity.

Fleur of Dreams and Death.

Heto of iron and blacksmith.

Those innumerable divinities, those who had to become strong at the expense of the Holy Grail Knights, all at once revealed their appearances.

Their destructive power tore the great demons and overturned the waves of demons, leading the Lion Heart King to this point.

[Impossible… !]

How could so many gods descend with a human body and the capacity of a single individual?

[How… !!]

The 12 great magics that were directed at the Northern Army are rapidly heading towards the Lionheart. Leon’s holy sword shines in the face of each and every one of them being destructive.


Lion Heart King Leon Dragonia This sword that was intact during the days of Lionheart’s strongest,

Indestructible, never broken——

Brilliant, never extinguished———

It is the polar light, an infinite light that cuts through the darkness.

Be a symbol of invincibility, immortality, and invincibility.

This shining sword is the symbol of divinity. The pinnacle of the Holy Grail Knights representing faithfulness.

“Death to evil! Only death!!”

Light was emitted.

The aurora borealis, accelerated by the holy power of a living demigod, swallowed up evil with the heat of the battlefield.

Even the demon lord Karakael, who has explored countless magics and accumulated wisdom, could not resist in front of the aurora borealis with all divine light.

As if he wouldn’t allow even the moment to scream at the wicked malignant.

The light is there, in this fleeting moment… The evil of the world has disappeared.

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