The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 143: The Last Holy Grail

Moon Chalice.

Leon looked around at the new Holy Grail, shot by Isabel, smelted by Antoc, and completed by Gunlar, the wise men of the forest, and the Great Saint Agac.

“Isn’t that great stuff?”

Beatrice smiled and looked at the moon chalice Leon was holding.

“I didn’t expect things to become so big when I tried to ask Gunlar how to grow seedlings.”

The reason why he opened the gate and tried to enter was to find a way to grow a seedling of Gunlar from Gunlar and other wise men of the forest.

I never thought that would lead to the final Holy Grail plan.

“Contrary to the original goal, the work grew bigger, but it was an unexpected harvest.”


This is definitely an unexpected return. I never thought that the final product of the Holy Grail plan would come out.

“It’s a plan devised by the sages of the forest, including Gunlar, a long time ago.”

The Last Grail Plan. The basics are similar to the plan to implant the pantheon into the heart of a lion.

“The lion’s heart plan?”

“It’s a kind of ark plan. It was to bet the future of the world on the ‘most likely to survive’.”

ark plan.

If the world suffered irreversible damage and perished, what to preserve was selected as the top priority.

The first, needless to say, is a pantheon.

temple of the gods. Their dwelling place goes beyond the matter of faith and leads to the existence of the world.

If the pantheon is destroyed right away, the power of the gods who maintained paradise will disappear, which means that the afterlife of Leon’s world will disappear.

“That’s why the gods decided to take refuge in my lion’s heart. It was possible to survive there if it produced holy power on its own.”

This was a gamble where if Leon died, everyone would go back to nothing.

“The gamble paid off.”

“That’s right. And the final Holy Grail plan…”

Leon recalled a memory from a very long time ago. It was recent to Beatrice, but it was a plan from 200 years ago to him.

“During the final battle, we were at a time when each and every one of our forces was lacking. We couldn’t afford to forge a single relic at the cost of someone.”


In order to forge the Moon Chalice, all the wise men of the forest, the Great Saint Agnac, and the Priest of Purity Isabel had to sacrifice themselves.

Even though he was a warrior, from the Holy Grail Knight Sir Antoc to the guarding Sir Gilliam.

Lionheart at the time couldn’t afford to replace that amount of manpower.

“When the founder of the kingdom received the Holy Grail, it was the energy of the sun and the power of thunder. And it is said that Ariana completed all of those lights together.”

Leon took out the Holy Grail. A treasure passed down from the first Lionheart. This golden Holy Grail has the opposite impression.

When Leon infused holy power into this Holy Grail, a brilliant light began to rise. And it forms a curtain of light that is so vast that it illuminates the dawn of the night as bright as daytime.

Beatrice was well aware of the power this Holy Grail showed.

“Severe wounds instantly heal and create holy water that causes all sorts of miracles.

“That’s right. It’s thanks to this that the Holy Grail symbolized the founding of the kingdom. Above all, the holy water of the Holy Grail is indispensable for being appointed a Holy Grail Knight.”

Leon put the Holy Grail and the Moon Chalice in one place. Surprisingly, the two Holy Grails floated in the air attracted each other and then stuck together like a magnet, and the Moon Chalice began to melt into the Chalice.

“Your Majesty, what is this?”

“The Moon Chalice is the missing part of the Holy Grail… In other words, it is a holy relic for improvement. It is a material for forging the ‘last chalice’ according to the needs of the times.”

The Holy Grail, which had now been completely merged, had not changed much from before.

The degree to which the pattern of the Moon Chalice was additionally engraved on the Brilliant Golden Chalice.

“Come to think of it, the power of the Moon Chalice…”

Beatrice recalled the miracle of the completion of this Holy Grail.

“It’s not about restoring life, it’s about destruction. It’s for improving the existing Holy Grail.”


According to Hari’s testimony, even the Great Devil was annihilated after being hit directly by the wave of light possessed by the Moon Chalice.

A range-type demon destruction weapon that simply goes beyond the size of the power. As soon as it touches, halfway demons will surely be destroyed.

“It’s definitely a hard counter to demons. Just walking around the city with this Holy Grail and making waves will kill all the demons hiding there.”

The reason why demons are particularly annoying is their number and body performance that allows them to blend into human society before immortality.

They make contracts with humans to induce the spread of evil, and sometimes infiltrate themselves wearing human skin.

Right now, even Beatrice had to operate an extreme system like the heretic judge thanks to the demons of pleasure and corruption hiding all over the city.

And such an extreme group inevitably creates a backlash from citizens and gives birth to unfair victims.

The power of the improved Holy Grail was to make it dramatically more efficient.

“Wait… Your Majesty, you said it was part of the Ark project, right?”

Besides this, there is another real purpose. Beatrice remembered why all the sages of the forest had to sacrifice their lives to complete this Holy Grail.

“The accumulation of ‘species’ and ‘knowledge’.”



In turn, Leon explained the power hidden in the Moon Chalice. And that… … .

“It is the power that enables the reconstruction of a new kingdom.”

“That’s only possible when Gunlar’s seedlings have grown. Obtaining the last Holy Grail and other sacred relics must have not forgotten the original purpose or the unexpected harvest, right?”

At those words, Beatri smiled softly.

“Of course. Gunlar gave me clear advice.”

The place where Leon brought Gunlar’s seedling is the world of the dead.

Therefore, Gunlar seedlings can grow only in Paradise.

Beatrice told her how to grow the seedlings she had learned from Gunlar, and it was not an easy way, but with Leon and Beatrice, it was definitely possible.

Then, the matter about Gunlar’s seed was settled.

There will be quite difficult conditions to make it bloom, but for now, it is something that can be solved somehow with the Moon Chalice.

“Bice. It’s shameless, but I have something more to ask of you.”

“Tell me. Your Majesty is in a position to command me anything.”

At the point of saving the souls of the knights who supported her until the very end, Beatrice owed Leon an unrepayable debt.

Above all, it was Leon who saved her from degenerating into a hated demon.

Before she became a queen, she felt a great debt to Leon to the point of claiming to be his subject.

“A king never orders a king. Don’t make Jim a man without a case.”

“Your Majesty’s innocence is not something I can dissuade.”

It is a law that you yourself are aware of. However, Leon does not view naivety in a negative way.

principle principle. Unshakable standards and the firmness to carry them out can sometimes seem frustrating, but that’s why you can be objective as a king.

“Continue your research on the Gate. We’ll support you with whatever you need. There are two people to look for.”

“I think one person knows.”

Beatrice recalled the person whom Leon had mentioned before, and whom she had also faced. And the news about him had been heard at this gate as well.

“The Grail Knight who disappeared in the plains of Landolce.”

Absolutely strong, said to be Lionheart’s strongest Holy Grail Knight.

Vulcanus, the Holy Grail Knight of War and Flame.

“I’m sure he’s alive. If I ascended earlier, the next Lion Heart King must have been his.”

Is it that much?

Lion Heart King was not simply an existence that was chosen based on strength.

An existence that must be recognized by all gods and whose nobility and faith must be proven.

Of course, since it was a time of war, it is understandable if military force was given priority.

Because Vulcan’s strength was astounding even to Beatrice, who had only watched that fragment.

“If he’s alive, he’s probably somewhere in the gate. And there’s an object that can serve as a coordinate to find him.”

A ceremonial dagger obtained from Vulcanus, whom Leon encountered while clearing Zereah’s Relic Convoy Gate. It was enough coordinates to find Vulcan.

No, it should have been enough.

“Your Majesty, we have already failed to find Lord Vulcan with that dagger.”

“Yes. Is it the lack of specificity of the coordinates or simply the lack of magic stones?”

A huge amount of magic crystals are required to open the gate. From the holy grail knight Zereah’s relic convoy to the gate to Akasha’s domain, to the colorless gate set against the backdrop of this Lionheart’s final battle.

The huge consumption of magic stones was not an amount that could easily be supplied even to the Pantheon, which cleared the nearby gates at random.

“There are some hypotheses about that. I’ll do some more research and tell you.”

and one remaining.

This was confirmed by Leon in comparison with the heroic spirits who ‘entered the paradise’ in the last war.

There was no Geobrik in paradise.

There was no Vulcan in Paradise.

and one more.

The child did not enter Paradise.

“Karina. Karina Dragonia. Jim’s daughter also did not meet in the paradise of the gods.”

I want to find my daughter. If there is hope, I don’t want to give up. Leon’s wish was very natural.

“I’ll find a way. It might be painful, but please wait.”

“Really. I wonder what Jim would be like without Sir Spinner and you, Beeche.”

“It’s all His Majesty’s blessings.”

“Thank you for saying that.”

He expressed his gratitude by kissing the back of Leon’s hand. She did not refuse the highest courtesy that a knight gives to a lady.

“I’ll grant you anything you ask for. Please don’t refuse Jim’s thanks.”

“If you say so…”

Beatrice touched her lips with her white fingers. After thinking for a while, she smiled and said.

“Tell you later.”

It was nothing more than a blank check of sorts, but Beatrice decided to look further.

* * * *

The President of the Republic of Korea, Andong-gil, is a moderately corrupt and moderately righteous politician.

Thanks to the destroyer of democracy who recently invaded this earth, he has awakened the blood of his grandfather, who was an independence activist, and his father, who was a democracy fighter, but basically he kept the right line in everything.

In that sense, the recent drastic change in the balance of the domestic enlisted forces is a difficult part for the president.

“No, these guys are crazy.”

First of all, the group he denigrates as a group of soldiers is the hunter guild.

A group of superhumans with powers that exceed that of most armies.

Of course, the ROK military is not to the extent of being pushed by force against a small group of supermen, but the problem is the gate security crisis due to their absence.

What is the reason why until recently in Japan, privatization of the Hunter Association and S-class hunters with omnipotent power ran amok?

This is because there is no alternative in attacking the gate.

The number of S-class hunters guaranteed the country’s security and safety, which was also linked to stock prices and real estate.

Can’t you tell just by looking at the brilliant London and Shanghai that couldn’t block a gate and became barren?

Even if it’s an S-class hunter, it’s a long way to touch a large guild that includes S-class hunters in the yard where all the powers are trying to take them, even if they pour money.

The same was true of the 10 guilds in Korea, so they often offered exile abroad as a card and took control of the government.

‘Director Oh Kang-hyeok’s choice was not wrong. It’s not really wrong… … .’

In that situation, Leon appeared and the Pantheon was established.

Oh Kang-hyeok, the head of the association, fully supported Manshinjeon and tried to make it a trump card against the 10 guilds.

That choice was never wrong. Compared to the 10 largest guilds, which hold wealth and power and control the government, the Pantheon is a group driven by the principle of one person.

As long as the head, Leon, was well liked, he could protect national security without having to say sorry to the 10th guild, so it’s killing two birds with one stone.

How hot is the religion that the nobleman spread? Blessed crops are now filial products that the whole world demands to export to Korea.

In many ways, the pantheon is the duck that lays the golden egg that brings enormous benefits to the nation. the problem is… … .

‘It means that a guild that was founded less than half a year ago has already grown to this level.’

The scale is already at the level of a 10th guild.

In addition, as Hanbitgung recently entered into its own umbrella, the balance of the 10th guild collapsed.

Is this all there is to it? Japan Hunter Association, which was newly established as Japan’s All-Japan Association completely collapsed by public opinion, is mostly loyal followers composed of pantheonists.

In fact, it is not an exaggeration to say that the Japanese Hunter Association was subjugated to the pantheon.

The military force as a hunter guild is also armed, but the public’s support is soaring to a frightening extent.

– After believing in the pantheon, my cancer was cured.

-Honestly, if you follow the doctrine of the pantheon, you will go to heaven.

-Have you seen the Code of Light and Justice? All domestic politicians and public officials should believe this. Those who disobey will be punished and punished.

-Goddess of life and abundance, honey haha After my grandfather Demera became a priest, the whole family ate every meal of the blessed crop.

-Is that a true story that all diseases are cured?

-Hair loss is better.

-As of today, the National Hair Loss Association will give allegiance to the Mansinjeon. Heil Lionheart!!

The growth rate of the pantheon is too fast. Both military power and religious power are rapidly growing to the point of being excessive.

And the side effects were appearing all over the country.

Even if it’s just today’s regular briefing–

-dismissal! As a public servant, there is a public opinion that you should become a follower of Ariana, the goddess of light and justice. What do you think?

‘No, they are really funny to hear. I know that you go to church!’

He got out of the position, saying that as a public official, he could not be biased towards a specific religion, but the public reaction was not good.

-Why doesn’t Dong-gil trust Ariana-sama?

-It’s because your back is bruised. How did the last colonel group scandal go?

– How can you believe in the goddess of justice when you are eating billions of dollars?

‘These bastards… !”

Of course, I do eat a little later. But where can the political scene be as clean as it is?

Passing what needs to be passed flexibly while getting a little bit of shit in moderation is how the country lives and the economy lives!



As he recalled the regular briefing, the chief of staff approached and reported to him whether or not he was aware of the prickly president’s feelings.

“That… the United Nations has urgently contacted you.”

“At the United Nations? What is it all of a sudden?”

Also, as an advanced country, it would be to contribute to the refugee relief fund.

Without China and Russia as permanent members, the current United Nations has become a meeting place for friendship among European coxswains.

Still, since they are yangban who claim to be world government, they should pay respect to whatever they ask for.

President Andong-gil thought so until half a second before he saw the documents, but he couldn’t hide his puzzled expression when he saw the notice from the United Nations.


I’m keeping my dignity as a president… To the extent that the swear words had already come out.

The notice began with the following headline:

「Dispatch of Inspection Team for Human Rights Violation Suspicion of Mansinjeon.」

It makes me speechless.

I really had nothing to say. Really

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