The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 144 Accident-free factory construction

Since becoming a serf, Beraher, a serf of the pantheon, has been subjected to harsh labor.

It is fortunate that they are not part of the bloody suicide squad called the Serf Challenge, but that does not mean that the lives of the remaining serfs are not difficult.

This Lion Heart King must have decided to kill the serfs by overwork, and he refused to be normal even at mealtimes as well as harsh labor.


Veraher looked at the tray in front of him and was dazed for a while.

“What is this?”


The tray was filled with an opaque, cloudy liquid. Is it some kind of oatmeal?

“Securing necessary nutrients. Salt and sugar mixed properly.”


sugar brine. The notorious passion of the Pantheon was even harsher towards the serfs.

“Damn it, damn it!”

Veraher misses the past, the glory days.

After offering tender young human flesh to the demons, he could still eat the old, tough meat without wanting to.

But now, two meals a day. After filling the water pear full of sugar and salt, pick up the pickaxe.

“Turn it off…!”

The site of the former Hanbit Palace. There is a huge star iron that Leon dropped there.

– Dig 20 kg per person. practice.

Under the direction of the brutal killing machine, the serfs began pounding star iron with pickaxes.

Caang! Caang!

The sound of a pickaxe echoes. The terrifyingly hard star iron meteorite could not even be eaten with a moderate pickaxe.



The moment the pickaxe collided, a sharp numb shock was transmitted to the palm of the hand riding the pickaxe.

“Turn it off…!”

It hit the hard star iron part, not the soft part of the meteorite. When Beraher let go of the pickaxe, a group of heavy squirrels approached.


why did you stop working? and a whip-wielding supervisor approaching.

It’s to the point where I can even understand the tone of the snickering tone of the squeamish people. And usually when I said something like that, the whip flew within 3 seconds.

“Everything, I’ll do it again!”

Beraher immediately picked up a pickaxe and hit the zero-cha-zero-cha star iron.

-Kicky look!!

do the job right! The superintendent of the Kikkiruk clan shouted at him. It was said to Beraher, but the pickaxes of the hundreds of serfs nearby sped up.


It was then. A successive pickaxe hit the meteorite! It cracked and a chunk of star iron poured out of the top.

“Oh, oh oh oh!”


falling chunks. Beraher ran away in a hurry, but there were serfs who couldn’t avoid the falling lumps.


… … …

… …

Mansinjeon Star Iron Mining Team.

Today is the 15th day without an accident.


* * * *

After finishing mining in the morning, the afternoon is the work of classifying it.

To remove impurities from mined star iron chunks and find pure iron chunks. And to classify it by grade.

When mining, people are killed by falling rocks or their palms are ripped off with a pickaxe, so sorting by iron will seem more convenient.

But that’s what I’m saying because I don’t know the characteristics of serfs. The serfs recalled that sorting was a hellish time.

“Ugh, ugh…!”

Beraher carrying a chunk of pure star iron with tongs. However, the hand holding the tongs was smoking as if it were being burned.

“Ugh, ugh!”

Beraher drops a star iron into the sorting workbench and falls backwards. My hands and feet feel as if they are about to burn, and the skin on my face is hot.

The serfs are demon followers, endowed with immortality. Byeolcheol, in which the holy power of the gods poured on them, was like a poison in itself.

Byeolcheol, the original of the sacred object imbued with the power of the gods, exposes them just by being close to them.


It was then. A voice approaches Veraher, who is suffering from heavy labor.

“Ah, I see! I see! Please stop… hehe!”

As usual, Beraher, who had been annoyed at the thought of being whipped and was prepared to be flogged, felt the cold iron make his complexion pale.

“Hey, Sir Yacht Spinner!”

The most feared being in the serf labor field here. Even Lion Heart King and Magician Queen are racists themselves if they are to be merciless to evil species, but this killing machine mechanically kills serfs.

A terrible existence with the second highest death rate for serfs after ballistas and stinging lunatics.

he was in front

“Okay, wrong…”

-Kick. Follow me, number 137. There is a task to be entrusted to you.


Belaher, who thought he would die by being cut off by a wire, followed Yapi with relief. In addition to Beraher, Yapi commandeered another hundred serfs.

The place where they follow Yapi is the heart of the factory being built. I’ve heard that it’s a place where energy fuel rods to operate the factory will go.

“Hey, hey, hey?!”

It was strange. Every time I follow Yapi, my whole body feels strangely sore and my stomach queasy.

“Hey, Mr. Yakt Spinner… What the heck is this….”

The place they arrived at was a space filled with terrifyingly holy power. And the center… There is a rod in the form of a neatly processed cylinder.


That is a fuel rod made of the finest star iron.

-Move fuel rods to maintenance from now on.

You want me to move that? My whole body trembles just by watching from afar, isn’t it telling me to die at all!

“Hey, Yakt Spinner… Well, that’s definitely us…”

– Ordinary workers also suffer from excessive sexual power. Even drones can malfunction if exposed to high concentrations of sacral power.

we die!

The serfs wanted to vent their anger right away, but Yapi’s camera eye was still cold.


I heard the order. Against their will, the serfs struggled toward the iron fuel rods.

100% death rate from exposure to serfs.

Today is the 16th day without an accident.

* * * *

“Oh oh…….”

Park Yong-shin, the owner of Hanbit Palace, admired the factory built on the site of the disappeared Hanbit Palace.

A futuristic building style that is different from the modern Earth. Park Yong-shin is even mistaken that he has come to the future world.

“Your Excellency the President is entering!”

A ceremony was held on the red carpet, and high-ranking government officials, including President Andong-gil, entered.

“Welcome, sir.”

“Park Gongju.”

Aside from being a pseudo-religion, Park Yong-shin, the guild leader of the top 10 Korean guilds, received the President’s handshake.

“This new factory…”

“It’s a workshop, Your Excellency.”


President Ahn stared blankly at Park Yong-shin, who looked at the gigantic factory, which is not an ordinary scale even if you look at it, and labeled it as a workshop.

factories and workshops. There is a difference of one letter, but the legal interpretation is completely different. It is a tax issue, and the construction permit issue is also on a different level.

“Let’s go to the podium. His Majesty Lionheart and the workshop owner, Sir Yacht Spinner, are waiting for you.”

Under the guidance of Park Yong-shin, President Ahn faced Leon, who was waiting on the podium.

“Oh~ President Ahn. My friend. Come.”

Why am I your friend, you democracy destroyer!

Andong-gil wanted to say, but he couldn’t touch Leon’s planting, which had grown out of control.

“Haha, Your Majesty. It’s been a while.”

“Yes, thank you for coming today to celebrate the completion of the new workshop of the Pantheon.

‘That’s because the factory was built where the meteorite fell… … .”

It was a whopping 6km meteorite. This was processed into an armor, and its value was proven in the subjugation of the Grand Duke of Demons.

Leon planned to supply a downgraded version of this star iron weapon to all troops, and this plan became a big issue in Korea.

-your majesty.


President Ahn and government officials vomited their flagships as the huge Yakt spinner approached.

This killing machine, which is 4 to 5 times the size of a tank, has something that overwhelms people with only a cold camera eye.

“Sir Spinner. What is it?”

– Factory operation started. Promote schedule progress.

“Hmm, that’s fast. It’s worth drinking the serfs.”

– Plenty of residual serfs left.


do you change? what’s left President Ahn looked at the sign hanging at the entrance of the studio, saying, “The 32nd day without an accident.”

‘Why are there so many sick beds even though there are no accidents… … .’

President Ahn tried to avert his gaze.

“Well then! Let’s start the cutting ceremony! Everyone please smile at the camera!”

After the most awkward cutting ceremony in the world, President Ahn entered the workshop with Leon.


President Ahn toured several workshops run by domestic master craftsmen.

The quality of the items produced in the country is very important to improve the power of the hunters. It is no exaggeration to say that master craftsmanship is directly related to national security.

It is common for engineers who receive full support from large corporations to forge swords and polish armor by relying on individual capabilities.

Even with modern technology, weapons for hunters have no choice but to rely on such primitive means.

However, Yapi’s workshop was different.

-Clap! profit! Clap!

The rail rotates and moves large chunks of ore.

The ore moved in this way is carefully cut by an ultra-precision decomposer to break down the gas layer, water, methane, etc., and classify it into intact iron.

And there are many facilities that process it. Star iron is pounded and polished through a press machine and a charged particle accelerator.

At the end, the casting of swords, spears and armor is being completed.

Fully automated workshop, not hammering one by one like master craftsmen.

‘It’s a factory… … .’

Of course, this type of workshop did not exist. It takes the form of a factory to mass-produce cheap equipment.

“Your Majesty, Your Excellency. Here’s a prototype.”

The armor brought by one of the staff members was buoyant even at first glance. Even to President Ahn, an outsider, it is an unusual weapon.

“The result of the appraisal… the unique item ‘star iron content parasol armor’….”

‘Was the unique item something that could be mass-produced?’

From what I’ve heard, it’s an item that even the biggest conglomerate studios in the country have to put their heart and soul into making.

Is the item produced in the factory a unique item?

“Hmm, not bad.”

‘not bad!?’

President Ahn is stunned by Leon’s harsh evaluation.

“The content of star iron is low, so you can’t receive the blessings of the gods, and it’s only coated.

“Wow, that’s great.”

Still, I thought that science and technology would be nothing special for being a medieval king of the other world with outdated values, but the more you dig, the more everything comes out.

I wonder if this is how the country will be built.

-Your Majesty, I need your advice.


– His Majesty’s Armor. in production. No matter how much you process it, it doesn’t reach that of the Holy Grail Knight Anthok.

Leon heard the news about his armor that Yapi was working on.

I heard that it shows 99.9% perfection, but only 0.1% is lacking.

-This is it.

Yafi showed the armor she had brought. As soon as he saw it, President Ahn said it was a lie! and held his breath.

It is such a beautiful and perfect armor. The sophisticated lines and perfection felt in the armor were enough to impress even the general public.

With a treasure this big, you say ‘unfinished’?

“Don’t push yourself too hard. My armor is the perfect armor forged by Heto, the god of the blacksmith, who descended upon Sir Antoc. Reproducing it is an infinitely impossible task even for a blacksmith’s Holy Grail Knight.”

Leon said it in a sense of encouragement, but Yapi didn’t seem to understand something.

If Antok did it, he should be able to do it too. It is a stubborn stubbornness that he of strong artificial intelligence cannot be pushed by organic matter.

-I will investigate further.

“Hmm… Well, that’s good. If that’s what you mean, try it until you’re satisfied.”

Indeed, can Sir Spinner reproduce his armor in his heyday?

If that is possible, it would not be an exaggeration to say that Yapi has indeed approached the feat of a god.

* * * *

After that, after holding an official event with President Andong-gil, they sat down separately to have a more intimate conversation.

“I don’t have anything prepared, but please eat.”

The two continued to take care of their personal affairs, and then brought the main issue to the attention of President Ahn.

“Your Majesty, are all the items produced in this workshop going to be supplied only to soldiers?”

After touring the factory, President Ahn came to the idea that he had to secure the special iron armament requested by Oh Kang-hyeok, the head of the association.

Although it is not comparable to knight’s star iron armour, it is an amazing item just with star iron.

If you can arm your country’s hunters with this, it will make tremendous progress.

“If you don’t mind, would you like to deliver the weapons produced in this workshop to our government’s Hunter Association?”

“Oh Kang-hyuk, his friend, must have asked President Ahn.”

“Yes… These weapons are absolutely necessary to increase the survival rate of our country’s hunters.”

Leon pondered over President Ahn’s proposal for a while. It’s money. I’m already earning enough, so I’m not in a hurry.

For President Ahn, it would be more beneficial to receive something other than money.

“It’s not that difficult to supply star iron coated armor. I won’t be able to give you God’s blessing.”

“That, that’s enough!”

Of course, Leon also has needs from the government, so it’s not a losing business.

President Ahn, who guaranteed convenience for affiliates that have recently been expanding into large guilds and octopus feet, showed a cautious attitude for the last time.

“Um… Your Majesty. Actually, an official letter from the United Nations came recently.”

“The United Nations? It must be the United Nations.”

President Ahn asked for his opinion on the issue of human rights exploitation by the Mansinjeon sent from the United Nations.

The sugar salt water at Mansinjeon is very famous, but it is only a short-lived experience during the training period, and is there anything else related to human rights exploitation?

In particular, I carefully examined the existence of serfs who were said to have been ‘kidnapped’ from the demon grand duke’s territory.

“What kind of nonsense is human rights exploitation? There’s no such thing.”

“Is that so?”

Don’t berate me, I know everything… … .

“Nothing to worry about. I don’t exploit ‘humans’. Only justice is done.”

A serf is not a human being?

“But… there are so many reports that the UN will send a direct inspection team.”

“is it.”

“Illegal forced mobilization of gates… and even accidents that occurred during the factory construction process will be thoroughly inspected. So, until the investigation team arrives, the government would like to help.”

Did you mobilize serfs at the gate to change them? Didn’t you get hit without an accident even if you ran after the kids while building the factory?

The government will help you manipulate it, so please accept it.

“It’s fine. There’s no problem.”

I’m sorry

“Um, is the investigation team really coming?”

real om Can’t you stop it?”

“Heh heh, Jim has nothing to be ashamed of looking up to the sky.”

Come if you want to come.

President Ahn was on the verge of running wild.

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