The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 145

Inspectors come from the United Nations.

When this news came, the followers of the Mansinjeon all thought like this.

“”The thing to come has come!!””

Yes, if you think about it, you have to admit that the behavior of the pantheon is far from common sense on the modern earth.

Even if the enormous tax structure of the ten structure is a grandiose welfare cost… … .

“It’s out of sugar salt water. Not to mention working 20 hours a day.”

“Even if trainees stay like that for a month, knight cadets won’t be treated like human beings at all.”

“Have you seen the expressions of the 2nd class knight cadets this time? They’re completely lost.”

“They ate up their salaries by treating them as interns, and then ate up again with ‘voluntary’ donations, and the ten structure was finally in line.”

Well, let’s leave it like that until here.

It is sugar salt water, so you only have to endure the training period, and when you actually attack the gate, you eat properly in the field.

Surprisingly, the ten structure, which is the most vicious structure, does not feel like a loss because of the infinite welfare structure.

Right now, the knights’ special iron weapons are legendary equipment worth billions of won, and the special iron content weapons given to soldiers cost hundreds of millions of won.

If you’re in a position where you can’t even look at such a high-end product in your life, you have no choice but to be generous with the ten structure that gives everything you give and take away.

The problem was different.

“The serfs… don’t they matter?”


Suho is speechless at Jaehyuk’s words. Chun So-yeon refuted sharply.

“They’re demon followers. They’re not human. Does Hari-senpai think so too?”

“That’s true… but does the Human Rights Commission think so?”


yes, this is the problem

The Human Rights Commission for Survivors under the United Nations is sensitive to the survival rights of heterogeneous people beyond the gate. Even if he is half-human and half-horse, he is an unmistakably intelligent body. As for how they are treated here——

[Destroy fiercely, servants of the evil species!!]

If you force the Suicide Squad to jump over the kamikaze in a funny way——

[Kick? why stop? hard? exposure? oh oh oh oh lack of power. In order for an organic substance with insufficient content to win against a machine, it must have a lot of power. Work more, slave.]

Falling rocks, many sexually incompetent people… A ruthless vicious killing machine with a mortality rate of 77%… … .

[Oh, this test subject is fresh. Everyone had a rough roll and came back, but the condition was not very good… … our experimental friend. Do you tolerate pain well?]

hmm. It is scary that the previous two cases were at least humane.

“……is it dangerous?”

Aside from their legitimate concerns, Leon didn’t take the Inspector Corps too seriously.

“Hey, what are you so worried about?

“Your Majesty… but…”

“That’s what the world sees.”

“Uh huh, even if they say there’s nothing to worry about.”


Can not be done. Persuasion doesn’t work at all.

If this continues, UN sanctions and worldwide condemnation!

“your majesty!”


Leon looked up at Han Ha-ri, who came out with a raised hand. She raised her voice with a determined expression.

“This UN inspection team would like me and Sir Yapi to greet! Leave it to me!”


why did you get me there?

Yapi looked down and displayed a puzzled emoticon.

* * * *

UN inspectors arrived.

From Incheon Airport, the Hunter Association was waiting along with the government limousine bus.

“My name is Oh Kang-hyeok, the president of the Hunter Association.”

“I am Louise, secretary of the UN Commission on Human Rights for Survivors. It is an honor to meet the Korean legend.”

Louise wondered why the head of the Korean Hunter Association was waiting for her.

I heard from Dennis that the Korean government and the association are in a honeymoon relationship with Manshinjeon. Is this an unspoken pressure?

‘Hey, do you want to take the initiative? There’s no way.’

Louise is a woman who has defended the human rights of survivors in many powerful and dictatorial countries. This kind of pressure has always been there for her.

“Deputy Secretary Han Ha-ri of our association will guide you.”

Along with Oh Kang-hyuk’s words, a young-looking girl in a suit approached and bowed her head.

“This is Assistant Manager Han Ha-ri! Please take good care of me!”

considerable… No, it was an English skill that would not be strange even if it was a native.

“You look young, but you have a perfect British accent. I heard that Koreans are very passionate about education. Have you ever studied abroad?”

“Yes? Ah! No. I’m a native Korean. I’m speaking Korean now.”


Hari smiled at the puzzled Louise and showed the mechanical device in the form of a choker on the nape of her neck.

“It’s a real-time translation machine. It’s made by a very smart person.”

“Korea’s technology is amazing… I’ve seen the Mage Tower use an artifact enchanted with translation magic, but it’s even more perfect.”

How can an interpreter machine even imitate native pronunciation? Louise wondered if this was really a machine.

“Haha, a sufficiently advanced technology is no different from magic. Now, take it here. These machines will be able to translate the language of the Kirkiruk tribe… no, the Krashatria tribe.”

That was nice. It is said that it is interpreted like a passive for the survivors, but the pronunciation structure is so different that it is difficult for the Kikkiruk to understand their language.

If you have this translator, you won’t have any trouble interpreting.

“By the way, I know that Miss Han belongs to the Pantheon, right?”

“Strictly speaking, Assistant Manager Han is a dispatched employee. The Korea’s first survivors’ guildney association is also closely watching.”

The survivors are from a world with a different common sense than Earth. It is common for such people to send guides to help them adapt to modern civilization.

The response and consideration of the association could be said to be quite exemplary. but… … .

‘Government agencies and private guilds are too close.’

Secretary Louise boarded the limousine bus despite being suspicious of the association.

“The first place to go is Mokpo. Currently, 18,744 Krashatria live there.”

“It’s less than the original number. Was there a population shift?”

“Ah, yep! Currently, 3,251 Krashatria are working at the Mansinjeon building in Naju Plain.”

“Hmm… As far as I know, the Krashatria are known as a marine-dwelling race. They operate inland, so are there any inconveniences?”

“They formed a dwelling in the basin of the Yeongsan River that crosses the plains. This is a matter of likes and dislikes, and they can function sufficiently with the same amount of water as humans.”

In short, it meant that as long as there was water, activities in the inland would be no problem.

Mokpo City is a typical port city.

On the beach, the residents and the Kikkiruk people were interacting with each other, and I did not feel any sense of incongruity, perhaps because it had become a daily scene.

“Most of the Krashatria tribes are active here and have exchanges with the citizens of Mokpo. Since the population of the Krashatria tribes moved in, the population has increased by about 10%, so the local economy is also active.”

UN inspectors were guided by Hari and checked something. It was a conclusion that was basically positive, and it is.

“I heard that the Krashatria live by the sea. Due to the nature of the port city, it seems that territorial disputes with fishermen may arise, but what about the reality?”

“Ah, Mokpo is a consumer city where the fishing industry has been reduced and shipbuilding and heavy industry industrial complexes have been created, so there is no major friction. Small fishing boats go around, but they are collaborating with the Krashatria people.”

“I don’t think that would be enough jobs?”

What is important in the human rights inspection of survivors is the overall right to life of survivors.

The right to housing is important, but a steady and non-discriminatory working environment is the most important part of the human rights of survivors.

“That’s great!”

Harry straightened his shoulders and was confident.

“Many of the Krashatria are involved in government-sponsored marine pollution cleanup projects! They collect garbage and net fragments from the bottom of the sea, and fish are their staple food, so they have considerable aquaculture skills.”

“Certainly… the proportion of government projects is high. Besides that, shipwrights? This is a bit surprising.”

“Ah, that’s the new technology grafting shipbuilding part supported by Sir Yapi… No, Sir Yacht Spinner to train Krashatria technicians.”

Yakt Spinner. Louise knows that reputation well. I heard that it is a super AI robot, but even if there is a law against survivors, there is a lot of controversy about whether robots should be treated as personalities.

Anyway, since the shipbuilding industry, which incorporates new technologies, is being put into operation, I thought that even if I was excluded from government projects, I would not lose my job.

Most of the government projects that mobilized survivors were a one-time business, and they were only hired for a short time after receiving subsidies, and the jobs were very unstable.

“This is the Krashatria tribe’s residential area, and it is separated into a special administrative district prepared near the sea–“

– Kwak!

It was then. On the way to the Kikkiruk settlement, there was a loud roar on the beach.

“Muh, what’s up!”

“Ah, um… it’s nothing!”

Louise narrowed her eyes at Hari’s questionable appearance. Harry was embarrassed, but spoke frankly.

“Probably the sound of a Krashatria Commando training.”

“……The Krashatria Commando?”

“Because there are more than 3,000 of the Krashatria tribe in the warrior class. Recently, His Majesty ordered sea training, so we are repeating training.”

Use survivors as soldiers or hunters. That itself was the most obvious occupational group for survivors.

Isn’t that the reason Orcs, the most prosperous heterogeneous race, are recognized despite their wickedness?

The races that were born with excellent physical abilities boasted fighting power comparable to the hunters who awakened at the gate.

The inspection team looked at the lives and residences of the Kikkiruk tribe for a while, left a record, and headed for the next target to be inspected.

* * * *

“You’re adjusting very well.”

“Yes, Secretary.

“Above all, we are proceeding with the fusion work without conflict with the existing residents by distinguishing the strengths and weaknesses of the race well. The evaluation of the Krashatria tribe in the city is good.”

This was proof that the integration of the Kikkiruk was systematic and calculated.

I don’t know who came up with the plan, but it’s an achievement close to a miracle that there’s almost no conflict with the existing residents.

Not to mention the Orcs right away, the Dwarves caused landslides while digging up intact mountains, or the Elves, who grew forests in the city center, frequently collided with humans.

Heterogeneous tribes with completely different ideologies and cultures did not easily integrate into the culture and life of human society, and when it deepened, it resulted in a ‘coup d’état’.

Isn’t the Orc military coup d’état happening frequently in the divided and divided Chinese continent?

“The Mansinjeon is doing a sufficiently rational and reasonable operation for the different races. It is not a unilateral support phase, but a mutually beneficial situation.”

“Even if the YupTube video is a propaganda video to some extent, it is a fairly ideal situation.”

“The spread of religion has also progressed quite smoothly. I heard that the entire Krashatria tribe worships the god of the sea and waves.”

“It seems that he worships Leon the Lion Heart to the same degree. Did you see the statue in the middle of the sea?”

“That colossal statue. That’s how deep their worship is.”

“There were no problems with the Krashatria interview. Their support is absolutely at an absolute level.”

The more you listen, the weirder it gets.

Although there is a bit of a gap in common sense that Leon came from a different world, he was basically just and good, and he seemed to be worshiped as a leader.

The atmosphere in Korea is not bad either.

Many people say that his personality is a bit arrogant, but he is fair and aggressively pursues justice.

If you think about it, is it the overwhelming first place in the graph that assumes the case of Lion Heart King running in the next presidential election?

He brought many changes to Korea.

So far, only good influence has been spread so that there is no negative atmosphere at all.

How could he commit such ruthless atrocities just because he was a prisoner?

Aren’t the fronts and rears mismatched?

Before coming to this place, Louise, who had meticulously reviewed the Manshinjeon Yup Tube video, all kinds of testimonies, and his activity history, could not help but develop a liking for Leon the more he got to know him.

The outdated way of thinking is a difference in culture, and despite being authoritative in dealing with President Ahn and others, he has never done any harm, considering that he is a royal from a medieval worldview.

Isn’t he a hero among heroes who receives absolute support not only in Korea but also in Japan?

‘Maybe it’s a misunderstanding… … .’

Would such a righteous hero be treated harshly just because he was a prisoner?

Wouldn’t it have tried to harmonize in a moderate and accurate way like the Kirkkiruk tribe?

In fact, could all this information be based on a misunderstanding?

“We have arrived! This is the headquarters of the Mansinjeon! This is the Naju Holy Land!”

And there, Louise realized.

“We, we, are. happy.”

“Waaaaa, long live the Lion Heart King.”

“Abuse? No such thing at all!”

“We are being treated humanely and we are living peaceful days.”

“Forced labor? No! There’s no such thing at all! We’re doing it voluntarily!”

As everyone promised, no abuse, no massacres.

They said they were treated humanely and were living peaceful days.

But why… … .

In the eyes of the half demons who speak of happiness——

”Help me.”

Are desperate eyes forming?

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