The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 142 Lionheart Kingdom. later story


“Jump in…!”

As soon as the gate opens, all of them rush towards the entrance.

There was light, there was darkness, and finally the world came into their sight.

“I’m out?!”

“Ha, senior Hari!”


They were greeted by other knights and soldiers from the Pantheon.

“Hariya! Are you okay!”

Manager Kim Jin-soo, who was waiting with the president Oh Kang-hyeok in the strange situation, hurriedly ran over, and Koo Dae-seong and other knights supported them.

The six of them sighed and slumped in their seats. Even Beatrice couldn’t care less about dignity now.


Leon came in front of them. It’s so nice to see you, my friend… The face of the lion heart king is all sad.

“What did you see?”

“……your majesty.”

Hari took out a sacred object from her bosom. It was the Holy Grail of the Moon.

It was forged by the blacksmith’s Holy Grail Knight Anthoc, who had sacrificed so many people to protect it, extracted by the sages of the forest, and completed by the great saintess’ sacrifice.

Looking at that item, Leon immediately guessed what had happened inside the gate.

“More than 200 years ago, I rejected Gunlar’s offer to complete the Last Holy Grail.”

Because it was the sacrifice of the priestess of purity, the sages of the forest, and the great saint.

More than anything, because I knew that if I tried to make this, the demons would not stand by.

“There must have been a lot of sacrifice, and there must have been a lot of death. So, how were the others there?”

“it’s awesome.”

Hari cried and remembered Isabel and Agnac, who had sacrificed themselves.

“It’s the most beautiful thing in the world!”

Jae-hyeok, dying of dryness, saw Gunlar, who made a promise to the future–

“I protected you. Everyone.”

Gillingham, who stood up against the Fallen Grand Duke—


The sacrifice of Antok and the separate squad that smelted the moon shards while burning the last flame——

“Your Majesty fought to the end. For the future.”

The Lion Heart King who finally cut down the Lord of Wisdom and opened the way to the future—

“I came. Grand Duke Karina. I’m back for Your Majesty.”

Cheon So-yeon, who started at Isabel’s request but eventually received the change, remembered Grand Duke Karina and the Northern Army who appeared with the sound of the horn.

What they saw was the story of heroes running toward the end of an era.

The end of the dazzling journey of knights who followed divinity, kept honor, and pursued glory.

Nevertheless, the story of those who left something for the future.


“is it.”

The lion heart king in front of them.

He is the king of knights who will unfold the future from the past.

* * * *

Leon Dragonia Lionheart.

The honorable Lion Heart King, who leads the Holy Grail Knights, never doubted the purity of humans.

He believed in the honor of dying with honor as a free man, rejecting the peace of bondage and servitude.

Even if the end is annihilation.


The hand holding the sword trembled. I lost my mind and my legs were shaking from so much blood. In the end, what supported him when his body was about to collapse was someone’s arm touching his back.

“The one who’s going to fall like this… isn’t it?”

“Sir Loxley…”

Loxley, the Holy Grail Knight of the Sun and Judgment. He was supporting Leon with only one arm.

Once a Grail Knight of radiant glory, he was already dying from a mortal wound. One arm was ripped off, the holy sword was broken, and the armor was crumpled along with the body.

How thick were the limbs he had to break through in order for the indestructible sword and armor to be so damaged? I’m sure it won’t be lacking even if I compare myself.

“It is an honor to die beside you, my King.”

There is only one thing Leon can say to this honorable knight who is loyal to the end.

“It was an honor to fight together.”

No more words are needed for the knight. With just that one word from Leon, Loxley closed his eyes in satisfaction. All power disappeared from his body, and Leon took over the remaining power and stood up again.

‘Karina… … .’

The Northern Army, which had stabbed the flanks of the battlefield, was no longer visible. I couldn’t have a last breakup with my daughter, but it wasn’t too bad.

Castile, the light given by his wife came to him in the end.

‘Thinking about it, it must have been a very long life.’

He died of overwork at a young age and was reincarnated in this world.

As the heir of the Grand Duke of Dragonia, he was relieved that there would be no future love problems after seeing his beautiful mother, and looked forward to fantasy while looking at the scenery of a different world outside the window.

eight years old He said that he was excited about the sword he held for the first time at a young age and had high hopes for it to come.

“This must be the guidance of the goddess, too, so it would be worthwhile to teach.”

While receiving the teachings of the Holy Grail Knight Lord Gordic, he realized that the world was not easy.

He complained that it was not the fantasy of another world that he thought of because of the training that seemed to break his whole body.

What was it like when you set out on a journey to become a Holy Grail Knight?

Didn’t he wander around the world in his adolescence, laughing and wandering around on a tireless journey to receive quests?

「This is Gildus! Thank you for your help!」

「Ahahaha! Your young friend is great! It’s Antocra!」

“Treeman is good. Would it be okay if I traveled with you?」

I met lifelong friends.

「Leon Dragonia, son of Archduke Ulfric Dragonia. I will grant you a quest to prove your honor and faithfulness.”

met the goddess

Become a War Knight, become a Holy Grail Knight.

He waged war against the orcs, defeated the great devil, and was chosen as the Lion Heart King, succeeding the deceased king.

In that honorable journey,

“I am a priest who has sworn chastity. Your Majesty must not incur the wrath of the Goddess for being as lowly as I am.”

I made love.

“Castilla! This child’s name is Karina! This child will succeed me as the Grand Duke of Dragonia!”

gave birth to a child

The journey continues.

“Your Majesty, I will escort the holy relic from that savage land.”

The decrepit grail knight he respected left the road and never returned.

“your majesty! the empire… The system has been destroyed.”

To the Empire occupied by the Lord of Chaos.

“Gates are opening all over the world! The number of them is uncountable!”

While continuing the great war that was triggered by it.

“your majesty! Enemy legions are on the move!」

“They are in the Grand Duchy of Dragonia… … .」

lost his wife

「I am Vulcanus!!」

The knight he relied on also disappeared along with the enemy’s Glacier Duke.

Even after that, Leon’s history was a history of endless wars.

Too many things he has to carry. When I was determined to face the end, they came.

“She is a priestess who is said to be Hanhari. He is a child with great powers. Where did such a child come from… … .」

A familiar hometown name. I stabbed it just in case, and it was the same.

“Stop, Seoul! This is Seoul! Korea!”

Their stories were amazing.

No wonder the knights sent by her future self came looking for her.

and was frustrated

In the end, it is because our destiny was destruction.

Such a long resistance and life-and-death struggle ended in destruction.

He survived alone and was able to return to Earth only after taking revenge on all the demons.

Isabel, my wife’s older sister, and Gildus, Antoc, and Gunlar, old friends.

Loyal Gillingham and Loxley too. Carina, her most precious treasure.

Countless soldiers and citizens who regarded themselves as hope until the end.

Will everyone die and only you will be left?

What does that mean?

“there is.”

Ariana whispered to Leon in a detached gaze.

“Leon, don’t you remember? Aren’t you the proof? Didn’t the consensus of all those who fell in glory and honor remain with you?”

Even though I am destined to perish, I keep the pantheon in my heart and embrace the paradise where everyone reaches their end.

There is an existence that continues the will in the end.

The 15th Lion Heart King Leon Dragonia Lionheart is him.


His role in this reproduced world.

“I guess it’s to help Jim move into the future.”


Demons approached the Lion Heart King, who rose from all his predestined deaths.

[You’re foolish, Lionheart.]

The majestic walls collapsed, the knights fell, and the soldiers were consumed by fire.

Demons without honor walked contentedly, trampling on the deaths of the honorable.

Even after the death of the demon lord Karakael and countless prime demons, there were still many of them, and only the last knight remained of their enemy.

[Is this your grave? Buried in a mangled corpse?]

[Has the trivial struggle been enough? Servant of the weak bitch. Did you think that the waves would recede if you stabbed the sea with your toothpick?]

[I will build a temple of ruin on the ashes soaked in your blood. An honor not like yours will be chewed along with the meat of your people.]

Leon was just listening to it. The demons thought he was crushed by bitterness and helplessness.

… … .

That’s an arrogant delusion. The knight just caught his breath and waited for the demons to approach.

The moment when the Great Devil, intoxicated with a shallow sense of victory, approached even Leon’s knee–

– Sseukeok!


The light of the holy sword passed through the shin of the great devil’s knee. The last thing the Great Demon, whose knee had been removed in one blow, witnessed was a knight leaping at him.


The demons shrank as the great demon fell headlong into the two sums. Dozens of great demons gnashed their teeth and were angry.

“Did you say graves? Did you consider it a disgrace to be buried among their bodies?”

The Holy Grail shines. A sacred relic of a goddess that grants unlimited vitality to its owner. Its owner does not age, quickly recovers from wounds, and exerts infinite holy power.

“Look! The arms of honorable men who fell after a glorious battle! How could it be dishonorable to be buried among them! What honor could be greater than this!”

The demons surrounded the unyielding knight, but could not stop him from shrinking.

“You’re going to build a temple on my blood? You’re going to chew on my honor? It’s really the idea of lowly losers. The way that insignificant villains resolve their lowly inferiority complex is extremely narrow!”

they realized The spirit of this great age, that they can never corrupt.

“Here I stand, demons. I will fight. You will never defeat me. Remember that humiliation forever!”

Be afraid, demons.

Here is the knight of the gods you cannot corrupt!

Demons screaming as if they couldn’t listen to Leon’s last words.

To satisfy their shallow sense of victory even a little more, to hide their sense of defeat.

But they couldn’t swallow the Grail Guardian’s roar.

“To Lionheart…! Glory be to you!!”

The endless fight resumes.

The war that will last for the next 200 years, left alone, begins.

But the knight does not give up.

The glorious knight king, the lion heart king of the gods.

Overcoming all hardships and disadvantages.

Because you are destined to win.

* * * *

-Record complete. data storage.

A workshop in the corner of the pantheon. Even though he had just returned from a tiring battle, the Steel Grail knight was immersed in his work without a break.

Backup and storage of data.

It is to subdivide all of the information he has experienced and accumulated in Gate and organize them by category. Among them… … .

「A weapon is a tool for killing, but when it is held by the right person, it will become a shield that protects the world.」

While forcibly maintaining life, the white-haired knight pounded the hammer until the end.

A life attitude that he followed throughout his life.


Strong artificial intelligence coolly converts data into data and stores them. Then finally came the time to decide on a folder name for the data.

– 「13A057-77 video data」… … .

A folder name created inorganically according to a fixed format. Yappy tries to move on to the next task, but stops the calculation work in the data.

「How are you? Hey, won’t you be my disciple?”

-… …

The presumptuous proposal of organics. There is nothing more ridiculous than that remark to a strong artificial intelligence who grasped his movements just to acquire skills. but… … .


Yapi subtly corrected the folder name. Knowing that it is a meaningless and irrational name for itself.

Change folder name.

Changed folder name.


End the data operation.

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